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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), November 16, 1961

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

u r u ) f i - t J d : :z::zizzzd juiv i:;7 an.i THURSDAY, NOVEI VOL. 55 NO. 29 : .dephijt county nev;c?.peh ZR 16, 1C1, Subscription $3.00 Per Year JEIT Lr.30NTOWN, KY. Area Teen-AGMeil By Opfaicfo During Carl Shook Appointed NeEHiGE'clio Promotion Director At Shopping Center J-to- vn n. Cczzuzily Scrviss public and television fields. IiT making the announcement, Mr. Durrett added, "We feel fortu nate in having Carl Shook Join 'team It's another the step in a continuing effort to make the center grow and prosper and to mould it into an integral area part of the Jeffersontown community life. "We are proud of the 17 outstanding units now operating sucCenter cessfully in Bowling Lanes, McBrlde Beauty Shop, Furniture, ' . Bar-- v " Tiiinw.' and . ber Shop being our most receni v ' "We'll be adding 35,000 to 50,000 square feet of completed area by spring of 1962 with a total of 29 stores, shops and offices in the center. Filling the post of promo- ;.rtnr nnw reflects our de- sire to plan ahead for bigger and better things for this area." . a vr- -. Rhnnif hnue two Cathy, who's in the .children ighth grade at Seneca, and Bob, a jixth grader at Kennedy. They live Cherian Drive. Forest Hills, Mr. Shook is a member- Ject, to the Board of Trustees, lift m ,.,iu Via in .T.Town Center,. 4UiM.C " ANdrews - Lcctfos Outstanding Club leaders of Jefferson County for 1961 are Mrs. Adele Hartmann, 3010 Michael Drive, Houston Acres, and Paul W. McCarthy, Lyndon. They were so honored Monday Photo by T. B. Jonei i night at Southern High School at THE BEST FIRS I EVER SAW" apparently 1 the phrase that ran through the minds of civic the annual recognition banquet of leaden pictured here as E. Crawford Merer, president of the Je'fertonlown Community Onlr. Council. the Jefferson County Mated in center, holds a smouldering piece of paper thai once rc. resented an indebtedness on the trophy. Each received a silver tenter on Taylorsville Road. The picture was taVn Saturday night at mortgage burning cereAlso recipients of trophies for work monies. Seated beside Mr. Meyer are Mrs. Meyer and John T. Crlandi, current treasurer of the outstanding leadership in were Mrs. James Perkins, Mrs. center. Standing, from left, are Walter E. Test V. T. EstUos and Fred Weber, civic leaders. Messrs. , . it:i l : . nanes cynum. iws. niuiun t Test and Weber are pact presidents of the center and Mr. Catties was responsible for much of the ant Mrs- - c- - c- - Jenkins. Mrs- promotional work during the eight-yea- r history of the fcuU-in- g. mond Layne .Mrs. L. J. Thielmeler, Marcelino Hernandez and F. E, Wortham. Citations for leadership were Presented to Mrs. R. A. Shaw Mrs R- - G. Mason, Mrs. Peggy Metcalf, Mrs James Gentleman, Mrs. Lil- -- : J. W. German, Frank James Lam. Frank Webb and Charles Allison, Miss Bonnie Fegenbush. a state winner Urn year and who will resent Jefferson County at the Congress at Chicago National later this month, was presented the dream of numerous civic minded residents An eight-yejunior leadership award. The dis of the Jeffersontown area became a reality Saturday night talent winners' plaque as all indebtedness of the Community Center was liquidated trict Si"Il-U- p was presented to the Sylvia in a mortgage burning ceremony that climaxed a last minute Club. 4-- H , , wurcne. oi rrv Vorn will sponsor a united rhanieivine service from 7:30 un- . . til 8:30 pm. Wednesaay, wovember 22, m tne auaiiorium ui jbu fropir Hieh School. Sponsoring churches are Fern Creek Baptist, Fern Creek Methodist, Beulah Presbyterian and the Lutheran and Episcopal Churches of Fern Creek. the sponsoring of Ministers the lurches will take part inMills, service with the Rev. Carl E. pastor of Beulah Presbyterian, delivering the sermon. Special music is to be provided by the Mixed Chorus of Fern Creek High School under direction of Mrs. Fred Jay. The public is incommunity . vited. J'lown Fire Runs 3:50 Thursday, November 9 p.m., 7111 Nachand Lane, field. 10:05 Friday, November 10 a.m. Taylorsville and Routt Roads, bulldozer; 4:32 p.m. Marlin and Canterbury Drives, field. 3:20 Saturday, November 11 p.m., Old Six Mile Lane, field. 12:46 Sunday, November 12 p.m., Watterson Trail, field. ns mL Payment Oei Center V. Indebtedness Mcide Ai.0 rep-"he- j Held re 4-- ar J'f3v;a F.-7.- fund raising campaign. In fact, two mortgages were burned one on the build- inn; itself other cn the seven acres of land on. which' ""; . the center fitanJi. - A. Presiding at the ceremony was will E. Crawford Meyer, current presi- hold it's regular meeting at 7:30 dent of the center, who briefly re- p m. Thursday, November 16. at viewe(i the original plans, the the Jeffersontown SChOOl. The taVpn hpfnre the nrtnal rnn. usiness, meeting will be followed struction and completion of the - The Jeffersontown .t(. building and lastly ilqi"...:- - j Utrit-D- I UL1UI1 UcUlUC final debt lT.j.ju ULLCIlUtfU UV . 100 persons, followed more the burning ceremony. Activities of the day started with an "all you eat for $1" pancake breakfast under sponsorship of the Christian Church. A final drive for funds, that beM.D. Marchers To gan Friday, November 3, had brought in $1,573.75 as of mortT. Walk ii gage burning time, John reported Take center treasurer , During the ThanlogiTing tea-so- n Tuesday. He said that expected contribuvolunteer Marchers for Muscular Dystrophr will "take a tions and those that have not been the walk." Not an aimless stroll but tabulated will raise out, total. The does not to raise figure, he pointed walk with a purpose a include the $4 annual individual money for the fight against crippling disease whose victims are supporter membership. Final payments included $1,000, unable to walk for semselves. plus interest, on the building and Randy Alcher, M.DJV-campaign chairman for the Greater $450, plus interest, on the ground. Mr. Orlandi expressed deep apLouisville Area, announced that preciation to all concerned for coTolunteert will be calling for operating in a concerted effort to contributions Tuesday night, NoCenter achieve the Community vember 21. goal. He added that numerous outsiders became individual supporter members at the dance. Smorgasbord Remarks of Mr. Meyer at the burning ceremony were as follows: The ladies of the Jeffersontown "In 1948, a seed was sown. Tom Christian Church are working like Rose Plyman conceiv- this week, finishing their ba- Settles and mad zaar items for their smorgasbord Saturday, November 18, starting at 5 p.m. in the church dining room. Adults $1.50 ana children 75 cents. "Purpsss troduced at a meeting with other civic minded persons of our com- tKip K.o,r,r,in munifw Vrr. in. terest and enthusiasm due to in- g awareness of need for such a Center, on ApnU, 1953, uru nnrrhaspil the ,H-- h prnlm(l ure W,t tnnlpht was made p0SSible through efforts of community organi-ca- n tions and individuals. "On August 10, 1956, there was a ground breaking ceremony for (Continued On Page 8) Juif L? 37" Xiitr.iion youthful basketball-ers- l The time for signing up for the 1SS1-6- 2 Jeffersontown Optimist Club basketball programs is pn. this Friday in the gymnasium of the Jeffersontown School. Only boys registering at this time will be permitted to Those in the 8 through age group are eligible. This free program will run 18 Friday nights, the first two consisting of clinics and the ml being devoted to league play. ar r I ir a V CI ril lKo niun all wintpr for those ,h nu- - thi. VinH nf recreation. Hayrides and winter parties are increasing fast Along with this type of recreation usually comes, a wiener roast The County Rec- Board ask everyone to please be careful with the fires, Make sure every fire is completely out before leaving the park. One spark could damage the whole area and please do not cut existing trees for firewood. It is always best to bring your own. As old man winter gets cold to freeze the Lakes, the board for safety sake does not allow' ice skating on its lakes, take care of the ice skating fans. an ice rink was developed in Cox's arK Still there are a few who like wintertime camping ana sleeping out in sleeping bags. For those the camping area in Chenoweth and Tom Wallace Parks are open. Crowds always pour out to see the number one wintertime favor- ite of the children "Mr. Santa Claus" and again this year his ar- rival at Chenoweth Park will be so look for him announced later this December. The parks are open for every- one's use, so please protect them as you would your own, and re- member, "Put out the sparks and save our parks." C Sale of about 75 acres of farmland at 5708 Cane Run Road by Henry H. Huflage to Albert F. Reutlinger. attorney for the purchaser, was announced Tuesday. Stamps on the deed indicated a consideration of around $150,000. Mr. Reutlinger declined to reveal the identity of the purchaser or plans for the land. m "a 3 t "1 c( Untii 5 Shlvely Men Buy J'town Pharmacy Pharmacy, Jeffersontown 10302 Taylorsville Road, which has been operated by Howard AbeU since it opened a few years ago. has been purchased by Richard A Thompson, 30, and J. Joseph Schutte. 28, both of Shively and of both former representatives wholesale drug firms. Both are married and Mr. Thompson is the father of four, and Mr. Schutte, father of three. Both families hope to move to Jeffersontown by next spring. Mr. Abell reports that his plans for the future are inaeiiniie omer than he plans a rest for about a month. The change in ownership was effective last Saturday. The t Sponsored by Optimist Clubs . a tember. are Mike Haag. president: Charles Voit, vice president, and Candy Blow, secretary. 'The board is made up of the three officers and Ronnie Potter, Sharon Seitz, Cherry Sedberry, Carole Cham- (Continued On Page 8) Dohri Elected President Of Farm Bureau 0fflcers of the Jefferson County new Bureau have at foiIowing their annual meeting last njfiht officers are Carl Dohnf 7908 Pleasure Ridge Park, Canna Dri president; nmlnard Paimr-r-Rall- . vice president. Charles L. Waller, F treasurer. Mrs Henry Huflage, also of pieasure Rjdge par was elected chairman 0f the Farm Bureau Wornen Mrs william Bryant was named vice chairman and Mrs. was re-tFred J. Stutzenberger elected secretary-treasure- r. other business at the meeting included rendition of reports by chairmen of the various commit-directltees and by those in charge of Extension work and plans for the state convention at Lexington No- vember H. Corley Brown, county age presented an informative program on Civil Defense as it pertains to fallout shelter, with the assistance of William Fallis, an aide in the County Soil Conservation District. Following the meeting, refreshments were served by the ladies. he y" 12-1- 5. 13 19 J'TOWN BY MRS. CHARLES W. PARRISH, SR. (ANdrews Minnie Pulliam and son, Henry, Shepherdsville; Mrs. Grace Mr. and Mrs. Frank An- derson, Clermont, were all day euests Saturday of Mrs. Nina Mc- Intyre and mother, Seatonville Mrs. Mclntyre and mother Sunday guests of Mrs. Lowry Foster, Mt. Washington. All Day Guests - Host At Party Jay Lombardi, son of Mr. and f'li m. jaiuon omoarai, wsum Road, was host at a party Satur- day in honor of his 11th birthday anniversary. The guests were Mes- f as. Wayne Ruckriegel, Michael Fultz, Charlie King, Charles Ar- begust, Phillip Hale, Tommy Weber, Eddie Schober, Michael Gentry. Jimmy Parrish and Larry WalthaL ' Trip Week-En- d j and daughtei.( G Misj Almo Jo Hampton, 2500 Six Miie jane, SDent tne week-en- d visiting Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kistner family. Lockport. Ky. J'town Rotary Maxwell E. "Scoopy" Allen, founder and head of a Louisville investigating bureau bearing his name, is the scheduled speaker at p, of the Friday's dinner-meetinfersontown Rotary Club at the Mr. Allen is Methodist Church expected to describe his methods d. of dealing with counterfeiters, gers and other illegal lrregulari-wer- e ties. Speaker at last weeks session was Maj. M. Burke, U.S. Air Force Reserve, substituting for Capt. Robert Madson. Major Burke, a outlined personnel staff officer the part that Standard Field will be called upon to play in the event of a nuclear or other kind of tack elsewhere. g for-Roa- William F. Thompson, Fisher- ville, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Thompson, has been promoted to third class boatswain mate (petty office) of his ship, the USS Shasta- He is stationed at Norfolk, Pantry Shower Va. His and Mrs. Thompson's ad- h Bay Street. Nor- A Thanksgiving pantry shower dress is for the sisters of St. Edward will folk 3. be held November 22. The oldest Trip- - To Indiana child in school of each family is Mrs. E. Crawford Meyer, Wat- - asked to bring one can of canned terson Trail, and Mrs. Howard goods, either store bought or home Denton enjoyed a trip last Thurs- - canned. If you do not have children day to Paoli, Ind. Mrs. Denton had in school there will be boxes in charge of the program at the Pa- - each classroom so you can send oli Garden Club and gave a denv it or bring it in. onstration of Christmas flower (Continued on Page 8) arrangements. 9621-26t- .r uiidinj LoS pm Monday, No- - vemDer 20. The work, to be included in two separate contracts, calls for construction of an outfall drainage ditch of approximately 550 feet, cleaning of existing drain pipes in specified areas and miscellanfor surface eous improvements water drainage, and resurfacing 3,ueo reel 01 narwooa urive. Cost of the work will be borne by abutting real estate owners and owners of benefited property, cording to legal notices calling for the bids. When the projects were an-pnounced in September, Hudson C. Rinehart, chairman of the Forest Hills Board of Trustees, estimated that the cost of the street resur- facing would be around $14,CCD and the drainage improvement tween $8,000 and $10,000, plus legal and engineering costs in each instance. M0 UMD Mrs. Sealed bids for reconstruction of Narwood Drive and improvement of drainage in the sixth class city of Forest Hills will ! received in viI1(?i th geant-at-arm- FARMLAND SOLD '('- f once-a-mon- Promoted t nni-tvr- 9. Included in the recognition list but who have are direct association with Jefferson- town boys and girls who attend both Eastern and Fern Creek High Schools for reason of their re- sponsible positions in students publications. Eastern students honored include Janet Jones, editor of "The Eastern Eagle," and Fred Clock, editor of 'The Talon," the school's yearbook. A Jeffersontown girl, however, is to be honored as editor of "The Tiger Gazette," student newspaper of Fern Creek High School. She is Marsha Floore. Another honoree is Mary Charlton, editor of "The Tiger," the school's yearbook. Honored for mdividual achieve- ments include Steve Cook a stu- dent at Southern Baptist Theolog- leadership for ical Seminary, Hniuiig yuuug cujiic lit uk hciu of religion; John Scott, a student at Trinity High School, for his outstanding athletic records in iooiDaii ana rrac; josepn Pike, Jr., for his high scholastic average attained in entrance ex- amination to St. Xavier High School, and Teriann Miller, for her accomplishments at Christ Luth- or- eran Church in gan renditions. Officers of the J'town Teen Club, sponsored by the Optimist Club, and the Teen Club, fostered by Christ Lutheran Church, are others on the long list. Club officers of the Optimist group are Kenny Ashley, presi- dent; Bill Boss, first vice president; Danny Kanipe, second vice presi- dent; Pat Tincher, secretary and treasurer; J. R. Richardson, ser- Millie Ruckriegel, chairman of the dance committeet and Jean Hofelich, publicity chair- man. Officers of the Christ Lutheran Church group, organized in Sep- - 0 1 i. 13-1- ule. Or-lan- BY JAMES McCLAIN The leaves may be falling and leaving the trees bare, and the pretty green color in the grass may be giving way to the dead brown color, but the winter participation in the county parks is growing more and more each year. Winter fishing, hayrides, winter parties, ice skating, etc., are proving more popular each time the cold days come around. rvu on4 t -- f fj-i;- ,;,i " ed the idea of developing a Com- munity Center. This itlca was in P.-T- py a leiecasi at :io p.m. onguwmg from the Jefferson County Roar,. ftf Mucation and entitled "Curriculum." A discussion period wlU l0n0w, -- xnis is your oppor- tunity to voice your opinion," the announcement said. r:, prT Improved mail service wnicn will Drovide earlier delivery and service to Post Office boxholders was announced Monday by Jef- acting postmaster, fersontown's John S. Humphrey, Jr. Under the new system, first class mail to Jeffersontown is carried as far as the Hikes Point branch by truck from the main Louisville Post Office. It is picked up at Hikes Point by the Jeffersontown truck around 6:30 a.m. and brought here. This, Mr. Humphrey, said will saving of time result in a two-hoas the truck from Louisville nor- mally does not reach Jefferson- . town until about 9. The revamping of the schedule is temporary, Mr. Humphrey said, but it is hoped that detail can be woiked out on a permanent basis, Mail other than first class, how- ever, will continue to be carried to Jeffersontown on the old sched ur pjj jly 4-- H Bids Sought Winter Activities Prove To For Vork In Be Popular In County Parks Forcst Hi,,s AH-.- af Improved Mail Service 4-- H A. 1:40 Wednesday, November 8 p.m., 8000 Six Mile Lane, field. 1 J'tbvn Gofs 4-- H Wil-kers- F. C. Churches Plan Joinl Rile: For Thanksgiving Thanksgiving annual The community service for the Jeffersontown area will be held at 9 ajn. Thursday, November 23, la the Christian Church with the Rev. 1L G. Fisher. Jr., pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, as the principal speaker. The observance is sponsored L.' the Jeffersontown Ministerial Association. Combined choirs and pastors of all participating churches will take part The public is invited. Cited For '61 Service relations 4 A f:r Thursday .:;-d:- ;i Since returning to Louisville in M The accent was on youth this week in the Jeffersontown were singled out for special area as numerous teen-agerecognition for individual and group leadership in young . adult activities. Those selected for special honors were announced by the Jeffersontown Optimist Club in its annual, observation of 4 Via l 1L Mir 1ir..l ll ...U : U U( November rs 1958. Mr. Shook has been program J-- E "Youth Appreciation W esk: Carl Shook, veteran radio executive in the Kentuckiana area, as named this week to the post of promotion director Shopping Center, Taylorsville Road at Jefferson-towfor The announcement was made by Jack Durrett, presi, Center, Inc. dent of In his newly created position, Mr. Shook will assist the center's merchants in all phases of their advertising and promotion efforts as well as community and public relations programs, Mr. Durrett said. director of Radio Station WKYW, director of operations for WOWI and account executive at WKLO. A graduate of Bell State Teachers College in Muncie, Ind., he has spent the last 13 years in radio, J 9 ELrth Reported it Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Berger, Sr., Winston Salem, N.C., announce the birth of a son, Charles F. Berger, Jr., November 1. Mrs. Eerger is the former Sallie Schwab, Jeffersontown. ut Return From New York f Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McKiernan, 8133 Hunsinger Boulevard, have returned home after a week in New York City. It was a combined business and pleasure trip. They enjoyed several Broadway and television shows while there. NOTICE Because of the Tbar.! -- r!! j holiday November IX Tie J will be pxirii a c earlier next week la or ":r : 1 1 copies of the peper can 1 1 r for .:.: 7 in the Post ee prior to the fccLL'ay. f r r: s As a mult dso-ll- ne copy and advertising M..J moved forward a cVy i.i er.Vr that the earlier puLIlc- - .'cn c 1 be observed. Yovr co-- c :: 1 wil lie erpred !. ; C-.- . It :'--

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