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Page 32 of Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April 21-24, 1926

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

torian; E. H. Woodford, Editor. Meeting adjourned to meet in Paris, Ky. We have no records of Minutes from 1895 until July 4, 1900. In the intervals the Presidents were Rev. C. H. Parrish, 1896 to 1898. Miss M. S. Brown, 1898 to 1899. In 1899 Rev. J. E. Wood. was elected President. Miss Edwin'- Kennedy, Secretary. Meeting held at Frankfort, Ky., July 4, 1900 Meeting called to order by President J. E. Wood. Prayer by Rev J. B. Winrow of Bowling Green, Welcome address by President J. E. Givens. Response by Miss L. M. Gibson of Louisville, Ky Rev. E. T. Fishback and Mrs. J. E. Givens were appointed to fill vacancies on program made by absence of Mr. Ed. B. Davis and Dr. C. L. Purce. At this meeting the subject "Does University Training Fit for Practical Life," was discussed. Officers, elected were: Rev. J. E. Wood, President; Miss L. M.- Gibson, Vice-Presi- dent; Miss E. F. Kennedy, Secretary; C. C. Wakefield, Treasurer; Miss M. S. Brown, Historian; Miss M. I. Foster, Editor. The Twenty-First Annual Session met with Berea College, Berea, Ky., July 3, 4, 5, 1901. Meeting called to order by President J. E. Wood, Danville. Song, Prayer by Rev. Dr. Haywood of Paris. Scripture reading by Rev. J. A. Boyden of Danville. The Secretary and Treasurer reported absent, thereupon the Association voted W. D. Thomas to act as Secretary, and Miss M. S. Brown as Treas- urer. At this meeting Prof. Frank L. Williams of Covington was elected President; Mr. James H. Lyons, Secretary. The Twenty-Fourth Annual Session was held at Louisville, Ky., December 28, 1903. Meeting at A. M. E. Zion Church, Thirteenth and Eroadway. Meeting called, to order by President Frank L. Williams. Song by Seventh Grade Pupils. Prayer by Rev. G. B. Wallace. Opening address by Prof. G. P. Russell, Lexington. Ad- dress of welcome by Miss M. S. Brown. Response by Miss Mary A. 'Titths. Officers elected were: President, Frank L. Williams, Cov- ington; Vice-President, C. C. Monroe, Owensboro; G. P. Russell, Lex- ington; Miss G. G. Moore, Louisville; Secretary, W. C. Jordan, Bardstown; Treasurer, Miss Maggie Broaddus, Richmond; Historian, A. L. Garvin, Harrodsburg. The Twenty-Sixth Annual Session met at Lexington, Dec. 26, 1904. Meeting called to order by President Prank L. Williams. Prayer by Rev. G. W. Ward of Covingfon. Song, "America." Wel- come address, Miss Courtney, Lexington. Response, Miss Zenobia Cox of Cincinnati, 0. * The Twenty-Eight Annual Session was called to order at 2 P. M., December 26, 1906. In the Circuit Courtroom, President Frank L. Williams, presiding. Prayer by Brother Hawthorne. Welcome ad- dress by J. B. Caulder, and response by Prof. G. W. Jackson of Pa- ducah. Zenobia F. Cox, Secretary. 82

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