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Image 3 of 2005 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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3. Under Construction ($3.8 million): · $3 million Murray State University Regional Business Center (Phase I: December/January) • $450,000 MSU Miller Golf Clubhouse (December) from Miller Trust • $350,000 Breathitt Veterinary Laboratory Upgrade (December) To begin Construction Winter/Spring 2006 ($32.3 million): • $13.3 million New Clark Residential College • $15.5 million Phase Il Science Complex (Chemistry Building) I • $4 million Phase ll of the Renaissance for Knowledge Library Project CPE Project Prioritization: · E & G Projects (15 listed) MSU Phase Ill Physics Science Complex (ranked 5'“) $15 million · Research & Economic Development Projects (4 listed) MSU New Breathitt Veterinary Center (ranked 4"‘) $16.2 million • Agency Bond Authority New Richmond College $13,3 million 4. Other News President Alexander introduced Dr. Don Robertson, Vice President for Student Affairs, who stated that a couple of years back the University created a Greek Hall of Fame with the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of our Greek organizations. This was to recognize national achievement for groups that would be singled out as having the best program in the nation among all the various chapters of a particular fratemity or sorority. Over the last couple of years we have had fratemities and sororities that have received the best chapter in the nation award. We have had presidents singled out as being the best president in the nation. We have had advisors that have been singled out as the best advisor in the nation. This past year one of our organizations was singled out as having the best program in the nation among all the chapters . nationwide. This past year Alpha Sigma Phi Fratemity received the recognition as having the most outstanding new member education program in the nation. This was from among hundreds of chapters nationwide which basically says this is a model program. Obviously, if new members are trained and receive the proper education, it creates the type of leadership that will help a program continue to be very successful. Chairman Sparks and the President wanted the Board of Regents to recognize Alpha Sigma Phi, represented by president elect Stephen Sala, Josh Rose who is the current president, Jimmy Byers who is the new member education coordinator, and Mike Young who is their faculty advisor who provides outstanding guidance. Dr. Robertson presented certificates to these individuals. Residential College Update Dr. Robertson introduced Dr. Oliver Muscio, Richmond College head and chair of the council of college heads, who gave an update on the Residential Colleges. Dr. Muscio welcomed back Dr. Marty Jacobs as Head of Springer-Franklin College. Dr. Jacobs, who previously served as head of Elizabeth College, left his position as Chair of the Department of Adolescent, Career and Special Education to assume the leadership of Springer- Franklin College. As part of our effort to integrate more closely academics with student life in the residential colleges, we are expanding our plans to offer course sections designated for specific residential colleges. In the Spring 2006 semester there will be eight such course sections, one for each of the residential colleges. Two of these will actually be taught within the specified residential colleges, while the others will be taught in their usual academic venues. As additional colleges acquire facilities suitable for classroom use, we plan to bring even more classes to the students in their Residential Colleges. The residential colleges have also initiated the "House Calls" program, in which select faculty members from each of the colleges are assigned to floors or wings of their colleges to l serve as mentors to the students of that section. ln this way, we will promote student-teacher i l

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