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Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, March 11, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r THK Friday. March KKXTITKV-KKKXKL- APRIL 16 IS "UEC 11. 19:,: .1 DAY" ENGINEERING ENIOR NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION LOS ANGELES WILL INTERVIEW HERE - v , - t- "" - . , Tir ;- - ' " ,x.4 I - rn ? - 't' , Governor Receives Award Mary Ann iruflagc, junior heme economics major and secretary of the Kentucky Association of Clubs is shown presenting Gov. Lawrence Wether- by with the Club Alumni Achievement Award. 4-- 4-- 4 l ; - n 7 The rresentation took place in a ceremony held at Frankfort last Friday. Each year four such awards are presented to former Kentucky Club numbers. II 4-- 11 II Governor Wetherby Is Awarded 4-Club Achievement Plaque MMfAvf ' Dartfoot Uoy With Check," tie.) H Mary Ann Huflage, junior in the Kentucky Association of home economics and secretary of Clubs, presented Gov. Lawrence Wetherby with the Club Alumni Achievement award in a ceremony held at Frankfort last PINKSTON'S Friday. C3ov. Wetherby is one of four WATCH SHOP former Kentucky Club members to receive the annual achieveFine Wotches ment award. Three other winners Watch Repairing were presented with awards at the ELGIN BULOVA Farm and Home Convention in GRUEN February. PARKER FOUNTAIN PENS In connection with the award Gifts For presentation, J. R. Whitehouse, Ladies and Men state leader of H Club work, is pointed out that March 130 N. Limestone, Phone being observed at National H Next door to Chop Suey Club week. Lexington, Ky. Sixty-on- e per cent of the stu 4-- 4-- H 4-- H 4-- 5-- 13 2-5- 67 4-- SCIENCE MADE SIMPLE: NO. 2 dents enrolled In the College of H Though this column is intended solely as a vehicle for Agriculture and Home Economics drollery, the makers of Philip Morris have agreed to have been or are now Club members. let me use this spuce from time to time for a short lesson in Whitehouse said that more than science. They are the most decent and obliging of men, tho 26 per cent of the entire UK student body has had background in makers of Philip Morris, as one would guess from sampling the former Junior Agriculture Club. their product. Only from bounteous hearts could come such a pleasurable cigarette so felicitously blended, so gratifying to the taste, so soothing to the psyche. And, as though bringing; Proctor-Gambl- e you the most agreeable cigarette on the market were not enough, the makers of Philip Morris have enclosed their wares in tho Snap-Ope- n Pack, an ingeniously contrived wrapping that yieKU Interviews for UK students up its treasure without loss of time or cuticle. And, finally, interested in vocational careers this paragon of cigarettes, wrapped in the paragon of packages, with Proctor and Gamble will be or regular, as your taste dictates. Who held Wednesday in the College of can be had in king-siz- e Commerce and Thursday in the can resist such a winning combination? Not I. College of Education. A few weeks ago in this column we had a brief lesson in chemistry. Today we take up another attractive science -- medicine. Medicine was invented in 10G6 by a Greek named Hippocrates. He soon attracted around him a group of devoted disciples whom he called "doctors". The reason he called them "doctors" wjih that they sat around a dock all day. Some fished, some just dozed in the noonday sm. In truth, there was little else for them to do, because disease was not invented until 1492. After that doctors became very busy, but, it must be reported, their knowledge of medicine was lamentably meagre. They knew only one treatment-- a change of climate. For example, a French doctor would send all his patients to Switzerland; a Swiss doctor, on the other hand, would send all his patients t well-temper- ed 4-- H , Interviewers Here IDEAL FOR CAMPUS WEAR THIS SPRING SZ - mmmm WASHABLE UNCONDITIONALLY 9 V.KCA9C iUN KtJUIAni fAI AND VAI UTtU LUXURY LOOK AT ECONOMY PRICES JACKETS El Tie Waistband and qrlp . . . slash pockets in evarv caiar imaqirt-abl- a .. wrists . . . Charcoal, Bluf, Pink, Red, Black, Tan and many others. pifeiAir $3.95 and $4.95 .. JEANS Either with or elastic bicked full-belt- waist ed tor comfortable "Civ .and Take." Co'ors to match the jackets and shorts . . . comfort and style for a really low price. $3.95 and $4.95 SHORTS Popular walking shorts . to match the rest of your denim ensemble. Also in splash weaves or solid colors . . . liv- - the "coot" way to enjoy k Jp y $2.95 and $3.95 1 1.) ivi 120 SO. UPPER en ) J J s W EAR PHONE 4-65- 00 France. Fy 1781) the entire population of France was lhing in Switzerland, and vice versa. This later became known as thu Black Tom Explosion. Not until 11)21 did medicine, as we know it, come into being. an In that year in the little Bavarian village of Pago-Pag- o elderly physician named Winko Sigafoos discovered the hot water bottle. He was. of course, burned as a witch, but his son Lydia, disguised as a linotype, smuggled the hot water bottle out of the country. He called on Florence Nightingale in Londori but was told by her housekeeper, with some asperity, that Miss Nightingale had died in PJ1U. Lydia muttered something and, disguised as a feather boa, made his way to America, where he invented the blood stream. Medicine, as it is taught at your very own college, can be divided roughly into two classifications. There is internal medicine, which is the treatment of internes, and external medicine, which is the treatment of externes. Diseases also fair into two broad categories-chron- ic and acute. Chronic disease, is of course, inflammation of the chron, which can be mighty painful, believe you me! Last summer my cousin Haskell was stricken with a chron attack while out pick ing up tinfoil, and it was months before the wretched boy could straighten up. In fact, even after he was cured, Haskell continued to walk around bent over double. This went on for some weeks before Dr. Caligari, the lovable old country practitioner who treats Haskell, discovered that Haskell had his pants buttoned to his vest. Two years ago Haskell had Addison's disease. (Addison, curiously enough, had Haskell's.) Poor Haskell catches everything that comes along. Lovable old Dr. Caligari once said' to him, "Son, I guess you are what they call a natural born catcher." "The joke is on you, Doc," replied Haskell. "I am a third baseman." He thereupon fell into such a fit of giggling that the doctor had to put him under sedation, where he is to this day. ' But I digress. We were discussing medicine. I have now told you all I can j.. the rest is up to you. Go over to your medical school and poke around. Bring popcorn and watch an operation. Fiddle with the machines. Contribute to the bone bank . . . And, remember, medicine can be fun! X-r- ay The tnakert of I'll I ill MOIlltlS, uho bring you thit flumn, hurt uurtril their flavorful lobucco$ to bring you the mott ptra$urubl miokf ohtuinubtr.

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