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Image 1 of The Hazel Green herald, April 8, 1892

Part of The Hazel Green herald

- - f m v - - A - CiREEN JtiERALK SPENCER COOPER Ownor and Editor Of n Noisy World With Now rcmiiTH YUAH From All Nations Lumbrinc at His Bnok UAZHL tltKUX WOLFE COUNTY W9wa M44444M to444464HH FRIDAY APRIL ICY 100 A YEAH 8 1802 m 044 W4 11 A WASH 1N0T0N LETTER Always In Advuno NUMBER imxvx PLEA FOR OPEN COMPETITION NO PAY 3 PAPER NO Somothltii Should Ho Done In Down 1 potto Moiiopullii WAHiiiNdTOK C April 1 02 To moot our expenses we Tho American Hook Company as des- Krom Our UKtilur Corrcspoiulcnt1 liuott InslKt on eolloctihir all pouo a monopoly as the Mantiaru UIJ Senator Stownrt of Novaihu proposes Ntibscrlptiniui in advance nil in hn nowor to transfer the freo Company in its methods to crush out all doiiur VII rilfimkil nlll un jflll opposition and control the supplies of iliiiiiinvn IttliA OF in the I Iiiubc thin wcok to the 5euate sixty million people has fastened its Your Expire although he admits that thu hiiiuo inllu slimy tentacles ou tho common schools of cuees which downed tho silver men in Kentucky and will soon bo a great polit 189 the House will ho powerfully eoicited ical power in the Commonwealth if tens in the Senate He gave notice early this aro not taken to check it In itsgre ody anil your renewal Is earnestly solicited or week that ho would next Monday eall up onslaught If you wish to distontlmie Beinl bulaiuu duo l lilt A tnntaliKiK I iiviiihjk iiiu iiudii Ilitttl wiMiiiiuy la u con usat tlio ratoofSJc a month ALL in- his hill for the free coinage of silver and he says ho intends pushing it to a vote solidation of half a dozen of the great laid subscriptions will bo dropped from our as ho wishes to putlho Senators on rec- book nu blishine com panics of the United looks AlMttl 8 and tlio account be plmjtul States for the purpose of controlling the n an olUciirs hands for collection ord whether the hill is passed or not llintikliiK you for pant patronage nud It is evident that the outcome of tho entire school book interests of the coun- lloiibiK your continued koh1 will I nut so o T11K silver fight in the House hie left much try crushing out all opposition by trickRespectfully yours SIMiNCKIl COOPKlt had blood Uepresentativo Watson of ery and corruption and in the end leap Cioorgia who is tho leader of the third inir a rich harvest of the peoples inniiev This gigantic trust has been in exist party members nivs of it It is the LEE COUNTY enco only two years but the leading com death knell of the old Democratic organ lleattyylllo IIiiuiIIiIiik izntion Muuy thousands of Southern panies had worked in harmony toward the same end for eight years before tho Since our last two of our most respected voters have felt that tho Democratic party would give them financial relief if it had merging of their interests into one con citizens have passed over tho river of death 1 0 MeGuiro son of Hon John the chance With a majority of MS in trolling corporation Although theru aro soveral publishing O McG ulre died at his fathers residence the House it had the chance but it did not ccpt it It was only by the help of houses outside- of the American Hook and Mrs Sarah Hloiint died at her homo Their re nine looples party members and eleven company the tendency or the present in this city last Wednesday Republicans that tho iiumen Demo warfare by the combination is to crush mains were interred in River View Cem lho bereaved ones have tho con- ciatie majoritv escaped a Waterloo No out all competitors and when the field is etery clear it wid dictate prices and terms for dolence of tho ontlro community power on earth can now prevent tho electoral vote of Georgia being cast for the all time to come Hon 15 M Pryso Representative from Under conditions inviting legitimate Peoples part v and I believeotherSouth- the district is at homo this rivalry and competition school books fi i tut- CNiiin mi iiuvn i ill ww ii o week on business Representative JJland author of tho havo lice improved and cheapened but I cannot say what will bo with the final overthrow of all competiuir Hcattyvillo has been crowded tho past bill says done It all depends upon tho attitude houses tho American Hook Company will few days with river men of the Speaker and his immediate advis- have uo incentive to keen ui with the The Thrco Forks Iloattvvillo is fast Kvery Department Overflowing to its utmost capacity This is not u ers which docs not appear at present to advance of educational thought and will log market havo uo other end in view than to squeeze becoming a prominent catch penny sale of any kind but good Inmost values and qualities be in favor of tho bill There were several thousand - dollars at fair prices During the coming week we will display full - from tho book buying public the money Representative Washington of Tonlines of Mens and Joys Clothing representing tho load- nes see a prominent freo coinage Demo- that has been spent hi forcing competi worth of timber changed hands thero v during tho last tide ing and luvst manufacturers inthe United States and Tho Speaker is pledged to tors to the wall crat says A siiilIo clause of the educational bill Kuropc We will forfeit our reputation of thirty do the will of a majority of tho party S A Jeffries and Matt Madigan of years landing in Lexington Wo have nev The majority is on record against gag now pending in the Kentucky Senate in Winchester wero in Hcattyvillo Satur er failed to keep our promises heretofore rule and even for the silver bill which nocently perpetuates the monopoly of tho day we want passed we cannot allord to re- American Hook Company in Kentucky Circuit Court convened hero to day verse our position upon that question and prevents any county in the State That wo will sell you the best Mens Suit at from inviting competition or exercising There will ho but little business done on it is uulortuuato that tlio situation is That we will sell you he best Mens what it is but anything is better than any choice in the selection of school books account of a great many witnesses being for loni vears to come down the river on timber That we will sell pontile best Mens Suit at 15 the adoption of a gag inle The Leader can criticize this bill and The usual talk which is always heard That we will sell you the best Mens Suit at 20 Tho drama entitled A Colobrated at or about thisstagoof the longsessious point out its shortcomings without even Case was presented a few nights sinco the shadow of political feeling as it was That we will sell you the best Mens 8uit at 2o of an early adjournment of Congress is All acted their parts well but wo must now on deck and new members are ac- introduced by one of the Kcpubllean make special mention of the comical Irish- members of the Sonato and its general tually naming as early a date as June 1 man OUR Dennis ORourko MERCHANT TAILORING to whom tho DEPARTMENT tor adjournment but the vetoraus like features and professed purposes havo been young ladies threw a flue buquot in honor commended in these columns Is the finest in the United Slates Our Cutters and Workmen are lirst llolman and narrows who have been A casual reading of the bill fails to dis of his flno display on tho stage elass artists We are doing the largest business wo have ever done through tho mill often enough to know p KRIOD March 27 0 J Come and make your selections early how futilosuch talk is will toll you that closo tho advantage it confers on the an adjournment before tho middle of American Hook Company but an examiAN EXPENSIVE FUNERAL duly or tho first of August is not at all nation of tho list of hooks now in use in or probable much as it may be desired by Kentucky on the recommendation of the What tint llurliit tint KrjiroMMitutlvo Ken- dall Cont lovitiiimuiiU State Hoard of Education will furnish either party Congress has now been in The hills rendered to tho Committee on tlio missing link All these points are session four mouths and even eliminating silver from tho programme mapped covered in detail in a letter from Frank- Accounts at Washington for the burial out by the majoritv of tho Houso at tbo fort to the Louisville Post which we pub- - of tho lato Jtoprcsentativo Kendall aro as ioiiowh start not half of the work has been done iisii iii ion iii mis issue CLOTHIERS ami F1XK TAILORS The Leader does not inipupn tho mo- Joseph Sttilnor profeNiilonal nurse Tho immigration investigation now bethree days in 00 ing conducted by the joint I louse and tives of a single supporter of the pending M Hoiid for the Chesapeake it educational bill but takes tho view that Senate Committees has unearthed a big Ohio railroad 18 persons- from departmental scandal which would of they have failed to see wherein it fastens Washington to Moroliuiul Ky tho great school book monopoly on tho course had to come out soon W2Q 00 and return at 2H each Assistant 14 I Secretary of the Treasury Nettleton ao State Lexington Leader icket lor corpse o yjj Lunches cases Immigration Commissioner Owen Meals on dliiluu ear lu MOST 15 OCiXTlTT HKBT IX QVALITT of hcini an unlit person to iill a responBURGLAR TOOLS IN JAIL Special train from Huntington to sible public portion and has II led a bill Moreheiu lflt tit of particulars with Secretary Foster in A Mitnhrtr 3lul Il iiMirntloiis to Iroo Special cur Atisturlltx Ci Kir Ml UliOMtir the shape of formal charges the counts oiinnlhsary supplies furnished hy After the removal from the IMiiioiidton of which embrace incompetency untrust- Pullman Company 17 worthiness and lack of integrity not jail to the jail at Glasgow of Hill Martin W M RohbiHon hotel ul West Ill erly Ky for IT men Is and lodgmuch left to the imagination either Mr who is now under sentence to the pen ing n Uo lunches and miImhHu- Owen denies but tho explanation ho has trntiarv for life for killinir John Itorko neons Items n no undo of one of the charges is not very a search of tin bed in which he slept in Lodlug and meals lor Win Phillips fi 00 clear in its vindication of him and tho the lOliuondton jaildisclo cd a flno kitof K Kiutmati for earrlagoN nud impression hero is that he will have to go burglars tools Martins wife lias been AM 00 learse aerohNuoiiiitrv However he has big friends amniiK them fur mouths permitted to sleep with him J W bee undertaker - 00 CURES NOTHING BUT PILES President Harrison and if ho wishes to in the jail while his brother and certain Total make a light tovtay ho can make a strong friends have been allowed to see him fre- f2m 50 Has ted all Worm Remedies A SURE quently It is supposed that some of one Htat1eit Ilvo TIiiiun and CERTAIN CURE General debate on tho free wool bill those persons conveyed tho tools in tho EVERY BOTTIE GUARANTEFD Known for 15 years as tho BEST At Lovoc in Montgomery county on is to be closed this week and the bill is jail to him SOLD EVERYWHERE REMEDY FOR PILES Martin was in entire ignorance of the the 10th ult Toll Putton and Harrison 1rtpifd lf IlltlUIIOHOWTAtlXniMKU CO 8TMCI8 to b passed under a suspension of tho frtpirfdl IUIIUHUSOVTjIYMIII MKII CO bTI0119 order for his removal made by Comity Anderson two nrominuiit farmers bo rules next Moudav Tho ending of the dispute with Groat Judge Pendleton until tho Sheriff wont oiiuo involved in an altercation during An Mritaiu has given general satisfaction to the jail to take him out as was also the progress of a primary election here and the unanimous vote by which mo inner feeling unit lie was com derson produced his knffo and attacked tho Senate ratified the arbitration treaty pletely foiled in his preparations for es Pattou inflicting live serious cuts on his shows that Lord Salisburys last commu cape Martin became greatly enraged and back from tho ellects of which he will nication had a mostsootliiui effect unoii made the air blue with his oaths He die Roth men are well known in tlio a good lamp cursed the County Judge ami all of tho county Tho cause of tho dilllculty was tho bellicose Senators must be simple when it is not simple it is There seoius little doubt that President county officials and raved liken madman about a disputed vote Anderson has Simple JBeautlfuL GVW thpse not good ww inT Harrison has told friends that unless it is Where removed Marti had in his pos not been arrested words mean much but to see 4Thc Rochester apparent before tho assembling of tho session a pasteboard shoe box filled with will impress the truth mnri fnrrihh- AH niotol All n nea polis Convention that he can he letters which were taken from him by It is in tho Northern and Western tough and seamless and made in three pieces only renominated without a struggle lie will jailer Coombs notwithstanding his vign States that the victory of tho Democratic it is absolutely safe and unbreakable Like Aladdins not allow his name to go before that Con orous protest In this box in addition party must bo won this fall If won at to the letters the iailor found a thin nil Thcrnoro the wishes of tho Demo vention at all oi oiu it is inacea n wonderful lamp for its mar- The Cleveland Democrats have made steel saw A largo knife was also taken crats of thoso States must bo consulted velous light is purer and briehter than piq lVht tin most of tho side tracking of the silver from Martins person If tho South cannot bo carried without softer than electric light and more cheerful than either bill in the House which they claim has forcing the silver issue thus weakening llin nliitf of a Htcaiuur greatly increased Mr Clevelands chances the party where it most needs nil its e Tor to new illuxtrntt l cntnloRiir nml wc Mill m iiiJ you nyV wnMre1 v exprenn ourour lump wifely of getting tho Democratic nomination cliouc of over ilooii ThoCinciniiatiund Xew Orleans steam strength then it cannot he curried on varieties from the lutXu UmpStatttnlht It has certainly given him a temporary boat Golden Rule burned at tho Cincin- any issue and tlio fight might us well by KO IIiSTiu LATII CO 12 Park riaco Now York CUy boom bore as it is generally recognized nati wharf a few duystduco just as she abandoned y JrMe that ho Is closely allied with the interests was about to leave for New Orleans Miss which were from tho first working against Nellie Moloney of Cincinnati a young 5v6tf4 An accident occurred on Saturday last tho freo coinage hill lady who had gone to tho boat to bid near Glen Mary Ky on tlio Cincinnati It is Senator Mills now as that gentle some friends adieu was drowned Sim Southern road which resulted in thu man was duly sworn in as a Senator on endeavored to jump from the burning death or the conductor J W Edwards Mr Wednesday boat onto the Meetwoud which was an Thu unfortunate man was going from zMjmjim Tho Houso Committee to investigate chorod near hy hut she miscalculated the engine back on his train when ho the expoudituresof the Hoard of Control the distance fell into tho river and was slipped and full under u car which Intiii of the Worlds Fair has gouo to Chicago drowned Tho second irao is missing stantly killed him and it is feared that ha and several deck Minnesota Dnmueraey hands and roustabouts lost their lives in The Franklin Favorite thinks jts Reji- Tho Democratic Convention of Min the fire The upper worku of tho wharf resentative Mr Goodnight represented vT nesota which was held last Thursday boat were burned and the steamer Fleet nine tenths of his constituents in his vote was enthusiastic for tho Democratic ex wood caught flro but the flames were ex for tlio silver bill t wo President instructing its- - delegates to tinguished Tho Golden Rule was valued vote and work for Cleveland us long as tit WtyOOO and tho cargo at oU0UO Thu Kmriilin Physicians clergymen and sclent Uts ri In I roiikfiur fmm A vbMu wi inn -- i lA nis woaiS to un er at A Hours M thero may he reaionabla hope for his wharfboat loss will also bo heavy unite in recommending Ayera Cherry II a m jiimicr from 10 a fM to H i r Supper from r v M to 9 i t The platform advocates Pectoral Ha an invMlutb8 remedy for Oys nomination uts Lainb Vrki Fish Chickens nud Quails a specialty Open from t r to 12 gradual reduction of tariff duties and Read all tho advertisements of spring throat and lung trottbl f M free column of gold and silver after a medicines ami then take AyorsSarsaim- GUS LUICART readjustment of n ties rilla Job printing cheap at U oMc The Greatest Effort 9 UP Subscription jjOTJR i Ihkvbh n - EQUALED in History0fLexmgton -H Louis Gus Straus HI DlSPLAYcSPMCl - CU Leo-K-ai- ll 11 1 Suitat10 C STRAUS L LFADLW LEXINGTON llriiit KENTUCKY - 1 tablersdii c WORMS buckeyeOLC WHITES CREAM r OINTMENT VERMIFUGE 2 FOR 20 YEARS Seeing is Believing And mimmSk - 9 -- -- m The Rochester mtin A mm nj v wmmwmm KiisUsh Kltehen w -- 12 Ml Short Street Lexington Ky ff i Proprietor v x

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