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Image 1 of Louisville weekly journal, April 28, 1858

Part of Louisville weekly journal

THE LOUISVILLE WEEKLY JOUEN. AL VOLUME XXVIII. LOUISVILLE, THE WEEKLY JOURNAL rsducah Herald, edited by John C. No- lW, one of tbe editors of the late Louisville Times. raisryr. inf rcm.iarr bv has a bitter article apoa tbe editor of tba Louisville PRETI( K. IIKMKK(V We quota a cou(Je of paragraphs, and tuibd tk:ft. arTarrs j;rrr'X t earxa. take the liherty to inquire whether anybody can and ls i Kn.wrrios Jooreat Amvi ratlv aot v " m if ' "" . " r ui.ih-io will caplata to as and to the aorld the meaning of .anr- - twilv t.v r un ujr ..i... lis. sA; the second, w hkh, of course, refers to tbe ill foelini MJ II yM. U I.M V 9. nal-si.rIn Ai'Vascr. tuntr- - Ii.iliar er Tri- - eiistiog in 185 taKweea tbe editor of the Democrat and a auniW of tbe Louisville merchants in cone-er i tv cu, . 0010 el each; li ever 1H qnencc of tbe editor's fierce a aaiilts upon tbe repu l'B4'eeeet ay niail are waraM In tauoa and the lainee interaaUof LouU ille Awwctisikc Kavea lyTitum v i Ai.vasos, To anwte per.n It ed t he veer well andertood how 1. 'wUi Joans! Ka k liiier or leal. r. iiarHev nfn-tu te enrH a lioucbui no 1M And M ueu i.llv well knowa h w lie ia tlie l. ITeaidentlal eauvaaa, to Ui;a nie Ih aiwiat Donrlaa. tWThr ynta on rh- - Joarual. ae charred Br the post m Aud in iw. ab'-- the eommverer araae betwesj the ui lin. nly. i eiuoerat ana a ;iaiuliert the luiKTi e ! ner qwaeter; ne erei ot Hmv) I oni-- l .U4ae Mune ii the , mite per quarter; matter one Id he Verr allv tJ4 b a. old lien. of LoaiviUe. We nfer the cur.oua to WaekK. r.i ner quart, r; SudIf "fit to ia Tiii- an r.'nu .a i.tNow who is this "old Demorratic teamlmatma ..Barter: 1"S www. ob klr per ifuutrr, of Louisville?" What is the a at of referring tbe a. wept a IA mt euerfc-rcurious to hint ncless the curious are told who be i out the Ktu. If Aad, if the Psducaa editor nnderstai di tbe matter, why does aot he tell tie curious all aliout it instead AGENTS. of referring tbe carious to some nameless person H handle rampbellsvl J S II. !:u.... trwlnlua ace? t. 1T. (J. W N wl. hi. L. Kin. We ajitlier to refer to suvh matters, for rVira yii.e. J. II 1. IJ. M. KuwIlTilla. ilHnl surely we have no disposition to press U e editor of V. H V. V nvw ..rn ltui. I. VrMHHjrr, riucKkora, .dir. the Iemocrat at a time when he is so fiercely beset by f I.K 'r.l. t tisnvl'le. XV lr.rKarl.urtl. Rich T. ri. M M itia.Glaxov. tbe leaoers of his party in the South and hea be is ! . t. H uareraft. tiulxlh battling against them ao manfully. k. a llavlnrk It. luiMia HirklnnOla. A. k At the late election b Loniiille but three thoneaud f - fa"-- . Moduli. T (.a nu- frticerB. Ttne. we b. htiudr vutea J. M. w hit". Ml orIin. . Itfee. Hateut t!ie nniuD'-- ttiat hte .ed at all the K. H siaiaaol.d..tie4aere'i year. There are. at t'a- - tor eirhl ttidnMand i te . aer ia Lmiiev:!!-- tut a Urre rortloB ot thein Have Moaaphta. ,o..-- Atkinx W. A. ow.. lameetowe. WEDN fcSDAT, APRIL 21, 1858. KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY APRIL 23, 1858. 1NUMREK 23 A III kku ask Blow-Away. W published, a few days ago, a telegraphic dispatch from St. Louis, wilt lie seen from our Washinelon distwti The Northwest THE SotrrH. Silently but fHCKSDA Y, APRIL tt, la., . Tha aeenad defeat f the btll ft tlx Ws see tliat the .li.rtV.aey Comim-" tn Ilk- - SVwatw are .aL"Jl' that Mr. English ia the committee of conferem with wonderfully rapid strides the northwestern ""-- " h- - iat ae a,i.t of tlie Kim A rs,.,,-,- ,, I nZZZTZi-i- 1 CLrrhe Washington eorretpondent of th Phila announcing that a terrible hurricane had swept over auhmitted bis Kansat amendment )esterdav, ta- -. wl'l tm as- - inflow prenMT. W- aumlisf fares, the wanple of the and States of onr Republic are accamnlating population bn't t CaTAmong tba varioas f peculation called forth . r.n ysai Baa autde espee have In lie "1 h!S delphia U. S. Gazette, spanking of tb prospects of tna sova of luntonviiie, Arkansas, on tb 27th of that tbe three member of tb al" Berye. eommitte from th a oarikrfit.1 law. which svrs inly w w.v. af wealth, improvements, and aaricultural and mi by tb recent combination parti ia Congress IMMmptou, say that all at once the Admiois'rstinn k " defeate ay the WearBerv 0M wi:h"wt tha aaower. T' T were wta ra- March, which nearly laid the place in ruins, killing Senat asked time to think about K. The Senate' factored productions, and developing their vast touching tb q nest ion of slavery tb question which alot idiai-d h aad we .n.k no n'hey rseujt side affect great exultation over th alleged pro twenty-tw- o persons and wounding many others, c imuiitte men had better yield and tbe Serate too. mineral wealth until they -Tara I roa. any area, at ae Iwture eawertmaaa. btmtti at. are drawiug toward them jost at present make and an mak a parties la thia ZPZZZr.t',?:"" "'" ZfZZL ptct of carrying a couferenfe in tbe House, notwithT" Bemonville is th residence of Hon. A. B. Green- - And very likely both will Buchanan and his Cabi. tbe g vsdaEn aatt Ia this matter we do not differ with tb Deasortal. center of population and political country Ibere aia arm which, though donhtlet all lays astvantaa. whieh th standing tlie dciiv majorities heretofore given for wood, one of the member of Congress from Arkan-s- t. net following in the wake. mihu.IrL W apposed strennoeary frees first to last the heok-raand commercial power. The progress of this por- to as xtremcly the Crittenden amendment, and ratified by tb U- -" He has written a letter to tb Washinirton Thtewwawa., Uw of 1842 though it was supported by I.S- -. Southern Commercial Coxvkmtio. Th next tioo of onr confederacy I unparalleled. The rapid Of these, the suggestion that any one of th mem-ti- er more recent adhere nee, Th professed confidence Union denying th truth of the report. He ha re ksading atea tt oar party m Congress; we ad rerslrd ity of it growth is beginning to attract attention These mdeooroe peragrtpht are from the of th combination 1 destined or entitled to ia to be held at Montgomery has increaed since the pa wag of the deficiency ceived letters from Bentonville, dated April 6th, rnnual convention not only in a commercial bat ia a political aspect. appropriate tbe Where its repeal aatil it was repealed; snd we two nnce Soath. The editor of that paper b a geatU-maon tha 10th of May next. Several of tb to fee ewe glory aad behoof bill, wiih its eiht millions for job st d contract and no hurricane ha been mentioned. He presumes Ala., Th Cincinnati Gazette a but he occasionally forget It aad aaakes eth- declared oarerlve sgaiaet back rapt law whenever day ago published an i th most to be regretted, bees use tbe most fatal bay already appointed their del of all sorts; and whatever may be said to th that th writer of the note to tbe St. Louis Republi Southern State "ccaeioe kaa ate reed to render proper the express elaborate review af th progress of tb northwest. to harmony, aad, of coarse, to swoewss. Tet tbe er forget it. without subscribing to tb serious ramors ran in regsrd to th hurricane wa th author of tba gates. These convention have heretofore fmnd or view. A few selected remarks ia favor f Tb statistics it had gathered suggest important laggsstioe i deliberately mad. "Suppose, too, Our purpoa ia copying these passage i to show that are gaining ground on all sides this fact has, in dispatch which appeared in th paper a short time little favor with a portion of the Southern press and neb a law recently foand their way into car paper caa opl, and this sr, at usual, tb project ia alluded considerations. There are included in what ia do aay tb Philadelphia Press, alluding to the posei with what exceeding alacrity svwa some way or other, made a decided Impression since, giving an account of a negro at whuw ssrr knowledge, hot trey were agva-- 4 tbe nominated tbe northwest tbe State of Ohio, Indihi sleunwt of a new party, "that th remaaat of been ont or (idle out front nncomfortable position. to iu no very arkct term by the Still, no evidence ha yet appeared, by which pos rayettoville, Arkaosaa, which was also false. whole sahseaee and tendency of al that we have papers, which denounce them a "ridiculous farces' ana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and th American party, who once belonged to the Dem For months peat tbe Richmond Sooth aad all the itive suspicion can b justified, though tber arc theeatht sad said apoa the --abject. tha Territories of Minnesota and Nebraska already ocratic party, and yet remain ia opposition C3"VVe learn from tbe N. Y. Courier and Inquirer org ana have beea proclaiating and "solemn flummery." Tb Savannah Republi indications which may not be disregarded. te it. rest of tbe Tb Tbo"' "he Mat. a. her what a treawsndows bom asking for admission into tb Union as State. The should yield their on idea which may now be that tb subject of a bankrupt law ha been dis can siyt: hal ing course pursued by Mr. English, of Indiana, said ia ovary form of aoierna aad fierce words, that, if was atade about the bankrupt Uw b 112 aad for Congress should refuse at the present session to reThis eonveatloB ha bees meet tne for some flee ae Hx statistic of tbe increase of population in these six to be aa "obaoUte idea" end join tbeir old friend ard Mr. Hall, of Ohio, oa Thur dsy, th 8th, ia cussed in tbe Committee on Judiciary of th Senate. year afterwarda, they who MtVct that the topis was years, and baa passed some hundred er more State exhibit th very astonishing fact that about again, a moat of that organization ha done. Wa The Committee ha not determined to report a bill ceive Kansas with th Lscomptoa constitution, a r solutions, on searly every subject under the nn, snd if reserving tbeir votes on th motion to "ad hers tbea tbe ssest sbsorbiag one ia sil the eoaatry. aaay of the whole white population sf th Uni caa object to h? Tbe Democratic party baa sever Urge camber of Soath re Senator and Re pr astute the nr-- t N p has b- en taken 10 carry ens of them into until afttr the roll call, wiih th significant togges. bat ha taken severs! votes on tb details of a draft we have yet to learn the fact. They have rsrtlcal eft well weaxW that nrcm proposed by Sir. Toombs. Th bill, if agreed on. resolved enouxh In ail eoaarieaee let them set te and ted State is contained in thi northwestern portion refused to receive brio iu embrace, nor to bestow tivs woald forthwith withdraw free their Iwspee-- heat Bstkrnpt Uw a word ia .aid hy the prese tarns which they both previously made, occasioned finirh up the work they hav al'eady cut ont, aud thea U of the confederacy, and that nearly tha whole of that it honors, aew, whea i is well known will not b retroactive; it will be confined to traders, a ita moat bitter opponents whea these tive bodies, snd that thia withdrawal woald be fol- that a remark at tbe time, and tbeir lam explanations will he full time for auother eouvouuoB, At least, such are Bteeeare of that character hea for population is the result of emigration. h of hav give ap their opposition to it principle aad lowed by the immediate withdrawal of their State Mth beea tiuce tbea hu e only served to confirm th appra- - and will include corporations other than municipal, our eenuiDciiia. the increase in these State hav accrued within the em braced it faith. It baa never refused to opea front tbe cWederwcy. This has beea the pro atatariag aader th saspicee of distinguished ntnsioniot ouelity which wer then excited. If I pon the question whether tha act should apply to CS"Tlie followma; appreciation of Col. Benton last and is to bo avowght speedily kite Coagreae quarter of a century. The growth of the popgramme, and aot a single it arms wide to receive naw converta, or welcome editor has tole the vote expected to default oa that occasioa had parties who may voluntarily go into bankruptcy, or from the New York Tribune, is, w think, among ia the strews; sad onandeat aatiripikm of iu sac jieldrd to tbe external pressure, no one doubt shall bs compulsory upon th demand of creditors, the most just and discriminating that bis death ha ulation ia these six northwestern State ia aa fol the return of ita predig-- sows. Ia thia respect kt rated the xprBtoa of a donbt that It woald be cess. What bibs be the eoaditioa of the pnhlie low: . ha followed the precept and practice of the great executed te tbe letter. Aad yet bow, whea the where Mr. English and Mr. Hall would have bea. tbe Committee was eqnally divided. These motions elicited mind of the aaboa wha a pending B 1W IS .S4 I la 14 of sacti l.mrT, have been made in Committee to test its aero upon rounder or ear religion, and among tbe aaost ap Richmond Sontb, the ssest terrible of all the aala-lounrt. 1"1 Ia tbe death of Mr. Bntoa the country lose on 7i;t!4 4.7311 is. Bwagaitasie, ss deeply sad vitally iarvolving the w7M3,;i!H 7,30tM proved, bast beloved, and most honored f iu apos-tl- e atandar. despair v hen men, occupt ing the position ther have so tb principles of tbe measure. Tb prep trillion of of its marked public character II wa a man of 17 f Lscomptoa, rswrardlng fc as ater itov ef tbe whose peopl, mils utterly to awaken .........I,tnu,zi great force, but that fore wa of a personal rather absolutely dead, the editor of that paper, instead sf confided to Mr. Toomb. hav beea, and now are, aot only many ratara- lar neia to this question, begin to balanc opinion. tbe bill it The Baltimore American, commenting on the :h.m of an intellectual nature. An intense individd prodigals, but many converta front all of the unfurling the banner of disunion and eaTling apoa the public attontioa? Has Lstneaptoa rendered the or to waver npon the principle at stake, they may Aiwarkaa people attorly apathetic in regard te eu RiPtcri.iNo thk ScRirn itKs Col Fuller, form uality characterized all that be aaid and did. His statistic, says: "Let n now compare tha growth parties that hav antagonized it front th eld Fed hia followers to rally aader it, contents kinsaelf by ttie arenea of evletiee and bkNidntied r'raukt-"j regaruea as quite ready for anv other recourse. J. was large, bis health robust, his nature burly. of the northwest, since 1820, with fram. tuat have rtinrraeed the cite ader tt r adntltii with th growth of N. Walter. Shell., ville. J. H t erly editor of th N. T. Miiror, who ha written He wa truculent, energetic, Intrepid, wi'.lful, and a, ., eral party dowa to tbe recent Whig party. Evea the threat that tbe people of th South win prepare everything he itself? trntioa. tha: titer have atidiat Thee ill t. .K. .:. i.. uaueu a ' tht ir rittU ae ciual XV. Yaaehi. .eeenahuri New England and New York on on aid, and that uuiw ui j convenient con aad aim a nuall suinoiity to rule tUrm. indomitable, us aiwav wore a resolute and deterK Kama. MriMki.airri. o late as th last Presidential election, kt embraced to execute vugeance apoa the six Sonthern Amerivert to tbe winning ide, but, when th contaat U numerous letter over the name of "Belle Brittan, Cat A gsatltmsa who recently arrived free Xcn-inT F. .r r. Kl lr. W. H Kill-bas rsised a storm about his care, by reason of a mined air, and, simply viewed as an animal, pos of th original Southern State on tb other, and let wuhia iu charitable heart aad arms, ia a body, can who voted against Loceaptoa, aad whom H..l. flaiBNitf J. 11. M.nn. tbrrdnu. aay that sear Torktowa, Dwitt eeonty, Texas, he sessed a very commanding aspect. II strode into ut see how they are likely to stand at the end of The Enqairer has evidently been led astray by ended, they must 1 despised and branded lik other and very indiscreet and Improper letter which he tent to public life with lhe qualities all prominent an nearly all that remained of the Whig party; and designates ss "tb six Sepoys." Hare ia hlb-ri;ibetween the coast sad Saa Antocao, a parry f falA Im.a of its .o.7 tlie another generation: cotempora traitor. Being destitute of moral force, they can the N. O. Picayuoe, th greater part of which wa tHistling. Whenever be shone, be shone in the ex N.O Trhoni'it many of these now hold high place ia tb Dessw- - ble felling off, to he sura. lows are haviag regnlar drill, preparatory le a no votes which will not be as open to obnox ries of this city. The vote rsst in the recent miini-ci167 nrrr. H rrtd Hurr. Tr.a. devoted to ridiculing the Bible. The New Orleans, hibition of tbem. His intellectual powers always New Fncland and New York We eoufe w thonld lik eratic church." Now, we hav several weighty ob to anderatand ia what ruption in Sortaera Itoxica, hy way cf Laredo. l.sjai.oo S.KS.ff!4 J. H H appeared as snbsidiarv: tbey never took the lead. The original South ehrtioa in IxHiinville was tlie largest that has rnus cntKiara at their own, and, abould other foil Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah papers, and many iai. .' sl 3.i.i7 7JW.Wi jection to thiaobjectiona theoretical aa wall aa sort of way the Richmond paper expects the people The sontiBtadan ef Fort aaclntesh. Boar Laredo, . never appeared to be the propelling force in any of Th Northwest H. flithrd. 7ns,;i ever lea cat ia a city election here since tie tlieir perniciou example, they may aa well prepare Hkw.B. .1R. T fUk-- r, of the country papers South, hav each expressed the marked epoch or ma lire or tbe South to go to work for the sxecutioa of ao .imlimr . ki4taioBd practical. leading points for the certain doom of obloquy and disgrace lbs was thought to favwr Ih project, which waa to ha "In tb last thirty-seve- n year the South has in change in the Law ia reference to the election tf po which tlieir decided disapprobation of bis measure; his op sentiments as thus of hi career were hi The thing, te begin with, ia aot aasrely iwipracti- - gsaace apoa the six Southern geaUeatea who voted creased 67 per cent., tba North proper 85 per cent,, ia execution ea ssea as the aasaoer ef fUlibeew lio ocTicers, and larger than was oftea given when will follow them to tbe grave. developed, wbile not on baa commended them. position otheoM Laitea Mates Hank; his 4 Hi It irl. Auafa.k. ,J. fiartoa. Madwna. against kstsmpteav we snonld like for iaataace to tere reached eight hundred. Dei ii toe Aaministration caa detect, sufficient Thi speaks f B. N ing resolution; bit war on Mr. Calhoun after bis dis- and the Northwest 800 per cent! But it may be cahle, bat absurdly an. The It was sospectod aa the police were elected by the people. The aggre kol, Ittrrimai. ir. IIi well for the Southern press. k. MrGoa. kiwIlTille. Ark. r. W appointment ia the succession to tbe Presidency; said that the comparison should have beea made, aa crate are aot tbe Democratic party, and, if they kaow bow Virginia and Soath CaroUaa aad Geor- Texas that the prate at which has twmmjatd Gee. gate vote east in LouUvillc at the last Presidential strength to effect tbeir purpose, the perfidy will be RT ftRoku. and bis hostility to th Compromise measures of to the were, kt would be quite a proper for tbea to tare gia aad Mississippi sad Alabama and Texas are Twiggs to s iKdria K cliaxasAatwta. C-was tramped ap in order I; The Washington correspondent of tb New lHoO South, with the new States of tbe South wwt, election waa tbe largest ever polled in the city, aud seea at tn outset. Otherwise, tboa who are now In all these contests, at least in all but that J. M niu.a. I'rah urcbard. ready to abandon their trusts, will bold back and Tork Herald ay in his letter of the 14th lost, that for tbe reform of the Und system, be bore himself where immense territories and fertile noil giv tbem Americana a it would be for th Americana to tarn expected to reck vengeance npoa John J. Crittoa- - te (ftw. aim cat sf the way. U is MbetitBte, Colucl since tba advent of Americanism whenever tber TK Srtrr rntliaw ar. authoricd tcrooeiptfor r U oar fill into Iin at heretofore, but not tb less marked th committee on foreign relation of the Hous are as a fighting man. He carried this so far st to al a fair field for rapid growth. The State are Ala I mocrats, numbers going for nothing ia point of dea aad Humphrey Marshall and Warner L. Un WUsoa, dose sot concern kintatlf aooat what kt godu a f'r hMTitiiionr aioaer has beea any opposition to the American candid He derwood. Tbea gentlemen are askinaT aothina: of ing ea, aad ssia are takaa that ae eswe of it roach honor, if, indeed, the Americas do aot largely lude, in one of hit later Senatorial exhibitions, to at aar the rote has been invariably as large as was usual for their well understood intentions. Wtlpol preparing and will soon submit a resolution re com pair of pistols which he said had never been used bama, Mississippi Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky.' Of KaittaaM by mail, when tbem. Neither party, ia abort, could sacri tbe States ht question, sad most sorely tbey hav Mexico. A cell froa CuL Iawridge for "peaceful Tennessee, Missouri, and Arkansas, about th asm ia contested elections, if not larger. The reckless might hire applied his maxim to mtnr who are mending that notice be given to Great Britain for but a funeral baa followed. fice iu principles without diagrace. The proposition aothiag to apprehend front He tacky. migrants has already, a oar reader are aware, now figuring on the public boards, and without number of States with tb other sections, bat a mock tbe abrogation of the Clayton-BulwMr. Bentoa had beea tea years in the Senate be treaty. statement of the Enquirer is altogether erroneous. The tb Tba of mitlxtoa arc fixod now npoa the least color of injustice. committee doss not desire to embarrass the govern for be was known to tha country as a prominent de greater extent of territory, and larger river. Tb is an insult. But insulu are not adapted to praaot WhU recent developn asmivgto!) Items. Th Seaata eemauttee cf appeared, aad General Benningssa ia shortly exthe Lnited State Bank comparison (tend thus: lister. tbe end ia view. Nor, ia fact, is mere spscalatioa On- - IU vnid's Estate. Col. Denton, contrary pected ia GeJvestoa. Ptosis ia Tsxae are coaclnd-in- g foar IVmocrata uf the Houae nf Iprci?t:talivea, ment have naturally excited soma misgivings a to ment, but hopes for rally action on this continual questionTbe discussion on fully, eoassserc have decided that it would be aawiao to brought bim out and wa of a char of any tort. Political organizations are ia tome de Mr. Jooaa of PennayWania, Mr. Iotrli-- h of Indiaaa,, to ihe general opinion of his means, has died poor. that Geaaral Walker' sttlsiasnl that the Presi 1 la tue nnai rwult, nothing hat yet occurred to war ly troublesome subject. acter to exhihit hit power to th greatest possible Southwest, ia 120 prosecute th Improvemeat of river sad harbors by southwest, 16J i4; taw gree vital things. Tbey are developed rather thaa lid Measr. IVo'lm ard Hall "f.Oh-odes sag, set ad Maxieo ss a richer Aaid for alibee-mriS ine time sine bis bouse on C street was burned rant thj strong rho, aftrr advantage. It was a question that touched tbe feelIncrease wer cent. asturrance of pensioned acribblers. borrowing the annoy, and, as the treasury was aot ail 8nrine has mm. at -f mnA nn kmanufactured. They are born, not made. Instead ing and th private in it rests of individuals deeply. ataadilv voted ard .pikc aainat Lrrnmp and he went to tbe expense of having it re who were as aud.cious on every enterprise than Central Aascrica, ha aot bean LavinfC don, W , then, that with this much greater terri rat fly ot the season yeeterHay. He came Into our former occasion a eoaditioa to furnish tb means. It waa inexpedi of being formed by express agreement, tbey resul with unite a familiar air hntml an.unrf wholly ban list, sad it is theaght that we aaay i:. and roused the intensest ardor of all partisan politimra in favor cf ac built; but there is a mortgage of (10,0)0 oa it, which in predicting the certainty of itaa. vutcd with the Lwomptn ent to report ia favor of Bach im prov nj eats. The on the end of our Boee, crawled over our Sinters mil n..L cians. Th (ucccss, and even debate were beaftd and fiercely per- tory, miluer climate, and greater rivers th South inevitably sooa hear of a foray by a from the nature of events. Th idea for a eonmittc of will almost alawrb the value of the property. Cel. tb very day of tbe division. expedition. ce!inc to Uw biiuwif quite at home acuerally. f sonal. A Bardttotrn Herald. political encounter over west has not increased at tha rate of tha report was aaanimows. rm.frrcnoa. A tbnonand rumnrs and apeeulationt Bentoa was anxious that Congress should purchase " hv till now lieen wondering in what Sag- - spread the country, i bis contest suited Benton ex- Northwest. In one word, w see the growth of th of a party compart ia aa fanciful aa that of tbe It sppear from tb report of Hon. H. M, Sice, she Batter af which will he explained le Mexico by CW Tbe regi,try law proposed in the New Tork Nicht newspaper office K) copies of his Abridgment of the Congressional actly. He loved the turmoil and tbe war, and be Northwest increase social compact. Parties, worthy of the name, are Irran-ra- t fl ia! a to ibua rliefor Ibrr 1,'f a sssag from Mr. Bachaaaa. four the fliea, which are notorious at a more rapid ratio thaa any Bssde to the War Depanmowt, that the asveral b Bawith each A Garnsaa saerths ia said ta have arrived ia ly not very delicate or diinty in their tastes and rose erceUenre, successive exigency until be became, votrd ana the Iecutnpvnita for the cinnjiltr, IMiates for dixtriliulioa among the various State lgialature bas, after passing tbe Senate, fallen part of tbe Union; or, we imagine, than aay portion nttural, not artificial normal, not miraculous. rf red claimant to th Fort tbe champion or treneral Jackson ptr Crawford reservation, Naw Tork from They do aot tprmg Minarva-h- k Chihuahaa ia search of Gerntaaj and Baanr la?Iirnd ard aaid that tln-- T woald ant iitmries ai.d foreign exchanges. lie was of ppiaion tne House by a email mij.iritv. All the Americana preferences, would swarm first. We didn't suppose administration ia it contest with th Bank. On or tba globe." in full panoply west of tbe Mississippi, had possession given thwaa and all tb Republican voted for it in the Senate. that it would bs in one a be made a speech of four immigrant, aad th ateeont Gotrernor of Chihuaoil t i ld in that Tuto ImH Itnall v iiarramli to the that such a purchase would lai constitutional, and Tbey by tenth part so far off as one occasion, There n in this statement Tnoch food for reflec from th brain of any political Jupiter. the eeort nearly two years ago, aad that five 'lays. At tbe close or th fourth day, Mr. Calhoun tion. Tbe hua, asmtd Paiarioa, ia held oat aa being ready to Admniatralii lr fmc for tbe aduiiaoioa nl Kan would tend to d.fiuse a knowledge of the political and all tbe American but two and all tbe Republi Bartlstown. political power of tha Federal govern germinate in the popular bosom, (hooting ap to hundred aad seven sere of th gov sarcastically remarked that Mr. Benton bad taken treat I rsserv sail, hut whether to private or pablic tpecalatavs, (lie LnO'inniua comiiuitvav. M'btther history of tbe country. Two atenitiersof tbe Iioue cans out six or eight voted for it in th House, but majesty and strength by modest stage. They are aa aindT opposite Fort Crawford were said at a dollar aad a (Ciflt i announced that Brigham Young declares one diy hmger in his assault on tbe Bank than it ment is based apoa population. We find here tbe doe But appear. t.- iil or will not do thi ia now the gnat inquiry of preventative have the matter under conside tfca Democrats in both branches, true to their uni aot plastic or aecbaa-ica- L quarter had taken to accomplish the revolution in trance. North and tha North wst outgrowing the South ia spontaneous, per acre, aad twenty-fiv- e his determination, if matter come to the worst, to cents per sere ad- form and notonout partiality for frauda ia Tbe intellectual strength of Mr. Benton' efforts a most wonderful Tbey grow. And to discos them too curiously elections, vf I.rc.iaiptwB turn and cd, and ration, by his rr quest, and will bring it, at an early there shall he say ssore fig has ia the Cspi- manner. Thia increase ia aot at tional to cover the expanse, which are heavy. ieLaWy', btfore Coogrena, with, as they think, good as- - voted ia a tolid body against it. It seemt strence burn dowa St. Louis, Keokuk, Chicago, New York, never impressed bit great adversaries. Clay, Cal or peremptorily before they appear kt scarcely a ever aauvaaneot and word of each of the boun. and Webster. They never regarded bim as tributable to the axtent of country, for tb South Letter received front aa official source st Bogota, toi, the United Stats will sees got to he talked ef to as that men should I audacious enough to rote and Washington. We are surprised that b say and wiU cuotiaoe to he riilantlj watched and ae-- enranve of snccess. lielonging to their class, intellectually. Yet tbey has a much territory aa tb North and Northwest greater mistake thaa to barst opea teedt before tbey Naw Granada, conftrss tbe ststowatat pebliahad that aatoagail civilised saoiona ae kevp:ag a diarvpote- nothing about burning Louisville. vtv!t acratioixed hr all partie. If tber aboar the Cy The Washington correspondent of tbe Phila against such a law even for party purposes. Tb ii th volunteers of our city get We guess, that. always appreciated ana dreaded eis great personal or mora. Tbe mere numerical increase of State or vegetate ta tee bow rapidly they are swelling. To tha Cass Hsrraa Convention had, apoa reroatirlara- - bU aeass er rather two diare Datable system ot registering voter and checking the name chanc to giv force. In no case did this peculiar Bentonian ability drag the genua af a party jealously into the light, leaat i0 of faltering, if tber aliaiidoa one inch if delphia Icqoirer, alluding to the recent ebullitiont of each a be votes is such a taoa, passed tbe Senate of the New Granadiaa Coa him and bit people (the males we mean) a touch of manifest itself more clearly or more offensively than addition of territory will not therefor avail the and submit them to powerful security bich tber bare hitherto on.apied aad public ditasctioa aad analysia, the fatiuoa in the passsge of tha expunging resolution. Geo. South anything in regard to the auinteaaace of of tbe Cukm, says: grass by a atsjority of two. The taate letters exagainst irauas, tost w should scarcely expect any their quality, be will not be disposed to let ber pas Th Spriagfield (DL) Joernal has received the to lackson had been censured by the Senate, in a reso- political power. She must depend for that npon ia to disturb, if not to arrest, the delicate pruttssi ther have anlemolv and repeatedly da. a. The artk. ta that saner tliw nonrins ir aot nnch on to oppos it who is not ao shameless lution drawn by Mr Clay, for acting "in derogation tb conservatism to be of development, and endanger, if not defeat, the press a donbt o iu passing th other breach of following eoaundrnia from a coirmpondoat. clarel, hr rpeerh and vote, their ddUrminatn to at to bt bv I'm Americas Tka a Faii.cre Those who have of aManra alluded to. and I have found in the preponderating Tbe EagBsh snd French representatives at -tbe Constitution." Mr. Benton set about to re hni grav purpose ia hand. Much more eertaialy aad Why m Jaraea Becaanaa) like a barn arrack hw they w ill he regarded by I be wbob aatioo eni MMne ol delieate. that thev irinr in lausuatre if more willing not only to be th friend and adrocste adhere, mad tbe experiment of raising tea in this country move tbe censure by expunging it from tbe records population in the aorta and Northwest. She must than would "he tl.or ioui impositions apoa tbe elective franchise say: Tne plant will grow well extensively destructive ia tbe attempt aot only to Bogota had sxpraaatd tbe wiah that the treaty should lightning? Because he is a siustesl fare. with the prifooniet acorn and ountempt. Their woad he dictated io bjr tlie I nion. or the Preeident eith. He baa '01c Dow be accomplished thia in hi " 1 birty nationalize the political parties and avoid all" sec enough, but wages 1 ae simple tact lr tha! tlie trwerniuctit and the enbe adopted. er. but to be known a uch. It is very natural bow- a Of Dssaocratie pa para publishasl m very Bamea will la ur meo'i rarlini; tire are too high. W e cannot afford to pick, roll up, Years' View." The story is fairly told and illus tional issues. Sectionalism is the bane of the South resolvs and nam but to construct a finished platform are ia toe iM kind of a mart, Preparatory orders have beea forwarded by the California, only tares support Lscorapton. the man perfectly. Tb wbols transaction while Siiy dcveloiuenu are onl reuderitif uialUT aurw ever to expect that whatever opposition there is and dry lipa. Tory will fell a rapidly and a far af VuU-a- i any sort of leaves here for half a dollar a trates the marks of haughty, domineering, at it is the ustenanc of the North. The man who for a nascent party in advance of iu xistenc. By Navy Department to CemotoaViee LavaJecta to hold and wurvc and lar spirit. Tb a to this excellent and just system should come, as The Attorney General of Naw Gfwnada, ia sw-binopportunely awakening fears, resentments, sushia aiuedaya' taml4e whea by Japiur fell ia pound. Ia China, where a m m is hired for one dol pulsiv reader, as Ira peruses Mr. Ben introduces a sectional issue into oar national politic At tbit rate one would think that matter mnst mora loan himself ia readiness to take soaawad of the Medi- mitting the aew federal eoasututiua to tha Cw- ah picions, of it does, from tb rwrty lar a month, and boards himself, it mi nf tbe ky fur a far Ira offcoae. rival ries, and all th clamor ton account or it, nels tbe tnumpb to b of a coarse is the real traitor, the most dangerous sue my to th miy be done. sooa get better from the sheer impossibility of getwhich find it main strength ia tbe illegal vote of of that republic, for ks action, accompanied it gre and vulgar character, the work of ous appetite of power, th direct and necessary terranean squadron. and South. The ria- - oaielvea, we have a etruog hope and evea of our own section sr more ting worse. But there i no Bounding the capacity unnaturalized foreigners. Both Uonsss of Congress have agreed to adjoara by n report advocating the incorporation of New Ciflt seemt to b a (ubject of doubt among the passion, with not a single flash of intellectual or tendency of such restless folly ia to blast th new mnetbinr of a belief thai the fuar DrmncraU wa to be feared by tb frimds of Smthcm institution of tbe Bachanaa administratioa for making matters Tbe only plausible objection ever urged acainst a qvidtutmaat Washington whether Mr. Uuch iruuj will moral elevation in th whole proceeding, Grenada into th great Anwricaa Uaioa, wader organization in tbe bud. It interrupt, reverses, th session on the 7th of June, but the corraopooxteot have apiaVea of ill, ia apite of their vote A tbe la his political career, Mr. Bentoa often showed than the higher-la- w men of the North. Th latter worse. Tbe horizon of its blunder and iniquities registry law either in New York or of the Press thinks that an less the appropriation the tame condition a tbe States a dy a anywhere else, die or resign. W think be will do neither which himself a berc and maliirnant. but never, w think, cooimittee of conference, prove stern and noyieldiog would never be able to attain any posit iv political diatracta, scatters, and confound all the ubt!e recedes bet ore its step like a shadow. ng ou on d y a generous adversary. It is said that, on his death i far as w know, is the assumption, that, inasmuch ia decidedly worse than either. m dy u h & operations of growth. Iu affect ia aa fatal aa that bills are considered and passed soon, the Senate re ia tbeir onpoaiu-ito tbe forcing of Kanaa into the ttd, be baa done full justice to Mr. Clav, in finish power if they are not furnished by th madness of of tha drop from the lamp quiring time to consider and amend them, if anaaBsi- aa the constitution of each State prescribe the quali- nd wh h h oun y w abo U T'nino aoder tbe Lecoaiptoa bill of tbe Seaata r of tbe inquisitive Psyche. The editer of the Jonrnal thinks the Democrats are C9 "It it not the km but tii abtue that I object ing his abridgment of th debates of 1850, and it is th rabid section aliate of th South with layer menU be required, the day will be put ss distant as toe tor tlie ncauonsvit voters, tbe Legislature bat no power to by b g ng h W hav now, ra th stand takaa oa the MoaU nn x on o any otSer bill involving the tame atrocious prioci-d-e. e Hirt of alarmed!. at All tu irrMH iruf hin to," at Mr. Buchanan protested when informed that pleasant to near it. w do not doubt that his tem- by which to arouse the sectional prejudices of th aj. candidate ir in noliod v'r July. . Uo w make a new qua! ficatiou in requiring the registry of u ai-xn pn o oNw G n per was mollified in hi later years, a h found He will So to inek U a few voter that Hcvill doesn't gomery Crittenden bill by the y Tbry aaay have voted fur tbe coniraiuee seccertain prominent were denouncing him. himself rapidly approaching tbe termination of his masse of th Northern people. All that 1 neces ant iMmaerut. o nn d in name ot tne voter. M e agree with tbe Boston 1 he Washington p o p y nd tion of Congress, the undoubted germ of a great SnarrnALiaH i.v Pounca. from cooMiWratioua of counecy to tbe Senate or Mr Kevill it a Lecotnpton man. If Lecompton- In b cam directly in collision ym h N w To k C2A bill has pasted tbe Nw York Legislature life. Mr. that debate,was tbe only man, indeed, who sary for tb peopl of tb South is for ber people to national party. Tb tuning point, w need not coiTvepondent of the New York Post says that at a ond on f nmi a dcMre to pive to that lody every pnaaible op-- p ism is tbe vile ani foul and accursed thing that the Advertiser that itis an obviouj answer to this ob with Clay, aid jection that th registry it not a new qualification. for a loan of (3,000,000 to complete the enlargement 'iffered, or was able to offer, any thing like real prac know and to pot sue the right, to th trescber-ond b o h 3 oh say, is th atfirmatioo by that section, am bracing small social gathering a few day ago, ha which v n Aw w and ihua Demourat bas dscrilad it, if to ahanin iu wrong and fatal doe'rine of th advocate of disunion, tt involve all the out aimply a record of tb fact that of the Erie Canal. A n hm tical resistance to th impetuous and overbearing m w ng m O th entire Republican delegation, of th right of a were two distinguished Southern Lscomptouiua, h o tbe voter aeiRe I be Ranaaa trou a. If tfcia waa tbeir ano ftlteboodand treadMry and tyranny and perfidy march of that great parliamentary leader. Ia tb to maintain in politic as in society that high sens of State to come into the g p tb qulifications prescribed in the conrtitu- T h wo d u one of whota has recently occupied a rseii durable h weak Union with or without tive. we omainly do not think that their aeiioa U that the Temocrat has charged upon it, how caa tbe Negro Rkvolt at Astiuca, West Ixdies W great debate of 1870, in tb Senate, Mr. Clay crashed honor and chivalric devotion to justice which hav tion; and it is quite aiiuch a matter of necessity ay "Jn g nd h yon tlavary, aa tha peopl thereof shall tied. In thi hare of public attention, a circle was formed for doerring of any banth ceDrare, but of conrae U published a few day sine a statement received by at will all effective opposition but that of Mr. Ben bsea th pride of her people, to repudiate editor of tba Democrat, consistently a ith one atom thai some mode fraud in affirmation tb antagonistic h gd T ku g L m ny should be adopted for aca.tining hm views of tbe North and the purpose of summoning snd ro Iting th spirits. character of the atotivc ia to be made aaanifeat and of an arrival at New York that an insurrection had toa. Oa that occasioa, Mr. Bentoa did not, how whatever shape it may be presented, and to upport him for elfi e? adhere South bland at last into one. ever, furnish the brain of tue debate any more than d h pb w npp xp n and verify ing the qualifications of voters, a that occurred among ou v ou Herein lies the ru- On appeared, and apoa Inquiry kt waa aaaoaneed, to lai decided apoa in tbe libt of bat nay onur the negroe on the island of Antigua oa previous occasions The editor, ia tbe very number of bis ptpex from some place Mr. Seward, and other of persistently to th principla which actuated tba pnb Bw m I kh hw h ny tbould diment, the possibility of a new conservative or- through the medium, that the visitor frost the spirit detigaated by do authority and that a schooner full of refugees had bereafer. A fur a coaiproiiiiae bet ween tbe Le which wc copy th paragraph above, Bay tbe Demohe opposition, had done that mu h more strikingly. arrived at father of onr iodepsndeaee as a peopl ia all tbeir p nmhm n r toe reception of vole. In short, the establish ganization. It ia, however, aa embryo aa yet, and land wss no ether thaa Colossi Richard X. Johnson! cwnipionitea and the eitler crats, ia becoming Lecomptanitee, a&MaaVxted' tie Trinidad. By another arrival later advice have But in parliamentary tactics, in the exhibition of political relations. Above all, th South tbould T on e b C b m S L guO u ment . a registry law is simply a personal intrepidity, and in individuality and manW who deair it to txpand into He aiade known bis wishes to one of tbe gentlemen nothing more. tLrourh tbe agoncy of a cumaiiuee of conference or erred most fervently pray in the expressive language of ner which in every legislative contest "are impor af fa Democratic pmrfy. Why tbea support latioo falling properly within th matter of rena- been received: un o n wug h Sn o n maturity, and who, if possible, would alluded to ia tbe following brief and lucid annonnco- province of tb W have had a most serious disturbance with the tant element n.x v ber afrency, eaeept ao far aa the CriUendt a them as Demcvrsts? Mr. Benton rofe superior to every th Episcopal litany, "Good Lord deliver tu" from Cong om h S o vo ob dm on Legislature, and cannot fairly be said to infringe any aegro, originating amongst some Barbuda people aMiendmrat nay be considered a omnpromiae, it it liv. His temper was roused, and be hurled wrath all tbe evils of Lecomptonism. This ia th Trojan lain accelerate iu growth, hav a critical quest ioa menU m nd h L omp o on nu our town negroes, wno set tne police at dttunre m o nd detiaoc at his enemies. On a question of right. Ia practice it keeps from tb to answer. Shall for tbe present, by fixing E. Winneld, of Illinois, wa arrested Tell Crittenden that the dnetrtn which be has aaowasw- of course out of the o,awii. r.ilher Kantaa naat horse. It is the cunning device which the bitterest our eyes mainly w, nd attached the polio as th the senate, aud snihodied almut yhw onn d by D mo ismeiiiarT law, no came iu immeniate conn let wun p yo oa Saturday by Officer Biikh and Pow I on a poll, only tb dishonest acd tbot who do not really night of tbe 25th mat. offic police 8 o'clock on the Mr. oa this central point of unity, and ed ia aa Kill, will ha hailed hy Um ia h amends ponpla f Lara, aa the k received into the I'i ioa with the IjeoomptoB Tbe Clay, who had tha majority of the Senate with enemiea of Southern institutions ate were obliged to to in cultivating a spirit of harmony as M hS w M :iplee of Bowukar liberty, aa will swanaa. waa raalvlBa charge of stealing a fiddle. A letter --waa found in possess the right to vote. to vry otter, fire in when five were killed on the him and was determined to carry his point. Mr. troduce to work already voted on, or that constilutaa rroHDd for Ih rwaatnietioB of a sreat aeuonal sarty. out tbeir destruction. While there quietly o pwd hS d do onn H Th y pot and about a dozen wounded, some badly. The nourish the germ, leaving it free to shape teuton met mm witn equal resolution, ana with a i aaa-aiimb will take Bowiaaatoa at tbe trovwram lie remanded back lu the peof le of Kansar. hia poasessMsi flora hi brother, from which h sp-yet time let us avoid the mare and save ourselves W Wa publish, a political communica- - Governor arrived at the police offic sleut 1 o'clock n y U g y d mhn hy uil dog ferocity that caused his antagonist to recede d itself or shall we, by holding in view the irritatpears that be shot a bus at Chaster, III., some time tkm 'I mm e ao niddle ground praclisbie or evea from a very able band that we are alwart dad veeterday morning. The mob continued ail night and yield the point from considerations of expedien and tba U mon from th danger that now menace UC p p n Th wo P bu g wB y It seeds ant th iaveoatioa of the shade of the bliiaua the too policiea. Ko aaaa, bow-- e ago aad tbea rna off. Hia brother writes that he to welcome to our column. W concur in nearly in the treett, and attacked the police office, where cy. Mr. IteDtoa was allowed bis way, after hour it and taa South. It is time ttpt Southern men ing contra riatieai of the past, and arrogating the M m to show that th pwpw- - L mu need tk fear any prosecn'ioa should be return, but mastery of th whole oa behalf af one or tb otber redoubtable T seams m the Governor and all tbe authorities were, at 8 o'clock r violent struggle ana a night s deliberation of the had learned tha lesson which nay be er inentnoa, caa adopt half of the one and half all that be savt in hi present article, but wa are read in letter Lar sovereignty doctris aaaoenced by Mr. Crittea- yesterday morning. Tbey broke all the windows maioritv. It was. to a very ereat extent, a trinmnh constituent clement, andertak to force Ra the party whom be shot had threatened vengeance t, of the ot bar. constrained to say that w think h does Senator and door, and had nearly taken tossession of the of bis fighting qualities. of living light through all th page of our politiFoot of Mississippi crushing it into torn existing mould? dea wuU become tb .rallying point of a great aa A wy v k m w LvTx n If at he propowd that Rbdsm he admitted under against him. Winneld had also a dagiMrreotyp of Bright torn injustice. II is certainly mistaken in othce and arms. Some of tbe mob bad already ca oa very largely into that debate, and persisted in cal history, that nothing svsr ha beea aad nothing ti party. The fiat ef the people hea already C Shall wa, after having reached at length, through himself ia bit possess ion, which would indicate that n od d d the LMomptaa con.titutioa nnna tbe expreaa ho o k supposing thst Mr. Bright "alwsys Isudt tb Presi- tered the office, when tb order were given by tbe dogging ana attacking Benton, lienton, at last, var will be gained for the South by the agitation gone forth. The party is alreedr formed. It ia the most painful and fearful dissension, a com bs i well prepared fur aa attack. I a the pictate he urw, aou lour more were snot down and wuwnrur hade bim stop; be would bear no more of hia insult. L G So L ono h onoditioa that tbe aople of tbe State shall, h o ow ng dent of hi party and never ventures to differ from several other severely wounded. Martial of section al issue. law waa root continued in tbe same strain. Benton roa manding point of agreement between the North sow only gathering stiwuqth aad Bombers for a gnm n o du y h v b m d by b W ia detawoe of the proviaiooa of that ennatitatioa it- baa hi arms crossed, holding in one hand a cocked him." We have long thought, -ai d mors than once then proclaimed, special constables sworn in, and a from hi seat, and stroda directly toward Foote, at 0ur Washington letter ia interesting. It will and th Sooth, hold fast to it, whilst the sun pi grand national victory. The popular errors which D p m n Capt. Lhrkk self ererciee, if they chon, the power of chanirg pistol aad ia the other a bowie-knifvolunteer troop of sum forty men and horses formr to throttle mm on tb spot, roote fled, and be tisaid, that Mr. B., for a Democratic Senator, is be seen that a portion of th allowance mad to Uw of political affinity arranges a party about it were taught by oogwa Democracy are cTaasbhag has added this sprimea of art to his galiery. Bv M ed, which soon dispersed tbe mob. Tb streets are Gn on was checked; but Foot never uttered tba nam Sm h ii a.t ooce, evea the Ltecomraoa nerauers of the rathei diHtinguisbed for independence. still patrolled by armed men. and everything is of Bentoa afterward in th Senate. On another oc Capt. C M. Clay by tha House was incurred by a or shall we let it go, throw away thia lofty vaot- - beneath the mighty tread of this great party, aad it m ud o h D p m n o U h oh uf oocferenne will not vote for tbe propoi-Uofg"Hr. Charlea Budmaa, who sold the three neWe know that, within a few months sot again quiet, and we trust will continue so. Dis- casion Mr. Bentoa laid bimself out to attack Mr. judgment given (gainst him by on of B v Bng G H ny W m mw our court for tg point, and, resorting to th old rallying cries, success is already foretold. and, if they do, the Soutbera Lacomptooitas ot groes left bim by aa ancle of Baltimore to a negro after Preeident Pierce's inauguration, Mr. o du y wkk m oop o d ng m B Bright, patches bad leen sent to Gaudaloup foi a military Calhoun. He did it with ability, hut his bad blood. ordering a boas of bad repute to b forced open by fighting on tb old level, insist that th Darnocratie nk tbe Senate and House of Krpresentativaa wiU re- trader at Lexington, ha repurchased them at a W hope his violence ot manner, and gross Bcchasas's Medal. It has beea cwstowtary for o its regarding his course a wrong and mischievous, de- tire and to Baroadoe for a some uf hi men. r th Republican or th American organixatioa ia vry Admiuistratioa, since tbe coram B v B g Gm A w S w assistance will not lie required. personalities were the predominant characteristics ap n ject iu net meat of omm nd ng to himself of a liberal amount and emanci lis- nounced bim upon all occasion, and ia the presence tbeir S. (Dated St. Thorns, March P. Uh gd du y f the attack. Ibere was no pleasure to be derived o d ng 31.) The French th "cxHTung" party, before which each of the tbe Government, to give mada Is to tha Indian chief FURTHER NEWS BT TOE AFRICA. ted them. Mr. B., ia a card stated that he sold th of political friend and pbbtical opponents alike, a troops had arrived but would not be landed at they ww h rdm it merely as an intellectual demonstration. On CrRAj Tbe Ii imor Clipper eat s that the ra- negroes M with which th United State bad treatise of peace, Gn Sm h nd B v B g d Great Britain Political and commercial affaire other must lower iu color and it cause? In be contrary, it only impressed the hearer as repul by express direction of his uncle. II say imbecile, mendacious, perCdous, unprincipled, and were not requited. word, aball w suffer the aew party to develop itself, and whose good will kt waa thought deairabU to G n ms still holds, nxit withstanding the cortradictioa he preferred to mak H oy w were quiet during tb observance of the o wU V p holi live and disgusting. th aacrifkc ia repurchasing eootemptibl. We know, too, that be did thit to t or tbe Louisville Journal. days. wo h U h o n dmg or (hall w attempt to distort it into the proporIn all these examples, we sea where Mr. Benton' s onp that bas l o g;ven to it by the Wasliiatoo letter thata rather thaa lose propitiate. The Bachanaa atedul is bow ready for the good opiuiocnf hit friends, the closs of Pierce's administration did it at W asb Sf.matok Bki.iht ok I.mi ana. This gentleman power 1 v as a parliamentarian, a debater, and a w The work of takinz in tbe Atlantic cable was nrn- - tion of some other? on o o m m h If th opinion w have ex delivery, and is a very creditable spoctniea of Aar-ica- a writers, that tt I'reaident wiU sooa aend a snes-as-g and conclude by expressing bis regret that Becersi-t- y ington, at aa incarnation of the spirit of modern Democra nhU d y n d b up v o man. lie never carried his point liv winning or ceeding with dispatch on both tbe Niagara Iudianapulis, in this city, and wherever Agat Oongreaa, cy. 11 is so orthodox memlasr of that political 4invincing, or by pure mental effort. He never bicuiiiuu, anu tu wuot was expected, to anden by- pressed respecting the formation of parti ia just. urging either tha purchase or skilL It ie of silver, aad bears npoa its face b B w M o G n should have imposed upon bim the duty of lilav els bs happened to be. b Never, during all that cnurch. II is a true and f ee worker in part v bar- co quest uf Cula and the rprex-there caa be but on answer to this question. Tb cached his object or accomplished hi successes by the 10th of May. f Seaalor sa exquisitely cat head sf President Bachanaa, w Th h o ow ng U h m dd onn gn d du y rsting the negroes and leaving them with the time, did he ask a favor of the President, or call He always lauds tb President ot hiDartv nere force of oratory or intellect. II never im- my oh It is intended that the two vessels, which are ex- party ao generally foretold snd sll other genuine b o aeeuit to countenauo tbe idea. He rejovcee at aVsaVW chance and hap hazard support to be reaped upon him nd never venture to differ from linn. Ha is one Th y w or interchange a word with him. Pierce, po oh rssed his audience or tbe public by sheer strength pected to be completely ready by the end of M,y, partie must b left to th force of instinctive de- with tbe words "the President sf the United States, " e w w the of O.. Walker token part with ay free negroe in the I'nited Slates. of tb most subservient of the followers of the 18o7.n Tb ravers contains s representation, around B v M Gn v shall, before commencinir to Lav tba cable- if mind. It was his intense individuality and aci.l upon one occasion, sent him word that if be didn't velopment, or parish ia the germ. Too much aars- - the herder, of aa Indian in the plssssat sta ploy asset Bv leaders, who rule the President and the ni) force, acting upon an intellect of common tl.e PresKlerrt and is ia faror of nllihustering npoa Mo D CB Am to sea, and in th deep water, about n Ad w Corroa ntow Antui. It i rather aa important get out of the wsy kt would oVtre kit car onrr k'm. party with such despotic sway. It it hi pride, and character, that gave him all hi tnumpb. tcope mile from th Irish coast rehears three hundred ing can only prov the death of it. Gn a lar-- e scale I y tlie l a aerie of exgovernment. There lilt of scalping hia tnsmy, together with tha haad of a bit boast, that be ia always C D n D Tompk n periment in paying out and hauling in, and put to can be Be duul that a message from tbe Preside nt fct that tbe steamer Hope, from Lagos, bas taken meaning, probably, that he would hav him beaten oo joften. that he ventures to true toa party. It is industry was great, and hi memory remarkable It is, indeed, an arrant cootradictioa oa the part weeping squaw, n how, and a quiver of arrow. Biak speech, and His knowledge was large, but it was in tha domain eL practical test several suggestion aad appliance o seventy-twbales of coUoa to England. This cot-o- o in Indiana. Tbe defiance which Bright hurled back perhaps in favor of aa expedition agaiast Culia, ia ca the it is well for bis party that he doe not. of facts. He never rose to tha cons'deration of sci that hav been proposed by various ingenious per- of our Philadelphia contemporary or anybody sis to Cp M u D L S mp on Comm ye one suggests that the two side of this wa worthy of the spirit of aa American citizen. is th result of exparimenU made by Mr. C'egg, Sjcu man btv no fixed political principles, and it entific principles, and perhaps never even to th sons. Th ships will tbea return to England and talk about a reorganization of parties, whilst extol aTsrnment should l diiuncliatd to sell, sssdal are ia excellent keeping with each other, tb We have no sympathy and but littl toleration for is a mgerous lor mem ana tneir p.rty to undertake C LMu f Maaxaswter. Haviag tested the ctpscrty of Afo ph F ohn on L Cav report progress; and should the experiment show ling his own party a tba perfection off political r-I held of philosophic generalization, tor wininnner would eKtrenvly tatUfactory to Mr. Slidrll and one adorned with n scalping Indian and a weeping principle. With no knowledge of en o y o du y Mr. Bright' politic Ac ug n p o G Himself, he claimed to be a nun of "treasures," that any improvement or alteration is opinions, but there are Southern polnicians - and, as tbe President b rica to product th article, be resolved to see bow larged political science, they cannot discriminate ratber than of principle or ideas. We should will be time to get it affected so a to deairable.tbcra ganizationa, and coolly demanding that kt shall be squaw sad tb otber with tb bead sf Jaase Ba- h enable the excooaide ratio as, if no otber, that should forbid assaming tbe war making power, we need br it was posaihle to teach th aati re how to grow Th M g n o allowed to swallow np overy otber me at ber of tbe between the principle of a pirty which may be v y w p nc d pedition tn make their final start at th moat chiefly o ur ber qualify this daiin by saving he wa it profitably. For this purpoa be conveyed to Eog-lar- d as to do bira iujustio ia our column or elsewhere avowed and those which it Is necessary to conceal. L w wh w mo v nn ue aurpriard if wc find ourselves suddenly inI naw combination. It is, to say nothing of iu aar- a man ot "facts." Hi idea of currency and tbe able tiro of th year. su To be ure a Democratic on several negroes, and, "bea taught bow to preSenator's opposition to inch n hat tbey near avowed in party caucus and in "gold reform, wntcn occupied him tor many years, Mr. James B. Clay baa addressed a Utter to Admiralty instructions bad been received at Woolvolved in a conteid with Spaia fot tba posseasioa A mw nn y w U k o eb intercourse with party leader thev think we e very crude:and. so far wa know, were never wich, directing tbe necessary preparation to le rowaesa, utterly absurd. It ia aa if a c hernia a President at Tierce or Buchanan cannot b conWe have eondemoed tbe fillibastering pare th vegetable wool for mtrket, h teat them Cu'mv may he promulged in tbe Senate. When tbey get unproved uy after study or reti ction. I asy found mad for th immediate commission of tbe paddle should expect a pet constituent to Impress its x. th Boston Daily Advertiser, denying that his falser Fo A m k C N oa with needful seed and apparatus. Th pres- sidered as requiring the highest order of indepenFo o mp n o h T a oa w to talking for themselves, without tbe supervision of of Gu. Walker; but we begin to doa1! w system. w heel steam-sloo- p Gorgon, to b employed with the clusiv form snd proparties on the compound into wa tb aatbor of the Miajoari Compromise. W xpression in ID existing dence, yet it certainly require a higher order of mora intelligent leaders, they are apt to leak out knottier favorite measure of hit wa a road to tb w ent importation is tha consFqtteoce. p b d y o Fo Agamemnon in paying out the Atlantic TtWmnh ea n But the principle, I nit the policy of arresting hir which it enter. If the editor of th Prase wishes doa't knew who may have erigbsally suggested that wo hh b that qualdy thaa Democratic Senator generally pna- - jiarty secrets. facilic, across the continent His services in estab cable. we know there should be such n compromise, but ewci l y if it ia to be folloaed by aa attack w Th omm nd Illinois paper aty, that, of all the County hD senator isnght ha been recently indulging in a lishing the preemptioa system ia th disposition of obW w Capt. Geo. W. P reedy had been annointed an tha to promote tbe formation of a aew party oa the a a Cuba. Fm L aC speech oa the Kansas question and has been nuiltv basis to which all eyas are taming at present be that Heary Clay gave kt being aad waa therefore to d vo dnny Coaveotiimt yet held for tbe choice of delegate! to command of the Agamemnon. he punlic lands were conspicuous, and tbeir result Th B w of tb imprudence of speculating oa fundamental The aitaexatioa of Nicaragua to tbe United S'atea the Slate v n Ba nu Tlie ant been eminently tieneticent, but we think the An American seaman named Michael Warey, had must exhibit some w hat greater sagacity and atod-- all intents and purposes ks aatbor. Ws kaow hat have Convention to be held at Springfield on tbe Democrat in the Cr k nd O w C epunlican principl a. Whilst doing so be has o mm d y record nf his principal "measures" must stop here. been committed to take his trial for murdering a wmild ba'e opened aa extensive region to the intro- - 21st ratioa than thia. Certainly, if the pruceea of for that be waa proadcr cf that gre--t act of pacification States feem to understand th business inat., sot on has failed to pass resolutions ena o Fo L v nwo h o h to leak out the want of a great fundamental am mn e. Mr. Benton s mental activity being confined to an man in a Liverpool uA-- m at tlavery aad would have mearurably dorsing tbe course of Mr. Douglas in opfosiog the of cutting off besds quit a well a tb Uh m w d w wd mation ia to consist of tbe mere seminary absorption thaa of any ether of tb glorious deed that adorned principle in his party, without which tber can lie Ltcompton Omftrmatiim nf the Prmct of Vi'alet nferior plane of action, however busy and industri The Prince h trained the present h d d mo his long aad brilliaat career. Had Mr. CUy, st d e he States of their slave pop wH Leoomptoa constitution. A Springfield corresponDements do in th slsre Stete. Tb Rockport no true republican government. Iit party has long ous, however and indomitable he might be, of Wale was confirmed on th 1st of April, at lb of two of the parties that stand oa that basis by tb o o n nd Bw o nm d and charged with want of veneratiou very nature of bi effort prevented him from private chapel at indsor Castl. having beea ex- remaining one, and that one the Democratic party, say time betweea 18J0 aad tbe day sf bis death, CL ttlati". It would have prepared tbe wsy for a de- dent of the SC Louis Republican say it U manifest (Ind.) Democrat take down the nam of Joseph heen M yw od h o for and fealty to conttl'utiuivd Vw I'berfy. F am a It has been W look in amined on tbe pn tccomplisbing much intellectually. us day by the Dean of Wind ns Miatratioa uptai Cu', bea the proper lime should beea asked what scbUvemen ef all hie Bf bs reMcDonald from its column bead a tba that not a delegate will lie ia the convention who hdm du o Democratic Believed by those who have watchea tbe nartv well vain ia tb writing or ipeecbes of tuch a man for sor, 10. tne prose ox 1 01 tier Majesty tb Queen, tbe we, for our part, shall tek ao especial interest ia garded a atitling bint to the awat honor at the od Fo Co mb o have arrived. But the President, wbile be strw k doe aot occupy thit posiiion. M dw md o L v n wo h that ita only fealty, its only cheerful oledinc, was candidate for Attorney General and give th falho ny of the electric influence and inspiration which mice vonson, at. 1 tne Archbishop of Canterbury. tbe progress of tb maneuver. m wV Th to ta power oi tne Douaur msiontv. and that, too dowa tbe opportaoity of acquiring slave territory it. a hands ef bis own gwneratica and of posterity, he m d All th memtwr of th Royal family Wars nwaaant ninds of a nobler mould often unconsciously im Clearly Lecomptonum cannot lire in Illinois. The lowing reason for doing so: SL v d only when represented bv tbe nartv? that., aa t,i jart. He never spoke the word w hich touched the at tb ceremony. The gentlemen y would without one aaomawt t hesitation have deeig-aat- ed Central America, seeOiS to Biak auefide breath of Lf cannot be breathed into it U that of tbe household, CatTbe Washington correspondent of th Phila Mr. Joseph K. Mrlionald. candidate for Attorney C nd w Gn H M wW morai restraints imiosea uy const i tut ons, the party indsor uniform, th costume in which nation's heart. He himself thought he would make wore tb by se.sing or purcWing the iilacd of Culau He State. tbe passage of the Missouri fraproaaiss. v d m du y n p ng ignored them altogether. m k o This has been all fully a good military commander, and perhaps he was th young Prince himself was dressed, and ia delphia United State Gaietto say that en of th m " Tm --hop off h 'Ct,''Th Mr. CUy waa tba aatbor sf a great (aaay gloriooe h C h my Th du y w d vo v a a. .near Is be resolved to strike a blow f'V popatar- and frankly eonfesed by unlucky Senator Bright in right. Of bis personal peculiarities, a which his father and th Duk of Cambridge also first aad accessary resnlu of tbe passage of the his egotism New Oklcaxs Backs, Th great e race C Cv y his late speech. J E o u on of tlie I lemoeratie party who Hear what he says: tv, particularly ia the South, even at tbe ri.-- of was the most striking. It wa deficiency bill by the House has beea a notice front things, and of only one that be bad reason to he r" . r a aourc of snter- - appeared. Sir George Smart, who presided at tb h cardinal prinriidea of theVartV L u F F T By n over th Metairie Ourre, Xew Orleans, for tbe gn d o du y "WhilttI am free, Mr. President to admit the apparent uncon organ, composed aa an the in to commemorate tha the Treasury Department asking proposal for aa ashamed of and that one U aew fat Coo grass. iu vol vina: our eoantry ia foeeiga war. We have w h ho C h u v bindng force of State constitutions, I am compelled tainment to his visitors, hi ownhis pur as of (1,500, which was run oa th 10th, waa Mi .rt January , Uia II Ui. r repudiate the sciousness of this peculiarity, or sublime convic event. It may be noticed that wh.l refreshment O fortanatrly frjsa domestic strife, kindled n o ph to b A Uo for several w nn ?iZrZ2?S'''mn ,,lB ew.mtie.-he- to b.a:h.u.B,rish" tkltsay that, ka$ been area reasons, their importance (a tion of its preeminent propriety ia his own case, was servext to th miscellaneous company ia the issue of five millions of notes of tbe reserved stock What's the Puca or P ? Tbe Now Tark o M o C dy G woa by Keener' Rupee, beating Tom McGuffin, 1 u examientfrd' nd o do y w h comtm ean t be ejected ly himself ia Kaosaa, and be possibly think I that giving zest to it oftentimes extravagant manifestaiiuwg room, tne noyai family had their luncheon of Bine, which is tbe balanc of twenty authorized Naw says thst n geatJsataa called at tbe Geaaral h d gbu o rly haa aiade the area! m om Thf He conclude that written Calvin, and Red Jack, rim 7:397:35. h h nd O k in lie nast aeek a reoomi nation far tba Preoidexcy in wbit drawmg-roo, Democracy ZJi A1'!?1? Wi aiilMrrlbe test batmuat look to countries nave had and still constitution but other tions. hi private life and domestic relations it gives panranee. tn Tbe Paris comsnondent 0 tha Imrlo by Congress since th meeting fat December. B da H wd aa v vd Fk hav value, ia Nasssa street a fow days woe, sa-tThe race oa th preceding day, mile beats, three and with Of t'irtMigh agitation ia some shape. the froeident hr f.vor. and not u Uie t i are to be received antil th 12ia of May, sad one b wm hh us oe lusieta tney are oi no value whatever. Hear ny peopuT beading ia at one of tbe window a assail book or by us pleasure to spesk in language of unqualified ad. Times, writing on the 30th of March, savs : beat in five, wa woa by Keutier'f Minnehaha. uiiu again: Now wc shall see which can do tbe " The (tat of tha relation between th Fwsneh per cent, of the amount proposed to b take a must pamphlet, reqaosted the clerk to inform him bow miration. He was a devoted husband, and his fond AFTA R S WASH NG TON briskest and Jonoaiie woa th first beat. 1 be otber contestants, Cyl' Ii stated in variu qsarters, and w have "Iu otircountry, however, where the people are re- and considerate attentions to an invalid wife ia ber and Swiss government is beginning to be b deposited as a guarantee for tbe fulfillment. This reddest work, the Ltcompton Democratic guillotine cognized as the origin aud eeat of viewed C W m 1 much postage waa required to sand kt to Earops. ere Wary B. and iley. Time, 1:501:481:15 political power, B dould with truth, ttut tha Preid-n- t hat written declining year offered a spectacle honorable to ha wiiusum uneasiness in rana. 1 be fatality that is only the beginning of the end. The deficiency W or the mm mFa m n T m Democratic guillotine. No where constitutions flow from them, instesd of beHaving weighed it, tbe dark stated to tba party Am inanity. He was tbe preceptor of his children. waa near bringing about a mature with Envland. a 1 iter of mu. h pathot to Governoe Wise, lameal-- i -1- :46 mw doubt the two together will do such an amount of ing concessions to tbem; where tbe remedy for an whom he taught with the same industry and assiduaetA-aseem to b present on this occasioa. From Berne bill covers within a fraction of tea millions, every that if he would pot tbe book Ik aa envelope, tlie slnaiou leH wee a them upon the Wm o CfA Frenchman named Gauliitr gave an exhi chopping that Democrat walking almut without abue is in their owa hands, to m exercised at any ity that h alway manifested in whatever he un- the following despatch of this Hay s data has Ap dollar f which is, or sooa will be, urgently seeded. mnlmj, the postage would be sns cent. Stepue tneir own way, Me cose It far different. With dertook. They Ttetuion, telling biv thst the Kinia. d.ffi ht'ioa at Philadelphia few dsyt ago of a machine beads will soon be tlie po Tb h h received : howa n nd o mod a Tbe treasury cannot be worked tatisfactorily withw'e Bentonian in Ml Uttile commonest of spectacles. art stera Drtfinizalumt J ken art ever, and did not all please him tbeirth ays, of ping beck to hat (tore, bo did ss re quested, snd roc il f is only a temp ir woe, aid invoking him 'The French minister has mis hoisted that out a margin of live millions, which it now nominally ngo o C in moh choice t fur burning up a Inutile approaching a city. ""J pieces nj svciu mrcniiNjmi, tlmpie nmtrfrtui-r- rt their mates; but we lrliev they all, at last, had hi he federal government shall establish consul at ta ruing, happened to g to another window, bat tbe o y Cub n ud d nno d Nkw Ij.jt .iR Lit r.XMK Biu g e to the ad in nitration the inerit of his friend Tbex'riment, wbk-- wa rat a small tcale, Tbe Pennsylvania for orifouzftig ItgltUairt jmUciul, und Jbaudefoiid lation, the m.t repugrant of the P on w o y mh o and Basle, oa the u waa h v wm that those has, bat which could not be appropriated for aay of clerk bore weald sot take kt uelsss styel Legislature has passed a new liquor license bill, of hrmu-ket- . In thr.r dertnrnlitm of yenenU princplet entire appro ship and support. It sosas that our President, pouring into tlie I law are a composition , matches to the care, we being tbe consulates are indispensable for facilitating the raw the purpose indicated without caa sing serious de paid. Nut relishing tb "taddea rise," be went to H m w h b Ex u v d ny d know dg o wu ryierai tne common law, wc our rinding hoe e(il his tea's wsre ia the case uf a aumewhat similar to burning fluid and then setting wiiicli thefollowirgare p n u tbe main features: Licensei ""7 fit tier, marriage of tin daughter Ann to the late Kepubli ut passpnr s ior rrencn subjects, at well aa for for rangement and inconvenience, a waa shown three an -oe kiw wltluiul '" otber wirdow, sad wss here charged Jbmt canst, eig tiers in Switzerland.' " Ev ybody b d bo h ww w mrqrar r bat been d:psd to try the a it oa firs by casting apoa it baming material from t lie granted in Philadelphia by th Board of Ap repel.''" "" fSo far" even as toe limitations iu tuck can candidate f r the Presidency. Hum. them Mr. Ben'on's moral character as a public man is It is stated that, owins to tba state of tha Anas. month ago, when the clerk sod laborer a the finally goisg to the fonrtb, ant of store cariosity, be Uph B ww nh Uf at a ii ivernor. a email haad pump. The fir burned for a short praisers; in Allegheny county by the Associate are concerned they are restrictions upon the agents ilso deserving of very high praise, b ng p do dd o in bi public cat, th eommitte oa th budget has earnestly ree public wot kt here and elsewhere were compelled te managed to scad k ior hrw eea What at the price o n m n O ir owa opiaka if tb President is ao tkn with great intensity, at the same time thru ing Judge and Treasurer, and in other counties by tbe of the people, which can I removed or modified at acts, we oeiieve, n always louowea in dictates of i iiunomu tha', wn k ow wh o On Go omm heir pleasure. iiua government lurtDer reduction m wait for tbe note bill, then pending before Congreaa, wb again a provltum contained tu ao honest purpose. 11 did not legislate for ponu wo juageeor the courts, with a qualified discretionary tke amttltMt'on u h mnd w a m the army, and especially in the Imperial Guard, and to receive tbeir monthly wages. It is fully nvanilest of portage? Very uiiwji for petrs and go d will betweea hira- - off voluosea of black smoke. m UteJf U cm U ymuded. To wG r h o gh it ia tliought tb recommendation will hav to be d W d ng over tr applications. The minimum price constitution ther is but on party. It is a State laritv, nor for pay, nor for anv individual advanta aid friend Tom Marshall say It kt tree U If ai.d Govern' U'isr, be had better whistle lock merely a ge in any way. He advocated and opposed public carried out. to every intelligent mind that tbe Secretary mas pub mM ah n h Am n CfTb peopl of Kansas complain becaut tbe oi noen-t- s, with sales of oser 1,000, mbracod tb temperance cease bat aot inootwer.Me 7tck of vtie bloodhoundt that are to b t'25, rule of action devised by themselves for themselves 'ueasures on uie groiiiiu or wnal ne considered to be L m o B d The municinalitv of Paris wraa.hAnt tn erannvaitn. titber ssk Congress to giv him a discretionary loan that bs baa mx d w so ea-lland ia that Territory have brought and ander 1,000, to be 15. Ia Philadelphia and alone. beAt tb pleasure of tbe party which in uie it Th leaping at the tbrnat uf G ivernor W. and all other into a leriet of public work which will coat nearly or ww v b f before the adjournment, or he meat carry ea the tree that be baa embraced Christiaaity. We rather unmade. Any provision in it which prel their mtrits. liis judgments may have been cloud it can maaket, contrary tn expectation ard precedent, ltsteliarg tlie minimum to d by p ission or partisan feelinir. as. no doubt, at hundred and sixty million of francs. Of this th p n d o e Gov nn n regard wa bear hint, that M M be $50. s iti lieuompioa men. And it also our opinion, Hotels and tav- teida to take away that power, or delay tit erervue Government by shifts till th sasuing session. And wiah, out of the abnndant compelling tqnatter to pay up iu July, or ern! In be classified they were, but we believe be was always true aovernment Is to contribute sixty million a. n m ' times and r.ted according to the sales. it Impotent again the svjVfr, of the people.' ' His Christianity nsignt tha; if the Preaideat t hit k Kansas a mere temporahe bad emhraesd both. hi foresheslowtd ntosssity, be venality 1n their preemption. Thia hard diNcrtaiiuatiou again, va aaica ot ratne urge that Ilr is a lull confeeaion ol th foul apo,ute creed to bis convictions. anOfinslinetiva and corruption in made torana asurmtiun of Perimopposition must be the sooner will confront hi own comfort and the pub bava strengthened bi tempera nee, and bis tompsr-aac- e ad w uun dd o yp d on yhw w ry u ?iu,oti, the liceB-- e to be ,400; oa sale of alienation he tost oa,'h to lie ao leirislation he had b v th hlin.i it be for the better by England, them it probably awiug to the re'wlliom disposition th has been suspected. during the thirty year of his Senatorial T if tfts.OOO, tbe license to b mw 250; on tale of tG.OdO. mhnn Europe le willing to abandon tba exclusive lic credit. have done aia Chrwsianity a like good tarn m himaelf and a leading Virginia Democrat, H of the factioue majority. The President life, 'we do H bilst reluctantly compelled to admit that bat felt the license to be ft 150; and on wnttea not minx ma peneci integrity or Els votes on all navigation of the O Guv n m n h p n A mm w Sea to Ei.cla d : and unless sale of 2,000, tb Perhaps, howsver, tbey might aot have assded each uoDsutuuons are legally binding whilst they exist, becomes biot to txpSiain to tlie us' too siby, on Tb expedient of issuing Usatnry notes kaa failed tbeir power, and means to give them sn unpleasant license to be 50. Retail v on wnetoer of a puiilic or private character, the integrity of Turkey be a mere fiction, it ia in o h o hoM brewer to be rated at like any ordinary statute, yet like such statute tbey sunjects, impugned. aa interchange ef hied efflcca, be turn s tlu temiairary bis old experience of hi ia turn. b w la this respect fait example is (!i pensable without daisy to treat the occupation of ia th object which was adroitly designed by the k aa v oh carry with them no mora IJsanct ion IU finds no was ever eating bouses. Appraisers to bs appointed to D mora tic f riends cut of fli'-- at Co'um'.n", Clevep hK db cause Tor "" as amongst tea most Important of existing Secretary, because the Immense accumulation sf Majfrers avd Lima Rocn Raiuboad FixnnxD eq k oa o w n m veneration and respect in tiie fact worthy of the attention of all our rising public men, and detect adulterated and drugged liquors, that they peculiargreat who, in" this budding era of corruption, are likely to political questions. SraKEXDr.B or Bowxro. ww nogx ng w y whv d Tb Kty Wast land, Buffalo, Ch'caco, and rcors of otber plaos are the political covenant or compact tw unemployed capita ia the bank has lad to the ab Twxjmr Miles Oa Saturday the irea rsiU were tested by severed temptations than the statesmen on upo g nd The Moniteur publi he th average pric of wheat m correspondent of th Charleston Courier, under dat aad tb tale of tuch liquor prohibited and punished. of th people with each otber; that they are the throughout the cnurt'j: pen dowa oa a taction of twenty aulas from the Misof the past. Whatever else is, unattainable in repu in France, which i. loT 98c Der hectolitre, showma- - sorption of all that kaa beea iasaed (tace the great measure of right between majorities and I hist not Mr, lluchanan, in tumng Lecomptoa of tb 10 k ., writes: "By tb arrival at this B CS"The Michigan City Transcript, a violent Black a dd hm o h Mx on ng o that they are tb only restraint upon the tation to a legislator, tne proua distinction of integ- a declio of 9 centime, as compared with tba pre- - six million at three per cant. Thee six may be sissippi river, sad tba Presides t af tbe road hope rity is beyond no man's reach, and it is a virtue that D mocrats out h no h n S offi' ow d and cutting off all govtrr- - port oa lb 2d inat. af th U. 8 steamer Calhoun, Republican paper, earnestly advocate th admisdespotic power of the government, that U '"15 moiii.n. reissued a tbey cotne ia for castooaa aad laada, bet to complete it by Beat foil to tbe St. "rnacia. The is not likely to loss any of iu luster by being too Tb Paris Bourse had experienced a relansa from w Th n mu d me-r- t pairoaage from anti Lecomptim D'snncratic Cant. Bod fish, w leant tb gratifying intelligence sion of Kiasas aoder th Leoomptoa constitution as of th majority; that they afford the onl McuriTv to common. whenever the interest i raiteda it mast be to Great Pacific Mail Company win connect tbeir th late buoyancy, and tha fund Sowed a dailv da. Eog nd hon d m k h pm mp individual and minoriiie in tha enjojment of n wepaprrs and (hea wri'ing a sad and touching letwarrior bad tb bct thing that can he done for th that Billy Bowleg and twenty-tw- o preserve then from comparative depreciation- - te S'sges with this read at the St. Francis, in mm lading M nd B tuug .11 pi leva. ov y h Am promotion of private property, freedom of conscience, freedom of O.tE of the Pkkmicm Housheado. The last ter to the anti lycomptoa trove rmtr of Virginia come into Fort Myers and delivered themselvt w m n nu tb tucces of tbe Republican party. Tb Tran speech, freedoi i of the prese, and all those ah It wa said that Several of tb Crimean ere nan Is the standard of th other issues, they will be retired the Birr ice m October or November asxt. nw ClarksvLlle (Tenn.) Chronicle says: would accompany Pelitsier to London for tha nor. Cub wu Beeee y m x d p d otber rights, tbe unrestrained enjoyment ofvarious supoliutiog kit good will, show bimself to be script is honest, and moreover it is right. The P" far temporary investmeut in the same way. Since which Our friend Poindexter, of Red River M'arebi.nse. Iiee ot using presented te tne vjueen. Bw are indispensable to civil liberty, mw wnk on of tla Ct'One of tbe city papers isms certain promi a W ou m ng anprioHpled ard al'ject of human ion of Kansas under the Leoomptoa constitution affords has won the honors. Cantonese hr'sired the bitterest At the sale on Tuetdav a hhd Tbe cession of tb legislative body was expected there is no purpose to change the tariff policy, which no claim to special revetence, that h Cf Although the C e.itre ? written f tobacco grown by 1 homas Terrell, of Christian to be extended beyond th 18th of April in conse- has mainly produced those disastrous reaulu by ea neat Democrats bore, who, kt says, are Loeomptoa ho y vn h h P o Th ood feelings against tb Eoglieh before th capture of would reanimate tbe Republican party, which is now constitutions are tha great rule of right and justice cwnty, was sold for f 17 50 per hundred: It was quence of the finance committee not being able to Ws bare ao doubt that tbe editor of tba Dem- d smb. d C m hv hd h m It would secUonaliz the by which the people agree to liv. together and their city, they seem to have taken quite a fancy about to be al andotv-d- . bought by Messrs. J. K. Sniiih, S. F. Beaumont, get up it report in time. Tb sum of ftO.Outl.OUO ennraging' enormoas import and extending the ocrat can, if be chnmt, aanm very prontiaoat w h Thk Ccimkittek n hv B m te From our each bole North and leav th South in a mioerabl mi bV,,ernl h M ,hr- nothing a sownd currency; and, John Chinaman is not tb first by a uu a. . iiiumoru, lor exniniiion at tne looacco o wh h y n do m h mw that th raiics granteu tor tne moeiiisntnent of ran it en credit system perniciously to wn at te'egrsphic dwpatt ha fren Wasbiagtoa it will U to them since. nuav At aay ber wb are nority, unable to protect herself or ber institutions has impressed with the seal ,ilI1M ud m ni at Louisville next, month. rair w ha o have beenold be ground of tbe improvement being aa much with sine the Government mast be carried oa by borrow L ha liked John Bull inside better thaa a h of its authority the hith that it is the finest hogshead oeea that tbe committee of conference on tbe Kansas long shot that w prefer, aa a geaaral rale, w rata, w caa do so, but of tobacco ever m gh w w from any aggression whatever. Lecomptonism as mere ornament, d a n anctit ia a constitution, "7. " ' '. ander tbem to requiting every iu this region, aud shows such "handling" opened view to strategy society, called tb Icariana. had ing, it is far batter for the Secretary te come forward letting private iadivkJuala mak known their own wm q gp w have not yet agreed apoa any defiuil avaa-urA new secret on holding ofho dn no h at wat ehw mere tool of Abolitionism. It i nothing els. bind himst If by uvvcr wo h iKiore teeu. d eea B solem eea discovered at Troves. Eight of it chiefs had and ask a sufficient loaa for tea er twenty year, view at their owa time aad ia tbeir owa way. k New York Triliana asys that private let AM tbe pmpo-ittor- t. (f-r- b nae aaih to tbeir sunnort In -- : i. from tbe Senate commithv xh n d Vh B eea tried and sentenced to tic and imprisonment which will afford bim sabstantial relief, and at the o gu p d a Correspondence of th Missouri Repnhllcaa J CiTTbe Scbohairie Republican, a Democratic pa- renders of the govern meut taught us to view these tee wer rj-c- .d at the meeting yesterday. Mr. ters from Esrop state that Lord Napier a ill be re nm Th d Ummn r various terms. const.! uthms as "A,V, thmgt," o came time serve to release a part of th coin which LtcAVK "the t. ue p.datU,,, Plais Tirrs, The W sate beater (Pa.) Ra publi worth Citt, April 10, 1858. English prcpOM to tul an it a propositi) to day called from Washington and a successor appointed, per, hat two editois. On of tba two ha just regb u mM p mvw w sSWa. Two ships of the line (nd a war schooner of am- - llbertte,,". to b. guarded aith now uselessly hoarded ap ia bank vaults. Any can, tb oldest Democratic orgaa ia the district rep u,,,,, Advertisements are kept standing ia tuch papers w H h po ceived an appointment worth two thousand dollar ad been ordered to proceed immediately fan F.- - it Cn jealousy and vigilance. The modern progressive whih it is suppowd will U agreed to. If tbe telaos nam is already indicated. as the Boston Pilot, calling for stone cutters and rol to reinforce other coarse must subject him to aeceesitiee such aa resented ra Congraes by Mr. Hkkmsa, says: w oo h uw h the Spanish squadron of the Gulf of Democracy proclaims a new creed, denies them a' year, and tbe otber is a private citizen. Tha egraphic statement of Enlieh's pniptwitioa is all other mechanics to come to this city, where work is uiexjco. vv y h hd kaa wal oa h So S tba Wall street financier are said to suffar whoa the letter from Washington asys that tha old Tbs Kaaaas soUry sf the CJ-sanctity, and rather views them with jealousy i uf court a Leooatpton man, and th "mr it varies ba'dly any from th w hi tha kai4 at kawwhooaaa Inat will p waning ior tnem, ana wnere wages perfectly extravw hy In compliance with th b uimecessary tempoiary restraint upon tb Lv,ne r .a crocodile of tbe White Hoaat cried tlie other night It m Ine agant only need collection. Under such induce in a long report from tba recommendation containxt approaching hoar of protest require these to "shia naM faaai easy has mh v n w d hnm B is aa anti Leoomptoa man. Neither private citizen d tu'4'i'ute. it req jirts a suUmiM Minister of the Interior, a rlykt of majurthet. with astonishing powers of locomotion. The cur over amrther Aati Lecomptoa Democratic represenoo u o w d no w n But in juitigaUou of the regret th.t old fashioned ments, 1 know upwards ot a hundred laboring men, rovai uecree naa neea issued, ssraijlubw? a dirai-twIwing willing to Wld an inch, tbey are fighting out of the coos' it ut f i to tbe people, and, if w twrticiiiarlv turn masons, who bavscoin from tbe ot public sa'sty, and organizing a battalion of in- rent revenue ft out all sources do aot average six T dv n d hO V with what effect remain to be scan. . .?".. Ta i a.ws4 uvt. Km raeyoawiour r. Tha eteoaaa b batti in tbeir mutual pajasrin parallel columns. rolk might feel for tha abrogation of tbe guaranpr id-- a fur tbe arioptioa of a new constitution. If tative M Mw in ih u B n fantry and two squadrons of cavalry for the preserThmse wo tees of our constitutions in favor of civil litiert v this Eastern cities hither, leaving ntviii" hh-hundred thousand dollar a week, while the ordinary at elBtsnwaal are hmkea. Sp n u go vain bops of bettering themselves. Tbey hav ar- vation of public safety in Madrid. v sue a bill is peesented S' d ad "td it Bill be still d h auu -. vl.l.a-- S a moat n CfTb two H'juse of Coagiea luv aned to They are getting as frrxiou. a two fighting bul- sapient Senator hat mada tb astounding xpensa exceed a Bullion and a half, without the Si. vXTuer aa.y a.- wiaw away tea aua at aaveo w B rived during th week, and tuch a have cot had b wm o p nm StUzeHand.Mr. Kara, Minuter of SwiUarUnn a triumph of the aati Leoomptoa and that the ldog. Tbey are making tlieir paper a vary fair minadjiatra oa tb fen of J an. guarantees are mat part of the meant stBtae Is tha pur ms-- a af ser souueai d eee w w cost of Utah and other appalling extras. The Sec w3rk k ng JT.r wra 'he common Uw, and would hav been just as compelled to return tooftbeir old borass, have been at Paris, ha been summoned to attend th Swia wooa hi a ssataer M psr-v- . aaia iature of th Democratic party. T m at the call w hw poverty to engage them- Federal Council for consultation oa tb passport disretary could go into the market with a Iv per ecat. efficacious restraints aa such against legislative tyrH.huifw Aim Mcuta rot thi L'tar Wab Tu a sda cg selves as teamsters to cross th plains. Tbe boat Sun h bo d ndn with France. aaas tan, s Cfla tbe yew Turk Su- - Senate oa Sifunlav, Phjcks Taid. A coTre'pondent, writing frum Fort Moke Nkw Statk. Two name hav been sug- anny even though they had not been repeated a'nd which mill carry' this package carries along with it pute diaiwtcn from Heme says: 'According to tb Iowa new apoa more advaatageoe term to the if iTntv aod wb.d. V. . are a. ha sarty af bs aate Bet hat mH o h ow dv nd m A adopted into our constitutions. cwaaot lor enteawa. aw ay nsht If m do the l'hh, th bill vrViaating ia that body authorishh o gested for tb naw Stat to lai erected from part are found in th English charters such of them as several of these unfortunate men, as I consider them. u Leavenworth, asys: eriial report mada by Mr. Kara to tha ta.Ur.1 treasury than could be obtained six or eight months if aar a... er sst at awn. of freedom . bad Thev hav wandered about this dIhcb dav in and g h dW permeate hv p h uv . . 10nciL, tbe French government has declared that hence, when capital will begin again to ing th rgi-r'io- n of voter w as passed, 18 to 14. H The porchsse of animals for the I'tsh exneditioo of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin Superior and Iimh ,liar nr Ilia ,w .1 llwr, vy nve day out, seeking the labor which hat been promised ob k mum The Naw Al- - a d m isi Himasa. Mn. CarrrnDBw Switzerland should refuse to ai know Mire tb the channel of partially revived trad, aad it ia AM th BMmliertwer prcwtit. Tbe Republicans c Hiunue to ta briskly carried on. 1 here are in the 4 mtonagoa. Since Congress has adopted the policy lieen 110 need for extortinir those charter. r.,m .k- w xnm ew consuls. Franc would reserve to haraelf tha crown some three thousand nnilet, of vicinity It waa because they had not been a part of uieui, ana alter u.iys 01 suspense tney are compelled, wleaa for bim to afreet concealment f a c ditioa baoy Tribene, on of tbe vry esunslmt and best and Asiericans voted toes' ber for tiie bill and the w hacb of the Fort admitting new State into tb Union, without hH h ht of withdrawn- - the exeanatur from tha Mwiaa an th law of the land, that those charters wer fram- - ii'd having isa tap te do, to turn their steps homeward. aotna two hundred and 60 v are from Tenne'- - of II paper ht th western conntry, my: M which is obvious to very practical The fact Uy nd coo vy o h d that there is not too much work in the consuls at present residing in France." Dcmocats sgsiut it. Tn bill to legalise tl.e sale oe( hvs hundred Tom Penuxylvania, and tlie rew o to population, we should not be surprised to 1 now a man could obtain a . iiiet which have as jet started up for the men who n We do sot hesitate to declare aa anwavennr de- o nh o 1n Dank ot Holland had reducsd tbe borrow sooner or Later, anise tb laasp sf A laddie ivtunut i. The price ha. not tei of stoc on timo art slw paied. 7 be bill to premainder frown Mik of them manufactured ia tbe course of seat in tbe Senate, a bo is so "k'tiorsni of see a doz-.1,. are here to do it. Tbe season it not far enough admw L vn'ioe to AoMricaa principlen in tnsir trnth aasi se- a hn of discount from 4 to horn Iwok of boliticsl science, a not to know per csnL (h iuld suddenly tbed Ha glittering ray through th t) admisi a of min irs under f..urtee years I rnjjoentlv fixed I .at it rangeatu175 per animal. the next twelve mouths. The Emigration Aid vent that vanced for the extra hands to cotne iu. Men must ku g h da rif r. and pledge our cordial rapport sf John J. ho .MiMet. Ih Opinion of J arm says that the the common law is no restraint upon legislative just I'he bus ing pric for nonet avtratet lo. 11 stand sentinels ever sileaee Crittenden for the Presidency, should he he auma. w Yotk ci'y. bales A ov not l to the rutat districts for remuneration of S(.e to the th itres of w m k In th North, without much trouble, could, taiaer, but the whole of it caa l ' of Nanlet ha addressed a fin ,1 am to tha Iron bar which bow ewnplv is largd, and la'ge Bum wrt of each are c l- diareirae.1,1 ... tor their labor if lliey choose tn come her. d pe n y an vn n I y jj-rr.'Pie.linontes icovernmeut touchini! tha caDtura 0 and emptiness in tb basemsnt of a now misnamed n od which result w will earaesUy strive to or (natdiant, psaafd. m. hatch out monthly. expressly rejiealed by th Legislature. at least, tiuuaiiy coming Tr.ese paper towns are mil to be tolerated. e steamer Cagluvn. mk o ed brag about. DNEY treasury. 0BORE, 'j"-- ..' . ir. ma :. ei' ,;,0rU, a"?".:l a. lr ". terti.a.' l "'. ui mu .. Iv.. lruc. b. l.H'ia. lki rgitr4, ri. pritin , tflf lic i f J J fe- nit - "" ""ows .tl'rff"'" ""rr or t 7t hn wi Gtr i, ,er tra oft l'H I" thwer at r ., . - rjctd, Tmrm rsvl Lm ...,., y. 3i tu .

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