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Image 3 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, August 28, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

l.JtWwt3Tffq'HJ MHJH tliisl rt"PWWy fn.v,f..4 r yS v. U. and I. t I bediitocj ro give the binds to am witling each for thsir feperate parts, or to you three jointly, or to do any o. " True to bisiehart;e ther thing for your ease, conveni- ' He comes, the Herald 0 a noisy woild, ence or fatisfadiion that isjuft, and ' News Irani allriationslumb'ringathis back' I hope you will on the receipt or .... ..... this, write me word you are satisfied LEXINGTON, AlfGUST 28.'T' "F oir iccouits gr IGHr & REWARTjiY PEMCE TAKE NOTICE ... jir a tiecLL 01 ti uit f' ILL be iven toany person wlio ill;jjr' w wn- - 1 1 unit meet tne commmjii w ir "lus iOTICE.r...n. eicu- K j orehend and deliver at mv Ann. in . appointed by the county court of ted to me, by Phillip '. VIXIjBMtton Henry Neret ,ngtn H.DWAUD SMITH and on the seventh day of September AM VMLTH, who are brothers, and fons.of the morning, at the Pot Baftrop, to raise certain funis ne( at ten o'clock in forinthe jeffeSmitb, living near col. Bowman 3, Sntlijricadel)edtimher caed Haftrop and follo.vinEen of monty due from Elkhorn. said Edward and William are so try, on ,trode's crrek, opposite to the mcuth laucarrow, to the toiiowing per prentices to the boot and (hoe malting ot Green creek; to perpetuate the tellinw-nions viz. Greorgs Bickham andMC-'- d and lest me on Saturday last, and took of witneffes reTpeOing the calls of id entrv with them the whole of their wearing nccac, rucicnanis 01 tne city ot " May the eleventh 1780, David Glafi enters Edward is 18 or 19 years old, $ (set 9 5K acres, upon a tieafur wairant, 'on the Philadelphia, trading under the him' or 10 inches high, lout well nnde, fiiir hT5r, eall fideof'the Rotky ford folk, a branch o( lojfir toner's fork of Licking, beginning half a of Bickham and Reese, Cochran and grev ryes, and a flv look. William to take the bonds with security, or 17 years old, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches higjiweJI mile below ai.ick on the lame side of the creek Ihuiiby and Samuel Meeker,' of the wait the event of the suit. In case conn darker, Married On Thursday the made, hair ratherbrothel. and more opetireward at deadened timber, znd to tun un on same place, and William P. Mee I hear nothing from you before-yoFont pence each side ot the creek for quantity, and on the ker, and "Samuel 6th inft. I'ho: C. Howard of lenance than his Denman. of the will - given for either, or the above reward east side thereof." go off, I lhall advertise in the Ken- Richmond K. same plupe, trading under the name to the agreeable Miss for both. David Glass. tucky Gazette, forbidding all per- Amelia Patiucs of its and firm of Meeker Denriian k Co. All persons pre hereby forewarned from vicinity. Augu(l2')th) 1804. fons whatever from engaging in selharboring, entertaining, or concealing cither and James W&t,of lL.timore, I iliall or bo' h o' the above mentioned apprentices, ling or buying any of my lands, &c. JS VA I'E OF KEXTUCIVk ' ELECTION. cxpoie to ltle at t e court house as I am determined to prosecute t" the utmost which advertiferuent I flnll send Go'jet nor of th- - law, the person or perfoDS who MouSgomery circuit, uy term 1S04. door of Favette C uuty. of the State, rigour immediately to Kentucky by poll (hall fa offend. Chnftopher Greenup. a tJ&Jlrilhan Keener, complainant, I he following 11 acts of In case I am obliged to do this I William RahxS Lieutenant Governor,' Atrainft LAND.viz. (hall Hate many facts which I am N. B. I am crediblv informed that Eaward ohn Hawkins. Ezekiel Havrlpn John Caldwell. rrMirttnir n umi i us n luuui; "UJVI in in tl nl lihMi John Dupuy, Henry Payne, Henry One fourth pai tof 1000 acres of land. " " niw iikignuuui J 'vuutiuhis unwilling to, do. I flultkeep a copy by survey be'arni" datL the 17th day w. 11. hood ot father. of this letter, and hope you will not Young, John Fowler, James Gray ol September, 1783, lying and beAugivft27, t8 Mathew Lyon, fMnthew Wait. drive me to the disagreeable necefli and uahl Holmes, defendants. ing in whjt was h'avette. now John Boyle, Thomas Sandfoid, Tohn TO BE SOLD TO '1ME HIGH' use of it. ty of making IN CHANCERY. Waters of the North Fork of Eik- EST BIDDER. iseainger I am your affetionate brother, THE defendants, Basil Holmes, horn,'& on the North iide of the same. ON the fifteenth day of SeptemHenry Young, JK TOO: UNDERWOOD. ber next, the MILLS of John tame- havmgentered james Grjy &john Dupuy, not Also one fourth of 350 acres, by their herein agreeNORFOLK, August 7. Untimiwood, fecunty, &c. son dec, on North Elkhorn, with able survey beaiing date the first day of to law and the rules of Capt. .. The printers of the ftaa of, npws'wn Peck, fromandiz, informs thatt forty three acres of land annexed it appearing to the fathfaftionthisCouit, and Julyi 1785, lying and being in what of the Court, . .i. i rtrt'nA Kentucky are hereby requested to with agood loghoufe sixteen that they are notinhabitants of Jbis Common was the count' of rayette, now .h ,, ., I ; wealth; on the motion of the complainant publilh in 'their papeis at Prankfort June from tl,em.ft Nelfoniby e,Ine,en sect; vYlth a llone ch,m' by h s council, it is ordered that the laid de- Franklin on the first bottom below Gibralter, and Lexrigton, the abive letter ; had lent ftatmg- that Admiral kltchen and sire place under fendants do appear here on the third day of our Little Benson's Creek. Also one " intofoulon and I hereby inform Ceo. Under- Bnttilh (lups of the Roads three sail of answer the complain- fourthof 1000 acres, by survey, g line, who sired uoon'neath ' ab.0Ut: fiftecn aeres of tlle a' nextOrtober term and this ants bill, that a copy of order wood andjall othtr persons wliate-ve- the town and lliipintr. date the aoth day o SeptemThe French fnt ov 'ant 's cleared and under fence, in one of the pub'ic papers of thisbeinferted (late for not toconcern either in selling out eight sail to give th?m chase when T'le is built of llone, two' eight weeks fucceflively ber, 1783, lying and being in what I am de. Atlrn.ral Nellon or buying of fiid lands, as A was then the county ot bayjte now by withfour additional Itory '"g"' lrt-- eight-fef ' Copy.' M. cfte, ' termined to prosecute all or any such which were in "the offing give.1)' eight, with two pair of (tones, Harrison, C. M. C. Franklin, on the South Fork of Elkfiller or huyer. Cafli sent to John cluf to them and out them off the land, jone geered, the other tub. Immdi horn, (but there' is excepted ico STATE OF KENTUCKY. Rochester efq. at Danville, to pay The French cpmmenced a running sight ate pofleflion of the mill will be given Fayette Circuit court, June term, 1804 acres out of the last mentioned tract, the printers. T U. and bore away for CorficaNflfon th nnrrlwf sold by Hayden" Edwards to Geoige Th A,V,nUra George MofFett, complainant, 1g . .. An i . . ...t-,VC t inH Licai ttl laiiu W111UC againit patent Apple Fearing and Cutting fllfrl, tlicm rj,i iiuitllLd ....IT..I arriUI'fl aim r. unnriinnr4 ... u C1CI VCtl till u o Madison.) Alio one foutth of 850 , ,t B atv.T.oraueriiomiviane.llcs, palled them the first day of November next Johnflowler, Moles M'llvain, John acres by survey, bearing djte the MACHINES, Gritteridon, Alexander Dunlap,Hum "5 when in cljafe. Jc For sale in Lexington, by MTU he terms of the sale will be as sol hpTy Marfliall, John Vance, John ,s " 29th day of September, 1703, 1ii g Andw. M'Calla. lhl0W (toyhl one fourth Pan of tht Stone, - A'fvion Goodloe, and ane a " and being in what was iikh the , PHILADELPHIA. Tin...i.r.n. Un. P. S. The abovo Machines were invented IMS county of Favette, now Fra.ikhn. , XT....V..,. V 'tpurchale to be paid ndown, the bal k UUItl.J.IUIUdNl). A at iitw.i rk- irnm bv MofesCojts.ofChelter county rennfylva-ma- , 4ui, complainant having made on the water's of the South Fork of Lo be pam in hve equal annual for which he abuined a patent ; it is un. Grennock, dated June 15, nienuon, .lance affidaTltthat he verily believes hiscliim desavor of the tliat an expedition was fitrlntr WUta ; , necelfary to say anv thing coiiihikiilc uij. cue in- - pends upon the testimony of living witneffe, Elkhorn. Also one fouith of ico . ' '. .11 otCO uay invention, than that it is Ample, easy to be kept England, to carry 70 cinrt September one ttiou and that he does not know of any person or acres by survey, 'bearing date th; !(-t 1 ' """J" .lreentii in order, and in general use ; and that by it Hanover. iana eignt nunarea ananve. inter persons who set up any claim to the land in cth day ot June, 1784, hing and any parson may pare 23 apples in a minute with bill mentioned, except the above named est on the 'sour remaining payments' the August 13r ease. The legifliture of Pcnnfylvania at their defendants, leave is granted him, as to those being in what was then Fayette, nov AUairs on the continent .aie become will be required till the whole is paid. wio may have a claim or claims to the said Franklin county, on main Elkhorn. last feflion purctnled the patent right fu" that Price of the patent lor more inteielting, every day since the up. irate, at 5000 dolls fourth of 520 acres, by Due attendance will be given land, who are not unde defendants to the bill, Alfov-onone machine, is one dollar. to advertise the tuna and place ot taking the survey, bearing date the 11th day 3t elevation of Bonaparte to th Arntv by us the comnumoners. dcpofitions of witneffes herein, six times in limperor of May, 1784, lying and being in Wm. Aloore, j LL those having dcimnds againll of not knownof France, in as much as it the Kentucky Gazette, agreeably to law. yet what answer will be Gab. Aladifon, dec, is of A copy. what was then Fayette, now Robt. S. Russell, Telle, JT. are requefled to bring them forward as returned by the great potentates to- the 7 bos. Bodley, C.F.C.C. on the waters of Elkhorn. Also rrans. KirtleJ, early as pifirolp ; anu thole that 3rein refpeftive Ambaffadors at Paris, who I SHALL proceed on the twent- one fourth part of the following en Jos. Fisher. debted are earneltly requeued to hive made known to their fovercigns the Auguft27th, 1804. , ieth day of November next, to take the tries, to wit. 3tJ make immediately payment, that provi above changethe mofl absurd tumours of Samuel M'Dowell, Jahn Maxwell; December the 6th, 178a. NOTICE. Wm. Steele and Robert Mjffut, to prove tSe fion may be malt- - todifcharge the debts are afloat in the intei im, supposed to come Cyrus M'Crakin & Charles BcM,J fiom Vienna and Ratrfbon. From the COMMISSIONERS appointed by beginning coiner, lines, and special callslii'the the efUte ofthefaid dec. aeaifiil .... "..... K-1C c r n..i. ...:n one thousand acres of land by survey, which enter 1000 acres on part of a Trea'- torment is pretended that the mod iml - UUU1ILV UUULk Ul " !U.tlC, Will Georre Madison,") s, Ex'orsofGab. portant changes are about to take pUdf feet on the fifth of October next is situate on South Elkhorn, and Shannon's fury warrant, No. 5209, to loir, his .m T Madison, dec. al'ti, '. '(I St my own house, and then prbceed run, in Fayette and Woodford counties, which settlement and j on the f .I..... uo iajjuicau jjuuaparte receires I holiTbKyirtue of the following survey, (to 3w" J. L. Mtrtin. J the Crown of France, .Poland will by to the begining corner of an entry wit ; jsurveyea tor ueorge Moitett, by vir North hde, and bkillern on the Lalt the intervention of Pruifia, and with of cue ofijhe governor's warrant, and agreeable side, to run along both lines and out 5 DOLLARS REWARD. 500 acres of land made in my to Great rrpAKEN off my horse on Saturday the conlent of Auflna and Pruffia, re own riame, and to begin about of t!je Kiniuofthousand Britain's proclamation for quantity. 661 acres of land, in Fin Ji lad, in this town, a single skirted ceive a King in the person of Lour December the 6th, 1782. quarter of a mile above the mouth castle cpujity, on the waters of Elkhorn creek, xviii :i SADDLE, Cyrus M'Crakin & Charles Beall, a creek on Red Kiver formerly a sugar tree and buckeye, and of ruanihghence, No jo East, poles, crof enter 1000 acres of land, on put of JVith a blue clotli, it has been used so Oreelc, but now sing a branch, to 2 sugar trees,3C0 called No. 70 Wert, CHARLESTON, Augufl 1. as to injure both a little. I will give 'FJiruih Creek,-- 540 poles, croiling ; branches and a creek the above warrant, on the dividing known by the name of Important Information. five dollars for the Saddle and Thief, or ridge, between the North lork of S0. 20 Well, We are authonfed by the Collector of at a ford on laid lied River, where to two buckeyes, thence South 330 poles to Clear creek and Greer's creek, to three fjr the Saddle. two fugai trees, Kaft, 540 the Uultoms to lute, that he has received tjic county road now croffes from poles to the beginning. Benj. Martin. , begin about thrte miles fror, the Lexington, Aug. 28, 1804. 3w a letter from the honourahleRobert Winchester to Clark's Mills on said Jno. Floyd, AlTt mouth of Clear creek, on one of i.s Smith, feemary of the navy, notifying river, then and there to take the July roth, 1775. J? branches, and to iuii Northwardly have for sale him that the President of the United depofitionsof witneffes to establish Wm. Frelton, S.F.C." A VALUABLE FARM, States has deemed it expedient to send the calls in said entn, and do such In order to perpetuate the same, I lhil meet for quantity, inchid. g the heads of TON the Ohio river, about fifteen to the coast of South at the Jieinning corner of the said survey at the drains of both creeks and nver. Carolina and Geoi - other things as may be thought miles above the itapius, etterlon gia, gun boat No. 1, under the command May the 12th, 1730. ten ojJ .tk, and continue taking the laid deand agreeable to law. molitions untilthey are all taken. ' county, containing Three Hundred and of heut. Charles Beall, "enters 500 acies commandant Tnbn Pr.wn Stephen Collins 1 qjhallairo, on the da of Sixty Acres, one half prime bottom with l'hat an other Run boat will in a sew upon a Treasury warrant,,upon ' between the hours of ten in the NOJTCL. Tifty acies cleared, in good repair, and days be sent to our joining Andrew Lewis's line coalr, and fliat murmjKana rive in tne aiternojii, at tne uouic BY viitue of a decree of the Kayelte Jf handsomely laid out, with a new Dwelhave been made for building - in HrnnfnrH. circVit court, will be sold at publitfale-- , of"ViuvV.orlv. tavern keenerJepofition ofj on ttu West, and OVid M'thackin's ling House, forty feet by lixteen, two a gun boat at Charleston and incoln county, on the South, about three miles from another at on a credit of twelve months, a Tra'ft Jno- Martin, for the take the same parpofe. rooms below, with a paffage portico on Savannah. Limeftorie ; also 500 acres joining of George Moffett. the one side, and a poarch on the other, 2 The protection which will be thus gi the above entry on the South, and to jaly 6th, 1804. good Hone chimneys, good springs of ne- ven, as well to the Revenue, . as to all Containing run on the South side of Andrew oi.e bundled and ten acres, ver sailing water convenient to the veffels whatever, whether neutral or A Lewis's, and along Glenn's road lor east folk of Hickman cieekj buildings, good garden, and leveral con- nerican, against the atrerreffions of the lying on the f"'- Fayette Circuit Court, . qijantity. where Tames Hawkins now lives. The houses ; as it is nccdlefs to venient aimed veiTels of :mv nnnnn Vhfc June Term, 1304. above land will be folti in one trat, or June the 15th, 1780. to particulars, any person intend- within the tentorial jurifdiftirn of the divided to suit put chasers. The sale JohrrClay; complainant, Two thousand acres about five are invited to examine United States, cannot sail ing to to be hirhlv to commence at ten o'clock, on Satur- - W aeainlt Abijah Htint, JelTe Hunt Zz John W. Hunt, miles from the Forks of Elkhorn, the place, of winch I will give a bargain, gratifying and fatrsfadloiy ! defendants. ifciy, the fifteenth next, on and gne a long credit for part of the and above the same. firates, whether sound within ob """IN CHANCERY. ' the premises. The money.arifing from Also two lots in the town of Frank- money. yum. our jui natctional limits, will be fubjeft attendants Ahijali Hunt and Jelle sort, known on he BENj. TAYLOR. platt of the said ana broutrht into port. Oth" theTale of the above Land, to taKen THU having sailed to enter their appear Jcffei son county, An?. 21. 1804. laws of the United States can and will to the turtner orcer ot lam circuit ance herein agreeable to law and the rules of town by their numbers, 17 and 22. court. AKEN up bv rhe lubfcnber living anito-rf- be ettectnally executed this couit, and it appearing to the fatlsfacMon The above traeTrs of land and lots, Harrison, nerBouiboncountv, of the court that ihey are not inhabitants of to be sold for cafli, the sale to com- Comers this commonwealth ; On the motion of the , A Daik Iron Giry Mire, hdmiind Bullock, complainant, by his counsel,it isordeied that mence at 12 o'clock, Saturday the ; rather whiter in the fice than clfewl-erWilliam Sbreive, LOST, e the said defendants do appear here an the lit of September next, at the two jears old list spring; about I4handg N Friday evening last, on the Limestone Aug-if- t 6, 1804. third day ol our next September court and an high, branded on the nigh moulder and butdoor in Lexington. ' aDOUC 3 1'tllttts, wiapped "N pursuance of a decree of the fwer the complainant's bill, and that a copy of tock ;J'.us, III, appraised to nine pounds ten ,n a pieceof home made coating. Anv per JOHN JORDAN Jun. this order beinferted in the Kentucky Gazette Ihillnjgs. jFayatte circuit (Jourt, at their accoi"ingtolaw. son finding the same, and leaving them at this July 23d, 1804 Iiaac full. J.inf 21, 134. office, mall begeneroufly rewarded. tfjpq, term 1804, we will proceed to A Copy. Telle June 27th, 1804. Robert Mdls. '1 hos. fejj on Saturday the 8th day of Sep- Bodley C. F. C. Cj Taken up by Michael Kinnear, in August 23, 1804. ember next, eniuing, at the court- or .in Mercer couit, near Buchanan's mill, State of Kentucky. house in Georgetown, Scott coun STOLEN horse,STRAYED, a NO.ITCE. Grey Horse, One KaycteJ, Circuit Court, tune term, 1804. 8 years old, 15 win sell the remainder of that var ty, TWO LOTS,pr parts of LO'l S, James Duncan, complainant, Six years old, branded on the nigh buttockK; hands high, black mane and tail, mea1 he one being tlie lluable traft of mihtary land, lying on in Georgetown. jppraifed toleventy dollars. Titaioft ly nosed, has some white hairs on his4 John ArmftroQgVrf,!? the Ohio point, above the mouth ot the Lot on which George brown lately Ba'muel'Hill, Samuel Wilson and A- L legs, walks well, trots fast and paces ; Kentucky river, containing 43 acres lived, to include the buildings and rUK SALE Mr Cash." afiah Higgins, defendants, his tail is fliort and newly cut ; he Lot of ground, at the at a very reduced price forcafii It T,olj'lver Craig, A valuable VIST CHANCERY. Lot hepurchafed of has no white spots on him, is lame in of bottom ol the first quality, emi- ad oininp' to James Lemon ot main nreet in tms tow.n wer en he o The defendants Samuel Hill and two acres, it is handsomely nently calculated for farming he. com- thcr to include his Stable, adjoining Simuel Wilson, having sailed to enter their his right hind soot . He was taktu containing out of the pafluie of mr. Pat. situated and under good ience. tor tur. manding a.view several miles above and to the Lot on belong-ingt- o appearance herein agieeable to law and the rules of this court, and it appearing to the M'Cullough, on Wednesday nig' t apply to the fubfcribcr below of the Ohio river, embracing a ther the heirs of Saml. Grant dec. Th" above reward on Main Street, nextdoor to Mr. Jjenj. complete profpedt of the. Town at the with all and every of their appurre-nances- . fatisfaftwn of the court that they ate not in the 1 8th inft. habitants of this commonwealth on the mowill be given for apprehending the mouth of the Kentucky river. Fuihey's. Said property will be sold tion of the complainant by his counsel, it is THOMAS LONNEY' ' Jas. Fisbback. for ready money, by rr ..... Cllrl rlsf.n.lAt,fr!! .. ni.none thief, on his being convi&ed ; or is , fhr . tll P. S. Those who would prefer pur- tf here on the third day of our next September the horse lTould be taken up, a e Lexirgton J ulyj 6, 1804. Payne, Jobn court, and answer the complainant s billja"nd chaling a part of the trait may be aK rfvrd will be given for him LOST -. , . v.....t, om'rs.or that a copy of this order be inserted in the by Maclean ts Poyzcr. ON the 7th infton the Georgetown commodated A General warrant? wIU Kentucky Garetteaccording to law. Jiiijao uraig, ranytwoof; A copy. iQad, a I xington, 20th, July, 1604. Telle, Aim. Bufsrd,hf tliem. y' Red Moiocco Pocket Book, 'Tos. Bodley, C. F. C. C. THOMAS DOZER taVerjyfefpf V MY wise Rutk Avdersjn, William Henry J and one due "Tdtcontai anz several notes, --August, A ItONE HORSE COLT, from m bed and boa d &? WARFIELD 1804. 9th DrA BliOWN 0511, to the amount of near two hundred . ,. , jinii;. AT., ...;,, II tl ,,,... luupuieu iu uc a yca.i.i.f- una rV. TBTHOSE indebted to George T egar- BEG leave to inform the public thauthe without any juftcaufe, this is tfeere-for- e ,ln to forewarn all practice TJ eerv p and wrote in the book. Two dol- - with 0 star in his sorehead, no brands dtp, aie is que sled to make payment by MEDICINE &f SURGERY not to credit heron n j. om lars will be given to ai y pcrlon perceivable ; with one hind soot tlie 1st of No ember, or give themnntes. finding, the book, and lening it at mr. white, very low in order, apprailed flhofewho 00 not comply may expett Iii partnering, in the town of Lexington and as I will not pay any debts of her coiTpuliory mealures LeMiigton. D wumjs tavern thDr!CWn requests t..o'e who are indebted1 contrarS af'er this date, to 6, fumofn" 0, Kfw iti.iV, V. .r,K q2Kr-r- ,. A bufi-nef- J . I appi-re- l. e u 1 b- ,a,- IB - ft Cone-ress- . I th-.- n p.i, lumocuiM, - 'treto, Xfl 4 bei-rin- r, '.niH-houf- e for-(liip- s, et , .'. , -- J ! . J j JJT, .,. et,'r,r,;A An I I f - 1 .i"'""", 15 . 1 e 1 the-estat- e - tlt i pre-empti- 1 ! . 111 twenty-sixt- t r- - LAND, 1 tatoimuTntucky. - ,,.it. X 1 He-zekia- court-hous- vt 20 Dollars Reward. 1 'V 'Ji 1 con-lis- ts 1 y 1 Main-(tree- t, info-mati- . w t"-jjll hand-som- w- l,;vn. ., 1 111 Pr I7'h. u4 5'.' ihr. I t rjopy. Wi 1 elf-- 'ftm . liiji :,C, George tir. C. Auto ift7:b, 180-t- 7": gar den tohimti piv their accounts to MaiiM'Dedmond or nor?s for the amoant. - lAuguft 20th, I Ai I on Anderson. 804. JW

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