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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 1, 1943

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

m - RED CROSS i RED CROSS L VOLUME NO. 36. Wedding Setting The wedding of Miss Helen Marie Combs, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Combs of Santa Ana, and Corp. Jack McCall of Ferrfandina, Florida has been revealed to their many friends. The ceremony took place in the Baptist Church. Long Beach. The Rev. John Edsin officiated at the single ring service. The bridal couple were attended by Lt. and Mrs. W. Etter. The bride wore a black tailored suit with black accessories and an orchid corsage. Mrs. Etta was dressed in a ensemble, with black accessories and a corsage of red rosebuds. Following the wedding ceremony a party was held at Earl Carrol's restaurant in Hollywood, where the bride cut the wedding cake. After spending a short honeymoon in the Riveria hotel in Long Beachi Corp. and Mrs- McCall returned to make their home in Santa Ana. The new Mrs. McCall who is a graduate of St. Catherine's Academy- - Lexington, Ky., has been employed at See's Candy Shop for the past year. Corp. McCall graduated from the Fernandina High school and until his enlistment was employed by the Standard Oil company. He is now stationed in the post-offied - ce department of- the Santa Ana Army Air base. - . The following report of what we have raised this far in Letcher County for our Red Cross War Fund drive is to be read by great numbers of our boys in service. Next week we surely will have much better news for them. We got started late. Our material were short. The chairman could not visit organizations, and workers. The work has had to be done by correspondence. Whitesburg Grade School per teachers (Nine-10- 0 $19.00 cent) Whitesburg High School .17.00 teachers (Ten) Rotary Club (18 minims gave 100 per cent will 147.00 give) 25.00 Rotary Club Whitesburg Woman's 25.00 Club Southern Bell Telephone 5.00 Operators Southern Bell Telephone 10.00 Company Postmasters and people from their community: Nelson Caudill, Jeremiah 5.25 4.00 James Clay, Polly Willard Tyler, Oscaloosa 4.00 Individuals. Mrs. Carl Napier, Mrs. John C. Cornett, Mrs. Mary Bell Rogers, Miss Eva Barnes, Glenn B. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deal, S. E. Adems- Tom and William Curry, Tom Richard61.00 son TOTAL . $292.25 Our goal is $5,800. We have just started. We must not stop until we can have our boys reading that we raised Mrs-Leonar- d Arthur - our desk this week stating: Land, Pres. "I arrived at the Fleming hos- Mrs. Curtis Asher, pital March 28. Name, Donald Letcher, Ky. 10.71 Lee Weight, 8 lbs. Color of Mrs. Lee Moore, Whitesburg, eyes, blue. My parents Jennie Crafton, Stuart Mr and Mrs- Delbert vu; jyir. JLSies is tne r uture r arm SD. Skidmore, Supt. of ers teacher in the city school. Carbon Glow, Coal Co. .Naturally the youngster will May wood Whitaker, Postmasbe a future farmer. ter, Blackey (Already) 21.00 Mrs Ramsey, Fleming. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Mrs. Jess Holbrook, PostmasMr. and Mrs- Charles Wright 25.25 ter, Millstone are announcing the arrival of William Curry, Neon- a new baby girl, born last Fleming Local, R. A. McCul-leThursday, Mar. 18th. weigh Pres. pounds, name ing 7 Haymond Local, Kbna Local, CharJene. Charles is in the Bellcraft Local. Army stationed at Camp Gru-be- r, Mrs. Oscar Lewis, Whitesburg. Ala. We are truly grateful for all who have worked and for Telegram Brings those who are working on this Drive- Sad News L. O. GRIFFITH, ChmJ Washington, D. C, Red Cross War Fund Driven March 25, 1943. v Mrs. Ella Richardson Cook, This is something good for Gen. Del., Whitesburg, Ky. our boys to read, and it is a Your son Cpl. Ted Cook re- big challenge to all of us: ported a prisoner of war of the f Mayking, Ky. Japanese Gov't in the Philiplne March 2C, 1943. Islands. Letter follows. Dear Mr- - Griffith, ' . The Adjutant General. War Fund Chm., ' Since reading your article in In Tunisia the Germans are The Eagle and sereing my meeting their matches and the Daddy with his Red Cross on British 8th and 1st armies his lapel and finding out from along with The American what the Red Cross, is all Army and the Free French about am sending you $1.00 are making great gains and it and hope it. will find, it's way looks like the battle for North to 3 soldier in need. Africa will soon be over. I am the 'only son of U. N. Webb. He. always, tries to Berlin is getting a dose of help out in anything that he last can- - So I am a chip off the its own medicine-o- n Sunday night one of the big old block. gest air rades of the war hit Wish all other boys of my the German capitol, dropping age would gladly contribute. many thousands of tons of Hope this might encourage bigh explosives. According to other little boys to do the report the city looked like a same. sea of flames. According to a Am your little Friend, Major who stated. "I would GLENN B. WEBB, not like to be a resident of P. S. Forgot to tell you that Berlin now, it has so future." (Continued, on Back Page) - fMiss - - . n, 1- -2 - r , THE 2ND WAR LOAN STARTS APRIL 12th. J. Hayden'ftoache, Manager of the United States Employment Service office, "announced today that the representatives of the United Staes Civil THE GOVERNMENT of the United States is asking us to lend it 13 billion dollars in the next few weeks. We can do it. And we MUST do it. Every American must realize the truth: In this, our toughest war, we've made a good start. We've trained a lot of men made a lot of weapons built a lot of shipsBut it's only a start. No man or woman among us would contend for a single instant that we're doing enough NOW to win this war; Service Commission and the United States Engineers will conduct joint interviews for the purpose of hiring workers for Alaska jobs at the United States Employment Service KenOffices at Paintsvilletucky, and Pikeville, Kentucky. Positions are available for various types of skilled workers and laborers including light duty truck drivers, mechanics, carpenters, welders, plumbers, painters, etc. These vital jobs with the War DeDartment's Corps of Engineers are the front-lin- e jobs for civilians who wish to help in making our Alaskan territory and impregnable bulwark against the enemy. - - We've Got To Build More! We broke all records building 8 million tons of Army and Navy shipping last year. But gnm-face- d men will tell you that the 18 MILLION tons we're building this year STILL won't be enough! We've Got to Fight More! From now till this war is won, America must be numbers, your on the offensive. In sons, brothers, husbands must go into actual battle. Our losses have already begun to mount and they will not grow less. ever-increasi- ng And We've Got To Buy More War Bonds! ts -- - They GIVE Their Lives You LEND Your Money! "Most bovs accepted for either the Army Specialized Training Program or the Navy College Training Program will eventually become commissioned officers in the Army, Navy, "Marine Corps or Coast Guard, Mr. Reed said. The Army and the Wavy will pay all expenses at the colleges of students selected on the basis of the tests on April 2. Since theie will b(; no further tests for some months, all high school students or recent graduates will have to take the Anril 2 examinations to qualify for this training. This is an excellent opportunity for every ambitious boy, especially for those who likely to be drafted within the next year." The purpose of the tests is to aid in the selection of prospective .officer material for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard- - The examinations are designed to test the aptitude and general knowledge of the candidates who will express a choice for the Army or Navy at the time Those of the examinations. who are selected for either the Army Specialized Training Program or the Navy. College Training Program will attend college with all expenses paid by he respective services. War News Sounds Good For Allies War news for the Allies sounds better than usual this week with Berlin being severely bombed and Rommel is still running in North Africa. However, Churchill has warned us to not be over confident and that we have a long hard fight ahead of us yet. Victory is sure to be ours sometime but at what cost in lives and money is not to be determined at this time. We must all do our part in every possible way from raising ever v thing we can at home to eat and doing without many lux uries and putting all the mon ey we can into bondsEvery surplus thing raised on the Letcher County farms shciud be preserved m some way. If you do not need it all much can be sold in the min ing communities where many miners are unable to nave a pavden due to their location and type of work. This is a lime wc jiiuuiu nui thisk so much of making money but think more of the welfare of our country. - LaGUARDIA IS DUE TO GO INTO ARMY Washington, March 29White House secretary Early said today all indications are that mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia of New York will go into the army. Early's comment was on re ports that LaGuardia was to have the rank of brigadier general and be sent to North Airica, but of these he said, "Nothing has been decided to my knowledge. The Secretary of War would make any such assignment. . - 6 Time-and-a-h- alt 4-- H, 3-- A, 1 today. Salaries range from 96 cents an hour for laborers to per hour or more for skilled is trades. paid for overtime over forty hours and it is expected that workers may work as much All as seven davs a week. persons hired will be required to sign a contract cauing ior one year's service in the territory of Alaska. Transportation will be paid fronuthe pojnt of hiring to Alaska and return on com pletion of the contract. Applicants must meet the following conditions in order to be eligible for these posi or"4-or F tions: draft status, or permit from Draft Board to leave the Uni ted States for six months; not employed at present in war work; between 18 and 65 years of age; American citizens; and must be able to pass a physical examination. Dependents may not be tak en into the Territory of Alaska for the duration of the war-Thvery safety of our na tion may depend on Alaskan developments if .you can qualify see Mr. B. C. Davis, of the United States Civil ser vice Commission, who will be accompanied by a Representa tive of the United States En gineers, at either the Paints ville office or the Pikeville of fice, of the United States Em ployment Service on April 1, 2. 3, 5, or 6. $1-5- Sure we're all buying War Bonds now. But we've got to help pay for our increased fighting and building . . - We've got to match, as best we can, the sacri-iic- s of those Americans who are toiling and sweating with the bloodiest yet to on a dozen battle-froncome. The blunt fact is this: to keep our war machine .going, we've got to dig up 13 billion EXTRA dollars this month. 13 billion dollars over and above our regular War Bond buying! In the next few weeks jou may be visited by one of the thousands of volunteers who are contributing their time and effort to this Drive. But don't wait for him. STEPHEN COMBS, Jr., Letcher Chairman Victory Bond Drive- STUD'ENTS FOR SPECIALIZED TRAINING TO TAKE QUALIFYING EXAMS." Prospective students for the Army Specialized Training Program and the Navy Col lege Training Program will take qualifying examinations in the Auditorium of Whitesburg Grade School at 9 A. M. on Friday, .April 2, Mr- - Curtis J. Reed, principal announced Dinner Tonight Workers For Alaska Jobs 13 Billion Dollars Must Be Raised! - is a sister of Boggs of McRoberts, that goal. and is a former graduate of Those who are working and Whitesburg High School. are raising money: Elkhorn Collieries, Farra- BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT day Already $222.00 An announcement came to Seco Local No- 5790, The," bride Hugh Hurst Gives U. S. Engineers Seek Congregational Long Beach Baptist Our Boys In Service g) Are Reading This Church Is gold-color- NUMBER 37. WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING,: APRIL 1, 1943. F, 4-- e Members and friends of Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church will assemble in the church dining hall tonight for the annual congregational dinner at 6:30 P. M. April 1, marks the beginning of a new fiscal year in the Presbyterian Church, and it is the custom of the local congregation to gather for a fellowship dinner and inspirational program at the beginning of the new church year-The program this year will be featured by an address by Rev. Willim C. Brown, Pastor of the Hazard Presbyterian Mr. Following Church. Brown's address an Installation Service for newly-electe- d officers of the various organizations of the church will take place, and the closing jerv'ce of the evening will be the celebration of the Communion of the Lord's Supper. Members of the Woman's Auxiliary will serve the din-le- r. assisted by members of the Business Woman's Circle and the Senior Young People jf the Church. Graham Memorial Church was organized on May 16, 1936 oy the late Rev- - E. O. Guer-ram, pioneer Presbyterian missionary in this section of Kentucky. There were 13 charter members. Mr. J. Wash Adams was the first Ruling Eldv, and Mr. J. Hopp Gibson the first Deacon. The mem ales bership roll most 200 names, about 125 of which are resident members. Th-congregation has wor shipped in three buildings. The first building stood on the site of what is now the Craft Funeral Home. This building burned in 1905 and a new building was completed in 1907. This is the building now occuppied by the Craft Funeral Horne and was used by the congregation until 1938 when the present building on Broadway was completed- The nhurlh also owns a manse on Webb Avenue- - An extension work is carried on in Cumberland Valley, a Sunday School being conducted near Eolia, and Sunday School- - Preaching services and Young People's Work at Cumberland Valley Chapel at Partridge. now-includ- - Letcher Co. Teachers To Be Employed May 3, 1943. Rotarians Treat In Movie Slide Program Whitesburg Rotarians were last Friday noon when County Farm Agent Hugh Hurst presented an unusually interesting program consisting of movie slide scenes, some in technicolor taken over various sections of the county. The slides portrayed lovely colors of the fall season in the mountain sections, various kinds of pure bred live stock and poultry. Mr. Hurst stressed the of buying pure bred itock and the value of planting the best types of grasses md legumes that had been jested over long periods in different sections of the state. in for a real treat on ad-anta- ge He also produced pictures jf some of our fine soldier ;oys who have left their fine families and homes to serve their country, all of which should encourage us to keep the home front going stronger than ever before. Many scenes of the activiClubs were shown ties of all of which was convincing Club ranks proof that among the greatest of the Nation. Mr. Hurst stated that the membership had already passed the 2000 mark in Letcher county and stated that we need 3500 to reach our goal or a member for every boy in service. We are thoroughly convinced' that Mr. are Hurst and his doing a great work which will prove valuable for many years to come- - This type of work should be encouraged by all of our citizens. According to our President Club work ranks next to the military. 4-- H 4-- H 4-- H 4-- H MOVIES ENLIST TO AID RED CRQSS DRIVE; ALL BRANCHES OF INDUSTRY WILL HELP- v All branches of the motion picture industry, including the movie theatres of this city, have enlisted to help the Red Cross in its drive to raise 125:000,000 for its war fund. The theatres of the nation, some 16,000 of them, will celebrate Red Cross Week, April 1 to 7, and in addition, the movies will assist the general Red Cross campaign in March. Groups of Hollywood stars are starting but on personnel appearance tours under arrangements made by the Hollywood Victory Committee and the Red Cross. Some 100 cities will be visited, with the stars attending Red Cross dinners and rallies. Another film activity in behalf of Red Cross is the produced by March of Time and being shown in theatres. This film, entitled SINCE PEARL HARBOR, shows graphically what the Red Cross has done both at the fighting front and at home since that fateful Day of Infamy. "While the motion picture theatres of this city and the country will celebrate their it Red Cross Week April is the purpose of our entire industry to assist the . Red Cross in every possible way during the great drive in March, explained W- - P. Har-re- ll who is one of the theatre-me- n leading the Red Cross activity locally. This is to notify the public the Letcher County See and Hear Board of Education will em"Back Fire" At Bapt. ploy teachers for school year 1943-4- 4 Church Sunday 6:30 meeting at the regular board May 3, 1943. At the Baptist Church Sun The application blanks are day evening 6:30. a one-anow ready. Please write or plav will be given called call for them at the Superin"Back Fire.' No admission tendent's office. will be charged-- Come promptMartha Jane Potter, Supt. ly at 6:30. Letcher County Schools. This play is directed by Miss "Mother" Craft received Elline Salyer and has Carolyn Hays, Betty Province, Eileen word this week that her Bentlcy, Dave Fields, Paul daughter. Judy had underin Pigman, Keithel Reynolds, gone an appendectomy and John D. Sergent as char- Washington where she is now acters. This plcy is one that employed. According to Judy's Physician her condition is the entire family should see. favorable. Mrs. Bill Blair left Glenver Anderson- Burdine, on Tuesday to be with Judy Ky.. Andrew Frazier, Jr., Os- during her convalescence. caloosa, Ky., Justene Hayes, Fleming, Ky., Paul W- - Riddle, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones McRoberts- Ky-- , Darrel Sand- of Rantoul, 111., visited Mr. r. Jones' parents, Mr. and Mrs. ers, Dunham, Ky., Ralph Partridge, Ky., Clarence Oscar Jones. Mr. Jones has E. Tient, Cromona, Ky., Os- been an instructor in Army car T. Watson- Jr., Cromona, Air School at Rantoul, HI. He has now enlisted in the Mrs. Jimmie Reynolds was Ky., have been sent from-Ft- . Thomas, Ky-- . to Branch Im- Navy for the duration and is taken to the Hazard Hospital material, RTC., Fort Riley, in Aerial Navigation School this week. She was suffering at Hollywood Beach, Florida. from Mastoids. Kansas- that ct - short-subje- 1-- - - Tol-live- - - 7, ct

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