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Image 1 of The Kentucky Kernel, March 11, 1955

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

National College YWCA Director To Visit Campus By BETTY Before going abroad. Miss Irrti) was secretary to the National Student Council of the YWCA In the New Uncland Kcglon. In 130 she was director of the World' YWCA Iradrr'hip Tr. initiif Council In Id at Coppef. Genca. Switzerland. JO MARTIN Miss Edith Lerrigo of New York City, natljnal Erector of the College and University Division of the YWCA will on campus Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday. "Christian Students Throughout the World" will be the topic of the address which she will give at the regular YWCA-YMCmeeting at 7 p.m. 1 ay In the Student Union Lounge. ' A m-m- Miss Lerrijo ha also had wide rsyerlcnre .1 a worker and as dirrrtor of oung people's .MtUitlr for the lla p! t t Church. Mie Is now a member of the (dinning committee for the national convention to he held in New York C ity in April 1'i.VY I ; nrt - I Miss Lerrito will hold several conferences and discussions with University and YWCA officials and individual committees of the YWCA while on 'campus. Y(' Born in luthU. Mas.. Miss I,rriH.o obtained a II A. decree In Sociology anil Krhgion from B.ites Coll ne and a M A. degree In HcIikIou Education from Teachers College--. Columbia University. New York City. She has teen associated in YWCA worlrfor more than 10 years. Prior to her present position, she served as National Student YWCA Secretary for the Pacific Southwest Region, comprised of California. Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. Miss I,errigo'.s visit is connected with the local Association's of the one huvdredth anniversary of the YWCA. From 1944 to 1947 she was an advisor to the Student, YWCA In China. She assumed her new executive post in September 1954. cele-brati- on The three-fol- d centennial observance is emphasizing redcdicatlnu of the 3.000.000 members to the Christian purpose of the YWCA. Increasing membership, and raising a centennial fund for strengthening the work of the association. EDITH LERRIC.O SGA Affirms Vol. XLVI University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., Friday, Mar. 11, 1935 No. 20 Free Press The Student Government Association passed a motion Monday night reaffirming tlie federal and state constitutional guarantees of a free press. The motion was made after Kernel editor Honnie llutler spoke to the assembly on individual and group freedoms on tho .student level. Both SfiA President Charles Palmer and Butler said, when the 1 motion vat made, that there no need for it. since the United States Constitution and the Kentucky Constitution adequately protect the various freedoms. However. SGA liepresentatives r and' Bill Billifer asked Don for a motion to "reaffirm" the guarantees already provided by constitutional and statutory law. In brief, the motion puts SO A on record as standing opposed to No restrictions will be placed this censorship or control of any stuyear on the type of music per- dent publication so long as the mitted in the annual freedoms and privileges established 1 Sing, scheduled for March by law arc not abused. 1utler had told the assembly Sponsored by Phi Beta and Phi th:. .hnlllH ho wnrv nf mitudp JMu Alpha, professional music fra- - infh,pm.t,s whicn michl trv to use ternitics; Omicron Delta Kappa. SGA to CPn.S()r (,r control the senior men's honorary: and Mor- - Kentucky Kernel. ' tar Board, senior women's honor- Palmer xa;d. durin President at-thP nffntr ulll not inHnrlp n dance afterward, as has been pre- discussion of 1the motion. "It was suggested, or wan asked, if SfiA viously announced. The men's nreliminaries will be thought it proper that SftA takr miiimi! held Wednesday, March 30. the some action." T"i irmmiiiinni if nT ii ir nm mi iiiimm iimnui Dean of Men Leslie L. Martin women's preliminaries on Thursmade the suggestion to Palmer day, March 31, and the finals on Surprise! Surprise! several weeks ago. Palmer pointed Saturday night, April 2. d And what a surprise a '55 blue Cadillac, cans Frenchy DeMoisey and Cary Spicer; ''Ilerky Emphasis will be placed this out that no direct Implication of given to Coach Adolph Rupp on his Silver Anniver- Rupp; Mrs. Rupp; Coach Adolph Rupp; and All- - year on the quality of the per- control or censorship was made. sary at the University of Kentucky. Shown admir- Americans Wah-Wa- h Jones and Jack Parkinson. formance rather than the selec- He said the dean had only asked Ing the car (from left) are: former UK like to tion appropriate to a given topic. if SGA mightsomething. see if it wanted to do Any active member of Phi Ileta Hutler, however, maintained that or Phi Mu Alpha may assist the groups in selecting music, train- such a suggestion might br ining, or assisting a' director, rehears- dicative of a desire to keep the ing the group, or accompanying Kernel 'from commenting on or criticizing University policies. them. Before the motion was passed, soFive fraternities and nine rorities so far have entered this Butler told the assembly that ceryear's event. They are Kappa tain officials at the University Sigma. Sigma Nu. Pi Kappa Alpha. looked for "distortion" in misspelDelta Tau Delta, and Phi Sigma led words and minor inaccuracies. He told SGA that "one official Kappa, fraternities. Alpha Gamma Delta. Chi Omega recently called the Kernel the Kappa Kappa .Gamma. Kappa worst newspaper in the state. I By GEORGE KOPER The usually astute Rupp was caught completely nltn Tnu Alnha. Delta Del a was glad to hear that, because. the first time they admitted it unaware by the events that took place after his Delta. Delta Zeta. Alphi Xi Oelta. Kfrnol Spurts Editor ' was a newspaper." Wildcats had blasted Tennessee, sewing up their and Alpha Delta Pi. sororities. !" Most of the support for tne m- -i ICth SEC title in the process. A lot of surprises can crop up in 25 years in tion came from Kep. Felkrr and Fo:mer lettermen lrom all over the country asthe coaching profession, but it'll probably be Coach, Ken Harris, both of whom said! sembled to help honor the won-lo'they were now siding with the whose teams have compiled a fabulous' 496-8- 2 25. more before Coach Adolph Hupp has one HadrriOlOJJV Mend Kernel although they have. In. the record during his tenure. equal to last Saturday night's celebration. past, disagreed with Its editorial As Athletic Director Bernie Shively introduced Atlt'Ilds (.OllfrreilCt comments. the former players, each man greeted Rupp. For Rupp was completing 25 years at the helm of the Butler, after the motion wm many of them it was the first meeting with their Dr. Morris Scherago. head of the power. And he ended nation's perennial basketball Bacteriology Department, will at- - passed, said the most loyal sup-te"coach since completing their careers as Wildcats. up his Silver Anniversary year in much the same a meeting bf the Ohio Valley porters of the University were the Former manager Humzey Yessin stole the show fashion as he started at Kentucky in 1930 a newspapermen who had received with a vivid description of Rupp's halftime oratory. Allergy SJociety this weekend. their training at UK with free- dom of responsibility. The motion, as passed by SOA, reads as follows: Re-development "Whereas, It Is recognised that the personal guarantees of freedom Included in the constitution of the I'nited States and the Commonwealth of Kentucky extend U members of the student body of the student body of the University f of Shawneetown, married students' housing projA A Student Government As- that appropriate action would be Kentucky, and whereas It is rrcog- taken. The next Board of Trustees niied that student publications at ect, is under consideration by the University Board of Trustees. sociation petition for smoking meeting is scheduled in April. Lexington architect Thomas Edwards submitted a proposed site the University of Kentucky erm SGA began investigating the more than mere training programs plan-layoprivileges in the foyer of the at the February meeting of the Board. The plan calls for the construction of apartment buildings, con- Margaret I. King Library wiW possibility of student smoking in for concerned students, but are the library foyer late last spring. recognized as Instruments of the taining a total of 180 Individual apartments. The one- - and free press, and as such possess th Dr. Lawrence S. Thompson.-directobe used to aexommodate married staff member and bo taken up at the next Hoard apartments would of libraries, told SGA com- right of free comment and rrill- married students under the proposal. President of Trustees meeting, of Coopers-towbe It resolved that the mitteemen during investigations rhm The University last year approved a married students' housing project. Work is expected II. L. Donovan stated in a let- that there could be no smoking assembly of the Student Govern the other the University ment Association to start on Cooperstown construction this summer. ter to SGA' officials this week. anywhere in the libraryofexcept in of Kentucky standofopposed to conbuilding project calls for the razing of the a Board offices because certain The 2. million dollar Dr. Donovan a.sknouledged re- of Trustees ruling. trol andor censorship of said pubCooperstown structures, and the construction on the same area of 13 on fraternity row. ceipt of the petition from Student lications so long as the aforemodtin apartment buildings patterned alter the units building program is being financed through a Government's Library Smoking The committee Has revived by the mentioned privilege Is not legally Money for th giant abused." Committee and informed the yroup fall Assembly. bond issue. W I? Campus Sing Plans Announced fj All-Camp- us 30-3- ; v two-tone- -- AH-Ame- ri- .Rupp Is Surprised With Blue Cadillac 7.t-t- . world-renown- fr ed st , j nd i Plans Smoking In Library Under Consideration To Be Discussed I ut 1 two-bedroo- m r n, i 30-ve- ar i ..

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