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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 27, 1946

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

lnd I as waived ALMOST 40 YEJ OF SERVICE TO ALL H JEFFERSON 'COUN1 ESTABLISHED JUkE 1907 ''rf-'- Aj 32 INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPEti Every Friday at $2.50 Per JEFFERSONTOWN, JTV., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1946 usiness, Financial Outlook For 1947 Jones, Landis To Be County Teachers Requesting More Pay Settles Christmas Party For Employes Head At Watch Night Service Tuesday Eve. Christmas came early to the employes of Settles Sales & Service, when they were entertained Monday evening at Murphy's The annual cusjtom of holdJHf tar a montl Jefferson County teachers are asking for One ereat raise in salary. Representatives of the Jefferson Count prayer servicHHHnch party Green & White Restaurant, population from the big coastal cities to the mall interior for the all deguests of Tom Settles, owner of ' Classroom Teachers Association presented the County Boa unless definite steps are taken for world disarmament. . nominations the electrical business;' here. The of Education with their request at its meeting last SatunOH General Business community wi: wKb De 0D employes .and members of their Board members received ' f year ago the U. S. Babsonchart registered ISO. Today jt is served this ytfHHoefferson-tow- n families enjoyed a turkey dinner aated at 160. The Canadian Babsonchart registered mft a Christian Chflm has been specially prepared for the happy "Longest Moustache" the delegation cordially and ago. Today it is estimated at 204. Sometime durinjpnM selected as thepWifpr the New occasion by Mrs. E. C. Murphy. appeared to be in sympathy Ufering. Year's v youth Charts will register higher figures. Speaking to the workmen in with the teachers' vectttest. TWo cfatetandirtwJyoung men, Reconversion of industry from war to peace has been com- highly complimentary terms, coneven though they were at a loss cerning the efficient manner in letcd although the ereat government surpluses have not yetr; with whom residents of the to know from just what source area aft well acwhich they had served the orocen disposed ot, leaving mucn more to De soia in imi. the additional funds would come. ganization during the past year, Inventories, quoted both at their price values ana tneir quainted, are to high light the Headed by J. C. CantrelL Valley Mr. Settles, in concluding his ref&lumes, will increase during 1947. Both raw material piles and program. Neal Jones, son of Mr. Station High School teacher, the R. Jones and a stuand Mrs. T. marks,' presented Christmas delegation obtained a promise Jiianufactured goods will b$ in greater supply in 1947'. dent at Texas Christian Univerchecks to the men. Those receivfrom Board members that the Commodity Prices sity, is to bring the message of ing checks and commendation budget figures would be reviewed Some rationing and priorities reauired the evening. "Billy" Landis, now from their employer included: R. at a special session, to be held continue into 1947; but both Foreign Trad on a visit to relative and friends E. Thompson, Jones, Stewart at ah early date, with the object rapidly be eliminated. Gov- The United States will own in Kentucky, will direct the singArchie Tennill, J. F. Settles and of seeing what could actually be nent regulations will gradu ing and render a special solo Lloyd McGuire. done about the request CantreU's be lessened. World Wat 11 shipping in 1947 and foreign trade number. "Billy,", who served as Ladies present, members of the on the committee associates omciany oe enaea. wm increase. an ensign in the U.S. Navy and families of those of the organizachosen to visit the Board were: The retail price of most man We will continue our policy of has recently returned from Japan, tion, were, Mrs. W. T. Settles, Mrs. Robert Turner, Fern Creelt' ufactured products will be higher making foreign loans, provided will be remembered for his musiMrs. J. F. Settles, Mrs. Archie High, and Miss Elizabeth Ben sometime during 1947 than flu the borrowers will agree to spend cal talent and as a former student Tennill, and Misses Isabel nett, Greathouse School, a fair proportion of the money in of the Jeffersontown High School. and Elma Dell Shepherd. I An observation by Cantrell 1947 IN A NUTSHELL America. He is a student now at Emory Stating that he intended mak- gJOBManaaMaLaW that the County average teachBoth the British Empire and University, Atlanta. Both of these ing the Christmas party an aner's pay of $1,872 a year is lower To reach higher Russia wlU keenly compete for young men are preparing for the Business nual occasion Mr. Settles told his in 1946. than that paid by Louisville, and levels than recorded foreign trade during 1947; but ministry. associates that it was his amlikewise lower than that received J. WASH ADAMS Commodities Opposing cartels and Government monopoWhiie the grayer service and bition to build one of the best by teachers in Hikes Graded and trends. lies will be frowned upon. watch party for the youth are organizations of its kind in the Labor Some basic problems A man who is said to have had Anchorage Graded schools, elicit1947 war talk will sponsored by the Christian En Throughout country. He expressed apprecia- the nation's longest mustache ed a reply for County School THEME FOR TOURNEY OF ROSES . . . "Holidays In Flowers" to be solved. continue, the thought being that, deavor Society, the general pubtion for their cooperation thus far died at Whitesburg, Ky. Decem- Superintendent O. J. Stivers to will be the theme of Pasadena's tournament of roses on New Tear's Real Estate Continued good sooner or later, England who is invited to attend the in the undertaking. Day, the committee In charge of the event announced, with Pat the effect that many of the Coundemand for modern suburban truly is in a terrible predicament lic ber 14. J. Wash Adams, a Keller, four, as "Little Mister 1947." Pat In the traditional scanty Settles Sales & Service war homes. nttnmev in Eastern Ken. ty teachers do not have degree's, . will "shoot" to stop further Rusgarb of the Little New Tear, turned the pages of a huge flower' -- ,.,., Increased foreign sian aggression. established in Jeffersontown inj Politics manv mm and for that reason receive less bedecked calendar to point oat the many holidays celebrated In this July, 1944. troubles. often reterrea to nis mustacne pay. Mr. btivers said that u the Labor State's Dairy Industry country. Rose bowl game will bethe feature of the tournament JQU Stocks To work higher. Incidentally, the party was between 9 and 10 Ruches as comparison is made o iHween Even President Truman's "eigh Bonds Firmness temporary. those teachers who have dei given on the birthday anniver- the "longest in the country." will be Making New Records cents" teen and the pay will be found to sary of W. T. Settles and on the forgotton during 1941 The year about the same." present. The prices of some of will be noted for threatened brother, J. F. Settles, and his The teachers are asking B. 10 Med products may decline, (strikes and labor disturbances. increasing imporKentucky's the food urifo TViito it woo o thrrf-urn- v the proposed $50 a month The unit sales of some depart- - j industrial employment during tance as a dairy state is graphic celebration and one long to bei Jfl Qfy January 0 be retroactive to September ment stores will begin to decline 1947 could be up both in hours ally depicted by the Milk Indus sometime during 1947; but theand in pay rolls, labor leaders' try Foundation in a new survey. that a new salary schedu l CllltlllUCltU. put into effect next September ales of food and variety chains discouraging attitude notwith- - Kentucky's 588,000 cows proSecretary of Agriculture Clin jnay continue at peak ngures. 'standing. duce $41,820,000 cash farm income Also visiting the Board at Frankfort, Ky. State Fire deputy marshals made notations Buechel News ton P. Anderson is to be a prin Many industries, now operating for dairy farmers. The utilization The great question mark of 1947 Marshal Clyde Smith said today & unsafe conditions and prac- cipal speaker at the annual meet last Saturday session wasa,d week, will return to 6f this milk shows the tremendous By Mrs. W. R. Hoke. Swill be how labor is to behave. on a iiCCS. ing of the Kentucky Farm Bu egation, headed by Mrs. W. ...111 K kvt.l. In Higher wage rates and less pro- a longer week during 1947. There economic asset that dairying is to in the Brown Kroeckel, 3312 Dixie Highw ot The regular monthly meeting reau January pro- -' ' County duction per man inevitably mean will be no wage reductions and the State with a yearly produc- included in the State-widKentucky hotels, Smith said, are of the Buechel Woman's Club was Hotel, Louisville. Anderson s talk from the Fifth C. some further advances. tion of 1,034,000,000 quarts. gram of inspections B. Shai beginning above the average of other states. nigner prices. Thursday to ask that Dr. at the Presbyterian Church is scheduled to be made The Government will try to de. . . t be named to the Board, ltemina- - jj Principal uses of this milk In January a, in an enon x ;improve Fans Outlook 10 morning, January 9. u our recommendations are held Pending a weather upset, more mand better - management and addition to fresh milk were for safety standards of Kentucky carried out," he continued, "we Thursday, December 19, with a Other principal speakers in- ing the Board that "Dr. Shack-lett- e rela- making large attendance of members and pounds of hostelries. is the people choice," in that 22,673,000 sis of corn and wheat and or closer labor management feel that conditions will be im- - friends. After the noon luncheon, clude Bep Kilgore, former execumoat votes in bme other products will be raised tions. Such prospects are not creamery butter, 19,250,00 pound h The marshal's plans, coupled proved to the extent that Kentucky he received the election, Mrs. Mrs. Fred Kraft, chairman of tive secretary of the the November 1947 than ever before in our bright for 1947; but Congress will of cheddar cheese and 3,822,000 criticism and praise of hQfel tucky Hotels will rank far above "Spiritual Values," introduced the Farm Bureau, and a former canJstory. Although some prices repeal or amend some of the pres- gallons of ice cream. Pictorial said, "we Delkve'ttaf tions in Kentucky, the average found in other guest speaker, Mr. Charlie vetti- - didate for Governor. He is now Kroeckel ent labor laws which are very un charts or figures based on may slide off, the total farm the people should be e a- state? Eastern Oovernor Sf. tier, who gave a mraW1iirWis1nt'TRaWsaaT itofafc for 1945, no co'mplefe; for 1947 should hold up fair to management. Tobacco Growers' d eon wans in a report that said Recalling' that blame for some talk on "Christianity Crystal- Inflation fairly well. But farmers should dicate the growing importance inannntintm The Circuit Court declared Dr. afbich operates in the The Inflation Era, which we A tkn mfllr Inilafrv iwu u'uytu nres nas Deen piaca on careiess-"ni- ized." diversify more in 1947. Shacklette'a election void because Hopkinsvllk-Russellvill- e area of that of :an ness oft drunken Dersohirtn use of Members of Circle No. 3 met at' There should be an increase in have been forecasting for several A chart of the milk distributor's Lml!.n, UP condition." he failed to file The ac- - cigarettesjEjr IfthtcheS, Imith the home of Mrs. Conrad snaier Kentucky, out has headquarters expenes account. a fruits, fish products and years, will be in full swing; but dollar shows 61.14 cents going,tO certain Springfield, Tenn. Dr. Asher "stringent law" Tuesday, December 10, for their in I vegetables with a decline in the reckless printing of currency dairy farmers for whole milk, in- tion cemes as a result of tragic reeomrnrid23 states, Smith to forbid hotels to accept guests monthly meeting and also annual Hobson, an agricultural economist The. United States will will not come until after 1950. The cluding transportation to plants; hotel fires in other j prices. who are in a "drunken stupor." Christmas party. Mrs. C. L. Moore with an international reputation, Real Christmas' have more, 16 eat in 1947 than in purchasing power of the dollar 19.44 cents for wages and salaries, said. , F will continue to decline. Inspection of 120 hotels nexti The fire marshal said his office and Mrs. Mary Kramer had charge head of the Agricultural Eco- jiff 1946, pro&ably 10 per cent over 5.29 cents to plant and delivery nomics Department of the Uni- Story From Germfany All 1947 wage increases will be month follows recent "spot in-- , has received numerous reports of of the program. the prWfc level. supplies; 3.22 cents bottles, cans, versity of Wisconsin. said, a practice of hotel management Daidmhil poultry products will distinctly inflationary. After the meeting a social hour 1.29, other expenses; 1.98, spections" in which, Smith Sometime during 1947 produc- cases; J. E. Stanford, executive seccar was much enjoyed and Christmas taking the responsibility 01 ltinpH'to increase in volume The author of hit story will be insurance and depreciation; 3.98, ing for drunks by having them fefts were exchanged by the "sec- - retary of the Federation, states remembered by nwrnt) QfoatreaA- increase in price; but tion in many lines will have taxes and licenses; .7, advertising; expects all attendance records escorted to rooms by employees, sr and some canned goods caught up with consumption, peo- .98, officers' salaries; leaving a ers as uurrtn i nompson, a fret pals." Delicious refreshments he be broken this year. will have spent their savings to undressed ana put to Ded rwill continue short. 1.98 cents representing less were served by the hostess. net of dauahter of the. ht Mr Sally then there will be a surplus "Nine times out of en such .f armers wni siari in imi w The program is scheduled to D. Thompsoi tojHt&r' veto's corthan 13 of a cent per quart of Those present included By Mrs. F. 8. Smith persons will, at some ume during extend legislation on of goods. L. Bailey, L. Hook, C. begin at 9:45 a. m. Wednesday, respondent to Tit? Jeffersonian milk. C. If Stalin's health continues smox- the night or day, reso; program due to fear Moore, M. Kramer, E. Nuttall, E. January 8, with a general session. from Prettonia rdttor. Milk production per cow is good, he will be the world's most We left out an outstanding item ing. When they do, th eve prices. in iarm Woerner, M. Owen, R. Henn., R. The afternoon program includes powerful man in 1947, even from above prewar averages and de- - lust week. That is to extend our er the life of every 0 Stuttgart, Germany, Taxes utterman, C. Kiehlman, it. conferences on livestock, dairy, mand for milk and dairy products Dest wishes to everyone in any December 7, 1946. Although state la' field crops, poultry and fruits and Taxes will not be increased dur an economic standpoint. Schmidt. C. Shafer, W. R. Hoke vaaBBBW (Mr. Babson's forecast will be is strong. As an economical food way connected with our county hotels to post 1:30 fo 4 p. m. At 147; and there should be ing vegetables By Mrs. Durrett O. Wilson. and D. Kirchner and son, Kevin. 4:30 p. m.,from containing vital components of newspaper, The Jeffersonian; u further reductions. More nuisance concluded in our next issue the annual tobacco the Fmnhal has rlaUed 'to The dedication of the organ conference is scheduled to begin. Editor, The Jeffersonian: office !flnd 'a special to the editor and sign in any taxes may be eliminated1 alto Editor.) bring staff for a happy Christmas season seems at the Presbyterian chimes There have been very few years' hotel in the state. . . gether. . 1 1 III, -J Also on the first daV's program Sunday night, bdouv an mcreasjB scaiu 01 nm and blessings for the coming year, when I have not sent in some' Recent "spot" inspections dis- Church was held The J"ederal Debt will be de- NEAL JONES SPEAKER production on Bhvtucky farms, 'm all the years of messages at 22, with impressive is the annual meeting of the As kind of a story for your Christmas' creased dtittjOg 1947 and the Fedclosed padlocked outside exits, December FOR SUNDAY EVENING tne a ounoation says. sociated Women and Farm BuChristmas, none has been as out passageways blocked with .furni- services. A program of special eral Budt may be balanced by reau insurance a genflj conference, issue. Even from the Philippine standing in the urge to sing ture, many empty or odtdated music with chimes was also given both scheduled to begin at noon Islands, when we were stationed June 30W48. Evening services, in which the praises to God of "Peace on Earth, fire extinguishers, "deplorable" by Miss Eula Bates, organist. costkof living will continue there I sent you a little article. The joung people of this community The Auxiliary "Joy Gift" serv- in the Seelbach Hotel Good Will to Men," as this time, wire conditions and "undesirable" Now we are over here in Gerto rise during 1947 due largely to The executive session of the many where Colonel Wilson ice was held Sunday night, DeThe cold weather has inspired heating equipment. is a to be 'held at" the House of Delegates is scheduled wlTwokelf . 1 many to butcher their meat and Smith said that "for the most cember 22. member of the Occupation Army. r 7:30 January 9, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nuttal enter- for 3 p. m. Thursday I have been wondering what I fW!l Methodist Church, a a number, have been busy with it, part there is a very sincere spirit includevening. ,aD will tained with a family dinner and the business session, would find to write to you this so am not collecting items. of cooperation among officials and pastor, ing the election of officers, the year, The Methodist home. 1047 toot and last night I found the ' So glad to get the good news management of Kentucky hotels Thanksgiving Day at their admorning of January 10, with Si ii w.. F. Huddleston announces at nr 11.. answer. T. Craig of and in only a few isolated cases Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. journment at noon. William c sPeaker for he ses Polly Benard 'and not at the wages desired. now conscious have we met unconcern. "But Thomas Yann and Miss Thelma ; 1 j Jones who is here with his Qe" Sales As you know, December 6 is Retail and ImprtiHpr son and wife we have failed to find what we Yann. o3L - '.I-- St. Nicholas' Day, and that is a The total volume of all retail for the holidays. Neal a student Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Groves Buechel Man On Navy Day at feel to be the necessary spirit of are to spend Christmas ZZ " holidays u.uMI1 u ,if0- father Mr fire big them irlstmas'u Si' with their Un"nt in Germany. sales will be About the same as in consciousness among hotel spent Thanksgiving Day with her Cruiser To Canal Zone Santaholiday is baBed on theOur mwajs uc tuumcu vu iui motle rs, Mrs. Gladys Benard and n Ufility goods Will West On 1946. Poor Claua am .nH famiv in Tav,or employees." sisters- in Louisville St message, rus many Mrs Pauline Snyder. Nicholas legend. suffer, but many items now un- - a "P"1" Broadway. Cm,ntv. It has been Vears since James Robert Calvert, seaman, nurchased . .. menas nere Uamong tne young Yesterday morning I took some and Mrs. s Betty Russell was hostess Mrs. Craig has been there for avails Dr. F. H. Rl SUBSCRIBE ! vm ...ill uc giuu u, uir jy to win ValUe OX ail 01 Mr. andj second class, son of D. J. Calvert cigarettes down for each of our r Sunday school class of the Christmas. The Reister were gues to the daily portunity to hear him at this Methodist church last Friday eve- anksgiv- - of Buechel, is serving aboard the servants, and I surprised them retail sales should exceed 1946 Mrs. S. W. Andei Carl Huflage, who was in experimental destroyer escort when I wished them a happy St with an increased demand for service. when they met at her home mia during the wari has come ing eve. The general public is extended or wooien ano coiwn xexuieo. for aSluncheon and class meeting. home to gtay here C. L. Moore, Jr.. a ftu dent at U.S.S. Muir, on a cruise in the Nicholas Day, as they did not wlll enjoy LOUISVILLE TIMES be a continued de an invitation to present. know that I. was familiar with the There An enjoyable evening ended with Christmas dinner at home with Butler University, Indianapolis, Panama Canal zone. Urn espe- On this: cruise, the crew has story. Then, last night we had ft ciotmng ana To save money when renewing spent Thanksgiving with htt parthe exchanging of gifts by the i&mil your subscription to either of the folkAing present: Mrs . E BL Me-Mrs. C..L. Moore. visited' Balboa, Panama City and our surprise! HEKirfallv for'shirts and underwear. Says Derby' Teaches Henry Huflage and the above daily .papers (mail sub- ents, Mr. and Wise shoppc rs will buy only We were just finishing dinner i Corn Growing Lessons Rei Mr. and Mrs. James McCul- - the ruins of old Panama. mily aretohave her relatives, scriptions) ofder through THE pVed ' The Muir, which is operating and were sitting around th table ieonrLvenH t they tteed and not grab to lough entertained with a dinner Boehhes of EvansvUle, as JEFFERSONIAN. $7 toSend the lock .up on goods not absolutely home on out of the submarine base, Balboa, A yield of 142 V4 bushels to the ei gether With the coupon for $3.40. Christmas Day at their, guests in- assisted in the capture of twi 0 talking, when Jane was told that criiocTc ' there was someone at the door to acre gave H. C. McLain top hon Bardstown Road. The, Charlotte Yates returned, v QUu Ko(, a oll 1rnm We'll handle your order promptly. during the German her. ors in the Spencer Coun'y corn day from Kansas City, Mo. jgXrthu; Chinn and Mrs. Rruce Also, if you will renew your cluded Mr. and Mrs John Luhr, Mr. k derby. Eleven farmers had yields Jane went to the door and Mr. and Mrs. me, nas uucu ocvcxax McKercher and children, Bonnie subscription 011c to THE JEFFER KINSER BURIAL IN V DUAL, , ! when she opened it in walked and Mrs. Hugh Startdiford, Mr. of over 100 bushels to ' the acre . s empioyeo wiui an insur- CEMETERY SUNDAY P.M. St. Nicholas! He' was wearing a naviH of Anchoratfe. Mon SONIAN. iust add $2 to the above Tulkerson and and the average of all- farmers , amount $9 in all. Your JEF- and Mrs. Gilbert Company. 0ftrnf,n when thev uhnw- Betty Louise, Mr. and mitre which was, constructed from in the contest was 98 Mr bushels. L Hugh Winn, of Tulsa, ered her with all good things for FERSONIAN will come to you daughter, Funeral services were conduct-e- Suuie beautiful pah; blue phiuy Mit.. F. 3. Hayes, Jr., and Bonn,. rmmty Agent Nevin L. Gocbcl ahoma, is spending the hoii-- , Christmas. Our son lunched with anothei full year. Sunday afternoon at Cedar paper the type of mitre which ELCOME to you, Now Yoar, enter noted that farmers harvesting James Allen and Kenneth. Use This Handy Order Blank ' days visiting his sister, Mrs. Sidiu, and helped around of Christ for is. worn by archbishops. Pasted Mrs. W. Davis of Danville is Springs Church w over 100 bushels to the acre used at Middletown, and Mr. ahiv. The airls are both fiahting W. Kinser, Sr., followed across the front of the mitre wai SBso you tell us omothlng of the tiding visiting her daughter, Mrs. W.' George I an average of 325 pounds of ferTHE jfgTERSONIAN, nd Mrs. F. F. Radcliff, in this the flu. by interment in Jeffersontown a silver cross with double arms, Reverend Laws. that you bring? tilizer an acre and grew an av- community. . Laws and JEFFBBSONTOWN, KY. ; Mr. Kinser, in his similiar to the Cross of Lorraine. i t you enrrv iaiiii niii Mrs. D. Huflage and Carl Mrs. John Delling, sister of Cemetery. erage of 9,035 plants to the acre, Gentlemen: Miss Laura Cardwell left last brought Mrs. Anna Fruechtenieht Enough to last the year? Yann, who fell and 67th year, died December 19, There was also silver paper Mrs. John while those, who picked under Wednesday evening for Macon, Send me THE JEFFER- - ' TV ww, in the T had ouite a nice broke her hip several weeks ago, at 10:30 a.m., at his residence around the edge of the mitre and 100 bushels Used only 150 pounds Ga where she will visit her sis-- 1 evening. They too had gifts and BhH? another year, for is at Norton Infirmary and get-- . on Back Run Road. HL To cut out doubt and around the lower edge waag band of fertilizer and had 8,045 plants ter, Mrs. Brooks Geoghegan, and L which I am enclosing only $2, Survivors are his wife, Mrs. of silver. Forhap a balm for heartachofijifc basket of fruit, so prettily ting along nicely. since I am also sending my rean acre. Mr. Geoghegan. You bring along with you; Annie McCaskey Kinser, three rrfln(led. we hardly want to onen . He wore a beard made of cotmjr tut- newal for the daily ,1 m "The contest," said the county ' IWhaps a key to friendship VAUf daughters, Mrs. Emma Blair, Mrs. ton, which extended around to uuweii luussuini if mi. unu mis. t PAYS LAND BANK agent, "indicated that high yields ana To buoy u all yoar through. ' Angle Waldridge and Mrs. Mary make a head of white hair. He uuie son 01 wnmore, r.y., are associated with lots of plants arrived this week and spent The writer extends sympathy ANOTHER DIVIDEND McDonald; four sons, George W. had draped two sheets around Wo bid you welcome. Now Yoar- (write name of daily paper) oiir per acre on Mrs. W. Bell and brothers, Joe land, Christmas with her parents, Mr. winas wo trust with you. $7 I Jr., James G., Pershing T. and him in such a way that he re- and Tom Brooks, and others of for which $9. am enclosing find Forgetting ill of all the post, wo start and that conserving moisture is and Mrs. George Johnson. a total of You will also Louisville, Ky., Dec. 20 The Mead B. Kinspr; a brother, Ernest the family in the recent death of the foupon herewith. important" . r, SM DOOk Mrs. J. P. Burdon is vacationing Federal Land Bank of Louisville Kinser, and a sister, Mrs. Evan- times. He had a heavily-wove- n H It also was pointed out' that in St. Petersburg, Fla, residing Mr. Charlie Brooks of Indiana. today paid a dividend of approx- geline Koch! 13 grandchildren white cord around his waist Im He was blind and we always read Kentucky hybrid corn outyield-e- at St. Petersburg Hotel. '1 On his hands were GJ. gloves, . imately $465,000 to its stockhold- and 5 children also d with interest the account of his NAMI varieties from other states and Tech. Sgt. Fred Ruckriegel and he carried a G.I. dufflebag in ers the 142 National Farm Loan survive. here. kinds. Kentucky Tuesday in time to spend visit to relatives Association in Ohio, Indiana, one hand. In the other hand waf hybrids produced an average of Christmas with his father, Mr. Kentucky and Tennessee. This Anv claimant to unemployment a tall shepherd's crook, covered POSTOFFIC 104.3 bushels an acre; K. J. Ruckriegel, and family. AfThere are more than 10,000 embrings to nearly $4,575,000 the benefits in Kentucky must have in white- - paper! with silver paper hybrids, 94.2 bushels, and leave he will return ployers who contribute to the ter a amount of dividends paid by the earned not less than $200 in cov- wound around it varieties, 90 H BOX R. R. NO. to Walter Reed Hospital Wash- Kentucky unemployment insurI wondered what could be in the bank since it was chartered in ered employment in the precedington, D. C. ance fund. ( Continued on Page 4 ) 1917. ing base year. By Roger W. Babson k event of 1947 will be a beerinnin? of a movement 0 younjHfcf iHv&ontown n t " Mat-tingl- y VH j prac-tiHn- ff , . one-ha- lf State Fire Marshal Cautions Inn Keepers i 40-ho- mm 1 a. 8-1- J" G1 e Jjjjg f. 8-- . j Ken-wit- thpUof xtf.-th- Dark-Fire- un r , Valley Station News Mes-dam- es , t fire-escap- e t!lldnllS! J 1 ffi'i&Trumto -- 1 ' u. NJ u,,, i tSffi. Wrr - ,. - - ' , . - LS Vir-nin- gj COURIER-JOURNA- ' L 1 lNC0y.,!"n Jy vi OrViUa-Stivejw- 1 - xyJxew Uear 1 d consider-Radclif- f, ssssss. j r,. fearfO j V. yt I a. . well-fertilize- d d great-gran- ar-riv- ed open-pollinate- d out-of-sta- te open-pollinat- y .

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