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Image 1 of Richmond climax (Richmond, Ky. : 1897), August 17, 1904

Part of Richmond climax (Richmond, Ky. : 1897)

I IJ tl II JI I- t THE RICHMOND CLIMAX iii I lIwII I Tr 31 VOLUME RICHMOND SOlE PHONE 1 KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY POPES SISTERS DODGE HEAT o We like best to call SCOTTS EMULSION a food because it stands so emphatically for perfect nutrition And yet in the matter of restor EPITHETI ABUSIVE The Court Asked to Decide Whether Term Happy Hooligan Is One The Gordlan knot is cut and the sIsters of Pius X who live in Rome have fled the heat and are in Castle Gondolfo says the Pall Mall Gazette Before the decision was taken great was the com ¬ motion in the little apartment in the Corso Vlttorio Emanuele However in stepped his holiness and not only in ¬ sisted that they should leave Rome but indicated where they should go and as the good ladles would as soon think of cutting off their heads as dispute any ¬ thing that Plus X decides upon they are safe in the IThe BARGAINS > I 7 d < 1 r S ffi 7f ffi 4 m lACKEY AND C F 7i ffi ++++ JONES HAMILTON < ili ffi 71 7ft F 71 78 1= 75 PROFESSIONAL CALL AT + + + = = CARDSI Good ATTORNEYS < MERSHONS A MILLER Clean R ATTOBKHYATLAW KKHTUOKT RICHMOND J I i 1A SULL IVA Coolest and most refreshing of drinks that can be found in the city are dispensed by upto late and accommodation ATTORNKYATLAW Its ¬ I ss fc N AND- AT LAW COUNSELLORS ISfU AugiMt 3 to 19 limited to KENTUCKY RICHMOND AiiKUHt II account Seven Hills Clmu Office in John Bennetts old law office over tanqiia drug store Parks Hill Ky rnd return 11 fares Perry k Thomas Auirnut 16 IH 17 limilel to August 20 PHYSICIANS Morgan Cavalry Reunion WiiielwBter Ky and return 1J fares pluM S Callor Telephone alIt SeptemberIs tseVition 1 V GIBSON DRS GIBSON B PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS HAmLTr Aet RICHMOND 7 D R Freeman MalnStreet DENTAL SURGERY Mgr Ifnt and Yards JoN Avezt DEXTIST OF LOUISVILLE Kr 9Offlce next door to Oovernment Building 9 to 4 IchmBnd novlly Ky u vM ed V H Hobson Dentist K 0 hrnond c Cutglass 0 h OLD JOE WHISKY < 3and Hand made Sour Mash Every drop guaran ¬ teed to he pure It is of old style manu Precious Stones of < verY description are some of the facture I your Jewelry Store watch or clocJr refuse to co take them to Lane he 4needs c hell fix that If you want anything can b found In a first Jnwnlry establishment jp to Lanes He is well fixed in these kind of article L C 0 > i I ELanec Jeweler and Optician c Family Trade 10 vearold in jugs 100 bottles 10 5U 5 a I 260 Ijuas 53 per gallon l bottles New Vhisky SI 80 per gallon Orders promptly filled 4 y yod want freedom from Take Wine of Cardni andmake one supreme effort to bow ll You do Dot need to be aveaktiieIple Vifferer You can have a wotrians health and do 4 womans rork in life Why riot CUre a bottle of Wine of Caniar from your druggist today Dont < WILEY SEARCY Prop Old Joe Distilfery aTljrr 11 ie22 2m Puts an End to it All grievous wail oftiines comes as a result ol unbearable pain from over Dizziness Backache taxed organs Liver complaint and Constipation But thanks to Dr Kings New Life pms they put an eqd to it all They are Only gentle hut thorough Try 250 Guaranteed bv R CJ8t6ckton I A QROUII druegist For Rubb r Stamp McBrajer AndoMon 65aty Kr PROCTER COAL Co 142 I dice imr l1t i Style and Fitth- 798H At so Little a Price as f OUR LOOM END SALE I Ii Aug 20 1i New Producer In Wolfe County Compton Ky Aug M Beck ¬ ett has brought in oil well No 1 on the Cundiff farm about one mile from this city at a depth of about 1300 feet This well will produce about 20 barrels of oil per day This makes 13 producers in this field nT W TRIBBLE this ittstt the I will otTer for salo hOlUeffJrmorlyoccupieil by James Tcvis drcimsnd situated nqar the L Ky N R H depot in Richmond Said place contains 5 12 Acres of 5 I Land with a good two story frame residence of eight rooms in firstclass repair good cistern and all iiecessaryout Suit For 25000 Damages Henderson Ky Aug ad¬ buildings good orchard and every- ¬ ministrator of Wiley S Blackwell sued thing to make it desirable place of Nashville Railroad residence the Louisville Anyone desiring to examine the Co for 25000 damages Blackwell was a bridge carpenter and was run property the undersigned will taK < pleasure ia showing same overby a train Juno 2 last nThe fare I wilt ofler for sale publicly my farm situated B miles from Richmond and on the Barnes Mill pike on stubborn flitht with an abscess on my right lung writes J F Hughes of Da > Pont Gand gave me up Everybody thought my time had come As a last at 10 oclocka ni resort I tried Dr Kings New Discov cry for Consumption The benefit I The farm consIsts of167 cr s40areceived was striking and I was on my for corn and tobacco10 acres for feet in a few days Now Ive entirely crtS and the balance ingrass Good all gained my health It conquersLung wheatMill 2 cows and calves 5 vear Grist Coughs Colds and all Throat and good farm 2 brood troubles Guaranteedby RO Stock ling heilerl buggy iiiarei anti pigs 6 sows ton Price SOc and f 1 Trial bottles horse and farming Implements household and 1m free kitchen furniture For Rat If not sold on abOve date will reni For further particu Four elegant office rooms either single for the year 1905 0 John G Taylor Son laracallou or en suite Telephone 292 IBmytf BRQNStCftr J JC We have never shown a larger stock I of Carriages Hurries Ifcflgies and runa Mrs bouts than we nOw have on display in or our show room It wjil pay you to ex¬ Aisecr am nethem before buying We also My services as an auctioneer can bl do repairing and rejoining in best nan secured byleaviBK word at the Stab ners at iqode te prum The best rub bet tire applyd awL guaranteed for Bank Trust Co orbrrUIp J tf TnOIWlant aud see ue bnsyeasY SaturdaYtpt6 04 I LI ¬ ¬ L- ¬ Qerilago WOrks St4 KMHur rcicj t t 1111 t mUtt Cy J 3 2 1 Shelves full and counters heaped highwith Ginghams in great variety choice wash fabrics as this store is famous for SExtra good 12t Dress Ginghams in a great variety of newest styles in plaids checks and stripes 1at special price per yard lOc Corded Madrasthe most suitable material for Shirting and hirt A1 1 Waistsl t regular 12c grade lOc We are showing beautiful line of Lawns Dimities etc in all colors 5c up Kicker Voile Suitings all the shades cheap at 25c our price 15 Tacard Knicker Zepher Voile new shades 15c Voile Suitings 20c India Linen 7t to 25c seven shades to select from 12c Voile RICHMONDKY FightTwo I A the necessity of the immediate purchase of just such warm weather fabrics as made mention of and the attractivelv low prices that prevail throughout this moneysavirg store suggests the wisdom of buying here Public Sale commissions STORED 3 Warm Weather Suggests < HRTEVIS To Select County Commissioners Frankfort Ky Aug 11 Appellate 25mvtf Clerk J Morgan Chinn has called a meeting of the state election commiSsioners for August 25 for the purpose of organizing and selecting the county I ELDERS 4 ¬ BIChPIS Cement Plaster Hair Etc For Sale 1 MARGIN nThe i StreetsPhone Elegant Home Improve Confederate Soldiers Home trus- ¬ Frankfort Ky Aug tees of the confederate soldiers home at Pewee Valley authorized the con struction pf a reservoir fire escaoes and fire extinguishers taking almost all the legislative appropriation of 54000 1i Coal Feed Salt Sand Lime and girls xl Block Ribbtd Boys and GIrls StocklngsSpcclals40 dozen heals and toes and double knee a splendid wearing and dressy Stocking vaiigatedI Ings high epliced 4worth e r I j Stockings the iron wear kind 2threat real at 15c pair 40 dozen 1 heel and toes made or serviceacle firm tread but elastic sizes 7 to 10 worth23c at Sc per pair See nJSlO It and 20c yard Carpets 124c to 125 yard to S10our stock of Rugs on Cloth 20 to 75c vit ever shown in Richmond Youths Suitsc are showing the prettiest stock of Mens Suits at Si 93 T lOc Mens Shirts 25c to SI Straw Hats men and H to sa Knee Suits Si to Lace Curtains a beautiful line ta select from 3ge to boys 5 8Polenp to SI 25 lIJA 8 and ilk pair Stock of jotions complete complete Brass extension rods 810 and ISo New Stock Ladles Muslin Underwear Corset Covers 10 to 48c Pants 40c Gowns45c Skirts 50c Ask to see them Ladies Walking and Driss Skirts SI 25 to 25c j- 6 H S8 75 tlJ MILLINERY The smartest creations of the Reason are here and at surprisingly Low Prices Shirt Waist Hats the most beautiful styles at 1 to anOS Hundreds of beautiful trimmed Hats ready for purses Childrens School and 1ress Hats Flow your choosing mL ked at special Low Prices to suit ers of every desription SeetheD Bleached Pillow Cmea full size and fioe quality choice wearing ties 124 J aUJBB and gents handkerchiefs v 10 and J5c Psrasols40e to 4 95 Clrsets25c to ivwPicture Frames D10 IS 25 29 and 49c We have Just received about Shoes and Slippers all prices We have a few Jar mereslera not fail to see them More beautiful styles k5 v r lJtJAj They are teautiea 2 1 quaIlV JJI a4 r- Rspe f tt- ruUr Submitted E tbCih1TrA4t Ii I i 0I << > Ii 11 t > II Q 0 LL >> c t1 529SI30and49cl E0 v Eider Iii I M a H1BLANTON L Public Sale i f II eo W D OLDHAM ¬ < pin to 1m Procter Red Ash Jellico Coals Special prices during June and July IUcher I ackey Co Agts Phone BEL1ER ther tooI class ¬ ¬ can be found for medicinal pur ¬ Fwilifixtbern Jfyonrrinpr refiettinc take It to V d Jhf tata ita nMrs Try for DeaIth No- I patronageWill to him that the soldiers RO Stocktons drugstore u It D Picture postcards are said to have originated during the FrancoPrussian war In the earlier part of the conflict during 1870 a camp of about 40000 men was formed in the department of the Sarthe and in this locality there was a bookseller and stationer a M Leon Bes ¬ i propertyfrontiug nSaturday encamped in such numbers in his neigh- ¬ borhood would be glad to have some method of indicating their surroundings to their friends at home which would i DR LANDMAN Hotel Glyndon not necessitate lengthy written descrip ons or the addressing of envelopes Wednesday Sept 14 1904 J which were often difficult to procure He had therefore a number of post ¬ cards engraved with cannon shells tents and the like and found such a demand for the first series he Issued that he furnished a second set When the camp broke up the Idea was For Shampooing Manicuring Fa cial Massage Hint all kinds of toilet rtq forgotten until it was revived in Ger ¬ uisites call on Mrs Alice Jones next I many and Austria in the early SOs door to Plggs grocery on Malt street 20ntf Costly Log Cabins There are many log cabins in the AdirOndacks that cost their owners over 100000 apiece One of the most sumptuous near Saranac lake Is weath erboarded and shingled outside but has the log effect within All the Interior furnishings are of logs Even the piano 222 South Peoria St is made of logs a most unique beautiful CnicAOO ILL Oct 7 1902 and costly instrument Seasoned birch Eight months ago I was so ill logs were used for its outer frame or that I was compell to lie or sit case down nearly alt the tme My stomach was so weak and upset that I could keep nothing on itLife of Bankrupt Hard I and I vomited A merchant in Russia can bedeclared without great could not urinate bankrupt If his liabilities exceed 772 pain and coughed so much that and he has not the ready cash to meet my throat and lungs were raw them He can be arrested and his de The doctors andsore disease and tentlon depends on the will of his cred Bounced it others said it was consumption itors It mattered little to me no de they called it and I had The Death Penaltysire to live A sister visited me from St Louis and asked me if A little thing sometimes results in I had ever tried Wine of Cardni death Thus a mere scratch insignifi I told her I had not and she cant cuts or puny boils have paul the a bottle I believe that death penalty It is wise to have itsavedmylife I believe many Bucklens Arn ca Salve ever handy ¬ women could save much suffer Its the best Salve on earth hud< will ing if they but knew of its value ores prevent fatality when norm Ulcers and Piles threaten Only 25c at ¬ thinglltobafoundatLanes p1 ¬ I All kinds of Jewelry fFlieso a the Sale MrS S Carrier and son who con duct a store at the end of Big Hill pike are how having an immense fire sale and are offering things at ridiculously low prices Some items mentioned are 9000 bushels of coal at 9 cts per bushel A full line of groceries and other mer Eig t Diamondsj c Watches A It FREe CONSULTATION Graduates Southern School ot Ostheopathy Kentucky cliHiidfee all new and fresh ooflet lOcls per Ih and up calico 6e work shirs 25 to 50c ready made garments latest We alao have meal flour fashions corn feed hay seeds and locust cedar oak and chestnut posts any length for Also clothing tinware clocks sale and ho and watches No rent to clerks to pay are reasons why we can nflVr things at such low prices We pay cash for all kinds of prodnca Give us a 6m 22Innn call Cocks ur 196 Literature furnished on application of stances lat DENTIST Osteopathic Physicians hsnot only roliuvod p tin but pro ¬ longed life Solid Gohi Tuoth f5 50 1 50 GoM Kills 75 xrmvKrnru Fills 25 TuHth ExtrttOtud Will All our41rk fully guaranteed gve wtisjfmUton under allolrcuml l Blanton erOffice lu Bennett Building TELEPHONE tianir On the Teeth Depends E 0 Vance D 0 ih condition f tipi fimnrnl health I ItiMimviiu or Ii Ii y dtnayod twith Mrs E OVance DO maliS tho rotn1fOr tho O HM > of miuli dlHJusu The skillful applioa tin uf llobaoa Building DENISTRY O h Jabel when that is said you know what you four and one half inches 45ftlJ inches more or less and running back in par¬ are getting and we know what we are allel lines one hundred and eighty t offering feet ISOand adjoining the livery stable of C T Samuels Co and the Second Presbyterian Chinch On this lot is a two8tory brick building now c t You buy Clothing here with a full knowledge of its worth We occupied by the city court and the fire tell you the truth about ¬ department You will know just what you can expect For more accurate de scription see lined book 32 page 17 of it in the way of service As for ¬ SECONDThe two story livery sta THE ELEVENTH DISTRICT ble or workhouse fronting on Irvine street fortv four and threetenths feet Seemingly D C Edwards Has a Ma- > 44 310 feet more or less and extend ¬ ing back one hnndrnd and fifty and jority of About 1000 fourtenths feet J5f4 10 feet more or LouisvlHe Ky Aug 11Returns IPBS to a pointon the line of the Second Presbyterian For further from the Eleventh congressional din ¬ description SPO Church shows for itseIft But best of all the Clothing we offer is consid ¬ deed hook 40 page 370 primary received up to late Wed ¬ trict THIRD The following description erate of your pocket book i Think of buying a suit like either of those nesday night do not alter the probable of the vacant lot is given in deed book shown in the picture 1 success of D C Edwards over Dr 41 page 547 A certain lot of ground In the city Godfrey Hunter As the counties com ¬ prising the district Include the largest of Richmond Ky antI is situated bein area and the most rugged in Ken ¬ tween Eat Irvine and East Main Sts Beginning tucky it will be two or three days be- and bounde ns follows 1 fore definite results are known Ed ¬ at the northwest corner of the Second wards seeming majority Wednesday Presbyterian Ohnrch lot and on the f night is about 1000 It 1s reported ¬ Dr Hunter will contest erty northwest fillyeight QiS feet to Mary Bnrnnms southeast corner with Bond Vacancy On her linn pastward sixty GO feet to the Newport Ky Aug iLThe death hind of hide with their line ot lion O W Root has left a vacancy southward fiftynijio and onehalf 594 on the bond of County Judge W J fept to the northeast corner of the Hissern The latter stated that so far aforesaid church lot on line of Hisle is over and almost all the Loom Ends have been sold but Loom End of lot he had not decided on a man to fill A Oott with line andsaid church 001 tIpqt ward onehalf Prices on althe vacancy Squire T P Bodkin said TCP to the beeirining Wednesday that ho would have a big The City Hall property will first he claim against the Root estate sold then the liverY stable and vacant lot the proportvVill then be offered Driver Dies of Lockjaw as a whole the hid producing the most Covlngton Ky Aug 11Frank monpv to constitne a sale Get our prices will still be given until the entire lots are closed out Hutter 30 died from lockjaw Wed ¬ TERMS OnAhalfjf purchase price before buying elsewhere nesday at St Elizabeth hospital He title sOd payable in six months from met with an accident while driving a day of sale the remainder in twelve per cent in lumber wagon in Pike street Monday months each to bear sixsecnrety will prpRt a note good evening August L He was jolted be rpqnired with a lien retained on with from the wagon and the wheels pass ¬ said property for the purchase money ed over his legs This property is amonsr the most de ¬ sirable tor business purposes to he Fell Fifty Feet found in Richmond situated as it is Rockporf Kr Aug Pagan in the heart of the business section of of Philpot fell Into a coalshaft on tho the citv For further particulars or in- ¬ James Milton farm near his home 5O formation calfon or address the under ¬ Oreat Bargains feet breaking his right leg in three signed committee W I ARNOLD V were broken in places Three ribs Com J W RALES We have two hand made buggies his right side and his face and head J A P MILLER costing UZ5 each which will now be Recovery is were cut and bruised very doubtful offered at S50 each This is an oppor ¬ tunity to secure a great bargain Wants 10000 Damages Richmond Carriage Works Paducah Ky Aug for S L Midkiff Prop SOmtf 10000 damages was filed in the cir¬ I will offer for sale publicly on the cult court by Dr W F Roberts a premises oDEALER IN veterinary against Dr H T Hesslg Our clothing have a grace and and his wife The plaintiff claims comfort that only artist can make that the defendants have induced his StoufTer Mahler wife to leave him and live with them immediately alter sale of City Hall property Mayor Grainger Stops Gambling Ky Louisville Aug 11Mayor mv Brick Livery Stable on Irvine st Grainger left for the east The stable I > 150 felt long and contains Charles F 48x195 feet This to spend his summer vacation and I 40 nice malls Lot is having always AUCTIONEER AND isan excellent stand before his departure he Instructed the police department to force all the gam ¬ my farm 44 REAL ESTATE AGENT Corner Main and B 85 blers to take a rest Wednesday miles from Richmond on the Jacks Your Business Solicited morning every door was locked Creek pike known as the Jns Farley Satisfaction Guaranteed place containing 245 acres with nice 6 Died After An Operation room dwelling and apple orchard and KY Lexington Ky Aug J T plenty of water This is one of the RICHMOND Qulsenbnry of Bourbon county who best farms in Madison county and will The underwenta serious operation at St produce com hemp and tobacco years I 16 in Josephs hospital several days ago Price ha beAnacre bluegrass for jO per died at the institution and her remains were taken to Paris where tho J W MASTERS burial took place Wednesday Richmond Kv lLAsult RussIan War nardeauIt to 121 Office hours is on the 1901 llGus Scheme Was Originated by French Bookseller During the Franco Telephone J84 t ttonS01 > a11 SckossI WAeiz Ours is the Store that Saves you Money FIRST PICTURE POSTCARDS CO If lSpring and Summer Merchandise There are innumerable minor influ ¬ ences that come in for the foresters con ¬ sideration and what is recommended in one instance is discouraged in the next says a Writer In Outing Take the matter of grazing in a forest Through ¬ out the more extensive woodlands of the middle west run thousands of wild or semiwild hogs In the Tennessee for- ¬ est it was recommended that every pos ¬ sible effort be made to exterminate these for the reason that they eat the mast and thus prevent the growing of young trees from the seed But in the working plan before mentioned it is advised that hog grazing beencouraged The reason for the difference is this The former forest is chiefly mastbear ¬ ing ¬ pine hardwood The latter is mainly and what hardwood there is in mixture serves as a hindrance to young pine growth Therefore in this forest the presence of hogs which eat the mast and check the hardwood is a benefit while In the other where hardwood is the staple the animals are a nuisance KENTUCKY Jffice la th Dr Hobson building OT o1 ttyvillc I ThatstheKindyouGetI tlott HOG AS A FORESTER I 4- propertytllPnrp tion every time you buy a load of coal from us r goodmaterials at a long way from Trust Co op the coal niines to the Office over State Bank posite Court House on Main Street coal bin And its a D M OHENAOLT 0 Qemrifle Saratoga Water Kept on Tap long way from getting ATTORNEYS AT LAW KENTUCKY RICHMOND whet you want when Office on Second street over Chen ults grocery you have to pay for Second St Phone 3 You will ROBERTS screening JACKSON rolWwtsg Kate in Effect vii L get a load of satisfac ATTORNEYS Oivnghoro Ky and return 1J fares KENTUCKY RICHMOND J 1 like a new suit of clothes that fits perfectly and becomingly and is substantially made of 1 Wild and SemiWild Swine Destroy Hindrances to Young Pine Growth Office n the Burnam Building next door to feb3ly armers National Bank SALOON PARLOR WHEN IN TOWN AustriaHUngarylthe THE ttfr nThe Paducab Ky Aug board of education in Paducah has taken STATISTICS the first steps toward fighting the Figures of Our National Banks Com- ¬ new school book law It has readopt ed for the coming session the books pared with Great foreign used last year the members of the Institutions board declaring that they do not be ¬ lieve second class Recent statistics show that the na ¬ cities the law applies tocounty judges and think tional banks of the United States the attorneys do not superintendents are and Bank of England the Bank of France competent to judge the Bank of Germany the Bank of for the city schools of Vie beat books Bank of Belgium hold about 40 cent of the entire stock of gold InI the world The statement of the tional banks of this country to the comptroller of the currency on June U showed that they held on that date 391609529 gold while the great for¬ eign banks on the same date held about 1791595000 in gold The amount of gold in the national banks of this country on June 9 compares with 166000000 in the Bank of Eng ¬ land 177000000 in the Bank of Ger¬ many 561000000 in the Bank of France and 423000000 in the Bank of Russia on the same date The fact that 40 per cent of the gold supply of the world Is held by these principal reserve banks Indicates the great strength of these institutions L r in forty drug stores that will make a fellow brace up and feel his oatstt Valuable City Property F thinlair 71 II I J isnt anything IFIRST y > i t GOLD RESERVE 11 FIRST j Public Sale August 13 TALK ABOUT TONICS t Why man alivethertg ¬ newi ¬ I NUMBER COR MAIN Newport Ky Aug 11 Whether the term Happy Hooligan applied anger is an abusive epithet was I in the question which Squire Donelan 01 Newport was called upon to de cide Wednesday during the trial of New York 4094I5 fear Street Mrs Salzman of Cote Brllllante on a Sot and f 100 all dragfeu peace warrant Valentine DIetz entered the com- ¬ I plaint He alleged that every time he approached his home he was greet¬ ed by sundry improper epithets one of which was the name of the cartoon I cuaracter Happy Hooligan lie also alleged that on one occasion Is left to the pontiffs after the Italians Salzman bad advanced CharlesI took possession of Rome It dominates in a threatening manner OFboth the Mediterranean on one hand a rock and knife Squire Donelan dismissed Mrs Salz ¬ and the tiny historic lake of Albino on the other and Is only about an hour by man holding that the evidence did not rail from the Eternal City The palace justify placing her under bond How Isa rambling old pile with enormous ever ho gave some sound advice to The following property consisting of halls In which regiments could be ac ¬ all parties the City Hall Livery Stable or Work commodated a fine chapel but Houseand building lot will be offered STEP TAKEN bare of furniture At one time alasI for sale publicly on the premises at quantities of antique furniture the hour of 3 oclock p m on les marbles and old tapestries but these Paducah Board of Education Opposes School Book Law I 4 I KENTUCKY FLASHES Plus X Orders Ladles to Leave Rome and They Go to Summer Palace F F F ffi I1The + AUGUST 17 1904 C WINES DRUG STORE T8torB CDS Hustling MADISON COUNTY f II

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