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Page 353 of The impending crisis of the South: how to meet it.

COMMERCIAL CITIES SOUTHERN COMMERCE. 3S3 in population, and are only at the same relative distance from her in point of wealth. A change has been going on for some time past in our commercial and industrial affairs which all may have noticed, but the extent of which is known to but few, and we hazard nothing in saying that this enormous progression must continue, because it is based upon a solid foundation, and therefore subject to no ordinary contingencies. O ccupying geographically the most central position on this Continent, w ith vast mines of coal lying within easy distance to the North and "West of us, with a harbor easy of access, and with railroads penetrating by the shortest routes the most fertile sec tions of the U nion, we need nothing but the judicious fostering of a proper spirit among our citizens to make Baltimore not only the commercial emporium of the South and W est, but also the great coal mart of the U nion. O ur flour market is already the most extensive in the known world we speak without exaggeration, for this also is proven by unquestionable facts. There is more guano annually brought into our port than into all the other ports of the United States.put together, and the demand for this important article of commerce is steadily increasing. Our shipments of tobacco are immense, and as the improvement, in the depth of the channel of the Patapsco increases, must inevitably become much greater. Such, then, is our present condition as a commercial community, and when we add that our prosperity is as much owing to our admirable geographical position as to the energy of our merchants and manufacturers, we design to cast no imputation on these excellent citizens, but rather to stimulate them to renewed efforts in a field where enterprise cannot fail of reaping its due r eward. Take any common map of the United States and rule an air line across it from Baltimore to St, Louis, and midwaj- between the two it w ill strike Cincinnati the great inland centre of t rade traversing at the same time those wonderfully fertile valleys which lie between the latter point and the Mississippi river. Now let it be remembered that since the introduction of r ailway s fluvial navigation has been, to a considerable extent, super-

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