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Image 1 of Frankfort Roundabout, April 16, 1904

Part of Frankfort Roundabout

T it l TilE FRANKFORT ROUNDABOUT f T JI F II A WEEKLY PAPERDEVOTED TO LOCAL AND SOCIETY NEWS GEO A LEWIS Publisher i jVOL XXYII 100 In TERMS Advance SATURDAY APRIL 16 1904 FRANKFORT KENTUCKY NQa 32 j t Interesting Prices On WB Tailor Suits AMERICAS LEADING CORSETS Style 90 Short Waist Corset neatly finished with Lace and Ribbon extra 50c good value at For Next Week Come Rare Style 917 Erect form extra long long on hip with hose supporters attached 5100 only Early and Secure Some of the Bargains We Are Offering Also other styles 5125 to 200 744Male STYLE 453dfa1e of STYLE of Brown Cheviot Blouse Jacket Silk lined neatly trimmed around col ¬ lar and sleeves regular price Sicilian in Brown and Xnvy Blue Eton Jacket trimmed with Silk and braid this regular price 1750 viici iY 430R ii Style 50buy jacket silk lined a bargain this week only 51950 Style t ly h r mouffs t1 t STYLE Style li55 2100 White 2133 of Mercerized each only 14 Madras iw very neatly trimmed sizes 1 SlOO 41j3 ST CLAIR STREET CKAGIN BRO iSBBBB BBBBBBB w tucksa OXFORDS I I There is a profusion of styles here in Low Shoes this sea ¬ son that almost amounts to confusion I r i THIS GIBSON TIE I Made of Ideal Kid turn sole high Cuban heel is one of the sea sonsswell shoes Price 8 ¬ s PATENT COLT BLUCHERS I Made of Corona Colt either Louis or French Heels new toes are unusual values at 251 fTheRe 2 IDEAL KID OXFORDS A A a ¬ SONr 212214 ST CLAIR ST FRANKFORT I muslin trimmed KY AND LADIES CHILDRENS Hosiery ¬ only 350 Our stock this season is much larger than ever before and we are in a position to show exceptional good values KY FRANKFORT AT BRIDG- ED 2404 10c aaaE r IBRIeK 15c and 25c per pair tr tsa STAMPING STRKET Time city council has ordered High A young man by tho name of E D Wallace was arrested in Lexing- ¬ street to be reconstructed with ton on Tuesday charged with sell ¬ brick from the intersection of Main ing a horse and buggy belonging to the Fort Hill This will bo a to Scott Bros of this city It seems that Mr G W Jeetor and Mr Wallace went to Lexing- ¬ ton on Monday in the buggy which they had hired as above stated Whet they reached the city Teeter got out of the buggy and Wallace told him he would drive around awhile When Jeeter went back to got the buggy later he found that Wallace had sold it to Mr E L Bramlett of Mt Sterling for 60 When the facts came out Wallace was arrested and lodged in jail The money was recovered before Wallace could spend it Jeeter brought the buggy back home Bramlett who has been goldbricked before is determined to prosecute Wallace LATER Wallace was discharged on his examining trial tho Con ¬ monwealth not being able to snake a felony case- improvmeut as time heavy hauling along that street causes it to be either very dusty or very muddy all the time much needed BOND ACCEPTED The bond of the Frankfort 1 ¬ KILLED BKUIN Judge T H Paynter of the Court GROUND Mr Cyrus T Duvall is making thudweJlln recentlybrought hisfnmil houseMr RS Sprake and wife have plandsonInster addition erected to Versailles Traction Co for nndI obligating that company to the electric line from hero to Vor ¬ WOO was pre sailles by January sented and accepted by tho Wood ford County Court on Friday Whoop her up- An will soon be AdamsBlanton more space in which to exlmil it their vehicles and agricultural im ¬ plement stock G farmerfriends muchdelayed spring work hut alas it was only for a part of a week However some oats were sown and tobacco plant beds com ¬ pleted Owing to the great advance ti tthnt on1l1e whollIt + who has been spending out than has been the caso for a year or so the vacation of that court on his plantation in Mississippi had the good luck while hunting with a party of friends to kill tho first wild bear he over saw Naturally ho is tho name of Floyd Harrod who THROUGH SLEEPER FROM pluming himself upon his success LEXINGTON TO ST LOUIS VIA CHESAPEAKE OHIO and looking down on his nimrod RAILWAY associate Judge E C ORenr who is considerable of a hunter his Beginnimr May 28th time Chesa ¬ own self turod and taken to his destination peake s5 Ohio Railway will inaugu ¬ at Fort Thomas rate a through sleeping car hue to SHAKE UP AT PEN St Louis via Louisville and the ¬ The long expected shake up oc ¬ T hold at Georgetown on Friday curred at the Local Pen on Friday are Just twelve men who are There Suavely was wiser now than they were They mander Mr same time all agree that politics is what Judge elected Warden at Wo congratulate them it Jewell denominated of Appeals I I OftlcerH RegularAruty t are made of genuine Bonns Ideal Kid in several differ and wo think can not be equalled for this price R1K L beauti Call and see them > t iJ ful waist ARRESTED AND JAILED r rt Vaist alldJ r 25ct Style insertions down 2124 oruflles Ill tnl with four rows tucks seams bound and well made a bargain veryfine strips of with good muslin tt1Dr Cvon 1fQILtE tel IT emNO t Male of Satins in different shades sizes 84 to 40 white hand trimmings on the foJdfthese are very sty- ¬ list suits each only 400 L1 4301ci Drawers if of line white lawn in ¬ sertions in front and tucks in he ¬ n a very stylish w a i stonly SI50 Made of Red or Blue Percale sizes 1 to o yoke and¬ sleeves trimmed with pique and finished with nice em 50c broidery edge each only ISTYLE r ¬ Style 1754 Made sizes 1 to 5 yoke Made of Gingham in different shades aye each only 25c and sleeves trimmed in beading worth m f r Style Childrens Wash Dresses STYLE tll c 350 tI 9ctll 1409 Corset Covers madefull finished with front hemsti t t h e d r u mI 15c worth uric only 1850 Style 352 4150 q 50week Made of Sheer Lawn with insertion on front and sleeves and collar to match extra vine each only SI00 406 bands extra value extra fine quality Skirt and Jacket tailored neat trimmed on collar and regular silk bolt 5000 this week oSuiting I STYLE lit U Extra low prices this week on Corset Covers made of good quality muslin all sixes worth 15 cents only Style Made of Fine Batiste 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