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Page 2 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.9 n.3

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

0EXERAL OFFICERS S. L. Barker, President---------------------------- Owensboro Pearl M. Pattcn, First Vice-President____-----------Madisonville J. Bryant. Cooper, Second Vice-President_____________Louisville Atwood S. Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer_- __-eLouisville L. V. Ranels, Assistant Secretary_______ __________Winchester Elizabeth G. Clark, Historian_________---____-____-Springfield BOARD OF DIRECTORS S. L. Barker, President -_____________________Owensbora Lyle Hawkins (Term expires 1940) __ Louisville Victor K. Perry (Term expires 1940) ---------------Louisville Whitney M. Young (Term expires 1941) Lincoln Ridge E. Poston (Term expires 1941) -____ _ __Paducah DEPARTMENTAL AND CONFEAENCE CHAIRMEN J. T. Williams, High School and College Department ---Frankfort Lucy Hart-Smith, Elementary Education Department --Lexington M. L. Copeland, Rural School Department - _________Hopkinsville R. L. Carpenter, Music Department --------___________Louisville Whitney M, Young, Vocational Education Depart=ent -_____________-----__________________ _____Lincoln Ridge Nora H. Ward, Principals' Conference ----___--------Newport- Blanche G. Elliott, Primary Teachers' Department _-Greenville Eunica Singleton, Ycuth Council --------------------Louisville Ouida Wilson, Art Teachers' Conference -ilouisville Rufus Stout, Social Science Teachers' Conference -----Louisville H, n. Crouch, Saienice Teachers' Coriference -__------ rankfort Robert S. Lawery, English Teachers' Coifferensce __-.___Louisville Naomi Lattximore, Librarians' and Teaichers' Cotterence -- -~~~~~~~~~_Louisvillek Lecrnzo Jones, Athletic Directors' C6nfereuce _ _-Hendersort Miai'gurit@' Parks, Guidatice Workers' Conferenie - __-__-Louisville? 11azel B. Williamas, Poreigf Language Teachers" Cofnference - - - - -----. - Louisvi-le- Lyle Hawkins, Adult rdueation Department - - Louisville PRESMDIrT OCF IC. I. E. A. DrSTmICw EDiUfCA'TIONAL AgSS6CATVOUS (K. NK L. A. 61RCAMMERS1 I. Plumer Nichols,Hickman - First District Assoclation 2. Austin tdwards, Earlington _ Second District Associatiorn 9. R. H. Sewell, Glasgow -- Third District Association 4. Amos R. Lasley, IfodgentsVile _ otfrfh Dfsfrict Agsocfatifo 5. Etta Taylor, Harrods Creek ---------Fifth District Associatiori 6. Whitney M. Young, Lincoln Ridge __________________________ - _ -uegrisf Distrie Asseefationt 7. H. R. Merry, Covington ---------Northern District Associatiort 8. William GiIL:rt Wheelwright __-_ astern t51striet Association 0. A. F. Ofbsorr, Pinoville -------------------------------------- __ _ _-_r __---- App r Cumberlahd D'istriet Msociatiort 2

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