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Image 4 of 2005 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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Io. contact within the colleges. Other important continuing programs within the Residential Colleges include Debate j Team and Academic Team competitions, Hanging of the Green, and All Campus Sing. Other ` initiatives include the First Year Leader Program, in which select Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students help guide our freshman and transfer students through their first semester at Murray State. They also help with our Passport to Success program, in which each residential college selects cultural and other events across campus which first semester students are encouraged to attend. Plans to build a new residence hall for Clark College are underway, and the designs · support the needs of the residential college concept. Of particular importance is that the designs include two larger commons spaces, as well as a general purpose room for collegiate meetings and classroom instruction. Finally, Dr. Muscio pointed out that the residential college system continues to stand as an example that other institutions across the nation are using as a model as they seek to develop similar communities within their schools. MSU has had visits and discussions with delegations from the University of Mississippi, Morehead State University, and Bellarmine College. All of these institutions are looking at Murray State as a leader in its residential college system. 5. Challenges Dr. Alexander summarized his report by laying out the challenges for our institution. As you look to find a new President, many of these challenges we know very well, I have seen them both from the view as a President and also as a higher education researcher. · Enrollment and recruitment- we do more than any other university I have ever been associated with in enrollment and recruitment. If we can get the students here, they will see the benefits and understand the full potential of this great university. Students are treated individually at Murray State. • Improving Student Success - There are 600 public universities in the United States l listed who have reported their IPEDs graduation rates. Murray State University ranks l 14 of 600. We are in the upper 28"‘ percentile in the United States in student success and student graduation rates. It is hard to get there. It is even harder to still continually improve upon that high ranking because 50 of those are flagship institutions. Improving upon what we have been able to achieve is going to continue to be a challenge because we are at such a high rate of success. Comparatively, we are where most institutions in the United States would like to be with regard to student success. And it has become a major national issue at the federal and state governrrrent level. Student success is now the new term being used in higher education where graduation and completion rates are compared as part of an ongoing comparison and part of the federal govermnent structure and the new Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. We are hoping that they incorporate in their comparison the amount of Pell Grant students that come into the institution on the front end so they don’t just measure institutions on the back end. Otherwise, you are going to have most institutions reducing their access and charging more and serving less students to get their numbers up. This will continue to be an issue and it involves everyone. • Student Tuition and Fee Issue We try to keep tuition low in an enviromnent where many institutions tum to tuition as a first, second or third resort, not a last resort. As money becomes tight the student tuition and fee issue in a state that has long had a tradition of keeping tuition low and the common taxpayers have funded the higher education system predominantly and primarily will continually be strained. This issue needs to be carefully assessed and watched as more tuition-based programs go into effect both in tax credits, student aid, and all other kinds of tax tuition based support systems. This goes back to our discussion every spring on net tuition which is starting to be calculated on the federal level, What is the average net tuition that our students are going to pay? Not the sticker price, but what is the average net tuition, taking out student aid, taking out tax credits and everything else. Once again, this is related to the type of resources we have to attract and retain

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