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Image 3 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 29, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

97 3 the particulars, whenever required so to do J and ih case of Receipts to failure therein, (hall forfeit and pay one hundred dollars, to be J!e 8lven for recovered with colts, in any proper court having cognizance thereof, to the use of the infonner ; and is any officer of the cuitoms hall demand or receive any greater or other see, com- - oHf ofthe peflfation or reward, for executing any duty or service required cuftommk of him by law, he hall forfeit and pay two hundred dollars for ing unlawful each offence, recoverable in manner afortfaid, for the use of fecs" the party agg. ieved. And is any infpcclor,' gauger, weigher Penalty on or measurer, hall receive any gratu;t, see or reward for any public gaug- 'n services performed by virtue of this act, other than is by law er' ceitain dif- allowed ; or is any gauger, weigher or mealurer, employed as trifli, by the public, in the diilruts of Poitfmouth, Salem andigix tor Phi- - Pllve PhBeverly, Boston and Charleftown, Pro, iladelphia, Baltimme, Norfolk, and Portsmouth or Charleston, kmg'returni fliall gauge, weigh or nuafure, any article or articles other than without be directed by the pioper ofhcei, in order to ascertain the tua"y e to be received, or the di aw backs to be allowed thereon., ' Or hall make a iUurn of the weight, gauge or measure of any merchandise laden, or to be laden, on board any hip or veffiel for the benefit of drawback upon exportation, without having a6lually weighed, gauged or ineafarcd the same, as the case may require, aster such merchandise fliall have been notified to the collector and entered for exportation, they fliall for the first. offence, forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars, and for the second offence, fliall forfeit two hundred dollars, and be dif-charged from the public service : and is any inspector or other an officer of the customs, fliall certify the fliipmcnt of any chandife entitled to drawback on exportation, without having gjen "t-duly inspected and examined the same, aster he fliall have re- the permit for lading such merchandise, or is the amount tv Wlth such drawback fliall be eitimated according to weight, gaue drLyhk or measure, until such merchandise fliall be first weighed, gauged or mtafured, as the case may require, he fliall be to the like forfeitures, and be discharged from the public service. Sec. 74- - And be it further cnaEled, That all duties and sees In wIiat m0. to be collected fliall be payable in money of the United State?, mes the t!es "ie to in foregn gold and silver coinsj at the following rates j that is to say ; the gold coins of Great Britain and Portugal, of be paid" the standard prior to the year one thousand seven hundred and nes of ft. ninety two, at the rate of one hundred cents for every twenty- - reign coins, seven grains of the actual weight thereof; the gold coins qF France, Spain and the dominions of Spain, of the ftan lard prior tp the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-twat the rae of one hundred cents for every twenty seven grains and s of a grain of the actual weight thereof; Spanish milled dollars at the rate of one hundred cents for each dollar the actual weight whereof fliall not be less than seventeen pennyweights and seven grains, a. id in proportion for the parts of a dollar j crowi.b of I ranee at the rate of one hundred and tea N gjn-fuc- New-Yor- y h k, ll SauS-duti- es m mer-.?:rna'- ty ingthcu-du-ceive- ,e-- du-- fub-je- o, two-fifth- of or ct 0

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