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Image 1 of Mount Vernon signal., October 12, 1906

Part of Mount Vernon signal.

I r Friday jr VOLUiME XX MT ern oi J VERNON ROCKCASTLE COUNTY KY FRIDAY LINKPIi f INTERESTING STATE NEW 5iRnll OCT SHOULD fELL Gov Gocbel Was Who Pasted Away Y0 > 1 J US 1Y A s First J- We carry the larg V inall theg the Fall andf Rood things 1 Winter This tall finds tis bet ter prepared to take care of ourtrade than ever before s Our prices shall be in reason- V our motto Liveand LetLivef Help us to make this year our banner year We will K scratch your lack if you scratch g for > > ZK ursh > g v i ifabw youcpiildgetx Did 1 4iebestCalidlmade forUi = 2 c iJ 4 f t r U t t i 7 zrEl J te Pn Ly herS jealousyby termI IhjallIt 1Oe Countt ¬ tbthe 1tthi ¬ > NUMBER sellh Bishop Carter Presides Columbia KyThe annual confer once of the United Brethren convene I ¬ ¬ Josepp ment Club Banquet New Trial is Ordered h Frankfort KyThe court of a at the Presbyterian church here with peals reversed for new trial the case of the South Covington and Clnoln Bishop T C Carter of Chattanooga e D It A L Whit pat Strest Railway Co against Elloi Tonn presiding responded to the sentiment Illinois She recovers fieia principal of the M and F High Core from Newport The speaker was toasted as the lead7500 damages xor Injury caused b ing citizen of Illinois school delivered the welcoming adand every refer heing thrown to the street by the cat rence dress to his possible candidacy for the starting too soon presidency was applauded Other A Peculiar Court Case speakers were Congressman H S Bou MARKET REPORTS Lexington KyA peculiar court tell of Illinois who responded to s toast Chicago Dr Frank Bristol Cincinnati Oct 9 d was Washington who spoke on A Nation 530 trial on a charge of petit larceny but CATTLEExtra 8 00 7 75 Favored of God CALVESExtra Frank G Goudy of was unable to appear as he was on Denver whose subject was The of the jurors now in the Thomas Dow Vest and Congressman James case for murder in another court 7 GO LAMBSExtra FLOURSpring nat 4 35 Gil 4 60 Watson of Indiana who discussed 1908 Central City Wet 7G 76 WHEATNo 2 red 49 Central City KyIn the local op ¬ CORNNo 2 mixed Prince Is Slain SG Q tion election here Central City went OATSNu 2 mixed St Petersburg Oct 10A dispatch C7 wet by a majority of 70 votes as fol RYENo 2 choice from Tiflis says that Prince Jason Pa QiG 50 IAYCfi timothy lows On East Side 187 dry 154 wet lenoff has been assassinated in a vi BUTTER Dairy 16 West Side wet89 dry 45 Centr lage of the Gorki district The murCity is the only precinct In Muhlederer escaped Prince Gregory Pavle etv burg county selling whisky TQBACCO New 23 75 6 10 noff an uncle of Prince Jason was as saslnated last June CHICAGO In Receivers Hands 72 72 g Louisville Ky Under an order en WHEAT No 2 red Lai Wins His Fight CORN No 2 mixed Q 45 ered by Judge Shackleford Miller t h Stock Yards Co which in Central fighting In United States court for t mess takea a prominent part Jn the live LARDSteam years Chan Lai a Chinaman was de Q 9 00 stock trade of Louisville since Its or clared an American citizen by Judge ganization in July 1901 went Into A G Dayton In the federal court here 4 35 Q 4 40 Win pat hands of a receiver Immigration agents made every effort 19- r WHEAT No 2 red 54 r to have Lai deported CORNNo 2 mixed At the Hers show OATS No 2 mixed 38 Louisville KyAmong the visitors Was the Sultan Shot 18 75 PORKPrIme mess 18 25 on the horse show a In attendance Paris Oct 10A dispatch from Con Congressman Joseph L Rhlnock at stantinople declares that the real BALTIMORE I his wife and daughter of Covington cret of the recent illness of the sal WHEAT No 2 red78s1 79 They have been having a delightful of Turkey was that he was shot in the time They will be here for several abdomen by a Kurdish womanwho ¬ ¬ 3 Owens last are improving Auut Jane Burkeweek at Pine Percy remains about the sameFarmers Benton and wife have returned are iomplaining of the past wet from a weeks visit to Mt Scrling warm weather spoiling corn and and Lexiigton Emtnett Smith fodder The cool weather being and J W Hutcheson wire in very welcome Mrs Bessie McWhs abuip Ky this week Clure of Paris who has been visit ¬ on business Douglas the ing her mother the past week went small son ot Mr Mrs to Lebanon Junction Wednesday to and Orus Bowers still continues very visit Mrs Fannie McClureS H lees with d ptheria Martin and wife spent Sunday at Mrs 14B Cable and daughter the home of Elmer HoukMisses Misses Lizie Ethel and Susie Ila Carson and Jalia Reynolds of are visiting relatives in the country Brown Memorial College spent Jno E Evans was sit hone first Saturday and Sunday with home of the weekMrs J W Tate and folksMrs Florence Sage and lit ¬ daughter Miss Miranda visited in tle sons Robbie and Urban after a Mt Vernon first of the wekW- two months visit to her father and C Sparks and D J Will tilt are mother returned to her home in St here attending the bedside of Dr Louis last week Mr Sage came A D Wiihoitt Roy kobins visit- to accompany his family home ed his father J L Iisins at this Miss Monte Martin of Mt Verplace Monday and TuesdayW non and Messrs Alf Griffin of C Swinford was in Louisvile Livingston and Geo Thompson Monday on C Al and son Claude of Lincoln at- ¬ right contemplates going on the tended a number of sermons during pretty soon for Stratton the protractedThe meeting con ¬ Terstage wholesale dealers in ducted by Brother Karr of Keary Stoves and Tinware of Louisville Ky at our church last week was Horance Benton of LivIngston very instructive and proved a spent Sunday with parents here source of good to the church J C Evans and W J Owens Three conversions were the results attended church at Maretburg Sun- ¬ of Bro Karrs noble work besides day night doing much good to the church Virgil Martin bought a four year numbers The subjects spoken in old horse from Wm Haves of Crab the church by Bro Karr are as Orchard for Bowers Bros follows each in his good explana ¬ 100 will soon have the 5 room cottage tory way was made clear to the for John Robins on Upper Main St people completed C H Frith has added Sunday Walking in the Spirit a full line of dry goods to his alr- Gal Sunday nightProvi ¬ 5 16 eady up to date storeJro Honk dential Use of Small Things Zac A J Ltece and Clarence Shaffer 4 to have returned from Pensacola Fla School Monday he nigh J W Tate is running the old Momentious Word Eternity Isa Cranor Smith Lumber Co spoke 57 15TuesdayThe More Ex ¬ nillnowWm Francisco was i n cellent Way i Cot 12 ¬ tanford Saturday on business day nightThe Balance Sheet A C McClary is in Nicholasville e Loss and Gain in Religion Math this weekJ W Hutcheson is at ¬ 16 2 52 tending the Bankers Convention at P of Influence after Death Louisville this weekLast Satur day night between the hours o 1 I ¬ busissM ¬ toMondayL ecture tT 3rTees 6WednesdayT- nightI het 730al1dIIp mMrandMrs A- Agrippa Acts 26 29 Thursday Justification Faith Acts 13 et in honor of Miss Mattie Wil cThursday of mott the beautiful daughter of Mrs Conversion of Lyddia Acts 16 14 M E Wilmott Games and for ¬ Frid ySeeking Things Alcove tunetelling were indulged in and Col 3 re c io u S very highly enjoyed bv all present Promises 2 Peter 13SaturdayThey all left suimj they bad the nightDivine Drawing Power of time of their life Those registering God John 644SundayBapt- ¬ were Misses Vern Jarret Roberta ismSunday nightWells A of Frith Mdttie Wilmott > Owens Cora Sigmon Clyde Wa 99 sou Geitrud Martin Rosa Pike Monday Y Smith entertained the yonnger uixhtCase haeLillie ¬ ISaturdayP 3Mandat uightThe e Smith of Hiatt Messrs liras k urham Governor Friih J B McCreary Pike Owen Cass Gravely Richard Martin Jr Claude Owens Clarence Robert Gum Sulphur and Frank bicClar of Hiatt Otis Frith and WillarHilton They ask me to than VI r and Mrs Smith for their has oitality and to say through your columns that they will return again ome day to see and receive mot of it several of his younger friends at a birthday party Refreshments were served at 6 oclock tea and fireworks indulged in at night Mrs Douglas Brown returned to n Monday after spending several days with her sister Mrs N E Tester Banner PsI Churchs 20 5 BURNSr ando setsY thek By applying an antiseptic dress ¬ ma ¬ This is the greatest discovery and surgeryChamber1ains End this same principle It is an qnti entertainedI It Junctioof ¬ also allays the pain and soreness and prevents any danger from blood PainBalm you time and money not to men ¬ tion the inconvenience and suffer- ¬ ing Such injuries enTail For sale by Chas C Davis leading drug 80d Clarkt 00n 10Atth yearerIns 33s 35d Mtangirln ata 50 ¬ ¬ Yoarrthe ¬ 531hOATSNo No 3CORNNo2 2 red 7- 50en sl OATS PORK mixed mixed Prime mess No 50 3 3G 2 1G 50 CATTLE Pflme HOGS Choice aJt the 1l1UI 75 C 15 40 =S A The Kind You JJ Hai Mays d ossibleI and cures malaria billiousness Wonderful nerve tonic left her with an awful cough She Havana Oct The disarmament weakness commissioners s in Santiago report that Price Guaranteed by all had spells of coughing like Soc one with the all the Insurgents in that province coughand druggists have been disbands with the excep Lion of one bard which is in an inac A GAURANTEED CURE FOR PIIKS cessible roeion auai Bayamo Itching Blind Bleeding Protrud ¬ ing Piles Druggistsare authoriz ¬ stopped coughing and got stout Fole s Kidney Cure will cure ed to refund money if PAZO Oils T fat nycaseoKidneYtrouhle that is l 60 Belghf had entirely disabled her until six months ago when she began taking Electric Bitters which have com- ¬ pletely cured her and resrCred the strength and activity she had in the prime of lifeJ writes MrsV L e Greatest restorative medics on the accompanying the contri ¬ bution Mr Mount expressed the hope that be would be one among 25 or 50 of his home town to make a like contribution He also said that he hoped that everY city town and village in the StateJ would catch the fever as soon as and begin sending contributions AN AWFUL COUGH CURED 10 5 35 Q ia Disbands 1NDIANAPOUS f n was jealous of his latestfavorftea beautiful Circassian girl LOUisVILLE WHEAT Miss Carrie Frith at Gum Sulph a last Saturday and Sunday M C representation at the Jamestown Albright is in Louisville this week centennial celebration next year on business Jack Leece has was received by R E Hughes Secretary of the Commercial Club house on Hill Street says the Courier Journal It si+ thee form of aoq dollar bill A YOUNG MOTHR AT 70 and was donated by J ft Mount a bus My mother has suddenly been dSsPeP5wo ¬ Three Break Jail Whitesburg Ky Three prisoners Henry Caudlll jr Hiram Callahan and Charlie Lucas all sentenced recen to two years In the Kentucky penit tiary escaped froth the county jail here end are stUl at large giat visitsHcontributionur tjGS ¬ u JA ie- 5 7 KatieMisses IMARETBURG bindependent ¬ days 5 stagnation upI EOurHayner > The cause of the wreck Is shofairly befO i ¬ not clear R L Utterback conductor of the mail train said that the freight train was standing on the main line over which the passenger had the right of way at the time when they struck It The engine of the passenger train country This propaganda Is beln plowed through the caboose and three preached until It has created a fee cars at the rear of the freight smash lug of hatred between employer anc2 ing them Into kindling wood The se- employe in place of that feeling of Binder an assassins bullet the happi riously injured are Fred J Flanagan good will so necessary to success ness was taken from her life After engineer Louisville about thee chest of any business The lajcr union ils death she was a changed woman not thought to be serious Charle with its devilish weapons of coercion U the time of her death she was the Mahoney firemen Louisville cut an intimidation and cruelty coupled will second oldest member of St Pauls bruised about the head and shoulder the selfishness greed and cowardic German church at Eleventh and skull fractured G E Tatum moat Danklick streets Covington and the clerk Cincinnati hurt about the bacl funeral took place from that church C M Blakenuin and now has assumed the dictatorial mail clerk Smith Grove hurt internally A Lightburr attitude of a tyrant demanding the LEXINGTON GIRL mail clerk Cincinnati bruised am control and management of our bus j ness shaken Who Eloped With a Detroit Man Now How long will it be before we realNEW SET OF OFFICERS ize that the trade unions are hiving u Sues for 30000 a lesson of which we are badly Detroit MIchJulia Thorburn Ha Chosen By the Pythian Grand Lodg need showing that individuals defea Meets in Paducah Next ed separately are invincible when un zleton wife of Arthur Hazleton own 31 er of a fashionable riding school Every business mist have a r Louisville KyThe election of off ponsible head who mint have author started suit against her motherin V law and brotherinlaw asking for cers for the ensuing year and a boat ity BivMe this authority with a wall Jvv of directors for the widows and o lug delegate and it is no longer au tliority Who is to determine the VP husbands affections Mrs Hazletowas at one time a society belle of ducah as the place for holding the ne Ie of an employe How can the val Lexington and eloped to Windsor in state convention constituted the prir of an employe be determined July 1901 and secretly married Ha cipal business transacted by the gran Now the value of an employe dt lodge of Idea son of a wealthy lumberman following the Knights of Pythias Tin ponds first on supervision The anioun1 of Hazleton alleges In cfilcrs were elected Gran of supervision required determines h W- her Detroit Mrs bill that the husbands mother chancellor Milton H McLean Covin value the less he requires the mot valuable he is grand prelate O H Cant Serve Two Masters ishly so that other men would notice Pollard Jackson grand marshalai 2 Commission and omission Here her Her husband she says is now arms Cornelius Sauuders Franklin his value depends upon whether he grand inner guard W J Hlsson New does as he is told or omits to do it in Manitoba port grand outer guard J Schobcrtl 3 Comes the body Is he strong SHOT DOWN Versailles grand keeper of record physically or weak Here his valur and seal J W Carter Owensboro depends upon the ratio of strength am By the Supposed Messenger From HI s grand master of exchequer Jule Plus weakness 4 Brain has he a goo pier Bellevue The following board ol memory or Is he always forgettin Wife in Tennessee directors for the widows and orphan something 5 Soul thir he must Pinevllle KyAbe Scott shot have By soul I mean loyalty or disinstantly killed J H Napier at Aant loyalty Is he loyal or t disloyal If Ashers stave mill near this place He met Orr Owensbbro two year term he fsa member of a labor union he immediately surrendered and was Lucien Davis Hopkinsvlle airl R Al cant serve two masters he can no placed Is claimed thatan Hunter XicliohisyiHc one Xcrrllertn be loyal to you and his union and uncle of Scott named Messer and Na IMcHenry Rhodes Oa n ro man without a soul has no value piers wife have been living in Ten ¬ When labor unions g beyond th nessee It Is thought from letters r pivotal point and attempt to dictat ceived by Messers friends here that >< the amount of the output forbiddin Messer demanded of Napier tha any man to earn more than so much Within the Past Few Months things claimed to be owned by Messer decide on the proportion of apprentice lie sent to them and that Scott was to workmen shall a Paducah KyBen Jones a young vance and whofiat is who our woe sent to get the things and take them not tear out negro was shot to death near Vicks to the couple Napier was a hard- ¬ that has been done by nonunion met working man and a good citizen burg Livingston county by Joan Scott require that it shall be done ova There was some talk of violence be t y union men or else be deprived o a young daughter no further trouble Is expected at tula Scotts and was chase 1 down by th time fatucr and killed in his tracks Scott ed to give an equitable return ceasFEUDISTS CLASH is not likely to be molested as the When your do sympathy of the people is with him school for fear children cry not go to of the of scab At a Blind Tiger and John Hall Jr In the past two months two othm newhen wife dare not hang out the wash yX groes were lynched in Llvingstois Killed I county for assaulting women It is d jg g Wh1t burg KyThe Hall and Mar- I clared an Illicit distillery in the local to work knowing you may be carried tin factions clashed at a blind tiger ity is the principal cause of the crime home on a shutter when brickbats whisky resort on Beaver Creek an ake theplace of reason and the walk ¬ John Hall jr Is reported killed Taring delegate says Carry a union card Winchester KyIn a remote por or take out an dy Martin jr was seriously wounded accident policy then lion of the county Robert Shrout shot as also was a member of the Hall fac his son in laiv William Ingram ftontion Efforts of the sheriffs force to temprevent the Hall and Martin feudists f the effects of which Ingram died Tiic porarily laid low with a linkpIn ineetin has failed continually and t two men lived In the same house and UNCLE JOE CANNON is said here that Gov Beckham will b- e quartered because Shrout tried to ge asked to intervene that the reign of a couple of boys in his employ to fight each other for Shrouts amuse- The Guest of Honor at the Marquette lawlessness may be broken K Clothing Stetson Hats Oliver Chilled Plows and Old Wi Hickory Wagons made in g y the East gathering Lyndon olltics and business she watched with ride and pleasure When her hair silvered and her vi- ¬ tality was sapped by the encroach cent of old age her every wish was anticipated and supplied by the Goe ¬ bel brothers The late governor f as K i had suchShoes Douglas engi men Atlanta Ga Oct 10The feature of the opening session of the nations convention of the American Bottlers Protective association was the address of President Hugo in which he bitter ly attacked labor unions These he alleged to be the worst of alt combined evils now threatening the good of the association spoke of them a using devilish weapons of coercion and summed them us as the twin brother of socialism In this con nection President Hugo said The logical sequence of labor union ism is socialism and socialism at ° boyshose desiraHJ i Per neer and and firemen of the train and a clerk in the mail car were badly Ins jured and four other mail clerks were slightly injured and all the passengers on the southbound L N fast mail train were jolted up when that train crashed into the rear of a local freight train standing on the main line at died at the home Mrs Rosa Men 1136 Eastern avenue She as born in 1S23 and was the second wife of the grandfather of the late tatesman Arthur and Justus and she est and most uptodate Stock of General shown in Rocl castleCunty one from which YJU Jean always get anything you want at any time and we are con F stantl ble things from every quarter of the earthSecond In the words of thef good old son of Ireland we dox snot wish to chafe rb jchatfed but always endeavorlfo seef that our customers receive fair treatment We believe this isf the only method up6n which f business should be conducted Iw and strive to carry it into ours Third We carry the best i KyThree Louisville at Goebel an at I Should Trade With i Annie f her lifelong friend iA Few Reasons Why < into Kindling Wood and Several sons Were Injured Relative GaeI ICincinnaUl1rs i SMASHED CARS 7t w 1887 WH = N THEY INTERFERE WITH Cass visits d Mrs L B Hilton RIGHTS OF CITIZENSHIP Declares President Hugo in Merciless Attack Before the American Bot tiers Protective Body a BltODHEAD UMONS I FOND ADMIRER ii 1906 12 1 k Established HillDr f Late ijil r i oui I Published Every i i t v J jUt wouldnoegetwel1ftt ¬ ¬ Remedywhich I I not beyondmedicilaid fi > daysSoc f i f Y h f t t 8ussardrukerI11 CIiN 1 wtIY Jr 11 n i t ot i ruitt1 f >

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