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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), December 23, 1825

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

is ? rm,, ty v --- " l - V- Two DoLLAlls A1D New Series JttJZBME ZjJC?yiPj -- A v'ii' in UAr.F wrr '84aa&;-jpraj tyuS j ggg ( True to Ins chaise No. 51. Vol 2. nffiTinWHrfJ1i'Tnn jwtmmzm $$ grfeLTB's trrr jir m be comes, the Herald of 1 0.0 it..:j " l"""" i r5 & ra, . gc . S -: "QywrM; XiTOKvFIUDAy T' - 'i-SSS--- - - vii-2E- :r z- - & News from all nations, JVeSSSSTi l"MBliEtaAmT c.i. "" - - '&& r his .7 i . - tr&m- - SPKCIB. AlHANCP.' IN wcgcngyaig-- (Vol. XXXIX. ip - " iin nIMiiaiiniiBinna,MArr-rrt--- - . . upon tne ii rnrnmMit tinA BniDce,of imdemnity for property taken ordes- l1,6? ln de facintate that consummation, I Z,LV,helnless: the, the ao-recommend lo .1 ...n..n.i i iinfinv ..... of -i .. iiiivi' ..1v,. ..i,uiijsi,uii.t?s oiI"J1 most aggrame ure, and ofthe sex entitled to protection, from Congiess the revival, for one year more, ofthe vated and outrageous character. Jn the the free agency of the parent and the husband, Art of 18th May. 1824, with such provisional during which continual and earnest he organization of the militia is yet more in- modification as may be necessary to guard the ' have been made to the equity and magM ESS AGE. dispensible to the liberties ofthe country. It is public interests against fraudulent practices m nanimity of France, in behalf office claim! the resale ofthe relinquished hind. The purchaFellow Citizens of the Senate, their justice hux not been, as it could not be, de-- 1 only by an effective militia that we can at once sers of public lands aft among theniost Useful And of the House of Representatives of enjoy the repose of peace, and bid defiance to our fel In taking a general survey of the concerns of uciiu.ii. 11 was nopeu that tie actcunn nfs, foreign and, sides aggression; it is by the militia that we alone has been- since the system of:. intrn,l,,,i .1..1 dni hplnvprl ntlntrv. with rpfprpitrp In snliipttd new sovereign to the throne would have afford- - are constjtufcu an armed nation, standing in a gence has been justly extended to'those who interesting to the common welfare, the first sen- - l!cd il lvrWe opportunity for presenting them had pflnqplyx)f defence, in the presence of all ..vuarv upon credit timent which impresses itself upon the mind, is,i!f the cons"ieration of his Government. They me omer nations of the The debt earth. To this end, it which had been contracted OI gTI under (he Credit sales would be necessary so to shape its organization, had become unwieldv. an. iu pV;. .(; qood as to give it a moid united and active energy ike advantageous to the purchaser mid the pub-ti-c, of theieaie Inwsforestablishino-:,,.i .. nifnrm mine, . .. na vnr anon .....i..... i , i. . underthe avstPinnf aulas , .i . wcii ivnuoui an answei. were j throughout the United wnicn to an unusual extent nas prevailed within '"'n, States, and for arming and been, by expenence,and adoptedinniuicuilMUIKS our borders; and for that abundance which, in IIth!; "emsinds of nations upon the jnsticc of each to the exigency Ils wnoie the vicissitudes of the seasons; has been scattei - l0'her.susccI).tib,e.0'"af,Jli,licatiou by the sentence dislocated members, yody. Hut it is a Jbody oi oi the times, the lands will continue, as they have Without the visror of unity. become an abundant " ,"'I,dm' tribunal, those lo which now re and source of revenue; & when ed with profusion over our land. Nor ought we'" having little ol uniformity but (be name To the pledge of i u,m ti.o g11 ' Itlt-t- ... UlC IJC1 " ,:ierw onld long since have been settled, and ad .;i, them to 4&Q3 IU U91.1IUC 1V1JH1I lllb J t iiiuc uao mis mnsnm .DM'tnnt inslllllllnn tlio nmv have been redeemed by the public a editor shall .... .u. v the entne discharge of mitted to enjoy the bounties ol His hand in poace equate indemnity would have been obtained er oi which it is susceptible, Mid to make it a- - the national debt, the swelling tide of wealth and tranquility in peace with all the other na- - There are large amounts of similar claims upon vaiinuie lor the defence f slip llnirm ;it sit.. with which they replenish the the Netherlands, Naples and Denmark. For lions ofthe earth, in tranquility among ourselves common Trca'ury .shortest notice, and at thesinallest expense of may be made to reflow in unfailing tieams 8f imThere has indeed, rarely been a period in tho those upon Spain, prior to 1819, indemnity was ttime, of life, and of treasureVre amonp the ben- - provement fiom the Aflantic to the . V history of civilized man, in which the geneial aster many years of patient forbearance, obtain ntilr- tone l. i Pacific ma expected l irom the persevering delib Christian Nations has been mark- ed; and those upon Sweden have "been lately ciuiiuus ui congress. condition ofthe The condition ofthe various branches of the compromised by a private settlement, in which ed so extensively by peace and prosperity. .miiuiig me unequivocal indications on our n.n public service resorting from the Department Europe with a sew partial and unhappy ex the claimants themselves have acquiesced. The tional prosperity, is the ilourisBing of Mate ol" our , ......... o.iiiiiuisirauon during the ceptions. has enjoyed ten years of peace, during Government of Denmark and of Naples have finances. The revenues ofthe pWnt year, from year, will be exhibited in the Report current been recently reminded of those yet existing which all her Governments, whatever the theofrom the nor will any of them be forgotten mi muir principal bources, will Wcced the anti- .Secielary of War, and the accompanying dorV ry of their constitutions may have been, are suc cipations ofthe l:it. The balance in the Treas-- , ,mcnts herewith communicated. The organiza-.tio- n cessively taught to leel that the end their in- while a hope may be indulged of obtaining jus- ury, on the first of January last, wise a little short' and discipline of the Army are effective and stitutions is the happines ofthe people; and that tice by the means within the constitutional pow- of two millions of dollars, exclusiv of two mill-- l satisfactory. To raimta,.i i. i r. the excercise of power among men can be justi- er of the Executive, and without resorting to ions and a half, being the moiety oY H..H...H.L me uevaience oi the, loan of loser ion among the troops, it has been which, as well as five millions, authorized by the fied only by the blessings it centers upon those those measures of suggested cV act 26th May,! to withhold from the men a small the tune, circumstances andoccasion, which may per whom it is extended. portion of their 1824. The receipts into the TreasuVy from the monthly pay, until the period of their discharge-mirequire them, are within the exclusive compe- first of During the same period our intercourse with January to the thirteith otSspUjinber, ex- -' some expedient appears to be necessary, to all those nations have been pacific and frunui-- lt tency ofthe Legislature. It is with great satisfaction that I am enabled elusive ofthe other moiety ofthe sami loan, are1 preserve and maintain among the officers sp so continues. Since the close of your lust sesestimated at sixteen millions five hunAied thou much of the art of horsemanship as could s'carro-lsion, no material variation has occuired in our to bear witness to the liberal spirit with which sand dollars: and it is expected that thise oi the tail to be sound wantinjr. on the possible sudrelations with any one of them, ln the commer- the Jtepublicof Colombiafhas made satisfac- current quarter will exceed five millions of dol- den eruption of a war, which should cial and navigation system of Ureal bntaifi, tion for well establiseed claims of afimilur char- lars; forming an aggregate of leceipts of overtake us" nearly acter. And among the documents now commu- twenty-tw- o important'changes of municipal regulations ii:i e ;"."",ueu "in, a single corps of cavalry. The millions, independent of theloan. recently been sanctioned by act ot Pailmment, nicated to Congress, will he distinguished a Trea- The expenditures of the year will not Weed' Military Academy at Wet Point, under' the restrictions of a the effect of which, upon the interests ofothei ty of Commerce and Navigation with the that sum more than two millions. By those ex-- recommends seveie but paternal superintend. the ratifications of which have been exitself more and more to the paticn-ag- e Q.ilions, and particularly upon ours, has not jet ffenditures, neaily eight' millions of the principal' ofthe Nation; and the number of meiitonous In the' recent renewal changed since the last recess ofthe Legislature. of the public been sully developed. have been discharged. JMore othceis which it forms debts and introduces to the pi,b-,li- c ofthe diplomatic missions on both sides, between The negotiations of similar treaties with all the than a million aniLa hall has been devoted to the' independent South American States, has been the two governments, assurances have been givdebt of gratitude to the warriors ofthe Reyolu-- i the service, furnishes the means of multipKioff undertakings of public improvements, to en and received of the continuance and increase contemplated, and may yet be accomplished. tion: a nearly equal sum to the construction of of that mutual cqntideni.e and cordiality by The baiss of them all, as pronosed bv the United lortihcations, and the acquisition of ordinance,.' wflVh their acquirements at that institution ;ire The sttiool of ArtiU ry which adjustment of many points ofdilleieuce States, has been laid in two principles; to one, of and other permanent preparatives of national! peculiarly adapted. practice, had already been effected, and which alfords the enure ana unqualified reciprocity; the other, the ueience: nan a million to the gradual increase suited to established at Fortress Momoe, is well the same mil nnsp nH n.i,. ...,,i i, .. j surest pledge for the ultimate satisiactory ad- mutual obligation ofthe parties to place each ofthe Navy: an equal sum for purchases of'Ter. of other permanently upon the footing of the most iurther legislative provision to thesame end. justment of those which still remain open, or ritory from the Indians, and payment of annuities, I he Keports Irom savored Nation. These principles are, lddeed to the varroflfe officers at the bead may heieafter arise. them: and upwards of a million for objectsot! i u.c indispensible to the efiectual emancipation ofthe aunimisiraiive Dranches of the military serThe policy of the United States, in their com Internal Improvement, authorized by special acts' , vice, connected with the quartering, American Hemisphere from the thraldom of colfliercial intercourse with other nations, has alofthe last Congress Is we add to these, fourl health, and pay ofthe Aimv, c ...-- ' most liberal character. In onizing monopolies and exclusions an event milltnna ns rlnll-- o Cif no. i. Ulr ways, been of the . wi 7iij uicilt IlltUlSI UpUIll the assiduous violence of thos n(Tr ir, ik the mutual exchange of their respective produc- rapidly realizing in the progress of human af- me puoac iieut, mere remains a sum o about performance of their respectiv e duties, and the fairs and which the resistance still opposes in certions, they have abstained altogether from proseven millions, which have defrayed the whole faithful accountability hibitions; they have interdicted themselves the tain parts of Europe to the acknowledgements of expense of the Administration of Government, part ofthe system. which has pervaded ev ery powerof laying taxes upon exports, and when- the Southern Amenrau Republic as mdepenciant in its legislative, Executive, and Judiciary De Our rclaliom with ever they have savored their own shipping, by States, will it is believed, contribute more effec- partments, im tuning the suppoit ofthe Militarv gina! natives of this r he miinernnc tridpc nr..i,n. tually to accomplish The time has- - been and and ountiy, scatteiet) over it s exp1 stiiblishments, and all special preferences, or exclusive privileges in the occasion- -' ensive-surface, and so dependent, even fur their that their own ports, it has been only with a view to in not remote, when some of those states might irl contingencies ol a Government their anxious desire to obtain a nominal recog with the Union. ........,.i, u,jUU UUI jju,ver, oave ueen, duiiiig countervail similar savors and exclusions granted the present year, liighlj interesting- - An act of 1 he amount ofduties secured on merchandize by the nations with whom we have been engag- nition, have accepted of a nominal independence, Congress of twenty sill h iMay,one thousand eight ed in tratic, to their own people or shipping, and cioggeu with burdensome conditions, and eclu a.ported, from the commencement ofthe ear, hundred und twenty-sou- r, sive commercial prp ileges granted to t e nation made an appropriation to the advantage of ours, immediately alter is auout twentv five millions and a half; and that r to defray the expenses the close of the last war, a uroposal was fairly from which they have separated, to the disad which will accrue during the current quarter, is trade and friendship withof making Treaties of the Indian Tribes her made by the act ofC'oi giess ot the 3d of March vantage of all others. They are now all aware estimated at five millions and a Tialf; fioni these .younU the Mississippi. An lolC, to all themanlime nations, to lay aside that such concessions to any European nation, thirty one millions, dednctine the,drawlacks,es- - one thousand eight hundred act of third , Mard), would be incompatible with that independance and twenty-fiveaushe system of letaliatiug restrictions and exclutimatec at less than sc en ii.illion.a sum exceed- thorized Treaties to be which they have declared and maintained. made with Ihe Ind.nns' ing twenty-sou- r millions will constitute the reve for their consent to the (linking sions, and to place the shipping of both parties Among the measures which have been sutrffes- - nue of a road Irom slip tvlinln vJ the fiontier to the common trade, on a looting of equality in ol the will of Missouri to that of Neiv Alexiro. ted to them by the new relations with one anoth- penditures Year: and respect to the duties of louage and impost. This of the year. The entire amount of j.Ahd another act. ot the same date, provided for offer wps partially nd successively accepi.d by er, resulting from the recent chancres of their con public debt remaining due on the hist of Janua defraying the expenses of holding Treaties ith dition, is that of assembling, at the Isthmus of ry next, will be t Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the short of eighty-on- e millions of the Sioux, Chippewa s. iVenomeiices, Sauks FoxHanseatic Cities, Prussia Sardinia, the Duke of t anama. a iiomrresR nr whirli nnrli ns 11,0,1, dollars. es, &c. for the purpose of establishing boundai ies should be represented, to deliberate upon ob By an act of Congress ofthe third of March last and Oiilenburgh and Russia. It was also adopted piomoting peat e between said tribes '1 he under certain modifications, in our late commer- jects important to the wellare of all. The Re a loan of twelve millions of dollars was authori- first and the hist objects of these acts have btc a publics of Colombia, of Mexico, and of Central zed at sour and a half per cent, or an exchange, accomplished, and the cial convention with France. And, by the act of second is vet in a tiror.'ss have already deputed Plenipotentiaries of stock to that Congress of Oth January, 1824; it has recefred a to amount of sour and a half ncrc-eiof execution 'I he treaties which, since the last such a meeting. and they have invited the for a stock ofsix per cent to create a fund lor ex-- j Session new confirmation, with all the nations who had of Congress1, have been concluded vuih States to be also represented there by their tinguishiug an aceded to it, and has been oflered again to all equal amount of the public debt,! the evet nl tribes, will be laid before the Senate ministers. The invitation. has been accepted, who are, or may hereafter be, willing toa-bid- e those ueaimg an interest of six per cent, redeemable for their consideration, confoimably to the Cou and Ministers on the part of the United States in the year one thousand eight hundred and stitution. Thev comprise in reciprocity by it , But all these regulal vulimlilp nr. will be commissioned to attend at those deliberatwenty-six- . An tions, whether established by treaty, or by mutions, End to take part in them, so far as will be to give effect to account of the measures taken uuisitions of territory : and thev spnire hi. nrlinst. nicipal enactments, are still subject to one this act will be laid beoie you ment of boundaries, and give pledges of compatible with that neutrality from which it is by the Secretary peima.- restriction. The removal of c'iscrinii-fiatin- g ofthe Treasurv. As the oh- - iieia peace oeiween several tribes which bad neither our intention, nor the desiieof the other Iject which it had in duties of tonnage and of impost, is limited view has been but partially been long waging bloQityuvars against each other. to articles ofthe growth, produce, or nianufac American States, that we should depart iiccuinpnsiien, it wn, he lor the consideiationot On the twelfth of Fehnnrv Insf. ii Tronli uni i nc uommissioneis undei the Seventh Article tures,of the country to which the vessel belong, n! ...ho ' p.viit;i,llUi;il Cl 11 L power with which it cloth- - signed at the Indian Spiings, between Commisr Y I i. k 'ro'itv l2I.rt ""-ueany. om )ietemieci the Executive should not ! , t ..n sioners appointed on the xxr to such articles as are most usually first ship"""' nfllip I'nllciKidi ped from her ports. It will deserve the serious their labors that, by the report recently recen etT eaiiy day oi the piesent session, and under what and certain Chiefs and individuals Ofthe C're.ek irom the Agent on the pait ot the Lnited Stales-ther- mollifications. consideration ofcongress, whether even this lation ot Indians, which was received at tho The-ar- t ol Congress of the third of March, last Seat Of Government Olllv n fpw rlnwa hofnro il.n. restriction may not be safely abandoned, will is reason to expect that the Commissioncis be closed at their next session, appointed for directing the Secielary of the Treasuiy to sub- close ofthe last session of Congress and of tl(e and whether the general tender of equal compe'the twenty-seconof May ofthe ensuing car. scribe, m the name and for the use ofthe United late Administration. The advice and tition uiade in the act of 8th Januarp, 1824, may consent of The other commission appointed to ascertain States, for one thousand five hundred not be extended to include all articles of mershates oi the Senate was given to it on the third of March, chandise not prohibited, of what country soever the indemnities due for slaves carried away from the capital stock ol the Chesapeake and Dela"nc: lor it 10 receive the ratification oi tile United States, aster the close of the late war ware Canal Company, has been executed by the then . rpsirlpnt ns flm thev may be the produce or manufacture. Pro the P . ..... u. uiv L'tiiiu Gi..inr. 11 litis ....: have met with some difficulty, which has delay- actual subscription for the uiaia; : ..,.. luilllpositions to this effect have already been made.! amount specified; and ed on the seventh of March, under the unsuspect ed their progress in the enquiry. A reference such other measures have been adopted by that to Us by more than one F.uropeun government, ing impression that it had Ueen negotiated p good has been made to the British Government on ofncdr, under the act, as the lulfilment of itsln-tentio- faith, and in the confidence insnirpil hv thp icn. and it is probable Hint, jf once established by the subject, which it may be hoped, will tend to requires. The latest accounts received ommendatipn of the Senate. The subsequent legislation or compact, with any distinguished huston the, decision J .11 P!tllCni.lfinc in maritimeState, it would recommend itself by serve as a substitute of the Commissioners, or of this important undertaking, authorize the be- i.!u.Soi.iiviio 111 .nl.l... ... iL!. T1 reaiy, win iornv icmiiuuiu nas i for it. lisf ihat it is iu successful progress. the experience of its advantages, to the general the subject of a seperate ftlessage. Among the povveis specifically granted to ConThe payments into the Treasury from pro The appropriations made b Congress, for pubaccession of all. The convention of Commerce and Navigation gress by the Constitution, are those of establish- ceeds oi me sales ot the 1'iiblic Lands, during the lic works, as well in the construction of fortifiing uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies present year, were estimated at one million of between the United btates and France, concations, as for purposes of Internal Improvement, cluded on the 24th June 1822, was, in the under- throughout the United States, and of providing dollars. The actual receipts of the first two so far as they have beeen expended, have been foi organizing, arming, and disciplining the mili- ;quaitershave fallen very little short of that sum: faithfully standing and intent of both parties, as appears tia, and for governing such part of them as may lit is not expected that the second half of the hlVCd bv applied. Their piogiess has been de upon its i.icc, only a temporary arrangement of .... "... ....... Trip . the Want of s'llitnhlp ndirprs .... tU,v be employed in the service ofthe United Stales year will be equally productive; but the income intending them. An increase of both the Corps the points ol ilillereice between them, ofthe ni'"t immediate and prussing uigeucy. It was The magnitude and complexity of the inteiets 'of the year from that source may now be safely ui engineers, military and 1 opograjitucal, was affected by legislation upon these subjects, may estimated at a million and a half. The act of limited, in the first to two years, from iecomiucjnueu ny my predecessor at sesaccount for the fact, that, long-anoftep as both Congress of eighteenth May, 182-1- , to provide sion ol Congress. The reason upon the last the 1st of Qc'tolpf' I82, but with a proviso, that which that ol them have occupied the attention, and amma for the extinguishment ofthe debt due to the it sinuld l'ui t her continue in force till the recommendation was sounded, subsisi in all their ited the deflates of Conc-rcss- i no systems lime vet States by the nurclwscrs of public lands. force, and have acquired additional urgency since of a general and deiinithe treaty of fulfilling, to the satisfaction of was limited, in its operation of relies lo the pur that time. It ui'p terminated by a notice six months, been devised may also be expedient to organize its eflect at the Topographical Engineeis into a corps sin in advH,, ( . ,f' either of the parties to the other. the community, the duties prescribed by these chaser, to the tenth ol Apnl last, Igrants of power. To conciliate the claim ofthe the end ofthe quarter during which it expired to the present establishment of the Corps of Jisopen ions o far us. it extended, has been Inii'ividual citizen to the enjoyment of personal was to reduce that debt from lento seven million Engineeis. The Military Academy at West ad ViUltagcnus ; and it still continues m force liberty, with the effective obligation of private By the operation of similar prior laws of relies, Point will furnish, from the Cai.ets b. coinm-iiconsent. But it lest unadjusted annually gradohj'-ctof jr. eat intercut to the nti.ens anil (contracts, is the difficult problem to be solved by fiom and since that of second March, 18. i, the uated there, officers well qualified for cany ing a law of bankiuptcv. These are objects of the debt had been reduced, from upwards of twenty-tw- o this measure iu to eflect. ftUbjecfjof both rniinti"cs,and particularly a mas interest to sfriery; afiei ting allthat is millions, to ten. It is exceedingly desirable The board ol Engineers for nfernal Improve" ofohiiMsto amount, q! citizqna 01 th'ii it ilmiiM precious in the existence of multitudes of pei- - .WlUVItUUVUlU lip. pvtinruial-ir'iltnnnllm. UU IV ......, U."Vtilt. , n..l in ment, appointed lor cany mg ato tiecuticntio t. i iiic p.' . UNITFDOTATKS transi ibaiii.nT uk the .r mitted, this day, to both Houses of Congress by the hands of Mr. John Adams, Junior, the follow- - ccs r,,;,!,,' Ch ) 'L2'ZMiajMWttrrr PKK ANMTM - m iiami' in ii , St WLJSl, WMiUWn lumbVu;, d S: Myy, 4 ,4 Ion"-perio- ls s; - per-petu- puu-nase- I ii. ..,,.. ii . ..,., i,t ?a , 1 ...... -- - . a . 1 self-redres-s, d j y hi j V ! , . cloibuo-subsistence- :,, ' i Iaal -- j ; G'-oa- i laro-ejini- nt v"j . 1 o e rem-nant'- T con-clu-i- com-mei- i sev-e.-;.- s dec-pes- e t A !.;! .

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