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Image 2 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), January 8, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

Mr. LONG a bill to change the time of the The Iiidiunu I.iquorJLaw. meeting of the General Assembly. Correspondence of the Cincinnati Daily Gazelle, Same a bill for the benefit of Vincent TayLawrence bi'RO, la., Dec. 26th, 1855. lor, of Cumberland county. The Temperance law passed at the last session Mr. CLEMENT a bill to change the time KENT T K Y LEG ISL ATT R E . of the General Assembly of Indiana, ha been of hoiding the Crittenden Quarterly Courts. virtually nullified bv the Supreme Court. The Mr. RICE a bill t,j amend chapter 47 of the Supreme Court of our State consists of four IN PF.XATE. Revised Statutes. " Mr. GRAHAM a bill to empower Justices of Judges, and by the provisions of our statutes,Monday, .(an. 7, 1(?56. whenever the Judges are equally divided in opinPrayer by the Rev. Mv. Norton, of the Epis- the Peace to take acknowledgment of deeds. af-copal Church. Mr. AUXIER a bill to declare that portion of ion, the judgment of the Court below stands Tim Journal of Saturday was read. Licking river in Floyd and Johnson counties, firmed. nrpscnt term the .TndcrpQ rliA Snnreme At. the navigable. MESSAGE JROM THE H. R. Court have given opinions in cases before the Same a hill to reduce the price of land war A message was received from the House, anCourt on the main questions involved in the Pronouncing that that hody had passed the follow- rants in Johnson countv. hibitory Liquor Law. Judges Perkins and DaviMr. HEWITT a bill for the benefit of Col. ing bills: and asked the concurrence of the Senson declare the whole law void; Judges Gookins R. T. P. Allen, late superintendent of the Kenate, viz: sustains the entire act, and Judge Stuart sustains An act for the benefit of Moseby Stratton, of tucky Military Institute. the sections of the law which prohibit retailing Same a bill for the benefit of George W. Ballard county. intoxicating liquors, but pronounces the sections Kouns. An act to legalize the proceedings of the Febprohibiting the manufacture and appointing counMr. VAUGHN a bill to amend section 13, ty agents for the sale, unconstitutional and void. ruary term of 18;.2 of the Casey county Court. article 17, of chapter 23, of Revised Statutes. An act to incorporate North Kentucky AgriThree of the Judges concurring in opinion as to Mr. ENGLISH a bill to amend the charter of the unconstitutionality of the sections of the act cultural Society. An act for the benefit of K. J. Starr, and his the Louisville Turnpike Road Company. appointing county agents, and prohibiting the Mr. HELM a bill to aid those counties that manufacture, these parts of the law, of course, adopted daughter Laura. Au act for the benefit of W. 13. A. Baker, have subscribed stock in railroads, and in aid of are made void. But on the question of the powinternal improvement and common school purer of the Legislature to prohibit retailing, the late Sheriff of Mason county. i Judges are equally divided, and consequently that An act to incorporate Allen Lodge Masonic poses. Same a bill requiring ihe sale of slaves to be provision remains as though it had not been pass-:- ' Female College. ed upon. An act to amend the Law on the subject of recorded. Mr. CULTON a bid to take the sense of the The effect of these opinions, is, (as far as the changes of venue in civil cases. citizens of Knox county upon removing the Supreme Caurt is concerned,) to leave the retail- An act prohibiting magistrates from taxing atcounty seat of said county. ing clause to the decision of the inferior Courts; torney's fees. Mr. NUTTALL a bill to enable Jos. Yeager, for whichever way they may decide, the Supreme An act to amend the 8th section of the 13th of Trimble county, to prosecute a writ of erCourt cannot, as it now stands, reverse their de-- j chapter of the Revised Statutes. ror from the United States District Court for the eisions. It is known that some of the inferior An act to change the route of the Wilderness State of Indiana, in the case of Yeager vs. Courts hold the law to be constitutional, while Turnpike Road. Rowe, to the Supreme Court of the United many of them will declare the whole law void, An act to legalize the subscription of the Woodford County Court to the Versailles and States. j One Court may fine a person for selling intoxica- Same a bill for the benefit of sheriffs and ting liquors, and another Court acquit for the same Munday's Landing Turnpike Road. j offense; and these cases, should they go to the clerks of this Commonwealth. An act for the benefit of Joshua Oaks. t .Mr. MoRROW a bill to incorporate OrienMiprenie t.ourt, must he amrmed: An act to charter the Muldrough's Hill ami But the most effectual means taken to cripple tal Lodge, No. Ill, I. O. O. F., in Madisonville, Green River Turnpike Road Company. the law is bv the writ of habeas corpus. The Stat- An act to confirm the establishment of the Lou- Hopkins countv. Mr. FOSS a bill for the benefit of parents, utes of Indiana provide that writs of habeas cor- isville and Nashville Road in Jellerson county, guardians, students, &., at schools, colleges, pus may be granted by the Supreme Court, or by and change the name thereof. any Judqe. thereof, either in term time or in vaca-- i An act to amend an act, to amend and reduce universities, and military institutes. Mr. McCAMPBELIa bill to authorize the lion! and these writs, when issued by the Supreme into one, tho icveral acts relating to the tow n of Jessamine County Court to purchase twenty-fivCourt, or any Judge of that Court, run through Princeton. out the entire State. In ease of imprisonment An act. for the benefit of James Taylor, of bonds of the Lexington and Danville Railroad. Mr. MENZIES for a bill to provide for copying Hardinsburg. of a fine assessed for illegal the deed books of Kenton county. An act for the benefit of Hiram Keatli, of Puselling intoxicating liquors, should a writ of a bill to amend the charter of Ihe f habeas corpus be sued out from the Sufrreme Court, Same laski county. i the prisoner would not be discharged, the Court An act to amend an act entitled, au act to im- Southern Bank of Kentucky. Mr. RICHARDSON prove the road from Hull's Gap to Somerset a bill to enlarge the j being equally divided in opinion on that branch jurisdiction of the Magistrates in District .o. 3,. j of the law; yet one of the same Judges may i Au act to legitimatize the illegitimate children in Kenton county. sue the writ and discharge him! In fact, one of of Samuel 11. Haddix. Same a bill to establish a system of Police the Judges may do what the whole Court cannot! An act to repeal the act incorporating the town regulations in certain portions of Kenton county. j Ami as the prisoner has the right to sue out the of Jackson. Same a bill to provide for the writ before the Court, or any Judge, of course he The above bills were referred to appropriate will choose the tribunal whose opinion he knows committees, except an act to legalize the sub- of Transylvania University. Mr. CECIL a bill to regulate the salaries of" to be favorable. scription of the Woodford County Court to the i Versailles and Munday's Landing Turnpike road: County Judges. An instance of this occurred here a few days Same a bill to regulate the salaries of Comago. Two Germans, notorious trafficers in inwhich was passed. monwealth attornies. toxicating diinks, were arrested and fined by the ItKPORTS. Mr. MONTGOMERY a bill benefit Mayor of this city, in several cases each, for ill e The SPEAK 10 II laid before the Senate the Re- of II. W. Faris and Ambrose fluford, of Lincoln ' gal selling. They refused to pay the tines, and port of the Keeper of the Penitentiary; also the county. ! were committed to jail. On Friday last, Judge Report of the Secretary of State, which were orSame a bill in relation to retailing spirituous Perkins (the Supreme Court being in session) or-- j dered to be printed for the use of the Senate. liquors. de red these men brought before him, at his Cham-- ' PETITION'S. Mr. BOWLING a bill to increase the jurisher, in Indianapolis, on a writ, of habeas corpus, diction of Magistrates in this Commonwealth, tnnd forthwith discharged them! In the language SILVER-TOOTPetitions were presented by Messrs. and to require them to execute bond, &c. of Judge Perkins himself, in a recent case, anil WRIGHT, ami appropriately referMr. MILLER a bill to incorporate the Rich("Judge-madlaw has the Legislative red mond and Big Hill Turnpike Road Company, in. ) department;" and the Judge himself has become COMMITTEES. FROM STANDING REPORTS Madison county. (a striking example of the principle he before a bill to Mr. SMITH Court of Appeals Mr. BROWN, of Meade ) condemned. a bill better to regmuch of the Code of Practice, as regards ulate the standard weights of certain products The Temperance Law prohibited the sale of all proceedings in ordinary to be sworn to. with the in this Commonwealth. intoxicating drinks, except for medicinal, me- opinion that it oueht not to pass. Mr. RICKETTS a bill to reduce the number chanical, and sacramental uses; and confined the On motion of Mr. SUDDUTH, the bill was re- of jurors in Quarterly Courts, Police Courts, and sale for such uses to licensed county agents. The committed to the committee on the Court of Ap- Justices Courts, and to provide for their compensection requiring the sale for such purposes to be peal?. ; made by county agents only, having been annulsation. Same a bill for the benefit of Isaac Miller, FROM SELECT COMMITTEES. led, it follows that every person has a right to REPORTS sell for such uses. And the door being thus Mr. GILLIS a bill for the benefit of Wm. B. late sheriff of Muhlenburgh county. Same a bill to authorize the Muhlenburg f opened for the sale of spirituous liquors by all White: passed. said county, and to persons, for such uses, it is easy to foresee that a bill for the benefit of County Court to Mr. SILVERTOOTH i the chance of detection in cases create an additional constable's district." of illegal sale, R. C. Wintersmith: passed. Mr. DUNCAN, of Nelson a bill to amend is very small. The operation of the Ohio Li-- J RESOLUTION. the charter of the town of Bardstown. quor Law is a forcible illustration of this. Mr. D. HOWARD SMITH moved the followMr. DUGAN a bill to amend an act incorpoWith the right to manufacture and keep liquors ing resolution which was adopted: rating the town of Falmouth, in Pendleton at pleasure, and to sell the same for specified Rcsolced, That the committee on Banks be in- county. uses, with a knowledge that in ease of convic-- j structed to report a bill prohibiting the issuing Mr. McCREERY tion and imprisonment, the offender will be (lis-- j a bill to amend the act in denomi- corporating the Kentucky State Medical Society. and circulation of bank notes of a less charged from imprisonment, it may well be said nation than five dollars, in accordance with the Mr. BOOKER a bill to incorporate the Springthat the Temperance Law of Indiana is virtually recommendation of the Governor's Message. field Union Agricultural and Mechanical Associrepealed, and thai "Judge made-lahas over- The resolution from the House, requesting the ation. rode the Legislative Department." Governor to order a salute to be fired on the 8th It is true that the Judge, in discharging the t Mr. VANWINKLE a bill for the benefit of of January and 22d of February, was taken up Hays Buster, of Wayne county, and Z. fender from imprisonment, cannot discharge the , by the Senate and concurred in. fine, which may be collected as ordinary judg-- ) j of Pulaski county. merit. But when it is recollected that in Indi-- ' LEAVE TO BRING IN BILLS. Same a bill to change the law fixing the ana, debtors have property to theamount of three Leave was given to bring in the following Bills, number of children in school districts, and fixing ; hundred dollars exempt from sale on execution, the ages of the same. which were appropriately referred. and that the only stock in trade required to start Mr. GOODLOE a bill for the benefit of Mr KOHLHASS A bill concerning the pubj a respectable doggery is a barrel of whisky, that Robt. T. Pepper, of Woodford county. lic highways in this Commonwealth. . right cannot be regarded as very valuable. Same a bill to incorporate McKee Lodge Mr. BLAIN A bill to legalize the proceedings of the October term of the Garrard County No. 25, I. O. O. F., in Versailles. Position of Hon. J. Scott Harrison in reMr. BODLEY a bill reserving the power to Court for 1855. gard to Mr Banks. The Washington corres- Same A bill to amend the charter of the amend or repeal charters hereafter granted. pondent of the Cincinnati Times, says: Same a bill to amend the charter of the ProDanville, Dix River and Lancaster Turnpike Col. Schouler, of the Gazette, has, without testant Episcopal Orphans' Asvlum, of LouisRoad Company. reason or authority, placed Hon. John Scott HarMr. HARDIN A bill to repeal the 758 section ville. rison in a false position. Mr. Harrison expressly a bill to authorize the Louisville and Same of the Civil Code of Practice, abolishing the and plainly denies that he gave Mr. Schouler writ of moixeat, as a remedy in civil actions, Frankfort Railroad Company to fund their debt. any authority to state that his (Harrison's) prina bill to amend the charter of the LouSame and to restore said writ. cipal reason for opposing Mr. Bank3 was the Mr. WILLIAMS A bill to amend the charter isville and Frankfort Railroad Company. course ot mat gentleman on the Nebraska bill, Mr. WINN a bill to amend chapter 27, of of Fosters's Turnpike Road Company. Mr. Harrison told me yesterday, in the pres-- j j Mr. WRIGHT A bill for the benefit of Con- the Revised Statutes. ence of several gentlemen, that he opposed Mr. stables of the Commonwealth. ON MOTION, j Banks mainly because he was a traitor to the AmeSame A bill to incorporate the people's Bank The report of the Keeper of the Penitentiary rican party, and refused to endorse and defend its of Kentucky, at Bowlinggreen, Kentucky. to the committee on Penitentiary. principles! Mr. Harrison was astonished and in-Mr. DeCOURCY A bill to incorporate the was referred dignant at the statement made by Mr. Schouler. Stony Hill Turnpike Road Company, of CampMESSAGE FROM THE SENATE. and will take occasion at an early date, to define bell county. A message was received from the Senate, anhis objections to Mr. Banks, so that they cannot Mr. BUCKNER A bill to extend the time nouncing that they had passed a bill and resolube mistaken. As a member of the American lor perfecting t claims to land. tion from the House of Representatives, of the Order, Mr. H. could not vote for Banks, without Mr. EDWARDS A bill for the benefit of following titles, viz: falsifying himself before his best, friends. John McLean and Jesse Rankin, Trustees of the An act for the benefit of Elizabeth Ruckcr. United Society called Shakers, at South Union, in relation to firing a national saA resolution Spiritualism Detected. The N. Y. Tribune in Logan county Kentucky. lute on the 8th of January and 22d of February. of Friday says: "A scene occurred yesterday afSame A bill to incorporate Logan Lodge, No. That they had passed sundry bills which origi73. of the I. 0. 0. F. at Russellville, Kentucky. nated in that house; which were placed in the ternoon in the room where the Davenport family have been wont to give their spirit manSame A bill authorizing the County Court of order of the day. ifestations consisting of musical instruments Logan county, to rent or sell the old clerks being played upon and moved about in a dark RESOLUTIONS. in said county, upon the completion of the room, kc, which was by no means down in the new clerk's offices for said county. Mr. MENZIES offered the following resolubill. It seems that Councilman Kerrigan, toMr. RIPLEY A bill to amend the law, in tion, which was rejected, viz: gether with his "stall'," have for some time been Resolved, That the select committee of thirrelation to negotiable notes. attending the exhibitions of these mediums, to And then the Senate adjourned until 1(1 o'clock teen, to divide the State into thirteen judicial satisfy themselves Wednesday morning. districts, be hereby instructed to report a bill to the right origin whether they were attributed On this occasion, the counsimply making the 13th District, without attemptcilman, soon after entering the room, got in a HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. ing to arrange the number of juridical days for creeping posture, and quietly worked his way the several counties, or the times for the comMonday, January 7, 185C. among the mediums, when he suddenly caught mencement of terms. hold of one who was playing a tamborine, and of the Prayer by the Rev. J. M. Lancaster, Mr. McELROY offered the following resoluthen being hit upon the head, and willing to Catholic Church. tions, which were adopted, viz: "take a hand" in anything of that kind, replied was read by the Clerk. The Journal of Saturday Resolved ltj the House of Representatives, That by a blow, and then retired among the audience. PETITIONS it shall be one of the rules of this House, during "The instrument was then thrown, and came in Were presented bv Messrs. BEAUCHAMP. the balance of the present session, that on each contact w ith an old gentleman. Kerrigan threw WOODS, C. DUNCAN, and ROGERS, and ap- Saturday it shall be the duty of the Speaker to the instrument back again, which hit the mecause a call of the counties, in order to give the dium, who propriately referred. asked if it was the work of the spirits. members an opportunity to obtain leave to bring He replied, no; the instrument was thrown at I.FAVF. TO BRING IN BILLS. in bills, introduce resolutions, reports from select him, and he threw it back again. Quiet being Leave was granted to bring in the following committees, &c. restored, the performance went on as before, bills, which were annropriately referred, viz: Resolved, That a resolution heretofore passed, when the Councilman brought a dark lantern, a bill for the benefit, of requiring a call of the counties every Monday, Mr. JIAWKINS which he had with him, into requisition, revealSchool District, No. 30, in Bath county. for the purpose, be rescinded. ing the medium playing on various instruments. Mr. LEE, of Boyle a bill to incorporate CoORDERS OF THE DAY. The audience sprang to their feet amid much lumbia College. laughter, cheers and confusion. The celebrated Mr. BRADFORD a bill to amend the charter A Senate bill, to incorporate the Hopkins Razor Strop Maii walked up and down the room, Coal and Iron Mining Company, was taken of the city of Augusta. saying he was more pleased than if he had reSame a bill for the benefit of Wm. Marshal, up and passed. ceived five hundred dollars. It was a humbug, of Bracken county. The remainder of the Senate bills upon the and he been Same a bill to incorporate the First Presby- Clerk's table were then taken up and referred to cilman had then deceived by it two years. CounK. ordered his "staff " to arrest the terian Church in the city of Augusta. appropriate committees. parties known as the Davenport family, when JVIr. COOK, of Caldwell a bill to incorporate And then the House adjourned until Wednesthey were taken before Justice Hreunan, of the llie Princeton and Eddy ville Turnpike Road Com- day morning. Essex Market Police Court, and after disgorging pany. the amount that had been paid them bv the CounSiuiie a bill to authorize the Lyon County Pl'Rgatory. A gentleman, who seems to be a cilman and his "staff," they were discharged." Court to establish an additional Justices' District sincere inquirer after truth, addresses to us by in said county. A Five Hundred Dollar Bible. Among the Mr. JRVAN a bill so la amend the Code of letter several questions as to the Roman Catholic !Practice as 10 give Circuit Courts, by present- purgatory. He wishes to know how long a time, many costly and beautiful works of artoffered for over roads and according to the Roman Catholic teachings, is sale in Philadelphia, during Holliday week, was ment of n graud jury, jurisdiction a Bible valued at 4501) absolutely necessary for getting out of purgatory n,;nt;. Tim public highways. Mr. MoD. FOGLE a bill to empower County a poor sinner that is burning there. 1 hat, we binding, and, in fact, the whole finish of the bnnk' Courts to regulate and change voting places in take it, depends upon the amount of money that it is believed, exceeds that of any other in the his relatives ami friemls are willing to pay for world. The ornaments are solid gold, and very 'heir respective counties. heavy. Lou. Cour. Mr. TURNER a bill Ujtter to protect the his extrication. If they were- to pay not more than five dollars at a time for him, he would have f'ights'of married women in ccrtai't cases. Same a bill for the benefit of the railroad tax to stay in a very long while. If they w ere to pay a hundred, he would get out a great deal Notions! Notions!! ;pwers in Clarke county. sooner. If they should fork over a thousand, he rHAVK a splendid assortment of every thins usually Same a bill for the better protection and, tin- above liuc.and as Ihey are "too nuiuerou's would come so quick out of the fire into the cool of the State library. lo mention" I would repeeifuv Imitotho paljlk' to cull !Vr. GARRARD a ibrii to incorporate the airtkat he would be very likely to take a had .nut examine tliem cold. 1,'tu. Joitr. J.'ariv and. Cumberland Gap Railroad Companv. O.l. '.'1. w. M. TODD. 1856. ASSEMBLY TOE COMMONWEALTH. T t j i e is-- 'j -' lot-th- e . over-rod- e ; of-)- Rosen-felter- ' J j j, January EDMUND ! - February it. 23. .lanuarv February GRAY 'LOOR A ll STAVD, CORNtli COMMITTEE. A. (i. Bacon. "freshf lil boxes Preserved Citron; i'5 boxesassorted Presurvt?; 10 boxes Hrandied Krnii-- ; 10 bibs. Almonds; hb IPecan-bbl. Brazil Ants, bbl. Knlish Walnuts 2 bbls. (.'ocoaniits; 25 boxes M. K. Kaisins; 20 boxes Layer Kaisin; 10 boxes Sultana Kaisins; J.C.Hawkins, . 1.. CrillendeB, G. W. .Monroe. K. H. Critteuileu COMKIITTEE OF INVITATION. R. C. Wintersmilli, K. H. Watson, A. M. Blanlon, I,. .1. Harvie, J. C. Henslcy, G. S. Bacon. )ry Members can obtain their tickets from II. Evan. Treasurer. Dee. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. The office of Ibis Company lias been removed to Pinker ion's llrus; .Store on Main Street, In llanna's New Building, FRANKFORT, KY. OITIi .Mcssci!E.T ami ut Kxprrx freight will leave 111 lor Louikiille mimics before 8, A. .'.!.; and lor Lexington Kill leavu at .r 'i o'clock P. AI. Packages nwiveil here from Louisville at o'clock. P. .M., ami from Lexington and Knst of that point at 7 '. ADAMS KXPRKSN CO. o'clock, A. M. li. 1KK--b- W. OWKX, Agent, at Frankfort. NEW TAIL0B.ING ESTABLISHMENT. LITIHiW &TlUTCIIESON. "lirK wmiM rcapOfl fully inform Hit citizens of Frank-- n fort ami vicin ity, ih:it we have openoil a shop two tloors from the Vm nlvii HrhltS and next door to K. & J. Monroe'.' Law Offl e, where wo are prepared to do all kinds of work intri is um I to our rare; all we ask U a fair trial and we know ;.ou will not po nwav disappointed. Itee. ."1, if. UTHGOW A.: HUTl'HKNON. ITAIJL E F A R M l DOZ.'boltlesnaiural Pine Appl; 1 doz.jurs Canloa Ginger; " tloz. boxes Guava Jelly; ti doz. Fruh Pa' hes; 3 doz. fresh Strawl!Trie-if do., cans l'resli Luhslrrs; '.2 do., cans Iresh Salmon; H'u whole, z and 4 runs Sardine; 2. cans Spiced Oyster-- ; li fans Pickled Lobsters; 5 baskets Olive Oil, Henslev,"' h. c. Grat'z, Kit. .Mitchell, G. B. Macklin, FOR SALE. Wild, sell my far m on which I reside in Franklin counI ty, containing i Ai'RKS; four miles from Frankfort, on the nld ila rrotlshurer road . i intend removin sr to Texas, and will sdl upon fair to priee ai id time to any person calling on me itliin a few week . The land is well improved, finely timhered and watered, and lie well foreullivation and meadow. Purchasers will ttnd ii to their advantage to call on nut THOS. KLAKKMOKK. earh. Itee. '24, IKm tl". 2 kegs Zante Currants; Quaker Herbs, Majoruni Sage, Suvorv, Thyme, Arc 3 doz. Knirlisli Walnut Catsup: :t doz. Mushroom Catsup; H doz. assorted Cawup; 1 doz. French Mustard; I doz. White Peppor; ti doz. Cayenne IVppcr; 10 lbs. Tapioca; lbs. Sago; doz. Cox's Gelatine; doz. Shred lsingla.s:; lbs. Cooper's Ifinjlas; hhds. prime N. Supnr; .'10 bbls. ( rushed Sugar; 10 bbls. Powdered Sugar; ti bbls and 4 boxes double retined Loaf Sugar; 20 bbls, granulated Sugar; 20 pockets, and .r bags of prime old Java Coilce; lf Img, Laguira Cottee; 20 bags, prune Hut Coftre; 10 chests, superior G. P. Tea; 4 chests, superior lilack Tea; 20 box variousabrand.s Chewing Tobacco; 1 bbl. Smoking Tobacco; 2 gross Smoking Tobacco in papers; 30,000 superior high flavored Ha ana Cigars; .',IHHi German Cigars; r'caseOH.lHtO.-fArwGerman Cigars; 20.000 half Spanish Cigars; ti jars Moccaboy Sntitt; 2 jars Scotch Snutl; . 12 doz line (Hard Krandv; li doz tine .Madeira Wine; ti doz tine Pale Sherry Wine; doz tine Old Port Wine; 12 doz Old Whisky; 2 iloz Sehneidain Schnapps 20 boxes prime Western Kcservc; . boxes Knglish Dairy Cheese; f boxes Pine Apple Cheese; TiOO lbs. superior Dried Reef; Ii doz. Reef Tongues; 2."0 liacon Hams; 4U0 lbs. Kacon sides; fi bbls. large o. 3 Mackerel; 10 kits tine .Mackerel; ti kits tine Salmon; 2 bbls. fine Salmon. Any of the above articles we will sell lo f.utu-tvatimer on four months time. Dec. 17, tTM. GRAY A: TODD. 10 3 4 10 5 (. THE WEST as follows: If. .lelalie Kooiui, Gutieriut;, Spouting, a.c Done in the U'sl and most workmanlike mannerand on reasonable terms. .Shop on Broadw ay street. West side, oppo-it- e tho Cp-itSquare. Jtec. l, 1K$ b. H. . MILLER. Confectioneries, A. JAEGER & CO., .FRENCH CHINA EMPORIUM, o. 19 it 121, Fourth St., between .Market AID JEFFERSON, UNDER MOZART HALL, KY. are la receipt, per laic arrivals, of manv additions II to our large ami well assorted stock of "goods. In our slock muynow be found: Kichly gilded and decorated DiniiijrandTea Sets, (Nero.) Kichlv gold band and decorated French Toilet Sets, (Louis XVI.) Luilre Band, .H:irt)le, Printed.and White Stone China. Also, GLASS WARE. French, Beleian, and American Cut and Pressed Tumblers, Goblets, Champagnes, Wines, howls, Card Dishes, and Salvers. TABLE CUTLERY. Extra fine Ivory, J. Kussell & Co's American Cutlery, assorted styles. Table and Dessert Knives, Forks, Carvers, Steels, cic, &c. SILVER-PLATE- WARE. Consisting of extra heavy plated Table, Desert Forks, Table and Teaspoons, Sugar Tongs, Butler-kniveCastors, Tea sets, &c; Britannia Tea and Coffee Sets, Candle-slick.Mugs, Castors, Table and Teaspoons, Ac, etc. 2 J0 1 QUESTION. R 1 rKSSKS. J. B. FORDolCO.,onhecitvof New Albany, the State of Indiana, claiming lo ie the owners of Saiidl'ord's paten-rigto manufacture what is known as Samllbrd's Straw-Cutte- r, have sold the right to manufacture tho same to various persons for certain prescribed terrtiories, ami Ihey have warned the public against purchasing the Straw-Cuttmanufactured by us. We have been for a long time satislted that the patent is a fraud, and that it is void, beinga palpable piracy and infringement of the patent-righ- t of John Bovnton, which bears date Sjtlidav of September, 1KW, and has expired. We have been" satisHed that Ihe machine denominated Snnford's perfect Straw-Cuttis constructed nolaccnrdinglo the specifications contained inSandford's patent, but according 10 the specifications contained in Boynton's and all this has recently been decided in the U. S. Circuit Court for the Middle district of Tennessee. Some months since, we sold to B. S. Weller, of .Nashville, several of Ihe Sanford Straw Cutters, which were taken by him to the Slate of Tennessee and there sold. Ch's.M. Alexander claimed to be the assignee of Snnford's patent for Ihe State of Tennessee from J. H. Ford & Co., and sued Weller on infringement. Weller defended and insisted that Sanl'ord's patent, is void and a piracy on Boynton's, and, as we before said, court and jury so decided. We arc prepared, as heretofore. 10 furnish all orders for the Straw-Cuttemanufactured by us. and to defend an and every person in selling or using them. Dec. 10, 155 Sill. MII.LKK, WIN GATE, A CO. Jtlin City Election. Frankfort, Dec. 14, 1K55 OTUAKTS wld Yeoman copy boxes assorted Pickles; drums fresh Figs; frail fresh Dates. XKW YORK SYKUP ij 5 barrels, 10 half barrels, audio nnarter barrels of Stuarts No. Syrups. Porsnlobv GRAY & TO nee. ). and Segurs Is full, and of I, OUR Stock in th liquors, Tobacco una call. e market. Give be, W. H. KEtt.NE CO. persons kuowingrthemselves indebted ALL. 'n of O. & I. BKLT, are hereby notified totothe late come forward and pay upor their notes and accounts will be placed in the hands of an officer for collection. Jos. I. Kelt, the surviving partner of the late linn will always be found at hi residence 91. Low is street. JOS. I. BKI.T, Sur. of CO WKST& O. CO. FUR SALE. ' vear old Calawba (rrape Vines; lO.milMlne vear old Calawba Grape Vine-- : :tlUMHI Slips of Calawba I i rape Vines. AI. lHHiKK, Terms cash. Ready Vineyard, near Frankfort Hovjri .Nov. 2H, IMS tf. Yeoman copy. opened Nov. Colognes, Perfumery, Toilet, Soap, &c. i K1NE assortment of Colognes, r'erfumery, Toilet A Soap and Tovsof all varieties. ' lieeeinberT. Wanted to Hire, iNov. li. . Daguerrean ialery over flair street, rank fort,. Kv. Pear-son'- HTTSIiURG COAL. llec. T, tf. 18,'h) SETTLE & SWIGERT. 105 Acres of Good DISSOLUTION. THE partnership on the l.'tth FARM, I0F1?KK for sate myKlkhorn onsituated abouttwo miles the Owenton road, conKorksof of KVA.YS & SV IGERT was inst., by mutual consent. If. Evann will settle up the business of the late tlrm. Nov. l. Land. al)oni .!0 acres in good timber, the balance cleared and in cult ivation. The improvements are comfortable, and the place is well watered. Possession given at anv lime lo suit the Purchaser. A ny one wishing to purchase w ill please call and evninine ihe premises. HKKVKV THORN. .Nov. ai, 1855 If. eravntx, Scarfs and Tics. rlcgam assortment of CKAVATS, TIES, neat A AM) and SCAKt'S, of eoery Shade, Color, Style and Make, can lie hail lv calling on ' W. TODD. To Ihe Public. DAN. SWIGKKT. Jumlc V KHY large and splendid stock Hook ot r presents. for children: Christmas and Ni'w Call and sec them. We take pleasure in showing all our HUMPHREY EVANS ods. Vorj low al Book and Shoe Slore. lee. .". FllESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS. Books Coinc 1IU.WPHKKY KVA.NS. Book anil Shoe Store. JOHN liY. FOR THE CHILDREN. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS. some of the most elegant (HAVE just receivedever olfereil in ileseription eirl aii'l g't the choice. lVi. (I,.) h" taining Kept. 'ill. lH,rK. article, fresh from Youghegheney mines, ASPLKNDID grates, and gas purposes, it is unrivaled. All orders left at Evan's Bookstore will be iironiiitly attended lo, or 1. Swigert will be always found at Mack-lin'- s wharf. Terms Cash. FARM FOR SALE. .ri. V. S.WKST&CO. fice. OIM-- obi Standv St. , 1855 If. I. HKLT. IyQ do ahouse work, aw negro Boy or Jlrl. For a good liberal price ill be given. Kinpure at this of- flfll Oil". Ill Ad.tLN! HUGH L. GOODWIN AS again his iV: September 14, 1KT tin. Yeoman copy four month ami charge this office. Catawba Grape Vines, Cuttings, &c., Hec. 4, 1H55. . NOTICE. WF.STA V cask line .viadeira Win:-l cask old Port Wine; x'll hlils tine Honrbon Whisky; lfine botlled Liquors of all kinds; De 7. Dec. OFFICE CITY fOUXOlF, ORDKHKD, That an election for eight Cotincilmen, for Frankfort, lo serve for the ensuing vear, be held in the Court House, in said citv, on the 1st Satur day in January next; and that G. W.'Gwin and K. Gil. Judges superintend said election. P. SWICrKKT, .Vtntor. Attest Jas. V. Battiiklor, C. C. F. TT S. VVKST Ar CO. having taken an Apeney for tho . i. i i atiiuui niiiiin at t j r rresn oautmore Uy 3' tersy which they warrant to be as good if not superior lo any in this city, are prepared to .supply all their friends and customers, either by the ease or can. Oec. 5. Yeoman copy. casks lino pule and dark Rrandy; :l eighlh eaks superior pale (Hard Urand": 1 i baskets superior Champagne: baskets Heidsiek Champagne: : cask Sherry Wine; II " FRESH BALTIMORE OYSTERS! O.UARTKII . ) A. J AF.GKR & CO., French China House, Nos. 119 anil I'1, fourth street, Mozart Hall, Louisville, Kv. Dec. T, lf.Vi tf. BOOTS AND SHOES. HAVE a splendid stock of the above goods for Ladies, Gentlemen, Children, and Servants, which 1 will sell as low as any house in Frankfort. Call and examine before you purchase at HUMPHREY EVAN'S Nov. SI, IMS. Shoe and Book Slore. I Liquors. Toilet Sets, Main, gill, Uowere.l OYSTERS!! AM now receiving daily Restaurant on I street, Freih Baltimore at mv Oynters, which IMain Can" will sell by the can or dozen as cheap as any agencv in Ihe city. Oct. 5, lS55- -tf. H. S. ELLIS. 'ecemben. JAPANNED WARE. "lITEhavc this ilaycoinmenccd .1eci v me: F rrsli wul V llmore Ovsten, and will continue to rcccivethen:. e daily during the Oyster season by Krtrrsj. and clusivelv for Cash hy Oct. j, 1P5.". s.t GRAY & 11011). Servants to Hire. hire for the year l.ov, and two srirls. Inquire of "ltec.T, iav.-- tf. II VE Servantsto in."). J. Two men. om MILLS. JA VI.Nfi uoutrhtoiil my ato partner, Dnn'l Sivijrert, I and Book II I ilea II will continue tho Hoot, Khoe the patronageu hereto Boys, Look Here ! ! in nil iiK brunches. Thankful for KOZli.N in st received t .1HAVE KTK iilli.s KOITWO VBOl 'I'Si,."!( h. vr.lKM . fore exieteleil. hope h close altenlion. ooil harfrain I ma.e ot .Mi .MI UK amlg:oo,l article lo inerila continuance. ed Tweed Cassimere, wkrcli I am selling very choai. HUMPHKKV KVA.NS. 1KV. ov.l, qR. bv cg NIL 0 boxes brandied Fruits; 4 bbls soft shell Almond; 1 bbl Pecans; I bbl Hruzil .ut-- ; 1 bbl Knglish Waliuus; bbl Naples Walnuts; 1 bbl Cocoannts; 10 boxes new M. R. Raisins; ." boxes Sultana Kaisins; 2 kegs Zante Currents; 2 Quaker Herbs, fcc; 2 doz English W alnut Ketchup; 2 doz Worcestershire Sauce; 2 doz Mushroom Catsup; 2 doz assorted do; 1 box Cayene Pepper; I box Shred Isinglass; box Cooper's Isinglass 2 boxes assorted Jollies; Kohemian, orks: w FRKSII BALTIMORE OYSTERS. Fruits, Nuts, &c. boxesassorted Preserves; 10 K BEST IRON STONE CHINA. OYSTERS7! DOZ. bottles fresh Pine Apples; doz jars Canton Ginger; j 4 doz jars fresh Pickles; 2 doz cans fresh Strawberries 2 doz cans fresh Lobsters; 12 doz )2 and cans Sardines; 2 doz cans spiced Oysters; 2 baskets fresh Olive Oil; 1 popular I'he Ohl Homcslca.l; bv .Airs. Slcphctn. Knehanteil Heuniv; hv'Khler. Caste; by Story, 'jane Clifford. .Minnie ami Beeeheroft. Memoirs of Kev. Sidney Smith; bvlmSon. India, China, and Jupan; bv Bavard Taylor. Richard Hurdis; l.ySims. fsora's Child! TableTraitH with Something on Them; by Doran. Teverino; hy George Sand. Japan Expedition; bv Spalding. .Modern Pilgrims;' by" ood. .Nelly Truro; hy the author of Vara. Cora and the Doctor. Alone and the Hidden Path; bv Marion Ilai Ian. .MemoirsofS. S. Prentiss. I.ily,.a Novel; by the author of Buisv Moinenlmran Yellow Mask; by Dickens. School Boy; by same. Discarded Daughter; by Mrs. Souihworlli Alolher-in-laby Same. Shannondale; by Same. Six Years Later; by Dumas. Sea King; by Capt. Marrvatt. Mysteries of'the Court of Stuarts; bv Aliuwoitli. Jurt received and for sale low at HUMPHREY EVANS' "e. j. Book and Shoe Store. Dee. 7. 18.'i5. LARGE ARRIVAL OF NEW GOODS. Dining Sets, Tea and Toilet Sets. Dishes, Butters. Tea and Coffee Cups. Soup Tureens, Teapots, Sugars. Cream Pitchers. Ac. ,vc. We would especinlly call the attention of families, lintels, and Steamboats, lo an examination of our large ami well assorted stock and prices. Please call lor vourselves at Sogr; 10 boxes Western Reserve Cheese; 10 boxesSuperior Rosin Soaps; Fine assortment of Green and Hlaek Tun: ." bbls No. 3, large Mackerel; 2 hbU flutter Crackers; 2 bbls Walter Crackers; 12 bbls Superior Cider Vinegar; 2 boxes French Chocolate; patronage. STRAW-CUTTE- NEW NOVELS, MEMOIRS. Ac Idle Woman. .New Purchase; by Hall. Poems of Home and I nn el; hy Bayard T.n lor: A Basket of Chips; byjolin Brougham. Geotfroy .Miincton, or the Faithless Guardian- Mrs. Moodie. Calderon; bv Sir E. I,. Bulw er. My Father's lloiise. Lizzie Leigh; by Dickens r, Mother and by Dickens. Seven Poor Travelers; bv Dickcn. Sugar House Mulasses; Golden Syrup; 2 hhds Clarified Sugar, in all its various branches. lie will nUo keep on hand the best HKATINir AMI COOKING STOVKS in the es'.ern countrv. All kinds of job work executed wilii neatness and dispatch, and in a durable manner, all work done by him warranted to give satisfaction or uo pay required, lie pledge himself to do wortc onus ood terms as any house in the city, and hopes by prompt attention to bnsine to receive a fair shHre of the public and decorated. Specimen copies will iie forwarded on the receipt of IHcls. in postage stamps. ('. UKAGLKS, hublishrr, '.'in Broadwav,Xew York. Per in. iPr,5 r, m. ;roci;rii:s. 2 bbls 2 bbls Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron Manufacturing Zinc and Japanned WOOD ENGRAVING. Those requiring Wood Engraving, ran have their orders exeeuted in an unrivalled maimer, serial atlen-turisiven to views of ANIMALS; mi experienced KiiKlish Draughtsman isenjraj;ed for this express purpose. 1'ersons livinat a distance can forward a dufruern'otvpe ol the ot.jeet l.y mail thev wish engraved, which will" he a sufficient guide to ol.tain a perfect .stock Breeders will he dealt with on very liheral terms. OrR Kxi iiNiiE List i9 already "very large. A further extension 19 not desired, unless puhli'shers are willing to give the Mxve advertisement several insertions in their respective papers. AuRiccLTi HAL Books can he furnished on every useful suhject, from both Knglish and American pnhlishers, hy enclosing toouraddressthe price of the book requir- - store of Rarstow's new block, supply of Groceries, Liquors, tfrc., which they offer at most of their slock iilay i.e specified 0 bbls Double Keflned Sugar; 3 bbls Double refined Powdered 2 bbls Loaf Sugar; 10 sacks Rio Coffee; sacks Java Coffee; 2 do, bags Table Salt; 'A doz boxes Table Salt; 20 bags Kuekwheat Flour; Tierce Rice; W boxes Slur Candles; 10 boxes Tallow Candles; 12 boxes Kng. Dairy Cheese; Inler-es- fpHlS isonoofthc largest and most elaborate works of J. the kind in the world. liural Architecture forms one of the principal features. Each number contains from two to four engravings of model colta?e, from designs by eminent and skilful architects. Space is also assigned to the lastcful art oi Landscape Gardening; engraved plans of gardens in every st le, and adapted to the peculiarities of different orders of architecture, beautify the w ork. Engravings of new fruits, new flowers, new vegetables, Ve., are illustrated and described as soon as their qualities can be determined, forming the most complete and elegant Manual of Rural Husbandry ever attempted. An experienced corps of practical writers, .seven hw number, are engaged to fill its columns. It contains seventy large pages, and is printed on the finest paper, manufactured expressly. Terms: $2 perannum, payable invariably in advance. Fifty cents commission on each subscriber allowed c those w hoactasagents. $1,000 will be distributed at the end of the year among those who send us the twenty largest lists of subscribers. These premiums will be paid in cash. The first premium will be $."i00. The following are selected from hundreds of similar notices, voluntarily contributed bv contemporaneous publications: Tee HnRTicr i.tura i. Review deserves the most liberal patronage. It is not only eminently practical, but is written in a style that equals the best eftortsof the late A. .1. Downing. Knickerbocker. The most elegant and useful book of the kind that ha ever come under our observation. Register. Mr. Keagles,the Editorofthe Hortici rw. Wvi:w , isa practical nomologist, and one of the finest scholars our country boasts of. He possesses the glowing descriptive powers of Dickens, the elegant gossip ofWalpnle, combined with a thorough knowledge of rural art. State Police Tribune. Farmers, buy it for yoursons buy it for vour daughters. It is a rich intellectual treat; a rare combination of the beautiful and the useful. Argus A". Y. We had thought that in Dow nings's death, the eloquent advocate of rural adornment had bccomeonlya cherished remembrance; but in Mr. lieagles we discover an equally rich mine of mental wealth, that betokens the influence of the spirit that is gone. Montrose Tribune. Advertisers will find this an unsurpassed medium of publicity, as the Hortiot ltir a Kevirw circulatesex-tensivel- y in every State in the Union. Advertisements inserted at the rate of $10 per page. EAST. Prime N. :' hhds Plantation O. Sugar; bbls Molasses. the of Frankfort, U'Ol'LI) ruHpeetfully inform that citizens taken public generally, he has the Tin Shoptormerly occupied by hi father, and mtendscarrv-in- g on the BRITANNIA AND DOUBLE (JO ING ART. AND PROFI SLLV 1I.H STR ATKH. in America. WEST k CO., Having taken the corner have opened there a line Confectioneries, fruits, reasonable prices. Part hTrTmiller, Kicli STPEKBLV I) list of ry Jl HAD this Kedott new anil Willow Papers. FOR SALE. to sell the two and 1AM authorized to the LouisvilleFrame Hoimes Hail-roa- d lielonrine and Frankfort Company, on Broadway, between Washington and Wilkinsonstreets, in this city; andalso the lartre lot near the Wire Bridge, helnnpin to said Company. Terms liberal. A. (r. HOJUrF-S-.' LOUISVILLE, REVIEW: SLBIRBW Devoted !o Ihe Advancement ot the Kurnl rp HK points of the compass won't change, but WESl J. of WKST'S has certainly moved on point Kastward HOUSES AND LOTS .Nov. 21, lKio 1X1) I.E1VI. STHCt'lN, NOTIONS ) c. o. Leonanl, Jno. 8. Harvie, VA MAIN FKANKFORT, KV. t JOIRXAL OF I. SO I'IKK OLD WI.VKS, UHA.VDILsj, Ac., dir. Wi 6. 20. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENT. A THE SEW YORK IN English and American Suuces and Pickles, llcvima Segals, Foreign and American Sweet. Meats, tv-- B. B. Ormsbv II. 1. To.ltl, Zeh Ward, Nurserymen, Fruit Growers & Farmers. TODD H. TAYLORr President. J. J. Ilumpton, K. B. Taylor, Kil. Keenon, Dec 2li, TODD. Fine Teas, Spices, Fruits, .uts, Brw. A. H. Churchill, 11. V . Blackburn. B. H. King, . FINE GROCERIES OF ALL KINDS, HORTICULTURAL A VICE PRESIDENTS. Hon. C. S. Morehet (1, P. Swio-er- t A. T. Burnley, T. D. Carneal, A.C.Keenon, L. V. Macy, K. P. Letclier, H. Evans, Treasurer. If. H. Tylor, Secretary. ' t,,,. JAS. CONFECTIONERS AND DEALERS THE ASSK1BLY , vi sPctfully announce BALL CLIB retheir series of Balls 3-lor the coming season, nttho Assenililv t&t Koom, C At'ii ai. Hotel, totiike place Hstoilows: head-righ- Mas-tedo- n ( H BALLS. I ' w. CASK IKISH I'OTKKX, the best in Iheeoun-- J trv. Just reeche,! ami for aale bv W. H. REESE. Ite'e. 19, M3S. Oct. 1, sale Jt and forWSi. Dec. ). 101)1). lr05. hv W. H. KEEN t.

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