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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 11, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

BAIL! LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, VOLUME XII. DAILY DEMOCRAT, THE BEMOCKAT. 1LOUIBVILJLE MEDICAL. TRANSPORTATION. AUGUST SATURDAY, MANUFACTURES. HE Alt! HE AH! HAMPTON'S NUMBER 22. 1855. DEMOCRAT. DAILY Organ Manufacturers. SUBSCRIBERS HAVE 11, The Bio Stindlk in 3an Francisco Morals the Dealeks in Gold Ucst. Mr. Cwhen, in carl to the San Fram isco Herald, denies the charge j For Taj. 1.05.; JJitional OP M arion CorsTr aiost G,ve rcr OrrrciAi. 8H. Mr-t.- f fraud brought ajcaiflet AdaniJ Jt Co and aocu- - , head l.'.:l; Clarke 1.172. Lt. Governor HatJ4:-2Co., of ignorance ia the gold May, Jin 1.173. HUGHES & CO., Wo-'lletht his transactions with tiiat ' At'orniy Genertl HurUu l.lrti. Trea-ure- r Evenm- J'ditioit. firm ceased since lSi2; that none of the dust he l'rora the Winterialth Z'j7; Grrnr--i 1,1 ii. OSm on Third street, between Market 3Id to them up to that period was discolored, but Roster Land Uce Mjlviniey Frazer and Jefferson, East side. 11 Correction. la To. Mr. Roberts went to the that if they chose to pay him a higher price thaa ' 1,1''.'. Most direct throujh Line for the East. I I rva:. Hoard Int. Imp. Hagtrl 2 '?: Xet-- itt Third Ward, not the Fourth, as stated thia morning. laeatucie wm worth, it was their own fault, as & they could not expect hiia to give them the benefit'- . AVING LEFT THE CITY FOR TERMS. . S 00 a short time, I Lave given cp my business to ray We find the following in tha Cincinnati of his eII.erit;nce,a5unt h'n own interest. Ami Auditor Pa jre 403: Gnn.-- t ad Mil. Dally Democrat per year, payable quarterly fc 00 on, who will i lountl ni uiy oki tiau'i, in r.igntc do, in advance- Jx SapU Public Instructi-.M.uthews Commercial of yesterday, condenwJ from the pa ' tion was. V tnadd toX disi harir I the prisoner, oa the Green . street.between Main and Market, who is iu possession . . Or Ten Cent per week, payable to the Carrier. . ivi; I 00 I.loO. iose a case Kouuu iiiaii iuc a.u iI..:. uia nf,t of an ample supply of my medicines as also the lull t 10 I'aii- - Democrat, country adiuon, per year the f'th hiot: pcrs of 1 knowledge of preparing them, having prepared all that IS A I f.r tlieir arrest. Rut the Court reserved its Congress Jewett 1,1 "I: Wlnter-rnirdo Democrat ill. . 2 00 1 have used for ninny ytn. per months Col, Kinney's Irlovetnents. do Do James M. F igla 1.1' M The rurr witnessed in the city of Louisville by these GREAT WORK OF INTER itJames King, 'f Wm.,saysin a card, that Cohen Withrw 411. TERMS OF ADVERTISING. nr v,...f,1,r, J'tini'trce.nrHti fit. rial improvement (3?! miles from Wheeling to remedies, rcDder it vain for human language to attempt ntn '". r W'uf (il inj (i neic told him he sold dust to 1, li. & Co., that was For additional Sehx.l Tax.12;'; '' was cpened to the equality, and one which manes piaiii ana eay x rot.r,ahd to i"iK-3 On square of 12 lines, one Insertion atinst 1.1'U. i .. -i -- .1, 25 in January. 1"J, and has now been fully sutlrrmg human natureremedies for disee.which has Im ui each additional insertion om tut it j, w... g c mo no intiuuij i i1 r ttart. ever been couriered by the 0VtC?"U; w UteJ river approvedboth as freight and 1 cue tuontb, without alteration and Cui ntt- c. and the moa learned t r 4i Thisr,,ad in IncsWin a romantic coiintrrfis Governor - Morr-,"f!iWe hardly know what to think of Col. Kinney mation that either he or anv one else had tam do two mouths, do Io pered with the dust further than when I asked him head 07". CUrke 1. solidly constructs, fully equipped, and carefully without a remedy through ail unie P"': AiTmptoN do do his emigration jeAdbinJ UW .. v . It Tn! i ntl is thus rendered an attractive as well as believe. rn Do n a m three montha. EOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTU- - and dimcultics. witn operations. The history of h-- w Le woal Drnn to pt t , f Jwt urth Lt. 'iovernor Harilv : Via: U; 4. 00 a safe line for travelers. The late completion his the Administration, which oul of the do do JfiP rer, No. 41 south side of Jefferson street, twelve mouth, Do Attorney 1.l;.he -- Harlan 5.". I it,or;hxed ir, J Central Ohio Koad. from Columbus to the uhio river, susnecteii or pretended to susnect him of enter- Each additional aouare tor six months second dor below Third, Louisville, Ky . 1 treasurer- - Y JW near Wheeling, adds greatly lo the importance of this j0 twelve months bo AUordera for work, meading. Jfcc. , promptly iSa. tainin fillibititcrini jyhenie!". the numerous lot- - or ilsomething like that. and which expression supriiiiu ; Garrard K route, ottering, as it dis, the most thorough Kailroad po-eOne aquare c ix inontbp, renew able once a week - i relerrcd to hisabiaty as salesman. attendedto.andwork wrnte.jtofit. Fnz-- r 1 ::7o. ters which he wrote assertinj; his peaceful inten - - ui: c ve monms. renew aoie ii-Uue wuire lr. s. Board ,.f Int. Imp. Maggird uw r3"TIIK OM.Y THKorr.H TICKKT? BETVTKEN .: Ne-b- i't : a. w tions in which no one beuevcl, ths ridiculous wee EWELRV. THE UNDERSIGNED , 18 ii 1111 V of Fulton, near 1 nee Xsf Win. Hainey, LOL'I? V 1 LI.E AND THE NATIONAL METKOPOL1S twelve months, renewable One bl'jckadc of the vessel he had chartered to bear his friends, and the pub would respectfully inform Auditor-Pa- ge .'..:5; Gr.nstead 1...77. .: V ""B.,nf ?. iTTatlargethaVhe ha, just opened, and is daily re, WO. 39 THIRD ST R E ET,' 1$ E LOW him t' Grextown, which was a titling sc iuel to Cincinnati, was arrested Wednesliy la-- t, 10 0 T tnn- - for twelve montha direct from the manufactories, all sorts of a.M Main, Louisville, Ky., upft Pnbli.; -- Matthew:. .7- Grn (lo- - K..n. eV - Dis- . r.ij vi j can I checked to of I'ien-ith othpr tincl itirh ,n o'i.,,. on hatid, n.t the only Mold. Silver, nch. KngH.h, and t Swiss assortment oiand Co tar- and are constantly receivinghave large andyjj-J- V a tvines, .: u hardmcnt of that place tho various trials; and prfM' Advertn-eoienrepuhl.shed at intervals, via: weekly, , makes a dirwi connection w ith the Kailroad to I'hila- ; stock of Carriages, of our en ongress Swo; j7V Karris lj;-7- . and a llrareiets, Lockets, Culf-pinrinc. HreJist-rins- . holding, to b til of the Col., h is mysterious depart- or montblv.are charged i ler delrl.ia and New iork.&.c. too numerous to make, together with some of ti e best manufacture. u Senate Kitnkin : lUmn !.:going from Louisville, mav proceed great many other articles in that line yuare tor the first, anil 50 cents for every subsequent e is a g(Wj thing to langh at any mention. Also, fine French Acconleons and rlutinas. e the Kailroad e Vr' "u- - ?h,Pwf.eck' are,r to the public. , Ilemy llji.i.-J. V.I,.,al. ...,. , r,r e 7Tk. con- n rnnnm wiin mil one. or niav icat c uuuisi luk vy uic ays Dryden, and if a straw can tickle a man, it lins.n .';;. vHitra r riTen:er. is sincAiv and Coaches; Uuirties; elu King-to' 5?. t?ari. 't ana i.j this interval came tae news of tae is aa instrument of happiness. a time, . Jefiernville Kailroad direct. ned to their own immediate and regulsrbumnese, Kockaways; lrcttl:g BJCtie , School Tax - For 1 ,217: again-- Sri. nauva v. i i.incin- leave iouis ue na iv ui total defeat of Walker, the supposed tartner of i tne business ot iu advertising firm is not cousidered I -- e. raaetons; -c. ow as i r.ey. i lo city, which he nati. where thev a rrive so as to connect with the cars of to this bought in any is enai.ieu west of the mounUina. Including that ol its m'hvidual menineri. It will be borne iu mind that the C arrwes h :re ad- - k'mpn in th. a' he,o, ..f nnmoiarin- - X,-.- " other city can be the L, Mie Miaici Kaiiroaa hi a. . tor r. n., ior ?- , vertised are new; and for cheapness, durability, aud Hot ssof Rfci'KKsKSTxnvr.s.- - Carrar tJiiituitous Adv-rtiinjl J. l was prcumod that the moment Kinney land- there with Central Ohio Kailroad. " style, cannot be surpassed. East or West. street, between Sixth and Seventh, Main Dunn K. '. throusrh Newark and Zanesviile to lieileair. on theOhio, The public are respectfully invited to examine our ed at Grevtown he would bo hung as a pirate, Hotel. I'nder mj-1low heeling. At r.ppoalte Kenwood staiion, 4 miles Ti Q Tay'.er J. U. An I.Ts.,n A:i:i. XT stock before purcha T)fTC!lL 17' C? O 1 Kj rP I Iiut we have intelligence that the inhabitant of! B. and O. Railroad ia X thio place the connection with the XJ U O i Siuion J. C. .MeCieary. Anti. i Carkoil Cor sty Official. Governor JEW STYLES OF LEMOVS, Main st., male oirecx. nv express uaiii ui uu rouie, me uuie uidk .evei.eit tinu il.i j;iv.u cu m U.UISUJ. P. J .llv, A ner. M.wKiss. ' from Cincinnati to It.iltiaiore is less than a hours, and l just received at J AMES I. Kinney landed at San Jurtn. from the IIuntres Morehead, 4oi ; Clarke, I "3. r. rc.axc. XVashirgton less than 2 hours. REFRIGERATORS, lo Ksri:i between Second and Third. i Jn. F. lii.-e- . Anti. on the afternoon of the 10th. and though sjine; Lieutenant Governor Hardy, 4 lo: Magoffin, 4TIlKdl iiH TICKET? are sold as follows: Bv mail B. T. PEARCE & CO., I have latelv received some new and very beautiful Pula ki A. .1. Janio. Anti. Attorney General Harlan, III: YVoolSey, 4od. , tesmers to Cincinnati, from Louisville to Washington, persons were looking out for him with the inten- insets aud single pieces. As I am , Nii hoins to Philadelphia, 18; and to New receiving Goods FORWARDING fc. COMMISSION tlS; to Baltimore le had of F. C.RTiiR, Ticket Agent, at styles of Jewelry,1every few days, my a stock is always tieo. C. laris, Atner. , Vir.termith, 111; Garrard, I',:!. ttonnt he escaped, as he had; Treasurer rio-- 4 To dtf L Merchants, Whee',ing, York. --V have now on hand Is autiiul lot of a very complete. fy i rr s v-- left the aomgnim injury, which he had originally Kigi'terof Land 0:11 e Mi KIinlej. ; Frazer, l'mni.1, the shin in mm a-mm a som' corner of Third and Water streets, Louisville. Uoods, and desire to call the attention of all who wish Patnv'H Ilea up Perlitios.-Pa- r. Cgr Be sure to ask for tickets by the Baltimore and anything iu my line to it. SFRADUIx'O, which w,vs watched fr, behind him on tjt. MVC.rtv W. MACDONALD, BULLITT wilcil' JA3. I. LEMON. route. Ohio inyli w5 a -- ornn oi a ooy, arvi a.t oether a. "diven?-Haggard- , tne icets. a correspinaent oi tne JL-had at 1. lost,; i resident uoara oi interna, ijaprovements TH Ki iLtill TICKETS Street, Louisville, Ky.Macdon aid's i O. w THIRD STREET, LOUIS the Jefiersonvilie Kailroadmar also Baltimorethe office of j l.'.t ; Ncsbitt, 4. S. man and m ban ly "wlti writes as follows concerning the reception of the and Ohio spade aa aar of tho lT the SILVER-PLATEWARE. tnrl dtf GALVANIZED vi'.le, Ky. Auditor-Pag- e, . 115 : (irinstead, 4..1. whole five hundred at work utn.n the ra lrond KHiiroaa rcUte, nv way OI uie jruasonuur, vnuo, aim MissicsTimi. Little Miami, and Central tthio Kailroad. at W A Al A U A 1 A I IN KL.UL,U 1 VJl ATOR, as ' IRON J.MkS T. HOOT -u of tho Colonel and h.s parry by A. II . JOMS. ..uoe.,iioi.eui uuiir iutliu. ll"ll-.l- l..l JCl, eTTi TKirf otI..-- IN j.r.Hr---s Ot 1,11. liPg 1.1 the nrrt.l- to Washineton. fix the follomng rales: Kroui flon). new Bnd elegant styles of plated goods of al- - With all the modern improvements-acknowledg- ed, the inhabitants w.vs ui st cnthu-iastiio; to (1. of; to riii.adolphia, $1S bo; to New m.vf -- ..Jrw vxeieiv. fr..m the hiahest and most tlabo- a Family Kefrigerator, to be unequuled. and to be ihio. II- wa : great favontu wira They had It- ; tireen, j2 JONES & ROOT. (ingress Samuel F. Si-p- , K. N., l'--l II. C. theorer-c:r- . :t on account of Lis laithf a'.nej- and -THK bl.-and chkapkst AKTKLK, Asa THE long been waiting for him, nnd now on the third 10MMISI0N, FORWARDING, & or Benwo0(1 th, passenger take, the f of ehara ter, b:U h- - h id one fault most convenient, day after the first anniversary r.f the town's bora- -' Harris, ill. V Prwluce Merchants, Second street, between Mam Uoerior cars of the B. and O. K.nlro:il, which Wleave - ,' jake Baskets, uiters, Castors, elegaut Cups and tfob-anM grive.l his employer. Though as Sen.itt Sam. Howard. K. N.. YA ; Abltt. ashj daily at S P. and 11:45 p. M- for Baltimore, a -t jnsid",) bpoons, ruiks. Butter Knives, La Forcooling and preserving Meats, Milk, Fruits, Wines, bardment 'y Capt. Ib.llin, tliey turned out to Water Hreets. Louisviiie, hy. c inaton. ur rhiladelphia) bv close connection, arrivirg dles, Claret 1'ilCiiers, liuuer mooters, cuieeiu.s, vuu.-- I aic., naving receivea coiamena.uions oi tue most au- - weleome the man whom they expected to rebuild lien. Gallion, Anti, - '.: S. W. asevton fvrsit lavs in tae week, Fdi eou;,l nov-- : there in lo or 17 hours, including stoppages. Eit safety, mui.ion Sets, ace, allot the heaviest plate, and warraut- WILLIAM HA YE, Tayl-rresist the temptari-m- j ln ie;n lent Dem., 11.'. t,f pay liy, and when it and make it prosperous. One would have thought spec 1, regularity, leauty of the country, and general j Lresented. , TDB FIRST TKEMirU AT EVERT FAIR nrday earna lound. never fa.;.;d to get as "drunk a-For School Tax, ',7 ; against, V I. from the demonstration? of the crowd, that they road is second to none in the Cnion. in can ana FI L AND BRASS FOUNDER, - ' comfort. Where it has been exhibited is for sale wholesale and were celebrating equipment of any Rail- - , Tho in want are especial'v invitea With the EKEIoH'i KITTS, al.,rl." Hiving tried every otber refyrmafor-- , Pirth-daor the tft;iteSjl'iie compaliy js j,reVare.i to Waterrtreet, t.ween rirst and fcecond, Louiajn retail. Mam street, between J;ourtha:id rilth. je!3 Tkimp.i.f. Cot NTT e. ,vcm- r in vain, 'hj overse..rat length beihougL: Offici l. ii Tiiie, Ky j do an immense business in the transportation of freights, J This Refrigerator i, Experiment, i 1. -- To : Clarke. himself , wnica are earned I with care and dipau-htho prier. wn . and at rat-.- - as SPLENDID STYLES OF JEWELRY, on PiTf u; no. i uiMieSL ril'I low as those of any other first ilass line. Lieat-:-nan- t Ihe road A. uuii'ircus m.i ,7',.,, ,.,:Aj r.,vernor Hardy, 2'Z; Magoffin, in t. .. "take the pledge. ' and ent him on his way rejoi,-ing- . - tion, with names ic5.ii. -.-.. . of many and in the makes imrrediate KhiCl'i I'U, li 1 iAvr V K TTT.V jsire. -l -- of Baltimoreconnexion Ht the wharvesPhiladelphia W llANE -- r. Atti.rney General Harlan. 2 ; Wool'.ey. i4': Bit alas! the next pay-da- y s many ' with the Kailroad to lLAiiiAli 1 anu tinguisned acier.titic reputanon, and well known citi-- I agent for the Nicaragitan government at (irey- Jm. press, a splendid oi lae very uu'-sLy Ktnre. North sifle of Jeilerson street, between reus of ail pails of the I nited States, corroborating ail town : his lather, Don Precio Rivas. cornmandanta of Ericsson and Baltimore most eicsaut styles of assortment For Treasurer Winfersmifh. i ; liarrar-ll d v w York, steamers JOHN KIT!;, Pt. f. T po.-- Pat. who, r:g.ering through the viiUgJewelry. we have bttui, wiillie eeut to any addre'snn application "E.V" t"teainship Company's lines, by caiml and sea, to New and Peeond, Louisviiie, Ky. 13 s.n, .Mum strc i, neiween r our.ii nuu rmu. Register of Band OT;?e i'os : Fnzer, ' n. ha-- met no l?ss a persona- - ; i m th of the Ni'jaraguan forces on the Serapafpui river: ' York and lioston, steamers u jvorioiK, cuaiiston, ca- - -- K. W. MACDUA ALU. jel to i ai tempted to Don Pedro Poris, thd comunndante of Vta Rica, 1 hi.n. JOHN W. SHARP. ran n ah, Aic. "Y.npr- -, Par- -. Hoar I of Internal Irnprovenviirs see copies of whirh may JE y at the hea l of the Serapa-ju- i ; Caj.t. V. II. D,,b-oiaid his rev T U k V P V IT.I.WV t OFFICE leFor particulars the freight tariiT,Houses in the W est. CRAGG & CO.'S Forwarding had ot any of erence, Willi a ?ih of g"T,iin- - K.rr.-wHiggirl. .:i : Nesbitt I '4. f the British Buzsard, then in Je!T-ro- n street, between Fourth and Fifth sts., Pa' v,n 1 wil lere for a tn..m--nt: (irin-te- a Ic Auditor I'age, I General for l. port: and Mr. Green, British Master r.f but. hav.n Ky., will prartice in an w,e . ouris 011.0a t f,.vf Lou.sviiie, WW respe-tful- ly Ma;n utreet hetween ; e Court ot aj peais, auu ia iucrtun iv America, who reid-2.i.vili Dim uniu ne Ca-- ia'i'y aseertne-- t ia Blewfield. tit'ul SIL KKWAKE, such as fe?diy! SHORTEST KOUTK TO BALTIMORE . nm,,. 1 uJ 1 fn j. CentralJohn L. Nelson. United States Consul at I ; (Iretn, 4'.T. ruone instruction 'lattnews, his at I iar.kfr.rt for district wrierea'r.,.u:s h8 etciaiir.-'d- ' triumphant Mr. ' t...i ...i;.i rrvrvrp i inicTiipj" uuij.;ohiuiih . a ' !3 10 call the attention of t!.(V.l..no1 .n.l Congre- - Henry C. Harris. Bern., I' : Samuel !.v : Turk L'ln.l j Quicken Uonte lo ITrCHEKS; UOIiLETS, M. sr. I aa? dealers, professors, and others, Is it . in d with him at Grevtown. an 1 intends evidently to swop-.-- , j oumaei xutimscuicuu wishing to purchase piano fortes CUPS, FORKS, SI00S, lc. AO. Senate Charles Allen, Bern., 3d I; A. Ballar,.7l half w.y befweei .lirumy Stacy's and the make a permanent stop, a he his family to the extensive assor.ment ofV ronu. 533 JeCerson street, between First and : To the divil wid Ver rn.-ens- e Legislature Henjamia (bullion. Dem.. I'1." : S. with him. Ihe day following the arrival of the ?" his services 10 tales the hoertv of ollenr.g .... ..c.-l.- v I onio cueiia full iron trame instrument", now .11 .', omthlC :. W. Taylor, S. expe-iitioof II jllins glorious perat the on hand aud ready lor hnishinn. 7o Zanesviile, Wheeling, Baltimore, Wa- - Gold and Silver, of many varieties, surh as Chronom For School Tax, ol : against. ';'. reroe.i.cs, enabi'ed l y n.uch e'liort tnd experience, ia A Rki.ii-ioi-formance : I'oi nr.s.tip. -- A y m igg cr: m in Magic, By the erection of a large additional factory builuing, eters, Iuplex, Lever, Anchor, and Cylinder; W. shington City, pnuadelpnia, The ne.xt day. however, the Colonel was waited haij.ened to of the iTLrrarsVr at cbur-- h in a je - a Hunting, ar.U otlier S'.yies 01 casing, many 01 w men are they are prepared, should the wants of the trade de ig on-- in mand it, to turn out seven instruments per wee., or upon by Consul General Green and Cap?. Bobbie, made ana cased to special oraer Ci.ars CoiNTY Official. I o vernor -- More-head whi h at a TO Eve. He hss l.aduiauy yeai experience in tteataieiit ALt-lady, fr.r whnmhs h I per AND . V'.j; Clark ct iseas information, call at cy offee. above R1CIIM0XD. PETERSBURG, NORFOLK, AND CHAINS. SEALS,. ..i., -KEYS: PEARL 4xSETTS 1350 Pianos idhv annumnpon getting instruments fully who, in consequence of some sf ries which had an-ceiv. l a an-violent was derelv Buvers i, iiv-r-i, rVurfrilier I.icut. Governor Hardy Vll; .Mag Ea -. equal, in all the requisites of a good riano.toauy made been told thein by an enemy to his disadvantage, sirous of entering in? .a r lur'ship n the sp.,r; but BeLtione.L WILMINGTON, PINS: DIAMOND BRACELETS, Attorney I ieneral Harlan W'oollej ".'l. the place not suiting a forntal declaration, tin; 7,ire'1 lroin m aa ln,('rne,la or h;r, ? e to fifty AU the wood uinVnh EAR RINGS, PINS, AND . Treasurer Wintersniith v:;:'-- : tiarrar 1 Zl:. ohio, A: a.vount of the purpose, plan, and history of exigency r.f the case snige-"e-- l the following used in our manufactory is thoroughly sea'soned.and no RINGS: MOSAIC AND lCegister of Pan I Otlice McKinlev, pains or expense are spared iu turning out each piano his expedition. V, ith this Fnuer Second Lpi.-t!- e Col. Kinney of Joh-i- . miami verse: "An I now i OR WARDING AND GLNLRAL central ohio, and EAR RINGS, PINS, & BRACELETS. CAMEO cnnplicd and at tho,C of Mr. :ii:. beseech thee,, LouisTiile, Ky. We, the w M as thougik I wr-.-'via ... ak ,iav f irmei a C oiuirtiiertnr ior i ,r Pres. Board of laternal Improvements ITjgg ird command men: Ma- t, In a word, a general assortment of articles in my line Lu tnaf whi h we h. I awarded first Geddes, the l.ntish I onstll at Grevtown. in Mechanics' Institute Cclumbua and Wheeling. Forwarding and Heiieral are oflered on fair terms at my place of business, Xo. tion aud to these pianos over all have when in com- - ence of the above mentioned gentlemen, together l':i:i: Ne-hitr.e oi Uansaainc others, !, ve ou lic t'.i 't zii. Iron the Louisville, anotaer." Third P DAILY TRAINS LEAVE 71 my. street, between Main ana Market, Auditor Page Grinstea 1 Ul". 'c!son an-- Mas,.n and myseiL gave She returned it, p otntin? t. Kurh. ii. 1 ;!i Reference is made to the following dealers, and the wi!h : JS- - Cincinnati at 6 a. M., 10:. a. M., and 6 P.M. . Supt. Public Matthews '0; Ureen "Then she ttil n her at length the desired information tracing tne op- profession generally: between iiaic ai;d the iiivcr. and !. wc-l her-el- f t. FRANK CARTF.R, I AM RE- - I. P. Fauids, (successor to Fauids, Stone & Morse,) pgition w hich his enterprise had encountered to ol'l. .ve1, irorps.- TO ZJXF.sriu.r. the ground and s .i I tin: . him, ' Why have I w . ii. ioi i. Oct. i, im. Ac 1 ruan, Cincin-- i ItOl, L ceiving nearly everv week, direct from the man- Balmer and tt eber, St. Louis; Curiis 2l IVHKf.LIXii IX U.v:?;1, HS; Congrcis S. Co '.' j: R. H. Stanton 3.-?-e- nemies auke kn..w-icfg-j1 arns. and the agent, of the 1 raiisit gi"aet; in thine eye-- , that th u hould.-t t3rCr-.gnmeTitake oi Xai's, Glas, Cotton Moo.iv, ' wn'RZ; 'IU B.ll.TlMOfiE ufacturers, the latest s'yles cf Jewelry. I have now nati; Diggins & Co., Nushviiie; Lowniog oi cited. iI l.egtsiaiure II. J. P. lluHou, K. N. . 5"F Pittsburg Manu.a.-tureand hnnse:f and charging the IXA'U iiOCRS; i,i. s e to; am a t ranger'." He returne-- l jo HnL.-iht-l.yen hand, by recent arrivals, in part, Liamot.d, Mosaic, Vicksburg; W. H. Fox, Natchez; Courts 4. Rutherford, of cVhaub & Murphy, IX JiuL hS. TO Patrick &: Lree which that government had been mvei 'led Uaxtcr lem. M. the book, -- .inking t. tha ver-,- of th- Cameo, Kuameleu, Gold Fruit, etc., fjetts, or Pins; Ear Lafayette; H. U. llewitt ftt Co., New Odeans; AVcII 6c For Additional Tax J': against 4'---. Fpistla of .John: -- Hiving miny t. write Ccr.nectir g at ILUtimore with Train Philadelphia, Wil- - Rings or Bracelets separate; as well as a general aissort-- I Croose,Walker, Philadelphia. solely to the promu.gatmg for Lis escuu-ioLee & ia4 to i nnaueip.'iia. liai'.iinore 'P A1LUK?, 1'II'TIl m,: non, and xr.tin New r;iuroaa, railroud, to New Vork metit of Jewelry, ali warranted as represented.street. unro you, I would n ,t write wi'.i j i;:er aril i..k; misrepresentations of interested parties. 1 VM. KEXDKlCK. '.l Third my? Jersey 4p.R akd Cor sty Ili-OvuciAt.. For Governor -- but I trust t- ",im an 1 .p ik fa e t. fa."." From object, he sai l, was the pe;K-efu-l y. colonization . ia ;,.lf urunsiiK cr Am street, between Market and JcSerson, are cow .OAS LIGHT. m jd can maae tne .n.-- i nours V7i5: Clarke oi rece-v.Tins is the only route wmcii the above- interview. am.rrijg-- j tx.k pia-of certain lands in Nicaragua, to which he believed Morchcad t..":r pnr.g ana fU'iimer ,1 1 'ltr the en-- ' III1! u Cincinnati and Baltimore; arriving 6a tueres, Orenauiue, Si:., and time UOu, iiroaacioii ?: For Lieut. Governor Hardy 01": M.i .ilin suinr week. title: if the validity of that tile j he had a valid r 1 rff M.-;- !i 1 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN hours in advance of an v other route. (T Q Attorney Harlan U31; WooUey X?. imporstion ever secprcl f the rich-- st yiuickcat Koute froia Cincinnati to This is the Tnis is oue se any other rout--- , arriving ia adan-eo- f B this city. The tv le are nw aud elecat.t, and on ERGONS R E Q U I R I NG GAS though he had expended thousands of dollars re Tor Treasurer Wir.tersmith ! IJ: fiirrardPr.-- j. T:if. Mr.n. . Kas-'- -s ms avi th: Tyuant.-daycare. V e invite our liis is t:.e onlv rouU' which c:in make the 'Ji' hours ectedwiihthe greatest np liiwr.u owiiernip. in Kegister of Land Odi;e McKiidey v4 : J- r wh w is a rrant, an tmy-orornT--.- T time iro.n Cincinnati, or by w hich ihrough Tickets cm -r ou us. ift)nnTiM) UDIUI flV - irivit(aiirines, .nOas Burners, and Chttideliers jut up, are lne supposition oi t'v.t tb- - Itrirwb to loo it iu rie-d- e ,,. . ,,- K),nil;,l .i.v in, ru. 1 l JILL Vy. A LIIl.J A iiv-- 'l v. it3 ,,.,.1 ... ,), v.i,..,,e un & ARMSTRONG and Washington City; K WELI.9 Cincinnati out-- i ic i f trie ci'y hiir-e't- . pr.icure l ap- He at i min c i um .u, .u u.eir worK 10 some one eise, neva, aiain s.reei, uree uoors arnvicg s hours in advance ot any other route liesulent P.';;rl f Internal oops at Point Arenas had been stationed to un let a poLslsAu1'nCe3' a.issk A Lir.; Jacob's Buildings, beg leave to call put, lie attention to as it will be money ia their Le.v a Cincis.naii bt L itt La Miami Railroad Nesbitt ilH. "Uii - rt t.f :i ni..i - th- Fatrerot their unrivaiea assortment oi n aicutu auu jeweirj, aine vuimc are asiea to take no one's assertion to! prevent his landing, he was prepared, with due Haggard 'J 1st 1 run Lightning Express Little Miami railroad, just received and opened, direct from Geneva, where tne contrary until they vc Auditor Page IH1: Gnr.nead. lit. ascertained for them respect, to say that he should aliow his right of conn'ry'. is he a tyrxr.r raj ist man?" j leaves Cincinnati at o a 'clock a. h., uiives at Zaues- - me whole stock was selected by one of the hrm. aelve. Publi; XV Matthews settling j.eaceably in Grevtown, with the absent of T :e man 1. "lie is tvr-mt- . i;:.vviile at l- - if.', NOVELTY WORKS. v.ilc jt 12 o'clock, t..n. Leaves l ine l'.cguiaUTS, for hotels, banking houses, or any ! tSTCall atthe ' other oihees, at moderate prices. J I ae its inhabitants, to be called in question by no ponr- - '.'o'.'; uonn, ai d unives at SV l eehng at 4 p. x. SKf Fotu-Ljadl dtf Main St., bet. Eighth Ac Ninth. r s.i: I. -- I) ,y M tt., Lie.'" No. wu-- i Con-rc- s, v tca t,l:.sses. Jlateriais aoa loois ior n icuiuueri, ii.jti naimure au ". Iun!ap. K. -t- i,o. l.i nnedM g at n . '.2: .J. M. er on earth. The rain a' 1, "So." Weft aide, between Main and Market. at 5 o'clock at New York prices. OJo railroad, and arriving at i;,JU EAGLE CARRXit-SFACTORY. This appears to have b.-- consider-- I entirely , Kliiott, An'i. The f.m-- r I am the Sulvin ot this WHtches directly imported from our own manufactory OF THE DIAMOND A. M. Amviug at ashaigt-.- cay at-- l ovioca a. M. "CNYENTOIl Senate i.ivii Ir in . K. X., Mat. Sain-- . satisfactory. TlicTrans'u Cmio.'ny !i?ve at Grev- KEATING r Watch cleaning and repairing done with neatness and ( CA RR1AGE MAN L'FACT L llE KS. ucls, An:i, ''"7. company of desperadoes, Lired ---Ihe mail w.h li i:.tere,i, r. ior ae.i. t oLnectiug hi asr.ington . xreuenpksurg, re- - The latest stylei and patterns of Jewelry ,&.c, received JEFFERSON ST., BETWEEN SIXTH S; SEVENTH, town a foiks"in case of a disturbance, whip the Legislature Kinney's Iur.n, K. X.. ''7'S; and crder. .. kiiov me'.''' . terslvirir. Richmond. Also, Hair Braiding o every oescnpuoi., Sanders. Anti. olV. Miami railroad, leaves fact is much commented on that the administration every weeK. 2o The Kni;erur aid, "X .." Louinrille, A'y., . Bracelets, Breast 1'ils, tub and Guard Chain., cn, ti at .nnesvilie at 6: arriv jhoul-For audit ionel School Tax 1,0U; agan-- t 2:'.. .cwk A. have been socager to check Kinney for vioLr We invite the ladies to call and examine for themTho mm i'?r!ied. "I am (he -- ii of a eer'aia. m. U;ave, Zanesviile at r n., and an.ves at selves. No trouble to show goods. All our goods war- HAVE NOW ON HAND lating the neutrality laws, while the Transit ComHair Ire,s;r;gdore either at their re.i- -, feb--Q dtf merchanf; every d iriag the r,f thren f'--.' ju. l.'iair.r. Xel.-u- n faprj and are constantly making Carriages of pany ship hireling (,,,,",..(,, at wheeling with Tram Laltimore and ranted or do sale Cocsty Official. For Governor deuces or at the store of ow n ue? with for their y - ;nO"i tli.j-- e tar-.-days, I become m- - il every ucsuhi-tion- . in the most appro-e- d style aud finish, Baltimore and W ashington. Onio Kailroad, s, immunity. The Kiuticy expeditionary force, the Morehead S1- Cl.irke li2o. days." which, for durability, chei'.pn-far.d elegauce of Connecting at Baltimore ith Train tor Philadelphia For Lieut. Governor -- I lardy S J: Magoffin Post's correspondent write-1- , has gone to work in cannot beeurpassed in the West. The Emperor laughed, aud ai. nd New York, direct. to hi..;. fifi T HI II B Si'l'llEI'T. WEST The attention of the public, as well as strangers visit". Attorney ( -- Harlan 7'.' k W.iiev I 'll. Connecting at Washington Ior treuenckiourg, re- - iv-- " good earnest building houses, ami working at their (Fonnerly J. R. Winter Co., Main htrect), Wirtt' h :iM side, dealer in V atches and Clocks. llavingleen ing the city, is respectfully invited to examine our various tersburg, liichnmnd, Ate. A fandango scarcely I.EASMN-- ; tLittle Miami railroad, is snjpiiel AND cd i n ms Night Express p. m. Arrives at Zanes- - several years engaged in theto business, it ishimself W stock. warrant all work of our manufactnre for one year. honor oftrades.Colonel's arrival,has l.cen given in ; Treasurt rof LanlO.!i.-- M.U; tianard V.;7. The Sim. We Kegister aud the scene is McKinlev 7'Jl ; Prarer with a pole the recommend necessary tor the subscriber ten lect to whi-'V" J i 4s4t retail Dealer in. and Manufacturer of, leaves 6 o'clock Aanesviiie at i a. a cer I i L?" Repairing done w ith neatness and dispatch. public tavor. M., at e'clock thus sketched: i,M.-s-, n, 31 -- . fastened, whica cord conr-eet- s wirh a strsp jlac- - d lTrunks, Carpet Bags, Hose, Engine, viiie arrives at Wheeling leaves a. m. !it6:ao lie claims to have a thorough knowledge of his trade, -ar.d Imr--. Piest. Hoard Int. H.i gird 795, Xecbitt No. The gallant Colonel the handsomest man in the Steamboat, and Garden j kiJk-Wheeling with Morning Train Baiti- - and warrants his work, lie has a tine stoci on baud, an.ur.d the waist cf the pupil. Thus tho tea. her. Connecting at y-r Fourth atreet. near Marfet, Loui'. iile. Ky. rH,in, by all odds led forth the lady of tho manmore and Uliio railroad, for C'uiuberland, where pas- - compT.aii.g jeweled W atchts. Clocks, anda mostexten-senger- s NEW CARRIAGE MANUFACTORY. sta-- i iing on the ;h ,rc or the wharf, can easily Audit-.Pagi ?03, GrinstoaJ D'.'S. bleep and resume by Mornuig Tram for the East sive assortment of W atch Chains, Guards, fecais, Breast-sion, vvith even mora than his ordinary suavity and gui'lo tne movemeuts of the swimmer; an 1 the SUBSCRIBERS WOULD pins, Brooches, tc. rect. . Sup't Public Instruction Matthews 75.": flrecn ch.ld acipiires a mastery of tho Young grace, to take part ia tho first S Mr. llirschbuhl is a manufacturer of cloc.s and Baltimore, for Philadelphia Connecting with Train at fully inform the public cf Louisville that they art much Sooner, . watches, lie has devoted years oi close attention and have entered into the carriage businessman its branch- Daniel Webster, with his, partner, and others with l,0oi. dire- t. and New York .., louisvUiLE, which is the real secret aa I gains U'..!,iftftB foe rr.lMrirlt.nrir. Pe. eurtni iniluslrv to i.llsinesli. and he feels continent es. They will pay especial attention to the lighter tv les partners of various shades and nations, b'ac-k- , Congress C. Winter-mil- h S.s; J. Jewitt l,ol. of the s". miner's more readily th in whe.i of his thorough ability to repair Clocks and matches, i SEVENTH AND EIGHTH STS. tersl urg, Kichniond, kc. made in the Last. They have just of work, such as V.A1V. ET.T Legislature Dugan. Anti, I,"- -; Foreman, K. ' Baggage checked from Cincinnati to Wheeling, and and it w ill atfurd him pleasure to regulate the tiiae-Llb- got out a new and splendid Roekaway that weighs less, brown, white, Kngiish, American, French, Spanish, on cork Any mother could tea- : at l roprietors. ffriUi ieuCt t0 Washington Citv, &:c. pieces of his customers. runs lighter than any other, and is every way the be-- t Ac, also figured. All around the room and ouf-- i le X. her ch id in a fjw days, with liuie inconvenient a ! z N.B He has constantly on hand Odd Feilows and article in the market, Laving an improved patent mm of tho house, peering through the w indows, which, Rgsane checked trom Cincinnati to Baltimore, and For Sehool Tax 7); againtt to hery-if- , by this h.ij py thought, an ar. that db.iy n ot every uegree, piain or imauu Masons mualia-window-frames- , TIl'l'I T FROM LOI ISVILLE. frcm thence to Ptnladelpiu.i, A.c. Citv can only le pro- - fuliy embroidered. The necessary Jewels are also kept wheel. .IIROUGH Ti.r luth tickets for N astiincton Repairing dore on reasonnMe terms and at short no by the way, have no sashes or save that cii.M's Hie. Girls, ty thit xnethol, w..l BiiECKi.vF.iis..E CorxTY OrnciAi.. Governcr were all sorts, colors, and conditions of men and cured I y tnis route, and this ithe onlv route ny which on hand. by oirict tice. They flatter themselves NEW ARRAI G EMENT ic-- ; that coufi Ien?e which, by any previ-u-- i v Inviting the public to call at his store, ho.6 Tliird and the best kind of work, theythat, engage a intention, women, in costumes equally diversified. through tickets can be procured via Baltimore lo Phiia- w ill .Morehead 1,1- -: fair share Clarke 107. The Comuwnrinj Jlonda y, July 18. S OOO, ' . , v ,t we' . side, where he t.a vi narticular attention to of th custom of Louisville. Call and examine speci 'r.rir practiced ra sle, it has been found so a;rl'.cui; i Z Lr. Governor Hardy 1,1 '.I; Mag-.fliTiirough tickets to Winchester, Richmond, Freder- - watch repairing, he remains the public's humble servant, mens at toe manufactory, on the south side of Jeuerson dancing began and was kept up vigorously till a give the feminine. Attorney Genera! Harlan 1.107: Wix.lU-- 6j2. ml7 J. UlRgCHBUllL. late hour. Everybody appeared to be acquainted jcksburg, Petersburg, Norfolk, Wehion, and Wilming- street, between Second an Th r 1. MrCREIOHT At ENDER3. myliSd3m Treasurer Wintersuiith 1,10'J; Garrard with every other bodr, and to have a g'tod time. and' the only route by which passengers can go through "K I ."ii EMOV A L. S. D. CI 10 ATE HAS f lae "younj Dan ebster. who has hgure-- in Auditor Page 1,1 ;i; Grinsteal C: MIL ' "i0!0",1 d,iU"u to 1:55. gUMMKR ARRANOKVifMT. vD.ab, .Macou, UUTM--cii- w; reni0ved his SILVERWARE MANUFACTORY expedition, as behavine like a hero at the time lCegister this Frazer McKinlev l.I-'ipoints AUlanta,Auguta, and jaUdtf to No. 6a Fourth street VI 4. COLUMBUS. Prest. TTtSTE FOR TIIR0UGU TICKETS, THE L A R G E S T of tho shipwreck, and hercSroing ia" to tho faa- - 3cvj. Doard Int. Im;. Haggard 1,101: Xesbilt FOR TH E 9 LM, w w stock of Lumber and Shingles in the city. FOFB DAILT F asters trains To Dealers In Jewelry and Watches, danpjo, is a grandson of the trreat Webster, and son information at Cincinnati, please apply at the TLA TUB V, hite and yeUow Fine 1 loonng, at to ao per f IU a. H. AMI o r, I. In.trac-tioLittle Miami unices, P. W. Mrader, tieneral Agent, Webster, Ksi. He is receiving aa 1,1 Hi; Sap t l j Mattaews HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM . a Iloube, first door west of ine; No. 1.7 Jefferonvilie and Ohio and MiSfLv-'pi Railroais, Wl.i lit Rlirids. Mantel Pieces. MonHinm. Frames TlnQutclff,Short(,andJIotViovte,botli No. Burnet Ffou omCe; at southeast corner Broad- - JL the East with a most complete stock of Jewelry forVenitian and winrlows, iash, (primed and glazed,) cation which Post, of Monday hua f- -r notninj. Green JJ(usei 5. Mail Line Steamer. Jacob Strtder and doors aftermyjn, ha the t'engrcis Jolia P. Campbell 1,11 j; Saaiael 0. The X. Y. way nj tront, directly opposite tpencer House, and and Watches, of every description. to una from Cincinnati and the aiis, t iu.y anu f aiming. Telegraph Xo. 3, The stock is unsurpassed for quality and taste, and Utass ami tne kattie Miami epoi. Peyton 4Jo. following, which shows how "things is wor'cin':" r iTTi WITH FIEAVT T IRON. Also, Dressed Shelving, Architraves, Washboards, will be soi l at the very lowest prices. Every article is isaac n.sorriiwicK. A TO THI Mohe of Col. Kinney's Men S ailing Wheke Legislaturi; Gideon P. Jo'.Iy, American, 1,173: Whet-linwarranted, and may be returned by buyers if they are and eatherboarding. Passengers dine at Zanesviile. Pitts Snrerintendect Central Ohio Railroad. BRuvYx, Auot'uer ias.;almcnt j no opposition. Can do siuare and circular wor'. of all kinds. 13 tub District Attorney? are represented to be. CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, AXD DAYTON W. S. not what they Lurg Passengers dine at Crestline. Dunkirk Boxes for Soap, Starch, Candles, Candies, sec. jyHdtf Country Merchants are invited to inspect my assortAgent CO. R. R., Cincinnati. Mr. Meiveon Prevented from; 1 he Sehool tax has carried in this county, but I UL Printed buis of prices will be furnished, if desired. of emigrants whom Buffalo I assCEgere Qine an.ieveiana. ment before purchasing elsewhere. I confine my busileft this port yesterday, have nut time to add up. feb-- a 4w J. N. BREEDKN Si CO. sailing w ith Col. ness exclusively to the above articles, and have selected LOUISVTX.L.E TO CHICAGO AND EVERY TRAIN BY tor ban Juan, in the brig Goean Uird. Among the them in person, and will sell them low. JAMES SOMniRVTr.T T. A. STEIN AU, corner Fifth and Main ss., the Little Miami route runs into the Depot of the Li BT THI shitmients of the Kinney Colonization Company by Meade Cocnty Official. Governor More- over Ltchten, Luswenthal at Co.'s. mr20 Manufacturer and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in this vessel was a superior printing press, and a j head, 7;!; Clarke, S31 Albany and Salem Kailroad, wH;Ther-a-T GRATES, AXD CASTINGS, STOVES, large vatiety of type, paper, Ac, for the establish Lieutenant Governor Ilardy, 7S4: Magoffin, 221 ffAin iln i. i tins the hhorlest and mo-.- di Attorney General Harlan, 771: Wool ley, 321. ment cf a newspaper at San Juan da Nicaragua,! Copper, Tin, an I Sheet Iron Waa-o- , rect route from Cm inniti t the East, the time is so ar- -Ij i NEW YORK, BOSTON AND 77t5; Garrard, b'ii. Treasurer Winter.-mith- , ana ,lor J&D renting, i ney aiso igs.k out sevenii ease. Connections are cerranged that it is made with TEA KETTLES, SAO IRONS, COFFEE MILLS, Fhiladelr-hClyde to Clerelaii-via Dvtorj Register McKinley, 770; Frazer, books, with which to commence a pubnc ana passengers nave ,rii umt io; u.eai. i t,ur'" SCALED Ac r aiUe t u direct uia.iiiij t;;e siu.econnectiwns l'u ) tn Line out of Cincinrati. i FOR South side Main, 3 door above corner of Seventh, AtTarJ. Among the passengers were Col. Uung, Route by which Through Tick t, uttkit route makes the quickest lime oota lo ana ' RUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Pres. Board lut. Imp. Haggard, 770; Xesbitt, ' otet oiner line from Cincinnati 3i"es auicker tLma r y 7 the eastern cities. No ....v.y.., I rum Cincinnati and Cincinnati. 3 Indianapolis. Chicairo, and&ih, trains will run as et can be purchased. Inisvi le. Kv . ior inc Lightning r.xpres leaves . incinnau On and after Monday, April I I Fast; arrives at Cleveland in advance of any other npRAINS LEAVE NEW ALBANY follow. LctTullv Sif i". ! a prttical printer.and.we' pre;ume,he will Matthews, 770; Sup't Public Instruction Daya to liehVrnd the Leave JeffersonviUe f oprosite Louisville) JO. dailv. Sundavs excelled, at 11 o'clock a. m.. run- ' Road 13 quicker tr-is aia.1e ta an v oiner rnurowd ui L'ghtnir.gExrrees arrives at Cincinnati at2.Lr.x. ring directly through to Chicago, connecting there with napolis and Chicago at t.15A.M., and 3.30forIndia that he Khs opened a store at 3d7 Main street, where he conduct tae new journal. A party oi irieuis ana ureen, OJj. r. v.; for :n - 1... Jrt.l aa .rt.l .AiTnin,Ur0 sllirlin armrthidprd An.illimnip.l tb.rt e Y Oe.l i t ion v from the F.ast. jeweti, . T" trains for the and northw est. Also, connecting ' Cincinnati at 8.4a a. m., and 3.90 r. m. ' I action to the articles mentioned above, v.uOKES3 Dr. latersmttn, i?i; :76;Enooo-- Keith, I Vlfcr-aLeave Cleveland fifteen minute later, and arrives at all Michigan Citynorth ihetrainsoa the Michigan Central These trains connect at Indianapolis and Cincinnati with Legislature-E.O. Brown, : h in made in the citv. Tertrs reasonable. Cincinnati fifteen minct--- s earner than any other route. at Raiiroad tor Detroit, Buaalo, iagara Fails, Albany, witu an tne trains ior me norui ana tasu Aicacts can hours. 321. otaer rad. CINCINNATI TO CLF.VF.LAND in N. B. Rooflnfr and House Work in general done with were packages of garden seeds, cereal grains, ace, forming altogether the most be had at the olhce. 555 Main street. New York, The .rt Triin leaving C'ndnnati, aer the an-;mrlodtim diipaich forwarded through Mr. Fabens, from the Patent CLli KLAM 1 C1NC1NNA1 1 in h, hours. For School Tax "13; against 20. p21 dtf A. V. OSBORNE. Supt. neatness and agreeabie and picturesque route to the east, passing on the C uenc. of the Liui.n!.e ornlarf Cs- -. iiiiieoat . asntnton, witn a letter ironi tae v.orn- TIME VIA LITTLE MIAMI ROUTE, 'through the most beautiful as and flourishing towns and are av-uHamilton, and Dayton Koad. The Dep-.- l SNUFF AITD TOBACCO. Salem, Orleans, Bedford, cities in Indiana, such WILKIN'S AMIELET. a report about j Simpsov Cocnty missioner cf Patents, rrom Cincinnati to one hun. bred yar-tapa't. and bjis'sge enn t l Official. Governor Kloeinir irton. (iosDort. (ireencastle. Crawfordsviile. La. nil MANUFAC- - them from Nicaragua. from one road to the o.h r. a ..icing he moi'v 3j houre; ETER LORILLARD,N ew ' Morehead, 4.17; Clarke, 533. C0LClBr9 in fayette, and Michigan City, on Lake Michigan, giving nniUS MOST VALUABLE PREPA- - I mi'.e through tv s.try trounla of haulia it .O t rk, successor T" . la. No. 4i - II..1 CLK ELAND in e hours; 111. TK.,..,',!,.,.,... V,..K too. ... V.v olnalth " V turer.George Chatham street a view oi tms ma enilicentbody of water; thence to De - i JL ration for retorir,aI. C nd nrenerrine the Hair, in P Pivjsenier. if ISeT ref--- r it. e:iii 4 ... ?. Uii h. i'l f.r m , , : it6" DL'NKIKK in 14- - hours; troit. crossing letroit river, pausing through the mom the most perfect luxuriance and color, was originally ' 5 'Peter TobaccosLorilUrd. offers for sale all kinds of under tne ,oan oi iistnci Attorney .waeun, ner, and on their return to tae Dej-u- t procure tickets sui oouey, 4- -. Attorney Ueneral tlarun, 4U; LO in 1 houri general use. For particular., a in m'FFA ii.iercsuiipt fiininm 01 i yyrr v. iuiiii, oer me ureal eompoundea r.y tl:e celebrated OCUhiit, lr. SAMLKL .VI. Snuff and t."irouh. ehec'i their bag by addressing as above, j contrast strangely with the shipments of cannon! A Lb AN Y in 26 hours: Treasurer Wintermith,3;s; Oarrard, 47. "i.-iuuii-..- . me ia,i wn vearj Price Current can be obtained , .vv . :, Put-b.ui "t.u.j r.ujun, ui .ew j or., ana u;is ior i'O""'J.( nf.i..,. and troops made lately by the iraasit Company g Register Land Oihce McKinley, 3'li; trazer Creittiine, having amplear Lotfodetained half an hour t L W YORK in So,' hours; and magnificence ly any in the world, at the name time l heen irrAtiiitnuBlv aitritutel hv him to l.iafrienrt. lir. u.uuer, w.ihou; an'. uin felSdly iiOTo.N in 35 hours; a view of the rapids of the great and world-re- j giving Elliott, urged bv many to allow this most valuable cure United States. Cej--ry deiav. steamers, under tne special protection oi tne Atner 4 CHF.fTLINK in o hour.; nowued Niavara. for baldness to" be brought before the public, has now PITTS' BCK'J in 14 hours; ican fla. 1 ickets sold through, all the way by Railroad, or if kindly and gratuitously presented the undersigned Pre. Board cf Int. Improvements Haggard, To ate. As few changes of Passeif! r Cars asby any oil r with X hours; PlULADFLl'IIIAln passengers preter from Detroit by the splendid North j the reeipe for that purpose, as will be seen from Dr. El- Col. alker, it ?icms, managed in ti3 flight to ' 402; Xesbitt, 4. . t"Bj;iag checked through to Duii.jk, EaJa'. s W HLKLINU In 10 hours; fctcan.ers, to all of the above places. Also, to Hott's certiticate IlhtIow. The Aniielet is also highlv re-- : leave a firebrand behind him which is kindling , Auditor Page, 403; GrinKteaJ, 47i. JjALTIMuKK in . . ani the o ciocx, Chicago, Rock Island, St. Louis; Burlington, lowajbia- - commended for general uge as a most pleasant and ex- i hours; . i rain, v mcinnatT, AMIIMilO in v When his party was defeat- - , Sup't Public Instruct ion Matthews 2tonrs; . -, Utiite a conflagration. . .v .n..u., vue neau. Keeping it entirely iree ai viaciun-- u nueriuina w nan niou & Dv;on ka..roau, crea.-..--BTi'i'kiA'Vll I B. 1 i.nnn .roPassengers by this route are sure of making connec- - from dandruff. ior Retail prieeoO cents per bottle. For ed at Kivas, all the Inoncse who were wita nun , 4,i,. sml .Uc, l5e toowmg d..y ia New Yra. Fhiladmpm- -, M heel;ir. Pitta checked from Cincinn-- ti to tions, as there is but one road from the Ohioriverto sale by Drusgists generallv. Orders, with remittances, I.. rnienrocdLliS; Ja. P. Bates Baltimore and ahinr.n. VJ. burg, Cleveland, Dunkirk, and BuUalo. A 31 S EX PR ESS COM PAN Y, fled into the Costa Rica territory, l here they tj ConCTW-- W. Lake Michigan, consequently there is less changing of will be promptly executed, l'axaenrers by tbe 6 o'clock a. M. train, Little Miami cars than by any .ther, besides giving the advantage of senttu the undersigned, save up their arms to the authorities on condition 431, 515 Main street, Louisville. i. WILKIN, To Phiiwielphia in Slst houri dine the followRailroad, breafarl at Cincinnati and procuring through tickeu, which cannot be done by any Tuesday, April IS, our Messenger and that they were not to be given up to their pursu- No. 44 Maiden ane New York. jeftdly Senate Georgo T. Edwards, 411; T. Davis, 47 4. and after w On ing day in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore or Wash la A.oany :n -- nin 3ohour: I Other route. v.n-v- , . Ti Uoatc.Q Express freight ill leave Louisv ille for Frankfort and ers. While they wero i a Costa Rica, a party of Tn.j ira Legislature J. C. McCreary, 512; Geo. YV.IIoy, r" t ington City w""r.-"r.'...en or ifcfroit. liwccace checked throuKh to c ntrs Xo Bu3io ia In hour; Lexington in the afternoon train. Returuiiii, leave This is to Mr. M. Wil certifv that I have si-- en an-Liiue Miami is the eastern depot at Cincinnati. took 457. Ihe Chatnora's men marched over the line C. KNOWLTON. bunt. Jy utf - v. To Dunkirk in US hours; Lexington in ic i uu,, 11 air, the prescription for restoring and improving the at F'ir Itnilv Trnint. To P a.i'tiri( io II hoar- -; about twenty of them prisoners. The eoase-menFor additional School Tax 1 4. against 7 il. v'.uht received willour office till 1 V. M. and known as the'4Amielet, which I invented, and for no or. To Baltimore in wagon eail for rA,eft ces aro thus sot forth in a letter by Mr. Jaa. llogan, fl T 101 , which I make no charge, but give gratuitously. J.OU i V 1 1 IC . .v r Wheeling Lightning F.xpress leaves Cincinnati at 6 a. j M. ELLIOTT, M. D., SAMUEL dated San Jose, July 2"th. TaVLOR Covstt Official. For Governor Adams Express Co theKi,i,1iBoaaoiaicafroia Eaai by onaaad leveliiid, Dunkirk, Buflalo, Albany, 4plij n. for C oiuiut-u,- l Bo'ton; Crestline, Pittsburg, BHltini-e- , ' AND LEXINGTON & FRANKFORT No. 1 Clinton Place, and Elliottville. SUiten Island. territory we have Morehead 371. Clarke Gil. "Well, for the invasion of half hours. New York and . . . fl". ' T1 and New York ; Zanesvilie, W he. ling, Bib ' L AVIMJ CmCIXNATT. sent Mr. Canas to Guanacaste to raise at once five iTlallOllC W ror i.ieutenani voverner T? - 1 "C 7. f v- iijtuj Buffalo limore, Wahtiington City, Fhiladelphia.'and New i'ork, City Fiarr TAr. Cleveland, D'ytnn, and C, . . u.nitf.11 ville. . and !,mit : Ym IN (iENERAL, CORNER thousand men and demand an apology, v'u.a Ciyde, Throu?h Tickets to Cincinnati. at w'clock - w. for VI ilmington, TURNER Green streets, Louisville, Ky. 597. A XI) AXXUAL BUSINESS ADVERTISER, . Circlevdle, and tion of the prisoners, and delivery of theauthurAttorney General Harlan 3oi, Wooliey fpnngs, and fpr.ngheld; Dunkirk, Buffalo, Albany, New Yor. and 4 GOOD FOR TWO DAYS. FARE If it is not trrant- r Cretiir.e. Pitt org, Phi;iephi. The iiuliacriber would respectfully announce that he itiea that, ordered th invasion. Lancaster. intersmittt zw, warrarti o- -. connctil Forest f. York, For Treasurer For 1855 '50. by this tra. n for Lake steamers have five w., Paengers Baltimore and New arrive wesend fifteen hundred men at the instant Land Office McKinley 3j., xraner aiviNtt A.wrLa ti.wk roa Di.Nsna, s- -ail' eveiaod a:ia r. Cleveland. Regis terof Jd, s.4V,-tc- ., hours and -- lf al Cleveland and Pittsburg HTMIIS WORK WILL EMRRACR Express ; here, and march to t.rana.U and there die- - 530, fcaiOKD Taaia. manner vix: making close connection with Lake shore Railroad U a workman-likjl- - all matter usually contained in such publications. TWO PASSENGER TRAIN'S DAILY. Xesbitt the Extern Cities; arrive a4 P.ttahu-- g at 3 P. W., UB- leaves Cincinnati at A. M., for Columbus, Cleveland, m ur terms. I0U canno1 ,maS,n now Kai Pres. Hoard of Int. Imp. IlaggnrJ 3and Banisters, is prepared with the strictest regard to correctness and re- Colnmns, Balustrades, New York, and Boston ; Cret line and )ui kirk, Bnflalo, nectin wth fast fcipres TTMRST TRAIN LEAVES LOUIS- - liability, and will be printed on good paper with clear the improvement in our troops since you saw I'lUabBrg; Bianchester, Chiihcothe, and IliliHbornugh. Acecitnmoda- . acONDTs-Al- a. CieveiAnd cd ertler of Architecture. AH kinds of Cn'met Se Eve thousand men at a credit .II r. Lh.mve' Turninm. 8croU sawinir of all de- - them. have to-do...,nrLiiiff al Cleveland direct with Lke steam JL villeat 6 o'clock a.m., stopping 15 minutes for type, neaiiy and strongly hound, and shall , Cleveland. Durtkira. . ti..n Kspre. al8o'cloca a. Auditor Page.o2: (.nnsteaJ ZtJ. or mi WesTand Cause tier Citv, and hreakfaHt at Lagrange, aud arrives at Lexington at 11 a. to ali parties concerned. It will be delivered during the acriptions executed. anjf't-er VreES Buffalo. Aibaoy, New thirty hours' notice, every way better, now arms, Sunt Public Instruction ilattnews uO;reen burg; alao cuanecta at Stridussy, wi'h Bjy. morning trains for m. Atte rmumir.ff four hour, in l.exinirton. pansen month of October, or sooner if it is possible to have it at Bufialo with the early prompt aiiuFuue.u, iuucUW. tf-.rraebetter drilled, new cannons an t artillery, Lve i "' ' ready. With --tesaier re. .. . . N. York. Boston, Albany, Niagara Fall, Montreal, tc. gers take the it o'clock P. M. Train of Covingtn and r.rv. fne and at Iv.dtf lairx-- l F.xpress leaves Cincinnati iugton Ivailroad for Cincinnati, Paris, and Cynthiana, V heeling The price per copy to subscribers will be II 50, payaA. hundred new rifles, Ac, Ac, in fact we aro F.T. t OX vae-WfU througa without Congress City and Ral-ble when the book is delivered. The charges for adverd at 1I a. M., f'jf Columbus, y.aiiefville. Wheeling, York.I anrt connectii: at Paris with stages for Msysville. on. stop landing. T!.i a fight, and think now is the rathtr eager Senate J. 15. Carter 319: C. J. Talton 612. Shirts! Shirts!! SECOND TRAIN leaves Louisville at -- :30 r. a., and tising will be as follows: Umore, Washington City, Philadelphia, and New -; J. B. Anderson j Legtslature--J. II. Chandler Directory 112 00 and at Lexington at e HAVE THIS DAY RECEIVED BY time. toi RTH Tai!. AC'.omuiodation leaves Cincinnati j arrives remain over night7:30 r.M. Persons taking this One f page page one copy copy Directory " 00 One-halTrain and one in Lexington ar.d resume by at 4 r. M. for Xenia, Yellow springs, and 5S1. ew l ,rk and Linen IXFAUOl'S FkAL'D TUK TELEGRAPH IS RELA express an additional invoice cf ready-mad- e ' Cliillicothe; 50 4 page and one copy Directory C irrleville and that o'clockTrain next morning for Cincinnati. Blanchester and Tax For fio j; against 222. Fare frosa Loaivil! as low aa by any other route Shirts, comprising a great variety of styles TION TO THE Loosville Riots. Ihe telegraph and Muslin made w ith all the modern improvements, Passengers by the 6 o'clock a. at. Train connect at To non ulscrii-T8 the book will lie - per copy. U.iii,iwouh. ,. laat. w neeiicg contract. 1 iiarronourg, ana lor rraaaiorv Wiiu in m laAlw. Cleveland, Pittsburg, andfor Coluiu-buf- . I'Miivme, ana at iexington iUVl8af stages ior Nicnoias-ville- , Advertisement on cover subject to special their names and patterns, to fit perfect in every particular. Per- operator at Louisville, doubtless hired by the n and warranted nci j fculeriiers who also advertise will have with Night ExprehS leaves Cincinnati at 6 r. H ,gvn above articles adw Cor-Or- large M Bmens so 10 uu, u Danville, Laiiratter, Stanford, and Cntb Oichard, displayed in the City and Business Directory depart- sons in search of well made my largeio the superb line are icaaing rnoTv-.oininCieveiaud, Dunkirk, Buflalo, New York, and ' ..1 the LitUe Mi- C 5?0. 1: assortand head call and examine ,t Uements n 'ie in ta -. Among graphed all over the country a false account of the ton; Cn's'hi.e, Pnuburg. Philadelphia, and New York; ; and Winclitster. Ml. tteihne. Owinasville. Richmond. ment id full face letters, with reference made to the page invited to rr. of t ami Kailn.lCiiipaut.i ment, IA. Governor Hard V 151: Ma2cla07S. in which ttieir advertisement appears. Subscribers entirely U heel. nc. Ha irimore. W hineUiU City, and Etiil M niits. Tmn.vii.e. election riots in that city. It is ma le up iihiiq. t.111 ITT iniui.'t luirna . 1 7M. .!'. i.inen cnira, Byron ra.,unt riar.n .1.1 " ! thre BU M It Fine readV-matrfctsge lines continue through to Estill Springs and who do not advertise will, if in business, have their 4. Philadelphia, aud ew Y'ork. do, broad do; do, do ivnuiue, le certint of do '"A V. 404. " . th Eat; rthai there i i leveiauu, and thatcounwcvioos l-Kv from the statements of the Louisville Journal, the Do names inserted In plain capitals in Business Directory for Colum - , CrabOrcbard same day. One train on Sunday at 2.30 o'clock T. do, do, no Garrard ara edo do; w. Treasurer lntersmita thera do do Do ttages from all the will have no such advanpoints arrive in Lexington only, w hile most corrupt and unprincipled paper in the count,,.g. do, pai ns, do do: do tn Fancy do McKinley 1,35-- '; Frazer '' change of cars 00 f.-r- Pltfrt.r4 Kxpre-- s bv onrr.ot Kecisterof Land Trains run by Columbus time, 7 minutes faster than in time for the evening Train from Lexington to Loui- - tage afforded them in auy case. f do, lawn bosoms, stand, col.; try, which did everything it could to incite tho 1C- - do arnc haa nws Mfrti4 do thon th omer. I vibe. Over l.lou uicrilers are already secured, and the Fine Ciuciui.aU. do, stand, col., broad plaita; riota, and thoa afterward tried to lay the gui.t ta.U the Muslin do ,, . ..,. Do , '(, on th promis .Passengers ry this route are comparatively exempt woik will be put in the hands of the printer so soon as TTlROrGH TICKETS, do; do, Byron do, do do do 4r. t a, . Do ,ould be eorrecteu; oui iwj are ..ii l res. uoara m iji. imj). upon the innocent party. Hid we seen the And all information, can be obtained st the New Of-- j from the annoyance of dut in the cars, and pass the manuscript can be carefully revised say in ten do; do, no collars, do do do IH hand bills and newspaper W. LEE WHITE, tne burneit House Building, W. L. O Balsa, tiirough some oiMate ricnest and most highly cultivated days. fees, No. do, lawn bosoms, stand, col. do dispatch before it appeared in ourcolamns, bitt 431. do Do irfirtint-- of the G.COLLINS. jvi Auditor Page IJIO; Grinstead 430. rylj K:iRT Ticket Agent; No. 177 Front Office, Gibson House Build ass d Taney French umgiiari do, linen-boso- paturns, iasicoiors: it certainly would not have obtained admittance tog, Alas. HamilTO-,- 1 lcket Agent;orai irieuiu umre, Shi its, broad t.i' For tickets and any desired information call at 0 fcya-Oo- copies at least will be published. s;. nupt.. ruouc insiruciion 1. j;urceo ; oOdoten of low priced Muslin that there. We rogard it as a great imposition fore-tathe Depot, corner of Jefferson aud Brook meets. uLliewst cxiruer Broadway aud Front street, opposite plaits; i 453. .1 !l SAMUEL GILL, hi en er 11 ou ; or at the Eaatero (Little Miacui) Depwt, Collars, at wholesale, abar- - gnah lying stutT should be sent out in order to Standing and Eupt, L. It V. and L. et F. R. R. au4 Front stree. i.a public opinion and put it upon the wrong a.m. until No. 62 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. lroajoe hours fmraW. TRADE R, ?S . w. Agent. Call'at 6"ia southwest corner of Third and Main If you ua H. Jeweti553. sueeJ cotmporaries of the Demo General P. DOUBLE EX 4 want a superb and well made set of Shirts, warranted to scent. Wo put our 1139; ' . Le?i3!ature Bon. Uardia LTelmdC THE CMMBl'8 LIE GOLD PENS, JurtSreceivad, a larga assort- JUDSON, FOWLER & CO., respect. ,7 7 cratic press upon tneir guaro-a"fit in every fiolders. Wholesale Dealers In Calls for paaaenger at ail the priaoipai Hotels, for each Hawkiaa , HUOdOien collars, Btauaiug, dj ron, .uoigui, ccthw every train. By leaving d.recuons at either of the ment of first quality Gold PeC (Ion and short ribs), fraud, which, we presume, has been ent over the Robert li. LngUsh ( K. N.) 1,837; Wm. C. and corueo ana piatn. ( Anti 103. j i3 v WOHJ", liil 10, Shirts Collars and Drawer-- . difta pol, naw style snrlnf strata hi rroni, D. MANSFULD. line, in all directions.-C- V. v ",'., tih. bore oihoea, will call tur Haset.f ort La all parts of the ?nih aud Without cases. . A. Jy3 i. Mam HreeU ".member An txtenilTC stock constantly on hand. ? t.;j,i-.UiotliJilii . iJliiU , FOR WASHINGTON CITY, PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY HARNEY, Raltimore, Philadelphia, rMIE COM- menced manufacturing Organs and A descriptions, and are prepared to of the flrestwork, best execute ail pertaining to this line of business. Thev are now eu- mrMl nn nne of the t.iriri at Orni ever hnilt in th West, which, w ben completed, wji contain 30 full atop. 1 lie case to contain the work, is il Teet in length, 1 lect wide, and 21 teet high. Persons can judge of its capacity. This instrument w ill have many new arid fine luipioveiuents, well worthy the attention of those acquainted with the construction of Church Orpins. All orders at home or from a distance tilled with iiroaititneiis and dispatch. Persons desiring to exam ine our work, and learn our capacity lo manufacture the Cnestdescriptioii of instruments, would do well to give us a c;i!l at our factory, on Preston street, near the favors of the past, they roaday. Thankful opc to sua merit a full share of patronage. JOHN CO.N'KKY & CO jeMdtf MEW YORK, &C. OHIO BALTIMORE MIO AD! mIIIS . c'p rr - 43 Page, Rivun & dust trade, lie says 0'; tton ip JEWELRY. "yJX i n ts Itliri il ..; iiiri..n. U"Hvi KhVHveW Kt ,.,,. ir t XVdLw. "1 tefSo f IVIjO, V li 11, 15jo. J. a. isi;ut, iiitniuirt. lJ,'- AUGl'ST ?ATlIUAY, V JEWELRY I CE CHESTS tl: a wr WI11IM 1 ft tcr it nivtninT nr Kentucky Election. dc REFRKilMl t'J ftM.ea usa t; f J AT ,o ir .,v JLIl W E li lit Y .". fn; PETERS, IMano For Manufactory, ""J o,,,,,,,,,,....,, ltS mini rlc,gBge. !WILLIy WHAL1!? Dr. D. A. IautClllt'III, SrS? I, Urrltli, l.i '' WATCHES i TUU it. by Baltimore and railrts, little .Toucd Carter t' !.; IVcoK rHRKE jTP:W JEWELRY. 'i ti ArmtroiiSj III iPlWtr 11 ill fc Watches, Jewelry, etc., etc., jlt I G 3IAKK JOIiNs; r7rAvi?ae-Jniu.. a htL7d7' .' J. It. WIXTEK, i ...... lTi WHOLESALE J. flirchbuhl, '" 1. tc. F.Ul-- CITY HOTEL, THE ky., au. i. I.ittlc Iiami Kailroad. Jrv " fjiuiiber! Doors! 'irrPl KEEP if, a'sli! EAST! f. ty "rvCH 'i'3.: RAILROAD!!! ExptMlitious Koute rgo Jelfcrsonville Kailroad. Sltj tj i ' J tT i - Z " . u., to " ' je v...:.,, ty EXPRESS NOTICE. .. Change oi Time. AD '" ail F ail k RAILROADS. t 'H'?'" tOur Louisville Directory, 3 . li ivSS I ciio t; fr art. fa, '' i. ...,,,, ii Shirt Establishment, Wlril Ci i

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