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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 21, 1910

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian The Jeffersonian wants to do your job printing. Prices lower than in the city. Louisville Times and The Jeffersonian one year, by mail to any address . . $4.50 ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED. ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY said his record was all that he could point to and he must stand or fall by it. Senator Newcomb followed with splendid address and was greeted with tremendous applause. He said Writes A. 8. C. About Cold Spel Banquet in Honor of Jefferson The First district may claim the in April. lighting forces, but Louisville and County Legislators. county claim the old guard Jefferson which never surrenders. The Dem ocracy of Jefferson county is a re Women Fighting the Wedding ComServices in Last General Assembly united militant force. The victory Enemy, Dirt Other Items of last fall proves it. Under the Optimistic Speeches Praise mended W. O. Head gallant leadership of Worth Reading. For Hon. L. C. Owings. and others, we charired to a glorious "TOLD YOU SO" DEMOCRATIC Hibbs-Bal- d victory." h The banquet given at The of the Saturday night in honor Democratic Senators and Representatives from Louisville and Jefferson county in the last General Assembly was one of the most enjoyable Democratic love feasts that has been held in Louisville for The many a dav. Democratic spirit was in the air and could be sniffed at every angle. Two hundred or more of Jefferson county's sterling Democrats were about the banquet boards and they cheered to the echo every speech that was made and there were Seel-bac- many. If. Emler, Sheriff of Jefferson county, was toastmaster, and he did his part of the programme in a most admirable manner. His introductory remarks in every instance were original and highly enjoyed by his listeners. i The editor of The Jeffersonian was honored by being requested to attend and never before have we sees the Democrats united as they are at s thistime. Representative ouu and he was the first speaker Senator Mark was well received. Ryan and Representative Cosgrove followed. John Letterle, representative from the 43d district, was ill and could not be present. He was on the xvuu-ert- Senator Thos. A. Combs, Represen tative Wm. F. Klair, Mayor John Skain. of Lexington, were present and made fine speeches. They show pd hevond a doubt that there was no longer any ill feeling between Lex ington and Louisville, which has been manifest in the past, and they were all gratified of the change. Mayor Skain said Lexington had helped Louisville in the General Assembly to get almost everything it wanted and that now Lexington had decided to make William Klair the next Sneaker of the House and elect Thomas Combs Governor. Mayor W. O. Head was greeted with great applause when presented He said he be by the toastmaster. lieved it was good to be at the meet ing, for everything was ripe for Democracy. He paid a humorous but splendid compliment to Toast master Emler, which was greatly en joyed by the hearers. .Indtre Shackelford Miller was in troduced as "the leading Chancellor in Kentucky and the next Judge cf the Court of Appeals from Louisville." Judge Miller said he thought the hitrh sheriff was out of order in in troducing him. He said he read most of the famous speeches made in this country, but none ever had such electrifying effects with the people as those made by Al Emler in the campaign last fall. In a more serious mood the speaker paid a high compliment to the Louisville and Lexington representatives, saying thatthey did their work well forwhich program to speak and sent his regrets. One of the speakers of the evening that received the greatest applause and one that made one of the best speeches was our own Hon. L. C. rwincrs rpnresentative from the he was grateful. county. He said it was both the Congressman Swagar Sherlev was place that gave him given prolonged applause when introtime and the profound pleasure to meet with his duced. Said he: with no studpeople ; that "I come here is only a gathering of Demo- ied oration, but with great words of "It crats that can make such a showing cheer. What happened here last year and in Massachusetts lately will as there is witnessed here All T want my constituents to say is happen all over this country. There that Iwas honest and stood ready to will be an end of Canoonism and we defend their interests. I congratu- shall have a Democratic Speaker of late you, my friends, on the remark- the lower house of Congress." The speaker said he was proud of ably good feeling that now exists between the people of Louisville and the record of Louisville's Representhe people out in the state. Your tatives in the Legislature. He paid representatives got about all that a tribute to the speech made by Senthey asked for. When was that ever ator Newcomb. He said it was worth the case before? All I have to say, coming a long way to hear. Relerring to national affairs, Mr. exercise the same judgment in selecin the future Sherley said Democrats would certing Representatives as you did last fall and you will get tainly come into power in the national capital again. what you want." The speaker paid a high tribute to Senator J. S. Catlett, of Princethestewardshipof Herman Newcomb. ton, who came up to attend the meet, There was much applause at the ing of the executive committee of mention of Senator Newcomb. When theKentucky Press Association, was he said Senator Newcomb would fill present and delivered a splendid the bill in a National office the ap- toast. He said he frequently visited plause was deafening. Mr. Owings Louisville andthatthe city wasonly second to Princeton with him. He said it was a pleasure to him to supCLASSIFIED ADVERTISING. port Louisville measures. Quite a number of other speakers Advertisements under this head One Cent deserve special mention, but for a word. No ad taken for less than 10c. lack of space we will not call attention to them. It was evident that For Sale. the Democrats are in earnest and that they have come to the conclu Fob Sale. Three Jersey cows, one with sion that if they want to remain in calf byside. JOHN PETRY. Old Heady Road. power they must conduct themselves, Jeffersontown. not for the benefit of individuals, Iron kitchen Range but for the good of the CommonFob in good order. Apply MRS. E. McKENNA. wealth. Creek Exchange. to-nig- ht to-nig- t. SALK-Wro- ught Home phone. Fern 44-- lt For Sale. Timothy hay baled or loose. J. W. JEAN & SON. Cumb. phone. Route 15. Jeffersontown. Baseball At Hikes' Point. The "Best Chewing Gum" team has charge of the Bauer's baseball park at Hikes Point and we are For Sale. One computing scale; several authorised to announce that a game top spring wagon. All show cases, one good at bargains. M. W. AGEE. Jeffersontown. will be played every Sunday after. noon between teams of the City League. The City League is comFor Sale. Fine Buff Plymouth Rock eggs posed of splendid players and some Or address for setting. Phone S. 1373-Mrs. S. D. THOMPSON, station E, No. 3. R. exciting games are promised. 42-t- 40-- tf i0li- F. D.. Louisville. - FOB Sale. S. C. Rhode Island RED EGGS all through the setting season at $1.00 per setting of 16: $5.00 for six settings. Address E. O. BORDON. Fisherville. or phone 49-- Jeffersontown exchange. 38-- Try Purina tf Chick Feed Wanted. Wanted A blacksmith, must besober and a good horse shoer. E. BURKHART. Fisher44-t- f- ville. Ky. Wanted. Strawberry Pickers every day after season opens. Fob Sale Cheap.-- U. S. Milk Separator J. T. GUNN. Jeffersontown. 44-4- t. Five fresh Jersey cows. Call WANTEd. SWEENY RANCH. Cnmb. phone, Jeffersontown. 40-t- Wanted You to come to The Cook Millinery store, 638 S. Preston. Louisville, for your hats. Bring this ad and get a 85 per cent reduction on same. 40-t- f. Wanted AT ONCE Farm hand, married, wife to do housekeeping: German preferred; everything furnished. Apply to J. W. HOKE, or phone Tne Jeffersonian. ersontown. Wasted. J. W. JEAN 42-t- f. Route 15, For the little chickens, Makes them grow. Bring Us Your Country Produce 44-- t. Jeffersontown. St. Matthews, R. R. 19. April 18 told you so!" That's the most gratifying statement a woman can make. Here is the fulfillment of my prophesy that we would have some stintrinif cold weather in April. But we are not complaining. There has been such a long spell of good season able weather for farm work, the early crops are in a flourishing con dition. All women folk in this community are on the warpath after their com mon enemy, dirt, That dreauiui housecleaning is in operation. It always gives me the "blind staggers" to even think of that battle, but 1 must follow suite, and if I perish, I perish. Carpets are swaying on the line, curtains in the stretchers; everything, indeed, is in a disman tled condition. Wait a week and all will be so spic and span, we will not . regret our In this life we derive our greatest comfort from comparison with what has been. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Dorsey are re joicing over the arrival of an infant son, who arrived on April 13th. Who can ever say thirteen is an unlucky number, after it has ushered in anoth er Kobert u. uorsey We extend hearty congratulations to these de lighted parents. Mrs. Matt Brady is entertaining visitors from Indianapolis this week. It means unalloyed enjoyment every minute of one's stay at the Brady home, and now, that a houseparty is being planned, composed of young people to meet Miss Hartman, extra good times are anticipated. The marriage of Mr. William Morrison Hibbs and Miss Edwina Lucille Bald will be celebrated at the Broadway Christian church Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. The bride's sister, Miss Elsie Bald, will be maid of honor: Mr. Phil Hunt best man. We are glad, indeed, that the young couple will make their home at Worthintfton, where thev have many friends and relatives. May they always be as happy and well suited to each other as they are now. But, remember the kindest pair, will find something to forbear, some thing every day they live, to pity and perhaps forgive. A. B. C. I hard-rabor- as Butter, Eggs, Chickens, Etc. We pay top prices for calves. Such SCHLANGE & YENNER, Bardstown Road and Bonnycastle Collins, of Louisville, visited Mrs. Chas. Watkins last week. Miss Myrtle Duncan, who is attending College at Bowling Green, spent the week-enwith herparents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Duncan. Mrs. Geo. Hardy went to Louis ville Monday to stay several days with her uncle, Mr. John Cain, who has been very ill. Mr. Jas Clore, of Decatur, 111., Mr. John Clore, of Brownsboro, and Mr. Abe Hardin were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Clore Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hall are re ceiving congratulations over the arrival of a little daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Jas Ellingsworth and Mr. Earl Ellingsworth spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hoard. Public school had its closing exercises Friday, ljuetta latcneii and Anna Tucker received prizes for the highest averages. Mrs. Caldwell has returned to her home at Rising Sun, Ind. Miss Kate Durr began a pay school Monday morning with thirty pupils enrolled. The Children's Guild of the Methodist church met with Miss Hattie Yenowine Saturday evening Rev. Wm. Burger, of Jefferson town, preached at the Lutheran church Sunday. After services he was the truest of Mr. and Mrs. A. C Durr. The Christian Endeavor Society will srive an ice cream supper at the Masonic Hall Saturday evening Pretty srirls will serve cream and candies. A good time is promised, and much fun will be derived from the fish pond where some splendid School Closed With Exercises Started New School All the Church and Other By Miss Mamie Clore. Middletown, April 18. Miss week-en- d Levy Fixed at Ida in Lou isville. Miss Madeline Lucas is very sick with whooping cough. Misses Lydia and Isabel Hardy were guests of Mrs. N. Brown Thurs day. Mrs. Ed. Pearcy, of Louisville, and Mr. Gerome Windstandley, of Evans-ville- , Ind., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kilbee last week. Mrs. A. C. Durr entertained Sat urday for Mr. and Mrs. Eliiah Yager and Miss Emma Yager. Mrs. Elwood Butler and little son, of Jeffersontown, spent last week with Mrs. Claud Tatchell. Mr. James Hockersmith spent the week-en- d visiting his mother. Mrs. H. L. Johnson, of the Highlands. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Swan and children, Gertrude and Marvin, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Swan. Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Lucy Maddox and Miss Mary Green, of Louisville, spent Wednesday with Mrs. J. H. Ellingsworth. Miss Lydia Rutledge, of Long Run, is visiting her aunts, Mesdames Deadman and Tucker. Mrs. Polk Hall, of Worthington, spent Wednesday with Mrs. John Reece. Mr. Wm. Hoard and son, Edward, have returned home from a week's visit to Mrs. Ben Baker and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Warfield, of Shelbyville. Mr. Wm. Swan spent Sunday with hft daughter, Mrs. Willet Strong, of Jeffersontown. Mrs. Walter Moss and Mr. and Mrs. Owen Corban, of Louisville, spent the week-enwith Mr. and Mrs Ernest Corban. Mrs. C. D. Conn and children, of Crestwood, were guests of Mrs. Chas. Gheens last week. Miss Margaret Smart visited friends in Louisville last week. Mrs. Elijah Yager had as her guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Levon and children, Catherine and Howard Misses Willie Mae and Catherine Cents By Fiscal 31 Court. Accurate Edge Selection Start in wifli a DEERE No. A Corn Planter Drop preat Twenty Per Cent Levy For Schools And $1.00 Poll Tax accuracy of naturally THE is what most. Deere vou terests In- Voted conuineedeselectlonof corneives the highest accuracvof drop att all. able. Kepeated tests show ten to fif teen bushels Der acre in favor of ac curate plantlns. This, combined with many other exclusive, aesiraoie iea tures. makes the No. 9 a profitable in vestment. You profit by the Increased yield due to perfect stand, by the addi tional years of service and freedom from break down. Most proeresslve farmers and planters won't have any other. Best informed dealers reiuse to consider nananug any otner. in vesiigaie me time saving and profitable reasons why. Main seed shaft driven directly by traction wheels takes all tho train from check wire, and avoids side draft. Compensat ing valves insure perfect check regardless of team speed. Instantly changed from check to hoppers very con drill drop. Tip-ovvenient in changing plates. Plates for corn, Mve sets always ail Kinas or furnished, standard runner, stub run ner, or single disc furrow openers, as ordered. Concave Increase Over 1909. By a vote of five to three the minority report of the Tax Levy Committee was adopted at Fiscal Court session Tuesday, and the tax levy for Jefferson county was fixed at 31 cents, an increase of 4 cents over the 1909 levy. The court also adopted a supplemental report o the majority committee, which pro assessment for vides for a school rmmoses in that part of Jeff erson county outside of Louisville. The levies for county purposes are practically the same as lastyear, but in addition there is a levy of two cents on the $100 valuation to pro vide for the construction of the Jeff Rardin countv bridge over Salt River, at West Point, in ac cordance with a decision of Judge Shackelford Miller. Orville Stivers, County Superin tendent of Schools, and several of the members of the County Board of Education, were in the courtroom waitintr for the matter of the levy for schools to come up. E.C.Wurtele member of the board, stepped up articles will be fished out. and whispered in the ear of Judge There will be union services at the Wpiasincrpr. Then he took up the Christian church Sunday night. Rev. written report on this matter, rec W. T. Miller of the Methodistchurch omme nded bv the whole tax levy will preach. There will be union committee. This provided for the services of the Epworth League and levying of a special tax of 20 cents the Christian Endeavor Societies nf fhp100 valuations for the schools befour preaching. of the county . It is to be paid on all Many from here attended the Sun property outside of the city, except dis convention at Anchorage such as lies in the Forty-sixtmaintained a graded Presbyterian church. Uuite an in trict where is teresting talk by Rev. B. H. Dement, school. This district embraces castWpst TTicrhland Park, Beechprofessor of the Bible School depart Seminary, Lou mont and Oakdale. ment of the Baptist ThpWvlast vear yielded about isville, was enjoyed. His subject was "Advantage of Grading the Sunday- - $40,000 for the schools of the county and this year is expected to yield school." something more, due to the increase It is with regret we announce, Mr. Frank Parr, who was in with i n thp value of the nronerty. Added the firm of Hauger& Fulton so long, to this will be the polltax of $1, which has moved to Kosmosdale, and start- - will swell the school fund by several into business for himself. Mr. thousand dollars. The money, which Herbert Cochran has taken Mr is provided for by the new school law, will permit educational board of the Parr's place. county to carw on the work as was outlined last year. All but MagiU. A. M. strates Dorsey and Hollis voted for this special levy, Mr. Hollis saying that- hp rhoncr ht 10 cents would be School With BreckenridVe To Present enougb this year. er 20-ce- nt wh?els.l Fertilize er attach ment that hills or drills, furnished ex tra. Every detail is worked out in the best manner. Come and keep posted. We have but briefly mentioned some of the strong features above. Or drop us a Dost card, and we will promptly send detailed proofs free. Deere goods are of the highest standard, and satisfy the most exacting. Ask for our latest corn book. Th whole subject of eatherln i. select ing, curing and testintr the as wen as man unir. irearea in small space, luuy illustrated; a. book for the man who wants better corn, Handsome pocuet ledger free or open tire in and see us Send for our catalogue. and Come Out with a far BetterCorn Crop THE SOUTHERN SEED CO., Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky. h day-scho- ol The largest and finest Shoe Store in the City Complete stock of new spring and summer All American Flag 8 $2.48 In turn and welt soles. Regular $3.50 values Also Men's Oxfords in all leathers, regular $2.50 and $3.00 values Boys' special $1.4H. Appropriate GRAND MASTER Liberty Council, No. 37, Junior Order United American Mechanics, of Louisville, will present a Bible aiid flag to the public school at Breckenridge Station, on the Jeffer sontown interurban electric line Sunday afternoon, May 8th. Exercises will commence at about 3:15 p. m., and although the program is not quite complete as yet, the children of the Breckenridge school will take part and several excellent addresses made, so we feel safe in predicting a good program. Mr. James H. Hambrick, of Louisville, Past State Councilor of the organization, will explain the object of the Junior Order United American Mechanics and why they present the Bible and flag to the various schools throughout the land. The Jr. O. U. A. M. numbers about three thousand members in Jefferson county, Louisville claiming a large majority of them, and there are over 15,000 members in Kentucky and upward of 300,000 in the United States, and it is the largest purely American organization in the world. The Junior O. U. A.M. is a patriotic beneficial orand ganization and believes that the Holy Bible should be read in every class-roothroughout the land, not to teach sectarianism, but moral excellence, and that the American Flag should float over every school house, during sessions thereof, that the little children may learn it to be a beacon light in every storm that might threaten our destruction. The order believes in compulsory education and that the schools should be conducted in the Englishlanguage to the end that the future generations may take their places as English speaking citizens of an English speaking race and that foreign languages should be taught only as incidental to a liberal education. n, m G. F. Entertained. Miss Lillian Roederer, of Hikes' Point,entertained a number of young folks from Louisville on Sunday, April 3. Those present were Misses Marie Keely, Geneva Keely, Isabell Roederer, Martha. Fischer, Ruth Fischer, Myrtle Fischer, Tillie Faul- stick,Edmond Cantrell, Ervin Hollin-seeFrank Wells,Ben Hilbers, Leslie Katzman, Raymond Stengel. d, Of The Grand Masonic Lodge of Kentucky Officiates at Jeffersontown Lodge Last Wednesday Night. Jeffersontown Lodge, F. & A. M., 774, was honored Wednesday nitrht of last week by haying the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the state, Mr. John H. Cowles, nrpspnt and uuttintr on the work in the Master Mason degree. tfro Chas. A. Gipe, Grand filer, was also nresent and acted as Senior Deacon. This was not his hrst visit to the lodge here, and as he is one of the best beloved brothers of the state, his friends were glad to nave him with them again. Those having the M. M. degree conferred upon them were Dr. W. Miller, Alex M. Rush. Messrs. Cole, Oscar Craig, Oscar Robert Hawes and Louis Bradbury. The Grand Master is well posted upon Masonry and it was a treat to have him here and do the work. After the lodge was closed the local lodge served ice cream, lemonade, cakes and cigars, which were throughly the newest styles. See our windows for the latest things in footwear. FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY LADIES' PUMPS in patents, dull leathers, cravanettes, etc-- , at - On May OXFORDS Extra Special J. 0. Exercises To Be Held. News of Interest. Dwinell spent the COUNTY TAX d MIDDLETOWN. d Jeff- 3C-- 3, Farm hand; will furnish house. & SON. Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, April 21, !910. Vol. 3. No. 44. $1.98 Shufit Co. No. 310312 W. Jefferson St. Incorporated LOUISVILLE, KY. Next Interurban Station. Finest Hardware and Stove House in the South. J. C. KIRCHD0RFER Hardware, Stoves, Tin and Paper Roofing Refrigerators, Screen Doors and Windows, Oil and Gasoline Stoves, .V 1) si raillts, 1' arm!.. J aim ui u s i its. tS5; IT! See our line of Fire Proof Safes, from $5 up. & Wm - L. 1 I p r f mm Agents for Michigan Wire Fence and Poultry Netting. Agents for Westermann's Veterinary Remedies. Louisville. Cor. Baxter and Christy Aves., Both Phones. enjoyed. Jeffersontown Lodge is growing very last, uuring tne past lew months there have been from two to : candidates taking one of the three degrees at every communication- We have some very bright material and the visiting brothers often compliment very highly the Mr. J. N. work of the local lodge. Clem is the present Master. The Jeffersonian can save you money it you will have your print- ng done'at this ofhce. Call us up over the Cumberland phone. YOUR OLD HAT Bring it to us. No matter how dirty or crumbled it is. We can clean it, reblock it and put on a new band, so that it will look like new. Don't experiment; come to us first. Our customers tell us that we do the best work in the city. We make a full line of new soft hats for $2.00; all styles and shapes. HOME HAT CLEANING CO. 204 W. Jefferson St., near 2nd, Louisville. 48-1- 8 i I Especially Invite the Ladies OF JEFFERSON COUNTY who are contemplating buying new hats to be sure to give me a call before purchasing elsewhere, as my stock is complete, new and fresh and my prices are as low as cart be found Give me one elsewhere. trial and be convinced. i MRS. H. PREWITT i 44-- You 405 Broadway NEAR PRESTON. 3 shouldn't fail to see what your favorite store is advertising today.

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