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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 27, 1856

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

THE DAILY COMMONWEALTH. VOL. FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, TIIS HODGES Bv A. G. PRINTERS. STATE At THREE DOLLARS PER ANNUM, ble in advance. paya- C The Weekly Commonwealth, a large mammoth sheet i.i published evcrv Tuesday morning at TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM, in advance. HAVING "!.'!" .i vited to call and examine my slock. JOHN M. TODD. Sept. 28, IMS. YOUNG AMERICA OF KENTUCKY, APPOINTED COMMISSIONERS BY fc . ;:? emeterv I out, la- Tops, Counters or at WM. OFFICE, THIS TODD'S M. Corner of Slain and St. Clair Streets. FRANKFORT, KY. BOOK STORE. PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE CONVENTION. TO MODIFY, AMEND OK WEILER CALLED Omen, at $3 per copy. 113U pagei, and is bound in the best which they will sell at prices lower than ever before offered in this market. Th?y invite all to girc them a rail, as they are confident of b'einjr able to pleao both In tho quality and price of their Roods. ftepiemoer l'j, ioj. Tho work contain? Law Binding. JOHN a. a. t.ogan. DREW MONROE. MONROE FURNISHING KY. GEORGE STEALEY, CIVIL & MINING ENGINEER. AND LAND SURVEYOR. TTpOfflce at, Smith, Bradley & Co., Land Agents, !k' Randolph strejl, South side, between Clark and Dearborn streets, Chicago, 111. tf. Sept. 14, :II1LDRE.$ CLOTHING, HOOCES' BUILDING, &.C., ST. CLAIR ST., Frankfort, Kentucky. HE proprietor having purchased none but the best J. articles, and such as he can warrant, hopes by strict attention to business, and polite attention to his custom ers, to receive a liberal share of public patronage, the need of such an establishment has been long felt in this city. rpril 4, 155i. COACH - FACTORY. - . FINNELL, & Ac, TX JOHN W. riNNEM. WALL GOODS, CANES, UMBRELLAS, WALKING sido of Sixth stroet. between OFFICE on the East near the Court House yard. Jeliorson, tf. April 11, T. WALL. TODD. IN GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, . M. DEALER & LOGAN, LOUISVILLE, new building of new stoclt ot Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats. Umbrellas, &c, Ready-mad- e CONSTITUTION OF KENTUCKY, (OFFICIAL REPORT,) Sow published and for sal 9 at the Commonwealth GETZ, & in the VIXG taken the II AMr. Bacon, have corner room entirely opened ati ' COVINGTON, KY. KY. Office on St. Clair Street, with J. & W. L. Ilarlau. refer to ' Hon. J. J. Crittenden, . Frankfort, Ky. Gov. L. W. Powell, Harlan, ) Hon. James Taylor, Turner & Co., Bankers, Lexington, Ky. G. H. Monsarrat 4 Co., Bankers, Louisville, Ky. V. Tanner, Louisville, Ky. July 23, lfi3 by. E. RANDOLPH SMITH. L. SHARP. SHARP, SMITH &C0., ATTORNEYS AT LAW, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, Kaudolpb Street, o. b, T T O R NEV AT L Frankfort, Ky., A V HEMING & aUIN, & a fine assortment of K EEP constantly onof hand anv kind Carriaco made to order and of tho boat material. We have purchased the sole right of Everett's Patent Coupling Lincoln for the counties of Franklin, Anderson, aud Garrard. We would call the attention of purchasers to our Spring assortment of Carriage. jj - All worK maae dv us warrauieu lor one jear. April 2, 1805 tf. JT. WILLIAM MORRIS- jourc J. Hampton - MORRIS & HAMPTON in room formerly occupied by HAVE just opened, Stthe street, next doorto Flur- Clair Lami.ton, on Confectioner", a large and well selected assort ment oi BOOTS, SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, COOKS AND STATIONERY FOR NOTICE! and the public customers information of tho Booksellers, Stationers, Binders, and Book aud subjoin Job I'rluters, Main street, Louisville, Ky., of counts with constantly ou hand a complete assortment HAVE Medical, Theological, Classical, School, and presentation. 1 Miscellaneous Books, at low prices. Paper of every description, quality, and price. Trj7Collcges, Schools, and Private Libraries supplied at a small ad vance on cost. Wholesale or Retail. April 1, 1S45 t51-b- y. V. CRADDOCk. ATTORNEY AT LAW, GEORGE FRANKFORT, KY. removed to East sido of St. Clair street, OFFICE Telegraph Office. Will practice Law in all beld in Frankfort, and adjoiningeounties. the Courts Doc. 7, 1650 If. my my terms, in order that persons havine ac nic may be prepared to seitie them upon TERMS: All runnine accounts, for which arraneements for credit have been made, arc due and payable on the 1st oi January, 1st oi May, and jsl oeptomber in each year. All charges, where uo credit has been agreed upon, will be considered cash transactions, due and payable upon presentation. Interest charged on accounts not paid at maturity. IIFlour and seods strictly cash. J"an3. E- - L. SAMUEL. Frankfort Normal School for Boys, FRANKFORT, KY. Session of this Institution will open on the THE nextMonday of September, in the room formerly occupied by Or. Hensley as an olltce,on Ann street, just weeks as heresouth of Main. Tuition per session of tofore, in the primary, junior, and senior departments. .?iu, $u anu siu, SIDNEY WILBUR. Morse's OUlce ou tit. Clair Street, next Sept. 1, lSCj w&iw3ui. Telegraph OlUce, in all me courts held in Frankfort, aud practice E. II. TAYLOR, JR. ISAAC. SHELBY- WM. SHOfSK W'ILL Oldham, Henry, Trimble and Oweu counties. JOHN RODMAN, LAW, ATTORNEY AT Door to Oct. 28, 1863. MO RE TAYLOR, SHELBY & CO, HEAD & BROWN. Partners in the PRACTICE OF LAW, to all business confided to Ilium in tlio rmift nf AnnRnl. Kud eral Cou rt. and other Cou rts which bold their sessions ut Frankfort, Ky. One or both mav always be found al their oiUco, to gi ve counsel Frankfort, Jan. 0, 152 by. or transact business. II'IXL attend V JOHN A. MONROE, ATTOUXEY AT LAW, FRANKFORT, KY. BANKERS. have this day opened au Office in the city of Lex iugton, for the purpose of transacting A General Banking, Exchange, aud ColK Tl DENTAL SURGERY, BY E. G. HAMBLETON, M. D. and, as Commissioner under tho art of Congress, a' lend XO lite lat ink uupustuuns, uiiniui u, ut. O trice, Federal Court Clerk's Otlice, Old Bank. Frankfort, Juno G, 1503 by. ri IS operations on the Teeth w illbe diructed bv a sci-I- I entitle knowledge, both of Surgery and Medicine; this being the only sufe guideto uniform success. From this he is enabled lo operate with far loss pain lo the patient, void of danger. All work warranted; the workI' I. C V iniiKiuu. xvy . i' manship will show for itself. Calls will be thaukfullv rylLL practice In all the Courts held in Frankfort received. 'rpOmce, at his residence ou Main street. will attend to the collection of deots in cuitCourts and Frankfort, May S7, lfS3 any pari oi me mi. St- - Clair street, second door above the Court Otlice on BOOTS AND SHOES. nuusu. yppHe will attend to the preparation and prosecu- - I HA VE a splendid stock of the above goods for Ladies, i Children, and Servants, innf iha i'l'ihn of aoldlera Lo hoimtv hind. I'ui' nrnr.or- - as Gentlemen, house in Frankfort. Call which I will sell low as any and examine betv lost, and for arrears of pay. ' April 1,184" 590-t- f. HUMPHKEY EVAN'S fore you purchase at Shoe and Book Store. Nov. 21, MS- John c. herndon, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Colognes, Perfumery, Toilet, Soap, &c. LOUISVILLE, KY. C. (i. GRAHAM, AprU9 tim. FINE assortment of Colognes, Perfumery, Toilet II Soap and 7.Tovsof all varieties. V. S. ' WEST & CO. December I Saddle, Harness aud Trunk Warehouse, intra street, Aumber Mxtv-unAgent. at Frankfort. FRANKFORT, Sheet Iron Manufacturing & patronage. lletalic Rooii:!; NEW TAILORING. ESTABLISHMENT. - Dissolution. Cap- H. i!. MII.LEK. BAKER ST- West side, opposite the tvn-t- . EV GOODS N ! RTJNYAN, & CLAIR STREET, TWO DOORS FKAAK.FORT, FROM OFF'CE, TOST KY., ivin;- - their uual l;irre and splendid sup-1RE now ply of Fancy an J. Staple, Fall and Winter Dry Goods, also new styh Silk and Mraw ItonnetH, a large assortment of Hat, BouU and felioea, and furnishing goods. Carpets, oil i loth, &c. Glass and Hueensware, all which they will si low for cash or to prompt pitying customers on the u d time. They invite all to come and examine their si- k, certainly the mo, general and complete that can be fund in thi cii; . Sept. 14, lS5.r 3n A LITIIGOW & HUTC11ES0N. 1TTE would respectfully Inform the citizens of Frank-I- I fort and icinity, that we have opened a shop two doors from the Wooden Bridge, and next door to B. & J. Monroe's Law Oirk-- where we are prepared to do all kinds of work intrusted to our care; all we ask is a fair trial and we know von will not go awav disappointed. ' Dec. 5, L1THGOW & HUTCHESON. tf. ost workmanlike manner and on by. Dec. 21, 1655 KY. w leave OUR Messenger andat Express freight ill8, A. M.; and 10 ininues before for Louisville Lexington will leave at ohi o'clock P. M. for Packages received here from Louisville at.r3 o'clock. P. M.. anil from Lexington and Eat of that point at 7 ADAMS EXPPF.SS CO. o'clock, A.M. ii. X. OWfciV, Agent, Dec 2(3, 1H;.5 by. at Frankfort. tiuttei ins, Spouting, &c. Done in the best and reasonable terms. Shop on liroad way ital Square. EXPRESS COMPANY, ADAMS PH WM. H GRAINGER, 0 E N t I F 0 U N I) R Y TENTH ST. Bf.T fcEN' MAIM AND THE Louis tile, Kentucky. . RIVER, team Engines for Grist, Saw, nnd ons. Crunks. Spur Wheels, HotchkUV Reaction of wrought and cast MANUFACTURE ments for Cotton Gii ler Wheels; agener Mill Work, Aie., fce. yT7rders from t distance will receive prompt at- heretofore under the style tention. Feb. 12, lHi.5 tf. in the Confectionery Goodwin, and Grocery business, was dissolved this day by mutual consent. NE All those indebted to tho late firm, are requested to come forward and make payment, and those having claims against the firm will please present them for set- THE undersigned hjis taken tho third room from the of Ann sfeet on Main street, in J. H. HANtlement. II. L. Goodwin retires from the concern. Either one of the firm is authorized to use the naino of NA'S Block of Buildings, forth: purposeof transactinga the firm in settling accounts. GEAKRAL AUCTION A AD COMMIS5IOA DABNEY TODD, DLMALsS. Aug. 1, Aug. 15. HUGH L. GOODWIN. flu will also counoct with Ute said business an THE firm of Todd Ac WOOL HATB AXD CAPS for Nogroos. very low at HUMPHKKV EVAN'S. 9ot. 21. Shoe and Book Storo. GROCERIES, At MAIN BROADWAY, A (T. P. Person's Old Stand.) FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY. on hand a full selection KEEPS constantly Fancy Articles, and of Toys, Groceries, whore he wll be pleased to see his old friendsand customAug. IS, tf. ers. BOOK BINDING. A. C. Keen on informs his friends and former customers, that having regained his health, he has purchased back from A. G. Hodges the Bindery sold to him in November last, and will give his whole attention to its management. Ho respectfully solicits a continuance of the patronage horetoforo extended to the establishment. Tp CLERK.S will be furnished with RECORD BOOKS ruled to any pattern, and of the very best quality of paper. " JJ7P BLANK BOOKS of every description, manufactured at short notice, to order, ou reasonable terms. TT7 Binder.' at tho old stand, over Harlan's law " Office. Frankfort, July 31, CAPITAL HOTEL. JOHN T. ROBERTS, FRANKKORT, Proprietor. KY. Kov. 7, 18S5. FRANKLIN HOUSE, FRANKFORT, KY. at to mv former Tavern HAVING returned the Bridge, I have fitted Stand, it up and end of now have it in good order, to accommodate any who may favour me with a call. Travelers, transient visitors, and boarders may rely on all care being taken to render them comfortable. A few Members of the Legislature can find comfortable and quiet boarding during the coming session, and in all cases my bills will be moderate. I have also attached a good stable and careful ostler. K. T. COLEMAN. Nov. 9, 1&5 3m. Yeoman copy. MANSION HOUSE", where may be found all tho latest imorovemonta In Agricultural lmpliments, as woll as all descriptions of heeas roquiroa oy larmers in mis vicinity. ie nopes this enterprise will receive the encouragement of the farming community, upon whom he depends for the success of this branch of his business. Consignments of Merchandise at Aucttou or private sale are solicited. SAM. C. SAYRES. Jan. 19, lo.V-- tf. NEW GGOUSI NEW GOODS!: TATE & CHINN, TTAVE opened in Bacon's new buildingon Malnslrodt, XX a spieuuiu sioctt oi Fall and Winter Dry Goods of every description, whichthev are determined to sell at prices which cannot fail to suit. Their stock is one of the linest ever brought to the city, and selected with special reference to the wants of this community. They invito all their frieniis and the public in general to five them a call aud examine their stock. Sep 14, 1855 WINTER GOODS. GAINES & PAGE. received a largestock HAVEjtist of every description, of Fall and Winter (.'all and examine before purchasing elsewhere, as small profits and quick sales is our motto. in addition to our large stock of goods we have on hand a largo supply of HaU and Caps, which we will sell al reduced prices. T. II. KEEN E May 3, 1854 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, CORNER ST. CLAIR ANU WAPPINQ Fraukl'orl, Kentucky. STREETS, now receivinga large and choice assortment of Groceries Wines, Liquor, tVc, which he will soil at very small profits for cash, or to prompt customers on usual terms. His stock is perhaps the largest in the city, and every article of tiie beaUpiality that can be purchased. Call, examine, and be convinced. Aug. ilii, 1HJ5. ILLUSTRATED. orders of architecture, beautify the work. Engravings of new fruits, dw flowers, new vegetables. as soon as their qualities can be determined, forming the most complete and elegant Manual of Rural Husbandry ever attempted. An experienced corps of practical writers, seven in number, are engaged to fill its columns. It contains seventy large pages, and is printed on the iln--d paper, manufactured expressly. TtRMs: 82perannuin, payable invariably in advance Fifty cents commission on each subscriber allowed to those who act as agents. SI. 000 will be distributed at the end of the year among those who send us the twent largest lists of subscribers. Those premiums will bv paid in cash. The first premium will be 9500. The following are selected from hundreds of similar notices, voluntarily contributed by contemporaneous publications: The Horticti-tl'ra- l P.kvikw deserves the most libera, patronage. His not only eminently practical, but is written in a style thai equals the best effortsof the late A J. Downing. Knickerbocker. The most elegant and useful book of the kind that has ever come under ourobervation. Rejristcr. Mr. Reagles,the Editorofthe Horticdltlral Review, is a practical pomologist, and one of the finest scholars our country boasts of. He possesses the glowing descriptive powers of Dickens, the elegant gossip of Walpole, combined with a thorough knowledge of rural art. State Police Tribune. Farmers, buy it for yoursons buy it for your daugh tors. It is a rich intellectual treat; a rare combination of the beautiful and the useful. JirgusyJV. Y. Ve had thought that in Downings'sdeath, the eloquent advocate of rural adornment bad become only a cherished remembrance; but in Mr. Reagles we discover an equally rich mine of mental wealth, that betokens the influence of the spirit that is gone. Montrose TVibune. Advertisers will find this an unsurpassed medium oJ publicity, as the Horticcltcral Review circulates extensively in every Slate in the Union. Advertisement inserted at the rate of $10 per page. WOOD ENGRAVING. requiring Wood Engraving, can have their orders executed iu an unrivalled manner. Special attention is given to views of ANIMALS; an experienced English Draughtsman isengaged for thisexpress purpose. Persons living at a distance can forward a daguerreotype of tho object by maii they wish engraved, which will be a sufficient guideto obtain a perfect facsimile. Stock Breeders will be dealt with on very liberal terms. Olr Exchange List is already very large. A further extension is not desired, unless publishers are willing to give the above advertisement several insertions in their respective papers. Agricultcral Book can be furnished on eyery useful subject,rom both English and American publishers, by enclosing to our address the price of the book requir ed. Spoclmen copies will be forwarded on the receipt in postage stamps. C. REAGLES, Publisher, Those Dec 19, 18556 2d8 Broad wav, New York. m. tf. HAVING associated myself with W. C.onNesbit, of Ky., to sell Georgia lands commission at private sale, we offer our services to ownors of such lands, and to act as agents to protect the tamo from tax sales and fraudulent titles. Owners living out of the State are continually losing their lands by tax sales or intruders under false titles, and It Is tho interest of ownors to have au agent in the State to protect their lands. J. C. EDWARDS, Macon. Georgia. W. C. NESBIT. Hawesville, Ky. EltrKRtJfrM. H-- V. Johnson, Mlllidgeville, Ga.; Col. Polasw Holt, Macon, Ga-- ; Col. Y. T. Watkiks, Macon, Ga. March. 19, ly. FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. OF LONDON. Authorized TO RE CLOSED OUT CHEAP! THE STOCK OF CLOTH St. Clair street, will be G at No 3 Browns sold at extremely low prices, in order to close the concern. There is a tine stock I A' of ready-mad- e Clothing, Underwear, &c., RLTEREKriS ATWOOD 5i IK Co., FHlLiPt LTHti. JOHK John Gates, Cl.uhokn & Co. KaRHCM, Groaot A. Stuart, Wm. M'Gn, k Co., Powers Wiioiitmah, Wuill.SrKi-miAgeut lor tiie united buiies 1 & Co. FKEDEK1CK. KATCHFORD ST A KH United States Brunch Office, Ho. 80, South Fourth t., miuuwipiua. Agent for Covington, Ky P. S. BUSH, Cornerof Madison and CooDer struts. In, uresthrouguout the State. Will furnish blank plications upon request. Hoy. 3o, ic05 BOOK Fifty-secon- d Volume: Tbe Pioneer Bagaxinc! F.lprriaUy devoted to the wants of the Ladies of America. LJ HERE this Magazine is taken in a bouse, uo other is M wauled, asit compromises all that could be obtained by taking three other Magazines. New Features for 1856. A new and very interesting storv will be commenced in January, by Marion Hnrland, author of "Alone," and "Hidden Path,"two noveisthaihavecreatedan Immense sensation in the literary world. Also Miss Virginia F. Townsend w ill commence in the February number a Nouvellette, which we know will strongly interest the readers of lheuBook." Stories by an English Authoress. How to make Wax Flowers and Fruits. With engravings. The Nurse and the Nursery. How to make a Bonnet. Troubles of an English Housekeeper. The Artef Sketching Flowers from Nature With engravings. To be copied by the learner on piper to be colored. Maternal counsels to a Daughter. Desinged to aid her in the care of hor health, the improvement of her mind, and the cultivation of her heart. New style of UluminittingWindowsaad Lamp Shade, with engravings. Poetry and History of FingerRings.illustrated; Shells for tho Ladies, and where they como'from, with engravings. thisis only giving an idea of ourintentions for 1858. New designsof interest to the ladies are springing up ovcrydaj; we shall avail ourselves of everything that can inlerestllieni. In fact,"Godcy'9 Lady's book," will possess the interest of any other three magazines. In addition to the above will be continued in each No. Godey'g splendid Steel engravings. One hundred pagesof reading. Godey's challenge Fashion Plates. In this as in every other department, we defy rivalry or imitation Embroidery patterns. Anv quantity of them are given monthly. Model Dress Dress kind of Cottages. making, with diagrams to culbv. patterns Infant's and Childrens Dree AU Crochet and Netting Work Cloaks, Mantelets, Tuliuas. Collars, Chemisells, Under Sleeves, Bonnets, Window Curtains, Broderie Anglaise Slippers, Caps, Cloaks, Evening Dresses, fancy Articles, Iluad Dresses, Hair Dressing. Robes for Night and Morning, CarriafB Dresses, Bridal Dresses, Wreaths, Mantillas, Walking Dresses Riding Habits, Boy's Clothing, Capes and Cloaks of Fur iu season. Crochet and Netting Work, printed in colors. DRAWING LESSONS for Youth. 1000 designs. Music, 83 worth is given every year; the Nurse and the Nursery, with full instructions; Godev's invaluable Recipes upon every subject. We would advise all who intend to sul, scribe tosond In their orders soon, for if we do not make duplicate stereotype plates, itwill beditlicult to supply the demand. We expect our list for 156 will reach 1U0.U0U copies. The best plan of subscribing is to send your money direct to the publisher. Thoso who send largo amounts had drafts, but notes will answer if drafts connot be procured. Letters had better be registered itonlycosts live cents extra, aud their sai'e reception isinsured. TERMS, CASH IN ADVANCE One copy one year, 33. Two copiesone year,S5. Three copies one year, $6. Five copies one year, and extra copy to the person sendingthe club, making six copies $ 10. Eight copies ono year, and an extra copy to the person sending theclub, making nine copies, $15. Eleven copies ono year, and an extra copy to tho person sending the club, making tw elve copies, 0. IHr'The above Terms cannot bo deviated from, no matter how many are ordered. Godey's Ladj ' Book and Harper's Magazine both one year for S4 50. ' Godey'a Lady's Book and Arthur's Homo Magazine both ono year for S3 50. The money must be all sent at one time for any of the Clubs. TTr Additions of one or more to clubs are received ax club prices. H7PA Specimen or Specimens will be sent direct lo any Postmaster making the request. irpw8 canalwayssupply back numbers for the year, as the work is stereotyped. hubicrlbera In Hie British Trovluce, ho sena for clubs, must remit 36 cehtsexlra on every subscriber, to pay the American postage lo the lines. L. A. GODEY, Address, No. 113, Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Nov. 7, 1855 w2am. ap- tf. HOME INSURANCE COMPANY finFliquors. ' r Proclamation by the Governor. 8300 REWARD. In the name und by the authority of the Comiwnuiealth of Kentucky. titHEKKAS, it has been made known to me thai Sam'l V H. Dtwa, who was confined in tho county jail of Spiincer county forthe murder of Samuel Linderman, Uid, on the atith October, Ino, escajK" from tlie jail of said county, and is now going at large. Now, therefore, 1, Charles S. Morehead, Governor of the Commonwealth aforesaid, do hereby o tier a reward STEAM SAW MILL FOR SALE. UNDERSIGNED intondingto leave the State Male their Steam Saw .Mill, situated one mile above Frankfort, with ten acres of ground at- THE at private tached. The Mill has one upright saw with lath saws attached, all of the latest improvements and in good order. The Mill is well loc;Hed with a good run of custom. The laths, for which there is a great demand, will nay a large portion of the running expenses. Those wishing to engage in the business would do well to cull and examine for the msolves. Frankfort, Sept. GILL & WATSON. 12 tf. Yeoman copy tf. Fall Style of Hats. NEW YOEK, o. 4, WALL STREET. CASH CAPITAL, 8500,000 OO AM'T OF ASSETS June 30, '31, 747,978 44 AMOCiVr OF LIABILITIES. 63,077 tiN This Company continues to insure Buildings, Merchandise, .Ships in Port aud their cargoes. Household Furniture aud personal property generally, against loss or Damage by Fire, on favorable terms. Lohi! Ctuitablv Adjusted aud Promptly Paid. Frankfort, y. LIFE INSURANCE. M Hayes, Craig & Co's and Oakford's, "Premlnin" tlatmauutactureuinUie U. S Call and see them. II. KVASS, Sept. 10. mMmm est JllfetiiEe. CHERRY PECTORAL, For the rapid Cure of II. WINGATE, Agent, IT VA iTuEX EFIT. Ohio Life Insurance Company, of Cincinnati. Ohio. $100,000 ALL PAID 7.V AJVD SECURED. undersigned having been appointed Agentforthe TIIE Company, is prepared to receive propositions for Insurance at his otlice in this city. Pamphlets containing the rates of premium, and full information in relation to Life Insurance, are furnished free of charge. COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSEXESS, BR0XCniTIS,WII00PIXG-C0UGf- l, CROUP, ASTHMA, AXD CONSUMPTION. Among tha numerous discoveries Science hat made in this generation to facilitate the business of life increase Us enjoyment, and even prolong the term of human existence, none can be named of more real value to mankind, than this contribution of Chemistry to the Healing Art. A vast trial of Its virtues throughout this broad country, has proven beyond a doubt, that no medicine or J. C. HERNDON. combination of medicines yet known, can so surely oon-rDr. Snekd cV Rodman. Agent. Medical Examiners. Feb. 20, 1852 tf. and cure the numerous varieties of pulmonary disoaw which have hitherto swept from our midst thousands and FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE. thousands every year. Indeed, there is now abundant reason to believe a Remedy has at length been found Hudson lifver Insurance Company, of Waterford, which can be relied on, to cure the most dangerous affecAew York. tions of the lungs. Our space here will not permit us to - $300,000 publish any proportion of the cures affected by its use, Capital but we would present the following: and refer further - $200,000! Cash Capital enquiry to my American Almanac, which the agents below 1HK undersigned having been appointed Agent to the named, will always be pleased to furnish free, wherein Company, is prepared to insure all property, are full particulars, and indisputable proof of these statesuch as is usually insured in the city of Frankfort and ments. vicinity, and upon shipments of Merchandise and ProOfllce ofTransportation, duce, upon as fair terms as any other responsible office. Laurens R. H. S. C, Aug. 4, 1853. All losses liberally adjusted and promptly paid. J. C. Aver. Dear .Sir, My little son, four yean old jr'Ollice near the Court HouBe. has.iust recovered from a severe attack of malignant Satisfactory references will be given npon application, Scarlet Fever, his throat was rotten, and every person a to the solvency of this Compauv. that visited him, pronounced him a dead child. Havinr J. C. HERNDON. used your Cukrry Pectoral in California, in the winter tf. Feb. 00, Agent. of 1850, for a severe attack of Bronchitis, w ith entire s, I was induced to try it on my little boy. I gave SAMUEL'S every three hours, commencing In him a the morning, and by ten o'clock at night. I found a decided change forthe better, and after three days use, he SAMUEL, Barbfr and Hair Dresser, is was able to eater drink without pain. HENRY inform his friends aud tho public that he is Itsuae in the above named disease will save many a again established in comfortde and commodious rooms, child from a premature grave, and relieve the anxiety and ready to attend to all who may give him a call. Hie many a fond parent. For all affections of the Throat of and new establishment is in the building of Col. Hodges, on Lungs, I believe it the best medicine A fooling St. Clair street. He solicits public patronage, ami hopes of the deepest gratitude, prompts mo extant. in addressing you that his old friendsand customers especially, who patron thepe lines, but for your important ized him before the lata fire, will now find their way boy would now have been in anotherdiscovery, my Utile world. back to his shop. I am yours, with great respect, Marcii 12.1655 by. J. D. POWELL, fcupt Trans., L. R. K. Kock Hill, (Summerset Co.,) N. J., July 21, 1852-Dr- . CHILDREN'S CLOTHING. J. C. Ayer, Since your medicine has been know n here, it has a greater demand than any other cough HAVE just received a small lot of FALL JjYD remedy we have oversold. It is spoken of in terms of I TF.R CLOTHJJfO FOR C11ILDRE.V, consisting ol unmeasured praise by those who have used it, and I COATS. PASTS, VESTS, OVEKCOATS, JACKETS, know of some cases where the best they can say of it, SCSPENDEKS, G LOVES, fec. Those who have child ret is not too much for the good it has done. I take pleasure lo clothe had better cull early . in selling it, because 1 know that I am giving my cusJOHN M. TODD. sept. s.'ti, tsjj. tomers tho worth of their money, and I feel gratitied in seeing the benetit itconfers. Sundries. Please send me a further supply, and believe mo Kuckuts, Yours, with respect, JOHN C. WHITLOCK. NAILS, Sardines, Easkets, Mackerel, Cigars, Tobacco, Powder, Lead, Shot, Pepper, Spice, P. S. Almostany number of certificates can be sent Candles, Soap, Indigo, Table Salt, Crackers, Soda, Black- you, If you wish it. ing, &c. &c. Winsor, C.W.,Jnne 26, 1852. Aug. Si. laS. w. H. K.EEXE. J. CAyer. Kir: This may certify that I have used your Cherry Pectoral for upwards of one vear; and it is my sincere belief that 1 should have been in my grave GAS ere this time if 1 had not. mo of a dangeryEXSARD oi CO., Lexington, Ky., beg leave to in-I- ous affection of the lungs, It has 1 curednot overstate my and do form the citizens of Frankfort that thev have on I tell you it is a hand a largo stock of GAS FIXTURES, including 6, 5, convictions whenvery respectfully, priceless remedy. Yours 4, und31ight Chandeliers, 2 and 1 light pendents, 3 fold 1). A. McCULLLV, Attorney at Law. 4 fold and single Bracks, Drop Lights, die all manuWilksbarre, Pa.. September g, 1850. factured hy Messrs. Cornelius, Baker & Co., PhiladelDr. J. C. Ayre. My dear Sir, Your medicine is much phia, and will be sold as low as thev can bo had West of approved of by those w ho have used its composition ii Philadelphia and put up, if desired", In the best manner. suchastoinsureand maintain its reputation. I invariablv We would also be pleased to RUN PIPE In stores, dwellings, or public houses, on tho best possible terms, recommend it for pulmonary I affections, as do many of our political physicians. am vour friend. having superior workmen now engaged in the business CHAS. STREATEK.M. D. for us in Lexington. We ask a cull. Prepared by J. C. AYER, Chemist, Lowell, Mas KENN'ARD A CO. Sold by J. M. Mills, Frankfort; Dr. B. Cloak. VerAlways on hand, a laire ttock of CARPETING. CUR-- 1 sailles; Ym. Wilson, Mortonaville; J. Law AIN GOODS, PAPER HANGINGS, and PIANO renceburg; J. L. Ellingwood,Shelbyviile, Dedman,Agents and by ORTES for sale on reasonable term. K. 4 CO. in every town in Kentucky. Lexington, Jan. 4, ltfrl tf. Bc. 5, laSS wlw3m. CAPITAL STOCK, which will bo sold very low for CASH, as the business must be closed. AU persons indebted to Die firm are requested to come forward within sixty days and settle up, and those having claims against us will please present thein immediately. SOLOMON WEILER, Oct. 19, 1855. CHAS. B. GETZ. a to,ooo,ooo Capital Aug. S9, lBjj. The Old Weiler House 10, 1cCj. To Owners of Georgia Land. Gov. PROFT8ELY &c, are illustrated and described OFFICE , of Three Hundred Dollars forthe apprehension of the said Samuel 11. Dews, and his delivery to the jailer of Spencer countv, within one year from this date. .V TKSTlMOXr H'HLREOF I have STRANGE DEVELOPMENT. hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of Men are daily bringing to light new ) L. S. the Coinmonweahh to be atlixed, done al SCIENTIFIC the march of progress is onward; perFrankfirt, this 1st day of November, 1S55, and ( sons Bald, or becoming so, will be pluased to learn that iu the ti4lh vear of the Commonwealih. Science and long research combined, have brought beC. S. MUKK11HAD. By tho Governor: fore the public the greatest wonder or the aok, in the 'Mason Brown, Secretary of Stale, article of EMERSON'S AMERICAN HAIR RESXOK.A-T1Va sure cure for Baldness, and to prevent Hair DESCRIPTION. fromfailinir. See circulars, to bo bad of Agent. Said Dews is about five feet two inches high, heavy Sold by J. M. MILLS, Agent. built, I arge hands and feet, coarso sand hair and a SadC. E. Fisher & Co., Proprietors. dler by trade. No. 57, superior St., Cleveland, O. September AND LADY'S FOR 1856. It". FRANKFORT, KY. pipe superior (extra) HALFpipe superior old Pale old Pale Otard Braody; would notify his friends Otard Brandy; THE undersigned that he has purchased the and the generally, interest i pipe line Pule Brandy, F. Robins 6c Co.; of J. T. Luekelt in this old established and well known n,ie tale Brandy, Girard; ."4 P'P Hotel, and will continue to entertain the public in the a pipe fine London Dock Brandy; ' ca-best manner that the markets, A c., w ill allow. He has old Madeira Wine; Win. K. Taylor, engaged the services of his 2 j casks Howard, March 6i Co.. Madeira Wine; to a large portion of the traveling who is well known cask Howard, March & Co., Madeira; community, as a man of business, aud who will have t cask Howard, March 6z Co., Madeira; charge of the oflie. He asks the patronage of the pub3 ?4 casks Pale Sherry Wine; ic and will endeavor to deserve it. 4 cast old Scotch Whisky; BEN. LUCKKTT. Mny23,lH5j. casks old Port Wine; 2 bottles) Stiil Catawba: 3 cases, i cases (4H bottles) Sparkling Catawba; FRANKFORT HOTEL, 10 baskets (Heidsick) Champagne; 4 baskets (Great western) Champagne. Corner of Broadway and Ann (Streets, 4 baskets (Ducal Grape) Champagne; FRANKFORT, KY. baskets (assorted brands) Champagne; undersigned havingtaken this well known house 5 bbls. superior old Whisky; THE D- - Meriwether) occupied by Mr. respectfully 30 bbls. superior 3 year old Whisky; solicits a share of the public patronage, and by close atsuperior S! year old Whisky. 20 tention to business, and keeping such a house as this for sale bbU.the barrel, gallon or in glass, bvOn h.tnd aud by heretofore has been, will endeavor to merit the uouUdoucc GKAY & TODD. Nov. 12,1855. of the traveling community. J. B. WASSON. June 18, lcG5 tf. FALL Y X the kin iu the world. Rural ArchifvU're forms one of the principal features. Each number contains from two to four engravings ot model cottages, from designs bv eminent and skilful architects. Space is al?o assigned to the tasteful art oi Landscape Gardening; engraved plans of gardens in every style, and adapted to tho peculiarities of different .Mykrs, Corner of Main and St. Clair Streets, AND REVIEW: 8CBLRBAA ART. Devoted to the Advancement of the Rural Int eU in America. mHISUcr.ccf'he Ifrgestand mostclaborato works oi PER R I AGRICULTURAL DEPOT, TODD. RETAIL DEALER & ST., BETWEEN CLAIR lecting Business Wo are at all times prepared to check upon the prin-ipcities of the United States, and to make collections lereoit. We will allow interest on deposits, lo be with rawn at pleasure, and transact whatever business is generally connected with private banking. Approvud paper can be cashed at any time during oflice hours, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. (Oct. 22, l- -. TJILL practice Law in tho Co a rts held in Frankfort U and unjoining counties, ne win, as lAnumi.ssiouer of Deedfj, take tuo acknowledgments of Deeds, and C.PROAL. PRE.IIIOI C.U ond See. Copper, Tin in all its various branches. He will also keep on hand the best HEATING AiND COOKING STOVES in the Western country. .;! kinds of job work executed with neatness and dispai h, and in a durable manner, all work done by him warranted to give satisfaction or no pay required. Ho pledges himself to do work on as good terms as any ho ic in the city, and hopes bv prompt attention to b'Jsiue.-;-, , receive n fair share of tiic public The office of this Company has been removed to Pinker ton's Drug Store ou Main Street, in Hanna's New Building, B- - , GRISWOLD, elsewhere. ed Iron Eaillngf, Verandahs, &c. ST. is large and well selected. The public are invited to call aud examine this stock of goods, and if they desire Law in all the Courts held in Frankfort to purchase now and good articles, will no doubt, llnd it WILL practice the adjoining counties. His OiHce is at his resi- their advantage. dence, near P. Swigert's, entrance on Washington street. Franktoit, March ltu u. Frankfort, Feb. So, 1849, 751-- tf. MORTON i I have a great variety of designs at the shop, and will furnish the work at manufacturers price. WILLIAM CR.A1K. Yeoman copy. Jan. 15, 1R5G. CONFECTIONERIES just imported from the East, and equalling if not sur passing in variety, elegance oi siapia na kbwnksh, any ever before ode red in this ruarkuL These articles are 11 new, having JOHN W. APPLEGATE, been purchased only a few uavg since from the best manulacturer.H of Philadelphia and New Attorney aud Couucellor at Law, ; York, aud are warranted of the best workmanship and VOTARY PUBLIC, and Commissioner to take Depo-- a la mode in pattern. The attention of purchasers is parsitions, the Acknowledgments of Deeds, Mortgages, ticularly invited to their unrivaled assortment of fancy MissouPowers of Attorney, &c.,lor Kentucky, Illinois, shoes for both ladies' and gentlemen's wear, selected for ri, Indiana, and .Now York. summer use, and to their superb stock of hats, of even corner of Fourth and Walnut Ms., shape ana hue, irom the recaercne wnuo s:is ventilated OiHce, North-EaJan. 11, 165U. head-piecCincinnati, Ohio. as light, serial and poetic as a fairy's dream, or a 20 cent straw hat. Their to tho woolen skull-castock of N. LINDSEY, T. A anu I.N ILL. CHICAGO, If. Aug. iU, M54 lit. ..r mmSk '1: Vmiy; WHOLESALE sou1 AND r iiiiuucii'u pledge myself to get up better work than has ever been finished in ran k ion, ana as ,' DABNEY JOHN M. HARLAN. SOLOMON 11 m f JOIRAAL OF t 'i, Third Street, Ofi'ositi Soctu end City Hall. W. & F. practice in the Coun of Koiiton, Campbell, Appeals, Grant, Boono, and Nicholas, aud the Court oflBj.1 tf. May 5, at rankfort. Omn, FRANKFORT, MILLER. 11. BUSINESS. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ATTORNEY AT LAW, &c, &c, verv respectfully inform the citizens of Frankfort, iyiAvl best style. I have "nOULDthe public H that ho haslaken the Tin fljj.'gpsf.secured the services of Shop and formerly occu),:..d by bis fath.-r.anintends carrying on the l, CLOTHING EMPORIUM, H. ib' j'j'jnotice an in the THE LEGISLATURE: ar.d may bo obtained at Just Cap3. Which persons wlsirngto purchase would do w ell to call and examine before buying elsewhere, as I am Jetcr- mineu to sen upon as uvorablc terms as any outer nouse in tho city Oct. 21, 1P.')3. WM. M. TODD. A 128. STILL GREATER ATTRACTIONS! GODEY'S THE NEW VOKK Books, Stationary, Boots, Shoes, Hats, e Vtr thiup- in lh ikVit 2 IU 4 S. S. Mvliolns, PROVED AND ADOPTED BY THE LEGISLATURE: Monuments, conTombs, wi tinue to &e., I will order finish to Monu menu. Tablet, Tombs. Head Stone. NO. HORTICULTURAL I HAVE had the above armed establishment noallvre-- I fltled.and have Just received mv FALL, and WTNTEK purchased supply of , 6. Nurserymen, Fruit Growers & Farmers. BOOKSTORE, lair Street. of KNIGHT fc CLARK their entire stock of past-pui- d By C. A. WIcklliTe, S. Turner, ( KY Marble Our ternn fjr advertising, either in the Weekly Commonwealth, will be as liberal' as in any 'of the newspapers published My entire stock of Clothing was got up by the celebrain the west. ted establishment of W. T. Jennings Sc Co., Aw York, busine33 should be and are WARRANTED to be made in the MOST APXT All letters upon PROVED STYLE AND MANNER. to insure attention. Persons wishing to purchase, and all others, are in- REVISED STATUTES St. Post-ofllc- FRANKFORT, l"&5 27, No. I, Svviscrt's Row, Si. Clair Street, FRANKFORT, KY. WILLIAM CRAIK, Opposite the WINTER I am now receiving mv stock of FALL AND consisting CLOTHING AND FURNISHING GOODS, in jian oi Overcoats, Business Pants, Oversacks, Business Vests, Dress Frocks, Shirts, Dress Pants, Under Shirts, Dress Vests, Drawers, Business Coats, Half Hose, Shirt Collars, &c, &c. TODD'S MARBLE WORKS. rp 12 ST GOODS FURNISHING SZa WED- CO., & AMERICAN AND ITALIAN FALL AND WINTER CU.iniO.WVEALTil V rt'ILL BE PUBLISHED EVERY MOVDAV, NESDAY, AND FRIDAT, FEBRUARY NEW ESTABLISHMENT. FIXTURES!

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