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Image 8 of Duties and functions of Kentucky county government

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

5 County Court Clerk (I, II) of health (ibid., sec. 2055); the county auditor (ibid., sec. l8hO); a " person or baE§Tas receiver of the tax (ibid., sec:~lB55) and one member of the county budget conmnssion (ibid.,MEEEZ 185lc-2). In addition, the statutes provide that the fiscal Eburt may make the following appoint- ments, which, however, are not mandatory: a commissioner to sell bonds issued by it for erecting and repairing public buildings (ibid., secs. A 1375, 187h); commissioners to examine all contract proposalswfor pur- chasing stock in turnpike road companies (ibid., sec. h759); an inspect- I or and weigher of grain for grain warehouses*Yibid., sec. LTQB); road commissioners (ibid., sec. h507a—l); a playgroEHd—and recreation board (ibid., scc. BQOOETQ); a county livestock inspector (ibid., sec. 65c-18); a”cEmmissioner of the poorhouse (ibid., sec. 5925); and two members of the county library board (ibid., sec.m§5Ed-1). The appointment of the county road engineer is approved by the fiscal court (ibid., sec. h525). ( II COUNTY COURT CLERK (1) The county court clerk in each county is elected from the county at large for a four—year term, with vacancies to be filled by the gover- nor. The clerk must be twenty-one years of age, a resident of the state for two years and of the county for one year preceding his election. Ho is compensated on a fee basis (Const. of 1891, secs. 99, lOO, 152; Carroll's Kentucky Statutes, 1956 ed., secT`l720). _——_ _`*—_—-——— (2) Upon the expiration of his term or upon removal, the county court clerk is required to deliver all books, records, and other papers belong- ing to his office to his successor or such persons as the county court may direct (ibid., sec. 57h). He must write up proceedings of the court each day (ibidTT—see. 578); list all steps in each case within thirty days after the clbse`of each term of court (ibid., sec. 579); administer oaths in or out of court, touching any matte1*inTwhich an oath may be legally admin- istered (ibid., soc. 580); keep office within two hundred yards of the courthousE—EnH hold it open and accessible at all reasonable times (ibid., sec. 580); and, after termination of county court sessions, make out a list of claims against the public treasury and forward same to the state auditor of public accounts (ibid., sec. 559). (5) By virtue of his office the county court clerk is also clerk of the fiscal court and he is to attend all sessions of that court and report all proceedings (ibid., sec. 1355). (L) The county court clerk is required further to; certify and affix seals to soldiers' claims or to any power of attorney concerning same, free of charge (ibid., sec. 582); keep a record of persons testifying in court upon legal summons (ibid., sec. §B§); record all license fees collected or paid ( to the circuit cbdrt (ibid., secs. @252, et seq.); keep an alphabetical l cross index of all sesveyahces recorded in his office (ibid., sec. §l§); advertise yearly a list of all unrocordcd deeds in his bfficc and state why same were not recorded (ibid., sec. §l2); preserve all papers connected ij]13 -E`]-Y

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