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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 6, 1910

Part of The Adair County news.

r 11 f > r f > I 7 t t itbt VOLUMF Xl Citizens Meeting Next Sunda y A unntp bMt I COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY An Bit of Oid History KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY APRIL Attempted Assault 6 b 1910 Modern Woodmen 1 f A NUMBER YY Death of a Wellknown Citizen I = 7J Yl t1 > t I i 22 CYYYYYYYYYYT YYYYY PERSONAL it is charged at- ¬ A lodge of Modern Woodmen em- ¬ Mr J C Pelley who was known to J Miss sends me tempted to assault one day last week bracing thirtytwo members was or a great many people in Adair county this item that may be of interest to a twelve year old daughter of Mr ganized at this place last Friday night Mrs Bettie Butler is quite sick your readers under date of March 25th Thomas Rogers who lives in the Pick Mr M M Reding of Bowling Green The second of the series of the citi zens massmeetings will be held at the Courthouse auditorium on next Sunday afternoon at 3 oclock The theme for the meeting will be The Good Citizen and some of his characteristics Mr C S Harris will speak of the citizens business and civic obligations while the Rev B M Cur rie willspeak of his relations to the church and educational institutions Others will make short addresses on various phases of the topic for the af¬ ternoon There will be good musib by Columbias best singers and the hour will be crowded full of the best things for the communitys betterment Ev erylover of good moral and social or d home and our Christian institutions should be present My daughter Mrs Rosser of Cleveland Thomas Edwards Hattie Campbell One of the finest women in Mississip- ¬ pi died last evening the widow of Judge J B Chrisman and tonights paper states that her name was Mary Elizabeth Todd the daughter of Sam ¬ uel Todd and was born in Adair county Ky near Columbia in September 1841 D S Campbell KyJr ett was here and perfected the organiza tion The Lodge will meet regularly the second and fourth Monday evenings in each month the place of meeting be- ¬ ing in the third story of the Russell building The Woodmen is a growing institution and doubtless the lodge here will rapidly increase in membership It is not only a fraternal order but each able bodied member is allowed to carry life insurance from 500 to 3000 The following officers were elected for the ensuing yeah Rev J Rr Crawford Consul M L Grit om Past Consul L E Bradley Advisor Rev J AI Johnson Banker E G Hulle Clerk c Ed Willis Watchman E L Feese Sentry Strange Chief Forister W R Grissom Z Camp Physicians Chapel neighborhood The little girl in company with her brother two years her junior were in a field when Edwards came up He persuaded the boy to go to the house claiming that he wanted some kind of an article and when the little fellow started the girl not liking Edwards looks also started Edwards grabbed her and she jerked loose and climbed over a fence Ed wards following The little boy seeing his sisters peril drew his knife and made at the assailent Edwards re leased his grip on the girl and turned his attention to the boy and while Ed wards and the little fellow were in a tustle the girl escaped The scoundrel then left the scene the children noti fying the neighborhood A posse was organized who started on a hunt for Edwards rut up to this writing he has not been apprehended It is believed that heis in hiding either in Metcalfe or Green county CaseyCreek Mr rear Pellyton last Saturday morning and the interment was day forenoon 10 Horace Jeffries has about re ¬ I oclock Sun coveredMr Williams was herefromMont declininghealth last pelier Monday Mr John B two months his condition was crit was here county Wheat of Denmark court ical and there was but little hope of his recovery hence his death was not a i Mrs Hugh Noe and children are vis- ¬ surprise to his many friends he being iting in Springfield afflicted witha complication of diseases Mr Jo Russell was in Louisville a The deceased was born and reared in Adair county and was about sixty few days of last yeekjl t eight years old when the end came Mr R P Breeding of Breeding Many friends and relatives called at was here last Fridjjay I I The Samuel Todd mentioned in this article was a physician and was an un cle of Mr A G Todd of this place When quite a young man he left Adair county and located in Mississippi where Mr M Cravens wittbfe able to come he practiced his profession and where home in about twJ weeks tended the lastsad rites he married A few years after his She Was a Native of Adair County marriage his health failed and he and Mr Wm V Hoviocs The News extends its sympathy to of Holmes the surviving wife and children visited in Columbia las h ridayhis wife and children came to this cbun S Readers of the CourierJournal will tjy thinking that this climate would be Capt Geo Neil returned from Mar remember noticing in the issue of beneficial to Dr Todds health but tinsville Ind Sunday morning Stock Items March the 26th an account ofa double lie gradually grew weaker and died on EAWagggener Mr J W Jaekman was confined to tragedy in Louisvillea woman stabbed the farm near Columbia where the his bed several days of last week to death by Andrew Beinlin followed Murray Bros now live After his death Titus Mercer sold Dr G T Simpson by the slayer cutting his own throat his wife and children returned to Miss- ¬ nfgsiiin g Party a few days ago a Jersey cow for 50 Miss Nettie Clark has about recoverBreed to The Best dying in a few minutes The womans issippi and some time after this his He also sold Dick Rogers a mule for ed from an attack of pneumonia maiden name was Meeky Ellen Bryant daughter Mary Elizabeth married J IMr and irs Sam Allen entertained 145 Mr E W Reed returned from Mar a daughter of Peter Hawk Bryant and B Chrisman who was a lawyer and o eople young and old one tinsvill Ind today greatly improved I she was born and reared in Adair coun who afterwards became a Circuit the pres- day last week After the party had Jo Coffey Jr sold Miss Ruth Stapp Miss Eliza Gibbs who has been quite ty a few miles from Columbia Her Judge ent season at my barn one mile north gathered they concluded to go fishing in a black harness horse for 140 sick for the past week is very much parents now live in Campbellsville of Montpelier on Russell Creek The Pettisfork but when the stream was t improved She had been three times married and fee is ten dollars to insure a colt ten reached it was found to be too clear fo Death of Mrs Arlie Campbell E Dudgeon sold A W Pedigo a was a grass widow when murdered days oldthe fish to bite and they concluded t Mr Frank Sinclair and his sister She and her murderer boarded in the Duke will be 4 years old in May a spend the day talking over the days of bay harness horse for 225 Miss Mattie were in thenfarket a few Monday night of last week after an same house in Louisville the man being illness of a few days the subject of very dark bay with white hind feet 161 j long ago and many delightful reminis days of last week t desperately in love with the woman this notice passed beyond the veil be ¬ hands high fine style form and action ences were told Mr and Mrs Allen Miss Vie Murrah bought 9 acres of Dr J F Baugh Jamestown was but his love was not reciprocated and ing a victim of pneumonia and weighs 1000 pounds were delighted to have so many friends landrecently of Mrs Mary H Murrah here last Wednesday on his return he was very jealous of attentions paid DESCRIPTION AND PEDIGREEDuke is with them and did every thing in their for 230 Mr V M Epperson bought a She was the beloved wife of Mr Jo her by another man He told his vic ¬ L Campbell and a daughter of Mr and 4 years old in May a very dark bay power to make the day pass pleasantly horse of Coy E Dudgeon of Cane Val- ¬ home from Louisville tim a few days before the tragedy that Mrs J C Pelley of Pellyton where with white hind feet 16J hands high The following were present Nannie Flowers returned from ley a few days ago for 120 Mr R A he intended to kill her but would not the deceased resided Besides the hus ¬ has fine style form and action and Monday Her son Ray met Mrs Helena Williams Miss Sophia Stone bought a span of mules recently IMrs say just when He was sired b- y Williams Masters Herbert and Lee price not known Mr Charley Murrah her at Campbellsvilleband Mrs Campbell is survived by weighs 1000 pounds three children The deceased was about old Red Bird 1856 he by Cabells Joe Hurt Misses Thedus Williams and Mat- bought a 2 years old mule of Meynard Miss Hattie Lewis who has been on Notice 20 years old and had been a devoted Brown 1955 he by Cabells Lexington tie Williams Mrs Ad Bradshaw and Hudson last Friday for 90Montpel an extended visit to Louisville returnmetnber of the Church since before she 3234 he by Grits Black Hawk Red- Miss Hattie Bradshav Laura and Lil ier cor ed Tuesday night of last week stock law in Cane Valley precinct was grown She was a lady who had Birds 1st dam Liza Griffin she by burn Bradshaw Miss Mattie Hurt Mr J W Mitchell and wife Russell is in force and complaint has been many friends one who will not only be Bailys Dexter he by Cabells Lexing Mrs Tennie Dohoney Morrison John ¬ Robert Gadberry sold one mule to county visited the family of Mr Hani made to me about stock running at missed by the immediate family but ton Dukes 1st dam by Hubbles On son and Hettie Garner Ollie Tabor for 75 Miss Emma Young bal McBeath from last Friday until large in said district I take this means by every body in the neighborhood Time 745 bought one cow from Lee Burbridge I also have a fine jack fee 500 f notifying the people in said district where she resided Bidders Wanted for 25 Lawrence Young sold Billie SundayMr that I expect to enfore the law as far C Dunbar a prominent farm ¬ V M Epperson 222t Loy one cow for 30 Jim Young sold as I am required by law when complaint er of Caseys Creek was here last Census Takers The Committee is now ready to re one cow to J L Johnson 325 J R is made to Often we have complaints made by calve bids for a brick banking house at Murrell bought one horse from Walter Wednesday his first visit to Columbia meA D Patteson S A C The following persons have been com subscribers that they do not get their Gradyville Ky25x40 two stories Ingram Price privateGadberry cor for a year issioned census takers for Adair coun ¬ paper and in many instances that it is Bids closed in thirty days Mr R A Hutchison and wife Cane Will Clean 1 ty the work to begin the 15th oC this not received until Saturday in this conn C O Moss alley visited the formers mother Mr W J Bottom sold an agedM U ff = 4 neighbors say has been a great read begin a series of special meetings wit Hardware Company luis Reed o of the Bible but recently he got 222 the churches XJreensburg on April 22 just completed an elevator at the rear Mr Kinchelow Jones and Miss Lula tremely low fee of 800 o Many of their admirers of Columbi200 to 3a0 Cedar or Lo of their building which is to be used in Knifley were married at the home of Mr Elmo Strange has leftatifbis conveying vehicles to the second story the bride on Caseys Creek Sunday of ill see them during their ten days j pots i Apply to C S Harris office a copy of The Somerset Gazette He has a wife and a fa1llyof children ColL B Hurt was the contractor and Mast week Stay in Greensburg The later part o f Columbia Ky published February 3 1854 Itwas May the Evangelists are to be inEd ¬ he haa turned over firstclass job r FOXES WANTED Mrs Tenie Parson is very thankful edited by John P Bruce It is a 7 A ohnstonmet with re¬ monton hay etcsold to those who waited upon her late has column quatoall home print The nameg good success with her inc u Red and Grey te5d cAll kindii of feed cornhis livery ot many former Somerset busirfews Pure bred barred plymouth rock egg S I bator Shffputin 108 eggs and took sauirrels t Lo 100w a 5o sta band during his long illness byHufh Richardson at r men appear in it 75 to 125 for sale 15 for sixty cents delivered a t out 88 cniekeni Coons ble r Columbia or Knifley by mail carrier And Express I iJi Mr E A McKinl81 will frind for allj j HOpQBN your order if you want them the public Send in raging in 1i h JYhp 0 Pm c cough at liimill atLee S Smith invite ct lfrtw to car j ItiiI predicted that this will pea h hkbarnarid inti j Mrs 13 F Thcinajtf i I 212t 1 v 111tKil bpuktif crop y ear ne aQey Creek sectio 1 al t < > J6 ¬ ¬ ¬ rof ¬ r ¬ ADAIRI Sundayforenoon f JC r ¬ ic rCoy J I I i IThe I I I tJ JJ jW Hills Upt ¬ Moored Jrsol Gradyvillee i 4 nexte Sundayt ¬ I yT Thosd Patted ¬ Lickn Creeke men tW ane thr ne ThrEe circulatet pulpitorat3d S ¬ ¬ ¬ plantationsI ¬ ann 1 rElrod tht 1 < i f TuesdayAPril12 r y4v Wantedh aprom IMrsJ a t > r Es ajistock < r JA v prf ¬ r iSrsi La Hi 1 rf p V i A1it j + x Fosos9e40 J 7 ondaylcontractt arThe < I + appreciatede tc r ww I i 1 1arlill l r > J f

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