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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 25, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

7 lawify: ' i sws '"g1" DEMO CRAT. DAILY LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, SATURDAY, VOLUME XII. Happy a-- a Clam. Where to Find a Wife. In one of the facA cheerful temper is a natural gift the desirabiltories in Maine, recently, the proprietors reduced the wr age?, whereupon there was a general deter- ity of which cannot be questioned, but seldom do FEINTED AND PUBLISHED BY mination to. etrike, and as taey were obliged to we meet with a spirit so thoroughly saturated with FOR M STTTXTsTfW (!ITY, - AUGUST '2j, 155.,. SATURDAY, give a month's notice before quitting work, they good nature that no disappointment, no poverty, HUGHES & CO., j HAVING machinerr to my present works, it HAMPTON'S have meanwhile issued a circular to the world at deprivation or combination of adverse circumUrge, in which i the following interesting para- stances can break it down or overcome iu genialienables me to turn out work at the shortest possible noOlEce ou Third street, between Market From the Evening Tdition. nr tice, and at prices as low as at any similar establishment .1 graph : " We are now working cut our notice, and ty. Bat yesterday morning a man made hi ap11, t! III I I and Jefferson, Eaat side, in the West. I have also Several new potterrs for VeI I I I1 B II our will Most direct through Line for the East. randahs and Biilu.iruding, to which I would invite the Novel Cessps RErvRN. The man who takes V . . soon be without employment; can turn Kilt pearance before Justice Brennen who seemed u . 1 III. have a perfect fountain of undiluted contentattention of the public. , iV .w- - . ..11,. T E 11 M S . & AYING LEFT THE CITY FOR Bank Boors, aults, Iron ..Push, Jail Work. and every the census in Adams county. III., U vaWushlng hU ueieniiiueU hi i . :. niiriv , , , . ment somewhere in his composition which n 7 it tor wutiu JOL,blDg f hue, 9 00 a short time, I have given up my business to my y. ho wanU help t We can deires-sin- g returns in the Quincy Herald. In addition to the Ciia X'ailv Democrat per year, payable quarterly -influences of care or accident had been utll tu spate a ou son, who will l found at my old stand in Eighth n advance do, I0 11. J. PI r. A 11, a typo, a modem ome make bonnets, dressc.s, puddinsf, pies ana caKes. able to exhaust or adulterate usual information, lie gathers and pubu-he- s street,betweeu Main and Market, w ho is iu possession Or Ten Cents per week, park). If to the Carrier. jela dtf Green street, two doors west of Third. 5 00 knit rowt, stew and fry ; make butter edition of Mark Tapiey a human barrel of joUi-neof an ample supply of my medicines, as also the full ilv )eiMocrat, conalry edition, per year unusual facts. In his return, of Columba town- 3 00 knowledge of preparing them, having prepared all that do without hoops on. He was arrested for bein and cheese, ruuk cows, feed chickens, and hoe I Do a ly Democrat per 6 months 1 have used for many years. k 00 IS. Jiahoiat-- , do ship, appears the following: corn ; sweep out the kitchen, put the parlor to intoxicated, llo ave his name as Gattyphat Take, WCfRKOF The cures w itnessed in the city of Louisville by these rwHIIS.REAT (37 miles from .,eeling TERMS Or ADVERTISING. I to Mrs. N'acma Thomas is the oldest ladv in the riirhts. make beds, split Wood, kindle fires, wash and said he was a printer and hailed from "The improvement to remedies, render it vain for human languageeasy attempt TURNER IN GENERAL, CORNER A ral to poor ? Baltimore, and u3 to Washington,) was openeto the equality, and one w hich makes plain and years old. lhe old t and iron, beside beins fond of nursing; ia lacs, Gem of Science" odice. He U a short man. of a Green streets, Louisville, Ky. One of 12 lines, ore insertion townhin: she is ci''htv-sevc- n V 23 i rii-pill .UnQurv. lv3. and bus now fnllv suffering human nature remedies for disease, which has ea-.tDo aud. tional insertion The subscriber would respectfully announce' that he beerevsk figure, and a face as rubicund as if he . but three men can do anything the most accomplished house-wif- e 4 00 lasted and approved, both as a freight and passenger ever been considered by the most accomplished, scienti- has fitted up an establishment at the above named men are scarce in that township,.... :..- one month, without alteration W .. Tk i 25 road is located in a romantic country, is fic and the most learned and extensive practitioner place where is he now prepared to execute Turning in UIT teTemjr jeais ..ii do on. iucic am iiiiccij ii o is eapaoic 01 uuv iitiiwu .1... j.., .!);..- m fon- - lept in a room with red curtains. His answers to route. This ' l o uion'.l.s, do uic ,viuu0 Do fc 00 through all timepast. Come, see. and a workman-liksolidly constructed, fully equipped, and carefully without a remedy io three months, do widows in the township, and souio seven Califor- - Jays and Saturdays. For specimens of spirit, will the questions of the authorities showed his eoa- mannei viz: lo 12 00 managed, and is thus rendered an attractive as well as believe. J ESSE HAMPTON". jedOdtim One oyaare mx months, w ilhout alteration is ou a sate line for travelers. The late completion of the Columns, Iiuluslrado?, nnd IJrinters, nia widows. I would like to see the township that rcfor you to onr overseer. Speak qnick ! Bia;k tsntment underall shades of fortune. The Justica do Do twelve months, do s, 9 00 Central Ohio Koad. from Colunihus to the Ohio river, in a genial humor was inclined to banter lair forehead, Iocks, oeauitiui as Each additional square for six months - Of every order of Architecture. All kinds of Cabinet culd turn ont a better looking set of widows than ey-ou twelvemonthsnear Wheeling, adds creatly to the importance of this da 4o Turnings. Scroll sawing of all de- Columbus. I should think Columbus is the place a liebo, can sing like a ?eraph, and smile most be- - i' the ui.vipie of i rr.k!'n , and accvrilingiy ad-fand 20 00 route, otterinc. as it dos. trie most thorough Railroad One squire six months, renewable once a week scriptions executed. Tliere are witchirig'y 1 An elderly gentleman in want of a dressed him as follow-- : widowers to get their money b conr"-'l't'"'th the entire West. One ouare twelve months, renewable twice tytrders promptly and punctually attended to. 40 00 ' house-keepe- r, Ju.lge Well, Mr. Take, it seezn.s j soma girls there, too Mis Maria Wilkes weighs g'Xl or a nice young man in want of ln.c 1 iittMtoti im nLi ' nr.i n rr. JEWELRY. THE UNDERSIGNED Iviidtf One square twelve - months,- renewable once a 30 00 Lot Ifjiia irM.i THK NATIONAL METROPOLIS ana cu ' two hundred and sixty pounds, and Miss Raugh a wife willing to sustain cither character. In thrown aside the "complin sti.-k.' ILLK AND inform his friends, and the pub ' week are sold by this road, which runs direct to Washington lie at large, that he has just opened, and is daily reOrgan Manufacturers. ing! j jetting drunk for a living. 10 00 weighs two hundred and twenty-fiv- e pounds. fact, we are in the market. Who bids: : Karh i. iitional c ir.are for twelve months price. Dis- - without the delay of passing through Baltimore. It is ceiving itirect from the manufactories, all sorts of proportionate "bad case" and stand in nee.1 ( yoinj ! ! Gonk !! '. Who's the lucky man ?" Adl.t;.iil adven.sng also the only liue by which baggage can be checked to French, English, and Swiss Gold, Silver, and Composi- rgiHE SURSCRIUERS HAVE COM- - There are three old ladies that weigh two hundred rlav and special inside advertising extra ,.n think I sh.ill send you U u.J." the West. At Baltimore the road Watches; a splendid assortment of Rings, EarJu. menced manufacturing Organs of the finest and and fiity pounds each. SV ,,,, ,lj , are charge d and a best descriptions, and are prepartd to execute all work These techaioaiitie.', which w?re attv-- tir, cnectio ltn the Kailroad to i'lula- - tion Breast-pins- , Bracelets, Lockets, CuiT-pinper me. rings, AViltv 1'rpnchpr. . or u ' great many other articles in that line too numerous to pertaining to thisline of bu.siuess. They are now en. . The Milledtreville rGeortria i Union thanks ort of tor me l.-.-i, auu ieu. ioi ce., Vta la(54ene,. ?oirig Ki4Sl from Louisville, may proceed mention. Also, fine French Acconleons and Flutinas. gaged on one of the lartrest Organs ever built inthe quaje " The Reverend Dr. Sprague, in his Yisits to Know-Xothinby teaniloat to Cincinnati, and there take the Railroad West, which, when for one thing : ."i''.1" will contain 'ii full stops. attention of Watchmakers, lie would call Celebrities," gives anecdotes of the uj air, seemol to give Mr. Take that assurance Lurofe '.'li this line, or may SdCreSttrtsf,Mnd to connect withRailroad direct. leave Louisville by the and all dealers in particular named :rtic!cs, thatbrought The case to containcompleted, is 31 feet in length, 17 feet the"They have done great harm. They have sown Reverend in Matthew w ilks, a celebrated London which printers seldom lack, but of which the solhas he the above the work, LK"?. a Jeflerinviile on hand the largest assortment of Clocks ever wide, and 21 leet high. Persons can jii't'e of its ca Die hUMnexs ol an a.ivertiMng bnn is not considered as j emnities of a IVlice Court might temptirarily have The Mail cteamers leave Louisville daily for Cincin-- I to this city, which he is enabled to sell as low as they ?acity. This instrument will have many uew ami fine seeds which we fear will bring ruin on the land, preacher iuciu':r.c that of its i'id;.dual members. deprived him. an J be answered: nati, where ther arrive so as to connect5 ith the cars of cau be bought iu any other city west of the mountains. approvements, well worthy, the attentioa of tlio.-ac-notwithstanding their complete overthrow in the ' There was nothing for which he had a more cor (rutuitotis Atlvcrtisin?. the Little Miami Railroad at a. M. (or r. M.,) for Co-- J IdJ'So JL'LlL'S MENDEL. Prisoner Well, at any rate, I'm glad we've no iuainted witn the construction of Churci Organs. orrence than an exhibition of dandyism in lumlius. Connecting there with Central Ohio Railroad, Lut one good result has followed this dial Main street, between Sixth and Seventh, All orders at home or from a liistance tiled with country. "galleys" in this country, or I through Newark and Zanesville to Belleair, on the Ohio, ' myl3 Under Louisville Hotel. promptness arid dispatch. I'ersons desiring t. examorganization. Ihey have punned the Democratic a young minister ; ana notnini; ot this Kind ever me there, and well "leaded" suppose you'd put opjiosite Kenwood station, 4 miles lelow Wheeling. At at that. Rut blest ine our work, and learn our capacity to manufacture p;irty of its corrupting elements. Most of the came m contact wita him without meeting a re- -j I this place the connection with the H. and O. Railroad is iiTEW STYLES OF would do well to the finest description of instrum-n:-- , you, sir, jail's nothing-- . th last time I s, Ky express train of this route, the time from the highest to the lowest, from buke. On one oc?asipn, a young minister, of a was theregoing to a us a call at our factory, on Preston street, near HAWKISS. ' made direct. I tamed rat and taught him to chew 1. M. just received at JAMES I. LEMON'S, Main St., iroadway. Thankful for the Livors ot the past, they the candidate for governor to the candidate for good deal of pretension and parvle, went from the from Cincinnati to Baltimore is less than 2!i hours, and b. r. rAS' between Second and Third. less th:in '.' hours. to Wasli-nctohope to still merit a full share of ratronsee. 13. T. PEAKCB & CO., country to London, and carried Mr. Wiiks a letter, ' tobacco, beside inventing three new steps for a 1 have latelv received some new and very beautiful i constable, flocked to the standard of Know-N'otT1IUOI GH TICKLTS are sold as follows: By mail J0flNCO:-KE& CO. jelliltf fancy hornpipe it's a good deal better than netting single pieces. As I am COMMISSION steamers to Cincinnati, from Louisviile to Washington, stvles of Jewelry, insets aud ingis;n, when it was thought to be inriutible. de?inod to procure for him an invitation to preach, "solid miaion," more than SURWAUDING "figure- to Philadelphia,; and to New receiving Goods every few days, my stock is always m.S4dtf to Baltimore " Well, young man," said Matthew, with a n isal This bad influence has be-j- carried away from the A. I'SEUT, beautiful . York. i) 6J. To be had of I". O artkk, Ticket Agent, at verv complete. 1 have now on hand a of all who lot of and half for wish Goods, and desire to call the attention gOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTU- - Democratic prty. In its place, we have the head twang that is perfectly indescribable, but which wors, ana getting only a "price great adeal rather southeast corner ef Third and M ater stieets, Louisviile. Lord bless you, Sq aire, Ida WILLIAM SFRADLING, Be sure to ask lor tickets by the Baltimore and anything in my hue to it. MJ9 rer, No. 41 south side of Jefferson street, and respectability the flower of the old Whig nobody who has once heard ean ever forget, well, it. J A S .I . LEMON. v1 .y . THIRD STREET, LOUIS- - Ohio Railroad TICKETS may also be had nt the officeof " rouf. second noor feiow i niru, Ainuivine, party with us. Never was the Democrat:.; pnrty young man you wa?:t to pre tea in London, don t ; " TH KOL till All orders for work, mending, fcc, promptly just now, and I li Lave a chance to get the bile oT rl dlf- - the Jeffersonville Railroad lor the Baltimore and Ohio Tille, Ky. moment, ror the azeacy the 'yoa: SILVER-PLATE- D ?o pure as at this WARE. attended to, and work warranted to fit. m v sioraacn. ,r . i :r i. j Mi ain Jetlersonviile, Ohio, ii, Railroad route, by way have had in bringing a'oout thi" J5"4 T- - E00T- - Mississippi, Little" Miauii, of the Central Ohio Railroad,and AM AGAIN IN RECEIPT OF JuJ3e Voa, lit it easy: how do you and &z 'wwd time,' we thank them. For all else, we con- it s!iould uiOIr. Wilks' convenience. 'i should be JO?E3 & ROOT, the following rates: Kroia Louisville to Washington, 1S H- some new and elegant styles of plated goods of al10 verv hapiy indeed to give his people a sermon elabotlm.Uii3 triP? em7, Corporal, I'm undeeidad wheth- (17 go; lit PhUadelphia, ls do; to New most every variety, from the highest and most S'J THIRD STKEET, 1JELOW demn them." l'OUWAKDINfJ, & 5j; to ns.mer OMMISSION, c!l. rately ornamented to the plainest styles. 1 have ou i.'Bl Main, Louisville, Ky-h- ve while I a 111 here " Yon;. tS. ' on hand. rch.t!i:s, Second street, between aiam to whittle the ojr of the fa15ohemi-yo- u r'wluce At HEELING or Berwood the passencer takes the hand a large assortment of ware, consisting of Tea J" Shea'iii Sheep by ?Iachint'ry. "Well." replied Matthew, "you can preach ,' er large andCy"" and Water r.rets. Luivi;le, Ky. superior cars of the B. and O. Railroad, which leave Cake Baskets, Waiters, Castors, elegant Cups and Gob- and are constantlyof receiving a of our evn n,,,'r, practice sending on my head, or nnder- Carriages, stock Lacaa preach: corae along next Wednesday The Scientific American announces the fact that daily at 6 p. m ., and 11:45 p. M.jfor Baltimore, Wash- lets, (.gilt inside) Spoons, Forks, Butler Knives,Com- make, together witli s imeot the best mauuiaciurea iu ington, (or Philadelphia) by close connection, arriving dles, Claret Pitchers, Butler Coolers, Saitcellnrs, WILLIAM EAYE, . a machine Yankee, by the name of I'ulmer - morning to the Tabernacle, anl I'll meet you there, taite to acquire the elegant accomplishment of , warrant- the Flust and West, consisting of straws on mv nose; if I couid ?et a cat lti or 17 hours, including Eorsafety, munion Sets, 4tc, Side-sea- t iiugcies; caster, who lives in Uurr Oak, Xew a ork. hru in- - and yoi can take my lecture for that morning. Calashes; FOUNDER, there in regularity, lieauty of the stoppages.and geaerjil ed as represented. allof the heaviest plate, and speed, country, AND Bit ASS u TJELL s'.rect, Shiuins-toBncgies; Coaches; 1'ho young man agreed to do so, and was on the V . vented a machine to sheer .shear, and which with Those iu want are especially invited to cnllnnd ex"r, . y- - , ? haaie" 1 mougni the comfort. ti:is road is second to none in the t'nion. and Second, Looui-viiiFirst AJ Water Bugties Kockaways; JOHN K1TTS, FREIGHTS With the largest equipment of any Rail- amine. probably, put the o!d sheep shears out of si3ht. It ground at the appointed hour. Matthew met him ","7.""u'1" 'r. i. Ky. Suikies, i.c, &C. Phaetons; Main street, between Fourth anil i ifthj jel:i road in the United States, the company is prepared to ed ' -y- -'.-if iuy ua. oeen niu4 at the door, as he had been before with It will he borne in mind thtt the Carriages here ad- thus .leserihos the Mention: ' do an immense business in the transportation of freights, times slain. vertised are new: and for d eepness, durability, and Via!OHJ n,ul tuua : "H ,':ia'l' ai": anJ which are carried with care and dispatch, and at rates as SPLENDID STYLES OF JEWELRY. The machine, which is mall and neat, ii hung Judge Mr. T ike, you seem particularly hapstj le, cannot be surpassed, LasL or est. line, lhe road an l 1 FAMILY low as those of any othr tirst class ,alV- n- int,'', t!le i'liepuhlic are respeetfuliy invited the placed up ier the circumstance1': have you got a wit's.' It the immediate and inthe CENTRAL TEA AND between First makes of Baltimoreconnection at the wharvesPhiladelphia SHAVE JUST RECEIVED, BYst and Stock before purchasii'K eise here. to examine our on a strap to the arm of to heoperator, nml sim;lv loukut you.and shall hear every py of Jefferson street, assortment of the very lat-boilyof the sheep with the Railroad to shorn. Ilv streets Prisoner Not now. Lieutenant; I had one, but mrI ' BLRlt. UAIGUT &WUEKLF.R. JOHN KITl', and fc.eeotiu, Louis tile, K . York, steamers of Ericsson and Baltimore most elegant stvles of Jewelrv. and Nt turning a hand.e baciJ and Forth, an 1 ni ivmsr .tho she run off with a d gobbler: 1 was so street, between Fourth aud Fifth. jel3 j steamship C'omp&Dy's lines, by canal and sea, to New lin I . r. i Ine vounrr preacher darted tnrouh the ai j York and Boston, steamers JOHII W. SHARP, to Norfolk, Charleston, Sa- GEli ATOIiS, pulpit, in a manner that seem.l better to . V w. jnto thebail-roo1 . r. I i, ah, sc made to a, off in tin ran It S'! e1 ?eT. a than a place of worship. Heper- ., ,v, ,T1 iJ.i-For particulars see freight tariff, cories of which may ovr-- r Umlln-- , tW t1i rnni-- h i.d F ';h sis. t he was a "f..rd JJ ' H, C SI - Ul ""s; she let me one b J-- but i ou ii,r.'! fni a l l.e counsel Court j be Lad of any cf the Forwarding Mouses in the West. Lou;r ii, Ky shearing do not Zt the ileece even, WILLIAM KENDRICK WOULD bCMd, f"rraeJ h, introductorj service with an air of in- - cfrT' not a hlt me: 1 bound him prentice t and in due and ia the 1 f At i.rn- the U ..le, Master of Transportation, Baltimore. the skin of the animal is mvambly dipped out by . ff v rospectfullv call attention to his stock of beau-tifa- l aly I fcl9 wKIaTi waTth trad, but the lirst day he quar-th- o 1 at Yi. tort for this uiinct SILVERWARE, such as ' sheers ia many spot.'. This instrument cuts 0,1 tne i ll' e Tn 1 rt'aJ a:i te': ,7 verse of the hrst chapter of John "Hereafter W. MACDONALD, BULLITT ItueT with the regular . V'' " .t'PP oer ha nr.; nw r,i tiop, SUORTEST ROUTE TO liALTDiORE CASTORS, warranted soli.!, COFFEE URNS, II. SHEFFIELD, M. D., off the "imp,,sing stone." -- hall see Heaven ' angels i Street, Louisville, Ky. Macdonald's r" ETTS, FITCllERS, GOBLETS, TEA part ot tneiittcet.vicc, (frc.K-.s'KTO- J. ri of ' artd the the SonofofGod "! ana Pie,i fie "columns;" he dropped th -- shi.ii. aumtrong, m. p.), Quickest Itoute to Thiladelphia. Anl r Mm GALVANIZED CUPS, FORKS, SPOONS, dc. the antrum., and thefore, aiumaae as well a--s into the "aligator preks," and in tha PHYSICIAN. ;1855 Summer An'aagement. 1S55. IIOJXaiOPATlIICst L. erlul,u' an lommuieu n .in to evenin- I It ON a labor saving contrivance. another aopeiui toy were eaairht ktftr.r to. a word- - hut nntnrtn. acknowledged, as With all the modern iir.provemer.ts menT.rv. as he s, F.ev. J. A.R a Family Refrigerator, to be unequa'ed, and to be w.ta a coupia y he hud left his manuscript behind. When rcuearsing a oroausworu-comoIlKABiXif Pkayeks Ti!iton;u a Chvck. Kv. 1.. It. ' rrx, i,Clcvelauii.Oliio The G'.IJ and Silver, of many varieties, such as Chronomof "column rules;" the "t'oreman" "battered" TH2 BEST AND CHZAPKST ARTICLE, AND THE nw texl. he found it mip-sibll'r.r. c.I'. Wil.i to re- Lever, Anchor, and Cylinder; Magic, following from the Bangor Journal well illustrates he had To Zanesville, Wheeling, Baltimore, Wa- eters, lupiex,other styles of casing, many of which are MOST COXY EM E N'T, him with the mallet," and when he got home to uia Prof. 3. II., I ..t,; Hunting, and He hesitated and member the first sentence. " K. ; V. uhere... S he had a "fancy bead," if there ever was one. shington City, Philadelphia, St IT. Y! made and cased to special order. For cooling and preserving Meats, Milk, Fruits, Wines, the quality of some people's piety hemmed, and began thus: Ilecentlv a girl came from the country to this Clerk Where is he now? CHAINS, SEALS, AND KEYS; PEARL SETTS ice., having received comuiedations of the most dis' Vou perceive, my brethren you perceive that ALSO TO tinguished scieutiiic men, aud city to work in a family that l"risoner He ran away with a circus, and tha enrn e Jettison s:reet, five doors east of post office, OF NECKLACE, EAR RINGS, AND I ..... on? of .n,...L r.t ul4 rilt RICmiOXD, PETERSBURG, NORFOLK, AND THE FIRST PREMIUM AT EYEBT FAIR louisviile. 1 FINS; DIAMOND BRACELETS, the tall steepled churches. At morning prayers e'ending-a- ud a the kiddie of a saw-sto?i,w of .him h? w descending." He then set up a good WILMINGTON, Where it has been exhibited is for sale wholesale and theduorof the room in which the family reading RINGS, TINS, AND EAR t trying to tie his legs in round V cough, in the hope that his memory might retail. AND RINGS; MOSAIC of theliibleand prayers were had, communicating -- et to work in the meant me: but the cou 'h was ' BY BALTIMORE AND OHIO, 1 slu-" ""uJu,"cr eer oe- lueu TOItWAKDING AND GENERAL This Kefriycrat.or is do Experiment, wi;h tho kitchen, was opened about two inches, in CAMEO EAR RINGS, PINS, &. BRACELETS. fore. .E Ctuid s'on Vorchaiits, Louisville, Ky. We, the CENTRAL OHIO, AND LITTLE JUAMI KAILU'DS, As hundreds will testify. Circulars giving full descrip- order that she might have the privilege of hearing. as inijiroduetive as it was artificial, and he could Judge Vou seem to bealwavs iollv. In a word, & general assortment of articles in my line tion, with niuaes of many gentleuKTi of the uin3t enters. n'f'ii !:; ve this 'lay formed a Copartnership for d !iothtng but go right over again with the abiTiSMClinir a Forwarding and Iteneral f are offered on fair terms at my place of business, No. Prisoner So I am; I laughed when my father the 'Urj.-.scientilic reputation, and well known citi- - She shut the door. It was again opened inthe surd scntonee with which he had started. He v ht;.1 have taken ine h"us- Columbus and Wheeling. Main ana Market, Louisviile. n business, Con :i Third street, between stus ot all parts of tne L utted cl.ites, corroborating aJ same manner, when it was again indignantly '.:ut. Coughed again and again, but his memory was turned me out of doors at eleven years old; laughed my 7 occupied t.y J. Beii, No. i Last bide of Third, in we have said, will be sent to any addrcs on ;i pplic;uion The next morning the g'rl rc'iuestcd leave to rc- - too profound a slumber to I e iwakened by . rmilREE DAILY TRAINS LEA YE between Xaia auI the iivcr. rjeil t.. - .'lAt HU.l A Ijl). it. Af- when I broke my arm. and made funny faces at tho C ARTKRf La. Cincinnati at 6 a. M., 10:J a. K., and 6 P. M. I AM RE- turn home, as she was not accustomed to hearing ter three or four minutes, during which he was a doctcT while he was setting it; the happiest daj I TEW w . r. j or ext. i.ou, oct. the prayers tnrouga a crack, nnd she did not care to spectacle to the congregation, and especially to direct I.Yyt HOURS; a.1 ceiving nearly every week, Jewelry.from have manWM on,e UIU(J wnen TO naaa l but ona CRAGG & CO.'S N'ails, Glass, Cottou Yarns, ana 1 now ufacturers, the latest styles of TO HUKKLIXd J.Y 10 HOCUS: become so. This little story has its moral. - r oi pains lu pui on, Pills'.UIfc- - Mai. Ul act ures solicited. AFfrhpir vim w.u i 11 the time watching and lis- - , spent an Sep, HOTRS: on hand, by recent arrivals, ia part, Itiamonrt, Mosaic, J O BALTIMORE IX :t l.V6) my money, an ! firne huntrrr forrr huura. I nrtvr : . . u .k HOrRS; Cameo, Enameled, Uold Fruit, Alc, Sttt j, or Pins; Ear TO VHILADFAA'MA Main street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. named L.ts,, l.ung as well as a general assortWASUlA'UTOJt l.Y & HOCHS. TO ";'-l-:--Agentlcm.v consternation and abruptly closed the WiM Riiigs or Bracelets separate; a J life sni r"fhW but I city limits, came into the c.ty yes- at Baltimore w ith Train Philadelphia, Wil- ment of Jewelry, all warrsnted as represented, M whe Connect; SUliSCRIUEIl liE(iS LEAVE just fnctur- -i my collar- MERCHANT TAILORS, FIFTH fho li;'wa with WM. KEN'lJRlCKnIuirdstreet. my 7 fcito Philadelphia. Bxiumore . tcrday to give Ltm- -lf up on a charge o man- - a to call the attention of and Jeflerson, are tiow mington, aoU Train New railroad, railroad, to New Conwllhlhe h , bone, and sk.nncd my leg so badly I couldn't et J:ff h Jersey air York dealers, professors, and others, rereiving their Sprirg sml styles tt llit. s necting with ; n n mJ "nees 10 inani i nain t my ',J.;ulr'. lhe statement he made is as touows: pr.,-,..or Amboy. wis t. eome b hi.l OO'-iKwisbingto purchase piano fort-- s t'r a t i, tl.s, Cass. meres, Greuaditie, SiU,and via New Brunswick route which can make the S;,'J hours trrt.K' '4 'lhat night be('"re last he was dancing at a hail t meet Matthew thi worst his scathing comments. This is the esl.-igs- . '' to li:e expensive assoitnicM c! J . time between ouly and hear ii.i Marse.lh-Cueitiiiati and B:Ji.ii;ore; aniving 6;,' near the city, when a man named Victor Abrahams WHOLCSALC AKO RITAll. EK AI.E1U IS The Judge relented and let Mr. Take go, and ttieir improved circular state H g Tt :s f ;je "I toe rfi.-- t importations ever secured ?'rrma "We'd, well," said he, "young man you've preachof any other route. sefull iron Irame instruments, now 4 Btl.iseitv. Tl.e st ies are new ami elecant, and cur hours in advance jtlMP- - g !g came to him and told him that a person out-id- e m This is the Quickest Route from Cincinnati to ed you've preached in London ha'ntyou'.' I've that rotund individual left tha room trying t on hund and re:idv for MnishiT'S!. "Watches, posj Me care. He invite eded wi;".i the f was preparing to g. in advance of any other route. By tiie erection of a large ai'.n'-ioua-l la 'tory I tiiMi. j, wished Uspeakio him. lie to io..k iu tii us. heard yoti: I've heard every word you've said, and whistle and sing at the same time, and also dan.-rien.ts hours This is U.c ot.;y route w hich can make the cautioned htm that there I've WLLT.S &ARVTRON; GE- - they are prepared, should t!.e wants ofthotrada de- out when another au independent j with each leg to a different FTMRECT IMPORTERS FROM ti only one comment to make: if you had time from Cincinnuti, or by which Through Tickets can per week, or were eight or ten men out-id- e mand it, to turn out waitiug t tuako an tune. .V. '. Trtbuit. neva,Main street, three doois above Fourth, in obo Pianos per istrumcLts be procured between Cinciiinati aud Waliington City ; f as you descended then you might have descend1 1 j then declined going out. ed of any other route. arriving t hours la Jacob's Buildings, beg leave to call public attention to Buyers may rely upon ccttimf instruments fu'i!y assault upi n him. e as you ascended." te l thci he had better to go tle.r unrivaled assortment of Valines and Jewelry, iu ail tr.e set Keoo.f piano, to any r::o h Abrnhams than sti;-Lnvi ciscissati by Little Miami Railroad. It is nccJless to say that the young man was by 31AKSIIAL SALL. just received and opened, ilirect from (.eneva, where c;ual, t.'nited States, and at anting ol lroui twenty-fiv- tj the door, and s:;ak to the pjr.soiH, and that in the id m:s tune completely cured ol his amoition to reach j Lan ldin, Eiseimiann 1st Train Lightning Express Little Miami railroad, the whole stock was selected by one of the linn. to fifty debars on etch instrument. Ali the wood i o'cuck a. M., arries at e and others, leaves Cincinnati nt doubt the difficulty could he arranged. lie thereup- I ine jieuiii or, (V.r hotels, banking houses, or any used in curmanutactui rougtuy seaionea.anano No. SO rourtli Bt., vs. In C'Htst eBir. t.vLi tu.nius out each piano or, went to the door, and wlii!-- t parleying with tne in the Tabernacle. at lJ o'clock, noon. Leaves 4 Z.mesvilhi at lj.JO, other oflices, at moderate prices. . ', ?re Sfrer. pain or II. LeBlane. Ve e je, between Main and Market. noon, aiid arrives at V heeling at r. M. Another voun? minister of a similur rhiirn.-tp"Watch Uiasses, Materials and fools for H atchmHters, perfect in tvery iespt. me.;. with Train came iu behind and atteiuptcl to Connecting New York prices. Tk MONDAY or two consecutive years 'ae Agricultural Asso.cia- -I paid him a x.Au and Matthew observed he sported . TTNYENTOR OF THE DIAMOND Oiuo railroad, at Wheeling at Baltimore Baltimore and atWatchesdirectlv imported from ourown manufactory AUGUST. at S:30 and ainving tirst Mechanics' Institute have City at 11 a. m. Jt Wif.. aud no l.urabnf, RS is practice! in this city. a.Connecting with WashingtonBaltimore for o'clock o'clock in Geneva, wholesale and retail, at New York prices. tion and to these pianos over all others,awarded com- Pu"h h;nl out t'ie person i ou ,i de ai.ue Samj time vr i it fhr-h- t. i i..r n.U.,ml number of watch soio ry about the 01hour of 11 oVlock, a. w., will t.ben. Arriving et when in n Philadelphia Lad'es5 W ii, Loll Wit's, Braids, Cuns, etc, made to Train at trie Louisville thancerr CoU.-with neatness and premiums 'ie sea's ' llu cve lt'iem f.,r some if seruti- - Ull(,..r tne ,w,.r u( sai,, Watch cleaning and repairing done petition. . n knife and plunged it into the abdomen of Ahra- pu., YorK', direct. t dispatch. Reference is made to the fullowing dealers, and the hams, inflicting a fatal wound, and in a short ' nutng the material of which they were made, and th- - UiA,i bidder . y.n.M, c.o.ruat parcels a.i.ti..n. ,n "aIso, Tlair Prai.iine of every description, such as Ear and New i..w Connecting at Washington for Fredericksburg, Peof u..d The latest styles and rattenis of Jewelry ,&c, received profession generally: "''ty of Louisville, to it : fn. wii t then said, with a terribly sarcastic air: d en. sei ,a braceieta, Breast Pius, Fob and Guard Chains, tersburg, Richmond, &c. every week. I). V., (successor to F.valds, Stone ii Morse,) time succeeded m retreating into the hou.-e- , but Little Miami railrosd, leaves Cinanother column in th,s raV.rr, under the head of Mar- an Tkain themIeK'acis, Af. 1 aJTWe invite the ladies to call and examine for y u t e t,ot a great many Louis; Curtis & Xruan, Hairl-resslr.residone either sti.d s sale, in esseoT M u;omery, Davidge x Co., an t ' CrL-i.escinnati at 10wj o'clock a. m., arrives at Zanesvilie at 0: selves. N 0 trouble to show goods. Ali our goods war- Balmerand Weoer, St. Nash'.iile; Bowning 6c Cincin- not before ho received very severe injuries from to u J,tc3. y " n' Moody, nati; BigiriDS 6c Co., M. ZIMMl.K ;our I,1!ni-nrf ar"! wvUtius how young you are." oibers, a.nst n LeUiane. tebtfJ dtf dences or at the store of icksburg; W. 11. Fox, Nuiciiex; Courts 4c Rutherford, his assailants, liis appearance ycterday indi- - ' m. " 4i r. M. Leavesr. Zanesville at 0 P M., aud arrives at ranted or no sale. Wheeling at 10 " ouoe I ngon some public occasion, Vements.' ClarksvilTe; Schaub &l M.irphy, Bar.lstown; Fatrick & cated that, he had suftered great lie has Connecting at Wheeling with Train Baltimore and the wcrf. n'jt lesfl Croose, Lafayette; II. l. Hewitt Ac Co., New Orleans; net yet given himself up, but will probably do so the ,wn V M1 Ohio RailronU, for Baltimore and Wathir.stou. Lee At Walker, Philadelphia. ror,eUl tn,Uv-Z- i ongreg it taking notes of his sermon. Atlength thre Connecting at Baltimore with Train for Philadelphia hUh.of trn Ui ve,.r t.y R. WiuKr ii Co., Maid, street), (Formerlj J. inta., ".! STREET, WEST a skillful caroenler. expiv-l- v f.,r .h- - ,JZ..- - Mr- - Leblan-.who?TO. G6 and New York, direct. .t,.,..l .,!v f..r nin. AND Connecting at asiiicglon for reaencisvurg, l'e' 13 side, dealer in Wrtches and Clocks, llavingbeen GAS LIGHT. graphers having nothing t, do. a'l looked up, and scarcely-necessarFrom the N'.Y. Herald, --'il l in. and Manufacturer of, i tersburg, Richmond, Express -- Little Miami railroad, several years engaged in the business, it ishimself to were at hiiu with astonishment. Night end the ntv. So Train brt one in the upper in of advertisement Trunks Cii.ri.ei B for the subscriber to recommend Vaiiaes. Errine, Our Norfolk Correspondence. T the as convert 'leaves Cincinnati at 6 o'clock V. n. Arrives it "Lieholdl" said he, "I have confounded the public favor. IfcL. 1 li'se and O by Story to, has a front f J',J le t,v aiut Ul I Norfolk, Aug. 20, 13 jj. Market. Louisville. Ky. t..,0. He claims to have a thorough knowledge of his trade, " serioes. n this lot is a large hnck'dwelimir of feet to an alley. and warrant; his work, lie Las a tine stock on Land, 1 R I NG (J AS RE U Those who h.ive died ia our city since Saturday, On one occasion, as he was on his way to a meet- - modern st !, containing ten rooms. Also un iic Connectii ir at Wheeling with Morning Train E:tli comprising jeweled Watches, Clocks, and a most extenPETEit SMITH, i ;, and Chandeliers put up, are as far as I have been able t'i learn, are more and Ohio railroad, for Cumberland, where pas-- 1 sive assortment of Watch Chains, vi u arils, teals, Breast'lt h,,u,r;: iron front ruling. ing of ministers, he A caught it. a shower iu the flf -- r riour av.d Ccminmsiou Jlerehant, invited to call on us, even should tney prefer to give irers slefc Aud resume Lv Momine Traiu for the East pins, Brooches, &.C. on the land conveyed by linsser to LeBi lne. Mrs. Mary Massief Italian"), aged -': Mr?. Fallen: l'hiee liilnngsgate, where there were a large num- is a manufacturer of clocks and their work to some one else, after lean.iii.,' our prices, Mr. Third, direct. . i'A fain ,trt,Ut , fn.v,,,..A ll't-heas it will be money in their pockets by so doing. of women dealing in fish, who were using most stated in advertisement, are two larje, Mr3 .lob Jakeman- Mrs Thomas trick !rs. ber watches. He has devoted years of close attention aud sjThe public take no one's assertion to direct. industry to his RN THE HOUSE LATELY OCCU- - and New York at Washington for Fredericksburg, Pe- carefulthorough Mjiiity business, and he feels confident tne contrary are asked to have ascertained for them Sarah Taylor, aged 22: Mrs. HatL.n, .. wife of the profane and t ulgar language. As he stopped un- hecTntt (iarden. until they Connecting Uto repair Clocks a&d Watches, of his pied by OrmsVy ii Owen, Hardware Dealers, keepsy tersburg, Richmond, Ace. The s ii.i lots and ho uses are the teller of thi Farmer'. Rank.; Miss Virginia Le der a shed in the midst ot them, he te.t eailed upon regulate the time- selves. ibat haj will Titty r..n;antiv ou hard a supplv of the best trandsof Eam-l-18 Baggage checked from Cincinnati to Wheeling, and and it of hisailord hin. pleasure lo NOVELTY WORKS, aie o.r many a aay. tiTC all at the Pa"p- - Mr. Thos. Jennin-- s. ( firm of 11. customers. . r arrant to give at least nii ie;timer.iai ag.i:ik-- t tneir wien- - T'M pieces Flour .'which Le sells at the lowest market prices, jy Eighth fe Ninth. i? Traders, n., is your time. Main dtf from tlieuce to Washington City, &c. S.B He has constantly on hand Odd Feilows' and Mr. li. C. llarcl.iy, lone of our ra t X Co. L. F.IENM NN. Baggage checked from Cincinnati to Baltimore, and Masons' REGALIAS, of every degree, piain or beauti"Don't you think," said he, speaking with the prominent booksellers i; tieorge, i colored, in Hall s EAGLE CARRIAGE FACTORY. THROUGH TICKETS FROM LOL'JSVILLE. from thence to Philadelphia, tc. fully embroidered, lhe necessary Jewels are also kept greatest deliberation and solemnity, "don't you lili. g CM MIR ABBANOKXIMT. Throuch tickets for W ashingtcn City can ouly be pro- - on hand. ISiS iaiP. KEATING A- - JOIISON, NEW ARRAITGEMENT. cured by this route, and this is the only route by which Inviting the public to call at his store, ao.m uiiM thick shall 'lhe news lrom ttosport and lortsmiuth this you, inI the dayappear as a swift witness against CARRIAGE MANUFACTURERS, tickeu can be . ttrcet, west side, where he pays particular attention to !S5.4. Votit&encing Monday, July 1(5. 1S5.J. tlirough and New York procured via Baltimore to I'hiia- - watch repairing, he remai us the public's humble servant. of judgment'.'' .1 ..I r.1 o. FOR THE morning is more encouraging, the number of deaths VU THB "I presume so," one, "for tickets to Winchester, Richmond, Freder-- j XSXll uiiiiiDi.aii. JEFFERSON ST., BETWEEN SIXTH & SEVENTH, greatly diminished, and the two places looking always t.irns State's evidence!" the biggest rouge JeaTersonville and Ohio and Mississippi Railroads, icksburg, Petersburg, Norfolk, M eldou, and Wiiming-LouiaciUe, Ky., more animated. I procured by the Little Miami Route. ton. can only s. d. L. S. Hail Line Steamers Jacob fcurvder and when he got to the meeting, related Matthew, and the only route by which passengers can go tlirough HAVE NOW ON HAND Our friends from abroad ara sending in sup lies dV removed hi SILVERWARE MANUFACTORY Telegraph No. 3, without ueienliou to Charleston, tavaunah, Macon, jaU dtf to No. c5 Fourth street !dnd are constantly making Carriages of of money aud provisions. From llaltimore the the incident. did you say in rci Iy, Mr. WilksT Ataumta, Augusta, and all points gouth. VIA COLU.IILU AMD THI "And what v description, in the most approved aud nnish, amount received is '.l:.'1) ? 12 of this contributed FOR TUROUGU TICKETS, which, for durability, crieapness, and eleauce of minir-ter- : EATEKS TRAINS AT A.M. one of the FOl'E I)1'LT present. To Dealers In Jewelry and Watches. CLSTINXATI, IIA31ILT0N, AND DAYTON by the individual members of the Baltimore Steam saidW cannot be surpassed in tiie West. 44 And all Information at Cincinnati, please apply at the AKD b P. 14.' 10 A. hat could I.'"' was the characteristic reply. the public, as well The attention , . cuiftuei, oruciai JUST RETURNED FROM ing the city, isofrespectfully invited as stranrers visit- Packet Company: Petersburg, about 2,3lM); Wash. J..LUC i'.iauil viMcea, r . igcii., to examine our ute,ljtU No. a Burnet House, first door west of Vine; No. 177 SHAVE .?2j of which was Tit QuUicittSJtortht,aHd 2fvet Di ington, (Chubb & Pros. ) fiil-ta most complete stock of Jewelry stock. T jz Rattlesnake Boy. While the old retired . utcl Uiloa House, trout othce;al soutueast corner Broad md Watches, of every duscription. ait. tovn l jron by tt e warrant all work oi our manuiactnre lor one year. contributed by Kunkle's Opera Troupe, JrtiJ way and direct iy opposite tpeucer uouse, and unsurpassed for quality and taste, and The stock is tsBepairing done with neatness and dispatch. L AID WITH HEAVY T IR0 the Comptroller s onice, and 5123 rby the Navy whalemen and young men of enterprise are tryDepot. at the Liuie Miami will be sold at the very lowest prices. Every article is IDV31 ISAAC n. S0UTHW1CK, Department ) clerks and heads of bureaus ; from r i to.veaten n- the monster inhabitant of Silver . warranted, and way be returned by buyers if they axe Wheeling Passengers dice at Zacesville. Titts . Fnperintendent Central Ohio Railroad. ntt what they are represented to be. inspect my assort- NEW CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY. Itaninm & Co Baltimore, .200 Se-- Y burg Passengers dine at Crestline. Dunkirk ortePf. the ufral C. M. E. BROWN, Country Merchants are invited to Jylldtf ment before purchasing elsewhere. I confine my busiAgent C. O.K. E., Cincinnati. unl Dulfalo PasscEgcrs dine at Cleveland. 'I ,ntrn NEW ',. Vb of Truth, IhUeigh, North WOULD RE- - f,Vw ,.r AND Vr,.- -' t a correspondent in the Cailina,: by "Wesley," f - PhiLublrhia YORK, IiaSTON ClevelaDd ness exclusively to the alwve articles, and have selected r?TMIE S UBSCRIBERS via Dayton Jt Clyde to AND EVERY TRAIN BY they o-- ii mountains Li . siie.tfally inform the public of Louisvillethut inch- t.. p.."' t.,..-,- ,. theia iu person, and will sell them low. yo., M direct makin. the same couiiecUonsa are made by JL-sts., r.1Ktr' have litered iuto the carrutKe businessin allitst.r the Little Miami route runs into the Derot of the i,,lie ,m tha ton of the Pluo R'nle.' near , tha i omer i.mes out oi Cincinnati. A. ETE1N AU, corner Fifth and Main " 1 . . nr. Mone and ur. enision, two eminent pnysi-- i v , es. T hev wi'd pay esiiecial attention u tne hgnter styles over Lichten, Liewecthtd Ac Co.'s. .re road ai Cieveiud. mr20 Y J.:.i.e " AND LEXINGTON & FRANKFORT " AoouieriiniroMtiiiaBnMi jimm snicttrna or of work, such as is madein the East, they haveiust jc;an3 0f New Orleans, have arrived in ourcify and '"""- in very fine order," laid ' l he roa ls by this route "'.':'",",J ,. t.and nou niany particulars much like a l""r 1";T'.''7 v got ou t anew and splenmd RocKway that weighs less, is, from more certain connecuons SI w ith heavy T iron, "rem: rka'y smooth, and rompara-tive.i rf,ie,-- r ai"l.-t-- l n . runs it'hter than any otner, anu is evry way ii'e iei arr.ei-iinc- e lree from 0 jet." Beinp the- hortest hnd mostdi about fourteen Tears old ' well tiisii " Theumeoa the Cincinnati. ";ujnrr uours. Dayton IlaniiUon, and 7 C 7 ! , articl ein the market, having an improved patent fifth These gentlemen consider the fever a general epi- route (row Cincinnati to the iist, the time is to ar-- i. Through Tickets to Cincinnati. K;aa w .Uicaer man w na.w en any other r Abroad i wheel . .. '! ui.ged tat it is made with ease. Connection are Cerdemic.and think the r.atier.ts should be covered .. Ker.airmjr done on reaFoname lenns anu m nuor u- FOR TWO DAYS. FARE nia niuart.uiTS have (uU lim tor meals. return by :ii. . A.., ..ii tery iuui.iiiici,uin loiiuw sceaimr too uctt, nearly level and strata:, and it is so subjt.siiiiahy bu. ill ..i..j i . sure to tice. Thtv fla:ter themselves that, by strict attention, All win lake this route Last will thrust b.yen i the mouth, w,h a roU- - that it can be run at mgh speed with greater Satet'y Uiw ?.tte? FOR and the best kind of work, they w ill engage a fair share not be too active. it, uithit rjute uiLei the quickest time both to and RUMMER ARRANGEMENT. 'c3 Yjatory motion, ihs back, which I saw and other r. ads. of the custom of Louisville. Call and examine speciCincii.naU and ti7 the eastern cities. Indianapolis, Chicago, aud Cincinnati. printing A Ere broke out in the lie-wot Train leaving Cincinrati, after the arrival The myself ,s pied with light and livid colors, , l.:tfbtnirig Kxpr.-f- s leaves Cincinnati atb A.M. On and after Monday, April 30th, trains will ran at mens at the manufactory, on the south side of Jefferson TWO PASSENGER THA INS DAILY. on Sunday night, at o'clock, destroying j' m3;-1limerit of the Louisviile Morning Cars, i on the Cincinnati. sireet, between second and Third. he dark fttle?nake ; it as-- , pe-se- s I.:j; ai.-nai Cleveland in adviice of any other Hamilton, and Dayton Kod. The tvpots r aovut Mr.C HEIGHT & ENDEP.9. paper for three weeks' issue of their commercial - j Leave Jefrersonville (opposite Louisville) civldJm MUST TRAIN LEAVES LOUISroute. rubbed downward, one nu'i.irea yaris apart, ana oa w. rua tm tram Lgbtnir:g ETess arrives at CincinaaU at 2:1j r. M. iournnl. No further damage was sustained. S up ? KaIy. .nature', PP0.1"i and t Chicago a. pm., and 3.-- 0 r. M.; for at 6 o'clock a. ., stopping 15 minutes-fo- r -" w "wmj mr uaawrr 8.45 A. dui iiuite rouza wnea ine nana passes upwira, and JAMES SOMMERVTTiT.ri, from toe Laj-t- . at Lagrange, and arrives at Lexington at 11 a.' posed to bo the work of an incendiary. Clevelanil fifteen mirutes later, and arrives at breakfast remaining four hours in Lexington, passen-rer- s connect at Indianapolis nnd Cincinnati Thesetrains His hands are covered with hard, bony excres- leaves M. After NORFOLK, Manufacturer and Wholesale and Ketail Dealer in The weather is very cool. i Cio' imf i hfie n minutf earlier than any other route. take the i o'clock P. N. Traiu of Coviunton and Lex- - with allatthe trains for the North and East. Tickets can cences. as if disccsed to form a rattle. He has a ner. and on their return tot,': Deool iruiu-krii.ii,- l street. i.M IXNAT1 TO CLE V F.LAN 1 in !' hours. had STOVES, GRATED, AXI) CASTINGS, j ingtori KailrTad for Cincinnati, Paris, and Cynthiana, beap-- dtfthe oliice, bio Main A. P. OSHORNK. 8upt. I strange taste for music excelled only by serpents-- , I checa their oaaaie tarough. LLV LLAAU TO CINCINNATI in b,' hours. 7 and conuectimc at Paris with stages for Maytviife. Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware, Celebrated Ekgli3ii Oaks.-- Ah Engluh pub-- , whk.g are cbarme(i from their Tictim3 music TIME VIA .MIA?II JIOUTE. PEC0ND TRAIN leaves Louisville at 2 30 r. m., and VJiZ?1"" SAD IRONS, COFFEE MILLS, hcation gives the following amounts ot the most When winter has gone and spring comes with a ! arrives TEA KETTLES, at Lexington at 7:W r. M. I'ersons taking this rroiii Cinclnixati to . celebrated . oaks in hnsland: oak in , .v . . SCALES, Ac, Train remain over night in Lexington and resume by , , J ours; , , w pnicii', is re'iuiren smiling uii, treat C'dXMBrP in o'clock Train next morning for Cincinnati. the hours; CLEV ELAND in South side Main, 3 doors above corner of Seventh, Baggage ru?niE iQt0 rh Passengers by the 6 o'clock a. M. Train connect at Vtr0D i an.t Pitt..urg. checked through to Dunk'.k. Buffalo, hours; irorn tneadiTorof Edward V holdiTlUiV iip-juI'l'.N KIRK in Louisville, L.y., to stealing to the wi'.d forest, j Frankfort with TtTr stages for Salving, Harrodsburc, and 4 X m,r tr PL'IFAU'in li hours; its in Uimps tone I ark, be- &j lnnville, and at Lexington with stages for Nicholas-viile- , 'd 9 cthef , Pngers by the o'clock, a m.. Train, CiaciBati. SOMMERViLLE WOULD ment under the branches) i'ortland, the park being enj him3elf b , in ca ,fl , ALBANY in i h' urs; Danville, Lancaster, Stanford, and Crab Orchard, to N F. V YORK in 3o hocre; dashi of ia lhe waters j Inform his friends ar.d the public, longing I and Winchester, Ml. Sterling, Owiugsville, Kichmond, FROM LOUISVILLE TO CHICAGO , f .. 7 Main also the most ancient on the island; it was a park ,. ?.i i',ST'.v in ?' hours; .f vtj m f. ... Sn'V, " . , ' nd Kstiii Sorincs. street, where he t that he baa opened a store at CRESTLINE in ti hours; ; BY THK will be Pleased to see ana accouiuiouaie auwno may from Cincinnati to New York3oS hoars; cpnngiaiiu Stace unes continue mrougn 10 Pitts i;n:; in 11 hour-- hours; 1 . boars; . . him with a call, lie warrants his work to be as conqueror. The tree is supposed to be 1,000 years favor CrabOrchard SjTings same day. lo Phuleiphia in hours; saIJ th moth w f in iitiLAl.El.l'iilA H) f od as anv made in the city, terms reasonable. Stages from all the above points arrive in Lexington New Albany and Salem Railroad. la Aibauy ia Jbin sla hoars; V H Ki LI SO in bors N. if. Roofing and House Work in general don e with old. The lallest oak in England is believed to be this strange son, walking through an o.d field, in f lo Boston in time fur the evening Train from Lexington to Lou.t-viiiBALTIMORE in sl hours; . mrlOdum hourt; neatness and dispatch l ne property Ol iuo sumo .iooieIU;U, ; lt was eauea ' pcavh of reot, t) hj Ia Bufialo in In in WAMIIN(,TO. weavjng M 1 au The only direct Route, and the only in flours; r. a Xo Dunkirk lliiUia vnil'ini, arielr hours: ... 'hpr thin Passengers by this ,1. w.., win ofi: late years Mie sterped on a rattlesnake, but without beinz t'i ECbEN V 1 LI.E in la hours. from the annoyance route are incomparatively exempt .......0 To Pituhurg in U hoar; Itoute by which Through SNUFF AND T03ACCO. of dust the cars, and rrxss 1'itU-tnrAbbey, and stood tilt Westminster T,fTW criecVed from Cincinnati to Wheeling, To Ba.timora in M hours. bitten. After turning round, with not much through some of the richest and most highly cultivated Tickets enn be had. Cleveland, Dunkirk, and Lutfaio. LORILLARD, 1 ne largest oas in r.ngiar.u is cuiieu No other Line from Stale. iru,. yj., ine proceeded to dispatch the venomous the East, and none so Cincinnati make q nicker lime t P: sengers l v ti e i o'clock a. w.trai, Little Miami portions of the quick froaa tha Jtaat by on and a 42 Chatham street New York, successor 1 orkshire ; it measures seventy-eigInformation feet in cir- tjp"For whieh other- - aa ,,M .r. t, I reakf ist at Cincinnati anii dine the follow- the Depot, ticket and any desired Brook streets,call at rinWO DAILY EXPRESS TRAINS f , and aaUhoara. corner of JU- - through to Chicago without change of cars or bag4c George Lorillard, oilers for sale all kinds of Pe'er Tobaci-oBaiUmore or Wasb-i- i ing riav in New York, i to attempt in these mountains. But, strange to I j.eneri.1 use. For particulars, a A SAMUEL GILL, s gage. f r.ulf ,itn heiuobtained bv addressing as a'oove. con'Ci'y. . so called ; ... lr TmsT TaAin. Ul ATIN8 CIJaXJATI. PitUhwr Shire Oak, .. i K is . ahrec iv ,Ka, Eupt.L. AcF.andL. AcF.K.R. Cleveland, Buffalo and ,U4 Furst Express leaves New Albany at 4 o'clock a. M. . i.ue Liuie Miami is the eastern depot at Cincinnati, ra, ;hia us covering pan oituo counties ci at t clock a. m. for Dayton, Clyda, Cleveland. arriving at Chicago the tame rtcning. l ive Daily Train. . pres:est . .... th. . v:peril-m- arks ... of the souamous mon- Serond Express leaves New Albany at 12 o'clock M., United States. nifiiwhnm. ' an. it na.itna 0 " " ex- ster, waose cnii.icg ratue was .neard, ar..l wsose Dunkirk, Butfalo. A.hany. New York au4 BoMnn; t Cleveland. Pittsburg, bteubenville, and f- -i OLD PENS, WITH DOUBLE EX " FTRST Train. at Chicago early eonnecuat Forest for Crestline, PiUor. Vhi;.vleiphiA, pause of any recorded in tais island, drooping ;over wri things of death were fait "Of tension holders. Jnst received, a luce assort- arrivingTrains connect at r.rzt mornina. all morning and York, Chicago with Both r. that nJother, Baltimore and New roa arriyM at C lev eland . was whil(J hntii- ment of lirst quality Gold Pens, (long and short rii.vs), evening Trains for the West aud .Northwest. .07 atiuare yards, rhe mwt PfuctiTe isriiTisi dlkmb, SBccaior sT,Ae. Also, at i making close connection with Laka nirnr. K.ilm-- i in wall and without cases. 1" ow". Michigan cny wnn i nuns on tne .Michigan Central that of Gelonos, in Monmouthshire, felled in Is 10. Main street. jylU Kailroad for Detroit, linllalo, Niagara Fails, Albany, ' Its bark brought $l,i).0,and its tinker The Sickness at 1', Md. So far as fneun with Vast Kxpresa Tram &Ust. tmiore, Vt City, PhiladeWihia, and New York, New York, liostun, Ate. 1 his is by fart lie most pleasant woiuu, aciiis, ituow &.C ; Steuben Vibe, Mmian 'i e East, passing In the mansion (.f Tredegar l'ark, Monmouthshire, we are tevei and 1'utsnorg AccommoJ v and interesting whig, the sick- - tionuug 1 in.- -c o'clock auu M., for Cieveiaod, i iluiirjton, CirUeville, and New Music just received from tto East, through the mostroute to the aud the largest as it does t;cii3gUeld; ofi leai?' Kxaresw, at 9 Springs, and flourishing a. towns and Duaiirw. there is said to be a room ; ; ness wmcn nas amiciea u. village 01 rerryviuo, Buffalo, Albany, New York, KoCon,Crstiiu and P'us-hur: 7. r L p'asrfpers PVPHl'S; CU.11 cities in Indiana, such as New Albany, Salem, Orleans, TATOKITK AKD BTAKDAKD MKLODIK8. fllK)r and wainscots of which were A DA feet long; br this train for Lake s teamen have fiie conoecia at Sandusky, wth jStoaaaer Bay beon M near, uka the yellow fever as like the n ii.rusvti .e, Aia- neuioiu, xjiuoii.i ucoii, w e..a.i Cleveland. manufacture,)constant-l- y fayette, and Michigan City, on Lake iMichigan ; Tippe Lours and half at or a aingie oaK tree grown on tao chol r Clevefur.d with Meajnem Cor. were atU5n(led witB City,f CityDetroit, and at o, a;i tha faUl and rittsburg Express Violins, Guitars, (superior scept and afte? Tuesday Xd l H otr Messenger and thf VcUon StcOn Tbaik. and th canoe uaiue urouua, a spoi naooweu in tne heart ot on hand, Freih German and Italian Strings j the black vomit, which for Columbus, Cleveland, we have not known to be isiming. miiinV'ie-:- stps at ail Wst. tnroua without leaves Cireirmati at ! a- n every American citizen, is also seen by those passing Express freight will leave Louisville f..r Frankfort aud estate. ?hod. received; Flutes of the Lest quality Buflalo, New York, mid Boston ; Cresinne aim leV Dunkirk, thesyirptoma of cholera. Uut whatever it aTMiaa Taim.C level viid N ht Ktcmt, t I o'clock over tins mine. L" '4'?" 'n,hH,l.nB?t?.:.k?,!tUn,il,1' engaged in ea- A PPTRtFTKnlNWAN.-Wh- ile Chillicothe, and Hillsborough. Pittsourg; Manchester, and superior tone; Acconleons, Flutir. M.for Day tort, Cieve.HMd, Uunkirk, ttujfaM, Albany. From Michigan city tne route passes through the e a iui j r. ra. at Also, eonnecune at C'leveiana airen wiiu right receiveu willour linkfreight if orders are rating recently upon thellilwaukie'and La Crosse rxy have been, it was equally fearful with either New York and Lood. mostdehghtful and nourishing part or Michigan to Deg nas, and all Musical Merchandise, v, and ca.l for left Riilroad, near chlesengerrtlie, lowa, tne wort- or thi Wtrr and Caes t itUf.T wagoa troit. Thence crossing the Detroit river, and passing ' t7Fare (rum Louyiil as low aa by any other roate T e. A. JON E&, Agent at Buffalo with tne early morning trains for I been three deaths there: James Kenneday last. At TO Third Street, Louisville, Kr. through the most interesting portions of Upper Canada, atourofSce. c. Adams Express Co. men came upon the petrified remains of an Indian, have haa been employed there for a York, Borttn, Albany. Nixgara, Montreal, ar)U including tne inames name uround, London, Pans, C ACTIOS. who number of THiaoTaAin. w heeling Express leave t inannati Hamilton, Ate, in view of Lake Ontario, to the Great and with the remains some singular relics cf olden, HAVE JUST RECEIVED, DIRECT The traveling public are eautione.1 agint by the railroad company, an.l colued man tor Columbus, y.aliesville, Wheeang, at 10 a. Bhirts! Shirts!! Niagara Suspension liridge, a times. The body was perfect, not having suffered j J' by- statements made in the advertisement of th LlUl MiNew lork. XL from the east a large and well selected assortment of more wonderful, and more to work more stupendous, WashincUjn Citv, i'nila'lelphia, and be admired, than aDy enneday died mi last after ami Kailroad Company. Among th not prosnuvoiof Standard HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED BY by decay His height, at the present time, would l no PoraTH Tbaii. Accommodation leaves CincinnaU ufacture,) Melodies, Violins, Guitars, (of superior man- other similar work of art iu the world. Iu crossing this ear.y every penon haj fled these may b namei: that their on is th mcat to , Linen be considered gigantic, measuring seven feet two Iy at 4r. st.for Aenia, Yellow Springs, and Snringfeid; conleons, fresh German and Italian Strings, Flutes, Ac- bridge a full vtw is Lsd of the great Cataract of Ni- e press an additioual invoice of ready-mad- e t certainty of is le that Flutinas, and all other Musical Merchandise, Chiiiicothe; c cases. the East; Clydether Cleveland, and thatconnection lew C irrleviile And Lancaster; Blanchester and " inches. Oa his brc&it T7E3 n pu-t- e ot copper, on "uu ther ar way of to which I am prepared to sell at low rates. I have also iilisor.?neh. rh.iuiesof car on the Pittsburg axpre by n rut EirrH Iraiii. Cleveland, Piltibur?, and Wneehn'r on hand Hallett At Comston's superior Pianos; also, requiring no change of cars or baggage between tbe anil Harraraeu 10 i.v tum,i m e,ci i.arin uiar. m which were engraved numerous hieroglyphics, the ha bren r trme.1 for To Whom it?Iay Concern. of superior th n k other. Forbcarunc . Night Express leave CineirmaU st b r. M., for Colum-- l Emmerson's; which I can warrant to le durability. which can hardly be imagined. Hut ' h of Weil made articles in the above line are Chicago. The road has been putln weeks, on the promise Uat thee Bisrepresenlatiou York, and quality and and, Dunkirk, u, Cleve,tiinej Pittshurg, liutlaln, New and New York; msiufacture and of excellent anythin&in the Musical Ohio riverandnow one of the best and safest in the gjod sons , eml and examine my large and superb assort- - meaning ofare, a record of the past. Could these I dig, I hoes, , there they desire shouid be correct! ; tut they ar Mil! reiter jxi daily in Philadelphia, tn M heeling, Baltimore, Washington City, line to call and those wishinglarge and wtil selected slock order, and islongest continuous straight line of anyet, invit. ;t. Linen Shirts, stand, col., fine plaits; hieroglyphics bo read, they might, perhaps, unveil 1 plows, I having the in mem,' hand-bil- l examine my mows, and newspapers. Baking th caution nece- 7.anevil!e, Finer. lv made do the United States. I pets j. i. Biri,A..i, hninr. nurcLi&giniE eisewuere. do, Byron do, broad do; l'li.uulelrhia. and New Tors. wod for winter, ud some of the mystery whieh hangs like a dark j By litis route also sure connections are made, as the Do KTCRT O. AMES, Snpt. C H. A: . ieo dtl do, no One train on Sunday at 2.J0 o'clock P. M., for Colum-sut- . AfnuiioruAuens comsL-- n. vo i niru at. do do, do; do do Do directly through to Chicago. I reaps, I ows, arrow T. R. . U. PiriLLIl'H.dupt-do, ass'dpat'ns, do do dot cloud over the history of the red man. An Tickets at reduced rates to Michigau City, Chicago, Fancy do upt. M. R. L. X. K. K. V. r.eboKN, Fre. I 'Liters grows, strength and euriotv stand, col.; Trains run by Columbus time, T minutes faster than do OTHER Rock Island, gt. Louis, Burlington, Galena. St. Paul, Fii.e . do Muslin do, lawn bosoms,broad plaits; of considerable with him, and especinlAyconstruction O HUMBUG, LI K further information, orthmugh tickets appll tlJ'Por And for all I knows, CincinnaU. do, stand, col., invites the do Do was also found Milwaukie, fcc.;also,to Detroit, Bulfalo, Niagara Falls, at th othcof tbe.lefferaonviile R !rod. Mo. jeo, TTIROUGn TICKETS, do, Byron do, do do; do do Do ! New York, Boston, ice, 4cc; for sale at the ofI'm 'debted to the printer. street, between attention of antiquarians. KreeWrt CArT. 1. auoau nu, w a j do, no collars, do do; And aTl information, can be oKiined t the New Of- moved his Dying Establishment to Fifth prepared again Albany,the Louisville and Portland Kailroad Company, 1j do Do fice of o. aa. I do suppose, Jefferson, where he i now fices, No. Burnett House Building, W. L. O Brikw, Market and of H i k and Fancy Dvinr. do, lawn bosoms, stand, col do do No. So 2 Main street, north side, between Second and Do 1 7The Omnibo Lin will eO for .1.. .ii kino, Tria-- t Aeei t;.o. 17, Onison House Builddo, ass'd All knowledge flows. reFany French CingharaMuslin linen-boso- patterns, fast colors; where all We learn from one of our exchanges that iusem- Ing their nam a tn aoov The ladies and gentlemen of Louisville and vicinity Third, Louisville, time, prices, information can be bad ing, Alak. Hamilton, Ticket Agent; or at the Old Uilire, tliirti, broad there are five thousand negro of low priced 50 routes, kc. Right from the printing press; in J V In J l v tuuUieui corner Broadway and Front street, opiH,ite r rMiwifniiv invited to rftll at my new store if they specting plaits; by leaving their names at the above Shawls, rHj ou 1 goes, Collars, at wholesale, abar- - Xew York. Sl'Ue Hrgixter. Sjfiicer llour:or atUi Laatwa (Lial Ahami) Depot, wish to have their Dresses, dyed and Capes, BopneU, or named othce, will be called for by Omnibusses and de- Bta-- j bog and HCE! ICE!! ICf finished in a supeCoats, PanU, Vesta, iC, .Ht ! rotit street- I gain. "Will AmeriIa the 'ere clo's, That being true, the question is, a. and 3temho'.s f V,i rior style and manner. Crap Shawls, Kid Gloves, and livered at the Cars. f u:ium Atuurs fromW. a. W. until PK . . Agent. VuHJ Cfl at 6i5 soathwest corner of Third and Main if yon C. KNOWLTON. Suu't. . And settles up I guess. W earing Apparel Clean ea ana ncauy FTRADER, tieneral gentlemen P. Kiver io, y wa la suoerb and well made set of Shirts, warranted to cans rule America," or shall Sambo and Africa of Third, eco TIIK OWN IBL S LINK rule both f Abolition Vjro nlogy is a street niuell-- tj fit if evtrv "'spect. ay c r . P. 6. All work sent to my tor will be done In the OP ABLE SALT. CaHs for passenger! at all tb pr ncipal ltotels, for each 75 BAG'S, 50 DOZ CoiUrs, standing, Byron, straight. Sevaste-ro'.lne- w dot'-is the mark of a mean spirit and" agi &t "institution," uny way it cam JLeed rruuipt. Dae promiaed, and at the shortest notice. od every train. By leaving directions at either of lL style, ring str.iliht iunt, corded and plain. JL en boxei fine TaWe? alt Just received In store md ft base ivul, F. V KIHK, Fifth street, obore cicM, will call lot V4enger in ali part of the lytl A, I). hlKHiSlULh. ftsmeui-vu1 oriaieuy A. FONDA. 8J. fJvJ lauj Jyied-Petyeen Market and Jaron iy, W.&oui lad. THE DAILY DEMOCRAT, i transportation. NUMBER 31. 25, 1855. AUGUST HARNEY, naltimorc, Philadelphia, NEW YORK, &C. BALTIMORE HAUsUOAJI! MEDICAL. MANUFACTURES. Iron Sailing Works. ENLARGED MY SHOP, HEAR! HEAR!! DEMOCRAT. DAILY mm OHIO ..','. .. tenK l'hm, W. INT". ln u,r JEWELRY. d ln. a! rf 2, BUSINESSOl'ICES; JEWELRY ii J. tif VO. il ms. I ISurr, m " t. TTiivi'a.i'i.a. tl.ri Ilniht Pr''5 E T WATEil COOLERS. RHI'llIGEKATOR, u'cl'J 7'Z XlTutU tl S 1 WATCHES, tf .1,, Jble REFlll ICE i !. Wheeler, Sti ,! lt L Khu I ""' r:, ll..lo. Carter "n JEWELRY. Well " PETERS. i'insio Forte 3Iamiiacfory, Arinwlroiis, illichot & Brother, a" f r ... .r II. "WI1VTEK7 &l ii li' Y1G 'MAKER, y ni i;f Jewelry, etc., etc., j WHOLESALE - uu: rsIIC (. J. , .louetl, J. llirchbuhl, .1, ..',,,' J;,, sFTil KT !,.; THIitD v.1,., THETI! I., "iZr ... GAS WITTING. a PERSONS t'lmW? m t ..,. EAST! Removal, choate has toici4 in,arUb1i TACH Louisviile and Fraiikfort, RAILROADS. Jeiicrsoiivillc Railroad. .,. RAILROAD!!! . ce ISXpCCl fSO ltlOUS KOlltC ..' y I - ?ttv VVefercrorTr. Fare Kccluced. i cinSftSXu-- ......:. t. JAMES ;,. .'. . . XViJitJx .. .frt, PETER wr.rTu i. EXPRESS NOTICE. Cliaiiffc .lb Time. UJ, cn Aj,, jut mtn r f thfl " 5 'ican. fjiI ly if -- L A m. t" u'ti 1 f

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