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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 9, 1959

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

tf$&tti VOLUME 51, NUMBER 47 THE MOUNTAIN Board to start over on fire prevention work at Whitesburg The Letcher County Board of Education has to start all over again In its attempts to make Whitesburg High School and Whitesburg Grade School safe from fire. Dr. 13. F. Wright, board chairman, and Supt. W. B. Hall aro blaming each other for the delay. The board was about ready Saturday to accept a bid of $7,095 from W. E. Ball and W. C. Baker for the work when Hall produced a letter from the director of the Division of Buildings and Grounds of the State Department of Education which said that the board would have to hire an architect to plan tho work and submit the plans to the ttito for approval. Arnold Hall, a board member, said Supt. Hall had advertised the work for bids in such a manner that no bids could be obtained. Tho project was read- vcrtlscd after ns satisfactory bids were received at the board's March meeting. "You deliberately, purposely and intentionally held it up," Dr. Wright accused the superintendent. "I told you right in the beginning you had to have an architect. You goofed and now you're- trying to put tho blame on me," Hall replied. "No, you didn't," said Dr. Wright and Arnold Hall. Hall road the letter from tho State Department fo Education informing tho board that unless it hired an architect or licensed engineer to do the work it could loco its capital outlay appropriation from the state. "Tills Is blocking no. 3 from - Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Cain aro tho proud parents of a little baby girl born March 28 at the Central Baptist Hospital at Lexington, Ky. Sho has been called Honda Anns. Mrs. Cain is the former Phyllis Ann Hall. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charlio Hall of Whitesburg. Paternal grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cain of Cumberland. Aunt Kat Webb if seriously ill at hor homo on Bottom Fork. Mrs. Mardella Poller, the mother of Mrs. Charlio Hall, is very ill at this writing. On Taesday, April 7, Girl Scout Troop 78 had their "On tho Trail" Investiture ccrmony and revived their fly up wings from Mrs. James A. Frazlcr, Mrs. Jaaes Alexander and Mrs. The girls Woodford Webb. finished their nature and first- aid reqalremnts to complete their 2nd class requirements. games and Refroehments, songs were enjoyed by all. Tanner, Reverend Charles pastor of tho Whitesburg Ky., whero ho will dist Church, left Wednesday for hold evangelical services for two weeks. Bert Francis, son of Sablna Francis, was home during tho Easter vacation. Bert is employed by tho Llndo Chemical orporation, in conjunction with Massachusetts Institute of Technology it Indianapolis, Ind. He Is doing resarch in chrytfal used by M.I.T. In their wkwlle program and mado the cfcrystal used in sending a signal to Venus recently. Wo should be very proud of this fin" vounjr man and his Is a career to bo watched. We are sorry to hear that Mctho-Covingto- 1 n, On Tuesday evening, April 21, Pig-ma- all-da- y Falr-chll- KENTUCKY THURSDAY, at 7 o'clock (EST) thore will be a banquet at the dining room of the City Cafe to commcrate tho setting of the first 1,000,000 trees In Letcher County. This banquet will be sponsored by the civic clubs of the county in cooperation with the Letcher County Reforestation Committee. There havo been approximately 1,500,000 trees set in Letcher County. These have been set on 1,500 to 2,000 acres of land. Tha banquet Is being given as a tribute to and will be attended by farmers, two representatives of each civic club, business leaders, agricultural agency representatives, and special guests from both in and out of the county. tree-setter- s BtBUBJlfflfflBimi Council to reconsider Members of Whitesburg's City County decided Tuesday night to take another look at the city s new occupational license fee schedule. Their conversation indicated they plan to revise the schedule again to take care of any inequalities in it. The matter was brought up by Councilman Bill Blair, who said an executive of a large firm told him Whitesburg's fees are higher than those of any of the 10 counties in which the firm docs business. All the ccuncilmen agreed that they did "go over it a little hurriedly" bocausc they had to in order to make the new fees effective this year. The councllmen asked Mayor Arthur Banks to call a meeting to discuss nothing but the occupational tax. They indicated they would have several meet ings on tho subject. Any to-- Reasor to speak On Sunday April 12, Roy T. Reasor, principal of Fleming High School, will speak over WTCW at 2:45 p.m., EST, and over WNKY at 4:45 p.m., EST. Mr. Reasor will continue the discussion of "A Proposed Program for the Improvement of Education." Town with QibyQ. John H. Polly of Mayklng is patient at tho Vctran's Hospital at Johnson City, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mulllns drove to Wise, Va., Wednesday to visit Mr. Mulllns brother, Mr. Tackctt Mulllns, who is very 111. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Paul Frazler last weekend wi)re Mrs. Frazler's parents and brother, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bcrtchcr from Covington. Mrs Frazlcr and son, Paul Mark, rc turned home with thorn for a week's visit. It sems that spring fevr isn't tho only fevr going around these days. Archlo Craft, Mllburn Polly, the Dr. Lee Moores, and the Marvin Holbrooks all have some fishing fever. Archie and Mllburn went fishing down at Morrlstown, Tenn., this week and ran into tho Moores and Holbrooks who were coming home. Take care, this fever is every where!! Just take a look at Coy Holstclns eyesl Dr. and Mrs. James Pope were guests of Mrs. Pope's parents, Attorney and Mrs. Astor Hogg at Frankfort over the weekend. Mr. Dewey Polly of, Naples, Fla., is visiting in town for a few days. Dr. B. C. Bach, Dr. Owen and Dr, Carl Pigman attended an medical meeting in Pikeville Wednesday. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Lucas on Sandlick are Mrs. Lucas' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. d Falrchlld of Hazard. Mr. is recuperating from a broken leg suffered in a fall recently. William Read Hall, sen of Mr. Bnd Mrs. Ivon Hall, recently celebrated his third birthday WHITESBURG, Tree planting commemoration set getting tho work done," Dr. Wright said. "He has gone to considerable trouble to block this work from being done. If this building should burn down and a bunch of children die, you can lay the blame at the feet of this gentleman here." Alvln Holbrook, a board member, told Dr. Wright tho superintendent "is just trying to save you from getting in trouble." "Wonderful, wonderful, and I don't appreciate it a damn bit," Dr. Wright replied. Supt. Hall said of the project. "I'm 100 per cent for it just like I've always been" "If we propose another plan, chances aro he'll have something else to block it," Dr. Wright said. "I'm not going to be caught In as the the same predicament boy down at Hazard," Hall said. "You're not going to do me that way. I'm not going to be out. When you get ready to follow the law instead of trying to strong-aryour way through, you'll get along better." Supt. Hall said Henry Deal, the school board's engineer, could not draw up the plans because he Is not a draftsman. Arnold Hall moved that the board invite an architect to come to its next meeting and talk over the project. The board voted to do that. Later on, board members decided also to discuss with the architect remodeling needs at Kingdom Come School. Ottis Frailer of Lincfork appeared before the board to ask that it give the school some help, particularly indoo rtollct facilities. Jkomd EAGLE, visions would not take effect before next year. Waterfield to visit Eastern Kentucky Lt. Gov. Harry Lee Water- field will take his campaign for tho Democratic nomination for governor into Eastern Kentuc ky next week, but he will not visit Letcher County until later in the campaign, his head quarters said. Tuesday, April 14, Water- field is scheduled to start his campaign swing through Eas tern Kentucky with an 8 p.m. speech in the Bell County courthouse at PlnevUle. Wednesday, April 15, he will be in Perry County and Hazard during the afternoon, and In Breathitt County for a speech at Jackson at 8 ,5'clock that night. Thursday, April 16, he will be in Campton, Wolfe County, during the afternoon, and in Johnson County that night for an 8 p.m. speech In Paintsville. Friday, April 17, Waterfield will be in Salyersville and Magoffin County during the afternoon, and in Pike County for an 8 p.m. spech at Pikeville. " ' Dawahare elected Martin Dawahare, comptroller will head the Whites,burg Junior Chamber of Commerce for the coming year. Dawahare, who succeeds Elmer Collins, was installed at a banquet recently. Other new officers are Billy Paul Frazlcr, vice president; Chris Day, secretary, and Herb Caudill, treasurer. toun of Dawahare's Inc., with a group of his little friends at the Prsbyterian Church. Games were played and refresh ments consisting of birthday cake, ico cream, and drinks were served. William Reed re ceived many nice gifts. Mrs. Hall was assisted in serving by Miss Giendora Fields, Mrs. Tommy Mounts, Mrs. Del mcr Hail, Mrs. Monroe Combs, PTA TO MEET aunts of William Reed, and his Slides of the Brussels World's grandmother, Mrs. Callie Hall. Fair will be shown at the meet Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adams are ing of the Whitesburg Parent-parents of a little daughter, Teacher Association at 7 p.m. Rayme Neal, born Easter Sun Tuesday in tho school lunch day, March 29, at the Whites room. burg Memorial Hospital. We are happy to hear that Goff has left the hospital and is at home now at 2412 Marathon Lane, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. She expresses Tho Letcher County Board of her thanks for the many gifts of flowers nad cards which she Education has approved employ has received. Her mother. Mrs. ment of a group of certified school Sally Ann Collins of Whitesburg, teachers for hte 1959-6will remain with her until they year. Supt. W. B. Hall said the all return to Whitesburg lato In school system will have more the spring. next year Lloyd Hodge was (he guest of certified teachers his family at Mayklng last than it has this year. Tho list weekend. Lloyd Is a student at includes: Carol Jean Adams, Mary Ann the University of Kentucky and is on the varsity football team. Adams, Peggy Adams, Sarah A. Recent gusts of Mr. and Mrs. Adams, Mattio Lou Anderson, S. W. Cox were their daughter, Benton Back, Ollic James Back, Ann, and her guest, Lou Arena. Edrio Banks, Muriel C. Barger, Both aro students at Montreat Creeda C. Bates, Lois Bentley, Leo Boggs, Suo C. Blair, Collcgo at Montreat, N. C. The spring confernce of the Vivian Rose Boggs, Bradley R. Kentucky Veterans of Foreign Breeding, Shirley F. Breeding, Wars was held in Hazard on Ruby Burkich, Fess O. Blair, Saturday, April 4. Six bands Irene Campbell,, General Caud- were included in the parado 11, Ruby M. Caudill, Ruby C. and tho Whitesburg Band, under Collier, Clara B. Collins, Donald tho direction of Rolland Secon-tin- A. Collins, Hetty B. Cornett, won a 40 star flag for tho Dallas June Craft, Bonnie B. best marching band. A banquet Day, Ruby E. Day, Louisa L. was held Saturday evening and Dixon, Walter Enlow, Lora C. Fields, Ira Leo Frazler, Delia (Continued on Page A) Mrs.-Vern- on APRIL 9, 1959 10c PER COPY TEN PAGES' Blasts damage equipment at two Letcher coal ramps Explosions, apparently de liberately set, damaged equipment at two coal company ramps in Lcthccr County this week. The latest occurred about 3:15 a.m today at Isom Coal Company, Inc , ramp at Isom. A shaker screen, valued at $12,000 to $15,000, was blown in two. The firm is owned by Herman Combs Jr., Whitesburg. Combs said "we've got some pretty good ideas who it was." No arrests have been made. Combs has operated his ramp cvry day since the United Mine Workers of America strike began. He has never had a union contract. "And the rust will eat It up before I ever will have one," he added Combs had been threatend earlier in the strike. Early Wednesday morning, a dynamite magazine at a ramp at Blackcy operated by Roland Price was exploded, damaging a scale and scale house at the ramp. Damgae was estimated at non-unio- n a number of men pour gasoline saw no point in further talks under the door of the magazine with the UMWA and would try and then set the fire. Fulton to run their mines with the help said the guards told him there of any miners willing to work were too many men for them to stop. The resulting blast was heard in Whitesburg. The ramp can continue to operate, but weight of coal delivered there will havo to be estimated. The guards, Stevo Ison and Early Bailey, were called before the Letcher County Grade Jury, now In session, to tell their stories. Some 100 pickets have been prevnting coal from moving out of a mine near Mayking this week. Earlier, pickets drove Jack n Blair away from his Blair mine at Mayking. Meanwhile, a meeting at UMWA Washington between representatives and small coal operators failed to produce results. William Adams and Ro land Price represented Letcher County operators at the session, held Wednesday. After the session Wednesday, $5,000. Sheriff Johnny Fulton said a spokesman for the nonunion two guards told him they saw operators said the operators Fiscal court okays Rural road plans Letcher Fiscal Court this week approved a contract with the State Highway Department for maintaining roads in the county under the rural highways program. The contract is the same as last year's with one exception. The state added a mile of the Kingdom Come road to its maintenace program. In other business, the court passed a resolution opposing the mine safety bill now under by Congress. consideration Counyt Atty. F. Byrd Hogg said the bill would put truck mines out of business. Magistrates Henry M. Webb and Willis Hawley did not vote on the resolution. Choral concert set Tho Whitesburg Choral Club will give a benefit concert at 8 o'clock Friday night at tho Methodist Church. Proceeds will goto the Whitesburg Ministerial Association's sick and relief fund. The program will include popular, and classical selections. semi-classic- Elk-hor- for them. "We hope we will the have the local authorities in reopening tho mines," said the spokesman, Logan Patterson of Pineville, an attorney for the operators. Both sides had promised to report back to Gv. A. B. Chandler, who called them together originally. Vcgo Barnes, commissioner of economic security, and Oscar J. Coke, commissioner of industrial relations, sat in on the meeting as representatives of the governor. Neither side budged from its previous position. The UMW continued to insist that the truck mine operators sign the same contract signed by the larger mechanized mines. The operators continued to seek a separate contract, giving conpeculiar sideration to their economic conditions. Gov. Chandler had made no further comment on tho situation at press time today. of bond: sell for 4.89 interest Fleming-Neo- n A $195,000 school revenue bond Issue to finance construc High tion of the Fleming-Neo- n School was sold here this week for 4.89 per cent Interest. The low bidder was Charles A. Hinsch Co., Inc., a Cincinnati firm. Other bidders were James M. Caudill, Neon, who bid 5 per cent, and F. L. Duprcc and Co., Harlan, who bid 5.3596 per cent. The bids were lower than had been 'expectod, although they were somewhat higher than school bonds elsewhere In the state were selling for. Several weeks ago, the county school board's fiscal agent, F. L. Du- pree and Co., Indicated the bonds might go as high as 6 per cent. The general economic con ditions and unrest In the Eastern Kentucky area were scaring off bidders, the firm said. Some observers credited Judge CaudlU's bid, the only local bid received, with holding down interst rates on bids from othre sources. It was reported that other prospective bidders "had tried every way" to find out what CaudiU's bid wouM'ba or to bid with him. The bonds Letcher Fiscal by were sold Court . Tuesday-morning- Tuesday afternoon, a work building was issued. Supt. W. B. Hall said the contractors had told him they might have the building ready for use by Oct. 1. (Hall said contractors at the new Letcher High School building "are planning to pull out of there by July 15.") order for the school Storage vault built Pigman Brothers Cleaners have completed a new vault for storage of woolens and furs. Tho vault, located behind' the firm's cleaning plant, is of fireproof construction, with a e door. Clothing will be stored on racks within the vault and will be insured during the storage period, the firm said. two-ho- fire-saf- Previously, Whitesburg had no storage vault,. has School board hires teachers for 195960 0 e, Gibson, Charles J. Grigsby, Jack Ray Hall, Nora H. Hall, Gladys Hampton, Audrey B. Hubbs, Ina Mae Adams, Mildred S Adams, Richard Adams, Goldle Aldridge, Preston Armstrong, Bculah M. Back, Virgie H. Back, John B. Banks, D. B. Barker, Eunice Bates, Sallic D. Bentley, Arlie Boggs, Ray Boggs, Josephine Bowen, Joy Wray Breeding, Billy Royco Brown, Donald R. Burton, Beckham Caudill, Herman Caudill, Virginia W. Caudill, Anna E. Collins, Danola Collins, Hillard Collins, Maxie S. Cornett, Madge Craft, Frances A. Day, Bernlco M. Dixon, Ann Dugan, Oma Fields, Cora Fried- cll Carleno W. Gose, Majle Hall, Shirley Ann Hall, Made- lino Helton, Sonnia B. Hun- sucker, Karen S. Adams, Pauline B. Adams, Ruby C. Adams, Evelyn Amburgey, Nola H. Back, Willie Back, R. Edgar Banks, Inez B. Barker, Helen B. Bentley, Cuba Delores Blair, Carl Boggs, Reva Gale Boggs, Lclah Joan Branson, Monroe Breeding Jack Nancy M. Burton, Burkich, Freda Caudill, Hobcrt Caudill, Wanda P. Caudill, Betty Jo Collins, Denola Collins, Louise V. Collins, Verna S. Cornett, Tilden Crase, Randall C. Day Jr., Julia Dixon, Sablna Francis, Ritter K. Fugate, Billio Faye Grigsby, Margery B. Hall, Maida Hammonds, Doris Ann Horn, Bobby James Ison, Wess Ison, Mattie W Jackson, Joye Faye Joseph, Frances Klllen, Clinton Klnccr, Sebra KIncer, Belvia Klser, Mary Emma Lewis, Hazel Mcintosh, Lenora Martin, Hettie Mayes, Leonard Morgan, Mabel Nichols, Edith M. Polly, Martha Jano Potter, John II. Preston, Vera Raleigh, Thelma C. Irene B. Smith, Charles D. Stallard, Mary E. Steely, Virginia Vermillion, Reva H. Walker, Mao M. Watts, Lillian F. Webb. Jonell C. Williams, Margaret Ser-gen- t, Wojclechowski, Harding Ison, Golda Johnson, Effie Kincer, David J. Kincer, Lois Mclntyre, Jessie Wright, Willamae Ison, Patia Kincaid, Clyde King, Betty Jo Little, Louie Martin, Jeff B. Mayes, Jack Niece, Fonda Polly, Wilma Prldcmore, Roy T Reasor, Billie N. Sexton. Nina Stamper, Myrtle l. Glada B. Stidham, Jean-ett- e Wampler, Doris Webb, Willinm Conley Webb, Mae D. Williams, Shirley Wojclechow ski. Rceda K. Wright, Havel S. Ison, William R. Jordan Jr., Alma Kincer, Reba Kincer, Jake King Jr., Mattie Marcum, Hester May, Edwin Lee Moore, Mary Rebecca Polly FHa V. Preston, Mar in. Prr"t. Selma Rllcy, Columbus Sexton, Cleo Stamper, Cecil Stallard, Virglo Sumpter, John F. Wash-kGladys L. Webb, Darla B. Henry E. Wright and Ruben Whltaker, Minerva A. Wilson, Watts. Stal-l.-n- o,

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