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Page 270 of Novels, stories, sketches, and poems of Thomas Nelson Page (vol. 16)

JOI IN MA\ARVEL, ASSISTANT He dropped into reflection and a quizzical ex- pression came into his eyes. "I had a very remarkable thing happen to me to-day." "What was it" demanded his daughter. "I had an offer of marriage made ine." Eleanor Leigh's face changed-at first it grew a shade whiter, then a shade redder. "I know who it was," she said quickly. "Oh!" Mr. Leigh shut his lips firmly. "I did not know." "She is a cat! She has been sending me flowers and opera tickets all winter, and deluging me with invitations. I knew shee wias up to something.' She spoke with grewing feeling, as her father's eyes rested on her placidly with an amused ex- pression in them. "I wouldn't be such easy game. Why, dad, she'd bore you to death-and as to me, I wouldn't live in the house with her-I couldn't." She stood with mantling cheek and flashing eye, a young Amazon girded for battle. "I will relieve you," said her father. "It is not the feline-natured lady you have in mind; but a person quite different." Miss Eleanor looked relieved. "Dad-it couldn't be-it was not Aunt Sophia That would explain a lot of things. You know I 270

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