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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 7, 1960

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

ft r 1959 WINNER OF FIRST PRIZE FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE Kentucky Press Association VOL. 52-- NO. 47 THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1960 WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY 10c PER COPY 10 PAGE5 Letcher County's public library-a- il institution in need of friends THE EASLE EYE Holy week services set in Whitesburg Two community services and several denominational special services are scheduled during Holy Week by relig ious groups in Whitesburg. Community sunrise services Special services arc planned will be held at G a. m. Easter during Holy Week at the GraSunday on the Whitesburg ham Memorial Presbyterlaa school grounds. Church. The services are a joint proj A service of Holy Comm unect of the Methodist, Baptist and ion will be held at 7:30 p. bl. Presbyterian of on Thursday, April 14, which Is Whitesburg. Maundy Thursday. Rev. Robert S. Owens, The Good Friday services will be Jr., pastor of Graham Memorial held at 7:30 p. m. April 15. Presbyterian Church, will deThe Rev. Robert Owens, pat-to- r liver the sermon. of the church, will speak Special music will be provid- at community Sunrise services at 6 a. m. Easter Sunday on ed. case of bad weather, the School Hill. Iin Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. services will be held at the and church services at 11 Presbyterian Church. m. are scheduled for Easter An Easter cantata, "Sunrise present- Sunday. Over Calvary," will be At 3:30 p. m. on Easter the ed at 7 p. m. Easter Sunday at the Methodist Church by the Presbyterian church choir wfll joint choirs of the Methodist join the Methodist Church choir in presenting an Easter and Presbyterian churches. at the Methodist Mrs. Albert Jones and Mrs. Cantata Church. Rolland Secontine will serve as accompanists. The cantata is being directed by the Rev. Charles GOP to meet Tanner, pastor of the MethodA Republican meeting will be ist church. Among those who will sing held at the courthouse at 1 p. are: Mrs. Robert Owens, Mrs. m. Saturday, April 16. Delegates will be elected to Huston Westover, Mrs. Melvin Paints-vill- e Hughes, Mrs. the district convention at Adams, Mrs. Orval Friday, April 22, and the Wilgus Bowen, Mrs. "Frank Majority, Mrs. Charles Tanner, state convention at LouisviUe Saturday, April 23. Misses Virginia Vermillion, Nor ma Polly, Elline Salyer, and Ann Cox, Mrs. Ruth Rice, Mrs. Cos- sie Quillen, Mrs. James Frazler, Mrs. Jack Little, also Ernest Trosper, Cecil Barnes, uee Dawahare, Orval Hugnes, uruce Pesis, Rolland Secontine, and Rev. Robert Owens and Troy Stallard. Robert Nelson Bates, 42,. of Mountaia Fleming died at Home, Tenn., V. A. Center. Survivors besides his wife, Louinnia Stewart Bates, are his mother, Polly Webb Bates, six children, three brothers and five sistea. Funeral services were held April 6 at the Church of Go, Neon, with burial in um Festi- Whitaker cemetery. At tho Regional Speech Craft Funeral Home had val held at Pikeville College on March 24, 25, 26 Whitesburg charge of arrangements. High's two debate teams remained in the contest until the third round. This was. a good record for inexperienced debaters. Members making up the two debate teams were Cheryl Collins, Carol Conatsr, Betty Gilliam and Dudley Webb. The Acle Hall, sob Morehead following students received a of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Hall of rating of Excellent: Jackhorn, has just completed Speaking, Chesta the season as a member of tk Public Webb; Oratory, Emma Jean Morehead State College basketBanks; Discussion, Betty Lou ball team. Caudlll, Cheryl Collins, Dudley forward, was tm. Hall, a Webb; Humorous Monologue, Eagle regular for much of tk Rosemary Craft; Poetry Read- season and scored 68 points ia ing, Marjorie Barnes, Randy 18 games. He was the secoaa Bentley, Sandra Pesis; Prose leading rebounder with 127 Reading, Gene Anno Cox, Vir shares. ginia Martin; Radio Speaking, He is a physical education aa4 George M. Webb. industrial arts major at Mora-heaOther Whitesburg students and is a sophomore. Jin participating received rating of Is a 1958 graduate of Flemiag-Neo- n Good. High School where h starred for Coach Rex Chaaf. Didn't hurt a bit. Polio shot, that is. There was a reminder from somuwhore that another polio soason" is upon us and It is just the right time for all of us, ospocially the youngsters, to take the Salk vaccine immunization injections. On an impulse, wo dropped Into the County Health Depart mcnt and siiucked our shirt. Grace Wells whetted a ncdlo and went on talking which is not unusual for Grace and before we thought of any answer she had popped us right smack bygosh in the bleep. We wcro a littlo disappointed that wo didn't even get a chance to churches F IBILbbbbMH bbbbbHbVHbV ,,t,i& flinch. She has three new bottles of vaccine. Go by and have a shot on us. It's for free. A month after the first shot you get the second and if you don't remember the date Grace will be after you. Seven months after the second you get the third and final shot and can rying about the horrible crip-pier, polio. Any of you old timers know anything about the family history of Lucinda Banks, who was born in Letcher County about 1853? She was the daughter of David Banks and Susan Blair. Joyce Perkins wants to know about the family history. Her address is 39 E. Basic Rd., Henderson, Nevada. Her request for information from the county records was sent to County Clerk Charlie Wright. He turned it over to Dr. It. Dow Collins in the County Health Department. But he couldn't help, because the keeping of vital statistics was started in the county In 1911. Dr. Collins suggested she contact Ellis Banks and Doris Blair both of Whitesburg. Mrs. Maude Blair Stanlfcr, of London, might help. She Is Interested in the history of the Blair family, for the benefit of the annual Blair family reunion, which usually Is held the second Sunday in June. To one who was raised on the huff and puff and clackety-clac- k of the old steam locomotive, these newfangled diescl engines are resented, to say tho least. The old engines used to clat ter through the village in the still of the night with a string of loaded coal gondolas bound At tho psychofor logical moment to cause sudden nightmares, shatter sleep and shock the citizenry to splatter its splay feet on the cold floor at that moment the engineer would cut loose with a blast of the steam whistle, Just to let uvuryuuuy khuw uu was nuuijj nign wiuc anu nanusomo if J right through town. Tho diescl gadget sneaks through at reduced speed with only a hum and a sigh of sound, the orgc eye of a headlight moving back and forth and up and down all over tho landscape, as if trying to peer into everybody's bedroom and henhouse. Taln't fittln'. 'Twouid bo more so If the engineer's hand wcro on tho throttle and tho eye upon tho rail, tendnig to its business. There is only a click as the steel wheels count off tho joints in the track. out-yonde- r. By day, one onco looked with awo upon the old J4, loafing on tho sidetrack for a passing, while tho fireman built up a head of steam for tho next lap of tho journey. Ono studlod the giant pistons which tumod the hugo driving wheels ai:d wondered at the ti.i from. limit.' v. k v (Continued on Pago 8) stcam-powor-c- d l 1" Sm sb IhB BrBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLr SBiHjll Cijtfii abbbbVb mlKIBSSmK .BHBBbVbBBBBBBBH mv ttM BBBB HBHSflKxijH bBbbUbVBbbbbH This is fhe entrance to the Letcher County Public Library, and v'fed the library, it's behind the county jail on Webb Avenue. this I. the library's main room, which has only one table and a I "J". sit up Pwith it for a while. (See ; prospective readers. In case you haven't ouple of chairs for editorial comment on Page 4.) klnViVT' Remodeling under way Boy Scout troop organization completed A kind of "supermarket" de- Whitesburg has a Boy Scout partmcnt store Is taking shape troop again ,for the first time in nearly three years. in Whitesburg this week. Organization was completed The It. H. Hobbs Company is at a meeting at the Presbyterian remodeling and rearranging its Church Monday night. The story to become a church will serve as sponsor of store. Work on remodeling tho the troop, but membership is basement has been in progress open to all boys. Adult leaders include: for several weeks and work on Jim Gose, Scoutmaster; Blu-chthe main floor started this Allison, assistant Scoutweek. master; Mclvin Adams, InstituManager Jack Cox said tho tional representative; Dave first floor will contain clothing, Fields, committee chairman; jewelry, stationery, and the low Troy Stallard, membership er floor will contain house- chairman; Follace Fields, camping and activities; Dr. Allyn wares, toys and other lines, A plate glass back door has Judd, health and safety; Roy Crawford Jr., advancement; been installed, and the driveway Dave Fields, training; Jack Litleading from Eagle Street to tle, finance, and Jack Swisher, tho entrance will bo blacktop- - publicity. ped in order to provide easy Troop members include: Black Arrow Patrol Richard access to the store for users of Day, leader; Randy Bentley, astho new city parking lot. Cox said the entire store will sistant leader; James Asher, scribe; Billy Ralph Adams, Jimbo my Collins, Johnny K. Falrchild, check-ou- t counters have Austin Napier and Three Steve Lucas. been installed near the front Bobcat Patrol James Mohn, entrances. The store will re- leader; Forest Brown, assistant; main open during the change James Majority, scribe; James over. The work should be Hidvegl, Johnny Brown and completed by tho end of next Marvin Lewis. y,cck. Cox said. Pino Tree Patrol Stephen! I self-servic- Deadline is Monday e er self-servic- Combs, leader; Tonunj Deadline for entries in the Fields, Danny Blair, Hassel 1960 Miss Letcher County contest is April 11. Thirteen girls Hall. already have entered the pageScreaming Hawks Shade I Jones, leader; Coy Holstein, as- ant, which will be held April sistant; John Swisher, scribe; 10 at the Whitesburg High Bobby Blair, Tommy White, School auditorium. The winner of last year's Gary Fields, Stevie Yonts. pageant, Miss Carol Brown, went Flaming Arrow Greg Am. on to Lexington to become Miss burgey, leader; David Setzer, as- Kentucky. sistant; Charles Ward, scribe; Any girl interested in enterNorman Banks, Scooter Quillen, ing the contest may obtain comRobert Kersey, Stephen Pesis, plete information from Martin Chuck Tanner and Bruce Pres Dawahare, Cecil Barnes or any ton. other member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce. The contest is a project of the Enter The Speech Department, un- Whitesburg Jaycees. The trophy to. be awarded the der tho leadership of Mrs. W. winner will be on display in B. Hall, entered a poster contest on "Barriers to Progress." downtown Whitesburg soon. A list of entrants will appear Thirty posters dealing with difin next week. ferent barriers were entered the contest. Most dealt with problems of integration and 150 public education. The Letcher County Board of Five winning posters were se- Education hired some 150 cer lected, which will be submitted tified teachers for work in the to the University of Kentucky county school system next year for competition with other high as its meeting Saturday. schools. Posters entered were Supt. W. B. Hall said the those of Charmaine Banks, San number represents all the cer-dra Bloomer, Rosemary Craft, tiflnrf tnnrhnrs whn linil nnnlind Chesta Webb and George M. ,at the timCt but ne has since re. Webb Iceivcd additional applications. Hall said about 15 of the teachers hired had not worked in tho county school system beD. BBBMwNBBBrv,i akTflBBBBnvU BBBBBBBt BBBBBBh1Bhb1bBBBBbV vL . Sparks team at Morehead teachers hired JBL mlBBlBBBBBBBalBBBBBBBBB l d Senior class tour starts early Monday morning BBBH SWVv 6-- 5 fore. PI 'fBjOBBBBBBf.v xSfMKM ICIibWBBBBBbVL ' JbBBBBBBBBK nBC Students win excellent' speech rating poster contest PBBBBa Bi5t7BbBP3bBBBBpBb BvAvAvBBx BhBvAvET "BbBBBjBbBBBBj 'jHkt Bt ;. Funeral rites held for RobertBates April 6 at Neon l BBBBBBBH BBBBBBbI : Hvr On Monday at 7 p. m. 150 Capitol, White House, treasury seniors and their sponsors will department, FBI Building, the Cumberland Coach llngton Cemetery, Robert E. lino buses at Whitesburg and, Leo's home, the Smithsonian start on the trip to Washington, Institute and other places of in I Ar-boar- at..- -. aaw d terost. Two nights will be taken up They plan to stop at Natural Bridge at Jefferson's home, with a visit to a night club, and midnight a moonlight boat cruiso on the About Monticello. COV. DfcRT COMDS and new State Parks Commission discuss plans for large-scaiexpansion and ithoy will reach tho Stratford Potomac, and a visit to an improvement of Kentucky's parks under precee ds from proposed $10,000,000 bond issue, to bo Hotol In Washington, D. C, amusement park. They also submittod to voters for approval in November general election. Left to right are John Ed where they will bo staying dur- - plan to visit Annapolis Naval Pear co an editorial writer for tho Louisville C Governor Combs; Academy. On April !5 Into at Chairman tag their visit. 1hrHont Wo. 'I oji,ol manner of ti e louuvilU 'lipv will rntnrn tn of f n nr.t rco He"don J. Evpi, Knr Oir p r.i v'1 v '..te&burg" J editor of the Lexington Horold, and Edward V. Fox, commissioner of state parks. tho government buiidmgs, the D. C. e ourier-JournaC'-ml- l; J I - .b I Aur hall . i sa

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