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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), January 8, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

HP COM MO WE ALT VOL, FRANKFORT. riis FALL AND WINTER t'lnniowvL.imi ILL BE PCai.ISHKD KVKB1' MONDAY. NESDAY, AXD FRIDAY, A a. g. By HODGES CJ Ua WED- I iu now reccirlnn-iu1 CLOTHING AMI PRINTERS, STATE At TilRKE DOLLARS PER ANNUM, ble in advance. paya- slock of PALI. AND WIXTKR Ft'RNlSMl.VG GOODS, consisting Overcoats, Business Pants, Oversacks, Business Vests, Dress Frocks, Shirts, Dress Pants, Under Shirt3, Dress Vests, Drawers, Business Coats, Half Hose, Shirt Collars, &c, &c. The Weekly Commonwealth, a uia Lomotil shpt't i published everv TiiMilav inorn-int- ! at TWO DOLLARS PBR ANNUM, in adlai-jr- vance. COMMISSIONERS APPOINTED - Y 0U X AM G FRA.YKFORT, CONVEX T HAVING ION, 1 HE buildm? of .tuck of Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Umbrellas, &c, hieh they will soil at price lower than ever before ofljr--- d in this market. They Invite all to give them a call, as they are confident ot being able to please botn in the quality and price of tlieir goods. CONSTITUTION OF KENTUCKY, 'OFFICIAL REPORT,) published and for sale at the Cowmonwkalth Office, at $5 per coys. The work contains lKlli pages, and iVbound in the best Law Binding. R. MONROE September FALL AND TOTEK KY. ( ' ll lHr" LAND SURVEYOR. i Co., Land Ajreuw, it: lUT'Offiee at Smith, Bradley Kandolpb street. South side, between (Mark and liear born streets, Chicago, III. Sept. 14. 1855 if. JOHN W.FIHSELl. FINNELL. . practice tiraut, iBoone, and W. in the Courts of Kenton, Campbell. Nicholas, and the Court of Appeals. May 5, 185J tf. F. raukfort. bt IHL J Al JOHN j GEXTLEMEXS . ATTORNEY AT LAW, FURNISHING KY. FRANKFORT, 0 WALKING on St. Clair Street, with J. & W. L. Marian. ortk-- L. ' 9aRP. shTrF. smith LAW, ATTORNEYS 0 C Ac, mHL propneior having purchased none but ttia best and such a he can warrant, hopes by strict ultention to busiUHss. and potitr attention to hU customers, to receive a liberal share of public patronage. The need ol such an establishment hu5 bevu ionp lAt in this artk-lt's- city. April 4. ISO a. ., FACTORY. COACH AT AND ESTATE UKOKKKS, It t. A L Sit, Kuudolpli Street, .No. Aug. II CHICAGO. 11. io iis 0 II SE 1 , Kraukf'ort, kyM practice Law iu all the Courts held In Frattkfori the adjoining counties. His Olliee is at his resinear P. Swigerfs.entranee on Washington street. lience, Frankfort, Feb. 20, 1H4U, 751-1- 1. of Main and St. 1H;,5. af nor FRANKFORT, KY. rLL MORTON & GRISWOLF Franklin. .Wler-ou- .i 2, 1855 WILLIAM and Lincoln . iiarrard. . B. We wvuld call the aiicntlon ol our Spring assortment of Carriages. ir"jJ All work made bv us warranted for bookellers, Stationers, llluders, and llook aud Job frinteri, Alain Htreet, Louisville, Kv, constantly on hand a of HJ Luw, Medical, lueological. complete assortmentand II t lassical, hehonl, Miscellaneous Books, at low prices. Paper of verv description, quality, and price. TJjJColleges, Schools, and Private Libraries nupplii d at u small advance on cot. H'hofesalK or Retail. & made to order and of lb. Lest material. We have purchased the sole riM of n:' rs to pun-has- tf. MORRIS. JOHN J. IUMPTOS. MORRIS & HAMPTON AVE Just opened, in the room formerly occupied b j.x j. i. i.ainiivii, mi oi. uiair sireci,uei aoorio i'len-soiiConfection. ry. n lar-and well selected assort ment ot N J I ATS AM) CAPS, imported from the East, and equalling if not sii r- in vanei, elegance ol staple :ind newnkhs, ai iy ever before otleied In tliis inarktL. These articles are GEORGE W. CRADDOCK". all new, having been purchased only u few daws since from the best manufacturers t,f Philadelphia and IS'uw ATTORNEY AT LAW, York, and are warranted ofilie best workmanship a nd FRANKFORT, KY. a la made ill pattern. The attention of purchasers is u ir- to Fast OFFICE removed OrUce. side of Su Clan- street, tietilarly invited to their unrivaled assortment of fa icy Will practice Law in all Telegraph snots for both ladies' and irentleinimVs wear, selected for the Courts held in Frankfort, and adjoining counties, summer use, ami to their superb .stork of hat?, of cv try bee. 7, 1KW tf. shape and hue. from the recherche while silk ventila ted head-piecas Itht. a rial and poetic as a fairy's dre: im, to the woolen skull-caor a '.'it cent straw hat. I'l ieir JOHN RODMAN, April 1, 1845 ROOTS, SitOES, bOl-b- y. SlOrK oi ATTORN EV AT LA V, ROOKS AND STATIONERY OUlee ou SI. Clair Street, next boor to .Mor.e'i U lare and well selected. Th public are invite d to Telegraph OUlee, call and examine this stock of pood, and if thevde sire nrlLL jiractice iuallllie Courts held In Frankfort, and to purchase new and good articles, w ill no doubt Hi id it in OLdliam, Henry, Trimble and Owen counties. Oct. 8, 1043. V MOHEHEAD & BROWN. Partners the PRACTICE OF LAW, iii their advantage. Frankfort, March JOHN L. M00EE & SON., HE now receiving at their New Store Rooms ILL attend to all tmsluess eonUded to ihem in tbe W Court of Atiiieals, Federal Court, and other Courts A hold their sessions at Frankfort, Ky. One or STAPLE both may always be found al their otllce, to give counsel Frankfort, Jan. (j, 1.V by. in preiu variety. or transact business. KY. 1MLL practice Law in the Courts held lu Frankfurt W and adjoining counties. He will, as Commissioner ui lteeds, lake the acknowledgments of ii:eds, &i,d other writings to be used or recorded in other Suites; and, a Commissioner under the act of Conjrres. attend tv the taking of depositions, attldavits. ic. OJtu'-- , Federal Court Clerk's Offlce, Old Bank. Frankfort. June G. 1K3 by. JOHN A C. H TTORNEY GAINES f i A 'Kjusi received uud V later 11 Ciood. of every description. Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere, as small profit ; and quick sales Is our motto. In addition to our laii;e btoek of goods we have on hand a large supply of Hats and Caps, wt.ieh we will sell at reduced prices. September 10, ld."j. KO S i ECTi S l iiuioit, Ky. 4iny part of the State. Office on St. Clair street, second door above die Court Mouse. TtTrJIe wlI attend to the preparation and prosetu-ilot- , of the claims of soldlersto bounty land, for property lost, and for arrears of pav. April 1, 1H4V 5!.Mf. C.PROAL. I'RE.HIl .! Saddle, Harness and Trunk Warehouse, umber glxtvOne, Third Street, LOUISVILLE, KY. j oiu. C. G. GRAHAM, Apam. i Fraiikjort. Aug. lit, Frankfort Normal School for Jo. 18 Boj-s- I'UAXKFORT, KV. ol' this Inlilution will open THh. o , k trie ..lonaay ol" Sej.ieujber. in the room loritterlv oeeupled by Dr. as an oillce, on Ann street. Just south of .Wain. Tuition pt--r bOsiou of '20 weeks asb:ere-tofor- e, in the primary, s. nior departuv ,nts, Slu, sii an.l Sio. respci-tiveivSept. C. 1, 5r U. TAYLOR, JR. ILL practice in all the Court held in Frankfurt (V the Anderson. Owen. Woodford, and Shelby Cir- cuil Louns ana win attend to the collection of debts in T 0 CATE. SIDNEV wiVtwSiu. liAAC A r. WILI11TK. SHELBY. TAYLOR. SHELBY ii, to publish iu the City of Jackson, a semi-- 1 monthly periodical under the above. title, in pamphlet torm. each number containing about thirty-iw- o puges. The struggle between Native Amerieaiiism 'and the dominion of foreigners, between Uopen and Frotcsiani-ism- , is in ita infancy. Ii must be continued until foreign influence and i'opery shall have crushed and the freedom of conscience, or Democracy and the right to worship God according to the dictates of the conscience of each man and oman shall be finally secured. Luther and his associates went through a fearful struggle to achieve the reformation. We are now engaged in liie same struggle, to continue and confirm to man, political and religious liberty. We have been as in fancied security, sleeping around a volcano, the lava silently rising and about to overwhelm Ihem before they are conscious of the impending danger. Securely reposing in the enjo ment of our political and religious ireedom, popery and foreigners have aijenily gained atrengiii, until those who have investigated the subject see that the danger musi be averted, now. or never. A few vears more ol inactivity ami all is lost. We wish io arouse the people from this dangerousapathy, by before them well authenticated facts, whereby each individual eanjudge for himself. We propose to avoid everything but calm, decorous and fair reasoning from true premises, and to place before tho comniunitvthe materials, with impartiality: fact as they are and have been, w iih ihe evidences of their authenticity. The periodical will be edited gratuitously bv a committee composed alike of Democrats and Whigs, and of ehristktns of each sect in our country, that tin; public mav have assurance, that it is fairly and impartially conducted. Tne price, Two Dollars per annum, payable on the delivery of th first number, which will issue so soon as one thousand subscribers arc obtained, and the names forwarded. If a surplus fund remain, it will be appro-ate- d to distribute gratuitously amongst the lodges, papers for circulation. Act promptly, friend of freedom, and forward subscriptions, directed io "The Executive Committee ol" American I'nrtv." Jackson Miss. November, 19, JCm. 110 w DEVELOPMENT. Science and long research combined, have brought before the public ihe greatest wonder or the aok, in the article of EMERSON'S AMERICAN" HAIR RESTORATIVE a sure cure for Baldriess, and to prevent ti romfallintr. See circulars, to be had of .Agent. by M. MILLS. Agent. Co., Proprietor. C. K. Firiier No. 57, .Superior St., Cleveland, u. J- - Mav 'J, 1&14 K., ply of Fauey aud Staple. Fall and inter Dry GoodN, aUo new style SUli and Straw Uoiineu, a large assortment of lints. Hoots aud Shoe, and furnishing goods, Carpets, Oil Cloth, Arc, Glass and Queenswaro', all which ttiey will sell low for cash or to prompt paying customers on the usual lime. They invite all io come and examine their stock, certainly the inn si general and complete that can be found iu this city. Sept. 14, IHjj 3m. P WM. H. GRAINGER, HOE N I X F 0 U N DRY. TEN'TH ST. BETWEEN Le-- (ieiterui RAitkiug, Exchange, uud i Rusines" We are at all limes prepared to check upon the prio-ipcities of tbe Vnited Slates, and to make collections icreon. We will allow interest ou deposits, to be with ..rawn at pleasure, and transact whatever business is generally connected with private banking. Approved paper can be cashed m ;u,v tune during-oflk-hours, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. (Oct. lrio. TTfOOL HATS A A D CAPS for Necroes. very low at V HUMPHREY EVAN'S. Nov. 21. Shoeanl Book Store. MAIN AND THE RIVER, If. V NE - uhdcisiiijc J has taken the third room corner of Ann street on .Main street. In J. HI- .VI t. Block of Ii.. wilt also wnre I li Opened 111 LaiOll"- 11 a splendidI stock of w budiiiiigon Main street. of every description, whichthey are determined lo sell at prices which cannot tail to suit. Their slock is one of the ilnestever brought to the city, and selected with special reference to the wants of ihU community. Ihev all theirfriends and the public in general to'give them a call and examine Iheir ?!oek. Sep 1, isr: if. ii. IvEENE. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, CORNER ST. CI.AtR AND WAITING STREETS. h raiiktoi t, Kontiif k y . reccivinga large and cuoiec assortment of liO- - eeries, Wines, LfdtiorM. Acwluch he will sell at very small profits for cash, or to prompt customers on usual terms. His stock is perhaps the largest in the city, and every article of the bcstquality that can be purchased. Call, examine, mid be convinced. 185.',. Aug. j, The Old Weiier House TO RE CLOSED OUT CHEAT rnliiS STOCK OF CLOTHIXtt at No 3 Brown'sbulld X mg, St. Clair street, will be sold at extremely low pri- ces, iu order to close the concern. There is a line stock of ready-mad- e which will be sold very low CASH, a the kiMiiiex-must be closed. All persons Indebted to the drm arc requested to come forward within sixty days aud settle up, and those having claims afrain ii ii" will plca-- e present them immediately. SOLOMON WK11.ER,' ( HAS. B. GETZ. oci. it), is;;. DENTAL SURGERY. BY E. G. HAHBLETOST, M. B. FALL WINTER Winter MODS. RATCHFORD tf. OF NEW YORK, 0 F F 1 c E Xo WALL 8T REET. CASH CAPITAL, 8 500,000 OO AHsjKTS June 30, 55, AM'T OF 747,972 44 AM OLA T OF LIABILITIES, 53,677 tt This Company continues to insuro Buildings, Merchandise, Ships in Port and their cargoes. Household Fur--. niture and personal property generally, against loss or Damage by Fire, on favorable terms. '1 his is only giving an idea of our intentions for 185G. en uesignsol mteresl to the ladies are springin up everydaj; we shall avail ourselves of even-thinthai can interest them. In fact, "Godey's Lady's Book," will possess tiie interest of anv other three niaiTmnps. In addition to the above will be continued in each No. wuue spicnuiu Meei engravings. One hundred pages of reading. Godey s challenge Fashion Plates. Juthis as in every oilier department, we defv rival rv orimitaliou hnibroiden- pattern. Anyquauiity of them aro given Losses Kquitnbly Adjusted and Promptly Paid. Aug. 211, H. WIN GATE, Agent, lc55. Frankfort Ky. TENTH ANNUAL REPORT OF THE New York Life Insurance Company. ... Amount of assets, Jan. 1, 1854, $814,044 S3 Amount of premiums received during the year ending Jan. Cottages. making, with diagrams to out bv pattenis lnfanfa and Childrens Ureases All crnc.uet and Netting W ork Cloaks, Mantelets. Talmas. Collars, Chemisetts, Under Sleeves, Bonnets. vwmiow Curtains. Brodene Antrlaise Sllmipm. i'.it. Cloaks, Evening Dressos. fancv Articles. HenH ilrpwr Hair Dressing, Kobcs for Night and Morning, Carriage Dresses, Bridal Dresses, Wreaths, Mantillas, Walking ltresses, muing nabits, Boy's Clothing. Capes Cloaks of Fur in season, Crochet and Netting Work printed in colors. DRAW InG I.KSSGNS for Youth. 1U0U designs. Music i worm is given even yean tne Nurse and the Nurserv with full instructions; Godey's invaluable Hecipesupo'n 1, 1855, Ain't of Interest received and accrued during the "vear ending Jan. 1, 1855, Am't of eudowmen account received during the year ending Jan. 1, ?55, 8318,930 07 48,303 18 59 40 367,357 65 1,181,4118 60 DISBURSEMENTS Am't paid for losses by death, $173,673 91 Ain't paid for interest on divi dends, 13,691 47 Ain't paid for taxes, 3,197 23 Ain't paid account of annuity fund, 1,228 13 Am't paid for salaries, fees to physicians, trustees, dec. 13,648 3 Amount of advertising, printing, stationery, office rent, law expenses, drc. 4,790 43 Amount of commissions, medical examinations, postages, advertising, exchanges, Ate, 24,957 43 Am't of canceled notes and return premiums on canceled We would advise all who intend to subscribe to .send in tneir onters soon, for if we do not make duplicate ste reotype plates, it will bedifticult to supply the demand. we expect our list tor IK will reach lWkUOU copies. The best plan of subscribing is to send your money direct to the publisher. Those who send large amounts had bet ter send dralts, but notes will answer if drafts connot be procured. Letters had better be registered it onlv con live cents extra, and iheir safe reception is insured. TFRMS, CASH IN ADVANCE one copy one year. Two copiesone vear,$5. Three copies one year, $i. Five copies one year, and extra copy to the person sendingthe club, making six copies A.ifcin .opiei one ; ear, auu. an extra copv to ine person sending the club, making nine copies, $15. Kleven copies one year, and an extra copy to the person sending iue eiuo, matting iweive copies, ifu. jCjThe above Terms cannot be deviated from matter how nianvare ordered. Godey's Lady's Book and Harper's Magazine both one year ior 54 5U. Godey's Lady's Book and Arthur's Home Magazine both one year for :t 5U. The money must be all sent at one time for anv of the policies-- 44,153 00 .. 379,339 90 fund, Accumulated asBts. Cash on hand, Invested in New York 8902,062 70 $37,471 37 State securities, Bonds and mortgages, Quarterly and premiums due subsequent to January 1st, 1855, Interest accrued up to January 173,744 JCr Additions of one or more to elubs are received at club prices. TTrA Specimen or Speciinen.s will be sent direct to any Postmaster making the reauest, IfjWe canalwayssLtpply back numbers for the year. ine m ui k is iiereoL pen. Subscribers in the lirltisli I'roineeri Who sejid for clubs, must remit 3i centsexlra on every suuscnoer, io pav me American postage to tne lines. L. A. GODEV, Address, No. 113. Chestnut street, Philadelphia. bearing interest. Premiums on policies in hands of agents. 61 308.908 00 10,422 43 1st, 1855, Notes received for 40 per cent. of premiuinson life policies, C1U03. 19,508 66 336,151 27 15,766 36 $902,062 70 The Trustees have declared a scrip dividend of thirLife Policies which have beeti In force twelve months prior to January 1st, 1855. and six per cent, interest in cash upon all previous dividends, payable on and after the first Monday of March next. Application f or insurance in this company may be made to H. WINGATK, Amu Feb. 23, 1855. Frankfort, Ky. ty pkr cent, on all w2am. i?5THk LIFE INSURANCE. ... BENEFIT. Ohio Lite Insurance Company, Ohio. CAPITAL STOCK, 1 .tT.f For the rapid Cure of 10CGHS, COLDS, HOARSEXESS, BR0.CniTIS,lvU00PIG-C0l!GO- FIEE AND MARINE INSURANCE. , CROUP, ASTHMA, AXD COXSCMPTIOX. tht numerous discoveries Science has made in this generation to facilitate the business of life increase its enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, none can be named of more real value to mankind, than this contribution of Chemistry to the Healing Art. A vast trial of its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven bejond a doubt, that no medicine or combination of medicines yet known, can so surely con-rand cure the numerous varieties of pulmonary disease which have hitherto swept from our midst thousands and thousands every .war. Indeed, there is now abundant reason to believe a Remedy has at length been found which can be relied on, to cure tho most dangerous s of the lungs. Our space here will not permit usto publish any proportion of tho cures affected by Its uso, but we would present the follow ing: and refer further enquiry to my American Almanac, which the agents below named, will always be pleased to furnish free, w herein are full particular, and Indisputable proof of these ol Cincinnati. $100,000 ALL PAID I.Y AXD SECURED. mHK undersigned having been appointed Agentfortbe X above Company, is prepared lo receive nrobositioM for Insurance at his office iu this city. Pamphlet containing the rates of premium, and full information iu re lation to i.iie insurance, are furnished tree of charge. J. C: HERN DON. liRtJ. Sneed & Rodman. Agent. Medical Examiners. Feb. 20, 1852 tf. CHERRY PECTORAL, Among STARR. HOME INSURANCE COMPANY .Maternal counsels to a Daughter. Ilesinged toaid hei in me e.ue ui n'T neai a, me i uiprovenieiu her inmd ami me cultivation ol her heart. New style of Illuminating Windowsand Lamp Shade: Fall and Winter Dry Goods . Nov. 30, JH55 The Nurse and the Nursery. How to make a Bonnet. Troubles of an F.nglish Housekeeper. tne Art ot Sketching Flowers from Nature. With en graving. 1 o he copied by the learner nn paper to be MUTUAL 1 operations on ihe Teeth will be directed by a JAVIXG associated myself wlS V. C. Nesblt, of knowledge, both of Surgery and Medicine: II Hawesville, Ky., to sell Georgia lands on commis- HIS sion at private sale, we offer our services to owners of this being the only safe guide to uniform success. From such lands, and to act a3 agents to protect the iuiuo lYom this lie is enabled to operate with Ltr less pain to the pa- tax sales and fraudulent titles. ileal, void of danger. All work warranted; tiie work-- j Owners living out of the State are continuallv lusiu ma nh ip will show for itself. Calls will be thankfully their lands- by lav sales or Intruders under false titles", received. it Is the interest of owners to have an and in the VfTOtiice, at his residence on Mam slrecL State lo protect Iheir lands. i rinKiori. ..iayv.. ite- -' J. (.. r.jjtt Altos, IWacon, Georgia. W. C. SESBIT, & Hawesville, Ky. mHK subscriber: Just receiving a handsome and gen-- J KLFtHLNLtS. assortment of eral Gov. H. V. ', itillidgcvllle. Ga.; Col. Pclaski Holt. Macon. Ga.; Col. 'V. T. VVatkim. Macon, Ga. and Goods, .March 19. 15S IV. lo which he invites the attention of the public, and his friends and customers in particular. He Hatters himself that lie can suit all tastes, and will sell his goods on as moderate terms as anv merchant In the citv. CO., Lexington, Ky., beg k-- e KENNAKli tltiens of Frankfort thai ihey haveto on Sept. 14, 1855 if. J. B. LAMPT0N. hand a large stock of GAS FIXTURES, including b, 5, " STEAM SAW MILL FOR SALE. 4. aud 31iglit Chandeliers. l2 and 1 light pendents, 3 fold. 4 fold and single Bracks. Drop Lights, ic-- all manuUNDERSIGNED intending to leave the State THE at private-salfactured by Messrs. Cornelius, Baker cc Co., Philadeltheir Stcnm Saw Mill, situated phia, and will be sold as low as they can be had West of one mile above Frankfort, with ten acres of ground atPhiladelphia and put up, if desired, in the best manner. tached. We would also be pleased to RUN PIPE In stores, The Mill '"as one upright saw with lath saws attached, dwellings, or public houses, on the best possible terms, nil of the latest improvements and in good order. The having superior workmen now engaged in tiie business Mill is well located with a pood run of custom. The U'e ak a call. for ii in Lexington. laths, for which there Is a great demand, will pay a large KENNARI) & CO. t portion of the ruuhinp expenses. Those wishing to enAlwavson hand, a large stock of CARPETING CUR-'- f gage in the business would do well to call and examine UN GOODS, PAPER HANGINGS, and PIANO for themselves. ORTES for sale on reasonable terms. K. fc CO. GILL & WATSON". Lexington. Jan. 4, tf. Frankfort, Sept. 12 tf. Yeoman copy tf. i graving. may be found all Ihe latent improvements In Agricultural lmpliiuents. as well as all descriptions of Seeds required by farmers iu this vicinity. He hopes this enterprise wiil receive the encouragement of the fanning community, upon whom h" depends for the success of this branch of tits business. i onslgnmenls oi .WeiTnarmisc il .Aut lbin or private1 Solicited. sale .V.M. Jan. io, arj, -- If. C. SAVKKS. ! FREDERICK. United Slates Branch Office. No. 80, South Fourth ' Philadelphia. .Agent for Covington, Kv. P. S. BUSH, Corner of Madison and Cooper streU. Insuresthroughout the State. Will furnish blank applications upon request. DEPOT, nunhjl NEW uuuuo; .ViiVi liOOIiS!! TATE & CIIINN, IN PHILADELPHIA. Axwoon & Co., john Farnum, John Griuo, Georoe A. Stuart, Myers, Clauhorn & Co. Wm. M'Gee, 6c Co., Powers d- - Weiohtman, White, Stephens 61 Co. Agent for the United States BLsi.Vli.Si5. connect with the said bu.iness an AGRICULTURAL 910,000,000 REFERENCES New Features for 1856. IV in the H, HAN- - Capital Authorized A new and very interesting storv will be commenced in January, by Marion Harland, author of "Alone," and 'Hidden Path," two novclsihai have created an immense sensation in the hterarv world. AlsoMiss Virginia F. Townsend will commence in the Fob ruury number a Nouvclletle, which we know will strong' iy inieresi ine reauers oi tliek,liook." Mories by an Knglish Authoress. How to niake Wax Flowers and Fruit. With liuildinuj,iortlieiurposeoftransaclinga AltTIOA' A.D COMAIlSSiOA Gr..t.RAL OF LONDON. The IMoneer Hocazlnc! Kspeciatly devoted to the wants of the Ladies of America. a W1 wanted, as.Magazine is taken inthathouse, no other it compromises all eouid be obtain ed by taking litre oilier .Magazines. Nov. 7, l&i5 RUBIN ESS To Owners of Georgia Land. (IAS FIXTURES. BANKERS. nave mis uay opened an Office in the city of for the purpose of transacting R U N Y A N, & STRRET, TWO POORS FROM POST Ot'liCE, ! JK A A r. r U 11 1 , rcceivimr their usual large and plendid sup-- v Fall & CO. A? oDD. Clothing, Underwear, &c, SCIENTIFIC Men are daily bringing to light now m-ventions, and the march of progress U onw ard; persons Bald, or becoming so. will be pleased to learn that Alb r;tU-s- . AK & Ci; .I11S, &o., I.C. All ut the lowest H . M. 'i GOODS! BAKER .'I.AIR PAGE. a large stck of Fall f Sold FANCY GOODS. Shoes, Hats, Ca.jjs, Ilojinets, 0,iii'asware, Glassware, E R N DON. AT L A W , (all: hi peUii JOHN A. MONROE. FRANKFORT, & M. TOLili S. r.f McAllister establl--hine- E FALL ANDJWLVIER GOODS. STRANGE If. FALL AND WINTER GOODS. wbich ATTORNEY AT LAW, JL', 1W4 i al- Mathematical Instruments. Street, is proposed Everett's Patent Coupling, aikintr l'aue-. JfOMthe well known Co., for Oct. 24. HOTEL. Brood nay aud Ann of v 24. KKN. IA'ClvKT'1. AMD oumie? Umbrellas and Canes. GOOblot of Cmbrellas an . 1 oays be found iu rnHK undersigned would notify Ir.s tncn.U unJ tiie I public generally, that he has purchased the interest of J. T. Luckett in this old establiihed and well known Hotel, and will continue io entertain the public in the best manner that the markets. Arc, will alio". He has engaged the services of his AVin. K. Taylor, who iti well known to a large portion of the traveling :ouimunlty. as a man of business, and who will have eharge of ihe otlice. lie asks the p.itronage of the pubic and will endeavor to des.-nil. Mays. W. M. TO 1)11. 1 Sti. CI;i KY. lulill'S. s.trtment, of every style and pauern. cni tiling on Oct. 24. HOUSE. FROTE ST A.NT AD for the , W. M. FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, BOOK FOR 1856. olume! Fifty-secon- d Model Dress Dreas kinu ot Wall taper. i elegant .'1 be had by KY. NATIVE AMERICAN AKY PUBLIC, A know n assortiiu-nt.'ahva- LADY'S foetryand History of Fi!igerKings,illustrated;Shelh lortne Laities, and where they come from, nithengrav .."K.., ostciiholm's and Croak's t'utl Il sors, a noa and welt selected hand at Ocl. i'4. ;( FRAXKFORT, JOHN W. APPLEGATE, Attorney it it it Couucellor at Law, T. N. LINDSEY, T T O R N E X AT L A Gentlemen. tutifry anil Scissors. Proprietor. OE THE aUIN, constantly on limul a fine !iiririi,i Iv1LLP riages any kind of Carriage .Missci, loulhsand of everv f and pattern, Children,procured'atqualtlr'well can be the HAVING returned to niv former Tavern Maud, at H the South end of the firide, 1 have titled it up and now have it in nood order, to accommodate anv who may favour me ith a call. Travelers, irainieni visitor. and boarders may rely on all care beiiifr taken io render them comfortable. A few Members of the Legislature can tind comfortable and quiet boarding during the coining .session, and in allcases my bills will be modemte. 1 have also attached a good stable and careful ostler. ,M AN. K. T. t'UI Nov. y, li?55 Um. Veoman copy. I HEMING M. TOUIl. Boots and Shoes. 1.A1UKS. 18.M. I. and Commissioner to lake ltepo-altionthe Acknowledgments of Deeds, Mortgages. rowers of Attorney, Arc, for Kentucky. Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and New York. corner of Fourth and Walnut Sts., OflJee, North-EaJan. 11, t iucinnatl, Ohio. . t ST. Frankfort, Kentucky. E. RANDOLPH 9MITH. -- ic, ' FOK u Louisville, Kentucky., ifpHL uuder.signe.l havingtaken this well known house (lately occupied by Mr. Ik Meriwether., respectfully At ANUf AC'l UKLS Steam Lngincs for Grist, Saw, aud solicits a share of the public patronage, and by close atill Sugar Mills, Gudgeons, Cranks, Spur Wheel, Segtention to business, and keeping such a house as this ments for Cotton Gin Wheels, Hotehkiss1 Reaction Waheretofore has been, will endeavor to merit he confidence ter Wheels; a general assortment of wrought and east Mill Work, A.C., of the traveling communitv, ' H reorders tiuin, distance wilt receive promptat- June IS, 135 tf. J. 1;. WASSON. GOODS, ST. CLAIR BUILDING, , et. 24. his FRANKKORT, KY. FRANKLIN I CANES, UMBRELLAS, HODGES' X JOHN T. ROBERTS, FRANKFORT CLOTHING, uttentirin Hats and Caps. supfdv. of everv . oualtlv an.1 -- 'y'e. fort'.entieiiicn. Rov.'and I'hildren. can be ha.l bv callin;; on l.AKGh A iiOTEir CAPITAL TODD. I'HILDREXS' CLOTHiAG, REFliR TO Hon. J. J. Crjttkden, i Frankfort, K Gov. L. W. FowLu Hon. James Harlan, Taylor, Turner St Co., Bankers. Lexington. h.v. G. H. Monsarrat Si Co., Bunker. Louisville, K. W. Tanner, Louisville. Kv. July 23, 1853 by. SOLOMON M. DEALER ARLA 11 . ua, jlas, and UtieeiiMware. have a larve stock of goods from whieh nuivbiisrr an selei-i- . Prices and trms Giwus a call. Sept. 14. 15. IJEKN'DON & SW1GEKT. Wl- f . Ifi5tf. irlve his whole Books!! management. Ho respecllully solicits a continuance of establishment of the patronase heretofore extended lo the establishment. "ct. 21. f. il. Tollll. yfy CLKKKS will bo furnished with KECOril) BOOKS ruled to any pallern, and of the rcrv best qualiSTATIONERY. ty of paper. on wants in the Stationery line, can BLANK BOOKS of every descripiion, nianul'ac-ture- d I'VF.KY thing a f lj be ha.! of at short notice, to order, on reasonable terms. 1 U M. TOD1J. Bindery al the old stand, over Harlan's orfke. tf. l'ranklorl. July 31. t'oriu-- r VjA K. LAJJ1L) Him Cloaks, l'ainiiis,Starl'?-- Cash me rr and Tt net Sua wis, Ai-I'ine ri. 1 arpeua--4- , Kui;, Madi, aod Oil ( arpeiiu-- ., t l.i-- j ATTORNEYS AT LAW, sr-- Books! a full selection of Articles, aiul Urocerie, his old friends and enstorn-TJ- . Aut;. I.'. MANSION great variety. w.M. M. TOJIll. skk ts MYLiterary.unusually large, consisting in part m Law, IUeellaneoiiH. RplisioUM. A: School hooks. Call and examine them. Oct. M. T01U. . lriends and forno-- r rustotuers, ihathavinsr reeained hishealih, lie has purchased back from A. I.. Itodgos the llindeiy sold to him in November last, "and will all quabuci. AM) LACK (ioODS, EttliitOlOKftUE I I j COVINGTON, KY Third Street. Opposite Soi'th end City Hall, TRADE. GOODS. Kit bard son's superior Irish Linen J.lneii Table Damask: Shcetinjr and pillow-caLi i ten; fable Cloths uud Napkins. IIROIIIWAY. FRAXKFORT, E art now receiving and opening an unusually large and elegant stock of Fall aiid Vi iuterUry Goods, LINEN AND t. wall. Hj5 tuple and fancv (roods, irreat varietv; Ladies and gentlemen dress good , latest and best styles: badic-taiigentlemen's Long Shau . GEORGE STEALEY, CIVIL k MINING ENGINEER & Toys, Fancy Noi. 7, AND CHEAP. GOOD LOOaN. & LOGAN, side of OFFICE on the East near the Sixtli street, belwe. Jetlerson, Court House yard April 11, lc55 tf. WALL IrKfc)PS 165. 12, NEW GOODS! ATTORNEYS AT L.lil LOUISVILLE, s. f R constantly on hand w .Now ANDREW MONROE. Kl havo opened an entirely new Eeady-mad- e il.M BOOK BINDING. . Keenou iniurins A. ORIUM. Dot. 24. tikOCKKlKS, (T. P. Pierson's Old Stantl.i A N K F 0 R T , KENT IJ CKY A & WEILER room GETZ, in the new taken the corner MIXED TO MODIFY', AMKNli OK X CI. AIR ST., BETWEEN ST. where lie wil he pleased to foriier of Iaiu and St, Claiv Siir. ts, PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE EI CLOTHING inthecil. I.Vr (. .Vlctiolas, Just published an.l may be obtaiued at OFFICE, on at WM. M. TODD'S BOOK STORE. TODD. eOXFECTIOXLKIES THE LEGISLATURE: BY PROVED iND ADOPTED BY TUK LEGISLATURE THIS ERIC Caps, &c, &c, GODEY'S 85 ATIIEX.EIM bTILL GREATER ATTRACTIOXS! BOOKSTORE, Which p"roiu wishin:;lo purchase would do well to call and examine before buying elsewhere, as I niu detern mined io ii as lav terms as auv other house WHOLESALE AND SETAIL DEALER . OF KENTUCKY, By C. A. WlcklliTe, S. Turner, 4; 5. It A liNKV 'COJib, HUGH L. GGomVIN. DABNEY Persons wishing to purchase, and all others, are to call and evamine ray sto.-kJOHN M. TODD. pt. SC. 155. TODD'S NO. 8 5 (i 1 mHK heretofore under the vtyle X and Una of Tod. & Goodwin, in the Couioctiouery So. switteres itow, St. Ciuir 'itreet, and (rroeerv business, was thnday by mutual FRANKFORT, KY. consent. All those indebted lo the late iirin. an- - requested to come fonvard and make pnyinetit, and iliose having r I1A VE loid Hie ahove named nealty re-- 1 claims against the firm w ill lease present ihcrn for lined, and liave jiw niv FAI.I. and V. I.Y1 KK 1. L. Goodwin retires supply of fnm the concern. Kither one of the tlrm is authorized to use the name of Books, Stationery, Boots, Shoes, Hats, the Ifrm in settling accounts. Aug. I, '55. Aug. 15. Out term fur advertising, either in the Weekly Commonwealth, will be as liberal an in any of the newspapers published .My entire slock of Clothing was got up by the celebra in the west. Jennings y Co., Afir York, ted estabhslitneul 01 n . JTi All letters upon business should be postand are WARRANTED to be made iu tho MOST A I' PROVED STYLE AN D MANNER. paid to insure attention. REVISED STATUTES JANUARY Dissolution. ZLJ URN I SII IN 0 GOODS. K CO., & KENTUCKY. HudMou Klver Insurance Company, of Water ford, 1 urn. .1 c Capital Cash Capital $300,000 $200,000! HE undersigned having been appointed Agent to the above Companv, is prepared to insure all oronertv. such as is usually insured in the city of Frankfort and icinitv. and upon shipments of Merchandise and Pro duce, upon as fair terms as any other responsible office. ah losses liberally adjusted and promptly paid. JLr mce near tne toun tiouse. Satisfactory references will be given upon application. as to the solvency of this Company. J. C. HERN DON, Feb. 2d, 1852 if. Agent. samuel7s NEW ESTABLISHMENT, TENRY SAMUEL, Barber and Hair Dresser, is hap-py to inform his friends and the public that he is again established iu comfortable and commodious rooms, aud ready to attend to all who may give him a call. His new establishment is in ihe building of Col. Hodges, oa St. Clair street. He solicits public patronage, aud hones thai his old friends and customers especially, who patrou-ize- d him before the late fire, will now find their way back to his shop. March 12,1855 by. Office of Transportation, Laurens R. R. S. C, Aug. 4, 1853. j To Dear Sir, My little son, four years old IF YOU want a plow that is not ex hasjust recovered from a severe attack of malignant celled in case of draft and every esScarlet Fever, his throat was rotten, and every person sential quality, inquire, for the war visited him, pronounced him a dead child." Having that ranted Johnson flow. The testi used your Cherry Pkctorai. in California, In the winter mony of our extensive farmers confirms us in the belief. of 1(50, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, with entire sucthat in our model we have approached perfectiou. Try cess, 1 was Induced to try it on my little boy. I gave every three hours, commencing in them. him a They will be deposited with Messrs. Byron, Pitkin & the morning, and by ten o'clock at night. found a deci0., Louisville, aud in the smaller towns in the adjoining ded change for the better, aud after three days use, he JOHNSON & WILLIAMS. counties. was able to eat or drink w ithout pain. Frankfort, Aug. 10, 1855 3m. ltsosc in the above named disease w ill save many a child from a premature grave, and relieve the anxiety of many a fond parent. For all affections of the Throat and A. WILSON. JOHN V. STEPUEN Lungs, I believe it the best medicine extant. A feeling WILSON & of the deepest gratitude, prompts me In addressing you these lines, but for your Important discovery, my little Bacon's New Building, Main ooy would now nave Deen in anotner world. I am yours, with great respect, Just received their Spring Importation of J. O. POWELL. Supt. Trans., L. R. R. HAVING aud Fancy Dry Uood, Hat,, Shoes, &e., Rock Hill, (Summerset Co.,) N. J.. July 21, 185-2- . Dr. J. C Ayer, Since your medicine lias been known uow oiler for sale a very desirable and complete assortment. Usual crtdit to prompt dtalert. A liberal dishere, U has a greater demand than anv other cough April 10, 1855. remedy we have ever sold. It Is spoken of in terms of count for cash. unmeasured praise uy tnose who nave used it, and 1 know of some cases where the best thev can sav of it. is not too much for the good it has done. I lake pleasure HAVE just received a small lot of FALL JMfD 7JV iu selling it, i it now mat i am giving my cusTF.R CLOTHING FOR CHILDREN, consisting of tomers the worth of their money, and I feel gratified In COATS, PANTS, VESTS, OVERCOATS, JACKETS, seeing the benefit it confers. SUSPENDERS, GLOVES, &c. Those who have children Please send me a further supplv, and believe me Yours, with respect, JOHN C. WHITLOCK. to clothe had better call early. P. S. Almost any number of certificates can be sent Sept. 26, 1855. JOHN M. TODD. you, if vou wish It. Winsor, C W., June 26, 1852-J- . C.Ayer. Sir: This may certify that 1 have used your Cherry Pectoral for upw ards of one year, and it VTA1LS, Buckets, Baskets, Mackerel, CUtars, Tobacco, Cans, Sardines. Powder, Lead, Shot, Pepp.r, Spice, is my sincere belief thai I should have been in mv grave Candles. Soap, Indigo, Table Salt, Crackers, Soda, Blackere this time If I had not. It has cured me of a dangering, &c.,eVc. ous atlectiou of the lungs, and 1 do not overstate my Aug. 22. 1855. w. H. KEENK. convictions when tell you it is a priceless remedy. Yours very respectfullv, 1)."A. MclTLLIN, Attorney at Law. Dissolution of Wilksbarre, Pa., September 28, 1850. WM. CRAIK and F. W. KNIGHT havins dissolved Dr. J. C. Ayre. My dear Sir, Your medicine is much It partnership, the business of the firm will be settled approved of by those who have used its composition is up. Either of the partners aro authoriicd to use the such as to insure and maintain its reputation. I invariably name of the linn in settlement, and recommend it for pulmonary affections, as do many of the lirm. Those who have claims to secure money due against the Arm can I am vour friend. phvsicinns. our political present Ihem to F. W. Knight for payment. CHAS. STREATER, M. D. June22, 1855 tf. CRAIK & KNIGHT. AVER, Chemist, Lowell, Mass. Prepared bv J. Sold by J. M. Mills, Frankfort; Dr. B. Cloak, Versailles; Wm. Wilson, Mortonsville; J. Dedmau, have in store twenty barrels extra fine Famly J. L. Ellingwood, ShelbyviUe, and by Agents in every town in Kentucky. Flour, and will continue to keep a supply on haid Oct. 5. 1855. Dec. 5.1S55 w&tw3m." GRAY oi TODD Kentucky Farmers. J.C.Aylr. STEPHENS, Street, IRAnHtUKl, M. CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. I Sundries. il i WE Hour.

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