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Stephens, Henry C. v. Hale, James, 1921

Part of Harkins Family papers

IXRKINS AXEIHUIKINS WALTER S.IIARKINS ATTORNEYS AND COINSELLORS ALT IAW JOSEPIIDJIAJHHNS PRESTONSBURG, KY. Auguet 8, 1921 Mr. henry C. Stephens, Preetonsburg, Ky: Dear Sir: ' . In the matter of contest of yourself vs. James Hale for Hegietrete in hegioterial -~ .. . _< - . _s, 7: _ . 1' Lletrlct No. 2, of Floyo.CouhLy, hentucky; Firet: It is neceseery in preparing the notice and petition of the conteet that we have and ineert in it, the names of as many of the voters as possible whose votes were paid for by James Hale or any pereons working for and on his 0 62.112111 . Second: Of the voters who ciu not live in Buckeye Precinct, who were premitted to vote in such Precinct and who voted in favor of damme Hale. . Third: Of the nemee of voters Who would have voted in favor of you, who were not permitted to vo te by the election officers-5 o r by reason 0 f the fact that the Ballots were taken away by Pete Bailey; Fourth: Of the votere who voted upon the table and in favor of James Hale, who were not sworn as to their qualifications. Fifth: Of the people who were permitted to come into and remain in the room in which the clection was being held. Sixth: Of the person under the age of . twenty-one years who voted for Jemee Hale. Very truly yours, . _ W. _ f JDH .EC / ,

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