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Image 6 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), March 27, 1974

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

REPORTER. Wednesday, March 27, 1974 TZACELAND I mm jmm nlGELntlD DALL 0:iLV - 0203 DflnDSTOUn DD. AT FEGEIIDUSII '. j Lll. IU DUECHEL jt ! T ?L f"0 -- 1T? tf L0GR!' I ILL ' rarrtsB DIKE8 ' IS Wf J OFF! . eye; 'STARLIGHf CABIN TENT New aluminum frame up leaves doorway Racing style lor men; touring style lor women. with pedals, Both are 26 ", gumwall tires, Iront and rear caliphers MOWER 11 :' o y 1 v New 8 H.P. machine has full floating deck, twin 18" blades, gear transmission, huge pneumatic tires, gas gauge. custom cut. Follows curve of your lawn for a carpet-lik- e ELECTRIC START, GRILL, HEADLIGHTS trans-axl- e DIE-CAS- SHORT OF CASH? USE YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT T VU , r, 7 '..' LaBlf- c- 1 I V frf TOER 3V2 ll i ) SHOP, COMPARE, Wfrrr i ROTARY o GIRLS H.P. Briggs & Stratton enaine for full Dower cut., recoil starter with throttle controls on foldingl handle. Quick wheel height adjustment, too. More for your money at Grant City. Big I Vertical-pu- 8 H.P. ENGINE, FULL 36" CUT 20' INVADER COMPARE $548 1 'MONTE CARLO' TRACTOR o BOYS MEN & WOMEN Screened windows, zippered door help keep out insects. Finished size: 8' x 1 0'. Sleeps four or more. .. BIKES FOR BOTH 10-SPE- pole-fre- e. SAVE! 739 Y If-- Lawn Food 13-7- tMmL ' Mr ! I uHlNOWTrfA ) d I IW CHARGE1! j f5fflHH3 wjlj f"' j lkJASm 1111 UAUNTEI LAWN FOOD Quality fertilizer covers 10,000 cu. ft. Enriched for more greening power. Safe. (n? M IMX tJ FOR U U U SOFA & was CHAIR 2 sets only CASSETTE ?f.0.9:?. SiSVi U Vli 9" ana LUIt SSATisetonly "Dite" 9 fttf;lrs-- GRANTS HEAVY DUTY SHOCK ABSORBERS SALU! - 9 x 12 RUGS 100 rSi- - I 'STALLED NYLON fRRR RRAMTMASTFR bKUNUU TIRES .. GllluTS CONSTRUCTION re- sists impact of rocks, curbs, glass, chuckhoies. Y GRAB-AND-G- O TREAD super traction! 78 SERIES DESIGN . . . LOYESEAT-MEDITERRANEA- Qiippri-n- STYLING OUIkil PAF1 T"TAU iJilil UliLl wide, rugged! WITH Oil fi f DO YOU HAVE aTmARGE? RACELAND coast to coast ' PN. WAS $320.00 was GOLD RECLIuER A T1 f? H MALL-4- 200 CPEN 10 TO 9 wall unit CURIO CABINET 19" $ WASHER TV and STAND Black & White. 7 only 10200 5-air- Compact! Repon AIR CONDITIONERS! noo I" y""'- - ionly mco 20nly 2 ONLY. $finoo was ???:91 was .$.4.??. 5:33 ;u VerY ht,rt pricw $fO,00 0?F. .UU ON LARGE $099 (J SELECTION OF LIGHT $Ss?7200 DARDSTOVN RD. AT FEGEM3USM LN. SUKDAY 12 TO '00 l2oa One only STEREO RADIO HEADSET 5fl200 monsnorlSi Gtor Ti:"'J SAT. $706 ?!?r.?...:uU only RECORD CABINET th3 more for your CHARGE CARD good at all Grant stores 5s.?2fl000 WAS i J?32Q00 One only $3qoo $119.00 3 ONLY PECAN FINISH ir .. low, N $QQ00 RECORDER STEREO 4-P- T DELUXE TV DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO $70.00 C FRENCH PROVINCIAL BEDROOM 1 SET ONLY .7Q0G UPRIGHT VACUUM was WAS NITE STANDS TV whit 8 Track. One only. Repon 5 PIECES ONLY 2 PC. ONLY & inch-Blac- k STEREO COCKTAIL SQUARE HEXAGON was COMMODE TABLES 22Pcs.r.8.?? 5 PC. MEDITERRANEAN BEDROOM 1 SET ONLY $2Q9G R Black & white. One only MAPLE TABLES MflTflDn'M PORTABLE 12" $2ioo $34.88 COCKTAIL & END TABLES MODERN STYLING bpcs B1- ..SrvJ WAS 8 ONLY PLAYER-RECORDE- Big Red Machine urniTrnniHriu utiri .J X7rs l FURHITURE & APPLIANCES! I MEDITERRANEAN f BAG GRANTS QUALITY Heavy duty steel hopper lets you control distribution rate. Powerful roto action with onoff handle control. Brand new for youl J&) f 40 IB. FOR r.!0RE COVERAGE GUARANTEED 36 MONTHSE Wz BROADCAST SPREADER -7 FIlITUn no Ds.Ytr.::$ Cl:zr2 Acccrr.t. HAVE YOU VISITED milt DGflUTV CALL 458-234- 0 GI7V SflLC:? FOR APPT.

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