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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1966

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EASLE . . WHITESB URG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY . APRIL 14, 1966 . . THURSDAY, . . PAGE . 6 Flemmg-Neo- n BOONE FORK COMMUNITY CENTER By BONNIE PROGRAM WILL BE DISCUSSED AGAIN AT MEETING MONDAY NIGHT DEMPSEY companied by his mother, Mrs. Essie Stapleton, who will visit Mrs. John Flcenor is feeling their with her daughter, Mrs. some better now, after sufferBobby Leonard, and her husband. ing from injuries received in a Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Collins fall while on her way from home and daughter Elizabeth of Garabout two weeks ago. den City, Mich., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stewart this week with Mr. Collins's (Elizabeth Flecnor) celebrated mother, Mrs. Larkin Collins of their 12th wedding anniversary Van, and Mrs. Collins's parents, onV Easter Sunday, April 10. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Dempsey Week-en- d of Fleming, and other relatives guests of the Paul Masons of Fleming were their here. children, Mr. and Mrs. Hillard Mary Lou and Sue Flecnor of Bates (Cam) and little daughter Logan, W. Va., were visiting from Lorain, Ohio, and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John Flcenor and and Mrs. Donald Mason and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Stewart and Vicky last week. daughter. The Masons' other son, Charles, didn't get home Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Holland this time. had as their guest over the EasThe John Fleenors were hap- ter week enuher brother, Ollic y to recel e a telephone call Nichols. rom tliclr son, Ballard Flecnor Mrs. Mary Wright is back home c f C incinnati, wishing them a stay in Louisafter a two-wehappy Easter. ville with her son, Howard Foshow happy it makes us to reter, and liis wife and family. Mrs, Wright saw her doctor for ceive calls and letters from our children who are living far a check up while she was there. from us. Our son Douglas She is feeling a little better. called last Saturday night to wish The Fosters brought her home us a happy Easter and me a hapand spent Easter nere with Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Foster's parpy birthday. But sometimes we nave to hear sad news too, He ents, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Flcetells us that his wife Jo had been nor, at McRoberts. They rein a very serious accident around turned home Monday morning. Christmas when she wrecked her Hillard Meade ana Mrs, Myra car on the expressway. She sufWright were married Saturday fered a fractured collarbone, afternoon at the home of Elder deep cuts on her face that reand Mrs. John E. Holbrook. quired many stitches, the loss Elder Holbrook performed the of several teeth and a knee inThe Meades left ceremony. for a trip to Ohio and Pennjury that required surgery. Her new car was a total wreck. She sylvania. Best wishes to them. wouldn't let him tell us afraid Other newly-we- ds are Ed Anwe would worry. We sure would derson and Mrs. Doris Brown of Imo, and a lot"; she is a sweet Fleming, Best wishes to them We are very" d.i hfr-in-laalso. tha.JJul she has recovered and Barney Phillips is feeling betable to be back at work now. is ter after a stay in the Whites-bur- g Mr. and Mrs. Orville Stewart, Hospital. He is home now who have been living in Lorain, but unable to be out for a while. Ohio, for several months, have Mrs. Kate Wright and daughmoved back here. The Stew-c- rc ter Kathy have Both had flu rewere m a bad car accident cently. Kate's son Michael c. tr.cir way home and had to left this week for the armed sersty i the Hospital for some vices. tune, but all have improved Mrs. Ruth Davis has been emnow. ployed as transportation aide for Visiting Mrs. Goldie Hawley the new day care center for prethis week are her son Charles school children. Mrs. Ruby end rrandson Donnie Conley of Smith was hired as homemak-e- r. S lutn Gate, Mich. They are The center is now ready to cilz vetting Mr. and Mrs. James start and will hold open house ua lc) end Willis Hawley. A on Monday, April 18. We are frtc d ci Donnie, Mickey Ritch--r. still trying hard to get our com.r,c with them. munity center started, Every- iiinp Mrs. Sadie Hall this thing seems to move so slowly, v.,c her children, Mr. and but we have been promised the f Irs. Cuger Hall of Conyers, Ga. j program if we furnish the buildUarrctl Hall of Maryland; Mr. ing and since we have the buildcuJ ' irs, Roy Stapleton and ing ready and waiting we don't 'iters, Kathy and Linda of J intend to give up. So every one who possibly can, please come to '. Ind. Roy returned J .n. Sunday. He was ac the next meeting, Monday, April ek ay 18, at the center at 7 p. m. Easter week end guests of Mrs. Goldie Sparks were her.children irom Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Sparks and four children; Mr, and Mrs. Pete Gonzales and five children and Mr, and Mrs. Toody S eals and baby. Mrs. Paul Essham received word sister, Mrs. that her Suda Kersey, who lives In San Pablo, Calif., fell Feb. 15 and' fractured a bone in her left arm and is still In a hospital. She has been very active until the last year or so. She flew back to Chattanooga, Tcnn. , to visit relatives every two or tliree years. Mrs, Kersey used to live at Millstone. Visiting the Paul Bashams last week end were their daughter, Mrs. Elmer Webb of Cold Spring, and her husband, and the Bashams' grandson, Carlos Webb of Covington, and his wife. Last Tuesday their son, John, and h(s wife of Cincinnati came for a few days' going out of the United States They also visited with Mrs, Basham's sister, Mrs, Gladys Kincer, at Neon, and her brother, Bradley Bcntlcy, and his wife at Wiiitesburg. Jolin Basham has just returned from Khartoum, Africa, where he has been working for the past two years as a supervisor of construction work. He will soon be The name of a daughter, Mrs. Janice Michael, of Detroit, Mich. , was unintentionally list of last weekfrom-surviving relatives of Arlic King, who died here An'f 4. visit. Name omitted a See H. B. Reedy for Earth Moving Ditch Digging Basement Digging Septic Tank Holes or Drain Fields H. B. REEDY PLUMBING & HEATING WH1TESBURG PHONE 2621 SEE THE BEST ON TRUE-TO-LIF- E w. I RCA VICTOR CLOR TV mt Mint 1 1 troici SPECIAL mm VALUE LHXUlMHGSSmU Catch all the exciting action in color so lifelike you'll compare it to color STARTING RIGHT! motion pictures! New Vista chassis combines with VHFUHF tuners and the amazing now RCA Tube to deliver sharp, clear pictures on all channels in unsurpassed natural color. Automatic Color Purifier "cancels" magnetism which may cause picture Super-powerf- ultra-sensitiv- e im M By V The DRUMMOND Mark XI Series GG 583 21" tube (overall diameter) 265 tq. In. picture A Happier Future in si V I the Making! habil that brings security and peace of mind for a lifetime cannot begin too young. Here, each of us are just a little bit happier when a youngster opens a Savings Account, and believe us, the amount is. beside the point. Incidentally, savings now earn an increased interest rate. You can make a younger someone happy, and yourself, too. A FM-A- M RADIO VALUE A Solid State line cord radio with tuned RF stage, AFC, continuous tone 4 The First Security Bank wnitesDurg The RAMSGATE RCC29 Series Neon The BEAUMONT Series 23' tube ' control and slldo-rulvernier tuning. Big 7" oval speaker delivers rich "Golden Throat" tone. Transistors provide Instant "warm-up.- " Dial light lets you find stations even In a darkened room. e (overell dlef.) 282 sq. In. picture SALYER RADIO CO. Whitesburg Phone 633-22- 57 flT H H W Vt

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