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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), July 25, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The hi ar un ea ab n mm m wm m DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, July 25, 1912 Vol 6. No. 5 SCHOOL LAW same, and pay a reasonable compen- sation therefor. Section 4. The Commission shall exact trom its officers and employes such bond, with approved surety, as seems to it discreet, and fix the form turn over the same to the County Treasurer, who shall apply the funds thus collected to the payment of the interest and principal of the bonds And it shall also be the duty of the County Treasurer, underthe direction of the County Board of Education to invest the money derived from the sinking fund in such securities ap- Droved bv the said County Board of Education . Section 11. The title to all proper ty acquired by said Commission shall be taken in the name of the County Board of Education, and all money in the hands of the Commission, after defraying any liabilities which have been incurred by the Commission, shall be paid into the hands of the County Treasurer, to be used as a sinking fund for the bonds hereinbe inmuuMuuuuiBuis. Every Thursday AuKICULTURAL at $1.00 Per PUNKTOWN Year PICCINGS. The following incident is a fair There were two ice cream socials sample, of the menta.1 processes and in our midst last week. boundless ignorance of some ot our Methods In State To Be Improved Kentucky mountaineers. "Uncle Our preacher is off enjovintr his va Jimmy" was a mountain patriarch of such bond. The premium on such By New Organization. cation; so is his overworked four-scoryears had bent the old bonds shall be paid by the ComTo man, and restricted his travels to mission. mere hobblings about his home, but Section 5. When the Commission Quite a number of our peoDle hav Courier-Journal- : 'Methods for up left a natural curiosity unimpaired shall have determined upon a plan been elected delegates to When the stock topic of conversation building the agricultural resources for the erection and furnishing of a attend the in Uncle Jimmy's neighborhood be of the different sections of the State moving picture shows in Louisville Act Passed at Last General As school house'or school houses in said came the building of a new railroad were discussed Saturday at a confer They report large attendance. district, it shall lay said plans before sembly Under Direction ot and the cutting of a tunnel in the ence of representatives of the various the County Board of Education. If The women folks over on Soank- mountain across the valley, the old agricultural and educational depart said plans so recommended by the er's Creek are planning something B. McFerran. John man was keenly interested, but pre ments ot tne state government and Commission be adopted by the Counlike a picn'c shower, in which every served a dignified reticence, for in all of the seven railroads oueratintr in ty Board of Education, then said Kentucky, held in connection with one is to bring somebody else's dinhis long and uneventful life Uncle Commission shall have the right to ner. Most ot them say they are tired Jimmy had never seen a tunnel, a the meeting of the State Board of proceed to acquire, by purchase or During the last two years there has of their own cooking. Horticultural work railroad or a railway car, and this Agriculture. been aroused throughout the whole condemnation, all property necessary fore provided for. The Commission new invasion seemed to threaten his corn ana tomato club work, the work Ye scribe enjoyed the pleasure of State of Kentucky an awakening to for such schoolhouses and play- shall pay out of the proceeds of the influence aud authority as the oldest of liming soils, rates for transpor tne educational needs of the State grounds, and the erecting and furtaking dinner with a kind old lady tation of ground limestone, demon and the realization of the necessity nishing of said school houses so ap-- . sale of said bonds all valid claims for inhabitant and arbiter of all local ; over near Hauuv Hnllnu, ' damages or otherwise which may be controversies, h roin the porch of his stration farms and individual demon of comprehensive improvement in the proved. house last Suuday, and it was some by it, andueither the court own cabin Uncle Jimmy could h seethe sirauon worn were amnnu- ih' dinner, too. On second thought, we physical equipment of the rura' Section ti. AM work to be done or preferred nor the district shall be liable for gangs blasting and digging upon the matters discussed. school system modern, sanitary, supplies or materials to be purchased . remember that . lady icni.uiai y organization was enough to spoil the good was not old well lighted, well equipped school n carrying out the purposes of this any debt which ttie Commission may roadway and the long tunnel, whose her looks formed with a view of keeping alive Act and involving an expenditure of iucur, or any claim for damages mouth fairly faced his cabin, a mile . houses. which may be asserted or awarded or so away, but his old eye could not the project of pushing the State to Two of our oldest citizens, most To realize this end, it is apparent live hundred dollars, shall be by contake hi any of the details of the the front agriculturally. This body respected neighbors and funds for new buildings must be tract to the lowest and best bidder: against the Commission. that successful Section 12. All legal services or work. His physical infirmities for- will meet at the State Fair September farmers, had an had, as the present buildings cannot but the Commission, witJti the consent altercation last week 11 for further consideration of the regarding going andcoming and of all its members, may itself do any advice which may be required by the bade a walk to the scene of operabe converted into sanitary from the part of such work under such condi- Commission shall be rendered by the tions, and any special eliort to obtain present plans. It is expected a To provide mill. One said it was much further healthful structures. organization will be form lose view of the work would have adequate means for the erection of tions as it may prescribe, whenever County Attorney aud his assistants going than coming. The other said been a confession of interest in ' 'new- ed at thati time. such school houses and equipment as the Superintendent of Construction without additional compensation. from Twedle-deto Twedle-duis Among mose wno were present at the same Section 13. It shall be the duty of fangled nonsense" far beneath the hall, in writing, recommend that are absolutely essential for the edudistance as from Twedle- meeting and who are members of Jum to Twedle-deecation of the children, and in such a course, ah uius or parts ot bids tor the Fiscal Court to canvass the votes old fellow's dignity. Shortly after the "How about any work or supplies or materials of the election provided for in Sec- the trains began to climb the moun- the organization are President Bar Christmas and New manner that all tne children may Year?" asked the 7 hereof, and upon its appearing ker, of the State University, Commis first. tain side aud disappear in the mouth have an equal chance, and evety sec may be rejected by said Commission. tion of the voters in the of the tunnel, Uncle Jimmy was ob- sioner ot Agriculture Newman, ot any county Dear an equa This section shall not apply to nor be that tiou a n aauu u..: euj sanil--, lirircr share in the maintenance of the pub construed so as to limit tne power of district voting upon the question served to be in a state of suppressed auuerintenuent ot Huh BarksdaleHamlett, Prof. G.D.Smith, from the region of Pawns- the Commission in ttie employment shall have voted in favor of the issue excitement. He soon learned the lie schools, the following enabling of said bonds, shall certify this fact iming of the road and was always act, drawn under the direction of of architects, clerks or agents. at of the Eastern Kentucky Normal last Satuiday evening and reported Section 7. In order to provide by an order to be entered upon the his post on the cabin porch to watch School, Richmond; Prof. Fred Mutch- - that the persimmon crop in that io- B. McFerran, Chairman of the John Educational Committee of the Louis money lor the acquisition of property order book containing the proceed- every train that entered the tunnel ler, of the Western Normal School, cality would be an utter failure this ville Commercial Club, was passed at tor school sites aud the erection and ings of the Fiscal Court. The said by daylight. After a time he proved Bowling Green; Prof. T. R. Bryant, season. This was on account of the the last session of the Kentucky furnishing ot school buildings, tne bonds shali contain a certificate that unable to longer conceal the subject of the State University; J. B. Mc- - severe winter during which the pos- Fiscal Court of any county may adopt they haye been duly issued under the of his interest, and burst forth upon rciiau duu jonn n. Atnerton, ot the sums ate all the fruit, including the Legislature: 1JUUla,,"c vumiuciLidi liuo, ana tne tu, duu Lnere can De no persimmons ass AVi to enable counties or a resolution submitting to the voters provisions of this Act, aud such cer- the family group with: "Them be plumb good shots an' a representatives of the seven rail- without seed for the following crop. parts of counties to erect and fur of the district, at the November tificate shall be conclusive evidence Extreme cold weather works hard nish School Houses and to provide election occurring ninety days after that all steps preliminary to their credit to ther bringin' up. I've roads and many c6mmercial entry ot the order, and succeed- valid issue have been regularly taken. watchdd 'em for a month er more, ship in more ways than one. the money therefor by the issuance the Section 14. The Fiscal Court shall an' hit shore do beat me how they of bonds. Be it enacted by the Gen ing the appointment ot the Commis sion, tne question whether bonds ol have power and authority, and it manage to hit that hole plumb cenArts and Sciences. eral Assembly of the Commonwealth Hell. the district shall be issued for the shall be its duty to continue to levy ter every time. " He had been waitot Kentucky: The loan collection, consisting of Where is it, and what is it? Can we an index to Kentucky geology Section 1. Upon the application, purpose ol carrying out the work said tax on the property of the en- ing to see a train miss the tunnel. and believe the in writing, of two hundred and fifty herein provided for. Ttie resolution tire district which voted the said Contributed. doctrine of duplicates from the State Geolog4.cJ Future Punishment? These aud other .viuseum, has been householders residing in the district, of the Fiscal Court shall provide the bonds, notwithstanding any part received by the The Filibusters. kindred questions relative to this Jefferson Institute of as hereinafter described, it shall be date aud maturity of such bonds, the thereof may be subsequently Arts and Sci- into any town or other muniThe "Filibusters," as they were vital subject will be answered in a ences, and been installed in the Coch- the duty of the County Judge of a rate of interest they shali bear, and cipal subdivision. called, were a set of lawless men, sermonon i ne l ruth about Future ran House in CheroKee Park The County to appoint four persons, two the total amount to be issued, which (Signed) Claude B. Terrell, who, after the Mexican war, organ- irumsiimenu to oe preached at the collection will be open to be members of the snail iu no event exceed the limit of whom shall the public party and two members fixed by the Constitution, and the Speaker of the House of Represen- ized expeditions within the United jenersoncown naptist church Sunday Wednesdays from 1 to b p. m., Satur Democratic States against Cuba aud Central nignt, juiy JBth. livery man and days from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m., Sundays of the Republican party, to consti- resolution shall also contain the nec- tatives. One expedition against wuuidu iu jenersoniovvu is urged to trom 2 to b p. m. America. tute a Building School Commission. essary details in reference to the (Signed) Edward J. McDermott, President of the Senate. Cuba, in 1851, consisted of five hun- oe present. Come ou alone, men. Each appointee shall be at least execution and delivery ol" said bonds, dred men, commanded by a Cuban and leave jour coats at hoi twenty-tiv-e years of age and reside their denomination, coupons to be Approved March 11, 1912. The Model Road. James B. McCKeary, Governor named Lopez. The Filibusters were district, and be the owner annexed, tax to be levied to pay the within the Baidstown Road will soon be the defeated and imprisoned, and Lopez No interest, and sinking fund ,to retire House Bill No. 79. of his own right of real estate-model road leading out of Louisville. Campaign Offer. Originated in the House of Repre was executed. officer or employe of the State or of such bonds at maturity Squire Wheeler is Joiug his best tnis Section 8. When the voters of the sentatives. Here is the most liberal any city or county, whether holding year to put this thoroughfare into Syrup As A Surfacer. James E. Stone, Chief offer we have ever made. The good condition. a paid or unpaid office, shall be eligi- district shall determine that such Attest: It is claimed that In Jefferson county crude oil has Jeffersonian one year and the Louis- travel on the Bardstown Road is ble to appointment to said Commis- bonds shall be issued, they shall, when Clerk, H. R. been used on the roads to proyide a ville Daily sion. Such appointees shall be sub- so issued, be placed under the control Jolly Little Hostesses. dustless surface. It was left for Su- 10, 1912, Evening Post until Nov. twice as much as that on any other approval of the Fiscal of said Commission, who shall defor only $1.60. This is less public highway leading into ject to the Fairmount, July 22 Misses Mildred, perintendent Noble, of the American than the regular price of of said county. The term of termine when and what price and Court Beet Sugar Co., Rocky Ford, Col , to the Post. The sooner you send in office shall be four years, and if the how they shall be sold; provided, that Loulie, Edna and Genevieve Johnson coat the roads and streets of his your you will get for Entertained. work therein provided for is sooner no such bonds shall be sold at less entertained with a lawn party for town with sugar beet syrup, a by- your order the more money. All orders are to be completed, such term of office shall than par, and provided further, that their many little friends and school- product of his factory, and Misses Mattie and Mary Thome thus give sent to The Jeffersonian, Jefferson- entertained Suuday Misses Sallie and expire at such completion. Vacan- any premium which may be obtained mates before leaving for their new them an exceptional hard andsmooth town, Ky. Foley, Alabama. The cies shall be filled for an unexpired from said bonds shall constitute a home in tf. Jean C'leary, Mary and Kate Hofelick ideal and the numerous little surface. term in the same manner as the orig- part of the sinking fund for their and Nellie Stivers; Messrs. Frank and Had To Use Derrick. As the, said guests enjoyed immensely the manv inal appointment. The district for ultimate retirement. Joseph Hofelick, Kellie McDaniel, Picnic at Fairgrounds. which said Commission is appointed, bonds are sold their proceeds shall go games and nice refreshments proA horse belonging to Howard Robert Gentry and John Roederer. vided by these four joliy little host- Phillip, on and which shall constitute the dis- to the credit of the Commission in the Durret lane, off the The annual picnic of Cedar Creek It Buys Cottage. will take place trict as hereinafter mentioned, shall some depository which shall be se esses. and will be a day long remem- Preston street road, two and a half Baptist Sunday-schoo- l warmly cherished by all whole county, or, where said lected for the deposits by the Com- - bered be the miles from the city, fell into a cis at the Fern Creek fairgrounds oa Fairmount, July 22 James Cook county contains a corporated town or missioj, and shall be withdrawn only who attended both old and young. tern last Friday afternoon. The an- - Saturday, July 27. There will be re- has purchased a cottage and five towns wherein is maintained a public upon the checks of the Secretary and J The little Misses Johnson will be mal escaped injury, but the services freshments, music and speaking. acres of laud from his mother, Mrs. school which is, in whole or in part, 1 reasurer ot the Commission, coun- greatly missed by their associates as of a derrick were necessary to re- Everybody is invited to attend and Delia Cook, and he and his wife will supported by taxation levied alone tersigned in such manner and accom they are greatly beloved by all who move it from the cistern. go' to housekeeping there soon. have a good time. upon the property in said town, then panied by voucher approved in such know them. Those invited to the manner as may be prescribed by party were William Farris, Ruth the belance ol said county. Section 2. The persons appointed regulations to be adopted by the Farmer, Sadie and Mariou Riley, as provided in the first section, and Commission: provided, that the said Mary Belle, Paul and Rufus Clark, -their successors, shall constitute a Commission shall exact of said de- Edith Corwardine, Willie, Marvin body corporate under the name of pository bond, with surety, for the and Zelma Ash, Eula and Alberta Mary Lee and Aileen Building School Commission of faithful accounting for said paying Shake. Joseph, Schehr. Levin, Earl, Margaret and County (the name of the county in over of such money as mav be from Louis Bates, Grace Hawes, Grace, which they are appointed being used time to time drawn upon. Pauline, Annie, Roy and Elsie Johnfill the blank), and shall have offSection 9. The Commission may icial capacity to contract and be con- select its necessary employes prior son, Mary Macdanish. Emmet Johntracted with, to sue and be sued ia to the election on the subject of son, Tally Macdanish, Dorothy .Esther that name, and to adopt a seal and issuing the bonds, as provided in Robert, Carrie and Hazel Anderson, to alter same at pleasure. Such com- Section 7f but no compensation shall Lelia, Sam and Arthur McKeaig, mission shall elect a Chairman from be paid to either of such officers for Bessie Blankenbaker, Ruth and Fred Johnson, Jessie and Irma Collins, Joe the appointed members. The ap- such work done until after the bonds and Emmit Bates, Flossie Bishop, TO SELECT YOUR pointed members of the Commission have been voted. All disbursements Bessie, Evelyn and Myrtle Seabold, shall receive no compensatien, but of the Commission, including comshall be allowed their expense of pensation to its officers, agents and Fanie, Selma, Stewart, Ora and Baker, Loraine. Mable, Calvin, travel when on business of the Com- others employed by it, shall come out Oliverand Ruth Miller, Trevor Lee May It shall have authority to of the proceeds of the sale of said mission. employ such clerical or other assist- bonds. The duties prescribed for Hawkins, Lucinda Richardson, Hays, ance as tffe Board may deem neces- the Commission in Sections 3, 4, .S, 6 Donand and Vernon Cartwright, Maud, Anna and Bettie Hardin, sary. and 8 hereof shall not be performed Leona aud Lorena Haag, Lizzie Reid, Section 3. It shall be the duty of until and unless bonds have been BINDERS, HAY Lillian and Orville Gentry. the Commission to make such care- voted as provided in section MOWERS RAKES ful examination ot the method of Section 10. It shall be the duty of Antoists Protest. constructing and furnishing public the Fiscal Court of the county to The Louisville Automobile Club enhouses as may enable it to determine levy annually, upon the property tered protest against the proposed the best plan of erecting and furnish- subject to taxaon in the siid dis- granting of further right of way on ing the same, including ventilation, trict, a sufficient rate to pay the in- the Shelbyville pike to the Louisheating and lighting. The Commis- terest on the said bonds, and the ville Railway Company with the Fission shall have the power to employ sinking fund provided for in the cal Court. It also Voted to commend one or more architects, to submit order, and the principal of said bonds the court for ordering the removal of INCORPORATED plans for such construction and fur- when the same shall mature. It shall telephone poles and telegraph poles BOTH PHONES 1454 PRESTON AND JEFFERSON STS. nishing, together or separately, and be the duty of the Sheriff of the that encroached" on the different to attend to the carrying out of the county to collect such leyy and to pikes. Permitting Counties in State Issue Bonds. e """.v-llug- - A i--i nt e A m . two-third- s i,- - nrnfu., i i Ph inyrjr-porate- d . . one-hal- f day-wa- s NOW IS THE ii ...TIME.. BUGGY, SURREY OR PARK WAGON Mccormick Plymouth Sisal Binder Twine Hall Seed Company i f

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