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Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 76, no. 4, Winter 2005

Part of Kentucky alumnus

~’·~ 4 ra ». ` ·- ar *;» = ;rr?a»..a A ‘.Jr,2" ” _ Y`.; , n' $6* ~;·y,- {iis ‘ ` fs? . ii A ` Q A T i QRVN . · ‘ V`A! ‘"`` . V LT . A A if ’ i r A , ‘*‘v If. ~ 5 i g; ‘’;‘` _»=‘ Aé · 4.:;` 2 '” ` ` A * i i . r r ` . A, A- ·i . . — ii :E` ati? C S. _ T ri * ia? A . · . C V ’· A V `; V.A_ f def- » _ . A { .> » \, · , t _ t ei, f V . ‘ · ~ ._ ` - —»&, ia Q ‘ . at _. · ~ fc-¢ n i A : o r ,; A `‘ ‘ i ;’ » 5 l =€%?'Yl r A, . i ¤ ` ‘ it . _ ~ E”‘ l;·»·%>·..Z »‘`. a ·t ` *2 v _ ‘ l` ~ al l JY · " E Z" 4=-at t-.- r=T¤§?- · tr .'‘`» . { t -` tt Lee. »·· <· ?;r_f;a_ A ¥,_ A. .=- tif * » - ` ae. A . ; * Boomers some basic research.The third winner is the dairy l _ _ _ industry, which will have a state—of—the—art facility for UK Wm begin a twoyeat Study ef what to oo Wtth field days and demonstrations. By combining resources, Kentucky s fast growing aging population. Baby boomers We oan more effectively serve the dairy indnstryy i are about to turn 60 and already account for nearly one Bob Harnion_ ebair of the Department ol: Animal and m evety SIX K€¤i¤¤i<¤¤¤S· m 25 YeatS= tt_tS expected that Food Sciences in the UK College of Agriculture. called nearly one—fourth of all Kentuckians will be 65 or older. the planned merger ··a Positive example oi eoinbining T Health and Famttli Setvteee Seetetaty Dr James W· our existing resources to provide quality educational and HOlS1Hg€f Jil'. S31Cl ISSUGS fI‘OI1'1 lilI13I1C1E1l S€({L1I'1ty to t research programs that will benefit the dairy industry transportation and health Setvlees are tolales that will and our students in the Commonwealth. I am excited A become increasingly important to aniaging population. about the bartnersbiby i The Study will eoet about $2oo~ooo Wtth Ptovtdmg UK will relocate its dairy employees and all usable about $75,000 worth of services included in the total. ednibinent and Veliieles to the Meadowbrook site Graham Rowtea dtteetot ot UK S Cemet fer Getot" Details of the implementation process will be jointlv t<>1<>ey, Sold the Study will take up t0 tW¤ years t0 wm- managed by representatives from the UK caiiaaa dr A plete and will inclnde forums in each of the 15 area Agriculture and tbe EKU Collcge of Business and development dtettteta Technology. The Management Committee will develop procedures for day—to—day operations of the dairy as well UK, T0 M Er g E Dairy S as research, teaching and outreach activities. The merger of the dairy operations of University of · Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University has moved a Grants for Hemeland sccurltv T step closer to reality with the Commonwealth’s approval UK has received $4.91 million in grants from the U.S. i of $270,000 in funds for the project design phase. Department of Homeland Security for six research and i A Memorandum of Understanding calls for the development projects, including a project designed to a institutions to issue a joint request for additional funding protect milk from deliberate contamination during ‘ to complete the EKU/UK Dairy Research and Educa- production. tion Center, which will be part of the Kentucky Agricul— The projects. most of which will be conducted at UK`s tural Experiment Station. The new facility will be located Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments. are at EKU’s Meadowbrook Farm in eastern Madison designed to help protect Americans from safety concerns County and owned by Eastern, although ownership of arising from terrorism. cattle and equipment will be retained by each institution. Wendy Baldwin, UK`s executive vice president for "It’s a win—win—win situation," said Bruce Pratt, chair research, noted that some of the research activity will not of EKU’s Department of Agriculture. "UK wins because be restricted to UK researchers. "These projects also they’ll be able to continue their dairy research. EKU involve researchers at other Kentucky universities and wins because it will triple the number of cattle available private companies, as UK seeks to advance the research to our students and we will be able to expose them to accomplishments of the Commonwealth." she said. The highest-funded project was $1.5 million to agricultural engineering professor Frederick Payne for "A Wireless Electronic Monitoring System for Security r i 5 . . 7 · . Milk from Farm to Processor." ‘ ` ¢ ; C · _ The next largest grant was $1.009.058, to Rodney l ‘ i ( 4 . · Andrews. associate director of the UK Center for 2 ,’ " A Applied Energy Research, for his project "Carbon V ` a. A in V ¢ Materials for Blast—mitigating Wall lleatments." U l t S i ..t= F¤rm¤r¤ —t ·‘ _ " "*ff~ information about ` jg _ { A <_. V research taking Compiled from l Z ¤ `. .._ place at UK. visit news reports about a j _ §~ ‘ . e i ·it' t~ vvww.research.ui

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