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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 14, 1949

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

PAGE TWO THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1949. just released, The Travelers Insurance Companies urge that PIKEVTT.T.F, COLLEGE states, cities and communities look to the injury rate as a true EASTER CONCERT ... the safety job that has been done, it is pointed out, but the The annual Pikeville College IN 1907. COUNTY NEWSPAPER measure of success or failure in their safety campaigns. The Easter Concert will be held THE ESTABLISHED hundreds of persons saved from death are living tributes to Friday evening April 15 at 8 weekly newspaper published A friendly injured millions should be constant reminders that the job is o'clock in Wickhara Chapel, every Thursday far from completed. President A. A. Page an non-partis- an W. P. NOLAN, Editor and Publisher MRS. MARTHA M. NOLAN Business Manager Subscription Price: $3.00 Per Year; Six Months, Payable in Advance. $1-7- 5 APRIL 7, 1949 THURSDAY, Entered as second class mail matter August 28, 1907, at the Postoffice at Whrtesburg, Kentucky, under the Act of Con gress oi August a, lo to. nounced this week. The program will consist of sacred numbers by the College Glee Club and Girls Ensemble, vocal solos by Herbert Chaney and Irene Stratton, and organ music. The public is invited- - The U. S. Air Force has captured 33 national and international air records since V--J Day. For expert job printing try the Mountain Eagle. Lions Club Hears Talk On Homemakers The Whitesburg Lions Clt held its regular weekly meeting at Mother Craft's Thursday, April 7, with good attendance. Visitors included Miss Ann Dugan, Whitesburg Home Economics teacher, Miss Peggy Maggard, one of her students, and Mr. W- J. Moore and Mr. J. A. Rogers who are connected with the Codell Construction Company. Miss Maggard gave a very interesting and1 enlightening talk on "Future Homemakers" of America". Several Lions also gave short talks about their courtships which led to marriage. One Lion explained his courtship this way: "I came home from the service-met this young lady who had a good job. I married her." For diplomatic reasons his name will be omitted. CALLING - V rJ KENTUCKY PRSS rjAssociATiojg: I r jwimu Easter ; ; ' juuji mm EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION NAT ONAL 1 I mte Time of Rebirths,. New Hope In the spring all men's fancies joyfully turn to hopeful thoughts. Hope is as necessary to man as food, clothing, and shelter. And spring is the time of hope, the time of rebirth for nature and resurrection for man's ambitions. Sunday will be Easter. It will be a symbolic day as well as a religious one. Sunday will be the anniversary of the resurrection, not only of the crucified Christ, but of the rebirth of man's hope for a better world and a more Christian life. Today the world is dark with fear. Apprehension hangs on the horizon of the immediate future like a dark and' fearful cloud. It seems idle to waste time hoping. Life seems insecure and the common goal excites no desire for concerted action. We do not know where we are going, it seems, and vaguely dread to find out. But behind all the misgivings and unspoken apprehensions we still have one flickering spark of hope for peace and an ordered1, wholesome way of life. That spark of hope is essential. Without it, all our actions, all our strivings would be nothing. Two thousand years ago the Son of God died that awe today might have some reason, some hope, some purpose for living. His resurrection was the rebirth of the hopes of all mankind for all ages and all conditions. We who live today are in dire need of hope, hope for ourselves, for our children, for all future sons of men. The resurrection of the crucified Christ gave us that hope. When you go to church Sunday think of the hope that is Easter. Think of the promise that is embodied in the anniversary of the resurrection. Without that hope the world is empty of purpose and life is drab and barren. Hope is essential. Easter is the rebirth of hope, hope in God's word, man's world, and life itself. - ft ALL CONSUMERS: I Cavaliers Shutout Wayland Wasps In Season's, Opener The Jenkins Cavaliers, members of the Mountain States Class "D" League, opened their 1949 baseball season with a 9 to 0 shutout over the Way-lan- d Wasps Saturday, April 9th. Edmond "Carbide" Ander son, Cavalier pitcher, went tht route for the Cavaliers. He was never in trouble except in the third inning when he gave up successive singles with only one man out. This danger was immediately erased' bv a fast double play. Anderson was very effective, allowing only two hits and sending only three men to first walks. The Cavaliers' totals TRAFFIC INJURIES SHOW INCREASE nine runs, seven hits, andwere one error. The Wasps scored no OF 8 PERCENT IN 1948 Motor vehicle fatalities dropped again in 1948. The decrease, runs on two hits and they made four errors- even though it was less than one percent, is all to the good. The losing pitcher was 1948- - The inMotor vehicle injuries, however, rose again in crease, amounting to almost eight percent, is a bad sign. Much emphasis is placed on the death rate in accident prevention work. This is natural because death always makes ADMINISTRATRIX the headlines. But it is dangerous, too, because it is so easy to NOTICE becoirfe complacent. Notice is hereby given that on In their 1949 booklet of street and highway accident data the day of April 1949 the 1 CONCRETE BLOCK FACTORY FOR SALE Has complete facilities for making blocks x x block. Corner blocks, and half blocks. This factory has 1000 cast iron molds or palletts, complete water system and racks made of- 2 x 10 x 10 oak. Also car to off bear cured blocks and one portable half bag mixer, powered by 5 h. , electric motor. Call 95 or see: 8 8 16. St- - - p-- RUSSELL L. HALL ERMINE, 1st. undersignea, Goldie Hawkins, was appointed as administratrix ot the estate om Pat Hawkins, deceased, ana ail persons having claim against said estate are requested to Hie same with me ai McRoberts. Kentucky properly proven as required by law. Anyone indebted, to the estate wui please pay same at once to the undersigned at the above address. This 10, day of April 1949. GOLDIE HAWKINS Administratrix o fthe estate oi Pat Hawkins deceased. NOTICE FOR A BARGAIN IN BUSINESS. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given mat on the 7th day of April 1949, the KY-- undersigned produced and which was ordered filed their petition in the Letcher Circuit Court in cause 6tyled the "Bank of Mill Creek, Plaintiff, vs. The Elk Horn Coal Corporation, et al Defend ants", reporting the sale of i parcel of surface land situate in Letcher County, Kentucky, subject to the approval of Court, containing v.x acre, anu n was ordered that said petition lit over to the 25th day of Apn 1949, for exceptions. HOWARD N. EAVENSON W W. GOLDSMITH, and THOMAS S. HAYMOND, Ancillary receivers for the Elk Horn Coal Corporation. NOTICE rV Yes fcree four monthly payments can keep a person so short of cash that ihr ' isn't enough left for other es- 'I t? I ,, remmis. mucn lDoner to corn- r '"IO ne end make only one small payment 1ZZ month. Saves cash . . . saves time and leaves SeLe how much yu need c"uvTurrt5n - ey n live py ,hen phone or eome m- - We'" 9lc.dK- fuJ help wi.h a friendly cash loan. " ZT ... A .. :iPnSnSyU W!,H 'WCr POymen,S 'n9er mS " - TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that on the 7th day of April, 1919, the undersigned produced, and which was ordered filed, their petition in the Letcher Circuit Court in the cause styled "Bank of Mill Creek, plaintiff vs. The Elk Tlor Coal Corporation et al., defendants," reporting the sale of the water and gas distribution system at Wavland and Garrett in Floyd County, Kentucky subject to the approval of the Court, and it was ordered that sale petition lie over to the 22 day oi April 1949. for exception. HOWARD N. EAVENSON W W GOLDSMITH, and THOS. S. HAYMOND AnHlliarv Rrveivor5 for The Elk Horn Coal Corporation. The Eagle gives the best re sults in job work and advertising. Try Us! These merchants are working with thousands and thousands of other merchants throughout West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio in order to bring down the high cost of living. They are making prices and their buying power is the' largest of its kind in the nation. The black market has now gone and these merchants' super method of marketing has taken the shackles off of the food prices for you. CONSUMERS: These merchants know it has been tough for you arid they have been fighting for you and now with' the big break in the market, they will be in position to get the highest quality food for you at the prices you should pay. The slump and the change of the marketing system of all commodities has just now started', and when you patronize these merchants and take advantage of these extreme low prices, you will get more values because these merchants are properly financed and know values and are in position to buy so they can sell on this basis. Groceries have gone down and will go down more, and these merchants, who have joined together in order to bring down the high cost oftliving with their super method of marketing, will have them for you for less-When you buy from these merchants and tell others to patronize them, then YOU are encouraging all food manufacturers and canne'rs to make BETTER FOOD at LOWER PRICES for YOU! WEST END MARKET, Whitesburg, Ky. BEN GRIFFITH, Banks, GIBSON, Bath, Ky. B- F. AMBURGEY, Blackey, Ky. CLIFTON OAUDILL, Carcassonne, Ky. J. W. PROFITT, Colson, Ky. KATHRYN BANKS, Colson, BANKS, Colson, Ky. . TOM RICHARDSON, Colson, Ky. MASON GROCERY CO., Colson, Ky. T. D. ISAACS, Deane, COLLINS, Democrat, Ky. D- F. MAGGARD, Eolia, Ky. FRANCIS HAMPTON, Eolia, Ky. LEONARD ADAMS, Ermine, Ky. MARY HALL, Farraday, Ky. ROBERT BATES, Farraday, Ky." CORA' GOINS, Farraday, Ky. BRYAN WATTS, Hallie, Ky. EURA MOORE GRO., Hylton, Ky. , W. K STEWART and CO-- , Kona, Ky. W. M. GIBSON, Isom, Ky. H. S- CASTLE, Jenkins, Ky. BAKER GROCERY CO., Jenkins, Ky. PAT CUPP, Jeremiah, Ky. JOHN H. BLAIR, Jeremiah, Ky. A- - D. BENTLEY, Joe Nancy, Ky. BALLARD NIECE, Lester, Ky. ROBERT BATES, Lester, Ky. S. W. LITTLE, McRoberts, Ky. IRVIN AMBURGEY, May, Ky. LONNIE AMBURGEY, May, Ky. M. L. WEBB, Mayking, Ky. WAMPLER GROCERY CO., Mayking, Ky. CASSIE AMBURGEY GROCERY, Mayking, Ky. NOAH BENTLEY, Millstone, Ky. HAYES PROFITT, Millstone, Ky. WILLARD FULTON, Millstone, Ky. SERGENTS GROCERY CO., Neon, Ky. BENTLEY GROCERY CO., Neon, Ky. SOLOMON YONTS, Neon, Ky. E - S Ky-WILLI- E - , -- - E. F. BENTLEY, Neon, Ky. NOAH AMBURGEY, Omaha, Ky. HERMAN ISON, Oscaloosa, Ky. HILL HALL, Pinetop, Ky. HENRY BLAIR, Pinetop, Ky. BREEDING GROCERY, Polly, Ky: ESTILL SLONE, Pippapass, Ky. HERBERT MAGGARD, Sackett, Ky. SMITH GROCERY CO., Sergent, GROCERY CO., Sergent, Ky. D. B. FRANKLIN, Sergent, Ky. WEBBS GROCERY CO., Sergent, Ky. WILLIE LUCAS, Thornton, Ky. LILLY ISON, UZ, Ky. ANDREW FRAZIER, Uz, Ky. ELZIE FRANKLIN, Whitesburg, Ky. SEXTONS GROCERY, Whitesburg, Ky. WALTER ADAMS, Whitesburg, Ky. COOK GROCERY, Whitesburg, Ky. W. R. SEXTON GROCERY, Whitesburg, Ky. SHORTY'S GEN. MDSE. Whitesburg, Ky. HILL TOP GROCERY CO., Whitesburg, Ky. LOCAL TYREE, Whitesburg, Ky. ZENNETH BENTLEY, Whitesburg, Ky. A. and B- - GROCERY CO., Whitesburg, Ky. HOME SUPPLY CO., Whitesburg, Ky. HATTON GROCERY CO., Whitesburg, Ky. JOHN GOSE GROCERY CO., Whitesburg, Ky S. H. BAKER, Whitesburg, Ky. EDISON CAUDILL, Whitesburg, Ky. HENRY HOLBROOK, Whitesburg, Ky. ALEX HALL, Whitesburg, Ky. MRS REECE ISON, Whitesburg, Ky. ' ADAMS GROCERY CO., Whitesburg, Ky. CLYDE TRENT, Whitesburg, Ky. DENVER COLLINS, Whitesburg, Ky. B- - F. McCRAY, Jackhorn, Ky. MULLINS GROCERY, Payne Gap, Ky. ELLEN JOHNSON, Pippapass, Ky. L. L. BURKE, Jenkins, Ky. TED ANDERSON, Cromona, Ky. B- - M. BATES, Colson, Ky. RUBY HALL, Colson, Ky. BLAIR GROCERY CO., Jeremiah, Ky. ELBERT DAY GROCERY, Dongola, Ky. FARMERS AID, Sergent, Ky. SHERMAN MEADE, Millstone, Ky. SERGENTS GROCERY, Millstone, Ky. G- B. AUSTIN, Aimers, Va. LOUIS ADAMS, Dongola, Ky. CRAFT SUPER MKT., Cromona, Ky. LUCAS GROCERY, Cromona, Ky. GARLAND GROCERY, Cromona, Ky. BATES GENERAL STORE, Jenkins, Ky. KELLY GROCERY, Jenkins, Ky. FITZPATRICK and BANKS, Burdine, Ky. EAST JENKINS FOOD MARKET, Jenkins, Ky. ISAAC BROWN, Neon, Ky. STALLARD CASH STORE, Jenkins, Ky. MONROE HALCOMB, Neon, Ky. J. G. STAMPER, Banks, Ky. FOSTER BRASHEARS, Oscaloosa, Ky. JAMES MULLINS, Eolia, Ky. BURN AMBURGEY, Smithsboro, Ky. MILTON CRAIGER, Eolia, Ky. MARY STORE, McRoberts, Ky. HARRISON CRESS, Delphia, Ky. ALLIE JOHNSON, Jackhorn, Ky. HASSIE JOHNSON, Jackhorn, Ky. E. B. BOLING, Flat Gap, Va. - - Letcher Grocery Company Whitesburg, Ky. r

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