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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Minutes of an adjourned meeting of the Board of Trustees of State University of Krentucky, Wednesday, December 22, 1915 At an adjourned meeting of the Board of Trustees of State University of Kent ucky held at the canitol building, in Frankfort, Wednesday, December 22, 1915, there were present Governor A. 0. Stanley, G. G. Brock, Henry S. Barker, Dr. S. B. Marks, J. W. Woods, W. H. Cox, Denny P. Smith, R. C. Stoll, P. P. Johnston, Jr., J. E. Brown, C. B. Terrell, C. B. Nichols, R. 'N. Wathan, Dr. Ammon, J. W. Turner, Jas. K. Pattersonend T. L. Edelen. On motion of Mr. Edelen, seconded by Mr. Smith, the Board of Trustees went into executive session and heard the report of the special committee, composed of J. NT. Cam- den, T. L. Edelen and R. W. Brown, upon the question of university fees and the payment of the deficit in the operation of the University Dining RH411. The report be- ing read in full, unon motion of Dr. !Patterson, seconded by Mr. Johnston, the report was considered in two parts. At this point Mr. Smith moved that State University pay 'the debt of $ in the deficit;-: caused by the operation of the Dining Hall. The question was discussed at length and pending the motion a recess was taken that the members of the Board might enjoy the hospitality of Governor Stanley by dining with him at the Mansion. The members reassembled and brought up the motion by Mr. Smith and the yea and nay vote being called upon its passage, the motion was carried, every member voting in the affirmative, except two. Upon the second question in the report made by the special committee, motion was made to adopt the commit- tee recommendation, which was in effect that the whole question of fees be submitted to the next session of the Kentucky Legislature. Dr. Patterson moved as a substitute that no further fees be collected of the students holding county appointments; but afterwards withdrew his motion. The recommendation was then adopted, which recommend- ation is as follows:- "Your Committee respectfully suggests that, so far as the benefits accruing to the students from this assessment of $15.00 have been actually enjoyed by them, they should be precluded in equity and good conscience from recovering in an action brought for 'that nurpose. For the future, however, every doubt in this matter should be removed, and the Committee suggests that an effort be made to have the legislature so amend the powers of the Board of Trustees as to

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