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Image 3 of The Breckenridge news, March 26, 1890

Part of The Breckenridge news

MMMMrfMl mtftetaa Ss 111 'I I J.l 2'i !' t w r v ' i" . you want lumber, shingles or any kind of building material don't fail to call on Gregory & Co. If Attorneys atLaW. fflElh' Kentucky. ' . Il Ky. The citizens of Owensboro have subscribed enough stock to secure tbe build-Stj- g of a Female college in that city. The Commercial Club held an enthusiBoth tho method and results when astic meeting Saturday night and took Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant steps to secure nn important enterprise and refreshing to tho taste, and acta for this city. gcntlyyet promptly on tho Kidneys, The News hns secured from Mr. J. T. Liver and Bowels, cleanses tho sysRobards a fine thoroughbred Berkshire tem effectually, dispels colds, headpig which will be given away to some one aches and fevers and cures habitual of its paid up subscribers. constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho only remedy of its kind over proNotice As I failed to reach Holt's duced, pleasing to tho tnsto and acchapel last 2nd Sunday, 1 will preach their ceptable to tho stomach, prompt in next Sunday at 11 n. m. and Cloverport at its action and truly beneficial in its W. C. Brandox night. effects, prepared only from tho most W. B. White sold last week six Bcres Dr. healthy and agrecaolo substances, or ground, on the Bishop hill, to Dr. R. L its many excellent qualities comNewsom. The doctor will build a number mend it to all and lmvo mado it of bouses on this property as soon as the tho most ponular remedy known. weather is favorable. Syrup or Figs is for salo in 60c Mr. Morris Beard, of Louisville will be and 81 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who cashier of tbo new bank at Hardinsburg A more competant and trustworthy young may not havo it on hand will pro-eur- o it promptly for any ouo who man could not have been selected, and tbe wishes to try it Do not accept institution is to be congratulated on securany substitute. ing his services. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Wo will just say for the Information of 8AN FRANCISC J, OAL. our Brandenburg correspondent that CloLOUISVILLE, KY. NEW YOBX, t.f. verport is not nsleep, but has her eyes open and Is looking after all tho good If there is nuything JUDGE COURT OF APPEALS. things in sight FOR she generally gets it, too worth capturing We aro authorlted to announce Hon. D.'Harableton and Julius Hardin represent this JOHN ROBERTS, for are mentioned as fit men to of the City of Louisville, as a candidate subject to the district in the County Court of Claims. No Judge of tbe Court of Appeals, action of the Domociatfo patty of the Third more suitable men could be solected and Appellate uismci. with these gentlemen as represen'a'lves, the affairs of tho county as well as of this itr. ... tltYnrUnrl to announce ...--11 c UIO lookJUDGE JOSEPH LEWIS, of district will be well administered and ed after. reelection to the office as ft candidate for Judge of the Court of Appeals, subject to the Convincing Proof. action of the Democratic party. In many instances It has been proven that by Wm. K. Barnes, U. B. B. (Botanio Blood BalmJ, made John Allen Murray, Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, da., will cure blood Hardinsburg. Cloverport. poisons In its worst phases, even nnen all other treatment falls. & BARNES, MURRAY A. P. Brunson, Atlanta, Ga., writes: "T running ulcers on one leg had twenty-fou- r and six on the other, and lelt greatly prostratCloverport, Hardlnsburg and ed. I believe I actually swallowed a barrel & W The Machinery for the Bobbin factory baa nrrivul. Gregory t Co , keep ull kinds of build-lu- g materia'. Just received a large line of paints, oi varnishes and brushes at Owen's. Mr. Kit Monroe, formerly ol Addiso has removed with his family to Henderso ,J " Dr. J. T. BAKER, Physician and Surgeon, v ft W HABD1NSBURG, KY. on Brick Corner. V- - t- - Brrckenridge News. lv WEDNESDAY. 7V MARCH 2C. 1890. . I.OUAL. Mrs. J. Mrs. G. last week. !W' V &, r r- - r 1: E-- .' ?' i' ISf"1 & ,: k 4 r -- K . : V. Iliidd moved to Cincinnati Cash in band buys goods tbe cheapest at Cabbage's. When you go to Hardlnsburg stop at the Huckeby House. Charlie Elder shipped to Louisville fourteen head of fine hogs. You can get a good square meal at the Huckeby House, Hardinsburg, for 26 cents If jou need anything in the paint line it will pay you to call and Bee J. Y. Owen. inOur subscription list continues to at the rate of from Ove to ten a diy crease Owen can Bell you ready mixed paint cheaper than' anybody atid guarantee the quality. Gregory & Co , are selling fertilizers at only 10 per cent, profit. Try them before you buy. "Cloverport is a very lire town," said Representative Mason, of Hancock, to a News man yesterday. Mrs. Eugene Haynee, of Stephensport, is going into the millinery business here. The News wishes her success. The Nbws' job rooms has in press and will issue in a few days a very handsome catalogue for tho Basin Spring Stock farm near Irvington. We have dissolved partnership, and all persons indebted to us will please come forward and Bettle their accounts and save costs. R. E. Moorman & Co. Mrs. Wm. Cooper, who has for a number of years been a resident of this place.will move to Louisville this week, where she will reside In the future. The Owensboro Messenger of Tuesday says, Louis Costello, a painter from Harr dinsburg, was arrested there yesterday for drunkenness and disorderly conduit. Will Moorman has sold his Interest in the business of R. E. Moorman & Co., to He will bis partner Robt. E. Moorman. out on tho L U & V. open a general store railroad at Dean's station. Mr. Thos. R. Blaud, of Hardinsburg, was In tbe city yesterday and renewed his subscription, although his time was not near out, he said he wanted to get in on time and capture our watch. Mr. W. W. Williams, of the Basin 8prlnc Stock Farm, has sold to Mr Alfred colt, Cox, of Dale, Ind., tho Hyperion, at bai.dsome figures; and to Corilhers It Beard, of Lexlng'on, Ky., a Culler gelding, price $250. This geldiDg is bought for the New York market. Mr. Sam 8ulzer, of Cannelton, was up last week and took a look through our ma-chine shops. Mr, 8ulzer is somewhat of a machinist himself and knows a good thing He was very In this line wheu ho sees it, agreeably surprised in the extent and capacity of the works, and says everything is s, of the very beat, and put there He lays Cloverport made a tea to stay. strike when Bhe secured these shops, and Mr. ske will have no reason to regret It. everybody who kow &slzr is right and anything abcrat machinery at Ml says the same thing. Son-terd- :. 4, D Babbage baa been sick with la grippe v1v A. IlllUVITIES. . - three-year-o- 1 'five-year-o- first-clas- ld ay ol medicine, in vain efforts to cure the disease. With little hope I finally acted on the urgent advice or a friend, and got a bottle of B. IJ. II. despondency I experienced a change, and my using It un-t- il I kept was Somewhat dispelled. I had taken sixteen bottles, and all the or ulcers, rheumatism and all other horrors blood poison have disappeared, and at last i am sound and well again, after an experience of twenty years of torture." "My Robt. Ward, Maxey. Ga., writes: dtscaso was pronounced a tertiary form or shoulders blood poison. My face, head and diswere a mass of corruption, and finally the ease began eating my skull bones. My bones ached, my kidneys were deranged, I lost flesh and strength, and lire became a burden. All said I must surely dlo, but nevertheless, when I was I had used ten bottles or B. B. B. can nowprobo nounced well. Hundreds of scars seen on me. I have now been well over twelro months." An Explanation of tho Ilobbln tors' Matter. Fac- BiiKCKEXiunaK News: In the matter of the location of the Bobbin Factory it Is proper to make a public statement to set matters at right. From the melpiency of the enterprise it has been our aim and desire to locate it at Cloverport, but for a time it seemed that the ground privilege would be too high to locate It within the city limits, and therefore it set us to thinking whether or not Harrods-bur- g, we should locate at Bardstown or Ky. And, by way of parenthesis, we will here state that the citizens of both these places made most generous offers in substantial aid provided wo would locate in their midst. And we here most heartily thank those good peoplo for the offer to furnish us a suitable made, site free of charge. While we reflect on po one and concede the right of every individual to value his own property, we are constrained to sny that the prices were such that we were compelled to, decline the purchase until the Messrs. Oglesby very generously offered us a very suitable location at a reasonable price md abutting on the railroad near the machine shops. Their offer was promptly accepted, and, besides paying them for it, we thank them for the liberal spirjt manifested by them towards our enterprise. And furthermore we will here advert to the prompt and liberal donation made by our citizens, at a citizens' meeting, In furtherance of tho object In view. The ultimatum was laid down to secure the factory at Cloverport, and the response was prompt and to the purpose. Thanks to those citizens for their aid and encouragement thereby socuring the factory Bt Cloverport with its resultant benefits. Should it bo a success we hope it may be an "entering wedge" to other and greater industries, inuring to tho benefit and building up of our city. Our power and machinery have all been Knnnl,i nnd are now at Louisville ready for shipment on the L , St. L & T. railroad, and. Mr. Editor, let us return, through your columns, our acknowledgements to said Railroad Company for the special r5tutfiH and rates aiven us in shipping. It is very commendablo with the" manage y, ment that every encouragement ana ibch-Uconsistent with reason, is offered by buildsaid Railroad Company to persons ing up along their lice, thus very proporly Increasing their own business. Our building is to be 28x5C feet, two stories high, and tbe contracts are no let building materfor the foundation aDd the comple ial. The work will J pushed to Editok to-w- it: tion. ,, March BnnniK Factokv Co. 17, 1890. From it Subscriber at Mlcliinoiitl, it CliitrniliiK Little City of l lie ITTI fmjJ U IT I I Hi JJ NM LU1 U II n.t. tiA. w wmCi4 earo her CaMMIW) " " cried Wtwm .he clung to Carforta. When she became Children, siio gave them Caatorl Whoa she bad Xilfr I N M I N IJ I I IT I We Want Your Wife 'llliio Ky., March 17, 18'.H) In renewing my subscription to your paper. It may not be amiss to ayail myself of ibe occasion to give you a limited description of this charming little city in the"Bluo Grass" my homo. As is well known, It ts one of the wealthiest communities In the State, and has a ltii'UMoND, Mn. population estimated at C.000. Tbe streets are wido and cleanly, sidewalks nicely paved and every business house in the city is of brick, as are most of tho costlier private residences, although its air and appearance is quite metropolitan. The people are characterized for their energy and thrift as well as for their hospitality, and the society is refined and cultured in the highest degreo There are seven hand-b- o mo churches, two hotels one of them (the Glyndon) recently erected and very "tony" and four banks possessing a capital stock of $800,000. Tho educational facilities are perhaps unexcelled by thoso of any place of similar importance in the Stato, for, besides Central University, with its beautiful and extensive grounds upon which are erected elegant residences for the professors, a large dormitory and academy, is Madison Female Seminary, Mrs. Lorman's select school for young ladies, and several others. The former institutions evidently enjoy, to some extent, a national fame, for their catalogues number patrons from nearly every Stato in the Union, and their annual commencement exercises occurring in June, are always notable events attracting large number of visitors who ore interested in the students and tbe succets of the richly endowed Beats of learning. I do not want to extend this communication beyond what may be a prescribed limit, yet I must cot omit to meution another attractive feature the Madison County Fair. It begioa this year on the lGth of September and continues four days. Tbe grounds comprise thirlr acres, and have upon them a large covered amphitheatre, floral hall, racing track and handsome stables for the thorough-bred- s. The premiums effered are bo liberal as to induce competition from tho leading exhibitors from this and other portions of the t State. taken by all is very great, nnd the occasion an enlivening one. The Kentucky Central railroad passes through here, and the Richmond, Irvine and Beattyville is rapidly ncaring completion to this point, and contemplates being fiuisbed to its terminus during tho summer. On the lino of this road, and twenty miles from this place, are tho Estill Spring, a celebrated summer resort. I had tbe pleasure of spending some time there-las- t summer and the water (both sulphur and chalybeate) is delightful, but I must Bay, while the scenery is certainly wild and rugged, it is not so charmingly picturesquo as your own less (perhaps) noted Tar Springs. For some time Richmond has been enjoying a quiet, though rapid growth, but it recently yielded to the general impulse of speculation, and property has greatly advanced in valuo, tho largest sale being made a few days ago of 130 acres only partially within tbe city limits, at $C00 per acre, to a Louisville syndicate, who will at once it into building lots aud place on the market. We have two well conducted nowspapeas the Climax nod. the Register but as to tbeir merits you are doubtless well informed, Tho News, however, is to me the most welcome, and I peruse all local intelligence with avidity, for, notwithstanding my most pleasant surroundings, I am still proud to be known as a "Breckenridgo county girl." The-interes- SUITS! CONFIRMATION BAniunE: Wo make a spccinlty this season of Confirmation Outfits. Wc show Suits at all prices, and in different suitable fabrics. No one need leave our store without making a purchase, if moderate Our prices and variety of goods arc any inducement to buy. extremely Confirmation Suits, ts well as our entire stock, are well made ; the buttons stay on and scams won't rip, and tho garment holds shape always. 13c sure to see us before buying. Gentlemen hi need of u "Spring Wrap" will find our "new outfit" the handsomest stock of Spring Overcoats in the city. "Wo made them up with much care and attention, and can suit "Wc have them at all any taste in quality, stylo and finish. prices, from a good, cheap Coat to the finest silk or satin lined. To know tliat wc make a specialty of . m W NTER & JULIUS i i iii I I I I l I l M ii I iTTT I I I I Poraonnl. W. D. Holt was in tbe city yesterdoy. E 8 Clark went to Hawesvillo Sunday. w siiitwent to Moolevvillo Sunday. J.' Q.Stephens, of Holt, was in the city t Monday. Hon. Chas. Blanford was in tbe city Saturday. Rev. Mr. Wolf returned to Cannelton Saturday. L. V. Moirman, West View, was here In At tDAaV here Arthur Board, of Louisville, was last week. Hardinsburg Miss Mary Allen went to week last was in town C. Royalty, of West View, this week. is hero Mrs. Eliza Taylor, of Rjsetto. visiting relatives. 'Lick, was Mr. Charles Fisher, of Rock in town Saturday. was in Mr. S. F. Hayes, of Paynesville, I U I I i I IJ i i i.i i J i i i i Ji Lost Three I'liiRcrN. etill rising at the rato of an inch an hour. It was just coming over tbe East end of the iron bridge, and will probably be entirely over tbe bridge by this morning. At Cincinnati yesterday it was rising two inches an hour, and at Louisville one inch. It is thjueht here by tho best posted r'.ver men tbat it will not como more than two feet moro, and by some that it will reach a point higher than in 1884. Ho Cilot 82,300 far SI. the city last week. was in In the latter part of December Mr. Lan-s- o Len Cashman, of Preston, Mr. of a n Burrows sent $1 for tbe city last week. ol Rockvale. was in ticket in tbe Louisiana State Lottery. At Dr. R. T. Dempster, tbe January drawing tho ticket drew tbe the city last week. went to Third Capital Prize of $30,000, making of Muttiugly. Chas. Knapp, His Mr. Burrows' sharo of it $25 000. Louisville yesterday. ticket was given to the United States Exreturned from Miss Katie Burner press Company for collection and the cash last week. Louisville was promptly handed to him a few days Owensboro, was up ago. Williamsport (Pa) Breakfast-Tabl- e, P. C. Brashear. of Februnry 8. half day Friday. for a Ovensboro, is Lonnio Duncan, ol Mr. bere visiting his mother. passed W. A. Smith, of Owensboro, Dr. W. T. Taylor, of tho firm of J. II. TaySunday. down on the train lor Son, will boln Cloverport March 3lat, Louis, passed and will bo nt the Cloverport Hotel one ncelc, Mrs. Frank Ely, of St. prepared to do all kinds of Dentistry. Thursday. through tbe city daughter, Liuise, J. D. Babbage and Hardinsburg Monday. went to returned from I have placed my notes and accounts in Dr. Mrs. Marion Hambletoa Newaoini hands fo r prompt collection. Call on and Sorghotown Friday. Owensboro Da. D. T. IUvtruty. him nnd pay up. Tobinsport, Iud., Miss ZHa Simons, of May last week. was visiting Miss Annie Miss ParflRo, of Miss Violet Miller and Pure Bred Derkshlro Pigs, all ages. EllgtUo here. Stephensport, ate visiting relatives to registry. For Prices rnd other Information nddreis and Tulle daughMrs. Judith DcJernetto J. T. HoRiRDS, were in tho city Friter, of Hardinsburg, Hardlnsburg, Ky. B. T. day. L.UUIMVII.I.C, KY. visiting her daughter Prompt Payments. Mrs J. E. Keith is this -is wanted by the man who insures Mrs. U. C. Moorman, at Big Spring What his life, is not only the certainty that the week. Damiki, Quilp, Jauis D. Camp, Owensboro Mespolicy will oventually be paid, and this Mr. 8am Keith, of the Dustneia Man. Sole Proprietor & Man. without any dispute, but that it will be senger, is up visiting his parents this Importaiit Kiiffuirciiiout paid without any needless delay. Securi- week. ty, indisputability, prompt payment these Williams, of Owensboro, is Miss Lissie make up the essence of all life insurance Farewell Joint Appearance of sister, Mrs. J. A. here on o visit to her worth paying premiums for. If any of Mayhall. Bootn:- these elements is lacking tbe company is a t, nmTvler.Jr. of Owens no good and a policy is not desirable. boro.' spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. The company that has all of tbe above Supported by a powerful Dramatic Company, features and offers its patrons an iron clad John Burks. under the direction of MisB Katie le Mrs. A. B. Skillman and policr and one that is absolutely AltTIIUn D. Oil ASK. Burks, Jr., nt after threo years, is the old reliable Bowm'er visited Mrs. John Krnest Aldkrt. Superb Scenery by United States Life Insurance Company of Addison, Monday. Weatberholt, cf Koporlolro : New York. This company is represented Mr. and Mrs. Curt Richelieu. Thursday, May 1st and re- Tobinsport, are visiting Mr, and Mrs. Geo. in this county by two Macbeth. Friday, May 2d liable gentlemen, Messrs. S. R. Dent and Weatberholt this week. Ilamlot. Sat. Matlneo, May 3d Rome, Ind., H. Bi Head, who are doing a nice business Mr. and Mrs. Conner, of Saturday Night, May 3d .Merchant or Venice and taking a number of policies. At Irv- arrived on the packet Sunday. They wll' Scale of Price. ington they have issued policies to Xhe make this their future home. $5, $8, $10, for the season, according to loca following well known citizens, viz : Allen n SUUlman went to Owensboro i.. tion. 8. Hendricks, Gatland Hendricks, James at tho Qensral Admlsiion One Dollar. Friday night to act as King, Greon Bandy, James L. Freeman, funeral services of Mrs. Jabine. Season sale begins, April 1st at Ken Wathen, Bate Berndon, Everett JolOwensD. II. Baldwin A Co's Mrs. Jennie 8. Jabiuo wont to ly, Milton Lockard, and Joseph M. Fitch. ol her Single sale begins, April 15th at boro Thursday to attend the funeral Mr. James Sharman, who died at LouisNo. 238 4th AveLue. Mrs. John S. Jabine. daughur-io-laville lasc Monday, had just taken out a polFor information and orders for seats address Sulzer and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. 8am icy in this company and we venture to say were the guests JAMES B. CAMP, Business Manager, that it will bo paid promptly and without Miss Maud, of Cannelton, week. P. O. Box 63, Louisville, Ky. of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Nolle last word. Life is short and it is very ima Murray fu.Reduced Bates on IUUroadi. portant that we make provision for the Messrs. A. B. Skillman, D. R SPECIAL Boston Symphony Orchestro, 80 ture. If you are not insured, go at once, and Amel Oelss went to Louisville Sun Performers, May 8th. see these gentlemen and take out a policy, day on important business lor tue comIf you can't take a large one, take out a mercial Club of this city. small one. Miss Lula Owen entertained to tea last week, at her home on First street, in n Plenty of Natural Uaaj, Hut no "City vory beoutlful manner, Misses Fannie Da. HuMrimiTS' SrKCincs aro scientifically and Alra." carefully prepared prescriptions i mod for many Brashear and Minnie Murray and Messrs. year In prlrato practice with surcas,and f or orcr thirty year tued by tliepoople. Every slnalo Lawrence, Kaufman Co , Texas, W. O. Moorman and O. T. Skillman. Is a special euro for tho dUcoto named. To know that for weight, quality and purity of goods, we acknowledge no superior. You Want the Best c:m::b SULZER'S DOORS, Roofing 2, 3, 'SO well-kno- pall-bear- er HUMPHREYS' Spo-clf- March 12tb, 1890. t Services at the Methodist church. SunMrs. Cooper is doting out her stock of days 11 a. Ha. and 7 p. m., by the pastor. millinery at auction. Sunday School Sunday 9:30 a. m by For all kinds f job pasting Ic the lat-e- st 6pt. A. A. SiaoM. rtyfe, ell at Ik Brkckknhiiwjic News Prayer Meeting Thursday 7 p, m. Rkv. W. C. Biusdos, Pastor. ofte. Thaw Spocldca cure without drugging, pnrg-ln- a or reducing tho system, nnd areln fact and dcsdthosoTcrclffn remedies of the World, CTJItlfc UaTOFPEMCIrALIIOa. 1 l'evern. Congestion. InllMiiniatlon PIUCW. ,, worm, wwra t oj"; " "" J Crrluir Collr.orTrethlngof Infant. 5 4 Im Th ea, of Children or Adults, . ft llv.rntory, arlplng.lilUoua Colic M (Jbaiqrn. Msrfcas, VUllllblllg.. rough!., Cold, llronchltU.. .. . . . n.DraiKiui .ww.uwvv, HlcklleacJiiclie. vr tlcnduclie.,lllllous Htomarh. vertigo I mapopaln, Painful 1'erloda. . I Whiten, tool'rotiwa Periods Oroup, Cough, Dimcultllrrathlng . 1) a 32 tout rii lacaacaoflbellcRrt.ValpltatlonJMSB "sold by of rrlrt. S, and G TIOjY ass ured. gSg: pppot. WHEELERS. A word to the Wheelers. You needn't consult any- body nor make any arrangements in regard to your I am plies. sup- selling goods now lower than any living man can sell them and always have. Come to my store in Hardinsburg and it will take me only a few minutes to convince you of the fact. Talk about 10 per cent. I don't ask any more on my goods and sell a great many articles for less. I am the original low price man of this county. If you want goods bring along the cash or its equivalent, produce. J. A. WITT. r........ Hardinsburg", Ky. . IRVINGTON, KY. DRAI.KUS IN Field Seeds, Farming Implements, GROCERIES, SADDLERY, HARDWARE, STOVES and TINWARE, BOOTS and SHOES. We make a specialty of Seeds and Farming Implements. Call and get our prices before buying as we are sure wo can save you money on wliat you buy. We also keep in connection with our store a first-cla- ss Hotel and Livery Stable and offer special inducements to Commercial men. McGLOTHLAN BROS., Irvington, Ky. A Sure Hog Cholera Preventive. J. E. MOORMAN'S Hocj Gliolera. jf "" mum tjw Preventive Will prevent tbe rarsges of.Cbol-er- a on any farm stock, an J, In some cases will cure Cholera,'' will not Insure It to Jo so. It has been tried and ihiJroughly tested ujr muuy Ol the .beTl farmers In Breokenrldgo amlFlIarilln rr.sP . 'irit H.. .n.t I... iisui iaiieu. .... ..... -. are the names of some of our farmers who have tested Us merits i JghmMtador, Dolnh Jones uigoprings; iiuu nuguiu, ir. u. , auu, becmuo ) una, iiaruttway, lleifleyrllle. Experience teaches us that Hog Cholera canno) bo cured except In rare cases ; so this U merely a prerentlve nhlcb, If glren according to directions, wjSSrarrant to preterre the health It Is put up In saoks nt 12 cents per pound. TwenfyTfie pounds will keep twenty.flvo hogs healthy for a year. AOKNTS Beard Beeler, Uardlnsburgj Q, Y .Short, Cloverport t Joe Jones, Rockvale. Manufactured by J iJrll.'"V"u"" Unit ICUeUIII, Kheurnatlo rains.. ., ChllU, Malaria, I'rrer and A nue. l'llen, Hllndor I) m nrrh, innuenra, Violent me w ,y Coughs. ,Q ooplng (tonsil? lernl lieblllty.i'hyslcal Wcakuwa .0 Hi MalaerJ Cloverport, Ky - -- - Building Material Sd TISFjL Edwin iHelena Modjeska. incon-testib- -- ESTIMATES furnished at low prices. SHIPMENTS made directly from Planing Mill to any point. Notice. :A.TJ3DITOZTJ3yi::- sdbej crs. d LEITCHFIELD, KY. SASH, BLINDS, ROUGH DRESSED LUMBER, Dentistry. For Sale. We Have It. ! J. R. BASSETT & BRO., sub-divi- Oliurcli Nates. Fuiekii Badiiaoe: I don't know how PnKBBYTEMAX Church Sunday 8chool my Bubscriptlon to the News stands, but I wish to keep it olive, and enclose you $1 every Sunday, 3.00 p. m. Tuesday night prayer meeting 7:30, by for that purpose. and natural officers of the church. 8ince you have a railroad gas, I suppose you all put onjo'.ty airs, and a Cnuncii. Preaching on secBavti fellow from away down in Texas might get ond and fourth Sundays of each month, nt Well there's nothlost in old Cloverport 11 o'clock a m. and 7:30 p. m. ing like it, and here's to News, town, rail-JU- d Sunday School every Sunday at 0:30 and nil. I am still kicking do s. m. e. practice, run a drug store and koep Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at Your friend, 7:30 d. m. 8. A. Catmn. W. K. Pkkuod, Pastor. 1000 WIVES WE WANT j&jx-j- Tho lllvcr At this point lait dght was JMHevy 1, We buy the To make a Trial Purchase of our goods, and test them for quality and price. U i Mr. Naco Lewis met with the misfor-tun- o yeBterdjy of loiing three of h's Gngers on his loft hand while working the p'aning machine at tho machine shops. He was running a piece of timber through the joiner, when hia foot slipped, and in cutching himself, missed his hold, aud his band struck tbe knife, chopping off his second, third and fourth fingers close up to tho knuckles. Notice Sd&d WE WANT HER THIRD AND MARKET STS., LOUISVILLE, KY. S. E. COR. iii inl wro.ii Our slock of these goods has no superior. best and tan supply it. "Old Reliable" Clothiers post-offic- un- -- I -. u sent Postpaid on receipt KVMriiHCT' Maxuai, (M4 pages) SPEGI FIGS. s 'i i ui lu coim-Selo- Jr r, J. E. MOORMAN, Owensboro, Ky. r . w f ri M

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