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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, August 28, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

.joJtLf JL JL Hi AND GENERAL ADVERTISER.' i5iiw.yiiiff)ri,w I N VOL. XVII. iai.TJai'Aw-ywy-'yj'JTc'3'vjHyiii-aj-ii''i'i- .troiTumirasianiag: rt??rrrs.Kfaiizirr'Tr!7?.m.TrT.i FOR SALE. TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. iLii"iii:iHi,:siMg,j'wjrw'a,ww"' TUESDA, Trreiyg.;rrr.T;rareA,;acjwgjm? FOR SALE, poffeffion giveii immediate- &JJR CASH ' NEGROES; acres of land, lying on thtU600 AcreS of first rate Lnd, lying 'A-N- AUGUST 28,1804. -- Land Office at Cincinatti, John Jordan Jun. f Has aKarire and General AfTortment of ly 45 ML ,vJ waters of Cane Rurj, and immediate- on the Kentucky river, and 7 ivi n. kCHANDIZE, ly on the road leading from Lexing- where Capt, Danl. Weifiger This paper is publilhed weekly, at two dollars per annum, paid in ad- June 1st, 1804, -- IN pursuance of an act of - Con- - near grefs, palled the 26th March, 1804, s now ntitled " An act making provision Is" ton to ueoreetown there is tole- - lives, and about miles below F rank- - or the disposal of the Public Land, the Indiana Territory, and for- rable good improvements, with about .sort, with 4 small Farms thereon 60 acres of the above land cleared, one on the river, with 45 acres of other purposes," all the land of and well enclosed with a good fence, cleared ground, and peach orchard, United Statesvithin this diftricT; the title indisputable ; the terms of. and under.good fence the others except, the reserved fecTions, will be sale will be made known by aplica-'abo20 acres cleared on each, and offered at public sale in quarter sec- tion to the fubferiber, living on the under good fence all with good log tions. 1 he lales will commence on houses, and as good water as any in Monday the 3d day of September premiles. I will also sell all my flock, at the state. I will sell a part, or all of next, and be continued from day to reduced prices for cash or short ere- - the above mentioned land unufuallv clay until the whole is offered for sale. Jit Among my horses I have two low for Cafli. For further . bred Mares, brought from lars inquire of the fubferiber, James The fecTions number eight,, ele lyand twenty-ninVirginia lait lpnng, one. was got by Roberts in Frankfort orMeflrs. Par- - ven, twenty-sithe noted horse Quickfilvel- - out of ker& Gray, Lexington. ing north of the land patented to Pilgrim mare, three vears old THOs.Q. ROBERTS. John Cleves Sjmmes, and south of Ludlow s line, runniii'cait and welt thisfpring, now in foal by Albert, Lexington,' May 28, 1804. through tlje fourth tier of iVclions the other was got by Fitzchews no of attorAM authonfed, by power eighth ranp-ebetween the ted running horie Old Frederick, ney, from Simon Gratz, of the city in the of a full blooded mare, and now of Philadelphia, to sell one moiety of a Miami rivers (which have been here out tofore considered rtferved) will also in foal by Medley. be offered on the same terms. Thos. I. Garrett The land lyin between the Mi Fayette, July 9th, 1804. containing two tnouiana acres, ntuate TO BE SOLD, on the head waters of Fox run, a branch of ami rivers, will be liill offered, be ginning with the fourth range. ; which landjw'as con BY a power of attorney from the ex Bralhears's-eree- vance. Those wlio write to the Editor, must pay the poltdge of their letters. for the present, or which he will sell SUITABLE season, CASH, TO BACCO,HEMP, GINSENG, WHEAT, SALT- STORE. PETRE, Mrs. White, TAL- BEES-WA- j j n te ut LOW, HOG's LARD, PORK, COUNTRY LINEN, AND THREAD. (From London) T jFKim,siru BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. 937. Tl-r- THE MILLINERY i i 9KG? leave to return Iter finccre thanks to SCjThofe indebted to the late firm a genemui Public, for the encouragement (lie u axjenenccd since her commencement, of John Jordan JdK. & Co. are particu-ihoroug- h from inr anil m'o ins them, OV has to call and pay---as lead set- house op,)ufite to mr. Bradford's Boss'5! tothtle their accounts, x 1'rinting Office, where (he continues to have Lexington, K. Nov. 14th 1803. afTortment of the tf en tttenfive andcUgint Millinery Goods, viz : t faftuonable OR Tale, the place whereon I now live, S Ik and S'raw Scoops, OIJ Ladies' Bonnets, 3 itontrfljiing 450 acres Well improved, and Feathered Velvet Hals, A'el vet Spencers, bat t i and Mode Cloaks,!, ice and Gauzj Veils, 'geneiallTXiven up to be as handsome a place -, Muffin Caps, Oltiich Fea.,asZny liyFayette countv the dwelling boufe Crape and brjk, two stories high, 46 feet long by 22 t icis, &r Artificial fiowers, stuffing. forCia. Lea-- ! wide, miiOied off in a neat plain manner, and ts, Su'penders.lllackand RedAJorocco ;otnerneceiiary out nouies; tliere lslikewifea her Bonnets tor Children. coi.j-.auBmnets made, and Uin-- ; very sine grist hull with two pair of stones, one M. B. oW of which are bun the said mill, dam, and all brcllas covered at the (hoiteft notics. ,were built anew about twelve months ago the dam and all under works arelocuft timber, X71TTrrt: Bot-iI'-- o vJ2 svhicHwillftand at leaflfiftv years without be- ing impaired there is about 1 30 acies of CHARES KILLGORE, Hiie imported rfiom.. Philadelphia,, and ed land, Iprings and (lockwater thatwas clear- ecutors of Patrick Henry deceased, a veyed by William Murray, of Philadel, never n lor laie, on tne loueit knowntulal. I will sell the whole together, are opening phia, to Joseph Simons; of Lancafler, Register of tbt, Land-Offic- e "OF terms, in the house lately occupied by,orjhe mill with 50 or 100 acres with it, and Pennsylvania, and by him to the afore-sai- d JAMES MNDLAY, MeflVs. John Joidan jan. ex co. next give a considerable credit for half, the other QjiMill creek, near Drennon's Lick, Simon Gratz. Any person incliReceiver of Eublic Monies' jhalfbeing paid down. Forfurthar particulars door to Mr. Seitz's, ning to pui chase said lands, may know by applying to the fubferiber, any person may about 18 miles from the mouth of Ken STATE OF KENTUCKY. British and Spamfh fu- - Saddlery and harness be informed and mewn. tucky, and 40 miles from the Falls of the terms (which will be moderate) by , Fayette Circuit. Court, turnitme perfane and common cy Ohio, containing 1500 acres, by survey applying to me in Lexington. ' Shoe makers' and car- lune Term, 80. road clo'hs, WILL. MORTON. made in 1784, and is a moiety of 3000 Fayette county, Davy's Fork of ? Mary'Owan KufTeil, late Mary Owen Todd, penters' tools, Conftitationandfancy Attorney in fast for S Gratz. Elkhorn, April ifich, 1804. 5 acres, patented to mr. May and mr. J All kinds of hard ware neireis atiirw ot John J odd, dec. comprt. , y tf June 4, 1804 i'WO SI ILLS tOR SALE. against altorted, Henry, and accordingly divided. Corduroys, U j Cotton cards, No. 8, ONE holds 127 gallons, the other 60 Jane Breckinridge, late Jane Floyd, JohnV JL ' ts, I WISH TO ShLL KV Also 500 acres on the Rolling fork r btewartCTid .Mouriiingjiis wile, 9 & 10. gallons. I will sell them low for all of Salt river, by survey in 1784, patent- T srts, ning Flojd, George C. 'Floyd, and John Jn.onet, tambored il China, glass : queens Cam. For sale, also, fi fn mr. TTenrv. 'w Floyd, heirs and devisees of John Floyd, ware, -. bookmufluis, The Noted Thorough Bred Horse, I understand these lands are valuable, N this place the price will be moderate, dec. defendants. Imperial, H .iiihuins, y and the payments made easy to the purcha- LAMPLIGHTER, which is equal in but a nurchafer would chufe to judge t Hyfon, as, IN CHANCERY. on being ftiirfaftoialy secured, and the blood and beauty to any horse in the for hinffelf. The terms may be known r" iiidia (bawls, silk and Young hyfou, defendants John Stewart and u bohea cotton, his wise, having sailed to enter slate, and his colts the same is not fupe- - by applying to the fubferiber, living in WILL. MORTON India, silk and cotton Coffee, their appearance herein, agreeable to law and nor. I will take one thouland dollars Eayette county. ka'ndkei chiefs, T.exinp,ton, 4th June, i8c4Sugars, the rules of this court, and it appearing ro the for him he is eight years old. J. It- W. WARFIELD Chintzes and calicoes Wines, fatisfaftionof the court thathey are not inha. Brandy, State of Kentucky. of the newest pat-April 17, 1804. tf bitants of this commonwealth : On the moti' Nutmegs, ayette Circuit Court, june term, 1804 on of the complainant, by her counsel, it is orterns, ALEx. PARKER & Co. , Irilh linens, whol; and Alfpice, Walter Carr, complainant, dered that the said defendants do appear here HAVWE' just received from Philadcl, L, , against aau uitututu, jtjjci, on the third day of our next September term, Ginger, Flu rants, yihia, in addition to their former pHenry Garrett, Daniel Callihan, and answer the complainart's bill ; and that Mace, Calimancoes, a inserted .aflbrtment, Richard Tohnlon and Henry A. kycopy of this order be to law. in the KentucCinnamon, Wildbores, &c. Ztc. Gazette according B'ook muslin, plain and figured cam- Johnson, and others, defendants. Men's and women's Mustard, &c. A copy. Telte, cotton hose& locks, Coperas, madder, in IN CHANCERY. DriCK uo. Thos. Bodley, C. F. C. C. digo and allum. Nankeens, THE above named defendants An aflortment of im. DIRECF Tuikey yarn, VALUABLE PROPERTY Chintzes and calicoes, afforted, Blue hair plufli, & brown Hollands having tailed to enter their appearance herein ported (hot of the 'Tickings &o WHERE S by an aft of Congref, agreeable to law and the rules of this court, FOR SALE. different numbers A complete afTortment Conftitutioii and fancy cords, and it appearing that they are not inhabitants palled on the 3d of Ts'arch lad, entitfed, of Extra long silk gloves, afforted, of this state : therefore, on motion of the com- "An aft further to .Tund an. a&, ent700 acres Military Land, lying on Morocco slippers, afforted, They keep a constant supply of bar plainant by his oounfel, it is ordered that the itled," n aft to lav nd colleft a di.cft said defendants do appear here on the thirdday tax, within the Umtrd icy, Heel, caltuigs and iheet iron ot trie Brulh creek, N. W. T. wher.e the road Loaf sugar, coffee and fresh teas, States," the ofour next September court, and anlwer the belt qualities, aflortcd, and Dry Mann's croffes from Limestone to Chillicothe ; of said tax are dutfted to tranf-m- it Copper in meets & lull patterns. com plainant's bl!, and that a copy ol this or this tiUft contains about three hundred lick fait. to the Superviioi, correft tranfciipts Which thev will sell on the molt mo der be inserted in the Kentucky Gazette ae Millers can be lupplied with boulting acres of rich bottom, the remainder is of lists of all lands or lots which they cording to law. derate terms, for Cafli. well ; has on it a good mill cloths of the different numbeis. Acopy. Tefte, have told tor the of said Lexington, July 14, 18P4. tf seat, and is an excellent stand for a pubLexington, April 7th, 1804. Thos. BoHley, C. F. C. C. tax And it is further provided, that lic house. BLUE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW any person making payment to tin OCT. WALTER BUELL, 500 acres ditto ditto, lying on Clovet & BROWN DYING. ; of the tax'colV and intercft up Lick creek, a branch of the East fork ol ESPECTFULLY informs the on any traft oi land or lot to sold, fliould he has on hands, at his (hop in be permitted to redeem the. same, prothe Little Miami, N. W. T. in a good I WILL , color ,.,-..,- , cotton and linen. I FTFR an absence of nearly twelve neighborhood, about three miles from .4. a . lcinity of Paris, near the George- - vided filth payment or tender of payWilli Jiotdye,whicril win warrant; JT months from his old (land in Frank- Dunhams-Towseven from Williams yn roau, an allortment ot lvliiDl- - ment be made within the period preferrHand, or return the money, and on fort, near the Ferry and Ware.houfe, burg, and eleven to twelve from the O- - to which in this state will exas reasonable "terms as any dyer im CITJES, calcu lated for the season and ed by law now informs his fiiends and the public hi country. He will prac pire generally in January and Ftbrua-- y Oliver. Lexine-ton- . I will dye wool a deepP'reaJ"es he has rtfumed his old place of that 1000 acres ditto ditto, lying on Brush blue tice Physic and Surgery, in all their vari next In pursuance of the provisions of at is. 6d. per pound. the shortest creek, a sew miles fiom New Market, HUGH CRAWFORD, ous branches, attbat from his notice, and the above recited aft, public notice is knowledge N. W T. flatters hirafelf, & At the sign of the Golden Boot of the diseases of this country, and the hertby give", that I am in pofleffion of Where those that may please to call on 5000 acres, lying on Bank Lick creek, all the colleftois, lists of lands and lots, Shbe, in the old cour,l-houfhuii, may rely on meeting with every, Kentucky, part of two trails, containattention that he is determined to pay to which have been sold for Cross-streetattention"," o"ofh as to themselves and ing 6000 acres, furjeyed and patented corner of Main & the bufinefi that he will meet with the ot the said tax, within this state, (save lioifes, that his country will afford. Lexington. Jor William Jones. patronage of the public. two which aie expefted daily) and that Private paities may have rooms undif-tu- i 3 Bonirbon, August 9, 1704. any person wishing to redeem lands 3r 4000 acres, Clarke county, Kentucky. September 13th, '1803. bfd with the hulile of a Tavein ; and part of a tiact of eighrthoufand acres, N. B. Is you want to have your irom Mr lots which have been sold, may do so by - ftdrt wun tne ent'emen thfp'ii'td to have private surveyed and patented for Richard Chin- - cotton coloured free from spots, lye T door everv Monday and applying to the tubitnbe in Lexington. fiBradleys bi aiding, can bt accommodated to their nevorth. H. L, . Thflffday1 morning at day light, and run your cuts looie. JAMES MORRISON, widits. 3332 3 acres, Mason county, Ken Supervisor, Fiankfort, Feb. 23, 1804. rr.r,A tolire ULYMfiAN bi'KiiNUb auiing of 5000 cres, surveyed and ,. tucky, urana t " 1 or e, m-jf- ! Vu-ban- , ij'f LTract of Land, d ( VWJUliiOj JTRCT LAND, , ' 1 w - -- latc-Mon- Tanvard 1 1 THE r - . iAX col-left- 0 J 7 j Thomas Love, n, J th. -- ENTERTAINMENT, e, nt s, 'se iU'i- I 2-- part patented for Geoige Underwood. 1200 acres, Maion county, Kentuch), surveyed and patented for Moody and State of Kentucky. Circuit court, june term, 1804., fayetteagainst M'Millin. 1000 acres Military lancj, on the waonly sifting execu- ters of RufTell's creek, Green rivr. tor and Truftce of tl.e last will 325 acres, Jefferson county, Kentucand testament of Jno. Campbell, ky, about sour miles from Louisville, 40 dec. and Sarah Beard, Robert acres of this traft is cleared. acres,Fra nklin county, Ken 116 Campbell (James Mi'ligan, Chas. Simms, William Elliott and tucky, on the North fork of Elkhorn, Philip Ilofs) and Charles Me- - about six niilles from Frankfort ; on this. govan and Elizabeth his wise, tract are cotiliaeiahle improvements. nnpioved Lot 11 late Elizabeth lSeard, joiepn A Koufe and well Main ftieet, and the town of Paris, on Beard, John Beard, Robert John Beard and William Beard, heirs adjoining Mr. Hughes's An inn ana uut iot in win and legal reprefenlatives of the Also a House and well improved Lo defendants. laid decedent, in this place! , IN CHANCERY. The above described property will be THE defendants James Milligan, sold lovv for Cash, Hemp and 1. odac Philip Charles imins. William Elliott and co, or on giving bond with good fecuri Itofs (who are aUo, executors and tmftees of be had. t'ie lait wijl and testament of the said dece. ty, a confideiable credit may ) having tailed to enter their appearince For further particulars enquire of Anherein cjrceable to law and the rules of this drew F. Price, attorney in fa El for (or couit, and it appearing, to our fatisfa&ion to the fubferibers. thisconimort-weat-2 tl.-nt- tint they tir6 not inhabitants of h; JOHN JORDAN motior of the complainant, by his counsel ;t is ordered tint the said detend-ant- s Lexington Kentucky, January 13,- - 1803.3 do appear here on the third d?y of our next September term, and anlwer the com. olui lam'a bill; and tint a copy of this order Gazette according be hitedintlif K.enlu-A co") Tede, toliV, Ram. For SJ.c by CFKC. On-th- e Writing Paper, tlr Jun. .. Tbi; 1, i .!, i,...i r.i n,r... s lancu-gerleaion wuih Lodge of Ken- tne preientengage places on iau precedeach may tucky, will ing evening at latest. in the Geo- - Sowerbray. Loige Room at July 29th,l804. Lexington, on sift the third Tues- - Borrbon Cour.ty by Samuel Rich, living no ihe TiAKEN up day of September next at ten o'clock. water fCoopers run, one SORREL HORSE, A. M. 1 he officers, members, and fouejyold, about soil rteen nanus nign,wun lead, no brand pel ceiv representatives from the refpedlive a frnallTtar in his to 50 dollars. Lodges under our jurifdiiflion, aTe I"Viconv. Tefte. requested to be punOual in their at C. B. C. Wtn. Garrard 3 tendance, at that timeanti place. july :9th, 1804By order of the wotfhipful Grand Gb..ORGE ANDERSON, Master, INTENDING to Hart for Phila. Sec. Danl. Bradford, Grand uelphia, about the first of September LeMngton, Aug. 6, 5804. earneflly requells all those indebted to him to rriake payment before that FOR SALE. property whereon I riow time. . J&rHE Lexington, July 24, 1804. IRK in Lexington, tins property has been oc- con-ven- 111 e, J3fcS ' jr - I fnpiediora number ot years asa tavern, itbe inir in a pond nart of the town for that buir TAKE NOTICE. I wili take a small farm in part, and the tfiHAT I am about to leave this balance in Ca'ih or Negroas J for further parti ftatejandthal I have lest all my bnfinefs in the culars apply to the fubferiber, living on the hands of mr. E. Baker tolettle forme. Those premiles. thatare indebted to me lor the seasons of mires John Jones. lor thcfei'bn 183, are re to Spread-EaglLexington, july 17, 1804. quelled to come forward and settle their acCall at the Green Tree I counts without delay, as there cannot be no WHERE the fuhfVriber continues to keep a farther indulgence given ; ?nd those that have this season, !,(,. nt- F.nrcrt.iinmpnt for those who dedfe sailed to ewe their notes foi and coinpi . are . iiuuwith to call on him, and fiiall meet with lower lequeHed tocome lorwaid I mv '.uns agreeable to mv adcrtit.mLnt. an in Lexington, chag' than U ,n. J. Xivon J- - J ti ness. , Lexington, July 16th, 1804, A GREEABLE to a decree of the Ljk. high court of Chai.ceiyof the state of Virginia, bearing date 26th February, 1799,, will be sold, on Wednesday, the 5th September, to the lugheft bidder, for Calh, on the premiles, t '" TWO TRACTS OF LAND, Adjoining each other, in the pf Pendleton, containing between sour arid live thouland acrts, belonging to Thr-mUndei wood, to fatisty a debt cie to John Curd, Joseph Perkins. Undnwood and FiancisUndcrwood. touiify-- as Gt-oi- THE COMMISSIONERS. f3t August 13vh, 1804. Act ice is Li eu given who h u l any accoun is - A - giiuit the eltatt tr lames ter, fen. dec. to toint. forward witlr' their accounts attelted accordifrsrb law, which fiiall be immediatelyoif-charged- , by Charles Htter, h. or. Woodford county, Aug. 0, 1804. J 1 ' I ''O all a- -- , Hags. Three cents per poui.d, or hundred weight, o,ien for clean jrnsn or coitcn Rags, at Chaerlls's printing ofiii.e, ton. ifiB.-pe- r 4

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