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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., December 9, 1921

Part of The Big Sandy news.

80C.AT0N HOLDS FIRST PRIZE OF KENTUCKY PRE8S tE8T CIQHT.PAGe WEEKLIN KENTUCKY Alt i I but anedium, adver-tiein- ' J f I J ' v1- - AW. I 1 I JT. V Aiti inveniam LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, Number 14. Volume XXXVU. The Big Sandy News will bring yeur advertising into mora homes far tha asms money than any otHar pa par : : in Eastern Kentucky. , an AbMlW Advert'stng Nacesetty te Every Beairwea, "The Circulation of the Big Simdy Nawe anakae it UM HUNTER FINED 7S FOR KILLING KENTUCKY DEER COIEST CASES WAYIffi Ky., Dec 6. The first tuc- - Frankfort, deer J rant In .many years for killing Kentucky was made In Powell-co- . I recently when Ambrose Ballard waa ,cilavrb;ceco.4 . autfadam via-m- , KENTUCKY, OKCEMSER r$?l. M. GUARD ROD TRIAL DENIED BYCOURTr f. COHLEY CONDEMNED TO DIE IN CHAIR ROWN (TROOPS SHIT TO OiCTION &P5 t, and . K. SPENCER, Publishers $13,500 LOSS OF ChrUtma day la the' date set for CAUSED BY Dare Brown, : Pike county farmer, to die In the electric chair for a double--- : y. murder. Ha paid tha penalty j .Friday,. Owners Had Only 9 him a thirty days ; I P- - Morrow granted surance on Four Houses reprieve to permit the filing of an ap FIRE swiW ittee Machine Guns Are Ordered Non - Partisan C i i ... to touted from the Bell county proerrvr. . Mur Barbourville Holds Petitions Sub- It had to go more than fifty miles der Case, Sequel to Burned. mitted Are serosa the divide between the head, 5 urown waa conviet at rutavwe oxi j water of tha Cumberland and the Feud. " killing James BrumAeld and hla child.Kentucky Rivers to there. One was ' Preatonsburg. Ky.. Dec. 3. Four . a t. Mr. H. B. Muncy.'republlean contes' bulldlnga- -a reported in Garrard on the edge of the i Wayne, W.' Va;, hotel, a restaurant and . Frankfort. Ky.. Dec. . Thirty Na- ,h t ,h " t.w.rt Dec tant lor the office of Sheriff of Law. Bluegrsa. ., haa. withdrawn the suit hi iwas .h.bu- -t s. mnmh of ."in nu armj. i mrnn ma rniias m ia)wi . . which he filed recently contesting; the ma j ivi r ror womi. wno mauxv tn ua omiiKi ibu oi iiuni wnua mi .. of approximately 118,600. election of Jtm Waller Young. " . . . to-- 1 The fire started in tha home of Ouy iS ordered by OoV. Bdwln P. Morrow CITY COUNCIL, Hev. H. B. Hewlett and D. H. ruiea loan uw rwm. Da. ,k. Horn In the Middle creek section of elec day to go to Barbouryille to protect the Demooratio candidates for Ctr. partm.nt.-Courler-Jrequesting anew ourthou ncll me Tuesday night Th. clty the city, and across Big Sandy river w i. reuuu. atnion. Routine bnaini A comtnittae, iinox jircun.vowi ninni na , ion were uwuwmh rurt Clark and Tax Commissioner, went PrMUn,rtur-non.panOaanJudge Raid, charged with killing. WW, ueh M ailovlnI supposed to have been composed of Bart ma occupied the t1",,"1 "" to Cntlettanurg before cases, Cisco to PRINCE-KLEIroe fisssa Tana,a. ra to put but their j held that tha petitions Leo on the streets ofa that city last. irt.tM. part of the time,-a hearing of their have Ssjfiffnsak aaaB f IW fsAsa innnil m n L "na contained aeveral duolloatkmt and oth. June. opponents. W. 8. Boggs and H. W. A flnaj setUement for collection . waa full of smoke. Arousing w xr sv "aMist s rMait juttMt ThfttlaTh BMChflT WU U MX1V DT- - k. i..7 . Wlllhuna, were not ready and the en Thst oVer. No date, for UrPrlrdt0 w rendered void. ticlpanT . in the Bafley Whlta feud were carried - ,. V . jrooucsa It has a itiumgkiirl rv memowi n ""Vepted. He was complimented on ths to thi effect w Bvidenc an1d., 0Ut the trial has been art. ' . JUmOUal. . .i VTlaltsa favnllv Hul bftMl ldfn clean manner In which he had hand- i. a4- - Kaasaloai jonThe brtde who has. held The nearby hotel and restaurant "ranot livi thji AAllAlnna. tUU. n tMld nn In rull owned by James Pat ton next caught awyaigiirVB Mnna anltla Masj (iam Wlfli Steamboat Traffic Rehooting was said to have been an out- - , p, n few years, for firs and both were wholly burned, int on Big Sandy River C ofThi. city resident pastLouisa, Ky., house to Kenova, and from reliable growth Of tha Med. sumed The raeeUng' adjourned until De cluding ull the of was formerly a furniture In both the ..rV.T wurces it was intimated that tha next - Tbts i the third tim troop hv cember JOth. home and the hotel. The hotel was op- v Vould be in the higher court, been sent to uarnoumue ana me olui i Per the drat time since 1004 I PMnZr BhT U . era tea by Nelson Hall. natuu t las a.l.ks aOu THE NEW MOVIE THEATER. where a petition for a mandamus com-- m thAffl. wmmm. K. been rflauired Tne restaurant that was consumed pelllng the calling of a new election to guard Circuit Courts in the Btate. This la the last week for the Eldo- - was welroyal that or R. P. Howard and waa lo' vis, owned by Captain John Davis, of (lively known In Iroaton, a Hotdistssvera stationed at Barbour- - . tuAt Trws tavat n ' Tvtiiiax Thai nfMffa may be presented. t vcome awaits her there. villa 4j the hearing last June of John nw Mns transferred a few cated in the earns neighborhood. at Pulierton. left the Ashland Wharf Mr. Klein Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Horn's loss was estimated -o Balley.I charged with the killing of each flay to th, nev Garden Theater REWARD" OF THE urday for Plkevllla on Its maiden Ernest Klein of I ronton, O.. and Is in THE FAITHFUL PUBLIC SERVANT and at hlatrial at i the Warters building. Next week po 13,000, covered by fltOO in Insurance. Bererlr Whits tn as a regular scheduled packet on charge of TheKlela loo A Cold Storage Patiton's loss waa placed at 34000 on They also howB wlu ' August. MountlVernon 0n y,. j,tn or the Big Pandy. la a splendid young man. ' plant. home. He the ZOth Messrs. Cain A Dixon will open the hotel and $1600 Captain Davis Is goias to make an strictly 'He In retiring from the office of Mayor vre ah Barbourville following sober, 'tnduoarioas, amiritlous, freight trade on Judge Dysard says of his elayingi of Lee. Twlos troops have boen In the new buikHng, which is one of had only 31(00 insurance on the two.' attempt to revive the eminently trustworthy. He Is an of Ashland. and sent to' Sandy Hook to protect the the finest to be found In any city of nelson Hail, who owned the furniture na Big Bandy with bis boat. It Is 140 expert mechanic and under hla guid- official experience: on court, pace in July and once In "Oc- this sixe.. Two new picture machines in the hotel, suffered a loss of 34000. feet wide, "We have had the feet long and twenty-a- i ance the Klein plant has grown to and" ha had no insurance at all. Howour trail spewing hate everywhere, tober, j are being installed with electrlo mo- -. suitable for the traffic on this river. splendid proportiona d long Half of Major Dillon's force will go r...t.iit navla Is a river man ofpack- Mr. and Mrs. Klein will en)oy a two barking at everything we did. We have from Troop B, of Lebanon, and will tors to operate them. Also, they have ard's loss was estima-..-- at $1000. fully nyi purchased the neweet,and best screen coveredAre insurance. . xperrica and will operate hla as the weeks wedding trip and upon thir re- bad in these troublesome times to deal Tne rared for more than an hour type of clUxen al- take two machine guns. 'The remainet on the Ml Bandy as lour ..u mwaei turn to Iront on they will receive hearty with that accursed who tells you today der 'will go from Williamsburg, the on ne upon. tor me pictures 300. vc and 'attracted a large number of per found, The screen cost f and neereH,nfn,ulatona. .. i . ways to beshould havo done yesterday, home of Company Hi H9th . Infantry thrown sons from across the river. Several what you A regular schedule has not yet been ; undreda of persona tried to fight the ;' . but never today what you should do worked out but It la believed that he (Ires, but to no avail Bucket brigades WATOE tomorrow. His mission is to bark and Wt W1U ds- anis w masAahland and MRS. wers attempted, but no work NEGRO ATTORNEY 8ELECTED. iwrfM growl. He always throws atones and iriis m " . It Ukea aunoat tour "v-t- o could be done as the Are had gained Washington. Dec 6. Senator Davis ' plants thorns. Ho never nrejttnoa a Ikevilla. - Wells a headway at the time It was such Representative word of hops and a kind word la not Elklnaf and make one complete trip Ashland discovered. It was AWAY known IB hla vocabulary. I am glad Ooodytoonts have agreed, Arthur learn Independent ' . Froe, la one we have ed today, to recommend l oaay ine nomeiess tamuies are DeCapt. K. F. Freeae. of Louisa, at the close of oar term list ng cared for by friends, until they bex-big enough and biave enouich to negro, of. Welch, W. Va, an attorney, of the pilots on Ihla boat. Wesley Thompson. 73. of Radnor, W. may build other suitable accommoila- move on In spite of such oppos.tion Vv appointment as Recorder or ueeas Louisa relatives and frtenua , were and do. for the old city that we all tor the District of Columbia. This pat- Va, was found dead last Thursday tloi.g. Mr. Horn blamed a defective THE VOTERS AND TO ronage was offered to West Virginia a morning about mile from the grate with starting the firs. CITIZENS OF LAWRENCit CO. grieved when they learned of the death should love, a few needful things. of Mra J am us C. Layne, which occurmonth ago. Tbe post usually Is held homo of Mont Thompson by neighbors " ' iy an Indian or negro. after having been missing since noon HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY take this method of thanking Too red at Fort Thomas, Ky., Thursday of CHURCH BAZAR FRIDAY '. fr ataa was learned that tita Smith. Moaday. OF DR. J. F. MEDLEY OBSERVED AND SATURDAY, tTH AND IffTH n votrr kindness shown nie during last week. It waa known her that of Fairmont, had sent in hla resigna born At noon Monday, Movemoer zs. ne this campaign, not only for your loyal aha had quite in an enfeebled condia while, due to advanced Prior to Dr. Powell's sermon Mr. W. The ladlea of tha M. E. Church South tion as United States Marshal ror tne told relatives that he was going to post support of voting for me but your kind tion for no accident which treatment In ovary respect. I have me ago and to anyears ago, resulting befell have announced a Christmas basar to Northern .District, although' bis term soma letters. He1 later changed his B. Evans read a letter from Mrs. Mary In a be held in tbe basement of the church opposed expire until next aiarcn t. ne mind and started hunting. About three Magruder. Connolly of Atlanta, oo tn uenot ill feeling for those who vagarta. I her about four afternoon it began, to which she presented a beautiful allrer '. . broken hip. b trading- - on Friday and Saturday at will bo succeeded by Louis BuchwaldJ o'clock .them kind but extend se, filled with, a huge bouquet of A funeral snrvloe was held at the this week, Jecember Ma ana inn. af.Whee!lntt whs was ssreed upon au rain and his relatives supposed that not- - asa tor ma ju"j did agot..v honoring be had stopped at a neighbors bouse loveliest chrysanthemums, Court Clerk for greed or any artnab home ua Friday evening an en Sat They will hava for. sals many things month Marshalahlp Southern for shelter.- - When he did not .return the one hundredth anniversary ox the for tha urday the body was brought to Louisa suitable for Christmas gift The anotivo but to be your servant If uneasy for It had been birth of ber fatherj the late dlstlng- WesIn the for butlai. arriving on Norfolk which a number have District, for they were not My having no opposiltoa now is between Siege! Workman his habit to stay overnight now. and uisnea ur. j. r . sseaiey. xnia aiau con- CONFERENCE CLOSES. final election was no fault of mine and tern train at 1:14 p. m. Undertaker : MoOlnals Hatnaia, or then with friends without telling his talned an Interesting sketch of the Ufa charged with It Hhould Snyder and a number of friends of the The Christian fundamentaa confer if Boone-c1 should not be and Oreenway Hatneld family. When he did not return next of Dr. Medley. Preceding his sermon deceased met tbe train and all were ence cams to a close hers flunday night McDowell-co- . m ODDOneni nave im tne Hill cem- with very abls treatment of the sub of Williamson. It was revealed. The day his relatives were alarmed and Dr. Powell read a letter to himself lot and received even a single vote conveyed directly t waa made. ject of the second coming of Christ by Hatneld are cousins. Cincinnati En went from house to house inquiring front Rev. A,, P. Keyser in which the more than 1. 1 oertaloly would not have etery, where tha interment :.' Rev. John Cheap, of the M. H. Church, Ir. Foley. quirer. for him. On Thursday morning hs was latter paid a glowing tribute to - Dr. questioned it. Medley and his activities. Dr. Powell service and Every service was prontanie tor found by John Noa and James Pratt. The unpleasant affair now existing conducted an appropriate sang favorite those who attended. Nothing better Renort of Union Gas & Mr. Thompson was born In Floyd then delivered a eulogy on Dr. Medley, between ma and my opponent, Mr. members of tbe choir .. bounty.. Ky. and lived there most of which touched the hearts of those pres A law suit was not hymns. ns been bold here. Hewlett. Oil Company's WorK his life. In lllS.ha moved with, nis The active pall bearers were lucn canard- - nor started by me. However, Burna, wherein ard Moors, U T. McClure, M. family to Tacoma, Wash, and lOKt minil n .i mwwl man In Hfn I ir pnv. I believe in tha Its of defenea ' M DIES (The flrat nam mentioned is the spring he moved to Wayne county. He ell then paid a tribute to the devoted 8. Thompson, U. tx. man haa a right to protect hlm-- T. Conley. Honorary R, Vinson and Col pall oearers. man of quiet and earneat Ola daughter, who had taken such a splencontractor and the second is the owu-e- r was m,tt and the fichu of his family even y. position and waa liked by all his neigh did method of commemorating the one of the farm-- : though ha ba atucked by a "minister Jay H. Nortbup, F. T. D.Wallace, Capt. No. I, bors. He was married twice and the hundredth anniversary of her father PLACE V. 0 O. Co, W. H Fyffe F. F. Frees, J. W. Yatfa, O. W. Castle irours truiy, f the goapeL" BOOQ8, following children. .of. the. first union and of keeping his memory green. De changing to new location. .. W. . Mcciure. and R. Accompanying the remains to Lou W. E. Hovla. Henry McKlnxle-- No. survive: Dock Thompson, Wonder, Ky. cember i marks tne one nunareotn angood for 16 barrels. laa ware the husband, the two sons and John Thompson, Washington, of the niversary of the late Dr. Medley, who ADELINE , o. i, ast union these children survive: Jos. was the chief founder and for many Mr. John N. Peters died at his home two daughters of Mra Layne, and some H. I. Waide, P. P. MolorooK of Louisa, near Salt' annddlng. four miles east of Ivel. Ky, Dove of Radnor, Willie years the pastor of the First M. E. i. Sunday school every Sunday at 1:10 of tha grandchildren, as follows: Dr. and Mrs. P. C. Layne and son peter, W.'Va., on Monday of this week Church, South, here. The church greatP. P. Holbrpok No. S, good for 30 to and Fairy of Moron, Washington. Church the third Saturday p. m - Porter of Ashland. ' -at the age of ft years. The interment St barrels.'. ly kind thoughtfulness CViraTha Rev. it.t and Snndav bvWhite J.laH.vlaltlng XI r. and Mrs. Jamas C. Layne, Jr. took plana in the See burial grounds MoConnell A Darnold, Visa Skagga Mont funeral was held at the home or of. appreciates the All hope to have Dr. Thompson Friday afternoon. Mr. Connolly. lund ...Miss Kffle con not far away. Rev. H. B. Hewlett No. 1 moving to location. flev. Cyrus Marcum conducting; the Powell here again. His coming here her narenta this week.. ..Joe Bollonry of Fort Thomas. King A Kingery, R. C. Miller No. 8, services. ... .... Mr. and Mra. Ouy Peck and four ducted the funeral services in the pres was highly appreciated. Ashland Inand Curtis White 8r- - were the guests of a large gathering of relatives shut down. ence . dependent f Joa Humnhrey Sunday. .. .Mrs. Ira hlldren of Huntington. Layne Brown and daugh and friends. Klngery, John McKlnxle No. King A Mrs. Ellis ..i Vanhorn and daughter were visiting Mr. Peters had been in ill health for L spudding. College ; and Mra ter. Adelaide, of Fort Thomas. Morris Harvey Mrs. Van horn "s naranta, Mr. King A Klngery, Wrlgnt Bros. No. Mrs. Adams of Logan, a sister of several yearn. One foot was amputat-- d ULYSSES Sunday week... .. .Luther tr or tele Receives $200,000 Gift three or four years ago as a result 1. 26 barrels. Presley is spending this week with Mr. Peck, also was prtsent. For mora than a year The loving little- son Evorett of Mr. All were guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. of gangrene. King A Klngery, Hardy Bkaggs No. rrasrlea and Fred Humphrey. .. .Mlss- Mrs. Rosa M'. Harvey,' widow of the and Mrs. Elsie Hannah, died a few he had been In a very feeble conddtkm. 1. t to t barrels. while Gertrude. Golds and Linle Miller. B. Shannon Layne hers. He is survived by the wife, who Is in had Just passed her Mra. J. C. J. TL Delone. John. McKiniie No. 4, late Morris Harvey, for whom Morris weeks ago at this place. His death niKinmuliM a visit to Fallsburg soon aeveral eons and diphtheria. He Harvey college daughter of birthday. She will, leave location. ......Hla Anna Humphrey lortniouth 7th "Docjt" Shannon,wss a spent a long very poor health; live in California. nnving toDuff Bill OUlem KoJ, as ths college the was named has willed was caused by and was a very was six daughters. Three bright bulk of her estate, it years of age who Mr. Barnle sues) to visit relstlves at I. by. Presl little boy. Ths familV has our greatest Linger of Flndlay; Ohio, who barrels. was made known yesterday this community. Mrs. T. C. and Fire Brick. Ohio. . . .Messrs. Cur y mil honorable life Inwas Mrs. Layne's has been coming frequently to see her ' : sympathy. . . Death visited the home of Lyon No. 3. dent R. T. Webb, Lusher & Lusher, A. E. tis Whit. Jr. WUllam Rlc ana nar-le- James W. Shannon present the funeral. 'j The bequest is valued at $200,000. It Rev. and Mrs. H. G. .Young and took Humphrey were In HunUngton, W. brother, and her sisters were Mrs. W. 'ixtrents, was was anat honest, indue rlsKing up. Mr. Peters M. Stone, and Mrs. J. C. Uratlgney, all ' 8 ax raves A HalL Daniel Bkaggs No. consists ,)largely of coal lands, stocks from them their loving son, John MiVa last week. Mha. mo! a j. trlous and substantial citizen. For 4. drilling In lime. ttllU UUIIUB, BUU vitro. . m w lata . Tr lton. He had quick consumption which of whom have passed away. SOMBUODY"8 DARLINO. Mrs. Layne was a consistent member many years he operated a saw mill. He E. A. Garrison, Andrew Skagga No Webb has been Informed by Dillon A was caused by being shot some time attorneys engaged in farming. , of Fayettovllle, ago at Powellton, W; Va. He was about A. 30 barrels. Nuckols. of the M. E. Church from her youth. tras also URL D. W. EL8WICK. than Fyffe, Young & Boggs, Felix Fyffe where Mrs. Harvey resided until her 19 years of age and a very nice young The death of Mrs. David FJswick haa She was a woman of more kindly ordidis death last week. The estate will be man.' He has had no use ot himself No. 4. 15 barrels. hMin mentioned In our columns Dy oor nary montul capacity, of NEW CITY OFFICERS. Bkaggs converted at once under the terms of since he was shot about two, years respondents. She died at her home on position refined in manner and tastes. It Is reported that the following have i Mclntyre & Garrison, James ago. The family has the sympathy of the will. About thirty years ago the family mov been agreed upon as officials of Lou-i- a No. 6. 76 barrels. lOaat Fork after a brief Illness of The will was read Saturday morn- the entire community and ' we trust Mclntyre A Garrison, J. J. Gamblll Rov. H. B. Hewlett preached ed to Cincinnati in order to give the to be put Into office under the new ing In the presence of relatives of the that John Milton is at rest for he has advont No. 10. 25 barrels. her funeral. Mral Klswlck was a sister children better educational and Mra. ilty council after January .1: years later Mr. Ogden, Sanford Lyon No. 7, 20 bar !ate Mrsrrjarvey, and It was not un- suffered so long.'... Mrs. Fred Pack la of John K. Queen and was a irtost ex aires. Several Marshal Richard Cyrus. very ill with quick consumption and derstood the will would be contested. Layne removed to Huntington, where rtls. Clork John Q. Burns. cellent woman. The late Morris Harvey furnished Is not expected to live long. ... .Jessie, they resided until four years ago. air, N. B. Stephenson, H. T. Hamlington Attdmey A. J. Garred. years ago which the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Will the funds a number of Layne is in his 87th year and is re- ' Treasurer 3. B. Klnatter. No. 1. spudding. DR. WELLMAN RETURNS. age. George is 111 with pneumonia. . . .W. A. Btarkey & Keesey, J. M. Fyffe No. 1 enabled tho founding of Morris I drslra to announoe to tha public markably active for this extreme an educational Institution George of Van Lear was here last S barrels. erect and briskly, using- no He walks that I have returned to oulaa for the cane. S. F. Williams, James' Dlles No. 1 of the Methodist Episcopal Church, week on business. ..... .Mr. and Mrs. MEMORY nractfee of medicine. Oirice in resi- South, at Barboursvllle, W. Va. In her Henry Chandler of Lowmansvlll were rlssrlng up. Mra Layne never lost her affection innne on Vranklin street, opposite Ma. the old home town of Louisa and On December 1 the death angel wing. The Daniel Skaggs, No. 4, makes 20 will Mra. Harvey v. as said to have car- visiting Mrs. Chandler's sister, Mrs. It annlfl HalL ried out the wishes of her husband, Lyss Davis Tuesday. .. .Miss Eliza Da... . . rRA WBLLMAN, M. D, Uho friends sbs left hero. It was her ed Its flight to the home of Mr. and arrets. who had always cherished a lively in- vis, who has been at Van Lear with expressed desire to hava her body laid Mrs. Harvey Burchett and claimed for terest in the financial welfare of the her cousin, Mra Emm It Preston, reJ i rest on Pine H11L where so many- Its victim their darling daughter, Mil CUMBERLAND PIPE LINE CHRISTMAS BAZAR. . overlookturned. home Tuesday. .. .Mr. and Mrs. BUILDING BOOSTING 8TATION college. BcKlnnlng on Dee. lth tha ladlea of relative and friends sleep, spent He. She was about 45 years of age. r; tha little city where she her She leaves a father mother and three The sum of $200,000, when placed at Scott Miller of Catlettsburg spent the the M. E. Church will open a Chrlat-ma- s college, will bring week-en- d ms,with their parents, Mr. and The pipe line company Is building a the disposal, of the baxar In the sample room of the youth and a foo 'portion of) her brothers and a host of friends to mourn . Skaggs farm ibout needed new buildings and enHale spent :ure years. ;. Brunswick hotol. her loss. She waa well loved by ev- pump station on Daniel to push oil able the institution to continue a bro id Mrs. John Puckett....Ira sister, Mrs. ' county, Saturdpy niht with his erybody. , She was always so kind to near Martha, this detailed A BLONDE. everyone. Weep not dear ones for Mil- to the big pump station at Blaine, The cr scale of activities. No be made plana Wli:U. rge. ADAMS A VANH008E BUY until production la increasing all the time for Improvements will LAWRENCE COUNTY MAN ' LARGE BUSINE8S IN A8HLAND lie for she has crossed over the dark estate become equip- the funds ...... DIES AT PORTSMOUTH river of death and Is now resting In in thatlaHeld and this additionalIt more available. from the "., necessary to handle ; ESTEP the arms of our dear Savior. Weep not ment Gallup, Ky., B. E. Adams of Louisa and Ed Marlon Cox, nativa oi as those who have no hope, but pre promptly. have purchased Miss Beulah McGlothln Is expected Lafayette Cox FIVE KENTUCKIANS PARDONED. and father of General lr.iUw Vakaul aV T3vrwf nrA Cr pare to meet her In that better world Virginia. this week Frankfort, Ky, The following and George Cox, of Red Jacket, and chargrjan. where there will be no more parting. lng appontmente change in my preach- - oons were granieu December 6. Par borne W. Elswlck from West motored to AshVand D. and son touay io lor tne raiisourg cir- of Ave other children, died of paralysis . I. .w?r" andaawiU take no more heartaches or dying, but all h,.- -i Tuesday. . n.i. yesterday at his horns in Portsmouth. Joy for .vermors An milt M. EL Cnurcn tsoutn, nan men mates oe aeniucir auun raiurnnuni Ashland ,. p. Morrow, i nosei A klUav iln,M ... ffllMtn t RAJl, -men of Targ. -- xperUno; and should will be peace and . ia Id II 111.! a A.rf . rtn tha second Sundav of each bv Governor Edwin . " tor wm , ao wen wilii ,iua Williams. Whit- - com Queen s Sunday, uecemoer doeth month preaching services at Falls- - freed were: John in .id da ' NOTICE. dry law violator! Grandon their dsushter, Mis. Vlrg nhv and Mr. llshed enterprise. denrfrlend from bur, morning and night On th. third ley-call us are blrth- AU persons Indebted to Saturday night and Sunday morning Thompson, convicted of murder; Joe Ted Hlgglns It being their Kth n. to neTvolce wetoved Is to come In and settle up on convrnteo oi nay. j. no Yateavil e. Bam. Sunday after- - uhaprruin, Har an-c- o I place Ts vacant In the home that never at LICENSES. MARRIAGE ' antly. or before January I. lilt- - We want to noons 3:00 o'clock p. m. at Deep ' Hole murder; Mra Dellla Miller, Perry-oS3, of Vessle, to Jen. Anna Shepherd speni Sunday night tart tha new rear on a new basis. Babe Savage, 33. of Glenwood. convicted of manslaughter, and Abra- and nlsbt at Myrtle chapel. TTVT! UI berrv. . XA -- lL- XJK " "J nis Thorn " w,err w O. asXUtJLilUAVr. UorV AnuWA1 Thanking you In advance we are, .T JTLtfJV. aaM j MV71nthln. imi rivuciius. aVMakSB VVUllkl. wsavawi.vw J. Lonso Carter, 31, of George creek, of her brother, overlooking the home, MAYFLOWER. ... Tours respectfully; , of larceny. Fallsburg, Ky. ,One of ber best friends. i to Moddy Lemaster, 15, of Gallup. A BiFFB. WELLMAN' Withdrawn In Sheriffs Kace. No Trials Yet -in Other Cases. w omm for InsuSr dent rt - w rr-ee-c- - a grgMi Cur-nutt- e, .1 -- r. "T?."". w- . a . , yry r-- S W uZJZn ZZlthZ7ZZ "TTJ 1 . aT '' i tnTrur - at ftf I "jT'Tfr,?'i ' hrnrr11;':0 ikw "" K - onal. In $4-20- I T' : i.T" Irt tto ' "dln. . mt Herald-Dispatch. " - voy-ag- on-h- is . bush-whack- ' . " (TOOTS J. 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