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University of Kentucky materials are on ExploreUK. This item: Item 3 of The Case for a Great State University - University of Kentucky, 1988-1989.

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Item 3 of The Case for a Great State University - University of Kentucky, 1988-1989

Part of University of Kentucky Fact Books

THE CASE FOR A GREAT STATE UNIVERSITY ; Since 1865 the University of Kentucky has been I We are not able to provide the environment that attracts l engaged in its land-grant mission of providing education business and industry to the state and helps it prosper ; and services to the people of the Commonwealth. From the here. 3 Penn yrile to the Big Sandy, and in every county of the state, , g UK has a presence of people and services, of alumni and 7990 marks not only the 725th anniver sar y Of the of students. founding of the UniverSIty of Kentucky, but also it heralds At campuses in Lexington and the statewide network of another biennial sessron of the Kentucky General Assem- fourteen community colleges, the University of Kentucky b/y. Education reform WI surely be the key Issue/n "3 educates over 36% of all the students attending college sessron. But while governmental leaders and legislators _ public and private _ in the Commonwealth. concentrate on the mandate of the State Supreme Court , A celebration of this 125 years of land-grant service and WhCh declared the common 80/700,. system Poona/t9" l education would be hollow, however, if one did not pause )t/onal, the hope .5 7?! higher education also WI come I" t l t ' 't fK t k d0 0 .' Of SGr/OUS COHS/ era Ion. orea/ze the the Unrversr yo en 0 y must m re The University of Kentucky wholeheartedly supports I We are not able to provide the people with the same efforts to improve all of education because in the end UK l educational o portunities offered people in other states. is a consumer of the educational product produced in the P l l 1

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