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Image 8 of 2005 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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8. for Milton Grimes, Professor, Department of Modem Languages, effective with the 2006-2007 contract. Motion carried. ` l Appointments to the Universig Student Appeals Board, approved KRS 164.670 provides that the Board of Regents may invest in a joint faculty-student committee the authority to suspend or expel any student for disobedience, contumacy, insubordination or immoral conduct. Pursuant to that authority, the Board in 1978 established a nine-member University Student Appeals Board consisting of six faculty and three students. The six faculty positions are staggered with two expiring each year. Student terms are for one year. Mrs. Buchanon moved, seconded by Mr. Ellison, that the Board of Regents, upon the recommendation of the President of the University, appoint the following faculty and students to the University Student Appeals Board for the terms indicated. Faculggz Three-year term ;2005-2008} Crystal Coleman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Organizational Communication, College of Business and Public Affairs Joyce Shatzer, Assistant Professor, Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, College of Education Students: One-year term {2005-20061 ` Eric King Shawn Miller Joshua Taylor Motion carried. Committee Reports ' A. Academic Affairs — no report. B. Athletic - no report. C. Audit- Mr. Sparks. Mr. Sparks presented the audit reports for acceptance. Mr. Adams moved, seconded by Mr. Stout, that the Board of Regents, upon the recommendation of the President of the University, accept the following audited financial reports for 2004-2005: l. General Financial Statement, Audit Committee Letter, Independence Letter, and House Bill 622 2. A-133 3. WKMS Radio Station Audit for the year ended 6/30/05 4. WKMS Radio Station Corporation for Public Broadcasting Annual Report for the year ended 6/30/05 5. NCAA Independent Accountants’ Report on Application of Agreed Upon Procedures for Intercollegiate Athletics for the year ended 6/30/05 6. Murray State University Athletic Foundation Audit and Management Letter for the year ended 6/30/05 Motion carried. (See Attachments #5 · #10) D. Buildings and Grounds - Ms. Hays. Disposition of Structure

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