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Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 3, 1917

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL "Lexington's Bigger and Better Men's Store' OFFERS TO THE COLLEGE YOUNG MEN The World s Best Clothing Hart, Schaffner & Marx You pay no more for these good clothes than you would just ordinary clothes. Won't You Come in and Look? Kaufman Clothing Co. Spring Style Al) the new ni'ty Spring styles are here ready to show you. Both High and Low Shoes. HAVE A LOOK. The Special Shoe Co. 206 W. Main The Lexington, Ky. St. Cy. Hanks Prop. Boot Shop Walk-Ov- er (PHOENIX BLOCK) Shoes that FEEL RIGHT LOOK RIGHT WEAR RIGHT Tans for the Cadets a specialty come in and see us. Chas. Cohen, Managkr Thrifty Students Wanted We will give employment to a good number of thrifty students during the summer vacation as demonstrators of the great usefulness of the HOME AND SCHOOL REFERENCE WORK in the various counties of Kentucky. Good salaries or a very high rate of commission will be paid to such as are suitable. All who enlist with us before April 15 will have the benefit of our free training class which will meet one hour each day, outside of school hours, and will be conducted by men and women who are experts in the lines you are expected to follow. For information call at 407 West Sixth . Street or call up 2228-Y. Midland Publishing Co. FOSTER IN ENGLISH DEPT. AT PRINCETON It. A. Foster, member of last year's graduating class of tho University, and now a graduate student at Princeton University, was recently elected to the English Department, I'cckskill Academy at which position carries with it a liberal salary as well as much honor. During his career as a student here, Mr. Foster was active In literary work, being a mombor of the Canterbury Club and a writer of considerable ability. Pig I The College Boys' Store GR ADD Y -- RYAN CO. INCORPORATED. I'eckskill-on-thc-IIudso- & Furnishings Clothing, Tailoring, Shoes "Wear for Young Men & Men Who Stay Young" J. Franklin Corn, State Representative "INFLUENCE" SUBJECT OF CHAPEL ADDRESS "You can't act right or wrong with out somebody following your exam pie. Influence is contagious," said Dr. Howell speaking to tho students in chapel Tuesday morning on tho sub joct, "Influence." Tho speaker said that Influence is something which everyone exerts, al tho ono frequently is unaware of it. "Your influence comes from your real character; character is what you really are, and reputation is what people say about you," Dr. Howell said. FACULTY RULING. The Registrar has requested the following excerpts from the faculty minutes be printed by the Kernel for ' the information of students. Section A. Students absent from classes immediately preceding or fol lowing a holiday or examination period are automatically dropped from For reinstatement the University. they must pay a fee of ?5.00 unless, In the opinion of the Committee on such absences Student Attendance, were unavoidable. Section B. Resolved that the presi dent be asked to appoint a Commit tee on Student Attendance to consider absences before and after holidays. In compliance with the above re quest, President Barker appointed the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women and the Registrar. FORMER STUDENTS VISIT UNIVERSITY Mechanical Hall is acting as host this week to several graduates and former students of the department who have returned to their former scenes of great labor, now almost de serted. They have expressed their disappointment in not finding their successors hard at work as they once were. Allison Akin, graduate of the class of 1905, arrived Monday in the Interests of the Western Electric Company, of New York, with which he has been associated since graduation. Mr. Akln's object is to Interest the graduates of the class of 1917 In the laboratory work of the Western Electric Company. It Is probable that H. C. Smisor will accept Mr. Akln's proposition, and go to Now York immediateMr. Akin has ly after graduation. chargo of tho developing work of the department of tho company which controls and governs tho telephone system of tho world. Marcus Redman, formerly a student of tho College of Mechanical and Electrical 'Engineering, is sponding a fow days of his vacation In visiting Mechanical Hall. Redman has been in tho employ of tho Babcock & Will-coCompany, of Barborton, Ohio, and is dollghted with his work there. Harry Otto, a former student of tho University, visited Mechanical Hall Tuesday on his way to his home in Maysville. We're Beginning Our Eleventh Season With the majority of our old customers coming hack. Pretty strong proof that Justright Clothes stand the test New Spring Patterns at $1 8 to $25 Justright Tailoring Company 145 West Main Street GO TO Eat Your Sandwiches HUMPHREY'S STUDIO and Hot Chocolate at the FOR YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS WOMAN'S EXCHANGE 207 W. Short St. 341 Charles I. Stewart, general manager of The Lexington Herald, spoke to the members of Alpha Delta Sigma, honorary journalistic fraternity of the luncheon University at its Thursday at the Leonard Hotel. It Is a custom of the organization to have some local newspaper man to .make a talk at each meeting. 'Mr. Stewart spoke of the tendency of modern newspapers towards great er accuracy and thoroness In their news columns. He prophesied that unexpected progress in the power and character of the press would come In the next decade. The speaker defined the reporter as the medium between the editor and the public, and spoke of his many and responsible duties. He concluded 'With a sketch of the many progresses the mechanism of tho newspaper has made, and the marvelous advances In the business" of the newspaper. Professor Enoch Grehan acted as toastmaster, presenting the speaker. Besides iMr. Grehan and the speaker, those present were: Herndon Evans, John 'Marsh, Wayno Cottlngham, Harbison, Tom Underwood, Herbert Graham, Owen Lee, Thornton Connell and Fredorlck JackSon. this Pom-pe- 1635-X- . 107 WEST MAIN STREET BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY. FINE CANDIES HOME-MAD- E WANTED. Typewriting to do. THESES a specialty" J.O. S. Box 585, U. of K. 4- - Franz Josef Spengler The Photographer in your Town Has pleased the exacting student and the best people generally for fifteen years . Can he show you? 311 W. Si. Phone 1092-- y Martin & Stockwell's Restaurant l South Limestone Most Slate Men Know Us Meal Tickets Let us meet you J. D. PURCEIL GO. 320330 right, but Reddy Backrow mo, I don't do any crowing till the returns from tho outlying district's arc all in. AH Phone CALAGIS & CO. STEWART ADDRESSES ALPHA DELTA SIGMA The Political Kid. History Teacher Wo learn morning that Caesar defeated West Main. West Mum Street LEXINGTON, KY. o RVBBER APRONS 50c JUST THE THIN6 FOR USE Tho Sophomore 'Mechanical Society, the Westlnghouso, will hold its regular meeting Saturday at tho fourth hour. IN THE LABORATORIES Patronize Our Advertiser?

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