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Page 19 of Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April 21-24, 1926

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

RESOLUTIONS REPORTED AND ADOPTED April 24, 1926. 1. We are pleased to note the recent advanced steps in the building of the National Association of Teachers in Colored Schools; and that these steps are going to make it possible for the State or- ganizations to give opportunity for expressions in a National way. We recommend that our State Association shall appoint one del- egate from every department who will affiliate with similar depart- ments in the National Association in handling special phases of edu- cation represented by the departments. Traveling expenses of these delegates to and from the annual meeting of the National Associa- tion of Teachers in Colored Schools to be cared for as directed by the Board of Directors of the State Association. We further recommend that a special representative known as a Counsellor, be appointed by our State Association at this meeting to take part in the executive meetings of the National body and to rep- resent the educational work of the State. We commend the officers of the National Association of Teach. ers in Colored Schools for the new program of endeavor in behalf of the 45,000 teachers in colored schools, and in order to affiliate with them in a more definite and tangible way. We are recommending that $25 be the fee of this Association for 1926-27. II. We recommend that the secretary write a letter of thanks to the public school teachers and principals of the Louisville Schools for their rendition of the Pageant of Progress at this 50th Anniver- sary session. The pageant was successfully rendered and quite in structive. Each one is thanked for this contribution to the program III. We also recommend, that our State organization endorse and approve the publication of an official History of Negro Educa- tion in Kentucky, covering a space of one hundred years, from 1827 to 1927; the said history herein mentioned to be compiled by Rev T. J. Smith of Dayton, Ohio, formerly the historian of K. N. E. A. Respectfully submitted, J. E. Bean, Chairman, Versailles. W. S. Blantonr. Frankfort. Miss M. M. Elliot, Harrodsburg. 19

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