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Image 6 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 29, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

i 1 101 tile same may bought and sold the same, or in whose pofleffion "have been, fliall be as follows : I (insert the name) do solemnly sincerely and truly Iwear (or affirm) that the articles of merchandise specified in this entry, were purchased by me from (insert the name of the. person from whom purchased) and were sold by me to (insert the name of the person to whom sold) and that they were, not, to the best of my knowledge or belies, altered, or in any respect changed in quantity, quality, value or package, neceffary or unavoidable wastage, or damage only excepted, while in my or from the time of said purchase until the time of said sale. So help me God. pof-feffio- n, Di (Uirts fiom which goods may be exported, fubjeft to drawback. Certificate to be obtained, where they are exported from a diftr-.f- t different from that of it further enaEled, That the 'diftrias from r,ri wirpsnr mnrehandife mav be exported, fubieft to drawback, be only the diftrias of original importation, and those ports at which veffels from the Cape of Good Hope, or from anyplace beyondthe same, afe permitted to make entry : Provided nevertheless, That such goods, wares or merchandise as are imported into a diftria other than the one from whence Sec. 77. And be ,t,;,-v- , they are to be exported, shall not be entitled to drawback, mall be accompanied, with a certificate from the col- -' le&or of the diftria and naval officer of the same, is any, there; be, into which they were originally imported, specifying the marks, numbers and descriptions of the casks or other packages, with the names of the master and veffel in whjch, the time when, and the place from whence they were imported, and where the articles are fubjea to duty, by weight, measure or gauge, the quantity thereos: and where they are articles fubjeft to duty ad valorem the net amount of each package on which duty has been paid or secured to be paid ;' and in all cases the amount of the duties paid or secured to be paid thereon, and by whom, and the names of the veffel and master in which they are (hipped from such diftria, and by whom; and in order to entitle any person to such certificate, he, (lie or they shall make out an entry of all such goods, wares and merchandsfe, specifying the marks, numbers and descriptions of the mascalks or packages, and their contents, the names of the and the ter and veffel in which, the time when, by whom, master place from which they were imported, the names of the and veffel in which they were intended to be laden, and diftria in the United States to which they are destined ; and shall moreover prove the truth of such entry, in like manner as is before required for goods, wares and merchandise exported from a diftria of Original importation; which requisites being complied with, and the colleaor and naval officer, is any there be, satisfied therewith, they shall grant such certificate ; and such goods, wares or merchandise shall be entered with the colleaor of the diftria into which they shall be brought from the port or place of their original importation, by the,.person or persons so importing them, or to whom they may be consigned, Specof the master and Veffel in which, and the- cu- ifying ey - the-nam- es

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