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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 9, 1944

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

PAGE EIGHT THURSDAY, NOV. 9, 1244 THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Death Calls Another Hundreds Pay Final Klair E. Back Is n l. Citizen Tribute to Pvt. Caudill Promoted to Well-Know- Lona Mae Ison Lona Mae Ison, little twenve year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Ison of Oscaloosa, Ky., passed from time on Thursday, "November 11th, 1944 at the Flemmg Hospital. She had been in poor health for the past six months, be coming critically ill a week bhe was before her death. born September 28, 1932 be ing twelve years, one month and five days of age. She was in the seventh grade of the Oscaloosa School and an ex cellent scholar. She was sweet child and loved by all her school mates. Besides her bereaved parents, she is survived by her twin sister, Oma Fay, "brothers, Anzil, and Manas of Kona. Edgar and Coy of Whitesburg; Cosmos at home, and Magdalene, Avilee, and Mrs. Chalvis Ison at home. Funeral' services were held at the Residence on Saturday, Nov. 4th, at 10:00 A.M. with Elders Tommy Collier, John Sexton, Andy Bates and J. D. Ison, officiating. Burial in the family cemetery. Craft Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangements. Lt.-Co- CARCASSONNE SCHOOL NEWS OUR DEMOCRACY- - Play the'Game Hard by Mat Mrs. Rebecca Ann Raleigh Pvt. Hobart Caudill, son of We Mr. Dixon's polished bask passed into Eternal sleep sud the late Jesse and Martha etball players were not good denly last JbTiday morning af- Hampton Caudill of Jeremiah, enough to endure the Kingter suffering a heart attack, Ky., died 'of a Heart Attack dom Come High School team While she had been seriously last Wednesday, at the station Saturday night. Our beys ill for several weeks earlier in Hospital of Camp Hood, Tex were superb in handling the the fall, it was thought she as. Hobart enlisted into the ball but just never got to was well .on the road to good Armed Services of our Coun clicking as usual. The score health once more after weeks try nearly three years ago. He was 18 to 15. of loving and careful nursing spent nearlv a year in tram Nell and Avah Hemley were by members of her family. ing at Camp Breckenridge, called home yesterday mom- -, She spent a couple of weeks Ky., and was then sent to ing due to the death of their r, in the Lynch Hospital early Camp Hood, Texas where he George Trent. in the Fall, and was then al- remamed until his death Shirley Fields seems to be lowed to come back to her Before entering the Army the happiest girl on the cam farm Rome on Cumberland he was employed "by the Carr pus. and when the weather became Fork Coal Company. He was The student body elected cool she was brought to the 37 years of age and was one of LTEUT.-COI- i. KLAIR B. BACK. Hiram Roark as president; home of lier son and daugh our many fine young men, ai Promotion of Major Klair Avah Hemley, Mr. and Mrs. John ways ready and willing to E. Back of Whitesburg, Ky., Robert Bryant, President of lend a helping hand whenever to Lieutenant Colonel has Raleigh of Whitesburg. the grounds, with Allen Mas-seneeded. Harold Ashley, Arinda been announced by Col. Geo. Mrs. Raleigh was the daugh. Cpl. Woodrow T. Whetley F. Schlatter, Commanding ofCampbell, and Leonia Cotton ter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. of Wolf County a close per ficer of Stewart Field, the Betty as his assistants. Lewis. She met and married ;onal friend accompanied Uvt. Haynes, secretary and treasflying training school of the Mr. Henry Raleigh and to this CaUdill back to his birthAcadurer; Artie Back and Emery union wasborn 8 children, 3 place, they arrived in Whites United States Military Back emy at West Point. Col. Lou Caudill news reporters of them preceded her in burg last Monday morning. Shirley and Clovis Fields, is Air Inspector at the Field by death. She is survived offerings and has served in that capaci Beautiful floral Mail Girls, and Nell Hemley one son, " John Raleigh of were sent by the members of has as president of the Program Whitesburg, Vera Raleigh of Battery "A", 549th Field Ar- ty since last July. HeField at Committee with Ellen Lowe Winthrop College, Rock Hill, tillery Battalion of which been on duty1943.Stewart since July, and Katrana Cornett as her N. C, Mrs. Riley Owens, Mrs. was a member. assistants. Robt. Owens, and Mrs. Estill Hobart Caudill is survived by Pvt. RED CROSS VOLUNTEER WEDDING ANNOUNCE. Artie Back and Howard; four sisters: Mrs, three Sisters, Mrs. Willie CauIn all we do-a- s. are a forthright in sports-w- e MENT EmeryXou Caudill. WORK WILL CONTINUE JaneMullins of Partridge, Ky., dill, Mrs. Cora Back and Mrs. The Reverend and Mrs. IN POSTWAR PERIOD AND VIGOROUS PEOPLE, WE AMERICANS. Mrs. Morgan Fouts, Liberty, Winnie Gayheart all of JereWE PLAY THE GAME HARD, WE FIGHT TO WIN, PostWashington, D. C. Williamson Lee Cooper Ind.; Mrs. T. N. Mullins, Wise, miah, Ky. Monday evening WORK TO EARN, SPEND TO LIVE WELL announce the marriage of their war service to veterans and TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT AND PUT EVERYTHING WE DONT NEED TO SPEND Va., and Mrs. Stacy Caudill, services were held at the home OF YOUR BAKING daughter the community on a scale nevINTO GOOD THINGS LIKE WAR BONDS AND Santa Rosa, Texas. of Willie Caudill by Elders LIFE INSURANCE AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Lillian Norwood er before reached in peaceENJOY TODAY AND MAKE SURE OF TOMORROW. to time will absorb continued Aunt Becky, as she was Buddy Caudill, Alva Caudill, known fo all of her host of Howard Caudill and B. Whit-ake- r. Chaplain Plin Gideon Dasher efforts by Red Cross volun --AND AMERICANS ALWAYS PLAY FAIR.: friends will be sadly missed teers after both Germany and Lieutenant, United states by all who "knew her as she Tuesday morning in the Naval Reserve Japan surrender, Mrs. Richwas ever ready to help any Cemetery above the Sycamore on Tuesday, the twenty-sixt- h ard M. Bissell, national direcWith U. S. Forces in France- - Jimmie Dixon Is one in need and she was a de School funeral services were tor of Red Cross Volunteer of October The experience that Private voted and loving mother. She conducted by Elders Roy Nineteen hundred and forty- - Special Services, has announHenry H. Potter, Whitesburg, Prisoner of War labored T5hg .hours that she Whitaker, Alva Caudill and ced. four Ky., gbTby driving a truck Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dixon might give her children the B. Whitaker, these services Cann Memorial Presbyterian "The tasks of peace will re GOOD for the Lincoln Motor Com- have received a telegram from education and other necessary were attended by several Church quire volunteers v in great AGREE pany in Detroit, Mich., has the Adjutant General's office things of live. hundred close friends and rel- Elizabeth TJity, N. Carolina numbers for a long time," she come in handy for him as he stating that their son, Sgt. atives. The was THERE Funeral Services were held placed besidecasketparentsthen 307 WestAt Home Avenue declared. is now driving a truck for a James A. Dixon, was a prison"For veterans of the largest NO F1NI by Colonial his fh Maora Mn. Signal Corps Company in er of war of the German GovArmy and Navy in United FLOUR Elizabeth City, N. C. i.nfi A u T?iAeiT the members of the Evans France. His units instals the ernment. No further details States history and their fami- Funeral HomeCaleb Creech, Riley Fouts, main switch-boarin tele- were received. big election lies, volunteer Home Service Now that the Denver Blair and Rev. E. C. phone offices in the towns ii THE WAR. FUND is all over but the shouting, Corps and professional Red Needness to say this is good Robinson, ancTthe body was liberated France. k other things to Cross social workers will Ken news to parents and friends of placed beside her husband m Lexington, Oct. 31. Minne-Mpmh- we have many to. Pvt. Potter has been in the Jimmie who has been missing Armistice vide information about' gov- forward the Maggard "Cemetery by the tucky & tracing Iowa, army for about 18 months. He in action for several weeks. Louisiana and South Day Nov. 11; Thanksgiving ' ernment regulations, help a, nf tht T!mti! has been overseas. Christmas and New erans in making application Carolina in the National War eral Home. Fund" campaign with but $li- - Years. Then there is the 6th for benefits,emergency Do not fail to see the Snow His parents are Mr. and Mrs Xoan Drive, The Red ancial assistance, and counse. Mrs. T. AT. Dixon of Blackey 100,905, or W.d per cent of its B. M. Potter. Flour advertisement in this gave a dinner Tuesday night !i5l4Ubuuu &tat.e Soai sudsctid- - Cross Drive; Winning the War in readjusting to peacetime issue of the Eagle. The Lewis ;"uis, "edbiuei, and many other things, mere conditions. m honor of her , husband's ' eu oulul Airplane stamps 1, 2 and 3 Wholesale Company are car -a nnnrmnpor? "Disabled servicemen and LEWIS WHOLESALE CO. in War Ration Book Three lot buyers of Snow Flour and r is much to be done and it be- it Dirmaay. mi sixiy-iuurxnose Viae " hooves all of us to keep busy. servicewomenin federal hos- Whitesburg, Ky. each good indefinitely for one redistribute it to the retail attending were as follows: R. With Armistice Day set for . . pitais, sne said, wm con-B. Caudill, Mr. and Mrs. the final reports, Kentucky at pan of shoes. merchants in this section. With The Fifth Army, Italy- - tinue to learn sculpture, phocoun Hayes and son, Johnny; C.B. present has twenty-tou-r carpentry, tography, Caudill and daughters, Char ties over the top, eleven from Private Danyal Cornett of and other sewing, occupations from Whitesburg, Ky., fought his, les Ann, Mrs. Joe Begley and! 80 to 100 per cent, twenty-fiv- e son, Joe and Mrs. David from bU to 8U per cent, six' wav to the ton of one of the volunteer Arts and bkiiJs Cheatham; Mr. and Mrs. teen from 40 to 60 per cent, highest peaks in the Gothic Corps teachers." up to 40 per cent, Line, as hh comuanv took the HUDSON GOINS, Bruce Back and son, Phil twenty-tw- o WHITCO twenty-fiv- e counties just objective following an eight-hoFrank, Mrs. J. D. Caudill, Mrs. and CLUB MEMBER, WINS battle on the Fifth Army Gladys Buckhold and son, getting their campaign under front in Italy. The company TRIP TO CHICAGO Johnny. Many nice gifts were way, Mr. Nichols said. -Hudson'Goins has been sereceived and a good time was The indications are that is in the 34Sth Krautkiller" lected state champion of the Regiment, 8Hth Infantry enjoyed by all. Kentucky will take its place Labor Service Project and in the roll of honor and will is entitled to a trip to the NaU. S. Army Forces in New meet its National War Fund Club Congress tional A LITTLE GIRL'S Caledonia: Squire L. Yonts, obligations. Mr. Nichols de which will be held in Chicago, THOUGHTS Husband of Mrs. Virgie Yonts clared, stressing the urgency At night before I go to sleep December 2 to 7. About 17 of Neon, Ky., has been ap- of clearing the way for the I always ask the Lord to keep champions from Kentucky pointed Private First Class sixth War Loan drive which My Brothers safe from any will make this trip. while serving with a Chemi- will take place in November. In her Labor Service harm cal Processing Company at He pointed out that money is Tilt they come back to me Hudson worked more this South Pacific Base. He needed for emergency meas- man 12uu hours doing' farm and Mom. war is the son of Mr. and Mrs ures oi tne .National and home work and kept the Fund. Relief for Philippine And then I ask for him to be 4H Club record. Her work C. W. Yonts also 61 Neon. Pfc. Yonts showed out- war victims will move in the Always there inside of me during the last two years has standing skill and initiative wake of the military libera So I can learn more every day been outstanding in that she in the construction of his tion of islands with the U. S, To take Brothers place while has acted as leader and memUnit's bivouac area. He is Army, the Philippine Governber of tne Whitco Club. With they're away. now an invaluable carpenter ment and Philippine War Re. the help of other girls she orof his organization. Previous lief coordinating their pro It's hard when you are only ganized the Whitco Club to army life he was employed grams for maximum results, which sponsored a blue rib ten at the Thompson Starrett Co., Mr. Nichols said. A clothing To know the things to'say and bon window exhibit this year. project is now under way thatl Inc., of Jacksonville, Fla. She has been a Club memwhen He entered the service at is expected to make 450,000 The postman comes, to hold ber and has carried projects Camp Blanding, Fla., on Nov garments available for early on tight in clothing, canning, labor ember 1, 1942. Both his basic distribution in the Philippines. And hope that everything's service and Room Improveand advanced military train Philippine War Relief is orment and had done excellent ht. IMSing were received at Camp ganizing other relief work to and 7-work throughout. The other like 7-Children and grown-up- s Sibert, Ala. He left for Over supplement the emergency But it's my job to carry thru, club members of Letcher Co. BE A military program. likes them. seas Duty in March, 1944. The way my brothers would extend their congratulations "FIGHTER BACKER" Backing up the men who to Hudson and wish for her want me to, is pure, whole'Every ingredient in 7-Mrs. G. D. Polly and Mrs. BUY MORE WAR BONDS are delivering the supplies for And when they're home with an enjoyable trip to Chicago. Randall Polly Visit West Coast General" MacArthur's invasion Mary Belle Rogers, us, some, and skillfully combined to make a Mrs. G. D. Polly and Mrs, of the Philippines, he said, Well thenTil be a little sister Home Demonstration Agent Randall Polly made a visit to the USS Klang, a 1,450 ton happy, good natured drink. With every sip, again. the west coast a few days ago floating club for merchant Birthday Party For you feel the smile that's in it. You "fresh up". to visit Seaman Randall Polly seamen, is being operated by Don Gilbert To My "Brothers, of the U. S. Navy. Randall the United Seamen's Service Mrs. Gilbert Polly enterPfc. Fred Caudill, Wherever you are, your "fresh up" is has seen action on Saipan and These are types of emergen Pfc. Hobert Caudill tained at a party on Saturseveral other islands in the cy service which the National day afternoon in honor of the -b- yalways ready for you at some near-b- y store. recent invasion of Japanese War Fund is equipped to pro fifth birthday of her little son. Lena Faye Ingram, signs. territory. He was wounded vide and toward which some Banks, Ky. Don Gilbert. Included were Just look for the store with the 7-in action but has recovered of the contributions made to John Philip Bentley, Janet and on active duty. the Kentucky War Fund will Surprise Birthday Dinner For Ison, John Edward Collins, go forward, Don Webb, Mary Elizabeth the treasurer Mrs. Hawk and Miss Caudill PROMOTED TO said, urging all counties to A surprise birthday dinner Combs, Barbara and Henry FIRST LIEUTENANT complete their drives speedily was given in honor of Mrs. Darrel "Gilley, Gloria, BarSecond "Lieutenant Edward and to reach their assigned French Hawk and Miss Anna bara and Elana Holstein, Jim-mi- e McClellan recently received a quotas. Reece Caudill by the ration Paul Enlow and Marvin promotion to the rank of First board employes on Monday. Dewey Folly. Candies, fudge Lieutenant according to in WANTED Beautiful gifts were received cicles, cookies and coca-colformation reaching the Eagle. A good reliable girl to do by both. Those present were: were served. Favors given ivirs. Mccieiiand and young house work and willing to Mr. J. D. Maggard, Mrs. each little guest were suckers daughter, Michael, live with work for some time. Good French Hawk", Miss Yarlett dressed in party dresses. Mrs w W SJSEsy IKJB her father, Dr. B. F. Wright, wages and nice place. If inter- Swisher, Mrs. Arthur Banks, Polly was assisted in enter while Lieut. McClelland is ested call or apply at Neon Mr. Ellis Bentley and Miss taining by Miss Doris Jean serving his country. Supply Store, Neon, Ky. Anna Eeece Caudill. Combs and Mrs. Kirby Ison. Franchisee! Bottler: East Kentucky Beverage Co., Hazard- - Ky. ter-in-la- w, I step-fathe- -- vice-preside- nt, y, a I rvi - ds pro-loo- I Ss vet-Da- y, TTitn-.sot- fin-W- ar -- m ur 4-- H 4-- H 4-- H 0(flj 4-- H all-rig- . Up Up Up Up as tasia SJS I

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