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Image 4 of Young's spirit of the South and Central American, March 12, 1859

Part of Young's spirit of the South and Central American

ry:- 448 iflimmR S)mrrr urr t n? Correspondence of Young's Spirit of the South. scarcely half a century ago an almost unbroken forest reared its HINTS TO AGENTS. dreary and unmusical head, is an event worth noting; to possesii For the especial benefit of those who have acted as Agents to Young's Spirit of the .South and Ventral American, either in this city or abroad, the money, the courage, or the whim one or all to expend March 3, 1859. Cincinnati, we give each and all due warning, that if a complete report of their Dear Sjiirit: Your gentle reminder, whilst it inspires me half a million for the sake of becoming a pioneer and doubtless Subscription Lists be not rendered, and money collected by them paid over, in Thirt; Days from this Notice, their respective name and acts with many regrets and sympathies, mingled with indignation and a martyr in the cause of human progress and refined civilization, will be published. is worthy of respect and admiration; and to have accomplished Every person having subscribed to the above paper, and not having anathemas at the extent of human cussednes, also nerves my received their copies, will please inform us at once. tired pen to renewed exertions in your behalf. Verily, my dear it in a manner that fulfills the requirements of the most cultiLouisville, Nov. 20, 180S. ''Spirit," (made more dear by a community in misfortune,) "the vated art, and the beyond most fastideous criticism, is to entitle Subscribers are solicited to send us reports of all Races, Trotting way of the printer is hard." "God made man upright, but he one to a niche among the few men whom posterity remembers Matches, Exploits in Yatching, Rowing, Pigeon Shooting, Cricket, Tike's Opera House is probably the chef devore Base Ball, or other out door Sports and Games, etc., that may come straightway sought out many inventions," and among the rest the with gratitude. Tieider their observation. In Racing and Trotting, the names of the art of printing, and lo! here we are, the personal exponents of the of architecture and artistic display on the continent. Whilst in judges should be given; and the report should always wind up with ft recapitulation or summary, after the fashion to be found in our events of the depravity of mankind, duplicity of womankind, and magnitude it equals any, in beauty of design and elaborateness eelumns. No care need be taken in the style of writing. The facts the general instability of human affairs; but being by "virtue of of finish it surpasses all. Nothing that the most exquisite taste and figures are all that we require. mine office" teachers of men, we must ever practice what we could suggest, art compass, or money buy, seems to have been Our Terms. The terms of this paper will hereafter be invariably The magnificent dome is adorned omitted in the decorations. in advance. "We are convinced by the past, that this is our only preach. guarantee for the future, and in no case will our agents be permitted Printers, of all men, should be philosophers; which being in with classic paintings, the fronts of the boxes with elaborate to depart from this rule. terpreted, means a class of people who work for nothing and find carvings of innumerable and suggestive bas relief, the prosceni W. II. McWiiortrr and Chas. A. Cone are our only authorized trathemselves; who are expected to be shining examples of all the um ornamented and finished by nine collossial statues of appro veling Agents in the South. All subscriptions paid them will be duly acknowledged by V. II. Yocxo. cardinal virtues, although daily victims of human vices; who, priate subjects, and the whole completed by the most brilliant md artistic paintings and gildings. Damask cushioned seats for J. T. McMurray is no longer an Agent for this paper. though being always called upon to aid their fellows, are expected December 18, 1858. 1V. II. Young. to extract their own private wheel by the personal application ol 4,000, fill the house from the parquette to the gods' roost in the Mr. S. E. Adams of Groverport, Ohio, will receive and receipt suballery Spacious lobbies, reception rooms, parlor and ladies' re scriptions wherever he may be and they will be duly acknowledged. their own particular shoulder; a class of beings with whom long suffering, patience, and forbearance are supposed to be original ception rooms, georgeously finished and furnished, complete the pS W. II. Cole, Jr., is not an agent for " Young's Spirit of the elements of organization: all of which, it is devoutly to be hoped, accommodation for the public; whilst for space and convenience, South." the arrangememcnts behind the curtain are no less complete. hit dear " Spirit," that we are meritorious examples. heroes you may be The plan is one of Mr. Pike's own. The builder and superin Cincinnati furnishes her share of Type-ica- l xi f :thc sure, the chances and changes whereunto appertaining, are by tendent of the whole is Mr. Trumbull of New York, the builder far too numerous and rapid to be recorded. The latest is the LOHSV1IJ.K, 3IAKCII IS, 1S59. irruption among the corps editorial of the Cincinnati Commercial, owner of Laura Keenes. He says this is the most extensive and and the flying off of the largest fragment, Henry Reed, to form a magnificent works upon which he has ever been engaged. Xews Summary. Pike's Opera House will open in March with a collection of nucleous for another and rival institution, the Daily Penny leaving the Commercial to the combined ministration of operatic celebrities byiWaurie Markosh, comprising the finest and An affair known as the "Ilawsville Tragedy seems to be getting Press; up more newspaper excitement than anything else just now. It her history, business management, weak pens and vigorous scis most complete opera ever attempted in this country, tour Pri seems that some misunderstanding existed between a Mr. Lowe sors, men tne aunaay uispaicn. is ouereu lor sale with "great ma Donnas, three Tenoes, three Basses, a fine orchestra, and a perchorus of thirty, forming altogether a troupe of seventy-fivproprietor is magnanimously ef Ilawsville, Ky., and a Mr. Maxwell, Commonwealth Attorney advantages," which the for the Third District. On Tuesday of last week Mr. Lowe pub- willing to resign, lhe Bizarre died before it could be extricated sons, will enable us western people to judge of our opera, and licly denounced Mr. Maxwell as a coward and a scounderal; and from the sliell. The intentions were excellent, the design admi- establish a standard of taste among us, of the first order. The further declared .hat unless met by Mr. Maxwell in half an hour rable, but the execution weak and bad even printers find diff- manager of Tike's is Mr. Chas. Banas, a gentleman well known to lilerature and the Drama. He has taste, force, knowledge and exfrom that time, he would publicly assault him. A mob of Mr. iculty in making auger holes with gimlets. The public may congratulate itself npon having an Maxwell's friends some twenty or thirty in number joined him, We are still progressing in morality. According to statistics, perience and at once set upon Mr. Lowe, with pistols and rilles. Shots our police enjoy the personal acquaintance of only 1,000 lewed opera inaugurated under such auspices; and dramatic and opera were fired rapidly, and Mr. Lowo was wounded in two or three women, and they are supposed to know all. The number is off- performers will doubtless appreciate that at Pike's the profits are places; after which he was taken and lodged in jail. On Wed- icially set down so. Is not that moral enough for a city of 200,000 not eaten up by a horde of officious, ignorant and intermeddling stock holders. But we have grown tedious. Upon the Opera nesday morning following, Mr. Maxwell's friends formed them- souls? House opening, we will keep your readers posted, that is, if the selves once more into a mob, broke open the jail, and with Formerly we only reprimanded the most atrocious crimes we powers that be aon t neglect tne essentials. while Mr. Lowe lie unarmed and exhausted from his wounds h ive lately taken to hanging and penitentiarying everything like Farewell, L. S. received the day previous, literally riddled his body. Mr. Alrich, vice. Onr judges find it a popular dodge, especially in view of Chess a friend of Lowe, was also shot dead in the street. Uxdur this head, the New York All. irt. the organ of Br Postmaster General Brown died on the morning of the 8th inst. In politics we are rather quiet. Our Legislature has kindly on this side of thy Atlantic, pays a glowing, remark; m.a It is said his death occasioned the utmost sorrow among all classes offered to take charge of about pass opinio" ing a bill giving the appointment of five police commissioners to tribute to Paul Morphy, in its issue of Saturday last: of the community. Mr. Paul Morphy must now be dubbed the Chess Champior .'. our Mayor, Police Judge, and Auditor, whoso terms of office Navigation is now fairly opened at Detroit. will probably be conceded by and his N. J. on last Tuesday morn- presently expire. The benilicence of the Legislative kindness the World, A riot took place at Elizabethtown, all men save our unfortunate countryman, Mr. Staunton. The ing, between a lot of strikers at the coal banks, and the Scran-towill be seen, when it is considered that the Judge and Audiorare steamer of the 1st inst. brought intelligence that the last great party. Guns, pistols and stones were freely used. Several Democrats, and the commissioners hold office for five years; hav contest for the laurels the match played in Paris between Mr. were wounded. ing during that time the appointment of the police. It will save Morphy and Prof. Anderssen had terminated in the young American's success. He has scored his seven games, two only Mr. Bell, who was recently nominated for Governer, by the "op- the people the entire trouble of elections capital idea trulv being scored against him, and the same number being drawn. considerate. of Kentucky, has accepted the nomination. democratic, and very position party" Difficult as it is for the European to divest himself of his natural The Overland Mail from California, arrived at St. Louis on last As for amusements, we have been well supplied with concerts, leanings to the older hemisphere, we heartily congratulate Mr. News not very important. good, bad and iuditl'erent; lectures, do., do. Theatres have had Morpby's fellow citizens on his triumph. He deserved it. He Xo through passengers. Wednesday. and under some difficult circumhimself throughout The (Quaker City passengers of the 28th January, failed to con- a poor season. At present Mr. and Mr. Elsler, are at Wood's in has borne modestly and manfully. An ovation awaits him here on stances nect with the Golden Age, in consequence of the inability of the "Naid Queen," the lady a ji'dicious, little actress, and a charm- his return, and he will also be cordially greeted in England, we steamer to cross Coatzacoalcos Bar, on account of a heavy gale in ing woman ; and Eider, in comic pantomime, shows off very well. doubt not, if he passes over English ground again, ere he embark. We shall look to some claim, put in by French jourualists to a Barry Sullivan, at the National, is drawing good houses being at the Gulf. in the Ochotscfi sea, growing out the National, the Commercial critic extols him to the seventh participation in the honor thus contemplated, Mr. Morphy, though Some difficulty had occurred born, being by blood connected with that fair heaven. Never saw such a rendition of Shakespeare before of the efforts of the Russian brig Constantino to prevent Ameri land which produced a Phillidor and Labourdonnais. greatest actor grandest genius most wonderful man! If he can, French and other vessels from whaling. In the match between Mr. Morphy and Mr. Anderssen, says Johnson's Island was taken possession of by a force from San was at Wood's, the same critic would only see tolerable houses Galiynani, the latter gentlemen, in the course of the last two or won the additional game which days' our noFrancisco, acting for the Pacific Guano Company. Improvements very good Richelieu, judicious Hamlet, and on the whole a very three so that play, final score was this: Mr. Morphy escaped Mr. Anthe seven, tice, and promising seaond rate actor, which is about the dersen two. It is impossible not to dwell with unmixed satisfac-io- n with the view of shipping Guano. excellent are in progress The passengers report new silver mines opened in Arizona. state of the case. Inasmuch as we have no Kerns, Booths, &c, on the frank and loyal manner in which both the players They Lead, copper, iron, alum, gold and silver ore abound in the terri just now on tho boards, Mr. Sullivan makes proper use of the commenced, continued, and terminated their contest. to play according to the ordinary rules of the tory. press, and unlike Mr. Kean, Buchanan, and Mrs. McMahan, he agreed verbally game, until one of the combatants was the victor in seven games; The reports from the Gila mines continue unfavorable. has some talent to sustain any popularity he may thus obtain and after five minutes' conversation, down they sat and played on, With the exception that a battle was fought at Omealca, on the The chief, only, and most exciting topic just now, is of course day after day, until the match was brought to a conclusion. That 18th ult, between the Reactionists and Liberals, we have noth Pike's new Opera House, which is near its completion. The In was the way in which Labourdonnais and Macdonnell were accustomed to enter on their brilliant encounters, and such is the ing of interest from Mexico. The Reactionists were defeated. auguration Ball was a vary grand affair, at which, notwithstand contests in the noble game of chese The battle lasted three and a half hours. Many were slain on ing the very aristocratic price charged for admission, all classes grand principle on which all ought to he conueted. both sides. of the community were represented, ladies and lorettes, gallants In these latteryears a different system has been insisted on, and The Arazona feves is raging in some parts of Texas, Indians and gailards, vied with each other in the display of jewelry and we regret to say, the difficulties have proceeded from England. For and St. Aumant, there are becoming troublesome near P'ort Quitman. at least, so we were told. The price being a prohibi- the match between MM. Staunton would have sufficed for was aB rcgula much preliminary negotiation as Nothing from Europe. to literary people, we were not among even the lookers on. tion ting tho government of a province, and when at last the games Nevertheless, we are among the number of those who are proud were played, two seconds were to be seen at each side, as if for a The great return match which came off be- of the monument to taste, luxury, and advancing civilization prize fight. It is to be hoped that for the future the match just Cock Fighting. tween New York and Boston on Monday of last week, was won erected by Mr. Pike. Whether it will pay or not, is no business played between MM. Morphy and Anderssen, will serve as a and that the masters of tho game will consent to enter on by the former. The main was for $ j00 a side, with $100 outside of this age. It is there; a harbinger of coming things of an ac their friendly combats for championship, without a multitude of bet on the result of each fight. Boston gained four fights out of quirement yet to be cultivated, and at once a cause and evidence conditions, which are as humiliating as they are unnecessary. nine, and New York the other five, thereby securing the general of our progress in the elegant arts. Pike's Opera House should In conclusion we have to state that M. Anderssen returns in a day victory, and the stakes. The attendance was not very large, in be seen in all the splendor, of its carving, gilding, painting, and or two to his duties as Professor of Mathematics at the College of carryieg with him the esteem of all the Paris players, both consequence, probably, of the high price of admission. statuary, to be appreciated; and when its thousand lights shine Brusselsgreat skill in the game and for his frank, straightforward for his on its vast contours filled with beautiful women and elegant men, bearing during his flying Mr. Morphy, says the Illustrated News of the World, may now ggg-- A and its dome shall resound with the grand chorus of Donnivette, friend who takes more interest in conundrums than or the souls of literary thousands are melted by the seraphic fairly take rank as the champion of the Old World as well as the do, has contributed the following: New. No Englishman is found to do him battle, and every forWhy is Morphy, the great Chess Champion, supposed to be one strains of Wilhorst or Coulson, then, only, can the benificence eigner of note has now, with the exception of Der Luja, fallen an and grandeur of Mr. Pike's enterprise be fully appreciated. It is a question whether he of the most honest men in the world? easy prey to the youthful conqueror. The erection of a temple to the muses, on the spot where be not the finest player to whom the world has yet given birth. Ans. .Because all his actions are upon the square. From the "Jueen City." fjoitntj Spirit Jntli Kl., e g The Champion of the World. n Native-America- n dry-good- pre-cide- i vi-i- t.

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