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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 1, 1943

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

V THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Patriotism And The Liquor Traffic A patriot may be defined as a cit:zen who has the highest welfare of his country at heart, and seeks in every honorable way to promote that welfare. By the same token, a true patriot would not do anything that .would be against the highest welfare of his country. can troops on Sunday mornLiquor is a traitor. Let us drivo him from the land. JOE T. SUDDUTH. ting about there in the shade! Saviour. of a large oak tree. The Good Knowing that the cord of We sure can say with all the Book says many blessings love can never be broken and rain and snow that everybody stored upon those who doeth that it will stand as. sure as around is making the gardens God's will. I have many boy- God Himself then I feel sure a go. Henry Adams was seen hood playmates who are gone that some good day though planting potatoes in the rain. some sleeping in the old cem- we be separated by hills and It seems that everybody is get- etery at Ashland, Ky. Some mountains today that we will ting interested in planting in Virginia, some in Tennessee, have one eternal and happy their gardens. if space will allow I want to home when and where we will Aunt Rebecca McCall is mention some of our old be able to sing one happy o song. "From whence doeth somewhat improved after a teachers: 1. Wash Craft. this union arise." long illness. Her son Walter, who is now serving Uncle Sam 2. Judge Floyd Hall, Harlan, When I can see your picture and stationed in Florida has Ky. on" the library table it calls a returned to his post after a 3. Milton Webb, Mayking, my- thoughts back to bygone I NEON LOCALS Cpl. Cornelius Cornett, who has been stationed in the Panama Canal Zone for more than three years was home on his iirst furlough since enlisting. It is the conviction of the Cpl. Cornett is the youngest writer, and millions of other son of the late Dave and citizens of our land, that the Cornett. While home manufacture and sale of alco- he went down state to visit few days stay with the family. Charles Adams who has holic liquors for beverage his sisters and brother. been employed in Defense purposes is definitely against Pvt. Squire L., son of Wes- work for some time in Ohio the highest welfare of the naley Yonts of this place, spent was a visitor at the Fleming tion. Whatever good the liquor business may bring to a few days at home on fur- Hospital for treatment of an abscessed toe. Last week end the nation in the way of fur- lough this week. he was reported to .be suffernishing employment and payThe above two boys and Sgt ing taxes is so far outweighed Wm. M. and Cpl. Harold ing very much pain and not by the evil it brings in the F. Arnett of Neon. All four able to work yet. His daughway of broken health, weaken- are stationed in the States at ter Maxie Louise returned to Ohio with him and Larry ed minds, debased morals, and this time. Malcon his little grand son all manner of misery and sufMr. and Mrs. Gilbert Blades to stay during school vacation fering arising from these were visiting Mrs. Blades' with her sister, Mrs. James things that it stands condemned as an arch enemy of the grandmother, Mrs. Mary F. Lemaster, who has been em land. As such, it deserves to Arnett and other relatives. ployed, at Wright's plant for be fought with the same de- The Blades reside at Midway, some time. Miss Geraldine Adams was termination and energy as Ky. that employed in our war Mary Belt has accepted em- a week end visitor with her against the Axis powers. ployment with the Consolida- patents. Uncle S. M. Adams has been Unless our citizens wake up tion Coal Company's Store at quicc ill for a few days but is to the great damage which the McRoberts. much improved at this writing. traffic is doing ,and will conUncJe S. M. is up in his eightinue to do on a larger scale, Card of Thanks ties and getting very feeble. if not controlled in a more We are proud to see Uncle It is with deeply grateful effective way, there is great hearts that we, the loved ones Jim Kincer stirring again as danger that whatever victory of our wife; mother, daughter, he has been very sick all winour armed forces achieve on and sister, Ida y, ter. the battle fields will be in desire to express our appreJoi; Craft has been breakvain in the end. It is asking ciation of every friend who ing the record during this big too much of our young men ministered to us in any way rain and high water making and women to send them into in this time of deep need. We bread with the good old time a war for the defense of a wish that we could name those, iwater millnation that is destroying it- who sat up, who helped us on Byron Kincer has rented his self from within by through to the end, who assist- home to Glen Morris for the use of alcohol. It is ed us in various necessary duration. Byron now lives at not fair to them for us to sit ways, who sent floral tributes, Cromona and is employed by at home and let this take who acted as pallbearers, or the Elk Horn Coal Corporaplace. We must tion in the mines. as flower girls. It is now known that one pf mention Brother Regan, Dr James B. Adams, who the factors in the Pearl Har- Anderson, and Mr. Ferdinand has been stationed in Camp bor disaster was the liquor Moore of the Johnson Funeral Cooke, Calif., was transferred traffic. The Japanese attack- Home for their special deeds this week to Camp Forrest, ed at what has been called, of kindness and helpfulness. Tenn. Just keep on coming, "America's Weakest Hour" P. H. HENSLEY and J. B-- , we hope to see you soon. CHILDREN 7:30 on Sunday morning. Mrs. Charles Adams tells MR. AND MRS. ED BAIN, me that while listening to Many American soldiers (both SON AND DAUGHTERS. the Red Cross announcements officers and enlisted men) had been drinking in the 428 liover the radio the other day quor stores in Oahu on SaturSince the Nazi occupation, of i from over seas she heard day night. Over half of these Denmark, customers at barber Charles Adams, Jr. tell of stoics were operated hy Jap- shops in many places must spending the night in a Red anese, who could have easily bring their own towels Cross Service Club, that they informed their government of Danish toweling has gone to had good soft mattresses, snow the usual condition of Ameri- - Germany. white sheets and good pillows, just like mother's to sleep on. Since she has a Charles, Jr., over seas somewhere she says it may have been her son, or it may have been some other son It makes her give to the Red Cross funds more than ever before. Let's keep the good work going until the war is won. We are ready to give our blood or our dollars or whetever we can to do our bit. We had a large crowd at church Sunday and plenty of good preaching at Mayking, and whilethe snow was pouring down we also had a baptising of 3 members in the high water. Ico Hall is operating two mines on Pine Creek and has a loc of fine coal. Any one wanting coal call and see Ice above the mouth of the creek at the mines. Our Club on Pine Creek is progressing slowly due to the leaders' illness. Mrs- B. A. Adams is the WHEN HUNGRY, THIRSTY AND TIMD leader and has been very sick Science advises: "When tired, eat." We advise: Drink your for a few days. bite to eat. Dr. Pepper, at 10, 2 and 4 o'Clocfc Mrs. James Wright was vissurely does help. It's rationed often is first to sell out. but iting her mother, Mrs. John H. Craft from Roxana and alkeep trying ... the extra satisf action is worth the extra step so attended Church at May-kinSaturday. Mr- - and Mrs. Andrew Adams was visiting Uncle Sim-mi- e Adams Thursday night. Uncle Simmie is now making his home with Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Adams. ia Bain-Hensle- - S-S- AN Ell- 4-- H - icy-col- d, g, hink a bi MtO eat. Dongola News v VIHIH We regret to hear of the death of J. Marion Blair, our Tax Commissioner and Brother School mate that I went to school with on Craft's' Colly of a cenmore than one-ha- lf tury ago- As it comes to mind I wish to mention a certain spring that me and Mr. Blair had a habit of going there for - DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY APRIL 1, 1943 Pine Creek News ing. Lu-cret- 'J THURSDAY, water as I recall Marion and I would spend some time sit I t ! - Ky. Ben Kincer, Mayking, Ky. Marion Stallard, Colly, 4. 5- - days when we were all encircled around the home cir- o cle fireside of the little cot tage on the hill, where I hope ! to spend my last moments and breathe my last goodbye to those that may be left behind. Alex came over yesterday and has just left for home, Maxie has gone with him to stay for some time and in the absence of you all it seems to be the most lonesome time of my life- Mother and the children all says their best regards to you. to Give my best regards Lockie, Sergent and Baker, and From a heartbroken g father, DO YOU NEED OFFICE SUPPLIES? ' The Mountain Eagle is striving to keep these supplies in stock so as to en- able business men and women of Letcher to get them quickly and not have to depend upon the outside world for them. We have many items on hand that you need daily in your bookkeeping and office work and all products sold are guaranteed. Some of these items are Typewriter Ribbons, and Paper; Adding Machine Ribbons, and Paper; Carbon and Typewriter Pencils; Letter Files, Ink of Various Colors; Day Books, Ledgers, and Ledger Sheets; Receipt Books, standard; Gum Paper, Stencils and Mimeograph Ink, and many other items too numerous to mention Besides we can. print any kind of forms you need and letterheads and envelopes are our specialty. Why go elsewhere when your local business concern needs your business and you need your local concern. THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, Whitesburg, Ky., Phone 95. Ky. The above teacher has passed on to the Great Beyond and I am still here awaiting my call. As it comes to my mind I want to mention two more old teachers that I went to school to which are yet living 0n2 being Uncle Ben Caudill of Sandlick, ;the others our dear beloved N. M. Webb of .Whiiesburg, Ky., the of the Good Old Mountain Eagle. We hope our friend Marion is around that Spring that flows with love, peace and happiness. If- there should be any old school mates living around J. M. BLAIR. my age, 73 or more", I would like to hear from them through I shall always cherish this The Eagle. letter and know that he has Written by gone to the home he spoke of W. E. PENDLETON, m the above paragraph. Dongola, Ky. Speaking for .the entire family I wish to thank all who On The Death'of were so nice to us during the illness and death of a loving J. Marion Blair husband and a kind and temMarch 28, 1943. perate father, pall bearers, Since .the passing ofwmy minifters, those who bought father last Friday morning'' I flowers and all who spoke have been made to recall words of sympathy will almany incidents that occurred ways linger in our thoughts. Va., five years in Leslie Coun We also wish to extend ty, and the last six years at in the past- I firmly believe that there were never a lath- thanks to the Maggard Fun Eolia, where her husband was er and son more closely con eral Home who had charge of a merchant and farmer. nected than my father and I the last rites. May God Bless those who Vhen she was a girl of about for many many years especisympathized and mourned fouiteen she made a profes- ally the last years of his life sioi of her faith in the Lord time here with us he would with the family. Jesus Christ as her personal By his son, insist that members of the Saviour and united with the B. D. BLAIR. family have me called when Church of the Nazarene at emergencies occurred to his Henryetta. Then about three home when they could do as Funeral of years later she changed her much or more for him than 1 Mrs. P. H. Hensley membership to The Seventh could possibly do. He seemA sympathetic Day Adyentist Church in that tenderly ed more than a father to me group of friends gathered at town. Ida was a since the year of 1925. .devoted daughter, sister, wife, On Thursday afternoon a the McRoberts Baptist Church and mother. morning of last week before his passing when Thursday I went to his home from work week at nine o clock, March She leaves to mourn her loss, and he called me to his bed side 25th, to pay their last respects besides her husband of Eolia, children, her parents, one and took my hand and said to Ida he wanted me to take care of Ky., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. brother, Charles Ulmer of Mchis body that he had gone on Ed Bain of McRoberts. After Roberts, and four sisters: Lois, to his home up above where a rich, warm service, by the Mrs. Max Curdy of Hildebran, his hopes had reigned for pastor, Rev. M. Robert Regan, N. C, Ada (her twin sister), of Andrew Trivette some 35 years, and above ev- and the choir, the funeral pro- Mrs. erything to take care of moth- cession made its way to the Fountain Head, Tenn., Beulah er and his work. He ask me beautifully situated Hendricks of McRoberts, and Pauline, so many tirftes to take care of cemetery, near Mendota, Va., Mrs. Floyd Davis of McRobmother, I promised him I and about twelve miles north erts; and her aged grandfathwould if the Lord would let west of Bristol, Va., where the er, C. M. Bain, who makes his me keep my health, and that eaithly tabernacle of the dear home with his son, Ed. ; besides promise I shall always re- one was laid to rest. This loca- - many other relatives and a member as long as the God tion was chosen by Mr. Hens- large number of friends. of Heaven lets me live and ley because he has purchased gives me strength I will never a farm nearby and plans to Wichita Falls, Tex., March 28 Dear Friends: Just a word let mother down, and I am make his home there. At the service the pastor to everyone back home. Rosie trusting that his advice to alread the following: ways deal honest with the Tolhver. and I are visiting OBITUARY N public will help me fulfill the Mrs. J. M. Bentley here in Ida Eddena Bain, daughter Texas. We are having a nice promise I made a loving and of Ethel (Green), Bain and time and this is a beautiful dying father. a letter written to Edward M. Bain, was born city and this place is running I have me from him November, 1925, January 21, 1909, at Dayton, over with soldier boys. Just that I wish to include here. Tenn.; and she passed away 18.G00 here. My nephew, Ben-ni- e suddenly from a heart attack v Hatton is in Camp Crowd-e- r, on Saturday night, March 20, Colly, Kentucky', Mo. Maude says tell hello Nov. 29, 1925. 1943, at the age to all her friends. Love to all, years and two months, at her Mr. B. D. Blair, Mrs. Ben Robinson. home at Eolia, Ky. Jenkins, Ky. When Ida was but five years Dear Son: old'her father moved with his LOST: One ladies pocket-boo- k While thinking of you so family to Henryetta, Okla., on Main Street Saturday impressive this lonely Sunday where she lived about twelve night. If finder will return eve will say that we are reas- years, when her father located same a liberal reward will be onably well, hope you the at McRoberts, Ky. Ida, how- paid. Pocket book contained same, for some unknown reas- ever, never lived at McRob- seven dollars in money, inon you have been on my mind erts, except for very brief per- cluding one silver dollar, also so that I can not keep from iods She spent one year in coin purse and other- things. writing you this evening school at Collegedale, Tenn., Return to Hazel Ison or to trusting that the unknown or two years r.t Pisgah Industri- The Mountain Eagleinvisible God that created, al Institute, Asheville, N. C, formed and was the upbuilder taking nurse's training, and Every tax payer in the and upholder of all things has then half a year at Asheville county who has not paid his given me this impression will Agricultural Institute, Fletch- taxes is urged to do so at once and save further cost direct my hand while I con- er, N. C. tinue to write you. That He On December 30, 1930, she and embarrassment The who created and formed the was joined in marriage to P. county officials have had infirst man in His image has H. Hensley of Leslie County, structions to file suit for all the same relationship exist- Ky... at Whitesburg, Ky. To delinquent taxes that are as ing today between you and I th?s union were born two much as three years in arrears. that when time will be no children: a son, Dwight, Eu- When the suit is filed by the more with you and I that we gene, now almost eleven years county officials this year will be no more father and ole: and a daughter, Eleanor your property will be adverson buf one brother in Christ Ruth, nearly six years of age. tised and described and legal Jesus, The Lord. Made so by Since her marriage she.iiad possession will be given the the crucifixion of Christ our lived one year at Benhams, purchaser. ex-edit- or - - God-lovin- - LION'S CLUB 'fglj Regular Meetings: Second and Fourth Mondays 6:30 P. M., C. S- T., Fleming Club House. i '.'JJMHH J. B. McAULEY, Chm. Attendance Committee. - 4 mmitiimc, mmcit- true-hearte- d, Bain-Hensl- - BUY WAR STAMPS HERK Thurs., April 1 ey BARGAIN DAY .18! .11 "Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant" ! - - y Lionel Barrymore. Van Johnson H Select Short Subjects :; Chapt. No. 4, Jr. of the Air v Fri. - Sat., Apr. 23 2 BIG HITS! pj j& G-M- en "Right To The Heart" Brenda Joyce Joseph Allen, Jr. Also BELLS of CAPISTRANO Gene Autry ft Smiley Burnette v This is Autry's Last Picture. 8 $ k Sun.-Mon- April 4-- 5 "Casablanca" Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman Also News and Short Subjects Q X ? & ., Tues.-Wed- ., Apr. -- "Geo. Washington Slept Here Jack Benny A $ k 6 Ann Sheridan vs.. Black Dragon G-M- eri Sara No. 10. Also News.

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