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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 29, 1799

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

reyefrjHdraaauJlUgpilfta amk.rBauraapcsTjBM THE KENTUCKY GAZETTE, THURSDAY, August 29, 1799. No. 675. LEXINGTON: THOMAS HUGHES, son of John Hngbes dec will ihank anv person who will give him information itj whit part of Kentucky his mother lives ; her name is Mary Onrr, and is now the wile A lme addreffed to the Prtnte Edward Carr tins paper, containing the above information will 3W be luincient. Printed ft l in Bourbon county, near Hutchcraft's mill, Stoner's fork of Licking, a dark bay Mare, two old, ,4 nand, high, has a ft- -r on her face, ha on an old br II, Inanded on one side P B, and on the other side 1 li ; appraised to 40 dollars. iB outran Just GRAINGER & WHELAN, At tha (lore lately occupied bv Mi. Robert Barr, the following articles, VIZ : Allum and Madder, Young Hyfon, Pins, Hvlon, Kvfon Skin, & Queens' ware, Madeira, Bohe, C. y Sherry, Coffee, and C n Loaf sugar, Port 3 S" Pepper, French Brandy, Copperas, All of the bed kinds. Superfine Cloths, I Ladies' & Gentlemen's Prints, I falhionabie hats. Hosiery, The above goods will be sold by whole sale for up by the fubferiber, near TAKEN In Chancery. tlril up his appearance herein, agreeably to law, and the rules of this court; and it appearing 10 our fatisfaftion that he is not an inhabitant ot this commonwealth on the motion of the complainuit, by hiscounfel, it is ordered that the said defendant do appear here on the third dav of our next October term, arid answer the complainant's bill ; that a copy of this order be mlerted in the Kentucky May 7, 1799- 2 IC ' A Copy. 1110. HE fubferiber being duly autlijorized c Dotiiev, Alexander Parker of l. n. c. to settle the estates of Tames and William OF THE UNITED STATES, arker, dec onre nioie rcqaeils all those indebted TERRITfJRY Hi to either of them, by bund, note or book account, N. IV. of the river Ohio. TAKE NOTICE Ross county, fct. " on Wednefdav the 2d div of October will yJll tilt JJ Ulll IKUIU UI tJJLC II UC1 ilCAll & mnft ftf?v tstYrA tuill haM in rise of mMtA be sold to 'he highest bidder, wit an one mile of yy. T.KjQ. " taken to compel payment. . Watson's mill, on Boon's creek, Clarke county, W'uifltf jnurun ana A IflV Po lAr ot vs. - Fireign attachment. all mv Hock, among which arc foine valuable Hor r liertrand ir Jejje Euell, fes, Maies ard colts ; also, lonie laige Bees Stears, Lexington. Anaull 8fh. i7O0. -s e 4t o Cows and Calves, YounR Cattle, and a nuuibei of EAS writ W11, led outa of the of foreign attachment hath Sheep and Hogs. Twelve months credit will be NOTICE. Court of Common I'leas of given, the purchasers giving bond with approved fubferiber intending to start for the said county, at the sine of Meeker Cochran and lccumy. a uc iaic iu uviu hl isiiw ...vbi M A Philadelphia, on the 10th of September next, co agaitalt Bertrand and lefle F.well. nmrnnhl. tr. tl Frcquelts all thole indebted to him by bond, note or by e alorefaid term, for five hundred dollars damage, 2W virtue whereof, the sheriff ot the said county August 12, I799- book account, fco make payment by that day. A proper regard to this request. will produce the belt bath attached sundry credits of the said Bertrand and Jell Ewell, in the said county. poflible effects. RUN AWAY Notices U given to the said Bertrand and Jeffe fnbftnber on fie night of the 14th Ewell oi tfceir attorney, that unlets they appearand I?ROMthe CATO, a negro man, about 2J 'year give fpedial bail to the action, judgment will be en 4t of age, remarkably flira made, yellow complexion, Lexington, August 8th, 1799 tered agiinft them, and the credits afordaid dispoauoutofeet high. As he has lived five or fixve.irs fed of agreeable to the law in such case adopted. THE SUBSCRIBER with Mr Craig at Georgetown, it is probable he 4t EDWARD TIFFIN, Proth'y. He was lor declined the mercantile business, maybe lurking in that neighborhood HAVING all those indebted to bun to corny JohnS-Wills- , Counsel for plaintiff. merly the propeity of Mr Thomas Wooltolk and pay off their refpeftive accounts immediAVhoevei appreliends said ncgio, and delivers him ately. Thole who are unable to pay at this time, to me in Scott county, on MTonnell's run, or le NOTICE. and whose accounts arc unsettled, are requested to ones him so I get him, fl'ill b amply rewarAM afttlrorixed to build BOOKER's PATENT and dole the ded, THRESHING MACHINE, within the state of i tall tail to comply fiune, by giving their notes. Ifl any with this request, by the Joth of Kentucky, which I am disposed to do on the moil Smith. September nctt, they will be considered as unwilmoderate terms, the whole expence of one not 3f August tj, 1799 Vn ling to p ly t' eir just debts, and proper steps immeto more than one hundred and fiftv doldiately taken to. tin recovery thereef. lars. ThetrutLllty and expedition in threshing,may up by the li uicnbcr, be known on viewing the one built for Thomas J3arr. Elkhorn, hve miles below GeorgeHait jun clq. near Lexington, ot which there is a Lexington, August I Jth, 1799. tf town, a lorrel mate, ele.en years old, imue .vl ite ctrtihcate herewith inserted. Mr. Cuthbcrt Buiks, of Lexington, will, on application of those who may ha.ii in her t nehctd, fomc laddie spots, both hind C. FREEMAN, wi(h to employ the fubferiber, give teet white, natural pacer, appraised to 91. ciery informa ition when and where he is to be sound. Physician & Surgeon John William MalTie. RESPECTFULLY informs li friends and the Scott eotintv, lulv 2Bth, 799- t returned from the Indian .oxiagton, August 13th, 1799. towns tiom the Northwestern territory, with a fresh WMEHKAS, an advertisement has appeared in supply of different kinds of herbs, roots, plants, &c. ot the 8th inft (limed by Wil I do certify that William Maine has built for me used in the healing art Ire continues (with the ham Vauters, setting lortti the intended sale of se a threfiiing machine, which he finished this day: blefKng of God) to perform cares in an easy, safe I think it inv duty to can veral tracts of land that in order to try it, I had some Rye hauled to mu expeoitious manner, without the lead injury tion the public against any purchales that they might my barn, all of which, with one horie, wasthrefhed o the constitution viz: Fevers, inflamations. e- be inclined to make Tl e propriety of doing so iruptions, hcmoragesBuxes, sits, cramps, convulfi-ons- , out in e minutes, that we then cleaned it, will appear, when the following particulars are rei head ac'., sore ees, bleeding at the nose, colds, together with what mattered out in moving the sated grain to the machine, which, when cleaned, nuafu-reNotwithstanding patents have iflued to some of tuugiis, pain in tne oreait, Ipltting ot Stood, pains twenty seven bushels. I do also certify that it in the ttomach, indigestion, night sweats, inward dethe repiefentitnei of ones & Mav, vet they can bilities, low Ipirits, vapours in men, hysterics in was threshed as clean as have generally had it not claim tiiofenCntlei any equitable title what women, difficulty of making water, bloody urine, done with flails. ever. It is cftailiUat a contract was made be costiveness and rheumatism, effectually destroys tween me and those persons, for the conveyworms, cures and wandering pains ar ding in difance of one fourth of said lands, 14th March, 1799. their ferent parts of the "body, the effects of the improper agency in the management ot the affairs of those use of mercurv, green wounds, old foies, ulcers, lands, was deemed satisfactory. Bjt nothing hav burns, scalds, cankers, scald head in children. AWAKEN up by the fubferiber, living nig been done, they ncvei having discharged rhLir and fiilulas, the whites in WoineB, and all feminaW riser, near the mouth of duty as agents, no claim in either law or cquitv, ISupar prert . n ....... 1. Cnr ...a. ... anr1 u.qrtin. sit. wsaxneues m lotniexes, and all venomous biteseil ui O" - ", nf.t.t- JW..b. ir .mu 7.u l.l.K .. can be nnue to compel a conveyance, or to jiiltify Jey; the mare eteht vears old. hind feet white, some fcftually cured. any step? fiat they may take li a former adver yearV saddle spots, no brand oerceivable. has on a five The many tifement is attended to, it will there appear, that I part, which willcures performed within sour Aniline bell, marked EK. the colt, chefnut forte, a sully appear (to any gentlernan wfifi have forewarned all peifons from purchasing under will please star in her sorehead, appraised to 61, 10s. to call upon hnn, being too lengthy'for alignments Irom me This furelv would not be this paper) by papers acid vouchers of cures performdone it the unsettled affairs appertaining to the lands, ed now his hinds pioperly.attefted, and whole auI will, however, did not justify furh a mealure June 2fith, 1799. thenticity cannot be denied leive the business to be truly represented before N. B. He has taken an elegant large commodious Is it should appear on a settle house on Highftieet, good men. THE CREDITORS OF mahealry part of the town, ment, that any money D10 .Id be dae to the above for the reception of persons who are affected with GEORGE NICHOLAS, deceasep, named leprefentatives, I will discharge the amornt. diseases, (and reside at a distance ;) they must find by bond, account or It it mould also appear that they are entitled to any may think ptrt of the lands mentioned in the agi cement beg their own bedding. hisSuch as may depend proper to put are requested to tranf-m- it themfelvos under care, on the great tween myfelfaud the said Jones and May, I will for'' est to the fubferibers copies of such attention being paid to them in the faithful ever rulinquilli any fuither claim to that part. Bus of hii duty, and the raeft reasonable chare-gebonds, accounts or other eidence of until this lettlement takes pi ice, I am in duty bound None need apply unless they to protect that property which I consider my ow n, property to pay for the medicine have money or their demands, with the credits, &c. bereceived, or can by every legal titk:, that can be attiched to it. Mr longing thereto, as soon as pofiible. give approved fecunty, payable in sour months. I ewis, and the representatives oi May &i Jones, are Lcxinirton. I4th AntrnfK noo The fubferibers have been appointed 4t "' t icrefore forewarned from selling any lands whate. Executors of the last will of laid deceasi (and purchasers are alio cautioned) that have ed, and having not yet qualified, cannot, b"i i lfligied by patent from me to those reprefen commiffioners tattves. I am, however, much aftonilhed that Mr appointed by until that is done, pay or receive anv Lewis (houldhave those lands advertfed when he well court of Bourbon, will meet on monies due by or to laid deceased, but knows Mat I hae disposed of a pait of them, and the 10th day of September next, at the house of Rothat the purchafcis arc now in polleflion. These bert Rayburn, on Hingftons fork ot Licking, and are desirous to acquaint themselves sully lands surely would not have been disposed of, proceed to take the depositions of fundrv witnefTes. with the amount thereof, that measures less I had lome title to do so That have thisti ito perpetuate their testimony refpefting an improve may be taken to settle them as soon as tie, and that it has not jet been doubted, those who ment made by Jonn martin, in a lettlement and polfible aster administration of the will is are acquainted with the business ate willing to tef, Dre emotion ot fourteen hundred acies of land cran tilv But not vithftaading, I have made innumei fted to John Calloway, and patented in the name of granted. ble efforts to have it placed in a fair point of views laid Calloway, and John M Clure, and do such other MORRISON, Lexington. and to bring about an equitable settlement, yet afts as may be deemed neceffary to perpetuate J. H. DAVEISS, Danville. steps have been taken that cannot sail to make an August 1, 1799. 8w unfavorable impretlion on the public mind. I ap Flanders Calloway, & peil to Mr. Vauters, whether my propofitionshave The fubferiber will attend at the office of Jonn M'Clure. not all been fair and honorable j whether I have August said deceased, on the 10th of October next, and isth, 1799- not frequently endeavored to bring the business to from thence until the end of the month, for the an nine, and finally to determine it to the mutual puipofe Ol'dellverins out the oaners hplnrxrino. in up by the labfcriber, on fatisfaifhon of all parties concerned. s in which ne was employed attendanct Garrard countv, two horses, one a yaiv-suitFrom thfe repiefentations the public will see 01 an nis clients, in the above time is requested. the reatons by which I havr heretofore been govern bay, about fourteen handi high, seven years old, JOSEPH H DAVEISS. ed in this business. They cannot ul to randed JO on the near buttock, two saddle spots, . . 1..1 ne on each side, a white soot near his lest eai, wuivn mai juuiic, ...1 L every man is entitled to, wnn FLAX-SEE- D I he othei a lorrel, about acting unaer tne influence of right which he clea; apprailert to sit. 'five feet high, five vears old, branded E on tne near ly connoers as nisown. LSUB5CRI3FR HAS A QUANTITY Of August, B NETHERLAND. moulder, both hind feet white, a ftai in his TFLAX-'iEE- D OIL some saddle lpots, apprailcd to 18I. A "'. DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARD WARE, QNEENS & CHINA WARE, I tf Lv7" 7 1 """" """ v 7-L- Which - one thousand acres of land Poages creek onathoufand acres on Plea- ant run, and hve and fiftv six acres on Highland creek, all in Cogan countj, the of Francis Brooke. The object of the.e leases , to put the land, or a rvirf ni ,r ,n i liti ti iiaic r run- .- -. nuvantageous contracts may be made by huiI i. GEORGE - liin ; Moore. , .r " P4-- lhortelt notice. 6vr August ', N. E. anted to purchase, a quantity ot L mb's Wool. Hobert V WANTS EMPLOYMENT, IN the Mercantile line, Accomptingroom, private ! 1 U WEIGART, HATTt-R- f NFORMS bis friends and the public, that he haj I removed to Lexington, and taken the im.r,. f.-- merly occupied bv Mr. Jacob Kner, black fmirt, on Hurhftreet, next door to MelciorMvei where be intends profecutinp hi? Infinre in ... .w branches I hose who u II pWie to f a nr - n- ith their custom, may depen on wing t.ieirwo, k done in the neatest and belt nn.iner, ana on the I J fj 7 Henry Clay. for-wai- d TAKEN he will sell on moderate terms for CASK. Lexington, June 12th, i''99. To be Leased. Alex. Parker. Rodes IL J7 OR a term of years, I on L'THE James Moore. c. L. D. HAS just received from Philadelphia, a geneial - That " Teite, iho. Bodley,. c. mediately aster divine lervice, at the door of the Prefbyteriafl meeting home m Lexington. A Copy,. Tette, HMtp I - "J Gazette or Herald, according to law, another polled at the door of the court house for Fayette county, and that tins order be pubWberf on lome Sunday immediately aster divine service, at the door of the Prefbytenan meeting house, in Lexington. ii .l.iWii. iuuuuuu,n Henry liannels, fen. """" defendant, Berry, having sailed THE . 799- - LAST NOTICE. 1799 July term, 1799. ThMius WfrClanaban, complainant, against B,nji,nm Berry, and Marattis Cabnes yan. defendants. AUJIINST sailed to enter their appearance herein, agreeable to lawjknd the rules of this court, and it appearing to uuaiiion mat tney are not innauitants ot thl coiitijjonweald; on the motion of the complainant, I .ir - K 1 tin uy t-Lilt,k rvv.n umpi, it it ordered that the laid defendants in Garrard county, 9. yt.lfeftlre, 4 soars "Hi 'gJfciV c Mac en the tMfd dv of our net Odb- hand 5 inches high, vtitt ll Ur in her tore bef court, and answer the complainant's bill : that head, branded with I) onlier near shoulder, and R a copy of this order be mlerted in the Kentucky Ga on her near buttock, a good 9s bell on, with a leazette or Herald, accoidmg to law ; another polled ther collar and double' buckle; appraised to ial. 10s. at the door of the court house for Fayette county, and that this order be published on some Sunday ttn W. Grainger ij, 7" Hen-defendants rHE MBnde, and Jamts M'Bride, havingI ry William M'Bnde, Matthew M'Campbell. "1 June 3, CASH. Lexington, August STATE Of KENTUCKY. Lexington Difhift Court In Chancery. of Dick's river, a roarr Mare a- bout 14 hands hijh, appears to be old, branded on e near inouiacr u; apprauea to 31. 9 STATE CF KENTUCKY. Lexington District Court July term, 1799. Marh (' complainant, James M'Kride, Henry M Br lie, William M'Brlde, Jrme Birules, Sirab Bouhs, and Elizabeth Boulej, heirs at law cf J imrs Ml Bi ide deceased, and Clemait Bell ani Margaret bis utft., Brice Steele, Ami Steele, Jenny SteJe,Jtbn Steel, Steele, and William Steele, heirs at Iru of Andrew Steele deceased, dt feiuLuits. John .Hairy. August 17, 1799. recehed, and for sale by price Fifteen Shillings per Annum. by JOHN BRADFORD, (On Main Street) "TTAKFN up by the fubferiber, living r' Vol. XII. or juuiliaiy unicc, A TOUNG MAN. 4 Acquainted with business in the above capacities, ano wno can oe recommended to the latisucnon the emplover. Letters, puit paid, directed to T. C. L at the Office of the Palladium in Frankfort, or B. Bient's tavein in Lexington will Le duly attended sixty-thre- to. d , tf Jufif 10, 1799- - 1 A Thomas Hart jun. fi-- ottnHmr uvkhiiuHiivw nil. ea. A P WILL 111 Blank Deeds for sale at this Office. April 6th, Jeremiah Tungate. 1 799. , - Which he OF GUOQ will sell at a Ql ALITY. reduced pi ice for Cafli. FAMKi MOKRISON. Lexington, July ift, '99, yt Chi, V Lorumur, in M-- j houle, High ftreqt, on the 19th inft' be opened by DANCING SCHOOL, 1 1 CHEAP GOODS. V tore-hea- Williams. t A JAMS OIL. iYT at the reasonable rate of sour dollais per quarter. one halt paid in advance, and the remainder at the expiration ol the quarter. 3t Lexington, August 2th, 799. a- j Z. up by the fubferiber, lh irg John May 1799. 1 it - of Stoner, in Clarke county, z black horse, 14 and a hail hands high, a (tar in his sorehead, both hind feet and a part of his leg i hite, branded on the near (boulder and buttock S, sour ears old j appraised to 15I. THAT .. aWl Michael JHoiinta. TAKEN A 4.1 1799- 3 s. TAKEN The fi w. Mackbean, Sec.P e t Ml ns fltpru mpmluii- - it iiartir.ilnln X. n. nvuiijT ituucir." inwiuuki u ay oracr oi mc vice irenuent, is to forewarn any person or persons tfront for a bond given by me to a cdrtun Spencer GrirSn, of Lincoln countv, and state of Ken-tack- y, for tue bundled pounds in horles, whicllfnd bond was given the 20th dav of Apul, 1799; Und which bond I have have paid, and will not puv i without compelled by law Cnen under hiy hand this 19th day of August, 1799 James M'Kinney. tefti-mon- be, Y THIS WHETHER Vc-- ttniJrttw-auiiE- w August, Jift, 1 t .i heldat A 01 Mr Robert Megowan's tavein, winLeSington, fj in on gaturday the 31ft inft at 4 Vclok pio-ije- 111 QUARTERLY MEETIn tne or. THE SUBSCRIBERS fTAVE jolt received and How opening a. A tor tale, at their Hoe oppoute the maiket house, I eslngfon, a veiy larjje and elegant ailortment of MERCHANDIZE, fnitable o every season, v bich t'iey 'v .P certainly fell'low for cash tnc iiom tl ? vtiy low prof.t they now sell it, no cremt can be given. TUOTTEJl ir SCOTT. s.

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