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Image 6 of 2005 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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6. RESOLUTION l WHEREAS, President King Alexander has an understanding of the functions of a University and of each of its components and constituents; has collaborated with the University community and alumni to arrive at solutions for the betterment of Murray State University; has been an effective representative of the University to outside agencies; and has fostered good relationships with friends of the University; and WHEREAS, these have contributed greatly to the success of his presidency and to the success of Murray State University as a whole; and WHEREAS, President King Alexander will resign on December 3 l, 2005, and a new president must be found; BE IT RESOLVED that the search be conducted for a President with traits similar to those which we believe have been crucial to the success of President King Alexander. In particular, that 1) The President should hold an earned doctorate, or terminal degree appropriate to his or her discipline; 2) The President should have proven ability to represent the University effectively to national, state and local government, and to the Council on Postsecondary Education; 3) The President should have proven success in academic fund-raising; 4) The President should be a person who leads by building consensus; 5) The President should be responsive to faculty, staff student, and alumni concerns; and that 6) The President should be a supporter of shared govemance through campus goveming bodies in accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents as recorded in the Faculty Handbook. RESOLUTION 2 · WHEREAS, the confidence of the campus community and alumni in the search process will engender confidence in the choice of the next President; and WHEREAS, selection of a President who has the support of the whole University community and altunni will aid in a smooth transition between administrations; and WHEREAS, these are more likely to result from an open and transparent search process; BE IT RESOLVED that the President selected should be the product of an open, national search that results in a candidate who enjoys broad support of all elements ofthe University community. The Faculty Senate will be acting on these resolutions at the Tuesday meeting and Dr. Strieter asked that they be entered into the Minutes of the Board of Regents meeting. Report of the Treasurer, accepted Treasurer Tom Denton presented and reviewed the financial and investment reports for the period of July 1, 2005, through September 30, 2005. Following a brief discussion, Mr. Adams moved, seconded by Ms. Dial, that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Motion carried. l (See Attachments #2 and #3) Report of the Registrar Mrs. Ford moved, seconded by Ms. Burr, that the Board of Regents ratify the awarding of degrees to individuals on December l7, 2005, as reconnnended by the Registrar. Motion carried. (See Attachment #4)

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