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Image 1 of The Adair County news., January 6, 1909

Part of The Adair County news.

v t7i I r c ir I Ii J 1 j 1 1 I I 3 Yfr t Ia rbt I I I c 1 A JA J i< i t b g l << f1 NIIJ jt r VOLUME 1 A XBorn to the wife of Elmer Hammons Jan t 001 M L Mitchell sold a fine Jersey cow rast week for45 Will t Mr P L f f Ne- Erect a Handsome Building wt y Cundiff lost a valuable V f Ahorse last Saturday to the wife of William Sapp MrJ 0 Russell the senior member Co having de of the firm of Russell 1909 a son cided to erect a handsome and modern Frank Waggener sold Lucien Moore business house on the Isenburg corner a pair of mules for 325 of the public square the firm has agreed to sell its entire stock of gener ¬ H O Mullinix bought of John Webb al merchandige at cost for cash The a harness horse for 140 stock is estimated at not less than eighteen thousand dollars The dispoBorn to the wife of Walker Bryant sition of it commenced the first day of December 30 1908 a daughter January andean effort will be made to I Mr J W Hurt has our thanks for clean up by the first of July Mr Russell is one of the rrome home grown chewning tobacco merchants in South Easternbest known Kentucky of four different banks and his many friends will be glad to f Statement are published in this issue of the News know that he is not going out of busi ¬ nessonly making prevarations to be AI TA few weeks ago the weather was in position to serve his customers in the 9 fine for road working but nobody was future better than he has in the past Result take the mudi Contractors are now figuring on the > ready to work new structure that he till build and in Breeding will be the auc- ¬ a short time the old Iseuburg building Mr tioneer at the sale of the property of will be removed ana the erection of the S D Caldwell deceased on the 12th new store house commenced It will inst be brick and virtually a threestore building counting the basement which M Nevill who was a well will be one of the sale departmentscitizenof Metcalfe county died The stock of goods now being closed a few days ago He was a magistrate out is clean and there are bargains for for fifty years every body < There were three additions to the A Delightful Gathering Methodist Church Sunday night one by Church and letter one from another Misses Bettie and Martha Hancock vone by confession entertained their many friendsin the infant child of Tom Bryant Jr parlors of the Hancock Hotel last Fri buried at Sfiiloh last Supday The day evening in a manner befitting two < religious services were conducted by of Columbias popular young ladies 1EidE J Barger The parlors were handsomely decorated rJohn White bought one cow from and by 9 oclock they were graced with beauty and gallantry of the community young Bros2250 one cow from W Refreshments were served and before G Gabbert for J19 and one yoke of the hour of departure arrived all the oxen from Ben Conover for 50 guests had metHMr Dooley and his family and were exceedingly well Pemberton bought a num ¬ pleased with their fascinations Altschler Other ber of mules and horses here last Thurs ¬ games were played and the music ren ¬ day They paid from 75 QO to 175 dered charming All honor to the for mules and the horses sold well Misses Hancock is the universal expression of those who were in attend ¬ M TurnerGeo BHelm J B Conover and H A ance The following were present Woodruff Flowers Miss Minnie Kemp Walker are the supervisors They are DrR Y Hindman Miss Laura Herri now at work overlooking the Assesors ford James Garnett Miss Mary Cart book wright Ewing Stults Miss Alice Mrs W S Hindman Milltown sold Walker Ray Montgomery Miss Mabel one turkey a few days ago at 11 J Atkins Garland Grissom Miss Lillie cents per pound It weighed 35 pounds Judd Ti j Cravens Miss Ida Todd bringing her 402 Does it pay to raise John Flowers Miss Elizabeth Rowe Ray Flowers Miss Jennie McFarland turkeys Eres Barger Miss Myrtle Myers Reed Quite a number of young people met Shelton Miss Martha Hancock George with Miss Mabel Atkins last Saturday Lowe Miss Betsey Hancock Rob Reed evening spending several hours ina Miss Frances Jones George Mont ¬ very enjoyable manner There were gOn ry Miss Lura Smith Fred Hill Miss Nina Marcum Robt Todd Miss music and games Katie Murrell John Lee Walker Miss The week of prayer is in progress Dimple Conover Alexandria Chewning meetings to be heldeach night during Miss Amanda Butler George Hancock this week Interesting topics have Miss Vic Hughes Edwin Cranves Miss been published and the people through Zimmerman out the community are cordially invited to attend Lilburn Phelps Recommended e I t rw i L< I u J I > i j JS r L iiJ 1known iLl > t 6was I r I T I r io 1 f J j Liiiiif HJ Mr Ed Cox and family former resi Jamestown Ky Jan 4 1909 dents of Greensburg have removed to For the News Columbia and are occupying the resi ¬ At a meeting of the Republican dence near the home of Mr J N Cof county Executive Committee of Russell known as the Baptist parsonage county on Saturday Jan 21 1909 the introduced b y have opened a shoe shop and following resolution general tool repairing shop in our old Judge Sharp was unanimously adopt ¬ place back of the wholesale grocery edResolved That it is the sense of this Your patronage solicited committee that inasmuch as Russell Moore Franklin county has never had a Republican The young people of Columbia storm ¬ candidate for State Senator we ask ed Miss Vic Hughes and her yisitjor and urge the Republicans of the other Miss Myrtle Zimmerman last Thurs- counties of the district to Consider the the day evening The occasion proved to qualifications of our be a most enjoyable affair Delight ¬ Hpn Lilburn Phelps and we thereby ful music was rendered and there were ask Mr Phelps to submit his claims and the countys claim to the consider¬ tion of the rest of the district R E Lloyd Chairman Mr Brack Massie is making prepa ¬ N B Falkenburg Secy frfey Iit Ii J gamest lot but nearer the street Judge W W Jones property c 1 Public Sale January 12 1909 sale to at 10 oclock We will offer for sale at the late residence of SD Tuesday on same running from commence on t f K COUNTY KENTUCKY M int I or I I I t I pIivejure rji t 1 I < J t w fJ1t sy S L 1 t i SIl 7 1p 1t t f ± A I A JANUARY 6 Owing to the illness of Rev Tyler Wright who was appointed to serve the Columbia circuit the work has been filled by Rev J H Rood of Camp bellsville who will take charge the the first of January and continue the remainder of the year Rev Rood will move to Columbia at once and put his children in the L W T S i I I Have just finished visiting the Adair county schools and looking after their sanitary conditions II find the health conditions good They generally have good watersome have to go quite a distance to get it but the most qf them have good neighbors who will not deny good water to the children of the schools 1 found the attendance generally bad It is awful to think how little attention is paid to the schools by the trustees and the parents We have had under the old law about 270 men who have been elected or appointed trustees whose business it is to look after the condition of the public school We also have a superintendent who receives the money from the State and pays it out to the teacher and the name of her office implies that she too has to see how the schools are getting along- just s 25 per cent i I I I GLENSFORK LODGE J Card of Thanks W L < Z L Samuell Treas C A Walker Tyler rnettJ D > Birthday Dinner ilIisStewards Last Saturday was the sixtyseventh anniversary of Mr Z M Staples this place His daughters Mrs G F Stults and Mrs Gordon Montgomery LODGEI CASEYS CREEK W L Simpson Master G L WolfordSW H H TuckerJ W prepared magnificent dinner and a number of friends were called in to do honor to the occasion Mr Staples who is one of Columbias best citizens received a number of useful and hand some presents Emmit GoodeSecy R J Stayton Treas JM WolfordS D JD Jas RichardsonTyler J A Williams CANElvALLEY Horace f Attention MassieMaster r cI JW J W SublettTreas O W McAlister JuddS J RussellS B D Junius HancockJ E C PageTyler All persons owing me notes and ac counts are requested to call and settle at once I need the money due me andV I trust that this notice will be heeded The outstanding business of 1908 must1 be settled W L Walker 4 Df One lot of collars all sizes and styles at Russell Co at 5 cent- f itJof Christ her Lord and Savior Jesus A brother W L Simmons i Atthe salepf the personal propert i > J 0 Russell lowers H Siu ciommitteeL > Jw 1 BANK OF COLUMBIA j c THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS is i > i t f < J tI jojlrUi 1 c Overdrafts Unsecured 2 323 99 Duo froxnNationa11anks1994 17 Due from State Banks and 1 371 79 2126596 Bankers Banking house and lot 200000 V Mortgages 5363195 Other stosks and bonds 16 18832 Specie 469582 Currency e 6405 00 1110082Otheritenis carried as cash 145493 1000 00 Current Expenses Last Quarter v1075 GiVe description location val tie and how long ownedaIl real estate except banking ifariy owned hot1se and r longer than five years Dont 17 t t t I 1 c J Lansand Discounts Overdrafts unsecured D ae from National Banks 7 493 41j Due from State Banks and Bankers 411 05 Mortgages Specie 387 00 Currency 3 207 00 Exchange for Clearings Other Items arried asCash Funiture and Fixtures Current Expenses last Quarter 589 89 Give description location value and how long owned all real estate ex ceptbanking house and lot if any owned longer than five years Dont own any Lease on Building I V 37881i41 3ii79t i 7 901 45 5 890 in 359400 146103 64492 1 6650O b tI 1 i1 i Ji i O 6im5I > f 9 LIABILITIES Capital Stock paid in in cash V moo CO 188376 30 Surplus Fund v lf VV v 1 17000 iY LIABILITIES Undivided Profits 22151 t f Capital stock paid in in cash e 30000 90 Deposits subject to check fon which interest is not paid 43 452 S9 Surplus fund 30000 00 25501X1 4 000 00 Bills rediscounted v UndividedProfits 4 Deposits subject to check on which SUPPLEMENTARY interest 12372432 Fund fo Taxes 65198 any stockholderperson company or SUPPLEMENTARY firm including in the liability of the > company or firm the liability of the Highest amount of indebtedness of t individual members thereof direct any stockholder person company ly or indirectly if suc Kindebtedness or firm including in the liability exceeds 20 per cent of capital stock ot the company or firm the liability actually paid in and actualamount of the individual members thereof o i i 1 yfHighest isnotpaidu Jp of surplus of the bankNone Highest amount of indebtedness of any director or officer if amount of such indebtedness exceeds 10 per cent of paidup capital stock of directly or indirectly if such indebt edness exceeds 20 per cent of cap tal stock actually paid in and actu ¬ al amount of surplus of that bank None 1 Highest am2unt ot indebtedness any director or officer if amount of such indebtedness exceeds 10 per C litof paidup capital stock of bank None Does amount indebtedness of any person company or firm includingI in the liability of the company or firm the liability of the Individual members thereof exceed 30 per cent of paidup capital and actual surp ins No v Amount of last dividend 1 SOO 00 Were all expenses losses interest and taxes deducted therefromb forO declaringa dividend and was not less than 10 per cent of net profits of the bank fortho period covered by the fqpdbefore > COUNTY Yes 188 37G 30 ENTUCKYiss sf c v surp1 Are anjthranch institutions being con ducted by your bank No in STATE QF > bank None Does amount of indebtedness of any person company or firm including in the liability of the company or firm the liability of the individual members thereof exceed 30 per cent ofpaidup capital and actual lus No Amount of last dividend 450 00 Were all expenses losses interest and taxes deducted therefrom be ¬ fore declaring divi4end and was not less than 10 per cent of net profits of the bank for the period covered by the dividend carried to < the surplus fund before said dpi Yes dendvas declared Are any branch institutions being conducted by your bank No f Has your institution yet started busi ness in its trust department No ¬ Jno W Flowers Cashier of the Bank of a bank organized in 1866 located and doing business in the town of Columbia in said county being duly sworn says that the foregoing report is ipall respects a Jrue statement of the condjtlonofaIdbankut the close of business on the 31st day of Dec 1908 to the best of his knowl ¬ edge and belief and further says that the busl h f r t > t > t i 50STATE COUNTY OF ADAIR or ColumbIa Jo P3 Cashier of Citizens Bank a bank organized t n 1906 1 o ed and doing business of Colum bia in said county bein duly sworn says the foregoing report is in all respects a true statement of the condition of the saidBankat the close of J business on the 31st day of December 1908 to the best of his knowledge and belief and further says that the business of said Bank bas boen transacted location named and not elsewhere < that no branch hks arebeing conducted by said bank and that the above report is made icorn pliance with an official notice re eived from the Secretary of State designating the 31st day ofvV Dec 1S08 aa the day on which such ieport shalEf f inthetown t nIIY iI 1ir t S i fl J J >0 S 1 1 Tt a t or i I T tfv l t ri J- 11 J Fq 1R p 4 t 4 u i < j l L n i cat w M co l CofFey cgnducted by said bank and that in compliance Svith ah j official notice jrecslYcd frOth the Secretary of State Q sign ti1 g1he31s day qt December 19 8aslhedaYjon which such report shall be bema e niUder Subscribed and sworn fo before me by Jo Coffcy JwbiW FTOWERS Cashier < the 5th day of January 1909 s WIW JONES Directory JOrRusseli Notary Phblic > l RF PXuti Director p Ailair co nlyxY > JAMES NETT Director t Iy m miSS ionpir January 15thri9lO 2 Subscribed and worn to before toe by Jho Jo COFFEY Cashier i the 1 H Youa Direct j i01JNN 6 ONGPr r tZ i t QWQaD I t RESOURCES 7911233 Furnitureand fixtures 1 j RESOURCES jOf J THE 31ST DAY OF 1908 1908 Loans and discounts i 4 oNf DECEMBER AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON THE 31ST DAY OF DECEMBER Secure Scholarshipr of SD Galdwell deceased pilled ifor t >j l TuesdayJf1D12th there will be soldaHe is AIL persons who contemplate entering fine yearling Peacock Stallion aerfecteaut Do not fail osee the Western Kentucky Sta e Normal i School on a free scholarship should see iim < t W Friee J I eCITIZENS BflNK THE thelcrdUoIi > r of th- iso above report ismade rgaiH t QUARTERLY REPORT sQUARTERLY REPORT CvF ¬ I LODGE John Littrell S W AH < ICommlttee > NextrSaturday afternoon at 2 oclock there will be sold to the highest bidder yie want to thankour neighbors for atthe M and F High School a lot of their kindness in the short sickness of chairs tables mattresses bedsteads oiirdear daughter and Bisterj Mrs dkessersstoes etc A chance for haY banks are being 19081We s Public Health U L Taylor Scarlet Fever Wm Blair Laryngitis C M Russell Some cases I have lost E B Atku son W F Cartwright R Y Hindman W T Grissom WalkupS HK WA Andrew CE W i 1 p J V DudleySicy gat schoolsuperin7lt BlairS I S as 1 MarshallMaster W WE s seed you A verycommon express ¬ Sallie a little daughter of Mr and 1 taken ion among them is so and Mrs Robt Hudson fell down a flight so I attributed this fault to the ex-¬ of steps last Monday and was severely aminers They should I think give hurt A large gash was cut in her tlem oral examinations on grammer head and one of her fingers was cut is lawful to do so Of course they almost off A doctor was called and if it know better but they should be taught dressed the wounds to be more particular and not make so There will be a meeting of the Coun many blunders in the presence of their ty Board of Education at the office of schoqls Now I see no splu ion of this state of Mrs Georgia Shelton next Monday All things tyut in a rigid cpmpulsory school persons who desire changes in their school districts are requested tof be law We have a compulsory law now We once had present ana nui ke their wants known but it wont compuise a law requiring the teacher to be dis ¬ many new plipils entered the missed if he did not keep 25 per cent r in A LindseyWilsbn yesterday and they attendance 1 do not know what has will coritinu toarrive throughout the become of that Jaw It was a very week There is room for all that will poor law and ought nevjer to have been It made the teachers respon ¬ come The hoarding capacity is larger enacted sible for the non attendance of the thanever before pupils and made no provision for the At the sale of the personal property 75 per cent not attending One trouble with our common school of S D Caldwell deceased billed for Tuesday Jan 12th there will be sold systenis the teachers are paid just as a fine yearling Peacock Stallion He is much for the children who do not at ¬ a perfect beauty Do not fail to see tend school as for those who do The him teachers are paid in our county the magnificent sum 15000 or more and v this sum divided by the number attend ¬ Marriage Licenses ing would be 8 dollars eachI do not want to close this communi ¬ Mr ToR Stults County Court Clerk cation without saying something re- ¬ of Adair issued the following marrage licenses during the month of December- specting the school houses Some are good some are bad and some are in ¬ C C Coffey to Ina Coomer different One house I visited was Thos Duncan to Mary A Flatt made of logs and the door was off the Samuel Smith to Grace Dooley hinges the stove was nearly burned up Herschel Voilsto Rosa E Cundiff Lonis Janes to Little M Hammons- had no shutter to the door and two of R R Edwards to Ollie M Brad the windows to the house had not even sash taJhem That young lady teach ¬ shaw er went from Columbia was bright and John H Burressto EthaF Jesse James Hammonds to Lou Burdridge- cheerful and making no complaint She had eight little children huddled Rollin Janes to VaraMcGuirinis Robt L Sneed to Etta M Coomer aroupd that thing that had once been a stove and not a word of complaint Virgil L Bell to Miller C eodmer from any of them If there had been Wirt Walkup to Lola Hamilton a case of diptheria or scarletina in McGaha to Mattie Beard Oliver that neighborhood I would have sus- ¬ Nolan Jones to Louisa Chelf pended that school and sent the child ¬ J S Gadberry to Ethel Lewis Wm V Wilson to Kizzie A Burress ren and teacher home And yet keep ¬ ing those children there under the cir-¬ Levi Hovious to Mattie D Taylor cumstances was much more detrimentL F Keltner to Pattie Coffey al to their health than the other would have been for that day the thermom ¬ Attention eter registered below 20 Now let us All persons owing men notes and ac- ¬ hear from the people on this subject counts are requested to call and settle especially the parents the teachers at once I need the money dueme and trust that this notice will be heeded The outstanding business of 1908 must l Public Sale < > Resettled W L Walker A 9 lor 1 found one only with no attendance property on Burkesville street just and that was in a good neighborhood above the Hancock Hotel last Frida- with 53 in the district I found two ytoMrJ S Breeding We under¬ with only one present in each These stand theconsideration was 1600 Mr were colored districts Among the Rollin Browning wilt continue to oCcu- ¬ whites I found one district with 79 and py the residence only 4 present I found two others with only 4 and yet I do riot blame the The suit involving Green countys teachers They seemed to bedoing the liability for 250000 worth of bonds best theycould In talkingwith them issued in 1871 to aid in the building of found some of them murderers of the I Ohio railroadwas the Cumberland Kings English One of them whom I decided by the Supreme court of the had met only once before a year ago United States on the 4th must against when I asked her if she knew me an¬ the county yes I knodeyou as soon swered 0 t County Superintendent and make Medical Society application at ones provided they have not already done so Appointments may The following is the program of the be made at anytime to enter Catalog furnished upon application Write H Adair County Medical Society which H Cherry President State Normal meets in Columbia the second Thursday 1909 School BowlingGreen Ky in January at which we want every physician in the 92t county to be present Epidemic Cartarrhgribpe SATay Masonic Elections > transferred Tr i r their Visit to Adair County Schools ¬ H Newby rt J NUMBER On last Thursday evening Hillcrest the home of Miss Winnie Dohoney was the scene of quite a merry gathering it being the occasion of a peanut jab given to her friends Master Lucien Hurin was winner of the prize a nice I kept a recordof the attendance at box of bon bons Other games were r engaged in and the time passed too the various schools and wish it published so that the people can see how quickly away the work of the public schools is being News was received here the first of done The number of pupirchildren in last week that Mr Jas S Naylor was thet county as given to me by teachers lying dangerously ill at his new home is 5095 The number in attendance is in Oklahoma and friends and relatives 1605 the number absent was 3190 were very anxious concerning him making the attendance 37J per cent They were greatly relieved on Satur- This includes all the schoolstaking the day when a letter came stating that colored schools separately we have Mr Naylor was better in alU 78 with an attendance of 128 or Mr W 7 <> 1909 V The price paid was 7500 jr > < s ehI < Editor News coIYfrom horses1mules I 1i WEDNESDAY I A private letter from Mr W D Jones who is in the real estate busi ¬ M JFgss at Knoxville Tenn states that plement ire did fairly well during the year 1908 Heirs olsDGaia well 1tj and that he expects to increase his business during this year That he mat We Will at a Bargain get rich andcome home to Invest money in the wish of his Adair county A thirtyfive horse power mounted friends r boiler good as new tWentyfive horse and anew saw rig with r r powerengine Rev A R Kasey pleached two two good saws Thisis a chance if you eating serthonsat the Methpbist church want a firstclassoutfitrafca great relast Sunday forenoon and evening The duction inpriceWriteijr call oh Wbl evening discourse vas a most magnffi Casey Creek Ky ford Bros cerit sermon and evidently the congre ¬ 9 lm gation got much good out of it The i speaker took up the life and character For Sate drawing a most beautiful V I IofDaniel His appeal to the young to i ttir e My house Jand three acreslofvlandxpn liv was touching more Boomer Heights with goodimproy eloquent discourse has nqtbeea deliver TonfVagginer ed here for many moons mentsi t i9gt t unntn > i residenceL ADAIR i Wolford Brosof Casey Creek re ¬ cently bought from a party in Marion county oneof the finest Herriford bulls ever brought to this county He is only two years old and tips the scales at 1200 pounds He is said to be per¬ s CLOSING OUT AT COST a son 3 1909 if li COLUMBIA XII Uiorn I i f I I t l f2 Dirocor lil e 1 7- I II t t tkl ire w1ro FF r I i r iJl i fk tJ 4di j 1r n 7 8 tf II = i tcr

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